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Chapter Notes: lil bit of muscle talk for this chapter, i know its a thing so idk who will appreciate it but i know someone out there will :)



Saturday, May 22 (cont.)


     Reese was waiting downstairs in his tank top and sweat pants that he had changed into, his preferred attire when he worked out. He hadn’t been to a gym since before he shrunk, but he wasn’t a stranger to the weight room. He heard Olivia’s door swing open upstairs, and the loud tromping of feet upstairs that could only be identified as his sister walking across the house. She appeared at the top of the stairs, still wearing her gray dolphin shorts and with her hair in a ponytail like before, but wearing a crop top hoodie now as the evening approached and the sun was starting to go down. “Ready to go?” she asked, bounding down the stairs and coming to rest in front of Reese, smiling down at him with her hands on her hips. It seemed like she had taken her sports bra off from before, because her boobs were far more noticeable in the top she was wearing now. He could still see her face over the top of her breasts, but her sheer size still unnerved him a little bit. And the fact that they were going to the gym together, where they’d be working out and she’d be ten times stronger than him, just made things worse.

     He did his best to put up a smile, because he wasn’t exactly scared, but he also wasn’t quite sure he was excited either. But he loved Olivia, and he trusted her. And… maybe his mom was right, maybe exercising a little bit at his size would be good for him. “Ready as I can be, I guess,” he answered, and turned to head out the front door. “I’ll drive,” he announced, heading outside.

     “Uh… wait!” she called up as Reese headed to his car. His car was parked on the left side of their 3-car wide driveway, with Olivia’s car parked to the right of it, in the middle of the pavement. His car was a small two-door sports car that was a bit old, but still fun to drive, and he got in, expecting his sister to follow. But when he looked up, he saw her through the windshield standing in front of her car. “I said to wait,” she repeated, “I don’t wanna go in your car, my legs get way too cramped,” she said. 

     Reese realized she was right; the last time she’d tried to fit in his car several months ago, she couldn’t even fit her legs under the glove compartment, and had to bundle them against her chest. An obviously uncomfortable way to be driven around, not to mention dangerous in the case of a crash. “Oh right, sorry, I forgot,” he said, getting out of his car and shutting the door. He walked around the front of his car, smiling apologetically up at her as he passed her standing in front of her Camry, and opened the driver side door to her car and climbed in instead. She furrowed her brow, initially confused by his actions, and walked over now to open his door back up. She bent down so she could look inside, too tall to look at her brother from above the sedan. Now he was the one who was confused as to why she opened his door instead of getting into the passenger seat. “I told you, I’ll drive us there. I’m trying to like, be nice and stuff.” She didn’t say anything, but glanced at the pedals, which his feet were too short to reach. He followed her line of sight, realizing his mistake. “Oh yeah, I forgot I need to grab my pedal extensions out of my car,” he said, chuckling at his own forgetfulness; there were still things he sometimes forgot that he had to do now at his height. But as he turned to get back out of the car, Olivia didn’t move, her large, Amazonian body still blocking the doorway. He looked up at her, waiting to be let out, but he could tell she was busy thinking about something, her eyes scanning over the pedals and the passenger side and the back of the seat. It was the same look she had shown just the other day, that look that said she was planning something. And last time, that something she had been planning was to stick his entire body inside her romper just to see if he would fit, and he ended up with his head mashed between her tits.

     Suddenly he saw her eyes snap to attention again, but before he could ask to be let out, she reached her leg into the car, passing over the tops of his own tiny legs. She grabbed the steering wheel too, so she had leverage to pull herself into the car, but somehow being conscious not to knock her brother aside. Instead, he watched as her large, bare thighs traveled over the seat, with her butt, stretched tight against her shorts, bulging just inches in front of his face as her body climbed into the car. “Wait, what the fuck are you—“ he started to say, before she sat down, causing him to interrupt his own question out of sheer surprise. Suddenly he could feel what felt like a thousand pounds, utterly immovable, pushing him far deeper into the leather seats than his own 23 pound body had ever been able to dent. Her huge, round ass completely covered his own lap, and her thighs did the same in hiding her little brother’s legs beneath them. His field of view was obstructed by her back, although she was sitting up slightly at the moment, allowing him ample room to breathe. Despite how much heavier she felt, his body was safe from being smashed or squished under such immense weight. Despite his size getting a lot smaller, his body (and all bodies with his condition, for that matter) still retained their durability from being normal size. Or at least, his body grew in durability to the same magnitude that it also grew smaller. He could still be crushed, of course, he wasn’t invincible, but only by things that would’ve already posed a threat at his full size, like being run over by a car or flattened by a piano falling from the sky. His sister sitting on his lap, however, wasn’t going to maim him. Although it might cause his legs to start falling asleep.

     He opened his mouth to speak again, but she grabbed the door handle and slammed it shut, unaware that she’d just cut him off before he could even begin speaking. “I appreciate you offering to drive, but since dad has the Escalade and we’re going in my car, I wanna be the one to drive. I tried telling you to wait and I never told you you had to drive, but like I said, I appreciate the offer.” She smiled sympathetically, although he couldn’t see her face, obviously.


     “And since your booster seat is in his car too, I don’t wanna head back inside and look for the spare, and then try to buckle it in and then buckle you in and then have to take it back out and everything when we’re home. I know mom and dad don’t care if you go without one when they’re driving but I’m driving now and I don’t wanna risk getting a ticket, but I also don’t wanna be late. Brittney can only give us an hour after they close.” She lifted her butt up again, readjusting her comfort level atop her little brother, and pressed it further back against his lap. Then she leaned back against the chair, and against his face too, as she turned her car on. “So this way, if I pass by any cops they hopefully won’t see you, but you’ll still be able to stay… fastened. Or whatever you wanna call being sat on,” she added, chuckling at his misfortune as she began backing out of the driveway. “Oh, and can you like, turn your head to the side too? Your nose is kinda sticking into my back.” But as soon as she leaned forward again, she reached her arm around behind her and gently pushed his head sideways without even allowing him the freedom to comply of his own volition, and leaned back against his head again. “Yeah, that feels better,” she sighed, satisfied with their bodies’ new arrangement, as her soft, slightly warm hoodie smushed against his cheek while her bare legs rubbed atop his own as she shifted her feet on and off the pedals.

     After a minute of driving, she plugged her phone into the aux cord, and began listening to some music while Reese sat helplessly beneath her, hoping there wouldn’t be too much traffic. I can’t believe she just sat on me before telling me her plan, he thought. The car went over a speed bump as they exited the neighborhood, causing Reese to grunt as Olivia’s back bounced against his head as a result. Is she even aware of how humiliating this is? Does she even care? Actually, she wasn’t aware of how humiliating Reese’s situation was. Obviously on some level she recognized it might seem embarrassing, but there was nobody around to see him stuck how he was. And she had such an incredible level of comfort with her body around Reese, from decades of growing up as siblings, that she hardly registered that he might be in an unpleasant situation right now. Of course, if he actually spoke up, then she’d be aware, but Reese hardly even saw the point. Even if I tell her it’s demeaning, she’ll just tell me to grow up. Actually, if I had told her back at the house, she’d probably let me stay home. But I felt too awkward to say anything then so now it’s too late. I’m just stuck with her here in the car. I had my chance to object to her but I didn’t. So this is my fault. As one of her favorite songs came on, her body started grooving along to the beat, her hips rubbing and sliding around on her brother in rhythm to the music. It’s almost like getting a lap dance, he realized suddenly, before quickly scolding himself for thinking such things around his sister. I could’ve also just hidden in the back, he thought. And if she’s really just doing this so a cop doesn’t see me without my booster seat, then I would’ve been fine and I could’ve just lied on the floor. So I should ask to do that on the way back. Or she knows she’s teasing me and is just using this as an excuse. But the third option was somehow the scariest to Reese. Or… she legitimately thinks that what she’s doing is keeping me safe, because it’s the only way for me to ride along with her in a secure manner. Because then she’d have a completely fine and innocent excuse to do something that’s so degrading. Mom and dad have never done anything this embarrassing, but between this, and stuffing me in her clothes, and stepping on my stomach… what else is she gonna do over the next few weeks while we live together without even realizing her power?

     After another ten minutes of being stuck, Reese was relieved as he could feel the car slow down and pull into what seemed like a parking lot, eventually coming to a full stop as Olivia shifted the car into park. “We’re here!” she announced joyously, opening the door and grabbing her water bottle as she stepped out into the early evening air. She turned around, and couldn’t stifle a giggle at seeing her brother slowly arise from the seat. The leather had been slightly dented from her colossal weight, and nestled snugly within that indentation was Reese. “Oh, by the way, remember how I mentioned a few days ago that I’d invite Jordan over?” she asked as he unstuck himself from the material and nodded his head as he got out. She slammed it shut, “Well she’s been busy and she can’t hang out over the weekend, but she’s free on Monday, so make sure you have time to go shopping with us.”

     He nodded again, then looked confused. “Wait, we’re going… shopping?” 

     “Yep! I’m going to a grad party with a friend on Tuesday, so I’ll need your guys’ help picking up something new.” She turned to head towards the gym, and Reese followed behind.

     He remembered Olivia saying she’d invite Jordan over to go swimming. Technically, he could go swimming any day, but still, swimming sounded more fun than being forced to go to a crowded old mall and help choose outfits for his sister. “Party on a Tuesday, that doesn’t sound so fun,” he said miserably.

     “Well we’re graduates now, we have no more class days. Tuesday’s no different than the weekend until we all get jobs,” she replied cheerily, and inserted a key into the building of the small, local gym, opening the door for the two of them. They made their way inside, and Olivia headed towards the right side of the entrance area. The lights were mostly off, but to the left came the illumination from the main room where all the equipment was, and there was another light seeping out of an open door behind the welcome desk on the other side. “Hey Britt!” she announced, popping her head into the office space. “Just checking in.”

     A girl a few years older than Olivia, sitting behind a computer, looked up from her work. “Hey Olivia, just let me know when you’re done,” she said.

     “Will do,” Olivia winked, and retracted her head as the other girl returned to focusing on her work. Reese’s sister made her way towards the main section of the gym, while Reese followed beside her. They both looked around at the completely empty workout room. It was all theirs.

     “Maybe it’s just me, but I always like working out when there’s less people around,” Olivia said, making her way over to one of the benches. There were some some dumbbells nearby, which were her favorite way to start her sessions. She set her phone down just as she got a text, and her face lit up. “Oh, Elle’s here!” …What? I thought we were coming here alone. “Can you go let her in?” Reese turned to head back to the entrance. I guess Olivia never actually said we’d be here alone. And at least Elle’s nice, for some reason I can’t quite explain, I’m glad Olivia invited her and not Jordan. Elle was one of Olivia’s friends from high school, but unlike Jordan, was also someone who had went to the same university as Olivia, so they ended up becoming better friends through college than they were in high school. As a result, Reese didn’t know Elle very well, but he had met her enough times to know she was a nice enough person. 

     He approached the door and saw her peering in, then taking a step back and waving with a giant smile as she saw Reese. Dressed in sweatpants and an oversized, paint-splattered t-shirt, with her car keys, phone, and water bottle in one hand, it was clear she had just thrown something on. She almost seemed lazy in her attire, although why wouldn’t she be if she was going to be working out in an empty gym, and not heading out in public? It was in total contrast to Olivia’s near-fashionable cropped hoodie and short shorts. Although in fairness to Reese’s sister, most physical activities feel better with less clothing, since it maximizes your mobility. Reese pressed hard against the door handle in front of his head, and Elle grabbed it, yanking it out of his hands and all the way open so she could come in. “Whoops, sorry!” she said. “Didn’t wanna make you push it all the way open.” He stepped aside to let her in, and she squatted down to his level to address him. “So how’ve you been, Reese? You’re almost done with high school, right?”

     Reese didn’t exactly like it when people stooped down to his level. I mean, it CAN be intimidating talking to someone who’s several feet taller than me, but a lot of people just treat me normally so I can be easy around them. But whenever they squat down like this I get weirdly annoyed. But he knew she meant well, so he wasn’t gonna dwell on it. “Yeah, I’ll be graduating in a couple weeks,” he answered politely. But also, squatting down and asking how my school is going makes me feel like a kid. Like that’s how I used to talk to kids when I was full sized, I never know what to say to my cousins other than ask them about school. Elle’s only 3 or 4 years older than me, yet she’s making me feel like we’re a generation apart.

     She grinned at him again. “Well congratulations then!” she said, standing back up. “And I think it’s cool that you’re coming along with Olivia to some of her workouts. Come on,” she said, bending down to grab his hand and pulling him along towards the equipment room. 

     OK, now I really feel like a kid, he thought. Holding my hand like a child is definitely too far. “Hey Elle, I don’t—“

     “Heyyyy!” Olivia yelled out with an excited smile, interrupting him without even realizing it as he and his sister’s friends walked in. She had been benching several dumbbells, and sat up now to take a break between sets while she caught up with her friend.

     Elle let go of Reese’s hands as she lifted them up in the air, looking around at the empty room. “Wow, I can’t believe you really get this place to yourself. This is like, VIP treatment or something!” she said giddily. 

     “I know, it’s definitely pretty relaxing. You don’t remember Brittney Flax, right? She was a senior during our first year so you two probably never met.” Elle shook her head, and the two continued to talk about the luck Olivia had while Reese easily tuned them out. He was left on the sidelines of their conversation, but instead his attention was focused on the weights that Olivia had set down: 80 pounds. As in, there was a big 8 and a 0 on each dumbbell. 160 pounds total? Holy shit… She’s lifting like three times my weight with each arm. Even if he hadn’t shrunk, it would’ve obviously been impressive. He had taken an elective last year that was pretty much just free roam in the school’s modest exercise room. And even after a semester of that, he had only worked his way up to benching 150 pounds. But Olivia wasn’t even using a bench press, which he was pretty sure was easier than dumbbell presses and curls. I bet she could probably bench 180, maybe even 190. The two girls continued to talk as Olivia lay back down on the bench and picked the weights back up with ease, bringing them up so that her elbows were square with her shoulders. Reese could only stare as her triceps started to bulge as she effortlessly lifted the weights up above her head. She wasn’t even shaking. She wasn’t even exerting her full power. And she was hardly even sweating, just the faintest amount of glistening accented the curves of her impressive muscles as she lowered the dumbbells back down. And she’s a girl too… I mean like, they’re usually not as strong as guys, right? Like if she was a guy she might be able to bench like 300 fucking pounds! Watching his sister continue to lift her 80 pounds weights, individually, with each arm; it was only a matter of time before she caught him gawking at her display of strength.

     “Well at least Reese is impressed,” she said, giggling as she caught him with his mouth agape, in total awe at how much stronger she was. Elle turned to see what Olivia was talking about, and joined in on laughing.

     “Well I can’t blame him,” she replied. “To him it probably seems like you’re lifting a thousand pounds!”

     “How many pounds can you lift?” Olivia asked now, setting the dumbbell on the floor. “I’m assuming you can’t lift one of these.” She put her shoe against the middle of the weight, and pushed it forward so it rolled closer to Reese. He put his leg out as well so he could stop it like a soccer player receives a ball that’s rolled to them, but the weight ended up being significantly more than Reese was prepared for and he ended up stumbling back, unable to stop the dumbbell on his own. Elle glanced at her friend, and the two did their best to stifle their giggles at Reese’s measly show. He bent over, about to try and lift it, when his sister cut him off, “Lift with your knees, not your back.” He rolled his eyes and stood back up straight, squatting down so his form was safer. His hands were too small to grab the handles, so he cupped them underneath in the firmest grip he could manage. Then he took a deep breath, and tried as hard as he could to stand back up. But the weights were too much. The weight that Olivia used for her warmup routine, the weight that was less than half of what he used to weigh, the weight that her, a girl, was able to lift with a single arm, proved far too heavy for Reese as he strained with all his might to even budge it off the floor. But he couldn’t even manage that. 

     “That’s OK, you shouldn’t feel bad,” his sister offered up. “You shouldn’t beat yourself up over unrealistic standards.” It’s only unrealistic because of my fucking size loss, he thought bitterly, and stood back up. Olivia went over to the rack and picked out a 40 pound dumbbell, swinging it off the shelf with ease, and dropped it on the floor beside the 80 pounder. “Here, this one’s half the weight, it might be easier for you.” He glared up at his sister as she towered over him, but he wasn’t angry, just… frustrated. And not just frustrated that she was testing him out, but frustrated at himself for being equally as curious as her and wanting to know what his limits were too. He lowered himself back down, cupping his hands once more beneath the handle that was slightly thinner now. With a second burst of strength, he struggled once more, grunting this time as he tried desperately to lift just 40 pounds off the ground. He wasn’t even trying to stand up straight with them now, he just needed to get it off the ground. But again, even the thinner, lighter weight was too big of a challenge for Reese’s dwarfish stature, and he collapsed backwards onto his ass in defeat. 

     “Tch,” Olivia remarked, but out of sympathy instead of annoyance. “Don’t worry, you’re 3 feet, not 3 inches. You’ll be able to lift something,” she said, bringing the 40 pound weight back to the shelf. This time, she took off the 20 pounder.

     Reese shook his head as Olivia dropped it back on the ground, “Olivia, I’m not gonna keep doing this. Would you waste your time trying to lift up 500 or 1000 pound weights? I don’t need to know my limit, it’s fine.”

     “But you do,” she insisted, “everyone needs to know their limits when they first start working out, so they know how they can improve and get stronger.”

     “Yeah, but I don’t need to get stronger Olivia, I don’t even think I want to get stronger,” he stubbornly replied, not even willing to get up off the ground.

     Olivia sighed, and stepped forward, her sturdy calves eclipsing him on either side as her thick thighs loomed above his head. She bent over and grabbed him under his armpits like he was the weight now, and lifted him upright. “Come on, just give it one more shot,” she encouraged, stepping back now and crossing her arms expectantly.

     Reese sighed and squatted down, for the third time in a row. Olivia bit her lip, hoping he could pull through, while Elle held a hand over her mouth in what was starting to turn into concern. At first it had been a bit funny, but by the second time, his weakness was just sad. If her friend’s brother, who wasn’t even as short as she was expecting, couldn’t even lift a simple 20 pounds an inch off the floor, she wouldn’t know what to think. The girls watched with bated breath as he grasped the weight, and closing his eyes and muttering a small prayer, he put everything he had into his arms and legs and heaved himself upwards. Finally, the third time was the charm, and Reese managed to pull the heavy dumbbell clear off the ground. He was even able to stand up straight with it, too strained to smile as Olivia and Elle cheered at his victory. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to lift it further than his waist or especially above his head, he dropped it down and breathed a massive sigh of relief, content nonetheless. I just deadlifted 20 pounds, he thought, feeling a mix of satisfaction and sorrow. It felt like a whole lot fucking more than 20 pounds, but at least I could lift it. “Great job!” Olivia cheered, stepping forward to tussle his hair and smile down at him. “I told you you could do it.”

     He gave her a side hug around her thigh and smirked up at her, “Yeah, I guess so.” The trio wasn’t over with their night of working out yet, but Reese was at least able to take a break for a few minutes while Olivia and Elle moved on to other tasks.




(The original picture was done by AmGiPi on DeviantArt, but I had someone Photoshop with the sizes to make them match the story's. If the picture isn't showing up: https://i.imgur.com/qvBM4Tm.jpg)

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