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Friday, June 4


     Reese made sure to go to the store on Thursday evening and pick up some groceries for morning breakfasts using his mom’s credit card. So by Friday, he was sure to wake up extra early. Not just when Olivia had asked, 15 minutes before his usual wake up time, but another ten minutes before that. He figured he only had a few days left of school anyways, so it wasn’t like the new schedule would have any time to wear him out or anything, and he had plenty of time to cook up his sister a delicious morning meal, complete with roasted potatoes and eggs, avocado on toast, and some peeled oranges. And of course, he made sure there was plenty for him too, and even some leftovers for his parents, because why not? It was his last Friday of high school. He deserved to celebrate!

     Obviously Olivia was surprised when she came home to find out the feast that Reese prepared for everyone. Giddy with delight, she wrapped her brother up in a big bear hug from behind, and he was so glad to see her in such a good mood that he didn’t even mind how sweaty her collarbone and the tops of her boobs were as his hair got rubbed against them. Although he was aware enough to notice she came back sweating more than she usually did.

     Breathing heavily, but not quite panting, Olivia beckoned Reese over to the couch. He looked at her quizzically, but put down his spatula as he turned off the stove. “Don’t you wanna eat first before your foot massage?”

     She shook her head and kicked off her shoes, falling onto the couch. “No, I increased the length of my route, so I ran a lot more today than normally. I know we had a whole fight about it yesterday, but I’d much rather wait a little longer to eat if it means I can feel your flexible little fingers on my feet.” She smirked, “I’m just kidding. But for real, yeah I’d rather have get the foot rub now, and eat later.” Olivia paused, then her eyes lit up. “Actually, I just realized I can do both at the same time! Go get me a plate of food.” He chuckled a little; she seriously just thought of that? She could’ve done that weeks ago. Reese returned with a filled up plate in one hand, and her usual morning coffee in the other. He carefully served them to her, and she sat up a little so she could eat easier, then lifted her feet eagerly off the couch. He slid in underneath her legs, and she settled her feet back on his lap, before he started working away at rubbing her soles while she happily ate her breakfast as she watched him work.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Some of Reese’s friends were hosting a party that night, and judging by his conversations at school, it wasn’t just gonna be him hanging out with some friends. They were gonna be throwing a huge, proper end-of-school-year party. So there was no way in hell he’d be missing on what would likely be his last great party with all his friends before they headed off for college or various other avenues of life.

     When he got home and told his parents about the party, they were fine with him going, seemingly even excited for him, but Olivia pulled him aside after Stuart and Tracy had left the room. “Hey, Parker’s coming over again tomorrow, so I need you to help me clean my room before you go,” she told him. He sighed, and was about to protest, before she reached her finger up and held it over his mouth. He looked down at him confused. Did she really just shush me? “I know what you’re gonna say, but don’t worry, it’s not gonna take that long, especially if we work together. Like maybe 10 or 15 minutes tops.”

     Reese hesitated, but didn’t deny her quite yet. “You gonna make me shave your legs too?”

     “I mean, yeah,” she said, as if it was an obvious given that her little brother would be helping her shave her own legs again. “But not tonight cuz he’s not coming over til tomorrow.” Reese breathed in, trying to decide how frustrated he should feel. I feel like she ruined my hype for the party by butting in and reminding me of whatever chores I need to do like she’s my mom. “Do you wanna help me shave them today instead?”

     “No, it’s fine, tomorrow’s fine,” he replied. “I just feel like you killed my excitement, know what I mean?”

     “Well then let’s get started right away,” she said with a smile, nudging his shoulder. “You could even pregame here before you leave.” She immediately backtracked, realizing how lame that sounded. “Wait, no, that’s a fucking stupid idea, don’t listen to me. Wait til you’re with your friends first.” They both laughed it off, and she threw her arm around his shoulder, squeezing him close as they headed up to her room to clean up her mess together.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     “Alright, looks good,” he said after they had finished, standing back to admire their work. “Am I good to go now?” He didn’t even realize how strange it was to be asking his sister for permission to go to a party, but Olivia noticed.

     “Sure sweetie, just make sure to be home by midnight.” She giggled at herself, laughing harder as Reese rolled his eyes at her pretend motherly-ness. “I’m just kidding Reese,” she said, standing up and walking over to him. She gripped him by the shoulders, tight, and gazed down into his eyes. “Make sure to get absolutely fucking smashed instead.” He grinned now, and she smiled back at him, letting him go.

     “I will.”


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