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The heavy doll fell against the bed as John released it from his grasp. He was still in shock at what he had found out, Claire was out there. This was all too surreal.

“Does Claire want me to fuck this doll in her place? Why can’t she just come home now?” He asked himself, clearly frustrated, slamming his hands onto the bed around her.

“I can’t do this without her. Does she realise what I’m going through? Or what I went through when I thought she was gone forever?! John vented, now pacing the room.

The pressure from the hardened polish kept her lips sealed shut throughout this ordeal. She prayed John would figure out it was her, or else this nightmare may never end.

“That bitch abandoned us. She is getting a piece of my mind when she gets back! Fuck her!” John shouted aloud. The doll vibrated unnoticeably as Claire used all her might to create the slightest movement, panicking at John’s growing anger towards her.

The slight vibration flickered in the corner of his vision, getting his attention. He glared down angrily at the doll, “Yeah fuck her!” he repeated. “You want me to fuck this doll while you’re gone? Oh I’ll fuck it” John stated, unzipping his jeans and hurriedly pulling them down to his knees.

Wasting no time he grabbed Claire by the legs and easily pulled her hardened, petite body towards him. She wanted to scream out but the only movement she could manage was the flexing of her vagina or asshole that Jessie had kindly left untouched and that may not work in her favour.

In the bottom of her vision Claire could see John’s hands, one on her right hip and one on his now exposed throbbing member. He looked down at her pussy as her ass hung slightly now at the bottom of the bed.

“No lube” he said, shrugging. Claire winced inside as she heard those words, followed by the feeling of John’s spit slapping against her exposed vagina. Suddenly she felt his tip lightly graze her clitoris as he rubbed it up and down the length of her womanhood smearing the spit into her folds. Her body ached with frustration as the polish held back her shudders from the long missed touch of her husband. She just wished it were in a better situation.

Out of nowhere John began to apply pressure against her vagina; the spit did very little to lubricate it as John began to force his way into the doll, paying no mind to the pain of a doll. Claire wanted to scream out as the friction burned her skin.

John’s pelvis slammed against Claire as his penis plunged fully into her. He moaned out, having not felt the inside of a vagina in quite some time. “This is what you get Claire” he stated angrily as he began to pound her vagina… Hard.

The pleasure Claire had felt as their genitals had met soon faded as her pussy was ravaged red raw. Each pump slammed into her cervix harder and harder, her vagina gushed over his cock in an attempt to slicken the walls. John couldn’t believe how good this doll felt, he wondered what else it could do.

An internal sigh of relief overcame Claire as she felt John’s penis retreat from her aching pussy. John climbed onto the bed, sitting himself down above Claire’s breasts. His knees on her shoulders and his weight on her chest, a lot to bear.

As he shuffled into a comfortable position his swinging cock slapped against her face, he peered down at her. “I wonder” he said as he began to lean his muscular body forward.

The familiar feeling of spit hit her, this time on her lips. She felt the polish slacken slightly, straining to rip open her lips in this potentially saving moment.

With his right hand, he pressed his slick tip against her hard lips but they did not give way. Claire was both excited at the possibility of being able to speak to John soon and horrified at what she thought he was trying to do.

Desperately straining, she felt the polish weaken. Suddenly, and finally, her lips broke the polish that sealed them and her mouth flew open.

“This is it!” Claire thought as she finally gasped in the air to speak to John. She barely made out a tenth of the “J” when the vacant space in her mouth was filled by John’s girth as he pressed himself into her.

Suddenly John began to rhythmically slam his penis into the back of her throat. Claire choked and screamed but only a low gurgle escaped past his engorged penis. Still unable to move the rest of her body, Claire cried internally for John to stop. John couldn’t believe this doll moaned too, it was so life like!

His moans got faster and his slams got harder as he got closer and closer to climax. He had waited so long for this sort of release.

John moaned out and shuddered as he came hard into the back of Claire’s throat, his penis so deep that it simply flowed down; no swallowing necessary.

Relieved, John slid his ever limpening penis out of the doll and lay down beside it. Claire, worn out, moaned quietly “Johnnn”. He stirred. “Johnnn” she said again.

More certain he heard his name, John jumped up and looked at the doll. “Claire?” he asked, shaking in shock. Claire, recovering slightly, continued “yes it’s me John”. John fell to his knees and cried out “I’m so sorry Claire! I didn’t know”.

Realising she had no time to lose with Jessie still on the loose with that gun, Claire began to speak faster “Jessie did this, you have to help me”. John stared, his jaw dropping as Claire lay there in this sadistic prison.

John’s door creaked open.


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