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July 07 2019

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Indecent Exposure by StarShot

Rated: X • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Allison "Allie Kat" Mahoney is a clip-selling camgirl that specialized in public flashing and masturbation clips. After getting caught one too many times, she's returned with her new partner-in-crime, Tiffany, to do what she does best. When the two have a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger, things get a little out of hand as they find it more and more difficult to stay concealed.

Mudbrawl XL by StarShot

Rated: X • 15 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A misplaced and dangerous genetic compound crosses paths with the most popular mud wrestling event on the west coast. As a pair of wrestlers with a heated rivalry on and offstage begin to feel it's effects, the Bay Area will never be the same again.

The Main Attraction by StarShot

Rated: X • 0 Reviews
Summary: A rampaging giantess finds herself at the whim of her captors after they exact their plan to capture her. At the center of some unwanted attention, she has become the main attraction.

The Size Queen New! by StarShot

Rated: X • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

An escort and notorious size queen is invited out to Florida by her favourite client. Her expectations are lofty, but when she's offered a night of cock worship unlike any she's ever experienced, how could she say no? 


This is a shrinking woman story! I don't typically write shrink so feedback is definitely appreciated it. This story contains: Bimbos, shrink, big honkin' dingdongs, gentle domination, some CnC play, and Florida

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