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I'd like a story about a girl who gets a little guy just because she really likes him. And eventually, he starts to like her. I don't want any angry revenge stuff, or feet or vore or death. I just want a happy story, with a happy ending.

*Bonus points if you can incorporate the word "brogue"*

Categories: Gentle Characters: None

People love it when they shrink you and torture you with their feet.

Categories: Young Adult 20-29, Entrapment, Feet, Footwear, Growing/Shrinking out of clothes, Humiliation, Legwear, Odor, Slave, Teenager (13-19) Characters: None

A young boy slowly starts to shrinks. his only help.... his sister. But she doesnt feel like helping anyone.

Categories: Teenager (13-19), Body Exploration, Butt, Entrapment, Feet, Humiliation, Incest, Insertion, Lesbians, Mouth Play, Slave, Unaware, Vore Characters: None

What if your own mother suddenly turned into your favorite hentai character (include link), would you look at her like your mother still, or like those pictures on your phone? I like reverse aging stories and thought this would be a good one for showing a character's mind slowly breaking from living a nightmare they find distustingly delightful on some Freudian level.

Categories: None Characters: None

The new neighbours have arrived. All 6 of them are hot, young, fit models so why not pay them a visit. That would be a bit creeepy though wouldnt it so how about I put that thing I found to a test. 

Categories: Giantess, Teenager (13-19), Young Adult 20-29, Body Exploration, Butt, Feet, Footwear, Insertion, Instant Size Change, Lesbians, Odor, Unaware, Vore, Watersports Characters: None