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Halloween Writing Contest!

Hey Giantess World community, it’s the Sef!

I have something pretty exciting to announce this spooky season!  
Our very own (and possibly first) community writing contest!!!

We're currently sitting at around $200USD in total prizes, and it's growing.

First prize is $100USD, with other prizes available.
Including a community prize pot with a growing amount, which will be decided by a separate vote.

More info can be found in our official Discord server.


--Sef (MicroHuggles) on October 16 2021 4:55 PM 0 Comments
New Feature List+Updated Discord!

Hiya everybody! Just stopping by to let everybody know that the featured list has finally gotten a well deserved refresh! Some much newer stories up, and plenty more to come! Ideally, the list will have some newer stories rotate into it every so often so keep a lookout! ^_^


Our discord has also received a much needed overhaul, complete with a custom animated logo and everything! It's also a great place for writing advice and the like. Bunch of friendly peeps over there, plus it's a good way to stay up to date on what's happening with fellow writers! Check it out, link down below!



--Rude Zude on September 06 2021 10:02 PM 3 Comments
Twitter & Discord


I have created both a Twitter account and Discord server for the site. There are buttons below the site logo, but here are links to them:

Twitter - https://twitter.com/GiantessWorld

Discord - https://discord.gg/size

The Twitter will be mostly for updates on the site. The Discord provides a place for people to discuss the site and see updates. I hope see lots of followers on the Twitter account and for the Discord server to fill up.

Thank you.

--Administrator on July 26 2020 6:05 PM 373 Comments
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How to Train Your Brother by Jessajess99 [Reviews - 1272]

After a recent development disorder leaves him much shorter than he used to be, Reese has become academically demotivated, and worries he won't receive his diploma in his final few weeks of high school...

Rated: R starstarstarstarstar
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An Innocent Man by Pluto Pendragon [Reviews - 80]

In the future, a controversial form of the death penalty involves shrinking convicts down to one-inch tall, and having them tortured and killed by executioners known as Chevaliers. One Chevalier finds...

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Deliverance by Kardo [Reviews - 73]

A young man at a bar assaulted for his diminutive stature is saved by a good samaritan who holds a dark secret. 

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Categories: Giantess, Adventure, Young Adult 20-29, Breasts, Adult 30-39, Body Exploration, Butt, Couples, Crush, Feet, Footwear, Gentle, Growing/Shrinking Out of Clothes, Humiliation, Insertion, Instant Size Change, Mouth Play, Muscle, New World Order, Sci-Fi, Vore, Watersports
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Tripping Through Time by 2KFSK [Reviews - 18]

*FORMERLY KNOWN AS "Time Machine Mishaps"*

A time machine made for the local science fair has the adverse side-effect of causing its occupants to grow after the trip. The high school girls who...

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Categories: Giantess, Teenager (13-19), Adventure, Crush, Destruction, Feet, Footwear, Gentle, Instant Size Change, New World Order, Sci-Fi, Violent
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Prototype Shrink Ray Malfunction by VegetarianZergling [Reviews - 4]

Laura and Yumiko are two scientists who work together to build a working prototype shrink ray. In need of funding to continue testing, they bring a prospective buyer in for a demonstration, with fatal...

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College Connection by sonicguy07 [Reviews - 12]

Before leaving for college, Rebecca Rayner has a chat with her younger, much littler brother. She soon makes a decision that will connect the two closer than ever before

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An Innocent Crushade by Rude Zude [Reviews - 5]

On a stormy evening, a knight returns victorious from a bloody war that's ravaged her kingdom for decades. Expecting to be hailed a hero, she's perplexed to find the castle seemingly barren.

Rated: X starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Adventure, Young Adult 20-29, Butt, Crush, Entrapment, Fantasy, Feet, Humiliation, Insertion, Instant Size Change, Mouth Play, Unaware, Violent, Vore
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The Power to Grow by Blankeee [Reviews - 2]
Summary: 21 year old Alex is granted the power to change anything about reality and uses...
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Blofeld's Last Laugh by Twjr0228 [Reviews - 8]
Summary: James Bond finally gets revenge for the murder of his wife. But at what cost?
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Shrink My Spouse Season 1 by Thenumber2ring [Reviews - 0]
Summary: Paul and Amber are both high earners looking to start a family - their biggest...
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A Daring Liaison by Rude Zude [Reviews - 0]
Summary: A miscommunication between Ron and Allision culminates in a sexual encounter...
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Categories: Adult 30-39, Butt, Couples, Entrapment, Humiliation, Mouth Play

Daughter´s rules by facortes12 [Reviews - 6]
Summary: Adam is a loving single father with 3 beautiful daughters: Lucy, Tara and Lily...
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Pan´s BIG story by facortes12 [Reviews - 0]
Summary: Pan is a young woman who has a hard time being part Saiyan, since this prevents...
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Deku and the Shrink Belt by idunnow [Reviews - 4]
Summary: Mei shrinks Deku down and performs some tests on him with help from some of...
Rated: PG starstarstarstarhalf-star
Categories: Humiliation, Teenager (13-19), Feet, Footwear, Gentle, Unaware, Entrapment

It's Her World by Acornmath [Reviews - 0]
Summary: A series of natural disasters leaves the world in a state of uncertainty. 
Rated: R
Categories: Giantess, Adventure, Breasts, Butt, Destruction, Fantasy, New World Order, Vore

Shrinker on the Orient Express by Notkent [Reviews - 0]
Summary: A series of misadventures encountered by a man mysteriosly shrunken on a train. 
Rated: X
Categories: Watersports, Adventure, Breasts, BBW, Butt, Crush, Feet, Humiliation, Insertion, Maternal, Mouth Play, Odor, Scat, Unaware, Violent

How to Train Your Dad by Jessajess99 [Reviews - 116]
Summary: Marcus Tilden, a single father since his daughter's birth, gets laid off from...
Rated: R starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Mouth Play, Teenager (13-19), Adult 30-39, Butt, Entrapment, Feet, Gentle, Humiliation, Incest, Instant Size Change, Odor, Unaware

Story of the Moment
Real Love? by Defright [Reviews - 50]

Luke is in his early twenties yet he has not had a girlfriend. One day though...

Rated: X starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Giantess, Couples , Feet, Gentle, Mouth Play

10/19/21 04:03 am
hey guys, please check out my newest story and lemme know what you think!
10/14/21 02:16 pm
So many of my favorite stories have been updated recently that I've fallen behind on my reading schedule. Oh well... :D
Samuel Orona
10/08/21 01:00 am
Chapter 7 of Megan and Her Shrink Ray Gun is up!
Samuel Orona
10/03/21 10:13 pm
Chapter 5 of. Megan and her Shrink Ray Gun is up
Samuel Orona
09/30/21 12:00 am
First 3 chapters of my new story "Megan and her Shrink Ray Gun" are posted, I've spent a long time working on this
Rude Zude
09/29/21 09:59 pm
Chapter 2 is out now. Give it a look if you feel inclined! :D
Rude Zude
09/28/21 08:00 am
I just released my newest unaware massacre! Fantasy setting with the whole slew of different situations. The following two chapters will be out pretty promptly! Chapter 1 is just a short taste <3
09/20/21 12:16 am
My new story "A Matter of Principle" is now online! It is a soft vore story (F/fm, fatal, unwilling) and contains very explicit descriptions of digestion and disposal scenes.
09/11/21 09:43 pm
The Misadventures Of Allison Ali Alan Chapter 9 - An Inside View Of Devin's Cunt - Allison bravely ventures the inside works of Devin, her newly accepted blonde goddess!
09/06/21 08:30 pm
The Misadventures Of Allison Ali Alan Chapter 8 - Total Obedience - Allison is given an opportunity to prove to Devin that she is capable of pleasuring her obediently.
09/05/21 08:33 pm
My Tiny Life Chapters 79 & 80 - "Preparations" & "The Queen Of Chaos" Vol. 4 FINALE chapters - As Jessica and her friends organize the Smal'Kin, Jessica's failures come bac
09/04/21 11:21 pm
Just wanted to say things have been hectic lately, haven't forgotten about Nail Salon: Megaverse but might be a while before I get the next chapter up
Rude Zude
09/03/21 09:09 pm
I'm unsure if the report function does anything anymore sadly. One of the many reasons a new site is being worked on. I'm happy to help though! Don't be a stranger, stop the discord some t
09/03/21 05:29 pm
@RudeZude I did submit a thing just to notify someone, wasn't sure what was going on. Thanks for the prompt handling it's appreciated :) you guys rock! I love posting here.
Rude Zude
09/03/21 05:20 am
Fixed the shoutbox. Seems like it extended to some review bombing as well. The administrator has been made aware, but I can't do much to fix the review problem myself.
09/02/21 10:25 pm
My Tiny Life Update Chapter 78 - The Dates While Jessica & friends prep everything, Kiera & Krissy go on a date as do Dawson & Gabby
09/02/21 10:12 pm
Stop spamming the chat you stupid bot/person or whatever the heck you are.