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Karen mientras tiene esta teniendo relaciones sexuales con su novio nota que empiesan a crecer y sigue creciedo y creciendo hasta que mata a su novio por error. 

Pero eso no es suficiente para ella. Necesitaba más excitacion, necesitaba crecer. Eso era lo que ella queria: Crecer. Crece hasta que termina utilizando el mundo entero como juguete.

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Summary: Have you ever seen TAG giantess where the shrunken men run around the house and that woman kills them off? I challenge you to make this like that but with a giantess Kim k bj, butt, buttcrush, panties, bra, boobs and body exploration. Please no feet, vore, toilet or anything gay.
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Feel free to rename the title, and/or play with the characters. I will be putting in descriptions I would prefer, but feel free to play around a little. Also, while I would like 'acts' to this, feel free to play with the lengths of them, or even forgo them alltogether. When writting it, you don't bother with detailed character or world building

The story follows Kitty, a playful Neko (Just Ears and Tail, but can also act catlike at times) who lives with her 'master', a young wizard who mainly brews potions, but knows some magic (How much is up to you). Kitty herself, while about the age of her 'master', has a child like mind when understanding things, and talks in third person. She finds most clothes, besides collars, itchy, and usually forgoes whearing them unless she is told to, and even then it is a struggle, prefering as little as possible. She loves curling up by a fire on 'her master's' lap, and finds it relaxing to suck on his member. As for her body, she is on the smaller side in height, with a petite frame and a light body. Her skin is soft and light, but she doesn't have much hair except her head, ears, and tail. Her age can be from young teen to young adult, just as long as it isn't older than her 'master's

Her master is a kind person, but busy and someties tired. He cares for Kitty, and exactly like her calling him 'master', but knows she prefers it. He usually lets her suck him, since she can get uncomfortable after a while, but never forces her or desires it. He keeps her clean with baths, and makes sure she is kept. He does his best to get her to wear clothes when there are 'normal' people around. He runs a sacuary for Fae creatures, especially faeires, and cares about them, being also a doctor for them. His age can be from late teens to early twenties, as for a name, that is up to you to decide (though Kitty never uses it). Other than a slim, tall build, describe him as you like

The world is a modern world, but has fantasy creatures who have to hide, hense the sancuarry where they live

Now to the important stuff: Kitty has a secret. She enjoys hunting faeires, for pleasure and, when she gets bored of them (and sometimes just because), for food. She knows 'master' wouldn't like her doing it, so she always makes sure there is none left to tell. Some she may leave inserted for days, drowing deep inside her, others she gobbles up on sight. She is always playful and cheery with them, enjoying toying with them, talking with them, and even making some watch their friends get swallowed or inserted slowly. Always thinking of them as not much more than toys

Feel free to add other characters, but only have Kitty as the one to vore. Also feel free to give some faeries some names and lives, possibly even some be friends with Kitty. for the first act, just follow kitty's normal day or days. Being with master, playing with 'master', playing with any faeries she might have or go to hunt for more, and any interactions with other charaters. Act 2 would be here finding a shrinking potion, and learning she can make others the size of a faerie if she wants revenge on them or justs wants them in general. The only person she would't do it to is 'master'. Act 3 would follow up on her getting others. Just go all out

Things I would like in it: vaginal insertion, vore, foot stuff, crying from the victoms, and minor cruelity (Broken limbs and such)

Things I would not like: Scat or pee, bloody seens, purposful crushing deaths, farting, loud burping, and nasty feet

I thank the person who decides to take this up

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Summary: Could someone attempt to write a story on Giantess Kristina. If you'd like some pictures, check her out on Flickr or Flickriver :D
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A giant alien named Kristin's has landed in your back yard. She is 50 ft tall and very evil. She plans to take over the world but needs to have some practise first on how she can destroy us. You'll do perfectly

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