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Please write a sequel to my story called A TINY MISUNDERSTANDING. 

RULES: all male characters can only grow bigger permanently and there has to be male growth in the story. 

NO male or female muscle growth. 

If you want some advice on it you can message me and I can tell you what my ideals for the sequel were before I gave up on writing it.

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Summary: When she's not at school, Izzy heads to public places as a prostotute. She's scared to tell her boyfriend but sees an oportunity to show her sexy size after he shrinks and winds up in her room.
Categories: Teenager (13-19), Body Exploration, Butt, Feet, Gentle, Growing/Shrinking out of clothes, Humiliation, Incest, Insertion, Lesbians, Maternal, Mouth Play, Odor, Slave, Slow Size Change, Unaware, Watersports Characters: None

I'd really love to see a story where the main character slowly shrinks away to nothing. Throughout the story a giantess (wife, girlfriend, mother, i don't really care) erotically plays with him until finally, she inserts him into her pussy and is lost forever. Preferably, I would love to read about his perspective for a while during his last few minutes until her pussy becomes a universe to him...

I'm not too big on feet or vore but I won't rule them out xD

I would mostly prefer ass and pussy. Maybe even a part where he is lost INSIDE her nipple or something. Also, I really enjoy unaware stories, but this element is optional...

I'll take anything I can get!

Categories: Slow Size Change, Butt, Body Exploration, Insertion Characters: None
Summary: Groundhog Day parody! Phil Connors was just a normal teenager until one Feb 2nd he was shrunken to just a centimeter in height. He desperately tried to get the attention of the people around him but was flattened underneath his mother's foot. Phil thought he was dead but was back at the floor of his room still shrunken. All day Phil tried to get the attention of his family and everytime he was killed in some obscure way. eventually he stopped trying and used his new size to indulge in his fantasies until he was killed by the very feet he was admiring.
Categories: Teenager (13-19), Adventure, Young Adult 20-29, Body Exploration, Butt, Mature (40-49), Crush, Feet, Incest, Insertion, Unaware, Vore Characters: None

This was a story I found on a website that existed over a decade ago.  It was pretty similar to Giantess world, but its gone now.  Anyway, I had been trying to think of a way to fallow up on this story for years and finally decided that I couldn't think of anything without creating my own unique story.  So I am opening up this challenge. 

In this challege I would like to see a fallow up to the original story.  You can be as sadistic as you want, but there are a few rules. 

1st. I would like to see at least one or two of Mark's victems make it and return to normal.

2nd. I would like Mark to meet a fate that he earns based on what he does to his victems. YET, and above all else MARK DOESN'T DIE. So...less Dr. Cyclops and more Fairy Oddparents (if Fairy Oddparents was rated R).

3rd.  I want their to be a twist at the end of the story.  Too many stories end up with the victem worshiping the giant, or happy to be in the situation they are in ...or dead.  I want something diffrent.

4th.  Finally, as an option, use other types of transformations to, as if the rock has other abilities as well, and don't just stick to clothing or body parts ether. 

Okay, happy writting

Categories: Teenager (13-19) Characters: None
Summary: After a quick trip to the bathroom you find yourself shrunk on the young side of the school outside on the playground and just as your about to go look for help the recess bell rings and a flood of children come running outside to play withtoys just like you!
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would love to see a story where the main character is shrunk in a factory that makes disposable products such as tampons, maxipads, diapers, condoms, toilet paper, etc. the character somehow ends up on the production line and becomes part of a disposable product (ie: trapped in the absorbant core of a maxipad). they go through the production process (conveyer belts and all) and are subsequently packaged, shipped, bought, used, and finally disposed of in the trash or toilet by an unaware giantess. for added humiliation the product they were a part of could be recycled and sent back to a factory where the become part of a different object - unable to escape their fate.

Categories: Body Part, Butt, Humiliation, Insertion, Odor, Scat, Unaware, Watersports, Entrapment, Object Characters: None

Give me a story where a high school junior shrinks to about the size of a quarter and is trying to get help. But nobody sees him due to his size. Have him climb his obese English teacher, who is about 45 years old, and have his teacher unawarely take him to her house. I want him to be inside his teacher's panties, her pussy, and for him to be almost eaten by her, trapped in between her large breasts and her butt.If possible, add more characters in the story, like his teacher's husband, etc.

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Summary: I would like to see a story where 3 people get shrunk at a girl named Alyssa house. Keep it unaware or make it seem like the tiny people are bugs to her. It can be any death but preferably foot deaths. Socks or barefoot or shoes. Donít matter. You can do vore or butt crush also as long as itís unaware. Thank you!
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A girls husband shrinks but find no use for him gets another man then wen thier bills pile up they discover giantess fetishes and since they have real tiny person they do a variety of porn videos that go Viral with him against his will not even getting paid but kelp alive of sole purpose of them gettin by (i think this story may exist but i'm not aware)

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Summary: After getting the lead in your school play you shrink during a dress rehearsal and is found by the lead actress you have had a crush on for a long time and after awhile of her thinking and playing with you like a simple barbie doll she realizes who you are and she and the rest of the female cast and crew have their fun with.
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Right before your class has the parent project you are shrunk and put in the box of dolls the teens pretend are children and care for them and you are given to a hot preteen who takes the project too far.
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: After going to a new school for three years you decide to visit your old friends at your old school but when you arrive you shrink and are found by the hot girl at the school Kayleigh who used to be your friend and have a crush on you. She shows you to the rest of the girls at the school and decide to keep you as a pet.
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: I would love a story were you are randomly shrunken to less the a inch. You would be in your house trying to survive your gaint mom and sisters. This has to be totally unaware and full of sexy adventure have fun. anyone can respond i like to read anything so post away.
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I have been looking all over this website yet have not found a story (In detail) where a girl/boy shrinks and is used as a toy by their little brother.  So I am issuing this challenge.

In this story I would like the little brother to play with his sibling with his Penis, Butt, Mouth, Balls. I would like to see Cock insertion and anal insertion. Crush entrapment and being stuffed in pants. ALL IN GREAT DETAIL!


Note: must be at least 10 chapters

Categories: Slave, Butt, Body Exploration, Crush, Feet, Giant, Insertion, Incest, Mouth Play Characters: None
Summary: Jake had a fetish like any other human being but his giantess/foot fetish was a bit difficult to indulge in. That was until the SIM-CHIP was invented. Once injected it would turn a person's dreams into lifelike simulations that could be changed at will and better still when the person wakes up they'll be well rested. He convinced his mother to get it for him saying he was going to reenact movies & video games. In reality he was playing around her simulated feet 1/2 cm tall. He did this with her or any woman's feet that caught his eye... *You could also have his SIM-CHIP malfunction one night and make his simulations TOO realistic. Too bad it malfunctions when he made his sim mother believe he was a bug...
Categories: Teenager (13-19), Butt, Body Exploration, Feet, Incest, Mature (40-49) Characters: None

(I apologize, I just realized that the "Incest" tag was on here, and I had no idea it was there in the first place. It wasn't my intention, so it has been removed. Whoever was thinking of writing this should put that into account)


Katie is an 18 year old girl. She's stunningly beautiful with her long smooth golden hair, big icy blue eyes, pink lips, pale skin and perfectly fit body. She's almost always sunny and optimistic, smart, playful and very sweet, kind and gentle towards people, always wanting to give a helping hand or and ear towards the people in need of any kind of help, especially if they are family or firends. One friend of hers in particular is Daniel, a shy but kind 19 year old with brown hair and glasses who's pretty much a geek, but is also very smart and creative artistically. They have been friends for a few years in high school and are planning on going to college toghether once high school is over. And of course, Daniel has secrectly always loved Katie's wonderfullness, and hopes that she feels the same for him.
Oneday however, Kate's life is going to change completely on the night she finds a curious looking, purple glowing stone, the size of a golfball, in her back yard whie her parents are away. The moment she touches it, its light enters Katie's body and vanishes. She doesn't realize it yet, but the next day she will find out that she will have for life the power to control the size of herself or any other person or object she wants to any size, with virtually no limits. However there is a price to pay. After using this power over five times, she will never again be able to shrink down to less than 50 feet.
Although it will be tough for her in the beginning, she will learn more and more that she enjoys being the biggest thing around, while still being careful with the little people around her.
However, once the world begins not accepting her anymore, what will happen?  And will Katie and Daniel fall in love at last after all their years of friendship?
Note: anything goes in this story, however, if possible, try to put in as little to no vore as possible. Katie is also a bit clumbsy and also teasing, so that can help with some fun moments. Feet and Breast Play are higly recommended. Like I said, there is little to no size limit, just please don't let her reach continent sized. Slowly going to oxygen level in the sky is good enough. Please use god grammar.
Any further questions just contact me,  anything else... GO FOR IT!!!

Categories: Giantess, Butt, Body Exploration, Feet, Gentle, Mouth Play Characters: None

I would like to see someone make a story involving some of my characters, mainly, Matt, Katie, and Riley; their information is below. Basically, the plot would be that Katie finds a remote that can change size in four areas: height, muscle, cock, and breasts. The remote can't shrink people smaller than their original size, and girls can't grow penises and boys can't grow breasts. Once Katie finds the remote, she starts using it on herself and her friends (mainly Matt and Riley). I'd like to see growth at the swimming pool (with bikinis snapping off the enlarged girls), growth at the gym, and growth at home and school. If you really must, sex can be included, but they must grow during it. Also, I'd like both male and female growth, but female growth can, if you want to, be more prevalent then male growth. Also, please no vore, scat, or killing. Their personalities won't change because they grow. Here are their stats: Matt Anderson: 15 years old, 5'11", 130 lbs., skinny, and very well endowed for someone his age (close to 7 inches). He is very smart, being one of the smartest people in his class, but is also very shy and kind. He has dirty blonde hair, and is Katie's boyfriend. Has a mean older sister, Melissa. Katie Nolwind: 15 years old, 5'8", 135 lbs., fairly fit. B-Cup breasts. Even though her breasts are kind of small, Matt thinks Katie is the most beautiful girl in school. Katie is kind and caring, and has a somewhat playful personality, sometimes harmlessly teasing Matt about his shyness. She has dirty blonde hair that goes down to her hips, and has blue eyes. She has an older sister, Julie, and an older brother, Tyler. Riley Daymon: 14 years old, 5'4", 125 lbs., fairly fit, large C-Cup breasts. Riley has a kind personality, but likes to receive attention and feel sexy. Has black hair that goes to her hips. She has a younger sister, Cindy, who views her as her idol. You can add other characters, but I'd like the focus to be on these three. Please let me know if you'd like to do this.

If someone has already responded to this challenge, its okay for multiple people to respond to this. I'd like to see different storylines based around this.
Categories: Teenager (13-19), Breast Enlargement, Couples , Gentle, Giant, Growing/Shrinking out of clothes, Muscle Characters: None

You are a 6 foot amle and you date a 6'3" female. She makes you a slave and you are forced to wear panties and she steps on your nuts. This is a big fantasy of yours and you have never been more turned on in your life.

Categories: Giantess Characters: None

Just a story that takes place in a world where boys are born tiny (three inches fully grown) and their whole life is dedicated to the girls of the family. So in this story the son could either be his mothers boy toy or his sisters

Categories: None Characters: None