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Date: March 26 2021 11:31 AM Title: Chapter 2: Yet a New Perspective

Wow! What an amazing story so far! 

I'm impressed at your chapter lengths. Most stories don't even have half of this content in one chapter so I'm sure each chapter took a lot of work to write up. 

The first chapter was great with Monica. I like how she set the standards for what is likely to happen to Joseph for the rest of the story. Like Monica does a bit of everything so to speak. 

Then we get Ashley. She seems kind of clumsy and while it's fun to write a character about her, I almost felt bad for Joseph sometimes because of her carelessness. Lol. 

One thing I like about Ashley though was how horny she was. I mean, she kept him in her panties for half the chapter. I love that, especially since panty entrapment is arguably my favorite giantess activity. 

The heads/tail tactic was nice. I've seen it used once before in a giantess story and in that story, the giantess would spit the guy from her mouth and if he landed face up, it was heads, and if his face was down, it would be tails. Clever play by Ashley to just already have it decided. Maybe it didn't matter what Joseph picked, Ashley was probably going to put him in her panties anyway. Haha. 

The dildo scene was great too. But the butt scene was fantastic. Love how she kept him inside there all night. Not to mention that the butt plug was the cherry on top. 

Usually, I would have suggestions for most stories I read, but honestly, you include so much into each chapter with different twists and activities that I'm not even sure I could add anything. Both chapters were creative and I can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response:

Right off the bat, thank you so much! Nothing quite like seeing a review of this size with such a plesant start! 

And thank you again! If you had read any of my other stories, you might be less surprised at the length to my chapters. It's more of a rule than an anomaly! I don't know, it just takes a lot of prose to articulate the feelings I want to be understood in these situations on the part of all parties involved. If I'm to be writing "smut with a plot" at the end of the day, I'd at least like it to all make sense! Anyway, if everyone got reviews half as long as this one even half as often as they deserved, they'd probably feel more inclined to pouring a little more TLC into their stories here! So thanks for taking the time! 

Chapter One with Monica was originally conceived to be a rather short introduction to the methodology of story telling. Like an "intro kill" to a horror flick to let you know what you're in for. But I decided to draw it out and make it a worthwhile tale almost on its own before the reader was aware of what was really going on. It was a difficult balance to strike, but I enjoyed its conception and growth.

Ashley is a contrast to Monica in many ways. She wants to do a lot of stuff besides vore, and to her, it's a much finer line between what would be desirable in fantasy and reality. Joseph will learn a lot from this encounter. I hope you enjoy the rest! And I wanted you to feel a little bad for Joseph in a few of the chapters I've outlined. It's all part of it. Don't worry about him too much. He kinda asked for it! 

I too have always been a big fan of panty entrapment and realized that I've written about it sorely little if even at all! (This story gives me ample opportunity to check off a few boxes if you catch my drift!) 

There was a meaning for heads! I'll get to that. You'll see. ;) 

I'm glad you liked the dildo scene. It's a good thing Joseph has been imbued with such strength! And even at his size, I thought the plug would be an excellent touch. Gotta ensure he stays put till morning! 

It does take a lot of work to write these, but the main reason for that is I outline each idea and then sit on them for a while, and in that time, my brain kind of sets up and refines all of the ideas, and I make some last minute decisions right before I pretty much write it all out at once. That's why they are all sort of packed with content. By the time I'm actually writing, I'm just making sure I didn't forget anything. I'm trying to make this story a "predictable surprise." Wherein you're refreshed by what you didn't see coming and satisfied by what you did. 

Feel free to make suggestions if you do determine I'm missing something direly. And thank you again for the wonderful words! Stay tuned for the next chapter! 

Reviewer: Zingem Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: March 25 2021 9:51 PM Title: Chapter 2: Yet a New Perspective

Knew you had layers to what was going on planned. I can think of a few possibilities for where this is going, some more sadistic or out there than others, but regardless, you still got me invested. Saw Gershwin reviewed the last one, so you're definitely in good company writer-wise. Keep it up!

Author's Response:

I actually have a whole outline drafted for this story! Lol. I'm sure it'll morph a bit along the way as these things tend to do, but I can say with a fair bit of certainty everything that'll happen and how long it'll run. I won't say. But I certainly can. ;) 

It only makes sense that even if all his partners had something in common that he liked and that kept him coming back for more, some would still react differently than he'd really prefer. Some people are just more sadistic and inconsiderate than others! (But I'm not one to stray too deep into the sadistic territory, otherwise I wouldn't have good folks like Gershwin as a reader!) lol. He actually gave me a lot of notes on this story. So if you really like his work, you're sometimes liable to see his touch in mine. We have very similar interests. 

Thanks a lot for your continued feedback! It's especially nice getting multiple reviews from the same person. Makes me feel like I'm maintaining something rather than just generating one instance of accidental appeal. I'll surely keep writing!

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