Reviews For Giantess Syndrome
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Reviewer: Ashycute Signed [Report This]
Date: September 05 2021 12:52 AM Title: Chapter 1: Giantess Syndrome

Well this seems like a great story, it really get you in if youre fan of New world order stories

Hope to see more soon, very good

Reviewer: sandman579 Signed [Report This]
Date: August 10 2021 12:17 AM Title: Chapter 2: Land of Memories

I'm alittle confused on the premise. Did all women grow to become giantesses, proportionally if 500ft tall is the height an average size woman would become? Or was it a fraction of women while the rest stayed normal like 1 in 100,000 which would still make over 75,000 giantesses globally? Or maybe all women were effected but some only become amazon sized, others giants, and the rest titans with maybe some mile sized megas? Braden's line about losing his mom, aunts, and sisters followed up with how his mom killed his dad, hints that the change happened to all women. If the that's the case why are giant women even bothering with little men at all? There should be a global primitve war with several billion giantesses without tools or clothes fighting each other over food and shelter. Maybe Earth's ecosystem changing to feed the women explains the basic surviving aspect, but we still have billions of 500ft women trying to live on the same little blue rock. It should be terribly overcrowded at this point.

Author's Response:

So like I said this story was requested for me to make so some of the ideas where the guy in questions. But the idea of the story is that woman everywhere have grown to be not 500 ft tall but 600ft tall, Braden's girlfriend at the beginning of the story was still growing which I did hint to. I also hinted that in this world woman weren't the only things that had changed, the environment itself had changed as well, it in another word, grew to match their size. The land of the tall grass is just one of the many examples of the different environments I will create. For right now I'm keeping all woman at 600ft but I may change it later on, no spoilers. Now the reason woman are bothering with men, well I don't want to reveal to much but pretty much as slaves and entertainment. Either way thank you so much for the feedback, if you have anymore questions please ask!

Reviewer: Stehlampe Signed [Report This]
Date: July 23 2021 11:02 AM Title: Chapter 1: Giantess Syndrome

Nice work, thrilled for more.

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