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Reviewer: 280077s Signed [Report This]
Date: April 27 2017 7:16 AM Title: Chapter 1

I hear what you are saying. I just feelike replacing one inbalance with another is not equality in the least bit. I've been seeing a lot of it online withthin recent years, namely scorned women becoming bigoted and hateful of an entire gender due to men in their lives mistreating them, and promoting such bigotry as "feminism". It is not ok. These women have become what they seek to destroy, i.e. bigots.  I feel like if you write stories the way you do, you should not call it "equality".


Also, I've been thinking lately, and I've noticed a lot of macrophiles equate increased size with increased worth. I disagree completely, and would argue the opposite. The smaller something is, the more wotrthy of care, empathy and protection. This includes recgnizing the smaller person's rights as a sentient being, and giving them a choice to live their lives, or in some cases die, as they see fit. Self deyermination is slowly becoming my most revered freedom, the freedom to make choices, and not be forced to live or ie because someone else thinks they are looking after your best interest. Most smaller people in macrophilia are essentially slaves in that respect, and I hate that concept. Fetishes should empower you and make you feel good about yourself, not make you feel like dirt because you like to have women talk dirty to you etc.

Even femdom, bdsm, and humiliation fetishes should be and are rooted in a fundemental understanding that the more "powerful" party is responsible for the other and vice versa, responsible for their well being. Thats why aftercare is a thing. 


Most macrophile's fetishes seeming to ignore the aspect of aftercare, and see tiny people as not only less than human, but as a means to getting off, nothing more. I have no delusions in saying that how people get off to such things is a mystery to me, and then claim that its about "equality" or even "love". What I described is neither. It is megalomania, abuse of power and a lack of humilty in the face of weilding such power over others. I digress, those are just my personal feelings on most macrophile fetishes.


I'm unfortunately a minority that thinks size doesnt necessarily mean increased worth or rights.


I got on a tangent, and my thoughts my not be congruent or even be seemingly contradictory at some points, buthonestly I've wrestled with the inconsistencies of this fetish for a while, and come to the conclusion that it is the nature of the fetish. Promoting "equality" an "feminism" through inherent inequality and even bigotry.

Author's Response:

If I had 100,000 fans who were moved as much by my stories as you obviously have been, I'd be rich! Thank you!

I think it's not transferring inferiority to one side, it's giving each sex a new set of advantages and disadvantages. Men are suddenly not as much their own masters. But male loneliness has disappeared. "Forever alone" can't survive in the world of the ROS. Instead of contact with a woman's intimate places being a scarce and (one way or another) costly commodity, it's now a tremendous surplus. It's like the way the green revolution drastically reduced famine. The woman famine for men is over. Virtually all men have a woman who want one, and the size difference makes a relationship with one (much bigger) woman seem like several relationships with (parts of the) woman. Men who might have had trouble asserting themselves or adhering to the social conventions of dating are now as assured of female companionship and sex as are the more attractive, richer, and socially skilled. 

On the other hand, women find that the radical increase in their sex drive, or their lowering of inhibitions, has given them a need that undermines their bargaining positions to an extent. They now are, to at least some extent, responsible for their small lovers. They can shrink any man who isn't taken. But once they take him, he is their responsibility. They may humble him, but cruelty is prohibited, and judgment can be instantaneous. 

Yes men are a means for the women who tower above them to get off! But their smallness now makes them more effective lovers than all but the most skillful and well-endowed men were in the past. They have great value and have the agency to negotiate where they end up. They're going to end up in a woman's panties. no doubt. But they have choices. 

Instead of men making their way through a world defined by the violence of other men, they can make their way through a world defined by the passions and desires of women. It is a much less violent and dangerous world. No men have died in the ROS universe by female violence. Women who have restrained men's freedom are eventually punished. Believe me, these women cherish the pleasure of their tiny men. The very experience of shrinking brings forth awesome emotions in men. They feel desired, much as women at their peak felt before the ROS. Mature women also feel more desirable. 

In some ways men's situation might be worse after the ROS. in some ways it's better. The same for women. Balancing strengths and weaknesses. Women are the outer world, and men's world is inside the underwear of women. Their intimacy gives them a special power that men of the past did not possess. It all (re)balances out. 


Reviewer: 280077s Signed [Report This]
Date: April 06 2017 9:51 AM Title: Chapter 2

I've generally lost interest in the "Rebalancing of the sexes" series, due to them being generally female centric and the male characters basically becoming slaves to women, which is hardly what I'd call equality or anything near what a godess of "love" would do. This story was more bareable.  I hope there will be more true equality based stories in the future.




Author's Response:

I really appreciate your review. I really think this is the best individual story in the series. 

I have thought a lot about the balance involved in rebalancing the sexes. In some of the earlier stories, the Goddess of Love was very scrupulous about maintaining the equality and choice of men. In none of the stories I've written, for example, has the GOL allowed outright violence against men. She does not seek to destroy or humiliate, but does seek to humble men. 

One thing I've tried to do is reverse the dilemmas each sex faces in mating. Women must take the chance of being with a bigger, and potentially more dangerous partner in our reality. In the Rebalancing universe, that is the men's problem. Men must deal with an insatiable libido when young and healthy. In the Rebalancing universe, women also have an insanely strong libido, making it more their problem because they're the bigger sex. Men must make sure they get shrunk by the right woman, for their own safety, as in our universe women musst make sure they pair up with the right man. I think the Goddess treats "equality" as each sex now dealing with issues that had previously been the other sex's problem. 

Men still make choices, as women have in our reality. But in the Rebalancing universe, they find (as women did here until recently and still do in many parts of the world) that to accomplish anything beyond the bedroom, they have to work through the other sex and build up the bigger -sized partner. For men, women's crucial need of them as sex toys gives them a degree of power and agency. Although they do not run the world anymore, they can shape it, by satisfying the mighty women above them and bonding them together as sex partners. As we say "behind every great man is a great woman", the Rebalancing universe says "inside every great woman is a great little man." The women for the most part don't seek to oppress, they're just thinking with their big wet, steamy caves. 

In some of the later stories in the series, such  as "There Is No I in Toy", and the "Cougars Get Hotter" anthology, there is a focus on older women - younger men, which would seem to indicate a power imbalance. Again, I'm trying to replicate and reverse some of the inequalities of our own universe, where a younger woman often sought to win resources by courting an older partner. But even there, it's not entirely about the women's power and ability to compel such a relationship. The mature women these young men ultimately end up with, try very hard to be respectful of the younger man's choices, as much as their libidos will permit. ("Blue vag," as a character said in "Breasts and Buttocks.") They may not have the ideal set of choices, but these tiny men (or men about to become tiny) have agency, and choose to be with the older woman who is most attractive and / or respectful of their situation. They also find themselves attracted to the older women for their levelheadedness and see some of the alterations of age (such as a wider butt) as symbols of power and an ability to protect and provide physical and emotional shelter for tiny men. The changes that make a mature woman's face less feminine or "harsher" can appear to be reassurance to a man once he's made tiny. They make their own choices based on the attraction that pulls them toward these attributes. 

Another natural imbalance is that the larger sex tends to have more partners. Given that, it makes sense that women would often have more than one lover. Is it unequal? Does each man not have more than an abundance of female physical companionship? I tend to think the latter. 

In the end, doesn't it make sense though, that a universe in which women tower over men would be to some extent female-centric? How can it all be about the man when a skyscraper of female thoughts, lusts and desires looms above?  A big part of this series is the man achieving dignity in smallness, by becoming emotionally small, abandoning swagger for playfulness, and seeking to be the useful toy who persuades his partner rather than imposes his will upon her. 

I have thought about some ways to get closer to the Goddess's stated aim of equality. One way could be to set a date each year on which men return to their old sizes for a day, giving them the power to leave their current mate and seek out another. Also, the possibility of shops where men can make a living by hiring themselves out to please women who can't find a man. 

I enjoy your comments. Please weigh in on future chapters and stories!


Reviewer: tuyulboy Signed [Report This]
Date: August 21 2013 1:07 AM Title: Chapter 1

thank you for writing this story. i read this again and again. i hope amber  will date her girlfriend. two big woman, two dominant beauty kiss and making love each other, while cuckold male watching. enjoy his small, insignificant, jeolous, but also horny and happy.


"But you remember how you talked about a guy holding a girl in his arms? That can't happen anymore, but I was thinking, maybe I could invite one of my girlfriends over, and we could strip down and hug and kiss each other, and you could be making love to me down there while her man was taking care of her womanhood." Amber blushed deeply.


lesbian cuckolding is my dream, may amber make my dream come true? i just share my fantasy. sory my bad english. thank you again for share this story


Author's Response:

If you want to see a LOT of this sort of lesbian action, you need to check out another story in this series, "A World of Breasts and Buttocks." I hope you enjoy it and thank you!

Reviewer: tuyulboy Signed [Report This]
Date: August 21 2013 1:03 AM Title: Chapter 1

"But you remember how you talked about a guy holding a girl in his arms? That can't happen anymore, but I was thinking, maybe I could invite one of my girlfriends over, and we could strip down and hug and kiss each other, and you could be making love to me down there while her man was taking care of her womanhood." Amber blushed deeply.

Reviewer: scrymgeour Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 06 2012 3:48 PM Title: Chapter 1

This story should have far more views than a lot of the crap circulating around this site. Amazing & very unusual premise for this kind of 'new world order' scenario (I think that's what they call it here). The Goddess of Love -- Venus/Aphrodite/Astarte/Freyja/Ishtar? -- and the 'honey' were great and memorable touches. The sex-crazed women chasing him around in the first chapter was also nice comedy.

So, I hope you go on to contribute more.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review. Hope you read all the stories in the "Rebalancing the Sexes" series. There's another comic scene at the end of the original RTS story. I just don't happen to think a giantess/SM scenario is all about grim dystopian fury and vengeance. In RTS, I'm big on the idea that as long as they can have any kind of interaction, the sexes will try to muddle through, and still like each other, and that the motive for such a world-changing move would be more mischief than mayhem. Not to mention that they would gain a measure of empathy for each other's former positions. Three stories posted so far and a fourth will eventually appear. I welcome any and all stories set in this universe.

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