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Reviewer: Quicksilver Signed [Report This]
Date: May 09 2013 9:18 PM Title: Three Stories

I can imagine how hard using a picture to figure out the scale of things in this world would be, with such a wide variety of sizes.  One the one hand, larger people would have an advantage as tourists in that they could cover more ground.  But even if giant people could admire tiny structures from the outside, they couldn't look inside, other than with the help of technology, through virtual tours and such--and in many cases, like museums, the inside is at least as important as the outside.


It would be quite funny if tourists of all sizes could buy a "tiny" Taj Mahal, meaning that someone like the Czech woman you mentioned could purchase a souvenir the size of the monument.

Author's Response:


Thanks again for another comment. And you're right, giant tourists certainly miss a lot, as they're unable to get a good look at the inside of many buildings. And I agree, buying a souvenir the size of the monument would certainly be funny for some tourists, although it might not be very easy to make by the locals. Thanks again for commenting, and as always, thanks for reading.


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