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Reviewer: gloriator Signed [Report This]
Date: September 08 2021 6:54 PM Title: Penny & Returns

Oh, I hope Jun likes floating around in the sewers... gonna be doing that for a while.

Reviewer: fated11 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 31 2013 10:15 PM Title: Penny & Returns

Wow great story. I love all the cruel transformations. Toilet paper, tampon and food all were great choices

Author's Response:

Thanks fated11. It seems to be smaller part of the community that like transformations such as these, I'm glad you liked it.

Reviewer: zol Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 04 2013 6:42 PM Title: Penny & Returns

There is no other way of writing to you, so I just thought of leaving a message as a eview (= Is there any chance of you getting into another lucky penny story? It would be actually the best thing happening, because I guess otherwise there won't be any good unaware tf stories happening on here anymore /: I know you're working on that other story, but if you somehow find the time of getting into your old lucky penny series again, it would be a real surprise :)

Author's Response:

You can send messages to email in GW via contact, I also have a GW skype account which I regularly check.


I have actually been contemplating writing another Penny story. Originally I had one planned a while back, but I canceled it because I felt it was too gruesome. But I have idea's for more. I'm actually thinking of altering the Penny so it activates upon a single word, rather than a sentence. "Lucky" But thats means editing the original stories, which I hesitate to do.

Reviewer: Lumberpanda Signed [Report This]
Date: August 12 2013 5:54 PM Title: Penny & Returns

great story! would love to see one where someone is transformed into an adult diaper or toilet paper. would also be interesting if they went though the manufacturing process before ending up on a store shelf.

Author's Response:

I'm currently very busy in my life and so I can't promise any kind of story really, but if it's soemthing your very dedicated to, you might want to try and write something yourself for the community. Thank you for the reveiw, and well see if such things happen in one of my future stories.

Reviewer: zol Signed [Report This]
Date: May 30 2013 5:47 AM Title: Penny & Returns

But where did I say I wanted the changed characters stay "alive" forever (; Of course that's nonsense and unrealistic, but I do like digestion for example when the person becomes something very tiny for example an ant, some sort of food and such. With "going through digestion" I didn't mean they stay conscious of course, they die, and the penny would also not recognize them afterwars too like you said. That's exactly what I wanted it to be, and what I also like (: So I just was confused why you said my ideas were unrealistic. Also, I really like the idea of becoming something very tiny of food, for example a single flake of oat meal. The one great idea about it is, when he/she would prepare the meal, get cursed, and fall into the bowl of prepared oat meal, and the single flake would be among hundreds of others. There's still a chance he/she could get transfered back, but the chances are going near zero. I like this picture of being among other items looking the same like the cursed character, and never would a normal person ever realize what just happened moments before. Also, here it would be a logic way of having the character "experience" being swallowed and travel down into the stomach, because it's an object, not a living creature like an insect. And there after short time, the flake would be liquified of course, where the character died. I don't like storied too where the tf character holds its conscious mind forever. If the object or living thing is destroyed, that was it (: Also I like the idea of the fear of knowing the character would be in the oat meal bowl among hundreds of others looking the same. And when the boy appears sitting down, the fear would be awaken to end as breakfast. Then there would be a "false hope", which I always like to happen in stories, it's a sort of mind humiliation, that the boy doesn't want to eat his oat meal. And the "false hope" is really fast destroyed, when those horse stepping sounds appear from outside and the boy gets an idea of letting his oat meal "to vanish".

Reviewer: zol Signed [Report This]
Date: May 30 2013 2:44 AM Title: Penny & Returns

I had it not in mind specific as "insect vore" though ^^ If you could work that horse idea in though would be awesome (: Im a little bit confused about your statement about finite endings and that you don't like gentle stories. I think you mistaken me here. Of course the characters would die of the digestion process, also I like the idea of that changing the form, like destroying it, for example by digestion, would also kill the character and there would no change anymore in restoring it back by the penny. So if a cursed character becomes any kind of food, he still is alive, but digestion would make it just normal, well, poop. Even if you already did an ant tf, another including a bird vore would be great, but it's up to you of course. But I can understand you on the next one aha. I just saw it from the point that it would be even more of a humiliation and horrible way to stay the rest of your "life", I still would like the idea. I am a lot into humiliation and so I don't like gentle stories too, I always prefer a "unhappy" ending.

Author's Response:

Quote me."There're unrealistic, and just not very interesting to me, I like stories with a finite ending. Characters that die are preferred for me. Not that I don't like gentle stories, they just have to be realistic."

A finite ending is, a story with a definite ending. No continuation.

Basically I don't like stories were the story never ends, like character becomes poop, travels through sewers etc, as you have pointed out, it really ends when they are "used up".

I do like Gentle stories, they just have to be done realistically.

Humiliation is fine, I find it goes well with irony in my stories. Like Jun's predicament or Alex's from my first penny story.

Yes the person transformed by the penny can be "changed" without destroying their usefulness. If an inanimate object no longer serves a useful purpose it dies. Also the Penny can only recognize the original unchanged object, so if the item is abused to a level into which the person would die if restored, then the penny fails to restore them, they are stuck. An example of this would be the cookie scene out of this story, in which the character went from dough substance to a baked air filled substance, the cookie.

Reviewer: zol Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 30 2013 12:08 AM Title: Penny & Returns

You have no idea how happy I am right now :x I thought you meant by that you would abandon the story series. I just loved the last one but the whole series, and like I said they are my all time favorite stories on here, just because they combine my favorite topics unaware, tf, insertion and vore combined with an awesome sarcastic humor and irony. I had a few tf ideas actually I wanted to tell you, maybe you could use them in another story you will write (:

- cursed into a single oatmeal flake and vored by a police horse ending in horse apples, maybe something like a boy of the family used in the story sees a police guard coming by the street and he goes outside with his oatmeal he doesnt want to eat and he asks the police guard if he could feed the horse

- cursed into an ant or tiny bug like a ladybug and vored by a bird ending in bird poop, some kid of the family finding the "insect" would do a good thing bringing the bug outside "safe" again, and a bird would come by and gulp it up. the story would continue on the digestion and that the bird poop would land on a car later or house window of the same related human/family from before, mostly a friend or family member

- cursed into a tight boy swim pants of the family kids and used later on, mostly the cursed one is a male member of the family or a best friend, which would make the whole going through even worse of being a guy being worn by a guy

- cursed into an suppository used against headaches- I really liked the toilet paper idea already

Also sayings like "You'll do find without a jerk like that who leaves you Ann, He's probably inside another girl as we speak. Just give up on him Ann, he's trash meant to be flushed down the toilet." are just so great you should use them more. I love that kind of irony. Same goes for She thought a second more. "But I can at least promise you will get one more shot at my ass though." She giggled.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed my second story man, and the news I would be continuing it. I'm not exactly sure how people go about adding to another series if it's moderated, I wish there was more info on the site about it. But I do hope people will contribute to it.

I've never really heard of a horse eating fetish, but basically your asking for unaware animal Vore right? I can try and work that into the next one.

The insect vore I know of and did for my first story, that said I don't really like digestion and scat based stories. There're unrealistic, and just not very interesting to me, I like stories with a finite ending. Characters that die are preferred for me. Not that I don't like gentle stories, they just have to be realistic.

I'm not sure how comfortable I'd feel about writing about guy to guy unaware "Worn" fetish. It's not that I don't think I could, I just don't think I could do it properly well.

Suppositories are a popular medium on GW so I might consider it, then again it comes pretty close to scat for me. It's just a personal preference for me. Should you choose to make a scat based penny story yourself, so long as it followed the rules, and grammar was good, I'd add it to the series.

My saying's on irony, "I like them too." But I don't want to accidently over use them, or overplay them in my writing. I could use more, but there sort of hard to setup, like a joke with a punch line they require a setup. I regret the fact I didn't keep part of the ending I had, which was a simple line about Jennifer being grabbed and thrown into a cart next to a bunch of beans. I omitted it because I wanted to keep an open ending for Jennifer, the roll of toilet paper.


Reviewer: zol Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 28 2013 1:26 PM Title: Penny & Returns

No :x Please don't abandon this fantastic story concept. It is still my all time favorite, and I am so glad you finally wrote a sequel to it.

Author's Response:

It's not being abandoned. And thank you again for your support. If anything, others being able to contribute to it, will mean more authors with differnt plot ideas will be able to increase the amount of penny stories. Yes, of course I will still write more penny stories, but hopefully others will too.

Reviewer: womenfood Signed [Report This]
Date: May 28 2013 9:22 AM Title: Penny & Returns

wow~I'm very glad to see your update your penny stories again. :)

Author's Response:

It was about time really. Hopefully other will contribute more stories to this series. My time to write doesn't really allow me to write as much as I'd like.

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