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Date: December 16 2020 12:06 PM Title: Editorial Discretion

Glad to see this story get updated. 

Wow, Emma really likes his butt. Even began to daydream about it for some time. Haha. 

Hmm, it's interesting to see what Emma will do whether she makes Aaron public or not. I think it's best for her to keep him private because once she goes public with him, the media will be going crazy about who is Emma's new boyfriend. If she keeps him private, Emma will still have options about what she plans with Aaron. 

The issue is what happens when her boyfriend explains it to the media. If Emma denies it, I think the public will likely believe her. Or she can accept it, but not use Aaron as an reason. I still think she should leave out that little detail. 

Mmhmm, I love the crossing leg trap that Emma did to him. I was thinking that instead of trapping Aaron under her right thigh, she could trap him against her crotch in the tiny gap between her legs while she crosses her legs so he would be completely surrounded by her legs. There would be an opening above him, and he could see Emma simply ignoring him while her legs keep him snug against her. 

Glad to see another update, and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Thanks! It's fun, in a way, to write the sadist into a tangled mess of her own making.

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