Reviews For A Long Time Coming
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Reviewer: WTH I Love This Signed [Report This]
Date: May 24 2019 11:23 PM Title: There goes Nothing

First of all, I love how Michelle treats her husband! Also, for the record, I’d love a story about the 6-inch guy and Christine, especially her daughter’s mindset in allowing her mother to put her boyfriend under her feet like that to make him better for her. (Maybe chapters 1-3 of “My High School Crush” by dilbertaco would be some inspiration? Minus the weird religious aspect, that is...)

Anyways, what I really wanted to talk about was that all throughout this story, I get this really awesome vibe that Beth, while clearly being dominant(but in a sexy, teasing, playful way), also genuinely loves John in an almost romantic way! It’s like he’s her man! (And John is starting to see her as his one and only, like when he daydreams about her putting lipstick on “just for him”)
The only reason that it doesn’t seem like it is because Beth(and Michelle as seen with how she treats her husband) simply sees being a tiny pet as the role of men. She still wants John as almost a partner, but just through the lense of being his complete and utter owner and mistress who can do with him whatever she pleases... and he’ll love it.

Those are just my thoughts! I could be wrong, but I LOVE it!!! Very excited to see this going forward! Keep it up!

Author's Response:

There's a story of the 6-inch guy in the works, though my plan would be that he is taken without his girlfriend's knowledge. Not sure how it's going to look yet, it's only an idea so far.

The idea that he's her man is what I was going for. She generally doesn't like men and sees them as inferior but she loves John and wants him to have enjoy being her pet. In her mind, it's the best position a man could hope for and she wants him to see that too.

Thank you very much for your comprehensive reviews, I really appreciate it.

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