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Date: August 14 2019 1:10 AM Title: Meeting Kacie

I just read all 3 chapters and I like how each woman has their own idea of how they would treat a tiny guy.

This makes me wonder if someone did a social experiment and asked random women what would they do if they found a tiny 2 inch tall man. I bet most answers would be very boring like “we can talk and watch movies” “he can help with my homework” “I can ask him to spy on others for me” and then you find that one girl that has some sexy/sadistic or crazy idea.

This story has 5 women all with crazy ideas and I love it because they aren’t boring answers. It also seems like they have had experience with tiny guys before. They didn’t even ask how tall he was, if he was invincible, and stuff like that. It seems they already knew how a tiny guy looks and feels like so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more shrunken guys in this story.

I think in love with Jennifer. Before she said her answer, I was already thinking she was hot when you described her as this brunette with a ponytail and usually wears sporty outfits. So now I’m thinking of tight yoga pants or leggings.

Then Jennifer describes possibly the sexiest situation that she can do for a tiny guy. She takes him home, keeps him in a drawer full of her toys, then she plans on using him almost all day as a sex toy. Now combine that with her sporty outfit, you get the picture. This guy will be tightly secured in her pussy all day with no hope of escaping.

Jennifer could take me instead. She would be my ideal giantess. I would be honored to pleasure her down below and she would probably enjoy it too. If she thinks I’m enjoying it too much, she could tie me to the inside her panties with all my limbs spread out in an “X” shape. Then all day my body would be rubbed up and down her slit giving her tremendous pleasure. She might never take me out of those panties again. I might just be left tied like that in her drawer waiting the following morning for her to wear me again.

If you make a side story with Jennifer and a tiny, I would read it as many times as I could.

Wow, I really enjoyed the story so far and I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

If you like the opinions of those five women, you might enjoy the opinions of the next 100 people she asks!

That is what chapter 4 is all about.  I thought about the spy idea, but he would only be good for helping with homework if he's smart enough to handle it.

Jen is very hot and athletic .  I can tell you like her and her ideas from your other reviews I've read.

A side story is possible, but not for a while.  I'll think about it after I finish this story.  I dont want to start multiple stories in case I lose interest from having too much work to do.

Thank you!  The next chapter will be uploaded within 24 hours! Maybe sooner!


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