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Date: August 24 2019 6:42 PM Title: How would you keep a shrunk man safe until there's a cure?

Hmm. While there were more responses in chapters 4 and 5, most of them seemed kind of boring, but realistic. However, this makes the rare sexy opinions that much more valuable.

The mother who said "Oh sweetie I don't think I'm allowed to tell you what I would do with him." was amazing. I even read that line in a motherly voice that it felt real.

If I was Erin and heard that, I would ask for her number so we can chat. I bet she has some crazy ideas in her head. Usually you already thought of shrunken guys before thinking of ideas like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if this mother has shrunk her husband and kept him in her pants this whole time.

She can’t give Erin the details because she probably already has pet and doesn’t want to get in trouble, but she played off as if she wants to tell Erin without letting her daughter know.

That was easily the highlight of these 2 chapters for me.

Hey, I’m glad you read some of my reviews. Haha. I guess you know who and what I am into. So thank you for creating that Jennifer character. She is amazing as well as the mother in this chapter.

Great stuff, and I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Boring, but realistic. that sums it up well enough.  Thats what chapter 4 and 5 were mainly about, but that part of the story is concluded now.

Thank you, I was wondering where I should put that motherly answer and it seems to fit well. 

Thats a good idea about potentially already having a pet.  I'll make a note of that.  I'm glad you like Jennifer, her story isnt over yet, but im not sure where exactly in this story it would fit.  side stories are always possible bt I want to finish this story first.  I did add some of Jennifer in the upcoming chapter 7 and she has a quick few lines in chapter 6.

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