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Reviewer: Xiao-renzhe Signed [Report This]
Date: April 15 2020 11:49 AM Title: Love Of Fear

I really enjoyed this story. It had some of my favorite components: being well written, plenty of vore, a pleasant mixture of gentle and dominating, and realistic characters with relatable personalities and motivations. I also adore the occasional happy ending.

Not being familiar with your OCs, I still found the characters very easy to familiarize with, as you included just enough background to establish the relationship enough for me to follow their actions without bogging down the story with too much orientational materials.

I liked that the relationship, while obviously unconventional, and some would say borders toxicity (though Jill seems to have known what she was getting into), is still obviously reciprocal and very nurturing. It was gratifying to see that Vivi prioritizes the emotional health of her lover over her satisfying her desires, even if a witch’s urges are difficult to control. It was refreshing to see a healthy dynamic when there’s such an imbalance of power. I especially appreciated Vivi’s reassurances at the end.

I’m sorry to confess that you didn’t have me going, though I didn’t feel like you really wanted to have your readers fooled. When Vivi thought of the win-win scenario in which Jill could sleep and Vivi could sate her hunger for fear, I assumed the rest was a dream. Though that in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the subsequent events as they unfolded. On the contrary, I relished in the terror with Jill at how devastating it would feel to be tossed aside by my lover in such a cruel way. Jill was still very easy to relate to in that situation, so it was still a terrifying thrill, even if I knew it wasn’t “really happening.” At the same time, I could relate to Vivi’s guilty-pleasure at pushing the envelope. How does one balance eliciting a genuine reaction with their compassion toward their partner in what ends up being an elaborate ruse? It’s almost unfortunate that Vivi wasn’t in control of the nightmare, or couldn’t dream “with” Jill, so to speak, so that she could keep it from getting out of hand. As it happened, she ended up missing out on the majority of the terror her dream-self inspired, and didn’t get to enjoy the waking fear, because Jill’s worst fears manifested in a way that even Vivi at her most devious may not have been willing to carry out.

Anyway! Thank you for the short, sweet, gentle vore story! There’s simply not enough of this kind of content on here, and I’m constantly on the hunt for it, so I delight in this addition to my favorites. Please write more!

Author's Response:

Thank you for the detailed review! I'm glad you liked it! 


Also, yeah, I never expected to actually trick people. Just thought seeing the big gap would make people take a second like "wait, is this really the ending?!" XD 

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