A little TLC by Jaymunny22

A giantess call a friend over to provide some much needed TLC

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1. Chapter 1- End of a hard day by Jaymunny22

2. Chapter 2- A late arrival by Jaymunny22

3. Chapter 3- bath time by Jaymunny22

4. Chapter 4- Bath time continues by Jaymunny22

5. Chapter 5- 30 minutes or less by Jaymunny22

6. Chapter 6- 30 minutes, my ass by Jaymunny22

7. Chapter 7- Bittersweet treat by Jaymunny22

8. Chapter 8-Sweet dreams by Jaymunny22

9. Chapter 9-Epilogue by Jaymunny22

Chapter 1- End of a hard day by Jaymunny22



“What a day.” Came a young woman’s tired sigh, as she punched in her gate code. 




Eyes half-lidded, Shawna was struggling to remain focused as she haphazardly pulled her sedan into her apartment’s Parking lot. She was so glad to be home. She’d been having trouble getting home due there dry eyes acting up, and her eyes had bcome so dry. Ontop of that, she had a bad eye twitch in her right eye all day, and it was killing her. A thankful grin spread on her face, as she surveyed the almost barren parking lot. Though it made sense that the lot was mostly empty tonight.




“Thank god it’s Friday”, Shawna thought dryly. Most people think of Friday as a party night. For most of her peers, It was a good night to go out on dates, hang out with friends, and on rare occasions, find a nearby human town and have a little fun at their expense. Though for Shawna, her Friday nights were…uneventful as of late. She used to go out with coworkers, but lately there were not a lot of things they seemed to want to do, but go out, and either get laid, or rampage through a couple human towns. Hell, sometimes they’d wreck a town, wait for the humans to rebuild it, like an anthill, then go in, and rampage again. Don’t get her wrong, Shawna used to love a good rampage, but after a while, the whole thing seemed so stale. There was just no point to it, it seemed.




Settling on a spot right outside her building. she almost reluctantly left her car, as she felt her left temple beginning to throb, as she anticipated the long 3 story climb up to her unit. Her legs were shaky as she climbed the stairs. It had been one of those days, one of those horrible, terrible, no good, very bad days. Waking up extra early for an important, mandatory, “all hands on deck” company project, and spending the rest of the evening helping her sister Melanie preparing to move? Ridiculous. “It’ll be fun.” Her sister said. “We’ll bond” she said. What she didn’t say was that “bonding” would consist of Melanie pointing her finger telling her what to pack, where to set thing. She also never mentioned that she’d be the only one assisting her. 




As her flipping of the lights illuminated her apartment, she found herself tempted to her sofa, where she pondered how would she relax herself of all this. As she browsed her Netflix, nothing seemed to catch her eye, not like her headache would let her focus. Hulu was much the same unfortunately. Still, as she scrolled through the shows she started, she couldn’t go wrong with Bob’s burgers right? At the very least it could make for good background noise.




As the opening animation played, she found herself barely able to concentrate, still feeling aches and pains all over. Half paying attention to the TV, Her mind settled back into thoughts of her past rampages. Shawna felt her eyes close in reminiscent bliss, as she reflected on previous times she indulged. Crushing cars, punching through brick walls as if they were made of cardboard. Good god, she loved it. On nights like this, it provided a rare chance for Shawna to get some much needed stress relief. However, the best part was that it gave her the chance to feel so big, so powerful, so godlike, and not so…so…ordinary. 




Enjoying her trip down memory lane, Shawna began to wonder why she ever gave it up. Pulling out her phone, Shawna glanced at the screen expectedly. Upon not finding any notifications, she pondered allowed, “The hell is Devin doing tonight?” He would usually text to ask how her day went, but tonight, he’d been ghosting her. she was Kicking off her heels, her feet were killing her, she needed a foot rub badly. She also needed her temples rubbed, she just needed some good old fashioned Worship. It was time to summon her little playmate. With the new distance Devin was showing, this was a bit of a gamble, but she wanted that feeling of power, the relaxation, the worship. She craved it, she needed it. Screw what he was doing, his goddess demanded his attention, and her word was law. As she sent the text, she summoned all of her latent goddess potential to let him know she meant business. 


“On the Telepad, Now! Goddess requires some TLC! Don’t keep me waiting!”




As she poured herself a glass of Whiskey, she waited to see the response. 5 minutes went by, no response. Then 10 minutes, no response. ‘He’s skating on thin ice.’, she thought as she poured herself another drink. Soon, it had been a whole hour before her patience (and inebriation) started to peak. ‘Where the hell is he at?!’ she thought, starting to get annoyed. It appeared Dev was trying to be a little dick tonight. She had to admit, it was kind of cute. Still, she needed to give him a few reasons to tread a lot more carefully in the future. ‘With all this time going by, I can probably afford a shower, or something.’ but soon enough, she could hear the countertop Telepad booting up to beam someone over. A smile graced her lips as she heard a familiar grumpy sounding voice echoing from the kitchen. Her little guest had arrived, and his first lesson would be in punctuality.

Chapter 2- A late arrival by Jaymunny22

Stepping off the Telepad, onto a familiar looking countertop, Devin was grumbling to himself, as he rewound the memory of what brought him out tonight. He was binge watching Castlevania with some friends, when he felt his phone buzz. He had to stifle a groan while reading, he hated when she got like that. He swore he could taste the wanna-be-goddessness from the text as soon as he saw it. He was going to ignore it, but he knew she hated waiting. If he took too long, she’d personally come get him, which would not be great, as he had just built rapport with his new neighbors. It would be nice not having to move so soon due to yet another giantess rampage. 




Just then, then one of his friends swiped his phone, reporting the message to everyone in attendance. Long story short someone who knew of Shawna spilled that she was a giant, everyone goes into a panic, Netflix party, as well as a lot of Devin’s belongings are ruined. With no other option, he did as he was commanded, hopping into the nearest Telepad, outside his building. He remembered sarcastically thinking to himself, “This is going to be good.”




He was soon shocked out of his self-pity by pounding footfalls of sauntering kind of someone clumsily in his direction. As Shawna entered his view, Devin took in a moment to take her appearance in. Her usually stylish frizzy hair was now frazzled, as if she had just crawled out of bed. Her caramel skin was peppered with micro beads of sweat, signaling that she had a hard day’s work. Her large, almond-like eyes looked tired though, and bloodshot. And it appeared her right eye was twitching a bit. Safe to say, she looked quite haggard, like she had a long day. By the look of things, Shawna needed this more than he thought. With a resigned sigh, Devin got into character, offering his most subservient greeting.




“Good evening my queen, I understand you needed my assistance. How may I be of service?” he said, offering a small bow for added affect. Towering above him, Shawna had her arms folded, an impatient scowl pasted on her face, sending majorly unsubtle pissed off vibes. Devin had to admit, even with that last statement being a bit fluff filled, she sure looked intimidating up there. As if he needed any further convincing, Shawna soon spoke up.




 “Well, shit, glad you could join us, Dev. what took you so long?” She questioned, sarcasm evident in her voice. “Well actually, I wa-.“ Devin began, before being yanked up by his goddess’s firm grip. He soon found himself shaken roughly from within her fists. Devin was getting a pretty bad case of whiplash at this point, frightened that either his neck or his back would soon snap in half from the unpleasant force.




“That was rhetorical. I don’t need your little excuses, little guy.” Shawna said haughtily, while continuing to shake the small man, as if he were an etch-a-sketch. “Consider this a warning. The next time I say “Don’t keep me waiting” that means, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE, understand!?” she asked, punctuating the last part by yelling in the man’s sensitive ears. She capped off her display by firmly setting her small play thing back on the countertop, feet first. She had to admit it was quite a sight, watching him attempt to catch his balance, gaining support off a nearby corner. ‘I think I’mma enjoy this night.’ , she thought, bad intentions forming in her head.




Devin however was not enjoying his night at all. His ears were still ringing from that overgrown harpies’ shrill screaming, the room seemed to tilt in every direction, even though he was doing the best he could to stay still. Looking around the room he was seeing double-no, triple of everything around him, and he was fighting a fast growing sense of dizzying nausea. From his perspective, it was like being in a dystopian nightmare world, ruled by an eldritch goddess of horror. Either that or being on a sinking pirate ship. As he recovered, thoughts came to mind of the climactic showdown from the little mermaid. Except there was no Ariel in the sea with him, only an all-powerful Ursula. “What’s gotten into her tonight?’ Devin thought, utterly confused with the callous behavior Shawna was already showing. She Usually started out so gentle, and oftentimes, very sweet. Usually, it took a bit longer for things to escalate to this point. That was when a realization hit him like a truck.  It may have been a nosebleed from when he was first yanked of the counter, but now, he swore while by her mouth, he could detect on Shawna’s breath a terribly pungent odor, like…whiskey.




 ‘Oh god, the bitch has been drinking.’ He thought flabbergasted. Yeah that explains the bloodshot eyes, and clumsy walk over here’, he thought. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Shaking an enraged finger at his tormentor, Devin was ready to give her a piece of his mind. “The hell is wrong with you, bitch?! You could’ve killed me. This is not no snuff film Shawna, damn. This is why I don’t like doing this shit with you. Why do you have to be so freaking rough?! You know what, this was a mistake, I’m gone.” Glancing at the Telepad, Devin walked towards it, ready to cut tonight’s game short. 




Shawna however could not let it end so abruptly, not when she was just getting started. “What? Devin no, stop. I’m sorry if I got a bit rough just then, but the game’s just getting started, you can’t leave.”


As Shawna watched his make his exit, she felt utterly shocked at the way Devin was ending the game, without even using the safe word or anything. He didn’t even respond to her pleas, as he continued to the corner where her tiny teleporting device was located. She could also, faintly hear him keying what she knew to be his home address into his watch. ‘Oh god, he really means it, he’s really leaving. No, he can’t!’ she thought desperately, she had to try to convince him. Maybe she could turn on the gentle side for a bit, that would surely fix him, she knew it would. ‘Devin, hold up, maybe we can try something more gen-!” she begged, as she hurriedly made a grab for him, only to have her hand swiped away by the little guy on her countertop. At this point, Devin was ready to stop being nice, as he stepped on the pad. Though there was only a tiny sting associated his gesture, Shawna couldn’t help but think ‘That… hurt. How dare he strike a goddess?!’ Her mind just about split into two pieces at that point. This defiance would not stand. In her seething state, she just barely registered the still buzzing Telepad, paying specific attention to its charging cord. It was time to put the non-believer in his place.








“No, I’ve had enough tonight Shawna. A drunk giantess is bad news, I’m not dealing with it, alright? I’m going home, and your drunk ass can pop a Tylenol or something. Maybe you call tomorrow when you’re not-” Devin said. Though he would not get to finish it, as the buzzing machine meant to send him home started giving signs of powering down around him. “The fuck?” Dumbstruck, Devin fervently searched for the source of the new development. Upon seeing the now missing charger cord, he immediately whipped his exasperated gaze in the titanic woman’s direction. “What did you just do?!” He asked barely able contain his own anger at that moment






With a wicked grin on her face, Shawna spoke while waving the freshly swiped cord in her little buddy’s face “I don’t know why you even bother asking that. A better question is what am I going to do, next. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil too much, want to keep a few surprises. Still, I can safely you’re going to learn some lessons in Subordination, this weekend.” She said as her gaze turned from playfully smug to vicious and cruel. Devin However was showing no signs of fear, instead returning a silent, irritated glare, aimed directly at the giantess. Yet despite the look, Devin only had one thought on how his night was going to go from here. ‘This is going to be a rough night.’

Chapter 3- bath time by Jaymunny22
Author's Notes:

Looksa like it's a new chapter, did my best to put more action in this Chapter


As the two, stared each other down, it seemed nothing could cut the thick tension in the air. However soon the silent staring contest was broken by the sound of Shawna’s empty stomach. With Devin’s anger being interrupted, Devin asked, “All this time, and you didn’t eat anything?” Shawna couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment, all animosity in her fading slowly but surely. “Shut up, this is why I was pissed at you for keeping me waiting. You got me starving out here. “she chuckled, placing a hand on her belly. 


As the two shared a much needed moment of mirth, Devin decided that maybe it was time to address the elephant in the room. “hey, if I could ask when exactly, am I going to get to go home?” As Shawna scooped him up in her right hand (luckily in a gentler fashion then last time), she held him firm, while looking at the disembodied cord in her left. “When you learn to be more compliant. Honestly though, I don’t even know if I want to send you back with my Telepad.” She said as she teasingly dangled the cord in front of him. “Hey come on now, Shawna, that isn’t cool. How else am I supposed to get home? I can’t exactly hop dimensions.” He said desperately reaching for the cord, though he was careful not to reach out too far. This display earned a chuckle from his carrier, who was all too eager to rub her power in his tiny face. 


She brought him close to her chest in a very hearty hug, though things weren’t ending there. Devin’s world darkened as he was pushed down into a firm enough position where he wouldn’t fall out. Though things were muffled, he he could hear the sound of a drawer shutting closed, signaling he was not going to see that cord again anytime soon. ‘Shit’ Devin thought, hopes dashed. As if things could not get any grimmer, Devin was once again snapped out of is pity party, from both the sounds and feeling of the vibrations from Shawna’s voice as the Titaness spoke to him from above. “Aww, not my problem, you can walk back for all I care. However, that would be pretty cold, even for me. So, I’ll tell you what, you be good to me tonight, and you get your ticket home.” Pushing him just a little further into the recesses of her bra, Shawna made her way towards her bathroom. “-And if I’m bad, then what?” Devin asked, resting comfortably against her buxom chest. “I mean, no skin off my back, I’d just rather keep our budding relationship nice. Anyhow, now that we’ve laid down some ground rules, I need a shower, and uh-.” She said getting a hard whiff of Devin’s odor “- Uuckgh, so do you, god damn you stink.” Devin stared up indignantly at her, highly offended at her comment. “Bitch.” he muttered to himself. Though he did self-consciously give himself a smell test, making the realization she may have had a point after all. “Away we go!” she said cheerily, as she continued her treck down the hallway.


From Devin’s point of view, the walk really wasn’t helping his lingering disorientation. The constant rock and sway of her walk, the still quite clumsy foot falls she made which gave him a lot of paranoia that she might just fall over. Then there was her loud heartbeat to his left side. Honestly the whole thing was like a bad trip for him. “Hey Sha’ could you just like carry me in your hand, or something, this feels awful. Don’t get get me wrong, it’s kind of comfy but, my head’s still swimming from you yelling in my ear.” He asked, hoping there was at least a little bit of decency in her.


Shawna on the other hand was having a blast, as she clicked on her bathroom light standing in the mirror, as she took her time undressing from her work attire. She took some extra time to admire the doll like figure held firm in her bra, as she playfully squeezed her two mountains together, applying and reapplying pressure on her little play thing, as she hummed in mock contemplation of his request. Devin’s muffled screams, not to mention his fruitless attempts to escape the smothering recesses of her bra only served to feed his goddess’ pleasure. “Hmmm, nah. This is what you get for hitting me earlier, little fucker. Plus, you said it was comfy. So, it’s a win- win at worst, right?” she questioned, knowing damn well the guy had no practical method of response. “What’s wrong huh, titties got you all tongue tied? Funny I used to think you were more of an ass man, hehehehe.” She cooed with a hearty chuckle, giving one final squeeze to grow on, before deciding to cut the struggling little fella a break.


“Still though-.”  Shawna soon bent over the countertop, allowing the battered, breathless Devin the chance to crawl from her chest to the edge of her bathroom sink. “Consider this a break, it’ll do us both some good to wash up.” She said, turning the sink’s faucet on a nice medium blast. “I hope you like it hot. I need to make sure you get nice and clean.” She spoke with a mischievous grin aimed at him. Devin shook his head in disbelief in how creative she could get in her torment. Still, he was not one to break easy, it’s what helped him get this far both in life, and here too. Mustering up what felt like all his gumption.  gave her both a highly unconvincing grin, along with a sarcastic thumb up, before mentally gulping at the thought of bathing in the steaming water in front of him. The billowing steam created quite a dense fog from his perspective, making it seem that much more foreboding. "Lord give me strength." He prayed silently

End Notes:

This dude Devin can't seem to get a break.

Chapter 4- Bath time continues by Jaymunny22

Devin for his part quickly got undressed, lathering himself up with hand soap, rubbing the slimy viscous liquid all over himself for a good lather before he, despite his cautious attempts not too, ended up slipping off the rim, sliding near the midpoint of the sink, coming dangerously close enough to contact with the steaming waterfall at the center. “How lucky was I?” he thought aloud with a relieved sigh. Plus, luckily, he also found a nearby washcloth to clean himself off with. Tearing a piece off, he quickly started on his wash cycle. Things seemed to be looking up for Devin, when he once again heard His giant’s voice from across the room.


“Hey Dev, you better get squeaky clean over there. If I find out you missed a spot, imma hit you with some steel wool, got it?” Shawna called over, as she lowered herself into a freshly drawn bubble bath. trying to elicit a bit of fear from her guest. “Yeesss, mom.” Devin shot back, half ignoring her, as he lathered himself, before wearily rinsing himself in the scolding water. 


Across the bathroom, Shawna was busy lathering herself up, while enjoying the feel of her Luke warm bath. She had just bought her new bath beads, and after her hellish day, she intended to get every bit of enjoyment she could out of it. As she stood up from the bath tub to get a proper rinse, she noticed Devin climbing out to the edge of the sink. She found herself subconsciously playing with one of her nipples as she watched him towel off. Although he was a tad pudgy for her taste, she always thought he had quite the handsome face. That combined with his defiance of her oftentimes demanding presence sometimes led her to imagine some of the more intimate ways that their little dynamic be applied. Her imagination ran wild with all the ways a guy his size could please her, and maybe even, how she could please him. Her eyes screwed closed, and a lathery hand, almost of its own accord traveled below her large belly, as her mind started to drift into fantasy. However, she was soon snapped back to reality as soon as she heard the sound of the faucet being turned off. As Shawna tentatively peeked in the direction of her bathroom sink, she expected to see the little guy, with a smug, shit-eating grin on his face. Instead the sink was bare, Devin was gone.  Shawna almost melted in relief, certain she not caught in such an embarrassing position. After all, how could he to respect a “goddess”, caught absentmindedly masturbating, and after everything she did to gain his compliance. Sitting in relief, she caught a curious sight descending the drawers of her bathroom sink. Shawna instantly knew it to be Devin, apparently excusing himself after finishing his wash. However, Shawna was not done with him yet.


“Hey Devin, can you come over here for a sec?”. the human looked at her naked form with a rose colored tint to his face. “I g-guess so. Um, everything OK Shawna?” Shawna held back a grin as she replied in her most helpless voice. “Actually no, my head hurts. Can you rub it for me? I keep forgetting to buy aspirin.” Devin felt like this was a trap (Because, obviously it was),. However, he soon shrugged as he made his way to the bathtub. Luckily, at 6 inches, getting up the rim, was only slightly difficult. As he rubbed the giant’s temples, he felt the all-too familiar tingling sensation of a boner peeking out, which increased from the sweet, sultry sounds of Shawna’s satisfied moans at his actions. This did not go unnoticed by Shawna, who decided it was time to get a bit more playful. 


“Hey Dev, you get a good wash in?” She asked, feigning small talk. Devin gave her a slightly cross glance as he replied. “Uh, yeah, you didn’t hear me in the sink?”. Shawna giggled as her leading questions were hitting their mark. “I don’t know bud. You still smell a little bit. I think you might need a second bath.” She chuckled, picking Devin up by the scruff of his small neck. The human tensed as he was raised away from the ring of the tub, and held a good length above Shawna’s currently occupied bathwater. “Shawna, the hell are you doing?” Devin asked, though he already had a feeling he knew the answer. “Giving you a lesson in hygiene.” Shawna said with a wide grin, before unceremoniously dropping Devin’s flailing body into the water. As he sank below the surface, her thick thighs shut like a hungry maw, attempting to trap him between them.  Devin Narrowly avoided being crushed as he blindly swam in a random direction. Problem was, the water made everything so blurry, causing him to swim right between Shawna’s legs, brushing against her submerged pussy.  Shawna’s eyes widened in both shock and slight climax, as she reflexively stood from the bathwater. As she watched Devin break the surface, she suddenly got a new idea how to properly teach Devin hygiene. “See, just as I said, so damn dirty. I’ll show you how to get clean though don’t worry.” 


As Devin coughed what felt like gallons of used bathwater out of his lungs, he was finally able to see Shawna, in all of her glory. He always felt intimidated being up close to her, whether or not she actually would harm him. There was something about her thickly built, soaking wet form, that made her seem so massive, so…gargantuan. As Shawn applied a fresh coat of body wash to her voluptuous frame, she noticed Devin still gawking up at her. “Glad to see you’re paying attention down there.” Shawna said wryly, as she scooped up her little bath toy. But you’ll need to get up close and personal for this next part. Let me show what a properly washed body looks like” She said with a wink, as she fervently washed herself, using the small Devin as a loofa. Devin was barely able to focus as he was roughly slid across her vast smooth surface. He saw every part of her. He saw everything from her wide hips, her large growling gut, her pendulous breasts, all the way to her shapely ass. It was like a big soapy waterslide to him. He’d be lying to say no part of him was enjoying it.  However, as fun as the bath games were, they both new they would soon need to vacate, less they get pruny. 


Soon Shawna had decided she’d had her fun, and set A recuperating Devin oh her countertop, satisfied with her handiwork. As she toweled Devin and herself off, she was eager to imagine where else the night would take her. Then suddenly, as had been the case the whole night, both occupants heard her stomach start growling. “Devin- “She asked with a pause to make sure she had his attention “-Are you hungry?”

End Notes:

Well that was steamy, now that everyone's clean as a whistle, we'll be moving on

Chapter 5- 30 minutes or less by Jaymunny22

“My god, you have got to be shittin’ me.” Shawna whined aloud, while looking in her barren refrigerator. As Shawna opened yet another countertop in her kitchen, she could not help but let out a dissatisfied moan, as it turned out to be empty as well.  There was just no way there were no snacks at all in her house. She always kept some chips, cookies, anything for when she was puckish. However, the place seemed to be picked clean. Her stomach let out a long moan of hanger, as it too remained unsatisfied. “I know girl, I know.” She spoke with sympathy, patting her hungry stomach. As Shawna dejectedly Sat back down, she went over to her living room couch, deciding to que up an episode of American dad to pass the time until the pizzas Devin was ordering would arrive. Plopping down on the furniture, Shawna was caught off guard by the small shriek of fear, elicited from below.


 ‘The fuck was-?’ Shawna thought, perplexed. For a second there, she was almost willing to believe it was from her own couch, voicing it’s concern of her meteoric descent. That is, until she spotted Devin scurrying across her carpet, wearing a little night shirt and pajama bottoms. “Whoops, Geronimo I guess, hehehehe.” She simply could not resist giggling to herself, regarding the sight. Of course she was relieved that he was not hurt but, it was always kind of amusing to give him a good scare. Devin gave an exasperated sigh as he glanced up at Shawna, who wore a jet black wife beater t-shirt, and a matching set of basketball shorts. He then searched for his dropped phone, which thankfully was not broken, though not surprisingly. One cool thing about this dimension was, as long as he was on carpet, there was so much extra cushion protecting his smart tech against breaks. 


Picking up the dropped device, he was luckily not disconnected from his order. “Yeah, I’m still here. That’s one titan’s Double stack pepperoni, and one human’s chicken spinach, with jalapenos. I-yes, I’m paying with card. Ok- address is correct, Ok-thank you. Goodbye.”  Devin soon hung up the call as he scoped out the room for a decent sitting area. The ideal was to find something that avoided Shawna, but simultaneously, was in front of the T.V. Shawna took notice of his plight, as she soon scooped him up for the umpteenth time tonight, placing him onto the sofa cushion next to her. “All this couch, and you were going to sit on the floor? If I didn’t know any better, why, I’d think you were hoping to avoid me. I’m hurt, lil’ devil.” She stated dramatically.  Devin brushed off her indignation as he continued to watch The show. “Sorry you feel that way, boss lady. Still, not like you’ve been that good of a host to me. I’ve almost died like ten times, since I got here. Personally I don’t know if you have the right to get offended.” He stated sharply. 


Snatched up from his his current position, all his mustered up moxy immediately evaporated as he was placed down under, where the sun didn’t shine. “Oh my god, Shawna, what the hell?!” Devin said, pushing up against the giantess’ smothering butt cheeks. thanking god that the sofa was as soft as it was underneath him. As he pushed at the firm, fleshy mounds, he recalled one instance where he had watched this same booty crush a house, his house in fact. His fears where not eased, as he heard her mocking voice.


“Huh, what was that? I thought one of my couch cushions said something. My mistake.” Shawna said, thoroughly enjoying herself, bouncing lightly on her victim, she considered letting out a hot, disgusting fart. “Yeah, that’ll show his ass.” She spoke, loving the idea. He liked to talk shit, so he shouldn’t have a problem smelling it. However, as she groaned, pushed her bowels, and grunted, she found herself unable to make the release. ‘Dammit, I don’t have any gas.’ She thought, grinding her massive butt into the couch in frustration. Still, there were other ways to put the fear of a goddess in him. She tried thinking of other ideas, when she suddenly felt a tingling sensation in her crotch area, shocking her out of her thoughts. Popping up, she quickly whirled around to see… a recovering Devin attempting to catch his breath down below. Before she could say or do anything further, Devin raised his hands in a defensive pose, Shawna recognizing the universal sign of surrender.


“No more Shawna, come on, you win. I-I give.”  The giant face softened as she peered down at him. Putting her hands across her hips, she decided to put this new humility of his to the test. “You give huh? Does that mean I get an apology?” Devin tensed up at the question. Yeah he was banged up, but he was not going to give her the satisfaction of an apology. However, he didn’t want to get sat on again. There had to be a way to meet halfway. “How about this, besides me groveling, what will it take for you to not be mad at me?” He asked, confident every titan had their price. Shawna pondered his question, as that did not sound at all like an apology. But, she didn’t expect the little devil to grovel any way. As bounced on her still sore feet, she got an idea on how to settle the debt. “I think we can work something out.” 

Chapter 6- 30 minutes, my ass by Jaymunny22

“This some bullshit.” Devin thought as he continued to rub Shawna’s large left foot. He had just been cleared of the right foot which thankfully meant he was halfway done. It felt like a month since he had smelled fresh air. The odor permeating off them was nasty. Plus, this was a lot harder then he initially thought.

“Ok, half way done!”, Devin cheered to himself. Lying back in exhaustion, he felt his body beginning to relax, until he was finally starting to feel somewhat comfortable. This was no doubt caused by his small victory. Interrupting his mirth, he was soon reminded of by the rancid, unpleasant odor from nearby. “Oh Christ, I think I’mma puke.” He groaned internally. He had no trouble remembering the source of his torment; it was Shawna’s feet, flexing idly to his right side, without a care in the world. Curiously, Devin inched ever closer, making sure to breathe in through his mouth as he did so. He could see that her toenails were slightly over grown, with chips of purple paint coming off in certain areas. ‘Geez Shawna, your feet are looking kind of rough.” He snickered to himself. 


Then again, that was just her toenails, the bottom of her soles stayed in admittedly good condition, per usual for her.  He always liked how they looked was so soft, and smooth, no doubt from her often choosing to use Vaseline, instead of lotion for moisture. Now Devin didn’t exactly have a foot fetish, but from his perspective, her soles were nothing short of immaculate. He scooted underneath her left foot, hoping to remain unnoticed for the time being. Tentatively reaching a hand towards her feet, Devin stroked the wrinkled grooves, as if under a spell. “Mmmm-hm-hmm, keep that up. That feels pretty good, Dev.” The giantess spoke lazily.

Devin paid little attention to her moans, as he craned his neck, taking in a wide glance at the colossal foot in front of him. It honestly looked a bit menacing from this vantage point. Actually, propped up as they were, the pair of feet seemed more like two pink walls, both halves threatening to fall over and crush him at any moment. Knowing Shawna, Devin figured she would've tried it anyway just to mess with him a little. The thought alone caused him to roll his eyes. “Yep, of course she would. That definitely sounds, like her to do that.” He said to himself. Still he had to admit, the sense of danger was a bit of a turn on. ‘Maybe being in this dimension has its advantages here and there’ he pondered.  as he continued to fondle her colossal sole. Apparently, Shawna really loved having her feet rubbed, and again, although he wasn’t too into it himself, he had no problem doing it for her. Hell, he probably would’ve considered kissing them right now, if it weren’t for the fact that the cheesy smell was currently burning his nostrils.

 Plus, even besides the odor, his arms were killing him, as he continued to dig into the plump, slightly wrinkled folds of her left sole. Getting to what he felt was a good stopping point, he took a quick break to give his sore arms a break from the laborious work. Sitting down, he barely had a chance to glance at the T.V. before he was pressed down into the sofa under the foot he had just left for a break.


“Uh who told you to stop?” Shawna questioned, commanding tone evident. Devin was currently in no mood, as he weakly pushed at her large stomper. “I did, my arms need a break. I’ve been at this for half an hour.” He whined. “Oh no, baby want his bottle? Suck it up, and get back to work. Wait, you said half an hour?” Shawna checked her phone, and sure enough, it had been 35 minutes since the human had placed their order. “Dammit, when are they going to hurry up with those pizzas? I’m starving.” She moaned, noticing Devin had left his post, apparently to watch the current episode of American Dad with her. “Hey, I said-” Shawna was about to yet again hurl a demand at Devin, when he suddenly interrupted her. “I have been trying to watch T.V. all night, and for different reasons, all involving you, I have been unable, Now, I’m going to watch the show, ok? Either here with you, or I’ll go somewhere else and do it off my phone, it makes no difference.” He said, though he never took his eyes off the screen.


“Humph, fine whatever.” Shawna huffed. She decided that just this once she could let this slide. Not like there was much more she coerce him with, or much more she could gain from it. Clenching her toes, and curling each foot in, she found that a lot of the foot pain, which plagued her all night, had practically vanished. ‘I’ll give him credit, he did pretty good work.’ She thought, wondering if he had worked on giant feet before. However, while sitting up in a better position, there was another lingering question on her mind. “Hey Devin, did you order my bread sticks for me?” she asked curiously. This caught Devin off guard. “Bread sticks?” he repeated, wondering if he really had forgotten something. From what he remembered, she never ordered any bread sticks. “You forgot them, didn’t you? Oh lord, come on, were you not listening when I told you what to get? I oughta sit on you again, just for this shit!” From the other side of the couch, Devin flinched at her outburst, worried he’d incurred her wrath yet again, so soon after attaining some reprieve too. As he walked in her direction, he quickly spoke in his defense hoping to appeal to her underdeveloped sense of empathy.


“Ok, look Shaw’, I’m sorry I forgot your extra bread, but in my defense, I also narrowly avoided certain death while making the order. Sorry if, in my trauma, I forgot your bread sticks, and besides-.” He paused, stopping just at her waist level for dramatic effect. “-It’s not like you need them all that much, anyway”.  Shawna peered down at him with a furrowed brow. “I’m sorry what was that?” Devin just couldn’t keep his foot out of his mouth it seemed. ‘Tread carefully, little man.’ She thought, awaiting his response. ‘Shit, knew that was bad phrasing.’ Devin mentally scolded to himself, he needed a way to get the heat off him, and fast, luckily, on occasion, he was pretty good with thinking on the fly. “Well, what I mean is um-.” He broke, trying to ensure what he said could not be offensive in any way possible. “-Don’t you think bread sticks are kind of redundant, anyway? I mean it’s kind of like eating more pizza in a way, right? I mean, do any of us really need it?” He questioned, hoping Shawna would simply let this slide


Shawna pondered his statement before responding. “Hmmm, I suppose you’re right. I guess I don’t need it.” She shrugged as she, noticed the small sigh of what she assumed was relief from her waist level. Still, she was not yet done. “However, what if I wanted it, without caring if it’s redundant? Hopefully you’re not saying you think I’m fat, are you Dev?” Devin, feeling uncharacteristically bold, responded by climbing up on her lap, pressing and kneading the titaness’ rumbling, gurgling midsection. “Riight because this right here, all this is just a figment of my imagination huh?” As he peered up to gauge her response, he noticed a hand covering her mouth, her cheeks upturned into a barely contained grin. ‘No way.’ Devin thought as he continued the press and knead at Shawna’s belly, until hearing Shawna erupt with a fit of hysterical laughter. Shawna barely had time to recover as Devin worked her belly, tickling her with everything he had, as she gasped fruitlessly for air.  Through her uncontrolled giggles and laughs Shawna struggled to even talk, much less beg for the human to cease his torment. 


“Bwahahahahaha, ohmigohohohohohohod. Dehehevin, stop it, stop it pleahehehease!” Shawna felt her belly quake, as Devin showed no signs of letting up or slowing down anytime soon. Tears stung her eyes, as she wondered how much longer she could hold out. Devin though was loving every minute of this. This giant witch had put him through the wringer all night, and finally, pretty much accidentally, he had found a chink in her armor. He wished he could do this for hours. However, soon Devin’s still sore arms made it difficult to continue much longer. Not wanting to admit he was tired, he instead extended an olive branch truce, now that he had something to weaponize against her. It took a lot longer than expected for her to break from his kneading and pressing, but eventually, with Devin’s arms both extremely sore and extremely numb, Shawna just barely croaked out a weakened “Yes, truce.” In response. Devin was beyond relieved. Shawna, as a gesture of good will, picked him up, allowing him to watch the show from her lap. So for now anyway, it looked like the two would be able to enjoy each  other’s company, as they continued the wait for the food to arrive.


As Shawna, held him near her stomach, Devin could clearly hear her hungry belly still, glorping in both pain, and impatience.  

Her belly was pretty noisy to say the least. Though, Devin brushed it off as a natural occurrence. He was much too tired to really make a joke right now. Besides, he could feel his own stomach growling too. As a yawn escaped his mouth, he thought of it almost like a sound soother. Shawna also, felt the rumbling organ below, yet she was much too tired to comment on how embarrassing it felt to have someone listening to it so close like that. She almost considered, trying to cancel the pizzas, and turning in for the night, though she knew it was much too late for that, and she knew they were both super hungry.

As the two sat in a comfortable silence, watching yet another episode of American dad, one thought crossed both minds, simultaneously. ‘The hell is taking the pizza so damn long?!’. However, soon the wait would be over as they were snapped out of their momentary bliss due to a Hasty knock at the door.


“Well, guess that means it’s pizza time.” Devin said groggily, hopping of the giant’s lap allowing her to answer the door.

Chapter 7- Bittersweet treat by Jaymunny22

            “In a second!” Shawna called from her living room. As Shawna answered the door, she was greeted by a scrawny, teenaged looking titan, dressed in an untucked white polo shirt, with a decorative “Luciano’s pizza” logo over the right breast. “Delivery from Luciano’s P-pi-pi-perfection.” The boy started, before suddenly tripping over his words. In awe, he craned his neck to take in the large, beautiful vixen in front of him. Shawna smiled warmly, relieved he had finally arrived. “Hello, there, It’s good to see you made it tonight. Now, given it has been way past 30 minutes, I take it the foods free, right?” Shawna questioned, rather bluntly. It felt a little harsh, then again she was much too hungry to be polite. No response came, as the delivery boy simply gawked at her, sporting an awkward grin. Shawna had trouble grasping if it was adolescent nerves or embarrassment at his tardiness. ‘Oh, screw it’, she thought in frustration jerking the two large boxes from the kid’s limp grip. However, at a glance, something seemed…off.


            ‘Strange’, Shawna thought quizzically, as she handed him an almost comically small debit card to swipe. ‘Where’s Devin’s pizza?’. As the big lady inspected the haul, she saw no smaller box anywhere, not even a slight bulge from the bag. Shawna watched as the young man fiddled gingerly with the card given to him, inserting it into a clunky, pocket sized card reader. Shawna tried to pick a good time to ask this. If her human guest was paying it was only fair to make sure they had everything. “Excuse me sir, there was a third pizza, human sized, that was ordered, where is it?” She inquired, in a halfhearted attempt to ask in a polite tone as opposed to her more domineering one. She noticed the young man, face beet red, snapped back into focus before, clumsily gesturing to the second rectangular box. “It’s uh, r-right here, with the cinnamon sticks, mam.” Brow raised, Shawna grew curious. “Cinnamon sticks?” The teen cringed as he confirmed. “Um yes, they’re complimentary, due to my…tardiness.” He said, as he lowered his head in shame. “Shawna almost leaped for joy upon hearing of the complimentary bread. Hurriedly she snatched back Devin’s card and receipt. Not even bothering to thank the nerve wracked young man, as he fumbled to ask for a tip. 


Shutting the door, unceremoniously, she called out to her companion in a sing-song voice. “Oh, Deevin, looks like luck is on your side tonight. I ended up getting my bread sticks after a-aww.” She stopped mid-sentence, overwhelmed by an adorable sight. Devin had fallen asleep during her time bringing in the pizza, apparently. It was strange to see him so…peaceful looking, huddled in the couch cushions, almost like a puppy. She almost didn’t want to wake him up, but there was no way she was eating by herself, she’d feel like a pig. As she gently prodded him awake, she spoke the words that caused him to instantly pop awake. “Pizza’s here.” 


As the two began eating, Shawna began sharing the odd encounter she had with the pizza boy delivering their food. The more she told, the harder Devin cracked up. “Hahahahahaha, nah come on. tell me you’re joking; this has got to be mahade up.” He said, feeling his ribs ache with laughter. Shawna could barely contain her own laughter as she continued on. “Noho-no, that’s juhust it. The whole time I was like, “is this boy broken, or something?”, hehehehe, you know? I was like, the fuck? It was so weird” As she told him about her encounter getting the pizza, Devin could hardly take a bite, he was laughing so hard. “ I can’t believe that you had’ta snatch the food off of him, brohohohoho. Dude sounds like a a straight wuss. I bet-I bet when you shut the door, kid was like, “I love you, my queen!”.” The human said, only increasing their collective mirth. As the dinner raged on, they shared, more interesting stories, and even more laughter together. All in all, it was a great time for both involved. Then tragedy struck


As Shawna, reached into the box of cinnamon sticks, neither party took noticed of the billowing steam erupting from the freshly opened tin. As the giant casually took a large bit, Shawna’s eyes immediately shot open in white hot pain. Devin took notice, attempting to render aid. “Hey Shaw’, you good?” He asked grabbing at her right hand. He soon found himself flung across the room, as the titaness, flailed her arms in a blind panic. “Hatha-fatha, hatha-fatha!” she mouthed ineffectually, torn between whether she wanted to spit it out, or fight the pain. She tried swishing it around in her mouth, only succeeding in singeing her cheeks and palate. Devin meanwhile was recovering from his fall, making his way back to the table to check on Shawna. ‘God, this is bad!’, Shawna thought, as her eyes darted around for something to ease her pain. It was not long before she settled on her almost glass of fruit punch. Finally, using her last sip of the juice, the giant swallowed the glob of still warm dough. As she felt the lump travel down her throat, she immediately took note of Devin’s absence. Relief washed over her as she saw that he was unharmed.


As the two sat in each other’s presence, Devin piped up, hoping to ease some of the tension. “You know, maybe we should uh, cut pizza boy some slack.”. Shawna nodded in agreement, while slurping up the last of her juice. Devin noticed her tongue looked a bit raw, as he inquired if she was ok. “Yeah, I got a bit of a burn. I’ll be fine though. Who knew they made that bread so damn hot?” Shawna tried to keep things light, though she grimaced at every word she spoke. For Devin, there was only one way he saw to offer assistance. As he walked to her juiceless glass, the human reached inside, plucking an ice cube as best he could.  “What are you doing there Dev?” Shawna asked perplexed by his actions. “Shawna, Say AAh for me.” Devin said plainly, as he inspected the ice cube he held. He tried to keep a firm grip as he made his way to her face.


Shawna, knew Devin was trying to sooth her burns, that was obvious. Still, she hesitated, as she opened her mouth to receive the frozen mound of water. As Devin glided the ice cube, over the giantess’s’ tongue, he instantly retracted as Shawna slurped at the collected moisture in her mouth. Shawna giggled a bit at his skittishness, given this was his own idea. Devin put on a brave face as he continued the circular motions in the girl’s mouth. “just like washing a car.”  He said, as he rubbed the dwindling water across her tongue, checks, and gums. Shawna meanwhile couldn’t help but let out a relaxed sigh here, or a pleasant moan there. She was thoroughly enjoying her burn treatment, even if the cold would cause a shocked squeak to erupt if Devin grazed her teeth with the ice cube.  She had to admit the night had been fun for her overall. Part of her wished it never had to end. ‘I guess all good things have to end sometime.’ She thought plainly ‘like…tonight.’ Her mood darkened as she thought to herself.


Devin soon climbed from the giant’s mouth, Satisfied, that he had been of help. “You feeling better?” he asked. Shawna shot a thumb up, signaling all was well, though she was quiet as she did so. “hey Shawna, you ok?” Devin asked up at her, concern growing. Shawna shot a quick glance before stating “Yep, all good.” Though Devin had trouble believing her for a second. As the two put up the leftovers, Devin took the opportunity to ask when he would get the cord necessary for him to head home. Eventually Shawna agreed to give it to him in the morning, as she carried him to her bedroom. “Consider this your final task.” She said, glumly, as she setup a shoebox for him to spend the night in. As they readied for bed, Devin soon spoke up. “Hey Shawna. Thanks for showing me a great night. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but you surprised me.” Shawna felt a lump form in her throat as she answered “Back at you Devin.” 


Later that night, the giantess would peer into the shoebox, admiring the sleeping form of Devin. She instantly felt the same now, as when she first saw him sleeping in her living room. Now though, she found herself wondering over and over, ‘Why does he have to leave?’

Chapter 8-Sweet dreams by Jaymunny22

The human had not been asleep very long since he first lied down in the box. Still, exhausted from the nights events he fell unconscious rather quickly. His subconscious mind saw him in the form of a rabbit hopping through a carrot patch. Everything he did, from hopping through the grass, to eating carrots just felt so natural, so free, so fun. However, his joy was interrupted as a giant, potbellied fox burst from the trees to give chase. The rabbit, fearing for his life, ran into the woods, hoping to evade the bloated predator. The bunny would go around trees, across ponds and even attempt to scale mountain sides, though the fox was horrifyingly persistent, and had surprising stamina. It wasn’t too long until he was finally caught, in the demonic kitsune’s clutches, as the beast licked its jaws, Devin felt…the fox lifting him even higher? No, not lifting him, flying. Higher, and higher off the ground, passed the trees, into the sky, holding him firmly all the while. “This made no sense” the rabbit said in shock. ‘What’s going on?’. 


‘What the hell?” Devin said groggily, as his eyes creaked open. He felt weird, like he was standing, but no ground was under him. Fully coming to, he soon could make out Shawna’s face, staring back at him. “Shawna? What the hell are you doing?” When he had first closed his eyes He never imagined he’d wake to find that he was snatched from his makeshift bed. Shawna, panicked upon seeing him awaken nearly dropped him again before catching him mid fall. If he wasn’t awake before, a scare like that surely woke him up. Bringing him back up to face level the titaness was immediately apologetic. “Oh no Dev, sorry about that. I-I didn’t mean to wake you. I j-just was checking on you, but then I saw how cute you looked and I, well-Shawna stumbled over herself, talking a mile a minute as she tried to explain before finding herself interrupted by Devin. “Uh, Shawna-Shawna, hold up a sec, pause. You were watching me sleep? Dude, that’s creepy as hell. What are you Ted Bundy?” Devin said, shocked at what he had just heard. “What? No, I’m not a creep. Anyway, I wasn’t like, “watching you”- watching you it’s just I saw you there, and I had trouble looking away.” Shawna blushed, as she Set the guy down, hoping to god that her bumbling phrases would be just enough to get him off her back.


“Shawna, what’s going on with you, you have been acting weird since dinner.” Devin asked, fed up with the giants’ antics. Shawna temporarily found herself unable to put her plight, into words. As she wracked her giant brain, all she heard herself staying was “stay with me”, or “Don’t go”. Finally, with a deep breath she spoke up. “Devin, I like spending time with you, ok? It’s fun. And well, I Guess-I guess I don’t want this to be a one-time thing for us, you know. You’ll go back home tomorrow, We’ll never see each other, or talk again, that kind of thing. “As she eyed the human’s response, she noticed he had a rather plain look on his face, he seemed almost amused. ‘Say something’ Shawna urged mentally. She just kind of poured her heart out in a way. It’d be kind of shitty to not get a response. “That’s all? That’s what this is about. Well, glad that cat’s out of the bag, but god, you had me thinking you were dying or something.” Shawna was dumbfounded by his casualty of the situation. Seething with rage Shawna clicked on a nearby lamp (the one next to Devin, guy just can’t get a break it seems). She ignored the human’s pained screams, as she yanked him off of her night stand, towards herself. “Screw you, don’t act like I had nothing to worry about! Hell, it’s not like you haven’t been bitching and moaning all night. Plus, you never stopped asking for that cord, like you don’t even want to be here.” As Devin’s eye readjusted to the brightly lit room, took the opportunity to enter the argument, so he could go back to sleep. “Bitching and moaning, you almost killed me, several times. I don’t know how y’all do out here, but for us humans, drowning being sat on, and sit, it is not fun. Also with the, I’m trying to make sure that I get to go home, I needed to know I wasn’t going to end up a sex slave, or some shit.” Devin yelled up at her. Seeing Shawna’s hurt expression, Devin attempted to cushion the blow, as to put the issue to rest (a himself if possible).


 “Look shaw’ all that aside, I ended up having fun with you tonight, I think I said that earlier. Besides, I have a tele-station at my apartment dummy, I can come back whenever I want.” Pacing in exasperation, Devin had trouble reading her new face, it looked like she was thinking about something. “So, you’d be willing to come back?” she asked hopefully. “With a shrug, Devin stated “As long as I don’t die in between visits, and you text first.” Shawana’s eyes lit up, as an excited squeal erupted from her mouth. Devin had to admit, that was pretty adorable to see. Hopefully he would be seeing more of this side. As the giant raised him up to her face, she fell out of control of her actions, smothering Devin in kisses, only stopping as she took note of Devin’s pleas for her to stop. With an embarrassed blush, Shawna wondered if maybe she was taking things too far.” Oh no, are you OK? Did I-did I make things weird?” Shawna asked. She told herself she really needed to get better at reading a room. With a chuckle, Devin soon put her at ease. “No, no, the kiss was ok. However, that pizza breath, yuck, hehehehe.”


 Shawna scoffed as she clicked off her light, in mock offense. “Go to hell, you know you like my kisses. That’s why I can feel your little hard on forming. Keep talking shit, you won’t get any more.” The giant threatened, as she set the human back between her bosom, giving her chest a playful squeeze. “So, would you maybe consider staying an extra day? I mean, I don’t know if you had plans tomorrow, but it seems we enjoy each other’s company.” As she waited for a response, she felt him squirming around in her cleavage, no doubt, trying to get in a more comfortable position. With a tired yawn, Devin soon replied. “You know what, that sounds great. Maybe we can go to the park, the movies, I saw, there’s a carnival coming to town to if you wanna see that as well. We’ll have a ball. But look, whatever we do, I need rest in order to properly enjoy it. So, let’s iron out the details tomorrow, ok?” Devin nestled further into the recesses of Shawna’s boobs, easily falling back into the unconscious state he previously enjoyed. As Shawna rolled onto her side, she couldn’t help being glad to know she now had something to look forward to tomorrow, and someone special to spend time with. “Ok. Sweet dreams Dev.” She cooed, feeling her own tired eyes close.

Chapter 9-Epilogue by Jaymunny22

A faint gleam of sunlight peeking through the blinds, signaling the start of a new day. The room brightened considerably, though it was fortunate that the sun’s rays had barely missed the sleeping pair snuggling closely in the rooms corner. As a cacophony of sounds roused him out of his sound sleep, Devin awoke with a start as he groggily tried to take stock of his surroundings, he immediately praised himself for choosing to forgo sleeping in the shoebox he had setup earlier. Devin found that he quite like waking up in his current sleeping quarters. He luxuriated in the feeling of himself once again smothered in between two familiar fleshy walls, with an equally loud pounding noise drumming on his left side. As he became more aware, Devin heard a roaring thunderous snore, like roaring thunder, repeating rhythmically around him. As an internal force pulsated around him, the human could feel himself being lulled back to sleep from its soothing sound. 


However, Devin quickly shook his drowsiness off, as he resisted sleep’s warm embrace ‘I have got to get up’, he thought, knowing he he plans to make today, not wanting to waste any more time in his dreams. He had to get dressed, lest he waste the day like some lazy stoner. Mustering all his fight, he tried his damnedest to shake his tired body from the firm mountains, clutching so tight. As Devin fought against the fleshy mounds, he felt as though his arms had still not caught up with the rest of him yet. As he did his best to wriggle free from his prison, he hoped he did not wake Shawna up, as he did not want to deal with a cranky giantess, not at all. “come on, come on, got to get…” Devin whispered to himself as he soon managed to wrench his right arm free.  “-out of here.” Devin pumped his small fist in the air, in a mock cheer, happy to be free at last.


“Mmmm, Noooooo.” Came a slurred voice. The titaness above him, had become irritated at the events unfolding on her body, curling herself inward to quell it. “uuugh, Devin, cut it out. stop moving, and go back to sleep.” As Shawna, still drowsy, felt the movements in her bosom continue, her body responded, by simply turning over on her front, threatening to squash the smaller creature, for his defiance. Luckily for Devin, he had completed about 75% of his initial task. After wrenching his 2nd leg out of her constricting cleavage, he was finally out. ‘Free at last!’, he thought, as he carefully made his way off the bed, heading towards the bathroom. Suddenly his seemingly sleeping companion spoke again. 


“Hey you, where are you going?” She asked, irritable at his sudden escape. “I’m going to go freshen up, you know? Get ready to start the day?” Devin said this as if it should be obvious. Shawna groaned, annoyed he was trying to get ready so early. “Come on Dev, not now. It’s way too early for this.” However, Devin was not going to back down. All that effort to get away from her smothering titties was not going to be in vain. He figured, if anything, he could at least knock the crust from his eyes, and brush his teeth. “I’m just going to freshen up at least, won’t take long.” He said, assuring her. “Hmmm, ok, but you be sure to get back here when you finish. I’m not quite done with you yet.” She stated dismissively as she laid back down, to catch more sleep. Devin was going to argue that that was not his original intent, but as he once again heard her snores, he realized, he wouldn’t exactly be able to argue. 


After relieving himself and brushing his teeth, Devin made his way back to the bedroom. Surveying the nearby alarm clock, he spotted that it was only 06:30 AM. ‘Huh, I guess I got started a little too early’ Devin thought as he made his way back to the bed, beginning his climb back up. As he neared the giantess’ midsection he found himself for the first time that day(Though, it probably would not be the last) pulled into a warm hug, hearing a sweet "Come here you" from Shawna up above. Snuggling into his perch back between her breasts, Devin yawned, conceding to her tender mercies. "Maybe, I could afford a later start today." he thought aloud, As he finally allowed himself to be lulled back to sleep by the thudding heartbeat close by. Afterall, he figured that he indeed had plenty of time to spare.

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