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“What a day.” Came a young woman’s tired sigh, as she punched in her gate code. 




Eyes half-lidded, Shawna was struggling to remain focused as she haphazardly pulled her sedan into her apartment’s Parking lot. She was so glad to be home. She’d been having trouble getting home due there dry eyes acting up, and her eyes had bcome so dry. Ontop of that, she had a bad eye twitch in her right eye all day, and it was killing her. A thankful grin spread on her face, as she surveyed the almost barren parking lot. Though it made sense that the lot was mostly empty tonight.




“Thank god it’s Friday”, Shawna thought dryly. Most people think of Friday as a party night. For most of her peers, It was a good night to go out on dates, hang out with friends, and on rare occasions, find a nearby human town and have a little fun at their expense. Though for Shawna, her Friday nights were…uneventful as of late. She used to go out with coworkers, but lately there were not a lot of things they seemed to want to do, but go out, and either get laid, or rampage through a couple human towns. Hell, sometimes they’d wreck a town, wait for the humans to rebuild it, like an anthill, then go in, and rampage again. Don’t get her wrong, Shawna used to love a good rampage, but after a while, the whole thing seemed so stale. There was just no point to it, it seemed.




Settling on a spot right outside her building. she almost reluctantly left her car, as she felt her left temple beginning to throb, as she anticipated the long 3 story climb up to her unit. Her legs were shaky as she climbed the stairs. It had been one of those days, one of those horrible, terrible, no good, very bad days. Waking up extra early for an important, mandatory, “all hands on deck” company project, and spending the rest of the evening helping her sister Melanie preparing to move? Ridiculous. “It’ll be fun.” Her sister said. “We’ll bond” she said. What she didn’t say was that “bonding” would consist of Melanie pointing her finger telling her what to pack, where to set thing. She also never mentioned that she’d be the only one assisting her. 




As her flipping of the lights illuminated her apartment, she found herself tempted to her sofa, where she pondered how would she relax herself of all this. As she browsed her Netflix, nothing seemed to catch her eye, not like her headache would let her focus. Hulu was much the same unfortunately. Still, as she scrolled through the shows she started, she couldn’t go wrong with Bob’s burgers right? At the very least it could make for good background noise.




As the opening animation played, she found herself barely able to concentrate, still feeling aches and pains all over. Half paying attention to the TV, Her mind settled back into thoughts of her past rampages. Shawna felt her eyes close in reminiscent bliss, as she reflected on previous times she indulged. Crushing cars, punching through brick walls as if they were made of cardboard. Good god, she loved it. On nights like this, it provided a rare chance for Shawna to get some much needed stress relief. However, the best part was that it gave her the chance to feel so big, so powerful, so godlike, and not so…so…ordinary. 




Enjoying her trip down memory lane, Shawna began to wonder why she ever gave it up. Pulling out her phone, Shawna glanced at the screen expectedly. Upon not finding any notifications, she pondered allowed, “The hell is Devin doing tonight?” He would usually text to ask how her day went, but tonight, he’d been ghosting her. she was Kicking off her heels, her feet were killing her, she needed a foot rub badly. She also needed her temples rubbed, she just needed some good old fashioned Worship. It was time to summon her little playmate. With the new distance Devin was showing, this was a bit of a gamble, but she wanted that feeling of power, the relaxation, the worship. She craved it, she needed it. Screw what he was doing, his goddess demanded his attention, and her word was law. As she sent the text, she summoned all of her latent goddess potential to let him know she meant business. 


“On the Telepad, Now! Goddess requires some TLC! Don’t keep me waiting!”




As she poured herself a glass of Whiskey, she waited to see the response. 5 minutes went by, no response. Then 10 minutes, no response. ‘He’s skating on thin ice.’, she thought as she poured herself another drink. Soon, it had been a whole hour before her patience (and inebriation) started to peak. ‘Where the hell is he at?!’ she thought, starting to get annoyed. It appeared Dev was trying to be a little dick tonight. She had to admit, it was kind of cute. Still, she needed to give him a few reasons to tread a lot more carefully in the future. ‘With all this time going by, I can probably afford a shower, or something.’ but soon enough, she could hear the countertop Telepad booting up to beam someone over. A smile graced her lips as she heard a familiar grumpy sounding voice echoing from the kitchen. Her little guest had arrived, and his first lesson would be in punctuality.

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