A Christmas Compilation by Emma Gear

A day late here but this is a project I did for Christmas. It's got a very short sequel to 19 of the stories I've done in the past, with the catch being they're all related to the holiday.

 A collection of Christmas Specials, so to say. Each chapter is a different story and the chapter notes will have a link to the original if you haven't seen it (Spoilers: You probably haven't.)

NOTE: There was a ton of copy paste involved in getting this uploaded here as a single story. If any of the links to the original stories don't work, or if I accidentally repeated any chapters (too tired to check now) just leave a note and I'll fix it.

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Overwhelming Christmas by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
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Crystal looked out from her window, bored.

Snow had fallen over the sleepy little town she had decided to take residence in, and though she could simply will it away, she decided she rather liked the look..

There was however, one thing she could not stand.'

"Hark, the herald angels sing
Glory to, the newborn king!"

Again those incessant singing buffoons began their silly, grating song. This silly "king" of theirs simply didn't exist. He was completely made up, an all powerful being who amounted to little more than words in a silly book.

She should know, she is a Goddess after all.

And yet they continued to sing it. Stopping at every home in their path, knocking on the door and waiting for an answer before beginning the routine all over again. They didn't seem to know or care that the entire neighborhood heard them the first time and now had to listen to them a hundred subsequent times.

Crystal let herself calm down a bit, hearing the voices stop. Maybe their annoying chatter would come to a stop now. Maybe they'd leave and return to their homes and never come back.

A series of knocks on the front door of her home made Crystal sigh heavily.

"Or maybe they'll be visiting me now." She said to herself as she stood and walked to the door.

The door opened and immediately their voices came forth, singing again.

An instant later, the front door was closed, and the singing had stopped.

Crystal considered shrinking them all down and disposing of them in an instant, but she was very much a fan of destroying things she finds annoying in a more mental way. Upon seeing them, she had immediately transformed her own clothing to match theirs, and closed her door before making the entire troupe believe they had just performed.

"Just need to follow them around a bit and I can get a whole lot more than this lot of 4 or 5." Crystal said to herself as the group continued moving.

Unfortunately, it was to yet another house.

Crystal sighed in annoyance. She should have known they would keep going, but she had been so caught up in the prospect of having more worshippers that she didn't stop to think about that fact.

Still, it was a simple fix. A snap of the fingers and just before the door was knocked on, the group made their move again. She opted to follow them, the warmth of the clothes she was bundled up in keeping her comfortable as she did so.

The group stopped in front of another house, shocking Crystal with their relentlessness to sing at every home in the city it seemed. No matter, another simple snap caused the entire troop to suddenly remember they had finished their caroling for the day.

The group trudged through the snowy streets for what seemed like forever before reaching their destination. A large cathedral, covered in snow, with 43 vehicles in the parking.

Crystal had been growing excited as they drew nearer, and followed the group inside, all the way to the chapel, where a man was preaching, his voice intense and driven.

Not that Crystal particularly cared.

She walked right up to the preacher and jerked the microphone out of his hand before knocking him down. She tapped the mic a few times with her finger, and froze the entire crows in their seats with her mind, not bothering to snap her fingers this time.

"Hello." She began calm, and composed. "I just wanted to let all of you know that from this day onward, the church will be relocated, to a much more holy place... underneath the nail on my big toe." She added.

The entire room was quiet. Crystal had made them that way. A declaration like that commonly resulted in panic and loudness among people, and she really didn't want to listen to anything that loud.

Dropping the microphone, she made her way outside of the church and closed her eyes for a second. Upon opening them again, she found an extra large shoe store in its place. Smiling, she figured she may have to do something about the weather if the store convinced her to try something less furry and warm.


Men and women were abandoning their cars in the middle of the streets as they all made their way in the same direction. A group of people were shouting at everyone to stop where they were and follow suit.

A large cathedral had appeared in their city underneath Crystal's toe, and they all felt an incredible urge to go and worship her from it. People flooded into the open doors as ushers welcomed them, shouting at them to go in faster lest they incur Crystal's wrath.

They were near microscopic and had to live the rest of their lives on Crystal's toe, but that doesn't mean that they couldn't find something good in their new existence. This church looked to be exactly what they needed.

"Come now! Everyone is welcome! Come pay worship and tribute to your incredible omnipotent Goddess!" An usher shouted as he watched people flood to the doors from every direction.

Inside, every single person was on their knees offering prayers and worship. Many were weeping at the fact that they had never felt closer to Crystal than they did at the moment, even if they all spent their entire lives on her feet.

The preacher moved to his microphone and shouted to the people gathered, "A Merry Crystalmas To All, and To All a Good Night!"
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