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Author's Chapter Notes:
Ann and Sarah: A Retrospective.  http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1758

A series of heavy knocks on the door jarred Ann from her sleep.

She groggily sat up and shuffled her feet to the door of her home, yawning as she opened it.

There was nobody there.

Looking down, she saw something she had come to expect, a small unmarked package.

Yawning, she picked up the box and carried it to her kitchen table, where she lay it gently before turning to splash water onto her face in the sink.

The cool water shocked her into a more coherent consciousness and, face dripping, she returned to her unmarked cardboard box.

Carefully opening the top she exposed the contents of her package to the light.




An incredibly tiny city was contained inside.

"Hmph." Ann moaned disappointed. The cities had been coming for about a week now, and as much fun as they were to destroy, she had been sincerely hoping for a large wad of cash or something equally amazing.

Hovering her head over the city she watched as the tiny vehicles swerve and crash from her sudden appearance. This happened every time she looked over a city and it was beginning to grow old.

Sighing, she thought of a way to finish the city off and be done with it, but none were coming to mind immediately.

She'd stepped on a city that felt nice crumbling beneath her toes. She'd sat on a city and tickled her bum. She once lie down on a city, enjoying the feeling of everything crumbling beneath her. Many things to many cities she had done, and now she could think of no more.

That was, until her stomach grumbled.

"Eat it...?" She whispered to herself as her eyes grew wide. It was such a strange thought, to eat the little lives fleeing before her, and yet it was an incredibly interesting one. To consume thousands of people as sustenance, providing her with only a base amount of energy.

It was a pleasing thought, to say the least.

Turning away fro the city, Ann went to her kitchen and grabbed a spoon, deciding against a fork at the last moment She excitedly skipped back to the city and sat down in front of it again.

Ann looked over the city as a whole again, though in a different light now. She was trying to figure out the best place to sink her spoon in. A sparsely populated area? Or dig right in to a heavily populated area.

Her stomach grumbling again solved the problem for her. Looking around for the most populated area she could see, she pushed her spoon into the city, scooping up a large section of buildings and countless fleeing people.

Holding the spoon at eye level, she watched the dust settle and terrified people squirm for a moment before opening her mouth wide and tilting the spoon slowly, enjoying the spectacle of the contents crumbling in midair.

To the falling people, her mouth was a yawning chasm suspended thousands of feet in the air. It waited for them patiently, until one by one the entire spoonful of humanity was on the wet tongue.

Ann let the debris settle on her tongue for a moment before swallowing several times.

It tasted awful. Bland, dirty, and though the people moving around was entertaining for a bit, they were ultimately not enough to save the flavor from being awful.

Disappointed, Ann looked at her spoon and back at the city for a moment, wondering what should be done now. A second rumble of her stomach brought her back to eating it. It'd be faster than making breakfast, but something would have to be done about the flavor.

"Of course!" Ann nearly shouted as she skipped back to the kitchen and rooted around a cabinet, quickly producing a bottle of syrup from it. She ran back to her city experiment and grabbed another spoonful, this time smothering it in syrup before shoving the spoon into her mouth.

The people inside trapped in a sticky ocean of syrup found no reprieve from their situation on being stuff in Ann's mouth when she swallowed them deeply, seemingly moaning in enjoyment.

It wasn't amazing, but it was good enough.

"Slow though..." she thought to herself aloud before coming up with a brilliant plan.

Leaning over the city, she grabbed her bottle of syrup and began pouring it over the entire metropolis at once. The syrup rained from the sky and slowly made its way through the city streets, while Ann licked her lips impatiently.

Finally, a god portion of the city was covered, all but a few small untouched suburbs at the back of the city. As much as Ann wanted to begin eating, she knew she shouldn't leave that section behind. So, she leaned over further on the table to try and hit the last spot.

And promptly lost her balance.

Ann fell forward onto the city, crushing a impressive portion of it beneath her tummy and chest. Shocked over the turn of events, she moved the first way that came to mind, trying to wipe her shirt clean.

Her hands grew sticky just as quickly as her chest had, and she sighed in despair, figuring she'd wipe her hands clean at least. Unfortunately the closest thing happened to be the city itself, and she bulldozed another large portion of it flat beneath her hands.

She couldn't eat when she was this sticky, and she didn't want to try salvaging any of the
city smeared on her hands and boobs, so she sighed as she carried the entire thing to her bathroom, setting it on the bottom of the bathtub. She slipped out of her clothes, throwing them into the washing machine as she did so.

Stepping into the city remains and turning a large section of humanity into a literal pancake, she turned the shower on and began washing herself clean of the mess she had made on herself.

"Maybe I can try again tomorrow..." Ann thought to herself, disappointed in how today's city had ended up.
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