A Christmas Compilation by Emma Gear

A day late here but this is a project I did for Christmas. It's got a very short sequel to 19 of the stories I've done in the past, with the catch being they're all related to the holiday.

 A collection of Christmas Specials, so to say. Each chapter is a different story and the chapter notes will have a link to the original if you haven't seen it (Spoilers: You probably haven't.)

NOTE: There was a ton of copy paste involved in getting this uploaded here as a single story. If any of the links to the original stories don't work, or if I accidentally repeated any chapters (too tired to check now) just leave a note and I'll fix it.

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1. A Retrospective Christmas by Emma Gear

2. Assisting with Christmas by Emma Gear

3. A Friendly Christmas by Emma Gear

4. Christmas Punishment by Emma Gear

5. Christmas Ascending by Emma Gear

6. Committing Christmas by Emma Gear

7. Christmas Trip by Emma Gear

8. Christmas Confinement by Emma Gear

9. Christmas Check by Emma Gear

10. Overwhelming Christmas by Emma Gear

11. Fall of Christmas by Emma Gear

12. Family Christmas by Emma Gear

13. All in the Christmas by Emma Gear

14. Christmas Minutes by Emma Gear

15. Jamie's Christmas by Emma Gear

16. Christmas Ballad by Emma Gear

17. Christmas Business by Emma Gear

18. Light Up the Christmas by Emma Gear

19. Christmas Date by Emma Gear

A Retrospective Christmas by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Ann and Sarah: A Retrospective.  http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1758

A series of heavy knocks on the door jarred Ann from her sleep.

She groggily sat up and shuffled her feet to the door of her home, yawning as she opened it.

There was nobody there.

Looking down, she saw something she had come to expect, a small unmarked package.

Yawning, she picked up the box and carried it to her kitchen table, where she lay it gently before turning to splash water onto her face in the sink.

The cool water shocked her into a more coherent consciousness and, face dripping, she returned to her unmarked cardboard box.

Carefully opening the top she exposed the contents of her package to the light.




An incredibly tiny city was contained inside.

"Hmph." Ann moaned disappointed. The cities had been coming for about a week now, and as much fun as they were to destroy, she had been sincerely hoping for a large wad of cash or something equally amazing.

Hovering her head over the city she watched as the tiny vehicles swerve and crash from her sudden appearance. This happened every time she looked over a city and it was beginning to grow old.

Sighing, she thought of a way to finish the city off and be done with it, but none were coming to mind immediately.

She'd stepped on a city that felt nice crumbling beneath her toes. She'd sat on a city and tickled her bum. She once lie down on a city, enjoying the feeling of everything crumbling beneath her. Many things to many cities she had done, and now she could think of no more.

That was, until her stomach grumbled.

"Eat it...?" She whispered to herself as her eyes grew wide. It was such a strange thought, to eat the little lives fleeing before her, and yet it was an incredibly interesting one. To consume thousands of people as sustenance, providing her with only a base amount of energy.

It was a pleasing thought, to say the least.

Turning away fro the city, Ann went to her kitchen and grabbed a spoon, deciding against a fork at the last moment She excitedly skipped back to the city and sat down in front of it again.

Ann looked over the city as a whole again, though in a different light now. She was trying to figure out the best place to sink her spoon in. A sparsely populated area? Or dig right in to a heavily populated area.

Her stomach grumbling again solved the problem for her. Looking around for the most populated area she could see, she pushed her spoon into the city, scooping up a large section of buildings and countless fleeing people.

Holding the spoon at eye level, she watched the dust settle and terrified people squirm for a moment before opening her mouth wide and tilting the spoon slowly, enjoying the spectacle of the contents crumbling in midair.

To the falling people, her mouth was a yawning chasm suspended thousands of feet in the air. It waited for them patiently, until one by one the entire spoonful of humanity was on the wet tongue.

Ann let the debris settle on her tongue for a moment before swallowing several times.

It tasted awful. Bland, dirty, and though the people moving around was entertaining for a bit, they were ultimately not enough to save the flavor from being awful.

Disappointed, Ann looked at her spoon and back at the city for a moment, wondering what should be done now. A second rumble of her stomach brought her back to eating it. It'd be faster than making breakfast, but something would have to be done about the flavor.

"Of course!" Ann nearly shouted as she skipped back to the kitchen and rooted around a cabinet, quickly producing a bottle of syrup from it. She ran back to her city experiment and grabbed another spoonful, this time smothering it in syrup before shoving the spoon into her mouth.

The people inside trapped in a sticky ocean of syrup found no reprieve from their situation on being stuff in Ann's mouth when she swallowed them deeply, seemingly moaning in enjoyment.

It wasn't amazing, but it was good enough.

"Slow though..." she thought to herself aloud before coming up with a brilliant plan.

Leaning over the city, she grabbed her bottle of syrup and began pouring it over the entire metropolis at once. The syrup rained from the sky and slowly made its way through the city streets, while Ann licked her lips impatiently.

Finally, a god portion of the city was covered, all but a few small untouched suburbs at the back of the city. As much as Ann wanted to begin eating, she knew she shouldn't leave that section behind. So, she leaned over further on the table to try and hit the last spot.

And promptly lost her balance.

Ann fell forward onto the city, crushing a impressive portion of it beneath her tummy and chest. Shocked over the turn of events, she moved the first way that came to mind, trying to wipe her shirt clean.

Her hands grew sticky just as quickly as her chest had, and she sighed in despair, figuring she'd wipe her hands clean at least. Unfortunately the closest thing happened to be the city itself, and she bulldozed another large portion of it flat beneath her hands.

She couldn't eat when she was this sticky, and she didn't want to try salvaging any of the
city smeared on her hands and boobs, so she sighed as she carried the entire thing to her bathroom, setting it on the bottom of the bathtub. She slipped out of her clothes, throwing them into the washing machine as she did so.

Stepping into the city remains and turning a large section of humanity into a literal pancake, she turned the shower on and began washing herself clean of the mess she had made on herself.

"Maybe I can try again tomorrow..." Ann thought to herself, disappointed in how today's city had ended up.
Assisting with Christmas by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Assisting with Science. http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1762
"I'd like to propose a toast to the best damn person in this building, Alexis!" A drunken man shouted as he swished a champagne glass around, the amber liquid inside spilling from every end.

Blushing, Alexis raises a glass of water and tilts it in the man's direction, acknowledging his gesture.

"Nnno seriously!" He continues, smiling drunkenly. "Allllllll those o-other assholes we had to deal with before y-you." He stopped for a moment to hiccup. "I tell ya, especially that dickfuck Joseph!"

Alexis grinned inwardly. Nobody had known of what happened to Joseph, or any of the other people in the chain of command that she climbed to get to her current comfortable spot of Vice President overseeing the Klaxon Corporation. She still got to do plenty of work in the labs herself, but made more than enough to be comfortable. She had done what she felt was necessary to ensure a good career for herself, and seeing the praise of her subordinates, unintentional as they may be, only warmed her heart.

"Now now, it's not nice to say things about the missing. What if he never turned up?" Alexis chastised. On the inside she knew that Joseph's sacrifice was probably the most important, leading the then superiors to believe her capable of handling herself in the absence of a supervisor who did not show up.

If only they knew.

"But, I've got to get going now." Alexis cheerfully said as she placed her glass of water down and picked up  her belongings. "You be careful now, I don't care if this is a Christmas party, you still have to drive home."

"Yeah yeah yeah" a voice echoed her sentiments, though it was half hearted.

Alexis waved everyone goodbye as she went for the elevator at the far end of the office and stepped in. Hitting the number 1 she watched the display count numbers down as the elevator made its way down.

Her office was located on the 30th floor of the building, and the companies annual Christmas party was being held on almost 2 weeks before the big day, as usual. The festive lights brightened her spirits as the elevator hit the first floor and the doors opened. She walked past the security guard, waving a kind goodbye, on her way to the side exit.

The hallways leading around the back were less well lit because they led to a section of the parking garage used only by executives. Fishing in her purse for her keys, Alexis turned a corner and looked into the parking lot.

She only expected to see her car, and was surprised to find a couple of rather large van parked in the area as well. The vans opened up and several armed men rushed forth, heading to the glass doors.

Sensing that the men didn't have good intentions, she turned back and rouned the corner she had just passed, to provide cover from the men. Knowing she only had a few seconds to act, she fished in her purse for a second before pulling out a small water pistol.

Smiling slyly, she kissed the nozzle of the gun. Just over a year ago she had accidentally created the compound that now filled her water gun. A shrinking solution, slightly modified so it no longer had to be inhaled, and through the use of a few of the dangerous solutions her stature gave her access to, now added a paralysis effect to the victim.

Standing around the corner she aimed the pistol and waited.

Several seconds later, the first man turned around, she didn't get too good a look at him, because his appearance surprised her and she instinctively pulled the trigger. Immediately his body seized up and only a second later, he was gone.

Alexis almost laughed. She had managed to strengthen the reaction time in a subject, but it was always amazing to see it happen firsthand. A second gunman turned the corner and Alexis quickly fired on him as well.

This repeated until she had twelve tiny gunmen at floor level. She waited several minutes before turning back around the corner leading to the door and finding the hallway empty. She breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to her diminuitive subjects.

Having kept count in her mind, she knew there were twelve men total, and it didn't take long for her to gather them together. Plucking them free of their weapons she resumed her journey to her car in the parking lot carefully.

The vans the men had pulled up in were empty, and Alexis got into her own car. Starting the car she noted the time. 11:59 PM, December 13th.

"12 days to Christmas... and 12 people discovered in my building with guns..." She mulled quietly as she watched the clock change to midnight.

Reaching a hand back into her bag she pulled out one of the tiny gunmen and held him over her vast mouth. He struggled in her hand for all he was worth but being suspended over her mouth had sealed his fate.

Licking her lips in preparation, she dropped the small man straight into her mouth. He screamed the entire way down, and Alexis shut her mouth as he passed the lips, before even hitting the tongue to mute the sound. She swished him around with her tongue for a bit and smiled as she doomed him with an extremely audible swallow, making sure to lower her neck so the remaining captives could hear the sound of their comrade being swallowed alive.

Once safely down in her stomach, Alexis stopped and relaxed for a minute. If if were up to her she could have just slept in the parking lot right there, so content was she.

Opening one eye she looked at the clock on her dashboard again.

"December 14th. 11 days left until Christmas, and 11 special snacks." She purred.

Sitting up slowly, she yawned and started her car, leaving the parking lot and driving home as snow began to hit her windshield.
A Friendly Christmas by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
A Friendly Game. http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1766
Allie whistled to herself as she walked down the aisles of the large bus she'd be spending the next couple of days in. The seats were large, and looked so comfortable she could hardly decide which she should take.

Much as she would have loved to stand and contemplate her choice of seating, a heavy sigh behind her told her she should just head to the back and take an open spot.

Sitting with a relaxed sigh, Allie enjoyed looking around the bus terminal from her windows as more people filed in. She silently held her breath with each new entrant, hoping they wouldn't choose the seat next to hers. As more people streamed in though, it became increasingly apparent that even she would have to share a seat.

A young girl in ratty clothes looked to be the lucky person to sit next to Allie as she trudged down the aisle and saw no other empty seats.

Patting the seat next to her, Allie signaled for the girl to take the seat, and with a heavy sigh, she did.

"Hi, I'm Allie." Allie said introducing herself with a smile and a small wave.

"Marie." The girl responded as she fidgeted in her seat, seemingly trying to get comfortable.

"I'm going home to visit my family for the holidays instead of spending them at college in the dorms like everyone else, you?" Allie said quickly.

"Err, I'm, uh... running away." Marie answered.

"Wow! Running away? I always wanted to do that when I was young but I was always too scared. How old are you?"


"Hmph, 18 isn't really running away, I'd say that's more moving out of house. Why are you running away?"

"Just... problems with the family. Can't really talk about it.

"Oh I know that feeling, for years I was mad with my cousin but we eventually got over it and now we're the best of friends. Why just last year she even invited me to spend Christmas with her, I mean I said no but I thought it was very nice of her and a kind gesture."

"Oh, uh... great."

"Why are you running away so close to Christmas? Are you trying to prove a point? Do you know where you're going? Who you'll be staying with? What if your parents think you were kidnapped? Have you ever done this before?"

"LOOK! I'm just trying to run away! Ok! Now, leave me alone if you don't mind." Marie finally shouted in annoyance at Allie.

"Oh, uh, yeah, sure." Allie said, taken back by Marie's explosion of anger.

Hours passed and the two didn't look at each other once. The bus kept going forward, and they were just sitting together in silence.

The sun begins to set and Marie feels bad about her explosion of anger. She could at least tell that Allie had a genuine interest in her and wasn't being rude. Even if she was annoying, Marie knew she'd have to apologize. She decided she'd do it after it was dark, to prove a point.

Darkness set over the bus and many of it's patrons were now asleep when Marie decided to make her move. She taps Allie lightly on the shoulder, not wanting to bother her too much while it looked like she slept.

Feeling the tap on her shoulder, Allie responded by pressing her fingers into Marie's forehead and pushing back slightly.

Before Marie could wonder what that gesture meant, she found herself shrinking at an alarming rate in her seat. She looked around in a panic before noticing Allie lifting one foot from the bus floor and putting it on Marie's seat.

"Sorry Marie, we're going to play a little game now." Allie said quietly as she slipped off her shoe and unrolled her sock from her foot. The air around the foot grew hot as Allie did so and she dropped the sock next to Marie's tiny body.

"This is a little game I invented." Allie said softly. "It's called Don't Get Dead."

Picking up the tiny, frightened Marie in one hand, Allie lifted her up and pressed her into her moist, spongy sole. She sank in deeply and Allie wiggled her toes at the feeling.

Keeping her there with one hand, She grabbed her sock and slid it back onto her bared foot, keeping Marie in place against her sole.

Allie lowered her head closer to her foot and explained the rules to her.

"The point of Don't Get Dead is to not die before we arrive at our destination. As soon as I take my first step out of here, you'll be crushed underneath my feet more easily than you can even imagine. Your fragile body won't stand up to my weight more than once, and you know this is true just as well as I do. Now, we'll be on this bus for a long, long time. Inside my shoe, you won't have much of a frame of reference. If you have an anxiety attack knowing your instant death is approaching, but you don't know when, you lose. If you survive long enough to get crushed, you win. Sound easy? Cause it is." Allie said to her foot cruelly and slipped her shoe back on her socked foot.

Leaning back against the window seat Allie had gotten, she stretched her legs out and onto the seat, enjoying the fact that she now had two seats to herself.

"Just one of the many advantages to getting rid of an annoying brat." Allie said to herself as she lay her head back and closed her eyes, trying to get some sleep.

The same could not be said for Marie, who lay in Allie's sock, weeping over how things have turned out for her. She'd never be heard by Allie though.

There was just too much distance between them.
Christmas Punishment by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Divine Punishment. http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1769

"Foreigners have taken up residence at an inn nearby and have been seen meeting with known enemies in secret. They appear to be dealing guns, so extreme caution will be necessary. Because of this, it will not be a solo mission."

"But, Lord Goda, I assure you I can handle this on my own."

"Enough Rikimaru, my decision is final. Ayame shall be accompanying you. You have until dawn to report back."

"Yes, Lord Goda."

Stepping silently outside of the castle, Rikimaru found Ayame already waiting, tapping her foot impatiently.

"Took you long enough. We need to get going now."

"I can handle this on my own."

"So can I, but we have to go together, so I figured out an easier way to do this."

Reaching into her uniform, Ayame produced a small, violet ball. She rolled it between her fingers a bit before slapping Rikimaru's forehead with it and covering her nose.

Smoke poured from her palm and Rikimaru inhaled some by mistake before he could back away and ask what was going on. The effects were fast, and he found himself shrunk and looking directly forward at Ayame's toes in her sandals.

Though he tried to dodge Ayame's hand reaching for him, she was just as quick and had an immeasurably longer reach. Clutching Riki in her hand, she slipped her left foot out of it's sandal and slid Rikimaru inside.

"Sorry but you and I both know only one of us is needed, so I'll be taking care of this, you can just enjoy the ride with my foot as your partner." She said sarcastically as she stuffed her foot back in and smothered Rikimaru beneath it.

The two took off into the night, Rikimaru seething with rage over Ayame's irresponsible actions with the mission.

Ayame arrives at the inn and sneaks inside silently, making her way to the rafters in the roof so she could have a higher vantage point of the rooms.

One of the rooms contained several foreign looking men, all gathered around a large green tree they had decorated with scraps of cloth and glass balls. The effect was very crude, but still managed to look nice.

Repositioning herself, Ayame lifted her left foot slightly, while keeping her sandal on and pointed Rikimaru to face the scene she was looking at. The men seemed to be drunkenly singing something, but Ayame couldn't quite understand it.

"Ayame there is no time for this, we have a mission to complete and anything that distracts us from that should be ignored." He chastised from under her foot as he renewed his efforts to free himself.

"Hmph. Fine." Ayame said and slid her foot back onto him before he could complain, though she could tell he very much would have liked to.

Ayame continued sneaking around the rafters for a bit before finding exactly what she had been looking for. A room with another foreigner inside, this one sleeping by himself. He was likely the leader Goda had spoken of, and looked to be well armed.

"Shame he's asleep, this'd be more exciting if he was awake." Ayame said to herself and laughed as she felt some movement under her foot, likely Rikimaru wanting to yell at her again for what she had just said.

Going back into her uniform she pulled out another purple sphere and rolled it in her palm a bit before throwing it as close to the mans nose as she could hit it. Covering her nose again and pressing her foot softly into Rikimaru to ensure he couldn't breathe, she watched the purple smoke explode outward. It hung in the air for about a second before dissipating again.

He shrunk quickly, into a spot on the center of the floor he had been lying on.

Moving about a bit more, Ayame positions herself directly above the shrunken man before jumping from the rafters, making sure she lands on his body with all of her weight on her left foot.

The man crunched flat in an instant, though Ayame was careful enough with her landing to ensure Rikimaru wasn't injured beneath her foot by the same jump. Though it was impressive, Rikimaru only care that it meant he would now be on his way out from underneath Ayame's foot.

Sure enough, the foot lifted, but much to his chagrin, didn't slip back out of the sandal.

Ayame bent over, hanging her head at foot level and tilting it to the side so she could see Rikimaru again. Once his face was visible, she smiled.

"Oh hi again. Mission's done, but we've still got plenty of time, so I'll just take my time getting back. Hope you don't mind." She said cheekily.

Rikimaru fumed from his prison, but he had long figured out there was nothing he could do. The flesh of her foot would sink into him, trapping him and stopping him from using any tools he would have on him at the time.

"Knew you wouldn't." Ayame said and slid her foot back over him. Reaching into her belt she pulled a small dagger out, and used it to scrape up the foreigners body, or what was left of it. Once satisfied, she stabbed it into the bloodstain left behind, to let it be known that he was assassinated, even if his body wasn't present.

Spotting an open window above, Ayame ran up the wall and hopped through it.

Now safely outside again, she figured she'd spend some more time enjoying the long walk back to Goda's castle before restoring Rikimaru's size. She made sure to take every step with her left foot carefully and slowly, enjoying the feeling of her partner trapped beneath her.

Meanwhile, Rikimaru silently cursed himself for lowering his guard around Ayame.
Christmas Ascending by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Ascending http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1771
The rising sun shined bright over the landscape, waking Amy from a dreamless sleep.

Rubbing her eyes with one hand, she heard a soft crinkling of paper and sighed in annoyance.

Sitting up, she looked around herself and quickly found what she had felt, a Christmas card, somehow made to her scale.

Opening it slowly, Amy lay her head back as she held the card up.

"I know what it's like to always be angry, but I hope that doesn't stop you from having a Happy Holiday! If you'd like to talk it over, we can meet at the old abandoned military facility outside of Huntsville."

"Same shit, different day." Amy muttered as she crumpled the card up and stood to her feet again. She had taken sleep in a wooded area near a highway, figuring they were the best ways to get to and from cities.

"Here we go."

Reaching down, Amy plucked a small man riding a motorcycle from the road and lifted him to her face.  Terror was etched onto the mans face as his pants grew a large wet spot.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"H-Huntsville! Please don't hurt me!" The small man shouted as sweat beaded on his forehead.

"Ok. Thanks." Amy said and placed him back on the ground where he quickly scurried to his bike and resumed riding away quickly.

Amy watched him speed away and bit her lip. The old part of herself knew that she wanted to catch up to him. Flatten him into a bloodstain, then turn and head as far from Huntsville as possible.

Yet her feet continued to carry her in the direction the man had driven. She wasn't sure why she cared. She knew she shouldn't Nothing good could come of someone who cared for her.

And still she walked.

"Maybe it's just the time of year. Christmas turns people into saps..." She rationalized as she crumpled up the card and tossed it behind her. She knew where she was supposed to meet her secret admirer, she'd been getting the cards for at least two weeks now.

"Or maybe I can just kill him when I meet him. That'd at least get him off my back..." She muttered to herself as she arrived at the location described.

An abandoned military base, no more than five miles from the city of Huntsville Alabama. It was now little more than several large empty lots and worn down empty warehouses.

"Why here? Does he not trust me in the city?" Amy thought to herself and clenched her fist in anger. "Of course he fucking doesn't. Look at me and all I've done."

Amy stood among the miniature buildings, tapping her foot impatiently as she scanned the ground. There were no little people here to meet her. The facility was as abandoned as it was every other day of the year.

"And of course, don't know why I expected anything different." Amy moaned disappointedly as she turned to leave the facility and take her anger out on the city.


"What the..." Amy whispered. Since growing she had never felt the ground vibrate, it was an altogether new experience again, one she hadn't had for over a year. What on Earth could be causing the ground to shake? She wasn't in an area that was affected by earthquakes after all.

Her mind wandered back to her secret admirer. Could there be a guy her size, wanting to hang out with her, and be her close friend? Her heart fluttered just a bit at the thought.

Turning around revealed something her size, but it definitely wasn't human. What looked like a robot, just a tad bit shorter than her was standing in the facility now. Sleek and white, save for the U.S.A. Letters on it's chest, it was a rather imposing sight.

"Hello, Amy!" The robot called out to her.

"Who are you?" Amy asked apprehensively.

"Our specific names don't matter. But we work for the president of the United States of America. This combat robot was built specifically to dispose of you!" It announced proudly.

"Dispose? What for?" Amy asked.

"FOR THE COUNTLESS MURDER'S YOU'VE CAUSED! You're a menace to society and have no right to continue living!" The voice shouted before clearing its throat. "But, this robot is built specifically to destroy you. Focusing on physical attacks, rather than projectiles is one thing we've learned from trying to stop you in the past!" It continued as the right hand of the robot retracted, allowing a huge spinning saw to come out.

"Whatever, I'm leaving." Amy grunted, clearly not intimidated.

"What's the matter, waiting for someone?" The voice taunted as Amy stopped in her tracks. "Did wittle Amy's love interest not show up and abandon her again. Bawww, wook at me, I'm Amy and I was hoping to find someone who doesn't hate my guts here mwah mwah mwah" The voice mocked..

Amy's fists clenched and unclenched at the voice. She hated a lot of things, but this guy and his insults had just reached the top of that list. He and anyone else operating that thing were going to pay. She could feel adrenaline pumping through her veins as a fire grew in her eyes.

Amy felt as if her whole body was on fire, she'd never been as angry at anything as she was now. To top it all off, the one thing she had looked forward to in as long as she had remembered ended up being just a practical joke.

With a fierce snarl, Amy leapt at the robot, the fire in her veins bringing her blood to a boil. With all her strength she grabbed at the saw blade arm, and in a move that was much too smooth, tore it free from it's torso.

The robot was now moving again, and the remaining arm shot a blast of flame at Amy's face, narrowly missing.

Only a second later, a similar horrible grinding of metal twisting and bending was heard and the second arm fell to the ground, as useless as the first.

The legs followed suit, leaving Amy with a torso and head robot that now screamed for mercy. The voices were muffled though, through the blood pounding in her head.

Lifting her booted foot as high as her knee, Amy stomped onto the torso with all the force of a hydrogen bomb. The screaming subsided with the first stomp, and the remains sparked and crumpled under her unending stomps.

Stopping, Amy caught her breath, the torso of the robot being reduced to a jagged disk. Picking it up, she threw it into the forested area surrounding the facility, watching as it carved an enormous gash in the earth and brought down hundreds of trees.

Having an idea, Amy tossed the legs in after the flattened torso and grabbed both arms.

Adding one arm into the pile of limbs she had been making she held the other with it's still spinning saw, and began cutting into the pile. She didn't know where, but she knew the arm still in the pile had a fuel tank somewhere to power it's flamethrower.

Seconds later, she had apparently found it, and once the spinning blade caught the tank and sparked, an explosion rocked the forest.

Finally calming down, Amy stepped to the edge of the forest and sat down, watching the snow melt, and the greenery catch fire. The red hot flames consuming the trees reminding her of Christmas she had when normal.

She had hated it then too.

"Stupid holiday. It's not like I want anyone to share it with." She whispers while hugging her knees to her chest and watching the forest blaze a bit longer.
Committing Christmas by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Committing. http://emmagear.deviantart.com/gallery/26526418#/d2esxzk
Snow fell lightly over the small village that Mable reigned over as the comparatively diminutive citizens gathered into the village square, awaiting further orders.

Once the entire village was gathered in the small square, Mable stood, ready to make the announcement she had gathered them together for.

"As you know, tomorrow is Christmas, and this means a lot to a lot of us, none moreso than me. I enjoy seeing your faces light up with gifts as much as you enjoy seeing your children do the same." Mable began as many villagers smiled and nodded.

"Which is why I have gathered you all here now as the sun sets. I have just received word that my own daughter wishes to spend the holidays with us." She continued.

A surprised murmur ran through the crowd. Mable, a daughter? Why had she never been mentioned before? What was her daughter like? Was she also a giantess?

Holding up a hand to hush the villagers, Mable began again. "Yes, before I became this villages ruler I had a daughter, but she is also a giantess, and as such had to leave her behind when I moved here. Having finally come of age, she wishes to come spend this great holiday with us all!"

Mable's enthusiasm was not lost on the crowd, who cheered at the prospect. If she was related to Mable surely she'd be just as kind, sweet, and caring as they had all come to expect.

"She shall be arriving sometime late tonight, if you are woken by the ground shaking, I ask that youi ignore it and go back to sleep, tomorrow is a big day after all!" Mable concluded. "You may all return to your homes now."

The villagers were abuzz with the news as they returned to their beds and tucked themselves in. Many couldn't wait to meet Mable's daughter and hoped she would like them as much as Mable herself did.

That night, long after many of the villagers had gone to sleep, a soft rumbling shook the city that steadily grew stronger. It was ignored though, and assumed to be the daughter Mable had spoken of.

Until the sound of wood cracking and splintering came forth.

"Oh dear." The giantess outside groaned.

Mable never heard a sound.

The next morning, Mable woke up, stretching her arms high in the air and taking in the cool air. Opening her eyes she immediately saw what she had been hoping to see.

Paula, Mable's daughter sat at the edge of the town, the remains of a home nearby. The villagers were gathered around Paula's feet, all armed with brushes of various sizes, painting her nails black.

"Paula! What are you doing? All of you, get off!" Mable ordered firmly and the townsfolk sighed with relief as they dismounted her toes and returned to their homes.

"Oh, Moooom..." Paula moaned at her mother.

"Now now, none of that. We've got a limited amount of time together so we can't spend it all getting your nails painted."

"Oh, fine." Paula said understandingly as she pushes a few stray locks of black hair out of her eyes, only to have them fall back into place.

"That's the spirit, but for now we should be going for a walk, so I'll meet you outside of town in just a minute." Mable ordered.

As Paula stomped out of the town, not bothering to pick up and put back on the shoes she had walked into town with, Mable examined the people heading into their homes and upon finding the person she was looking for, picked him up.

A small man in formal clothes stood in Mable's palm as she calmly assured him it was only for one day, and he nodded his head.

Standing and walking through the city, Mable made her way to Paula and the duo walked off together. They walked up and down the coast, Mable explaining how far her section of the land went and the things she had to do on a daily basis.

"Now, careful not to step on anything..." Mable reminded Paula as they stepped back into town while the sun set.

"Oh don't worry mom, I've got this all under-" Paula began but was rudely interrupted by the sounds of another wooden home trying to support the weight of her still bare foot, only to crack and fall as her sole proved to be too poewrful..

"Err, whoops." Paula said with an awkward smile. "Sorry about that..."

Mable sighed, but led Paula to a small outcropping of rock near the city.

"This is where I sit and watch the Christmas celebrations every year. Normally it's alone, but, well, I'm glad you're here with me." Mable warmly smiled to her daughter.

"I'm glad I'm here too, even if I am a little clumsy sometimes..." Paula replied, leaning her head on her mother's shoulder as the townspeople below set about the final moments of the oversized tree they had carried to the city's edge.

Without warning, the dark night was lit up spectacularly by the beautifully decorated tree. The light reflecting off the glass ornaments reflected into the sky creating a fantastic pool of colors.

The light also revealed at ground level, a small man rushing about handing out what Mable immediately recognized as wooden figurines. He was very thorough and made sure he had given one to every townsperson before he ran across to where Mable and Paula sit, carrying another figurine in each hand.

Reaching down, Mable picked them both up and looked at them in awe, at her size they were impossibly small, but still clearly recognizable as figurines based not only on her, but her daughter as well.

"Aww.... they're adorable." Paula whispered. "That reminds me, I did have something I wanted to ask you..."

"Well what is it sweetie?" Mable asked in her most maternal voice.

"I was wondering..." Paula began before looking at the beautiful tree again. Re-energized, she just came right out and said it.

"I was wondering if it'd be okay if I moved in with you!" Paula blurted out at once, then smiled nervously.

The entire town turned it's attention from the tree to Paula and Mable in shock and held their breath as Mable considered it.
Christmas Trip by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Field Trip http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1772
"Today, in the front of the school, there will be a memorial service held from 3:30 to 5 PM to remember those we have lost over the last year." A voice rang out over the schools PA system.

Naomi sighed heavily. She had been through a lot after a class she was supposed to be in disappeared without a trace. She was questioned extensively by detectives who discovered she was supposed to be in the group but no formal charges were ever filed after security footage proved she arrived to class late and waited a bit before leaving.

This however, was not enough to stop rumors. Stupid as they may have been, the circumstances were too strange and coincidental for the teeming masses to accept. Naomi knew there were rumors about her, and she hated them for it.

She pushed her glasses up on her nose, nervous as the students around her began whispering after the announcement made.

"Class gift exchanges will be held in the gymnasium. Students are to report only with their respective classes and are to leave once it is done. We hope you all have a nice day." The voice concluded as it jarred Naomi back into her own surroundings.

The class around her snickered and joked as Naomi slowly gathered her things together. She knew her next class would be the next in line to the gym, but first there was lunch, and she had just lost her appetite.

Sighing, she headed towards the gym. Maybe she could spend some time in the pool, that always eased her nerves.


Naomi was late.


She cursed as she waddled down the hallway, holding her shoes in one hand. It was a good thing that the pools were just another section of the gym, so she wouldn't have to go very far to reach her destination.

The large clock she had been referencing at the pools was broken. Unfortunately, she wasn't the most observant person around, and failed to realize until the 4th time she checked it that the time had not changed once from 1:10.

She reached the large double doors leading to the main section of the gym and rushed through them, stopping to catch her breath after she did so.

The gym was empty.

Naomi's heart skipped a beat. Was she so late that her class had already come and gone?

Looking around frantically, she found the clock she had been looking for. It showed the time as 2:00 pm. She was half an hour late, but this definitely was the time she was supposed to be in the gym.

She approached the oversized Christmas tree surrounded by presents in the middle of the gym slowly. There was no way her class could have been hiding from her anywhere, this section of the gym was a largely featureless square.

From a much lower perspective, things were quite different though. Mr. Planko and his class had come to exchange gifts as part of some bizarre school tradition he himself didn't understand, when there was a bright flash of light and they found themselves surrounded by large wrapped boxes.

While he and the class worked on trying to figure out the cause of their sudden reduction in size, they saw a classmate, the perpetually late Naomi Parker.

She walked into the gym, her clothes sopping wet and her feet bare, before stopping for a moment. She seemed confused at what she was looking at, and Mr. Planko called his class over, telling them they had been noticed and Naomi would be their solution.

Naomi bit her thumb as she looked at the presents, not sure what she should do. Should she grab the present labeled as hers and just leave, assuming her class had already come by? Or maybe she should turn and go back to class, hoping there'd be a clue along the way?

The holiday excitement grew in Naomi's chest and as much as she wanted to minimize the amount of time she was late to class, she knew she wanted her present first and foremost.

With a small squeal of excitement, she dropped her shoes and ran, full force to the tree.

Shrunken Mr. Planko and the rest of his class quickly realized something was wrong when Naomi began to run towards them. The floor shook with her every step and Mr. Planko was the first to realize something very bad was about to happen.

The scream of shock rose from the entire group at once but it was snuffed out as quickly as it began as Naomi's right foot pounded onto the entire group at once, flattening them instantly. The crunching and popping of flesh and bone were muffled by her wet sole and as her foot twisted slightly, smearing the little people beyond recognition.

Naomi never even felt them, so focused was she on her goal.

She dug through the pile of presents strewn about before finding the one with her name on it. Inside was a pair of white flip flops that she tried on to ensure they fit before slipping them back off and carrying them in her free hand.

The dull red stain her foot had left on the clean white flip flop wasn't even noticed.

Sitting on the ground, she figured she'd take this time to put her tennis shoes back on, since she couldn't wear her flip flops because of the weather right now anyway. Once they were tied, she exited the gym and began the long trek back to her class, happy she had stopped to get her gift first.
Christmas Confinement by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Solitary Confinement http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1776
"An INSTANT! Are you mad? We MUST do something!" Max shouted as several men restrained him.

"3 BILLION LIVES! AN INSTANT! WE, HAVE TO DO, SOMETHING!!!" He screamed as he was forced into a strait jacket, legs flailing the entire time.

From the other side of the room, a doctor shook his head slowly, before placing a series of red X's over a checklist and leaving.

Three times now, Max had failed to pass the examination required to get him reintegrated into society. His claims were as wild as they were unfounded, that a horrific event would end the lives of several billion people in an instant.

The doctors were not impressed.

Being forced into his cell and injected with sedatives was not a foreign experience to Max, and as he felt his eyelids grow heavy, he had a strange feeling that his sleep would be far from peaceful.

He was shocked back into consciousness when the bed he had been strapped too moved violently. Panic overtook him, but even if he wasn't in a strait jacket and strapped to a table he was still too sedated to make any straining movements.

The sky above him swirled brightly, as the wind whipped the building right off it's foundations, leaving him quite exposed and vulnerable. The Earth continued to shake when she suddenly appeared.

Though her appearance was quite different from what he normally had nightmares about, he could tell she was still the same demon responsible for haunting his dreams for over a year now. She was responsible for bringing about an end to the world. Responsible for the deaths of three billion people in the blink of an eye.

Normally she appeared before him as black as night, with glowing pupils and a terrifying demeanor. Now her appearance had changed drastically, her skin red as blood. Her long, blood red hair was white at the tips, as was a thin line around her waist and neck. She now made a sound similar to a great church bell ringing with every step she took towards him.

Again she stretched high into the sky, standing over him and smiling her great, fanged smile. Her teeth were stained with blood and her hair swished in the air as she smiled down at Max.

"Well if it isn't a little human, haven't I disposed of enough of you by now?" She asked while  reaching an enormous hand down to his location and tearing him free from his table. The wind whipped around him as he was lifted up with the table to her enormous ruby lips.

Pursing her lips, she blew on him gently, her breath smelling of deasth. Max was terrified but still could not make any kind of movement.

Hissing to herself, she extended her long tongue outward and wrapped it around Max and the bed he lay on. She applied a bit of pressure, bending and breaking the bed under her tongues strength.

Slowly sliding Max into her wide open mouth, she enjoyed the feeling of him slide down into her throat immensely, which she made noticable with an overly loud moan of pleasure at his presence in her mouth.

Even as Max felt her saliva pool onto his face, threatening to drown him if he didn't force his way out, he could do nothing. He had tried to warn the world of an incredible danger, and now it was going to eat him.

Max knew the meaning of the word ironic. If the world survived this demon giantess, the first thing they'd do is define ironic as Max.

Max slid down the gullet and landed in the relatively empty stomach. Instantly the acid began to pool and consume his bed. His strait jacket was the last thing to go before he perished from too much head and leg damage at once.

The red and white colored giantess would then grow to heights unheard, and place entire continents between her barefeet, causing the end of mankind and is it is known.


A terrified nurse came bursting into the main doctor's lab. As a way to spread Christmas among the patients she was dressed in a santa outfit of red and white, though it was doing little to spread cheer with her facial expression at the moment.

"P-Patient in the ICU! Stopped to check on his vitals, but once he saw me he broke into a screaming rage! I think he needs help right now." The frazzled nurse explained.

The doctor's looked at each other, then back at the nurse.

"Nah, he'll get over it." One doctor said smoothly.

"Probably thought you were some kinda world ending demon or something, it's how he sees all women." another followed up.

"S-So you're not even going to go check?" The nurse asked, exasperated.

"I won't tell if you won't. The man's a lifer." A doctor said.

"I agree. Too far gone. Can't be arsed to fix it." the other said.

From inside his cell, Max continued to shriek and scream about insanely sized giantesses only he could see.  No help would come for him, and he would eventually calm down and  wear himself out.
Christmas Check by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Check http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1778
One name left.

Mary smiled as she got dressed for a big day. The last name on her list was going to be receiving retribution today.

Priscilla Smith, daughter of one Robert and Pamela Smith. Richest family in town. Mr. Robert Smith is on the educational board of directors, giving Priscilla near limitless power during her high school years. Cruel and unruly, she made sure anyone who opposed her would face certain expulsion. Every student was helpless if she had picked them as her newest target. Nothing could be done to her, and no one could oppose her.

Until now at least.

Mary had no qualms about disposing of those who had made her life a living hell in the past, but Priscilla was different from the others. She was so indifferent to the plights of others it was almost inhuman.

Now fully dressed, Mary stepped outside and got into the police car waiting for her. Every year the Smiths held a Christmas Ball in city hall and invited city officials and serviccemen and women. It's largely an event held to ensure the Smiths continue having lots of influence over decisions.

The entire Police department was invited, and to get in, Mary began dating one. A lecherous old man, Officer Hibbons was corrupt and filthy, but that only made it easy for Mary to draw his attention.

"My my don't you look nice tonight..." He said rubbing Mary's shoulder.

"Let's go, we don't want to be late." Mary blurted out, ignoring his advances.

"Hmph." He said as he brough his hand back to the steering wheel and drove.

Several minutes later, Mary and Officer Hibbons were at the city hall, walking hand in hand to the front doors.

Flashing his badge, they were allowed in with minimal annoyance, and immediately upon stepping in, Mary made her first move.

"What do you say we meet in the bathroom... for a little fun." She leaned over and whispered into Officer Hibbon's ear.

He licked his lips in excitement and followed Mary into the women's bathrooms after making sure no one was around to see him go inside.

No sooner had he stepped in that Mary made her move. One second he was looking her in the eye and the next he was as tall as her feet. Before he could fully realize what had happened though, Mary had picked him up.

Grabbing his top half in her left hand and his bottom in her right, Mary gave a sharp twist in opposite directions, producing an audible series of cracks. Holding him his leg upside down, she confirmed he wasn't moving before heading into a stall and tossing him in the toilet.

Flushing him, Mary went to the sink and washed her hands. Handling him had left her hands feeling dirty.

Relaxed, she strode confidently out of the bathroom and made her way to the lavish main hall, decorated with lights, ornaments, and all manner of holiday decor. The sequins on Mary's dress sparkled like a handful of diamonds as she quickly spotted her target at the main table facing away towards the entire room.

Taking a seat at the table closest to her target, she began watching and waiting.

The night dragged on, and Priscilla made it obvious that she had spotted Mary. Priscilla had brought her arms in front of her and wiggled about, making it look as if she was incredibly overweight whe no one was paying attention. Though Mary wasn't the thinnest person around, she definitely wasn't anything near what Priscilla had done.

Though this did confirm to Mary that Priscilla was a lost cause, not worth any mercy. As much as she liked disposing of tiny men and women, she always ensured they deserved it, or, if on her list, hadn't changed.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of sitting and waiting, Priscilla made her move. She stood and excused herself from her father's table, saying goodbye to him before she left.

Mary stood and carefully made her way around the tables, being sure to stay out of sight as she did so. The city hall was large and  only a small portion of it was being used for the ball, so it was much simpler than she thought it'd be.

It only took Mary a minute or so to find Priscilla, though she kept following until she was outside of the building and behind the hall. There were only two cars parked here, likely belonging to Priscilla herself, and her parents.

"Hello there Priscilla." Mary announced, trying to keep the venom out of her voice.

"And what does Miss Piggy want?" Priscilla said as she sighed in annoyance.

"Nice insult. You come up with that one yourself?" Mary said as she approached Priscilla and tackled her.

There was no resistance, Priscilla made no effort to fight back against her larger opponent. Primarily because during the actual tackle, Mary had made her move and shrunken the uptight girl. She now lie beneath Mary's tummy, pinned by the weight and unable to even move her limbs to flail about.

Leaning back onto her knees, Mary freed Priscilla and looked over her. She was pathetic, tiny and deserved not one iota of mercy. Mary placed her high heeled shoe onto Priscilla's back, pressing her lightly into the pavement and enjoying the pained screams.

"I'm going to get rid of you Priscilla. You're a terrible, awful person, and the world would do better without you. You won't be missed by anyone, but I'm sure you don't care." Mary said as she picked Priscilla in her hand again.

With a quick twist of her fingers, Mary snapped the neck of Priscilla quickly and dropped her body on the ground where she did something she had never done.

She grew Priscilla back.

Normally when Mary shrinks someone they're as good as dead. But, Priscilla was special. She deserved the despair and outrage that would be caused by her normal sized corpse being discovered and left behind.

Whistling to herself, Mary began the long walk back home, figuring she had no other way to get there.
Overwhelming Christmas by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Overwhelming http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1779
Crystal looked out from her window, bored.

Snow had fallen over the sleepy little town she had decided to take residence in, and though she could simply will it away, she decided she rather liked the look..

There was however, one thing she could not stand.'

"Hark, the herald angels sing
Glory to, the newborn king!"

Again those incessant singing buffoons began their silly, grating song. This silly "king" of theirs simply didn't exist. He was completely made up, an all powerful being who amounted to little more than words in a silly book.

She should know, she is a Goddess after all.

And yet they continued to sing it. Stopping at every home in their path, knocking on the door and waiting for an answer before beginning the routine all over again. They didn't seem to know or care that the entire neighborhood heard them the first time and now had to listen to them a hundred subsequent times.

Crystal let herself calm down a bit, hearing the voices stop. Maybe their annoying chatter would come to a stop now. Maybe they'd leave and return to their homes and never come back.

A series of knocks on the front door of her home made Crystal sigh heavily.

"Or maybe they'll be visiting me now." She said to herself as she stood and walked to the door.

The door opened and immediately their voices came forth, singing again.

An instant later, the front door was closed, and the singing had stopped.

Crystal considered shrinking them all down and disposing of them in an instant, but she was very much a fan of destroying things she finds annoying in a more mental way. Upon seeing them, she had immediately transformed her own clothing to match theirs, and closed her door before making the entire troupe believe they had just performed.

"Just need to follow them around a bit and I can get a whole lot more than this lot of 4 or 5." Crystal said to herself as the group continued moving.

Unfortunately, it was to yet another house.

Crystal sighed in annoyance. She should have known they would keep going, but she had been so caught up in the prospect of having more worshippers that she didn't stop to think about that fact.

Still, it was a simple fix. A snap of the fingers and just before the door was knocked on, the group made their move again. She opted to follow them, the warmth of the clothes she was bundled up in keeping her comfortable as she did so.

The group stopped in front of another house, shocking Crystal with their relentlessness to sing at every home in the city it seemed. No matter, another simple snap caused the entire troop to suddenly remember they had finished their caroling for the day.

The group trudged through the snowy streets for what seemed like forever before reaching their destination. A large cathedral, covered in snow, with 43 vehicles in the parking.

Crystal had been growing excited as they drew nearer, and followed the group inside, all the way to the chapel, where a man was preaching, his voice intense and driven.

Not that Crystal particularly cared.

She walked right up to the preacher and jerked the microphone out of his hand before knocking him down. She tapped the mic a few times with her finger, and froze the entire crows in their seats with her mind, not bothering to snap her fingers this time.

"Hello." She began calm, and composed. "I just wanted to let all of you know that from this day onward, the church will be relocated, to a much more holy place... underneath the nail on my big toe." She added.

The entire room was quiet. Crystal had made them that way. A declaration like that commonly resulted in panic and loudness among people, and she really didn't want to listen to anything that loud.

Dropping the microphone, she made her way outside of the church and closed her eyes for a second. Upon opening them again, she found an extra large shoe store in its place. Smiling, she figured she may have to do something about the weather if the store convinced her to try something less furry and warm.


Men and women were abandoning their cars in the middle of the streets as they all made their way in the same direction. A group of people were shouting at everyone to stop where they were and follow suit.

A large cathedral had appeared in their city underneath Crystal's toe, and they all felt an incredible urge to go and worship her from it. People flooded into the open doors as ushers welcomed them, shouting at them to go in faster lest they incur Crystal's wrath.

They were near microscopic and had to live the rest of their lives on Crystal's toe, but that doesn't mean that they couldn't find something good in their new existence. This church looked to be exactly what they needed.

"Come now! Everyone is welcome! Come pay worship and tribute to your incredible omnipotent Goddess!" An usher shouted as he watched people flood to the doors from every direction.

Inside, every single person was on their knees offering prayers and worship. Many were weeping at the fact that they had never felt closer to Crystal than they did at the moment, even if they all spent their entire lives on her feet.

The preacher moved to his microphone and shouted to the people gathered, "A Merry Crystalmas To All, and To All a Good Night!"
Fall of Christmas by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Fall of Trysa http://emmagear.deviantart.com/gallery/26526418#/d2f3pxq
"Christmas on a tropical island. I like taking vacations as much as the next person but does it always have to be some fancy island?"

"Honestly Jessica, if you're going to keep whining we should have just left you back in New York where it's dreadfully cold."

"Hmph, probably would've been better if Christmas, you know, FELT like Christmas"

"Hush now, that's just silly talk."

Jessica sighed in defeat. Another hopeless argument she couldn't hope to win against her close minded parents. Sure, being wealthy is great, but does it matter if you never experience new things?

Still, she had her one happy memory. A memory of a vacation, not unlike the one she was currently on. A memory of a tiny civilization discovered behind, of all things, a fake bit of greenery. She had her fun with the micro world and invited her friends to join in ensuring that it was all gone.

For months afterward, she thoroughly checked every patch of trees, every unusual sandbar, even every unusually shaped rock to see if there was any more to the world in miniature she had found, seen, and conquered.

But, a memory is just a memory, and it was beginning to fade as no hint of anything else had made itself apparent, and now she just wanted to return to a normal life and a more traditional Christmas.

Jessica looked out over the bit of rock and small patch of trees at one end of the island. As familiar as it was to her, she had been disappointed far too many times to get her hopes up by checking.

Still, she thought as she lay back onto the soft sand and let the sun beat on her some more. What if this was the one, what if there were only two micro settlements in the world and she had just taken a look at the other?

The soft sand proved to be more comfortable than Jessica believed it would be and she didn't want to leave her comfortable position to pursue something that would likely not be there at all.

Still, part of her brain insisted she check anyway, and Jessica gave in.

Taking off her sunglasses, she stood and walked to the small rock and tree cluster near her sunbathing spot, away from her parents. It didn't take long as she stepped slowly towards the rocks and put her feet down gently, hoping beyond hope that she'd find some crunchy city underfoot.

The hard, unyielding rock confirmed that her hopes were not to be granted this time, and she walked back, annoyed more than anything that she gave in to her base desires.

Arriving back at her towel she lay down and closed her eyes, trying to wipe her memories of this tropical paradise from her mind and forget she had ever come.

Seeing it wasn't working, she stood again and decided she needed to go for a walk. The only thing she knew was that she wanted to be as far away from the rock and tree cluster as she could get. The sand on the opposite end of the looked more firm and far less inviting than where she had just lay.


She stepped onto the firmer sand and almost lost her balance. The ground definitely was forgiving, and crunchier than it seemed. The texture was familiar.

Excited, Jessica leaned back and confirmed her suspicions. Her right foot disappeared in midair, the bit of dirty sand was operating like the patch of trees she had seen a year ago to cover it. Leaning forward revealed another city, not as big as the first but just aas densely populated.

In the incredibly tiny city, panic spread like wildfire as several thousand lives were wiped out in an instant beneath the shapely barefoot of an incredibly massive woman. One man in particular, almost had a heart attack right then and there.

He was the former president of Trysa, the city that had been demolished by a similar attack of a giantess of extraordinary size. He had shamefully fled, bringing with him only the most important people and leaving behind millions to die.

He twisted his story upon arriving in this new city to make himself out to be a hero. Said he had barely escaped with his life and he was angry at himself every day for not being able to save anyone else.

His words had drawn a lot of attention to him and his exploits. He made himself out to be some kind of international hero, and he was revered by many as such. The city of Atlon looked up to this former president in his time of need and supplied him with anything he would ever need. He lived a life of luxury and never received any bit of punishment for his crimes against Trysa and its inhabitants.

Until he found himself between two incredibly huge toes of the same giantess that had conquered his first home.

No amount of cowardice would save him this time. There was absolutely no chance of survival and as the toes clenched together, atomizing everything unfortunate enough to be caught between them, he died with no regrets.

Jessice scrunched and unscrunched her toes in excitement. Another city that would be feeling her wrath, and she couldn't wait to begin. She placed her foot in the middle of a heavily populated area and waited for what seemed like a full minute before all movement between her toes stopped.

Lifting her foot onto the toes, she twisted back and forth, ensuring the deaths of thousands more. There was no feeling like it, and she hoped there'd be many more in her future.

For the citizens of Atlon, a future not unlike Trysa's was rapidly approaching, and they knew it. There would be no time to mobilize any type of escape vessel, the giantess was simply too large to do anything about.

Stomping about nonchalantly, Jessica began to consider apologizing to her parents. If they didn't constantly spend time in vacations like this, she'd never get to experience this again.

Stomping into a densely populated area and actually feeling the people burst beneath her was something she just had to feel again. That much she was sure of.
Family Christmas by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Family Matters http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1789
Kat sat at the edge of the fireplace, looking down at the incredible drop below her. Wanting to prove she could be more independent, she insisted her mother place her there so she could hang up her own Christmas stocking.

She was beginning to regret that decision.

Looking at the fireplace from the safety of her table and actually being up on it with a roll of duct tape in one hand and a stocking in the other was a completely different story.

Slowly she crawled on all fours to the edge and looked over it, confirming her fears that a fall would in fact be fatal. Hands shivering, she grabbed the roll of duct tape and tore off a piece of it. Picking up her stocking, she attached one end to the red white furred portion and looked back to the edge, seeing there was now a huge finger in its place.

Kat smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. Surely with her mother back to help her, she could hang the stocking up and forget this whole ordeal had ever happened.

"Having a little trouble there little sis?"

As relieved as Kat had felt just a moment ago, she could now feel nothing but incredible disappointment. It wasn't her mother's finger being held up, it was the finger of her older sister, Melissa.

Kat had never been too fond of her sister. She viewed Melissa as everything she wasn't. Smarter, prettier, and then there was the whole giantess thing. As the only known person in her family not to be a giantess, she had felt bad enough. But her sister only made things worst growing up, to the point that the day she moved out was one of the best days Kat could ever remember experiencing.

Unfortunately, Melissa was fond of coming home for the holidays. Though Kat had largely matured past a childish hatred, she still didn't like Melissa's presence.

"Wow, is that your stocking Katherine?" Melissa asked. "It's pretty small, I gotta say."

Of course, Melissa did still occasionally love to rub her size into Kat's face.

"Take a look at mine!" Melissa added, excitedly holding up her own giantess-sized stocking with her name embroidered at the top. "It's kinda big, at least in comparison to yours!"

Kat's face grew red at the comment, but she meekly nodded her head in agreement.

"Why, I'd bet you could even fit in it!" Melissa giggled and, holding the stocking up to the edge of the fireplace, nudged Kat in.

Kat fell down the huge red stocking and dropped her own along the way. When she quickly reached the bottom, she readjusted herself and looked up at Melissa's smiling face.

"Wow, both you and your stocking fit pretty well, I must say Katherine. I wonder if I could fit too!" Melissa said as she lowered the stocking.

Having had a bit of experience with this sort of thing after her Aunt's visit last year, Kat prepared herself at the very back of the oddly shaped footwear as her sister's huge toes traveled the length of the stocking, stopping short of Kat's body.

Kat breathed deeply, she assumed it was due to the shape of the stocking over regular footwear, but Melissa's toes were a good deal closer than anyone elses that she's met in this close quarters.

"Wow, looks like I fit too, but these definitely weren't made to be worn." Melissa mused above. "The bottom part is really tight, while the top is extremely loose. It's kinda uncomfortable, I think I need to sit down."

Bringing her stocking covered foot down to the floor, Melissa hobbled away from the fireplace and onto the nearby couch. She felt Kat move around with her movements, eventually getting caught between two of her toes as she hopped onto the couch and propped her feet up on the coffee table.

Millie, Kat's mother walked into the room after the strange noises she had heard and quickly saw Melissa sitting on the couch, wearing a stocking.

"Stop messing around Melissa, and take that stocking off. And don't tease your sister." She said, before returning to the Christmas dinner she was preparing with the Macrosizer her sister had convinced her to get.

"Yeah yeah yeah." Melissa groaned as she grabbed the toe end of the stocking and pulled it off, exposing her foot to the fresh air again.

Kat tumbled down from her space between Melissa's toes and landed back on her ankle, where Melissa had to stifle a laugh.

"You ok there?" She asked. "And where's your stocking?" She followed it up with, not seeing the bright red cloth in Kat's fingers any longer.

Kat stood and dusted herself off before pointing to Melissa's toes.

Grinning, Melissa knew exactly what Kat was saying.

"Well, you'd better get it back! Stocking's not gonna free itself from my toes you know." She laughed as she lay her head back and closed her eyes to rest for a moment.

Kat nodded and began climbing her sister's foot. It was hard, her sisters skin was very smooth and it was difficult to get up high enough to be between her toes.

Though it took a couple minutes, Kat finally reached her destination, and took a seat in the space between Melissa's big and second toe, looking out over the rest of the table from her vantage point.

Turning to make sure Melissa wasn't watching, Kat leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on the huge big toe. She couldn't help it. She'd been in this same situation several months ago, and she'd come back from it learning a few things about herself.

Checking to ensure Melissa still wasn't paying attention, she stretched out the bottom of her shirt and pulled out the red stocking she had hidden there. She'd tell Melissa she had found it between her toes after she got to spend a few more minutes here.
All in the Christmas by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
All in the Mind http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1801
"And... there!" Maggie quietly whispered as she lit a candle on her table, the low light complementing the bright Christmas tree she had set up a few feet away beautifully.

Several months have passed since Maggie was released from rehab for her drug addiction problems, and has since been able to live a relatively normal life, though she still was on medication.

"Oh, I can't wait to see what Santa brings me tonight!" She whispered to herself as she climbed into bed, and made herself comfortable.

Christmas was her favorite time of year, and she was glad that for the first time in many, she'd get to spend it sober, and with some money in her pocket.

Closing her eyes, Maggie thought of sugar plum fairies, candy canes, stockings, mistletoe, and all manner of things her mind could come up with. The smell of freshly baked cookies wafted in from her living room, where she had left a plate of them and a note. Sighing softly, she drifted into sleep so palpably content, she felt as if nothing could take her from this natural high.

Only a moment later, she was roused back into consciousness. The ground was cold and wet, and snowflakes seemed to be falling onto her.

Something wasn't as it should have been.

With a start, Maggie tried to sit up and take note of her surroundings.

She was stuck.

"WHY DID YOU DO IT?!" A deep, gruff voice shouted at her, knocking all other thoughts from her mind.

"D-Do what?" Maggie squeaked, frightened of the loudness and proximity of the voice.

"YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!" The gruff voice growled in response.

Turning her head from side to side, Maggie confirmed her initial thoughts. She was definitely outside now, lying in the snow. She was still in her pajama top and bottom. She was no longer in her room, and there were several tiny creatures surrounding her.


Maggie stopped. Tiny creatures surrounding her? The other things were to be expected but this was something new. Turning her head to the side again she saw several tiny creatures surrounding her, one carrying what looked to be a crudely made megaphone. The creatures were humanoid in appearance, and all wore green coats with a white fur trim and funny shoes that curled at the toe.


A jolt of electricity ran through Maggie, seemingly coming from her restraints and eliciting a scream from her.

"What?! What did I do?!" She shouted at her tiny captors.

"KILL SANTA!!" the gruff voiced creature shouted with such ferocity that Maggie was intimidated, knowing full well the creature was smaller than her thumb.

Then the words sank in.

"S-Santa is, Santa is dead?!" Maggie cried.


Another jolt of electricity ran through her bindings and Maggie began to grow very angry. She had several pet peeves, but chief among them were being accused of things she hadn't done, and being shocked.

"I didn't do it!" Maggie shouted back through griting teeth as she began to struggle, hoping to free herself.


"STOP ACCUSING ME!" Maggie shouted back as loudly as she could, flailing her body wildly about hoping to break her restraints. "I CAN BREAK THESE CORDS!" She added back loudly, more to herself than to the creature she was talking to.


A small snapping sound was heard and the entire crowd of elves froze in place.

Maggie's movements were furioous now, the little snap confirming that she could indeed break the cords and fueling her with the adrenaline she needed.

More of the snaps followed, and Maggie felt her range of movement increase with each one. She smiled at her captors as  they began to run in terror from their much larger captive.

Finally, with a series of snaps so close together they blended into a single smooth sound, Maggie was free. She stood, her bare feet cold in the snow, and watched the elves retreat.

"I DIDN'T KILL SANTA, BUT I CAN'T SAY THE SAME FOR ALL OF YOU!" She angrily shouted and began flattening the minuscule elves under her cold soles, their bodies sinking into her soft sole for a second before crunching.

Only two forceful stomps later, the majority of the elves were dead, pressed into the cold snow by Maggie's feet. One of the few remaining ones had foolishly held onto the megaphone he was shouting into only a few minutes earlier, a fact he now tried to hide by putting his arms behind his back.

"I said I didn't do it, and I didn't do it." Maggie muttered as she lifted a bloodstained sole high above the loud elf. Stretching her toes a bit, she wanted this particular elfs doom to be something more memorable.

"STOP THIS AT ONCE!" A small, feminine voice cried out.

Stopping and looking around, Maggie saw the source. An older woman in a red outfit with white trimmed fur was calling out to Maggie.

"We just want to know WHY you killed my husband. After that you'll be returned to your home.

Quickly doing the mental math required, Maggie surmised that this lady was none other than Mrs. Claus, Santa's wife.

"I didn't do it." Maggie stated simply as she pivoted her foot at the heel and forcefully stomped out Mrs. Claus. She may have been the wife of one of her favorite people ever, but she still accused Maggie of something she hadn't done.

A blood curdling shriek from the ground surprised Maggie as she turned back to the elves who were now screaming as loudly as their deep, guttural voices would allow them too. Around her, the world began to change.

The snow she was standing in melted and gave way to dry, cracked land. The clouds in the sky swirled and gathered together forming a thick black blanket. The elves themselves began to age rapidly, their faces growing old and wrinkled, their clothes fading away. A series of quiet clatters signified the elves having been reduced to skeletons, that then began to crumble to dust as their clothes became nothing more than a few faded tatters.

Maggie killed Christmas.

A bright flash, and the scene melted away as Maggie wiped her eyes free of tears.

She was back in bed, alone again. It was still dark.

Jumping out of bed she ran for her bathroom and retrieved her bottle of Acme No Dream Sleeping Medication, only stopping to make sure Santa was not dead next to her Christmas tree.

He wasn't.
Christmas Minutes by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
10 Minute Story http://emmagear.deviantart.com/gallery/26526418#/d2q3nzb
"And here are the results of your tests..." Mrs. Locke said as she handed out pieces of paper to her students.

With each piece of paper handed out she received a sigh of relief or a small moan of despair. This continued until she reached the farthest back seat in the room, one belonging to a young man named Joey.

Small and scrawny, he had managed to develop a complex of believing he was too good for everything, be it school, friends, or in this case...

"Another failing grade, we'll need to discuss this after class Joey."

Joey was unphased as Mrs. Locke walked past him, handing out more papers to the students around him. So unphased in fact, that after Mrs. Locke's back was facing to him, he did something that would have been suicide with any other teacher.

Extending a single digit from his right hand, he gave Mrs. Locke's shapely rear end a rather forceful poke, as if determined to see if he could drive it in to the knuckle.

Feeling the rather abusive invasion of privacy, she turned and slapped Joey's hand down, her mind having just been made up on how to deal with him.

Some students are worked with to secure a more promising academic future. Others must be dealt with, if only to get them out of the school at the proper age. Mrs. Locke had a feeling Joey had just been knocked over into the third tier. Students who are to be removed from the school.

Though, unlike every other teacher on campus, Mrs. Locke had a rather unorthodox method of dealing with these special troublemakers.

Class continued as normal, and those who witnessed Joey's stunt were in awe that Mrs. Locke had done nothing.

Eventually, as always, class came to an end, the bell ringing loudly as Mrs. Locke smiled and waved the class goodbye, wishing them a happy Christmas break.

Joey joined them, apparently having forgotten about Mrs. Locke's request to see him after class, or possibly not caring. He blended into the crows of more normal sized high schoolers well due to his own short stature, though this proved to be a double edged sword as Mrs. Locke literally picked him up by the back of his shirt from the crowd and held him at face height, giving him a stern stare.

The class filed out and Mrs. Locke walked to the door, closing and locking it before returning to her desk, dropping Joey as she did so.

"Now, Joey, we need to have a talk about your grades."

"Fuck-" Joey began

This was enough for Mrs. Locke. The student was clearly beyond help and she'd make sure he didn't bother anyone else. She slapped Joey on the face fiercely, leaving a bright red handprint as she did so and almost knocking him to the floor.

While it may have looked like she knocked him out with her attack, the truth was much more extraordinary. Having slapped many a student in her day, she only did it when she knew she could get away with it. When the student would not be leaving the room to tell anyone.

Joey began to shrink quickly under Mrs. Locke's gaze. He was unconscious the entire time and wouldn't know what was coming for several minutes.

When the shrinking process was complete, he stood at exactly one inch tall. Being a math teacher, Mrs. Locke had made sure it was an exact measurement everytime. Of course, if it ever fell short or went over, she could just cut the extra length off or try and stretch the body out.

Luckily for Joey, he had shrunk to precisely one inch, leaving Mrs. Locke pleased.

Forcefully flicking him in the head, Mrs. Locke tried to bring him back into consciousness. Though he didn't respond initially, after the fourth flick he did move both of his hands to his forehead, trying to ease the pain on it.

"Oh, looks like you're awake." Mrs. Locke mused overhead.

Joey rolled around quickly and immediately noticed the massive size difference there now was between himself and his teacher. He tried to scoot back on his hands and feet but lost his balance and was again flat on the floor.

"It'd be a shame to just get rid of you now..." She thought aloud, laughing as she noticed his terrified spasm. "So, I think I'll be using you a bit first."

Reaching down she slipped her shoes off from her feet and lay back in her chair. Pushing her feet forward, she presented them to her student as if they were the most important things he would ever see.

"Now, your job is to pay the feet of your ever superior teacher the respect and love they deserve." She announced, waving her feet happily in front of Joey.

Joey was apprehensive. He no longer wanted anything to do with Mrs. Locke, much less her feet, but it didn't seem he had much of a choice. She had given him an order and it looked like he was expected to follow it.

Trudging forward, he placed his hands against the hot skin of her sole and pressed firmly, surprised at felling how much it gave beneath his puny ministrations. He moved his hands about amateurishly and pressed his face into it, hoping he was doing something right.

"You're bad at this." She said rather matter of factly. "Very bad.

Joey redoubled his efforts, slamming his entire body into the sole at once, hoping to make an impact she would deem as good, or at least satisfactory. The only problem is that he grew very tired very quickly with this method, and he stopped to take a break for a few minutes.

"Is that really the best you can do?" His teacher asked above, annoyed at his basic incompetence. "I suppose it wouldln't be a shame to just get rid of you now."

Deep down, Joey wanted to believe that Mrs. Locke wasn't capable of killing him, but when she lowered her foot and pinned him roughly to the floor his confidence was cut in half. His every attempt at movement yielded nothing, and with a quick series of cracking sounds, he lost consciousness.

Mrs. Locke wiped her sole on the carpet once before slipping her shoe back on. On her way out she made sure to turn off the light and lock the door behind her. Not once during her Christmas break did her mind wander to the student she had mercilessly disposed of.
Jamie's Christmas by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Jamie http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1803

Luke, who had been leaning against the outside wall of a home with his eyes closed was jarred into full consciousness with such force he almost fell down.

"LUKE! HAVE YOU SEEN CLARA?!" Jamie, the town giantess, shouted.

"N-No Miss Jamie, No I haven't!" Luke shouted up nervously.

Jamie glared at him suspiciously for a moment, to see if he would crack under the pressure. Though he was visibly sweating, he showed no other signs of lying.

At last, satisfied with his answer, Jamie moved on and continued searching for her dear friend Clara, leaving Luke time to exhale deeply and wipe his brow.

On the other side of their small town, Clara stood in the barn behind her home. Both doors were wide open and there was a rather large ceramic cup inside, with many of the towns men pouring a cream colored liquid into it.

"How's it goin'?" Clara asked happily.

"Jes' 'bout done. No more 'n a minute now before we'll be done and gone." one of the men replied.

"Perfect!" Clara happily said and ran back through the town to find hre best friend, Jamie.

"Clara!" Jamie shouted noticing Clara quickly and running up to her, holding her hands behind her back.

"Jamie!" Clara shouted up. "Your Christmas gift is just about done! Are you ready for it?" Clara asked eagerly.

"Am I ready? Clara I was born more ready 'n you know!" Jamie happily answered. "But firs', I got you somethin' myself. You wan' it now?"

"Aw, you di'nt have to get me anything Jamie, but ok, sure!" Clara whispered back.

With one smooth movement, Jamie brought her hands forward, revealing a rather large tree in her hands. Though it stood roughly fourty feet high, Jamie easily held it as a child would a stick.

"Tada! A black walnut tree! I 'membered how much you you said you liked 'em!" Jamie proudly proclaimed as she set the tree on the ground in front of Clara.

"Oh my, that certainly is a nice tree." Clara exclaimed, taken back by the size of the gift. "I'm sure we can convince Pa an' Luke to help me plant it in our yard!"

"I'm sure it'll look just fine Clara, now what'd you get me?" Jamie asked excitedly.

"It's a surprise, but to get your gift, I need you to count to 100, then go take out what I left for you in the barn behind mah house!" Clara said slyly as she ran back towards her home.

"One... Two... Three..." Jamie began excitedly hopping in place.

Clara returned to her shed quickly as Jamie continued her counting. To her relief, she found it now empty save for the oversized cup in the center. Climbing to the second level of the barn, she positioned herself to the lip of the cup carefully and sat down, careful to keep her balance.

She didn't have to wait long, Jamie quickly reached 100 and was making her way over to the barn with its doors wide open.

"Is that..." Jamie began, seeing the edge of the cup from the outside of the barn. "It is! It's a cup!" Jamie said excitedly while bending over to jerk the cup out from the barn.

Clara hadn't counted on this. She'd expected Jamie to be excited but carefully pull the cup out from the barn before drinking it so she could present the drink to her. Jamie'x excited tugs instead caused Clara to lose her balance and with a small splash, plunge into the creamy depths of the cup.

"Wow, eggnog! I always wanted to try this!" Jamie said excitedly as she brought the cup to her lips and tilted back, letting the liquid falling down her throat.

From inside Clara, watched as the cup was quickly drained and the liquid inside fell past Jamie's big lips. Despite her efforts to swim against the current, she quickly found herself sliding down and into Jamie's oversized mouth.

Jamie felt the small lump go into her mouth and immediately realized what it was after Clara had failed to show up at the barn. She didn't spit Clara out immediately though, she was going to have a bit of fun at Clara's expense first.

Upon draining the cup, Jamie audibly swallowed the liquid and sighed in happiness.  "That was real good, I'ma have to thank Clara next time I see her." She told herself and closed her mouth, ignoring the flailing inside.

Clara was releived at Jamie's words, knowing they meant that she was aware of Clara's presence in her mouth. The thought did little to comfort her as Jamie's thick tongue undulated beneath her, assaulting her face and hair before rolling her about, covering her in thick saliva.

Jamie found a clear spot to sit down in and torment Clara a little more, flipping her about and ensuring she was nice and wet before spitting her back out onto her palm.

"Why hello Clara, fancy meetin' you here." Jamie said cheekily.

"Hmph, well I hope you liked it." Clara said, more relieved than annoyed.

"Oh I loved it. I'm glad you remembered how much I wanted to try some after I wasn't able to, ya know, taste the one glass you gave me." Jamie said, blushing lightly before carrying Clara back to her lips and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah, well, that's what Christmas is for." Clara said, flinching at Jamie's sign of affection. "But you think we can stop at the river and lemme get cleaned up?"

"Ok, we'll head straight there so the little girl can clean herself off." Jamie said teasingly as she began walking.

"Yeah well maybe you can wash your big smelly feet in the river while we're there." Clara shot back as the pair made their way out of town and back to the river they frequently spent time at.
Christmas Ballad by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:

Inspirational Power Ballad http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1807

Also, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp3jda591M4

"It's a big day, wake up Stacy!"

Stacy shook her head lightly in surprise, careful not to move the rest of her body too much.

"It's a big day, I'm sure you remember!" the voice repeated.

Searching her mind for a moment, Stacy remembered what made the day important.

With a shocked start, she sat up quickly drawing a panicked shout from below.

"STACY BE MORE CAREFUL!" it shouted.

Putting her hand behind her head, Stacy smiled awkwardly. She wasn't sure she'd ever get used to the whole, "Being a Giantess" thing.

Still though, after all the damage she had inadvertently caused, she was just glad that society was willing to accept her again, even if she couldn't directly interact with people.

Most of the time anyway.

Today was an exception, it was a day Stacy had looked forward to for weeks now. After her initial growth and apology, she was declared the winner of the talent show, and was offered the chance to sing at the annual Christmas parade, which she accepted gleefully.

Today was that day.

She had been given specific orders not to close her eyes as she sang, and would not be provided with a microphone, as a precaution. Though she thought it was silly, she could understand the regular people not wanting to replicate the conditions under which she first grew.

On her request, she was left alone to get ready for her performance. Clothes had been a difficult issue initially, but she now owned at least 4 different outfits, though today's was special. Custom made to her incredible size, a somewhat revealing Santa outfit would be her clothing for the parade. Included was an enormous, not working microphone that she could use to at least feel like she was still performing like normal.

She got dressed in an instant and made her way to the city limits where a helicopter was waiting. Following its lead, she was releived to find the route she was being given was abandoned, likely to avoid any further accidental deaths.

Stacy got to her place at the very back of the parade, again, far behind any people, as she clasped her fake microphone tightly in her hands. There were many speakers around her, and she was assured her voice would be loud enought to perform without any. Not only that, but her microphone was a fake, wasn't it?

It was happening again, an incredible sense of nervousness and paranoia. Sweat began to bead on her brow as she began to doubt herself again. Sure she was declared winner of the talent competition, but she had to be, she'd probably killed all the others who entered, beneath her toes no less. Then there was the fact that this was her first performance as a giantess, and only her second total.

"STACY!" The mayor's voice called out almost shocking Stacy into unconsciousness.

"You're nervous! I can tell! Don't worry, we've got something to help ease your nervousness!" He called out confidently. "PREPARE THE SURPRISE!' He screamed into his megaphone.

Another helicopter flew up to Stacy's face as a man, clad in several buckles to ensure his safety, hung out the side with a microphone.

Stacy almost fell back in shock, but managed to keep her composure until she was entirely sure. The man tapped his microphone, and the speakers at ground level came to life, magnifying it several thousand times.

"Hello Stacy. My name is Stan Bush-"

Stacy almost fainted right then.

"-But I've been told you already know who I am." He continued, happily noting her reaction. "The song you're going to sing today, well, you won't be singing it alone."

Stacy was no longer nervous. She was the furthest thing from nervous you could ever be. She had just experienced nirvana while on Cloud 9. She was curing cancer and bringing about world peace. She wasn't nervous. She wasn't paranoid. She had stopped sweating. She was ready, willing, and prepared to sing.

Nodding to the helicopters, the one containing the mayor flew off while the one with Stan Bush stayed nearby. Though she tried her hardest, Stacy utterly failed at containing an incredible smile at the turn of events. This would definitely be going down as her favorite Christmas of all time.

The parade began moving, as music started to play from the speakers lined up across several buildings. Stacy gave a glance to the helicopter again, and she received an encouraging thumbs up.

The music below swelled, and Stacy brought the microphone to her lips, trying to do it the same way Stan had. So focused was she on copying Stan's style that she almost missed the beginning of the song.


At the exact same moment, both she and Stan sang into their microphones. Though the song picked was not one by Stan Bush, he sang it well, leaving Stacy in awe the entire time, to the point where she found it difficult to concentrate on singing herself.

"And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory!" The two sang in unison, moving the parade-goers and anyone at home watching the spectacle, to tears.

The song, unfortunately, came an end all too soon, but it left everyone thoroughly inspired. Before the two could bring their microphones down though, the music started again.

The world wanted an encore, and they were more than happy to deliver it.

"Sweeeeet, sweeeeet, sweet victory, yeah!" They sang as Stacy's nails grew white and dented her microphone she was gripping it so tightly.
Christmas Business by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
The Family Business http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1808
It's Christmas.

Whoopdee fuckin' do.

No, I'm kiddin', see. I fuckin' love Christmas.

Or, I would love it, but certain fuckheads seem to be out to stop me from ever having a good Christmas.

Figured it out yet?

Yeah, my fuckin' dad. Again.

I feel like I always talk about him which may lead someone to think I actually, you know, give a shit.

But it's like stepping in a pile of shit. Just having it close makes you want to kill something, and it smells bad too. Then it's all you can talk about to your friends, Oh I stepped in a pile of shit this morning and this and that.

But, anyway. It's fuckin' Christmas, and I'm hangin out here with my dad., though it was probably less hangin out and more trying not to kill each other.

See, I had picked up this real nice Christmas tree earlier in the day, and I was decoratin' it up, real nice-like. It was god damn beautiful, a fuckin work of art. You ain't never seen a tree like this one and you probably never will.

That's how good it was.

So, my stupid dad comes in he says to me, he says.

"What tha fuck do you think ya doin' Celia? This is Christmas, don't use the god damn clear ornaments, use the fancy glass ones! Sheesh!" he says.

Now, I had both sets of ornaments out, not cause I wanted to just look at 'em like some kinda moron, but cause I planned on fuckin' usin' both.


So I tell him, "Why the fuck do you give a shit about how I decorate my tree?"

And of course, this sets him off.

"Oh it's your tree now is it? All that I do for you and now you're takin the tree too? Ya ungrateful bitch."

He said that last part quietly, thought I didn't hear.

"Oh by the way, me and the boys are gonna be spending Christmas at my place this year, so you'll need to behave."

Now, lemme explain somethin' first. "The boys" that he's referring to are his buddies in organized crime. A lowlife gang of thugs that I've wanted to off myself on several occasions after a certain incident in which I was forced to spend some other holiday hidin the body of some guy they felt just had to die.

And he says I'M the one who needs to behave.

So, bein the modern, upstart woman I am, I give him my opinion on the matter. I tell him fuck no. Then he pulls the whole, no ifs ands or buts about it. Like that shit really applies to anything anymore.

But, I can tell he doesn't wanna give up on this point, so I decide it's time to do some negotiatin'. You know, make him an offer he can't refuse.

So I tell him, look, you can bring your shitty friends over, under the condition that I get to bring some of my friends over.

"Are they boys?"

Are they boys, he says. Fuckin' idiot still treating me like a defenseless child.

"What the fuck does it matter, do you agree or not." I yell back at him.

"Ok, fine." He says, giving up quickly like he always does. "But if they get in our way, you're in big trouble."

Like he could do anything to me if he even tried.

So, it's Christmas Eve. Much as I wanted to invite a whole bunch of guys to spite my father,  I don't. Mainly cause my best friends are all girls. Isabella, Tina, and Anjelica.

Now, this is where all the shit began. See, I didn't know it at the time, but it turns out Isabella's dad is also in this whole organized crime bullshit. Problem is, he's not exactly friendly with the boys and my dad.

But as shitty a father as he is, my dad wouldn't dare pull anything off around me.

Problem is, he wasn't the only one in the house that night. He and the boys were in the kitchen, smoking up a thick cloud of smoke while me and my friends just sat in front of the TV and talked about stuff.

Somehow, Isabella's father is mentioned, and the fact that Isabella isn't 10 feet away from them comes up. Next thing I know, one of the boys comes up with a gun and presses it into the back of her head.

Isabella's lucky I was there, I've got pretty fast reflexes, see, so I was able to pull the gun away at the last second. Problem was I wasn't able to stop it from being fired, right into my tit.

I'd always heard gunshots are supposed to be life threatening, but I've long discovered I'm not like normal people. I've got all these strange powers, and one of them that I've always been curious about but never been able to test was if I could take a bullet.

Turns out, yes, yes I can.

So now I'm super fuckin' pissed, and I break this guys gun in half and shrink him. It was all over in like a second. I tell my friends to have fun with him, but not to break him while I disappear for a second.

Now while I wasn't there, Isabella told me that they stepped all over that guy for fun. Strange but that's the first thing I did when encountered with a shrunken guy too, maybe it's just natural or somethin'.

Fuck if I know.

So they're over there rubbing their feet all over this guy and breakin' some bones and I go pay a visit to the boys who are all now lookin at me pretty wide eyed, but I'm more pissed than anything so I shrink them all at once, except for my father, who I still can't affect for whatever reason. So instead I lie and say I spared him but he's not allowed back in the house.

Bein' a coward, he splits. Naturally.

So I come back to my friends, with a handful of scared criminals and without even breakin up my movements, I step on the guy I told them to play with. He would've been no match for me at all beforehand, but now that he was as small as he was, he should be lucky I only smashed him under a bare foot, and not under some chunky boots or someth.g

So, I divide the boys evenly amongst us, and we all go to the tree, pulling off the clear glass ornaments my dad had said were shitty.

And then, we stuffed them inside, letting them rot for all I care as they're stuck on a tree.

So that's what happened on Christmas, but that's not the biggest reason I'm upset. See, my father came back, begging to be allowed and I caved, letting him in.

Things are back to how they were before,  and in this case that's anything but good.

Still, getting to kill off the boys made for a pretty awkward first week back.

Awkward for him that is. Hilarious for me.
Light Up the Christmas by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Light Up the Night http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=1853
"So, everything in order?" Ginger asked.

"Looks to be." Charlette replied simply. "The brewery providing us with the drinks is stationed just outside of Glitzville."

"Whoa man, like, Glitzville? I've like, always wanted to go there, man." January said excitedly.

"Yeah well too bad, part of the agreement is that we just have our drinks and stay out of the city." Ginger ordered, glaring fiercely at January.

"Aw come on man, you know you like, want to!' January replied slyly.

"Absolutely not." Charlette added, stepping towards January. "I won't have you intentionally breaking any agreements we've made.

"Hmph, way to be no fun Charlie." January pouted.

"Yeah yeah yeah, look, the sun is setting and I don't plan on letting a couple hundred extra feet in height stop our annual drinking til midnight plans." Ginger said as she began walking, pausing to hit January in the back of the head.

It had been only a few months since the insane growth of the girl group once known as SSS Rank. After waking up at a monstrous size the titanic trio proceeded to bring an entire city to it's knees before resting for a nap.

Waking up, not any bit smaller than when they had gone to sleep had initially caused a panic,  not only by the regular sized citizens, but by the girls as well. By this time the army had moved in and was preparing to strike, but a helicopter quickly flew to meet them, where the entire situation was explained.

During the following weeks, the girls had several discussions with each other and local leaders about what would be done. January, showing a bit of intelligence for once  proved to be instrumental in ensuring the girls came out on the upper hand.

The final declaration was a simple one. The giantess trio would make relatively few demands of the "weaker species", a term that January coined much to Charlette's dismay, and the three would not intentionally step within cities. Anyone outside of cities were on their own as far as not being trod on.

"This the place?" Ginger asked, looking down on a brewery outside of the well lit city.

"Definitely." Charlette said, noting the big sign in the front.

"Whoa man, you might say it's like, a micro-brewery!" January laughed as Ginger sighed and Charlette stifled a giggle.

"Whatever, I'm assuming these are the drinks then?" Ginger asked, just noticing that three of the huge silos had their tops removed, showing off the fact that they were filled to the brim with a foamy, amber liquid.

"I'd assume that's right." Charlette confirmed.

"Well girls, let's drink up! To us, to Christmas, and to the fact that if anything was done to spike these drinks everyone is fucking dead, starting with this brewery." Ginger said, directing the last bit to the brewery itself as she cheerfully as pulled the silo from the ground, it being the size of a small glass in comparison.

"To a new year, and the fact that everyone is able to deal with us now!" Charlette said, following suit as she picked up a silo for herself.

"To alcohol, man!" January said, pulling up the last one and bumping it into Charlette and Ginger's drinks before the trio drank it all at once.

"That was fucking awful." Ginger said as she finished off her cup and licked her lips.

"There's no denying that..." Charlette said as she made a clearly displeased face

"A beer is a beer, man!" January said, licking her lips after draining her own cup.

It didn't take long before the girls felt the effects of the drinks. Though it was a relatively small amount, it was still a tremendous amount of alcohol being consumed at once, and enough to make even the experienced drinker January a bit tipsy.

"Man, that city looks really pretty on Christmas night." Ginger said quietly, the lights blurring.

"Yeah, what do you say we pay it a visit?" Charlette asked, giggling as she did so.

"Now like, there's an idea I can get behind Charlie." January added, falling over as she tried to stand.

"W-wait, aren't we supposed to not go into the city or something? I remember saying something about it a minute ago or something..." Ginger slurred.

Looking deep in thought, Charlette tried to remember before lifting a finger and opening her eyes wide.

"That's right, I remember! You promised to break the brewery before going into the city!"

"O-Oh yeah." Ginger smiled as she slipped her shoes off. "You know I do miss stepping on things barefoot, that was really fun." She said as she drunkenkly stumbled to the brewery and brought her shapely soles onto the building. Though she missed several times initially, her sixth attempt landed directly in the center of the building, her sole and toes flattening everythin in it.

"There, now lets go look at that city!"

"Ok." Charlette and January said at once, though January did add a "man" to the end.

Glitzville was a fairly large city that looked much like a smaller Las Vegas or Fortune City. At night it lit up brilliantly and the tourism committee claimed it was visible from space.

For three drunk giantesses though, it resembled a neon playground more than anything.

Ginger stepped up to the city limits before realizing Charlette and January were no longer behind her. Stumbling about she quickly finds January standing over a knee high building, looking down on it.

"WhaaaaaWhat are you doing January?" Ginger asked with a goofy smile.

"Wha-Oh hey Ginny." January  answered. "I was just noticing that someone left us another drink here, do you like, mind if I have it?"she asked genuinely.

"Huh? Yeah sure go ahead..." Ginger said.

"Thanks man." January said as she bent down and ripped the top of a building off.

It was no drink however, rather, it was a rooftop swimming pool with all kinds of neon lighting under the water, making it light up like a tasty, fruity drink, just the kind January had been craving. As she simply tossed the entire thing into her mouth, the people in the pool found themselves unable to stop a trip down January's gullet. The pool water forced them back into the wet chasm and doomed them all.

"Aw man, that drink wasn't very good..." January pouted.

"H-Hey, don't worrrrr-worry about it Januawy!" Gin tried to say. "But I'm getin prrrrpretty tired, let's go find Sharlie and take a nap."

"No problem man, Charlie wen't like-" January stopped to hiccup. "Like over there man."

The duo found Charlette sitting down in the city, indian style with a building inbetween her legs. On closer inspection they saw many crude neon woman, proportioned in ways that weren't humanly possible, and a recurring motif of three large X's.

"Hey Charlie, what are you like, doing?" January managed to say without hiccuping.

"Hm?" Charlette asked, looking up sadly looked up at her two friends and sighed. "Oh, just looking at... this... club." She said.

"What's wrong Charlette?" Ginger asked, not slurring remarkably.

"It's, it's just that. I always feel so inadequate next to you guys.  I mean, I'm the shortest of us and am smaller in every other way too! Seeing this club reminded me of how big you are in the, well, in the boobs..." Charlette explained.

"Well that's just, like, stupid!" January said, seemingly annoyed.

"What?" Charlette asked again.

"Look at you Charlie! Sure you're smaller than me and Ginger, but now you're the third biggest girl in the entire world, any girl in that building would give anything to have boobs as big as yours!" January said as she reached down and forcefully ripped the building from its foundations.

All the lights went off instantly as January held the building up to Charlette's chest, comparing the size.

"There, see. Your boobs are totally bigger, isn't that right Ginny?" January asked as she turned and found Ginger not even looking at them.

"Yo! Ginny! This is like, important man!"

Ginger turned to face her two friends and smiled.

"I love you guys." She said genuinely and grabbed both Charlette and Ginger, hugging them close to her, demolishing the club between their three chests at once.
Christmas Date by Emma Gear
Author's Notes:
Expiration Date
Little more than a month has passed since the world changing events on all hallow's eve and the day of the dead created an unstoppable, unfeeling monster. Things grew from bad to worst after an attempt at her life only gave her the one thing she was missing.


Not the kind, loving, or even empathetic human kind of sentience, but a hateful, destructive kind. A kind intent on wiping out all life it comes across.

Weapons had long proven to be no match for such a monster. As if to make things worst, her movements were erratic, never going in the same direction for too long

The cities destroyed were usually large, impressive achievements of all that mankind had come to accomplish since the world began. But after a visit from the monster, only despair was left. People were unable to evacuate in time, leaving them vulnerable and helpless among packed streets and traffic jams.

The people she killed who were still intact would become a horrendous blue toned zombie creature. One would think that the monster would have an incredibly massive number of these at her disposal, but the zombies were more than willing to sacrifice their own lives so the giantess zombie can have a place to sit down, or step more comfortably.

Thousands at once could be lost in this method, so though she still has many, the number has largely plateaud.

Still, life as an unstoppable monster could occasionally get boring for Chloe, so she made herself a promise.

"The next city we come across is mine." She told her miniature companions as she wandered around the countryside, looking for something fun to destroy

The walk was long and fruitless for quite some time before, in the far distance, Chloe caught sight of a few homes that she figured would be the outskirts of a city. Breaking into a massive run, her zombie friends fell far behind but continued after her.

Reaching the first of the homes, Chloe crushed it into little more than a stack of splinters beneath a huge foot. She twisted her foot in the remains for a short while, enjoying the feeling that had eluded her for awhile now.

Examining her surroundings, Chloe quickly found the city these homes lie on the outside of. It was rather small, but anything is better than nothing. Chloe stomped into the heart of the city, and just stood in the streets to bask in the terror her presence alone inspired in people.

It didn't take Chloe long to realize there was no one in the city. No people to run from her in fear, cursing her. No people to flatten pleasantly underfoot. No people to eat as a sort of midday snack. No people to make into perfectly obedient followers.

It was the first town that had managed to evacuate before she could reach it. She hadn't thought it was possible, that people as a whole were too slow and disorganized to pull off an evacuation before she could reach them.

Looking up at the sky, Chloe screamed in rage at her moment of happiness being taken away by selfish people.

She would find them, and they would pay. She knew that much. They weren't going to survive past the day.

The small city was surrounded by several small mountains, and it was in a rather large cave in one of these mountains that the city had been living ever since Chloe had been spotted in their state. They led comfortable lives, certain that if Chloe did visit their town, she'd be content with just destroying it and moving on.

In an effort to keep morale up and not lose hope, several of the men had volunteered to gather a tree to decorate their cavern with. It was almost Christmas and last the lone radio they depended on had reported, she was still in the area.

The tree was decorated crudely, done using only scrap bits of cloth and things they could spare or could no longer be used. There were no lights, or presents under the tree. Still, somehow its presence in the cave was reaffirming to the survivors. It reminded them that they were still alive, and any day now, they'd get to go back home and experience the real holiday.

That was their thought, their mindset, right up until the point where a single, enormous toe thrust itself intio their cave, immediately crushing a good portion of the refugees into bloody smears.

Panic overcame everyone instantly. How they were discovered, they didn't know, but they began running in every direction from what looked like inevitable death. The toe wiggled about a bit, catching a few more people as it did so, but more importantly, it made the cave opening a little bit bigger.

The toe withdrew and was replaced by two long, thin fingers that forced their way into the same hole and pulled up roughly. The sides of the cave collapsed and fell apart while making the opening even wider under the giantess's incredible strength.

Then, an entire hand thrust itself into the cave, grabbing at anything it felt. The end result was a handful of terrified people screaming for mercy in Chloe's hand. But mercy was not a thing she could quite comprehend as she let the people rain from her palm and down her throat in one smooth motion.

Intent on getting them all, Chloe began to kick at the sides of the mountain, hoping to cause some damage however deep the caves went. A few strong kicks were all it took before she heard the collapsing of rocks from inside.

And with that, came a stream of humanity so condensed that Chloe had trouble figuring out how she wanted to get rid of them first. She scooped up a double handful and let the groups soak in her mouth for awhile, enjoying their taste for a minute before swallowing and presenting her empty mouth to the people below.

Making use of her feet again, she stuffed one entirely into the hole, and felt the simultaneous crushing of at least a hundred innocent lives. Many more were between her toes, making every effort to escape they could but she simply waved her foot about to dispose of them too.

Chloe had more fun with the concentrated stream of people than she had in a long time. When all was said and done and her zombie companions were just reaching her, she lie down on them to rest for a moment.

"When it's Christmas, it's Christmas. For everyone. And that's the best gift I've ever received." Chloe said casually as she waved her bloody feet back and forth against the mountain.
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