Day to Day by Emma Gear
Summary: Done as a commission!

This story basically chronicles the day to day of a giantess. As the Editor in Chief of a popular fashion magazine, what sort of people she has to deal with, and her relationship with her husband.

It's probably better than it sounds.
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1. The Secretary's Distraction by Emma Gear

2. Problems with A New Hire by Emma Gear

3. Meeting Keira by Emma Gear

4. No Mercy for the Unfaithful by Emma Gear

5. The Board's Problem by Emma Gear

6. An Unexpected Visitor by Emma Gear

7. Further Infidelity by Emma Gear

8. Termination by Emma Gear

9. There's Gonna Be Some Changes Around Here by Emma Gear

The Secretary's Distraction by Emma Gear
Lauren sat and stared at her computer monitor in silence. To the average observer the lightly tanned brown-haired woman looked to be lost in her thoughts, but a second glance would prove otherwise. With eyes glazed over and a bit of drool hanging from her lips, she looked more like she was falling asleep than working.

Being the Editor in Chief of the nation's most popular fashion magazine meant she had quite a bit to do daily, but she certainly wasn't showing it at the moment. With her hands in her lap she simply stared at her computer monitor, unmoving, unchanging. The documents on screen remained unprocessed, and she made the faintest movement in her seat to readjust herself..

Suddenly jerking to life, she seemed to realize she wasn't doing any work, and raised both her hands to the keyboard. Her fingers shook, and she exhaled deeply, as if moving her hands had taken a tremendous amount of strength and willpower.

Groaning, she lay her shaking fingers on the keyboard, and made an attempt at typing. The mass of jumbled letters in no way resembled a word, and Lauren cursed aloud. It wasn't her fault that she was so distracted right now, it was all thanks to her secretary, Bridget. The woman was small and thin, in stark contrast to Lauren's slightly thicker, curvier body. Thin as she was though, Bridget was able to complete any task she set her mind to, and could have brought Lauren to her knees were she standing. Either way, it meant that it was impossible for any work to get done.

Exhaling pleasurably, Lauren hiked her skirt up a few inches, and pat the front of her black lacy panties. A minuscule figure could be seen beneath the fabric, moving about, and it redoubled its efforts as her huge fingers tapped its form.

“Keep going.” Lauren whispered, surprising herself with how needy she sounded. “I'll just... I'll just take a break.” She added inhaling deeply and moving her hands up to her round, sizable breasts. She was the Editor in Chief after all, and who was going to complain to her if she failed to meet her own deadline by a few hours?

Laying back in her seat, Lauren kicked her feet up onto her desk, the movement forcefully squeezing the tiny lump in her panties tighter. The sensation was delightful, and it sent a pleased shiver through her spine and down to her toes. There was little in life that Lauren enjoyed more than her alone time with Bridget, and her mind began to wander as she lost herself to the tingles emanating from between her legs.

Bridget was good. Very good. Lauren had a knack for wearing out her secretaries early, but little spirited Bridget had the stamina of an Olympian! Even Lauren could be impressed by her feats of athleticism, and she'd grown to become close friends with the little girl over the years.

Well, the term “little” may have been a bit misleading. Bridget was not little. The girl may have been cute as a button, but the spirited brunette stood just a touch over six feet tall. It was Lauren who was much, much bigger than Bridget, and the majority of humanity as a whole

Lauren was a giantess, a bit of an oddity in the world. Having been born to a small, middle class family, she'd outgrown her parents by her first birthday, and continued to increase in size steadily as she grew older. Eventually, Lauren had topped off at her current height of 257 feet, which among other giantesses, was merely average. Still, it tickled her to no end that Bridget, an abnormally tall woman among her own kind, was small enough to be slipped into Lauren's panties effortlessly.

Even Lauren's husband, a thick, powerfully built man that stood even taller than Bridget was but a mere speck in her presence. Smiling, she silently wished that her husband could've been in Bridget’s place right now, but knew he had work at home to take care of, as his giantess wife made enough for the two of them.

Suddenly squirming in her chair, Lauren began to breathe harder. James, her husband, was aware of her relationship with Bridget, and all of her previous secretaries. When asked about it, Lauren simply admitted she didn't believe what she did to be cheating, as it wasn't with a man, and, really, given the vast size difference, could what she and Bridget did really be called sex?

Gasping, Lauren was snapped out of her thoughts and she squeezed her legs together, tightening her hold on her little secretary as her fingers clenched around her soft breasts. She bit her bottom lip in an attempt to silence herself, but it certainly didn't make the feelings any less pleasurable.

Finally, after nearly a full minute of writhing, Lauren exhaled, not even realizing she'd been holding her breath. Her mind began to swim in pleasurable thoughts as the waves of sensual delight caressed her body. She wondered what it would be like if both Bridget and James pleased her at the same time? It was an entertaining thought, and she clenched her vaginal muscles together at the thought, squeezing her little occupant a final time.

Reaching a hand into her sticky panties, Lauren extracted a tiny, soaking woman. She was smiling at the giantess who had her pinched between two fingers, and waved delightfully through the muck. Lauren waved back with her other hand, and carried the tiny Bridget to an equally tiny bathtub in the corner of her vast office.

Dumping the naked woman into the tub, Lauren quickly rinsed her own hands before wobbling back to her seat to give Bridget some privacy. She knew she really should get back to work, but as she sank into her soft, leather chair, she basked in the afterglow a moment longer.

Hearing a tiny, faint shout, Lauren opened one eye lazily. Confirming it was coming from the shower, she scooped Bridget's tiny, discarded clothing from the top of her desk and carried it to the naked woman. A minute later, she was dressed again, and Lauren smiled, offering her hand. The tiny Bridget stepped onto the soft palm, and Lauren carried the girl to a small, human-sized door that was carved about waist high into her office's wall.

Bridget gingerly stepped off the giantess and onto the small platform outside of the office's human exit. The rest of the room was built to a giantess's scale, as procedures to grow non-living material had been developed over time to allow a giantess to become acclimated to normal society. The rest of the office building was equally large, though all the actual offices lined the edges of the building, so a giantess could walk around comfortably inside.

“Now get back to work sweetie!” Lauren laughed, lightly shoving shoving the little girl with a finger. Though nearly knocked off her feet, Bridget nimbly recovered, and waved goodbye to the giantess as she stepped through the door. Smiling widely, Lauren walked back to her desk and sat down in the soft chair. Her smile melted from her face as she was greeted with all the outstanding work she had to do, and she began to regret spending time with Bridget.
Problems with A New Hire by Emma Gear
The rest of the afternoon flew by, and things were relatively quiet, an all-too strange occurrence given her job. Lauren wasn't used to peace. She was used to some uppity model exploding into her office and demanding to speak to her over her pay, a shoot, or something equally asinine. Lauren usually handled such matters by slipping her shoes off and plopping her bare feet directly in front of the tiny, angry models. It took a varying amount of time, but they always gave up upon realizing they were being ignored.

“Excuse me! I need to speak with you about something!”

Lauren's ears perked up. She'd installed tiny microphones at the tiny doorway to her office so people could get her attention in the event she hadn't noticed their tiny bodies waiting for her. She'd regretted it almost immediately after, when realizing just how common it was for her work to be interrupted by her employees.

“This is important!”

Sighing, Lauren stood and walked to the platform jutting out from her wall, and squinted at the tiny whining girl. She wanted to simply push her back outside of the tiny door and leave her be, but knew it would be better to at least hear her out. Who knows, maybe this was the one in a thousand case that actually required her intervention.

“Yes?” Lauren asked loudly, her voice booming around the entire room, as she stood over the tiny, flinching girl. Not many of her features could be made out from this height, but Lauren was glad to see that even though she herself was nearly double the tiny model's age, and not quite as rail thin, she still compared favorably. It was a point of pride to her, and there were few things she enjoyed more than using her huge, gorgeous body to intimidate her tiny, scared models into subservience.

“Well?” Lauren asked again, folding her arms over her chest. She really did want to know what the little girl wanted, but honestly couldn't resist flaunting her extreme size. She wondered what the view must have been like for that little girl, staring up at her towering boss, and she giggled, realizing that her face would have been completely obscured behind her prodigious chest.

“I-It's the new girl!” The shivering model suddenly shouted.

“New girl?” Lauren asked, raising an eyebrow. She was hiring models all the time, and hadn't the foggiest idea who the tiny woman could be talking about. There was a new girl every minute!


Lauren searched her mind for the name. Keira? It wasn't ringing any bells. She'd never admit it out loud, but many of Lauren's picks for models were based off of the person's previous works and their head shots. Names just weren't something she focused on, and honestly found little reason to learn.

“Oh, right. Keira.” Lauren nodded knowingly. She may have been lying through her teeth, but admitting that she had no idea who the girl was talking about would have been a sign of weakness. She may be many things to her subordinates, but she wouldn't allow weak to be one of them.

“She's... she's...” The girl began, choking up slightly.

Lauren raised an eyebrow. Normally model squabbles were over idiotic things. Water not being shared, clothes not fitting properly, things like that. She couldn't even remember a time when a model came up to her in tears, and she couldn't help but feel a pang of sympathy for the little woman.

“She...?” Lauren asked, focusing on keeping a calm, neutral demeanor.

“She made us kiss her feet!” The tiny model said, before breaking down into tears. “It was awful! Please, you have to fire her!”

Lauren eyed the tiny model far, far below her. She'd never dealt with something quite like this before. While the occasional new hire who was too big for her britches demanded her attention, it was nothing a bit of sheer intimidation couldn't cure. The average uppity model had only ever made demands too high though, and never forced her co-workers to worship her feet.

Looking down at her own pretty feet, Lauren wiggled her bare toes. She'd taken good care of her feet, and she smiled at the thought of a tiny bikini-clad model begging for forgiveness under her toes. It'd be a learning experience for the both of them.

“Alright, I'll have a talk with her. Don't worry...” Lauren said, trailing off as she realized she didn't know this model's name either. “Don't... don't worry... you.” She said, smiling weakly, and hoping the girl didn't notice.

“Thank you.” The small girl choked out between sobs.

With that, the tiny girl turned around and, wiping her face clean of tears, opened the tiny door in the wall. Lauren watched her leave, and waited for the door to close before sighing heavily. Walking back to her desk she sat in the chair heavily, and tapped a button situated beneath a speaker on her desk.

“Yes Miss Sinclair?” A voice crackled through the speaker a second later.

“Two things Bridget, first, stop calling me Miss Sinclair. Second, I'm going to need you to call a Miss 'Keira' to my office.” Lauren asked sweetly.

“Just a moment!” Bridget responded. A long, uncomfortable silence followed, before the scratchy sound came back on. “By the way, the name you're looking for is Flynn, Lauren. Keira Flynn, and she was hired just this month.” Bridget chided.

“Yeah yeah yeah, just call her in.” Lauren said, glad no one was around to see her face turn red.

“I'm sorry, but Keira left about an hour ago Lauren. I can have her come visit you first thing tomorrow though!” Bridget offered apologetically.

“Oh I suppose that'll be fine.” Lauren sighed. She was disappointed that she wouldn't get to put a tiny person in their place today, but there was nothing she could do about that. “One more thing Bridget, back sass me again and you're in big trouble.” She teased.

“Oh I'm sooo scared Miss Sinclair” Bridget answered flirtingly. “You're welcome, by the way. Goodbye.”
Meeting Keira by Emma Gear
Thankfully there wasn't much left of the day, and the entire building was empty in roughly an hour. Always the last one out, Lauren was careful that she didn't intentionally hurt, or break anything belonging to or made up of her employees. The walk home was short, as all the giantes-sized buildings were built in the same section of town, ensuring as few people as possible found themselves in a potentially dangerous position.

“I'm home.” Lauren said, opening the front door to her home and flicking the light switch on. Her husband, already in a tiny bed on top of her dresser, stirred at the sound of her entrance. A long, winding staircase ran up the side of the building sized piece of furniture, which helped to keep the tiny man in shape.

“Oh now you're too tired to keep me company?” She asked her tiny husband, disappointed.

“I'm sorry honey, I'll make it up to you tomorrow.” James yawned, before curling back up into bed.

Lauren frowned. Having her way with her tiny husband had been part of her after work schedule every day for years, but these past few weeks he was always too tired to play with her. She could have forced him to service her anyway, but she didn't want to injure the man. At least, she didn't think she did.

“Ok sweetie. I'll see you tomorrow.” She said, the disappointment evident in her voice.

There was no response.

Shaking her head, she flicked the lights back off, before climbing into the tremendous bed that the dresser stood beside. She feared she was drifting apart from her husband, and was hoping it wasn't her size, or something she couldn't help that was causing it. Her mind briefly wandered to more terrible thoughts, but she shook them away. There was no way that James was being unfaithful.

Hours later, the sun was beginning to rise, and James was already gone. He liked to do his daily shopping early, so it wasn't out of the ordinary for him to be gone, but it still saddened Lauren's morning. With a sad, heavy sigh, she went through her daily rituals before work, and stepped outside of her house. The morning traffic was light, and she gingerly maneuvered her big feet through the giantess lane, making sure she didn't accidentally step onto the much softer, and more yielding tarmac of the tiny lanes.

A minute later, she stepped into her office, closing the door behind her. Slipping her shoes off, she wondered if there was some sort of grand gesture she could make to get her husband as eager to see her as she was to see him.


Nearly falling back from the sudden voice, Lauren turned and followed it to the wall, quickly spotting her tiny husband. Floating just over his head was a minuscule heart shaped balloon. She had no idea what he was here for, but was happy to see more of him, a fact she made no effort to hide.

Plucking him from his standing spot, she pressed the tiny man into her massive chest, hugging him as tightly as she dared. She could feel his flailing limbs try to break free of the hold, but she was so deeply into the moment that she ignored it.

“Why are you here?” Lauren asked through a wide smile, keeping him pressed against her chest.

The faintest muffled whisper of a voice could be felt against her skin, and she laughed, knowing he was trying to speak. Easing up on the pressure, she carefully raised him to her face in her cupped hands.

“I... I just...” James began, gasping for air. “I just wanted to pay a visit to my favorite giantess!” He finally managed to say, taking in more lungfuls of oxygen.

“Oh... that's so sweet!” Lauren said, before lowering her face to her palms. She could see that James was trying to make another run for it, but she followed him slowly, pursing her lips for a huge, wet kiss.

Her lips pressed into the man, covering most of his body and pressing him between them and the soft skin of her palms. Though he was happily married to a giantess, there were some things James was certain he'd never grow accustomed to, and kissing was one of them. It was never as pleasant an experience for his tiny body as it was for her own. His entire body would be enveloped in soft skin, which began nice, but the pressure would increase until it was airtight, and a desperate quest for air. Instead of giving him any air, she'd just part her lips, and press her wet tongue against his body. It was all too clear that she'd never kissed someone her own size, and he suspected she was picking up all her moves from romantic movies. While he appreciated the gesture, it simply didn't translate with their size difference, and his body was always left coated in a translucent layer of warm saliva.

Finally removing her lips from her sticky husband, Lauren giggled at his soaking wet appearance. Her saliva flowed over his body slowly, and she struggled not to laugh as he struggled to remove the thick, cloying liquid from around his nose and mouth. He was just so cute when he needed air!

“Well, you can watch me work from the top of my desk!” She said, picking her wet husband up nonchalantly and carrying him to her desk. “I think you'll like this, my first order of business is a matter of... discipline.” Lauren said mischievously.

He'd never admit it to his wife, but had a feeling she knew anyway. Watching Lauren abuse the power she'd been granted, both physically and financially was the sort of thing he loved to watch. He knew she'd never seriously injure anyone, but she certainly would take them for a ride.

“Miss Sinclair?”

“Yes Bridget?” Lauren asked with a sigh, tapping the button on her desk, and rubbing her other finger along her husband's tiny head.

“Keira Flynn is ready to see you.”

“Send her in.” Lauren chirped, before kicking her feet up onto her desk. Her feet were her most commonly used intimidation tactic. They were huge, powerful, and displaying them so brazenly would unnerve any normal-sized person. After all, she was above them in not only position, but she could fit a dozen of them under her lowest body part!

Then, an entirely unfamiliar sound echoed through the office. Someone was turning open the door that she entered her office with! Lauren's confidence plummeted in an instant. No one but herself had ever opened that door. They were all tiny. She was the giantess. How could someone else do that?

Then, in stepped another giantess. With smooth pale skin and bright red hair, she looked the very definition of a supermodel, and even gave Lauren a run for her money in looks. Or, she would, had she not walked in wearing an absurdly revealing bright-green bikini. She sauntered into the room, shutting the door behind her and smiling at the seated Lauren.

“H-Hello.” Lauren began, beginning to regret her passive attitude at hiring models. When did her talent scouts signed on another giantess? Why had she approved it?! Now this huge, gorgeous woman didn't look the least bit intimidated by the giantess Lauren and her sleek suit. Her mind desperately looked for a way to handle the new change to her situation, she caught some movement from the top of her desk.

“Hello!” James shouted from atop Lauren's desk, waving at the new giantess. The sound caught the attention of the new giantess, and she bent forward, quickly spotting the man on the desk. The simple movement caused her massive breasts to wobble about dangerously in her skimpy top, which completely captured James's full attention. This wasn't lost on Keira, who winked at him, before blowing him a kiss, and giggling girlishly as he toppled over.

“So what am I being called in for?” Keira asked suddenly, never taking her eyes off Lauren's tiny husband.

“I-It's... um.” Lauren stuttered, watching the model flirt with her husband. The worst part was that James wasn't exactly ignoring her approach! The giantess Keira held him completely under her spell, and Lauren felt like a dagger forged of solid betrayal was digging into her heart. She began to question their living arrangements as betrayal boiled up inside of her. The fact that he didn't seem as happy to see her anymore, the fact that he was always so tired when she got home from work, his constant disappearances before she even woke up! Could her husband have been cheating on her?! The proof was right there. Another woman was flirting with him and he just sat there and allowed it to happen.

“It's about your behavior.” Lauren said, her tone icy. “I've been told you forced the other models to do things for you?”

“Really? Who complained?” Keira asked, winking at the tiny James before standing back up to her full height, and leaving the little man behind. “Part of the shoot was having the tiny, pretty little girls crawl all over my toes...” She said, shivering. “It was supposed to be a secret, since the photographer figured a few of the others wouldn't exactly be... willing to participate.” Keira finished, smiling mischievously and running her fingers through her fiery red hair.

“Of course, I'm sure this little man...” Keira said, addressing James. “Would love to have been in their place.” She taunted, before stretching one of her naked, toned legs up, and slamming her bare foot onto the desk. The entire structure shook, and both giantesses watched as the tiny James tried to ignore the perfect toes on the desk, but stole constant glances back towards them anyway.

“Please take your foot off of my desk.” Lauren said between clenched teeth as. The foot slid off, as ordered, but Lauren found it difficult to still her beating heart. She'd started this meeting angry with Keira, but it was very quickly shifting to anger at her unfaithful husband. “Very well, I'm sure we'll get this resolved. You may leave now.” She told Keira, clenching her fists tightly.

“I'm sure we will.” Keira smiled. “And I'm sure this little man wouldn't mind having me come visit again, would he?” She added, bending over again and providing him another amazing eyeful. He was absolutely helpless to her charms, and simply enjoyed his eyeful for as long as he could.

“Please leave now.” Lauren said, the anger beginning break through her voice.

Keira smiled at her boss, blowing another kiss to the tiny man, and turning around. Adjusting the bottom of her bikini, she made sure James got one final eyeful before sauntering out of the office as sexily as she'd walked in. A second later, the door was closed, and the two were left to their own devices.
No Mercy for the Unfaithful by Emma Gear
An awkward, heavy silence hung in the air. An angry energy was crackling around Lauren, which James seemed completely oblivious to.

“Since when did you start hiring giantess models?” He asked with a chuckle, still excited from his brief encounter with Keira.

Lauren ignored her tiny husband, and plucked him from her desk roughly. Making the short walk to her empty shoes, she held him over the open end, allowing his destination to sink in for a full minute. She always abandoned her black, strappy heels when she walked into her office so she could scrunch the soft carpet between her toes. Today, though... today there would be a slight change of plans.

Without any fanfare, she opened her fingers, and allowed James to fall straight into her right heel. Sliding her foot in immediately after, she twisted it into place, shivering at the sensations. She wasn't sure if he'd protested, but she was certain she wouldn't have heard it anyway. The soft flesh of her foot sank onto the tiny man, and she sighed pleasurably. A tiny man embedded into her sole was an entirely new experience for the giantess, and she simply stared at her pretty toes from above, imagining the discomfort she was putting her husband through.

James, on the other hand, hadn't any idea what he'd done wrong. Nevertheless he was dropped into her shoe, and he landed on his stomach roughly. Gasping for breath, he took in a lungful of Lauren's scent, and rolled to his back to ease the pain. He could see the vast skylight above him, and knew that was his way out, but wasn't sure if he should make an attempt to escape. Before he could give it any further thought, Lauren's sole covered up the source of light, and moved towards him, pressing him into her moist sole a minute later.

He gasped for air, as the soft skin molded to his frantic movements. He could feel the world growing dark, as the pillowy skin effectively encapsulated him, and blocked any extra air from reaching his lungs. He clawed at her sole ineffectually, surprised as his comparatively tiny fingers dimpled her flesh, but still quite scared at the fact that he couldn't escape.

His lungs began to burn, and he continued to pound his puny fists against the omnipresent flesh of Lauren's foot. Panic set in, and he opened his mouth to beg, only to find it filled with her foot again. Finally, after nearly two minutes of this torture, he mercifully blacked out.

Lauren smiled. His tiny struggles, though brief, had tickled her immensely, and she wondered why she hadn't indulged on these feelings sooner. Still, he was her husband, and even if he was an adulterer, she did love him. It was because she loved him that she planned to put him through quite a bit of punishment for the foreseeable future, and take advantage of his tiny, weak form.

Sliding her foot out from her shoe, she plucked the tiny, unconscious man out, and eyed him over. He was out like a light, and she considered her options a moment, before a mischievous thought hit her. Had he been conscious to see the wicked smile settle on her lips, he'd have been quivering in fear.

Searching the drawers to her desk, she quickly found what she'd been searching for. A spool of black thread, nearly as tall as her tiny husband. Normally kept on hand to repair small holes in her clothing, she unraveled a bit of it, and wrapped the thread around her tiny, prone husband.

A moment later she had his arms tied to his side, and his legs fastened together. She smiled at her handiwork, confident he wouldn't have the strength to break free. Then, lifting a leg to her knee and tearing an extra piece of thread, she secured him to her big toe. He certainly wouldn't be safe there, but at least he wouldn't die.

Lauren grinned, moving her toes about as the unconscious man began to stir. Her smile widened as realization dawned on her tiny husband, and just as he opened his mouth to scream, she slammed her foot onto the floor. She certainly wouldn't be denied the chance to rub her toes into the carpet again, and what did she care if her little passenger got a little burned in the process?

The humiliation continued for upwards of an hour, James never getting the opportunity to apologize for his actions. When Bridget showed up for her daily session with Lauren, he could only watch from far below as his wife used the tiny girl in a way she'd not used him for so long.

Finally, the day came to a close, with Lauren lifting her bare foot back up to her knee. The tiny, battered James was still securely tied to her big toe, and she pressed her thumbs into the sole of her foot, massaging herself gently. Seeing the little cheater tied tightly to her big toe was doing strange things to her mind, and she moved a hand up to squeeze one of her breasts lightly as she continued to watch him fight against her big toe.

Snapping back to reality, she shook her head and reached down to untie him. She didn't want to get carried away and get too used to this feeling, as pleasant as it may have been.

After untying him she left the office, never saying a word to him the entire walk back home. Stepping back into her home, she dumped him onto his tiny bed, and turned the lights off before climbing into her own bed. She couldn't be sure if she was being too strict with him or not, but he had to learn that being unfaithful with a giantess meant he'd spend days under her big, meaty toes.

Waving her feet back and forth, she could still feel him under there with just the power of her imagination, and couldn't wait to slide him back the following day. Sighing softly, she slipped under the huge blankets to her bed. With thoughts of her husband pleading for forgiveness beneath her toes, she drifted off to sleep quickly.

The next morning came all too quickly for James, and his brief moments to himself were interrupted as his giantess wife woke up only minutes later, moving straight for him. Even now, when Lauren had just woken up, she radiated beauty. Any other day he'd thank his luck that he wound up with her, but today was sure to be different.

Minutes after waking up, his colossal wife was dressed for work again, and her lovely face hovered over his head. He smiled up at her, hoping for some sort of mercy, but the black thread reappeared and her fingers lowered again, covering his face. Winding it around his body, she quickly secured him to her big toe again, and gingerly walked across the floor of her bedroom. She giggled a bit at the feeling, still not used to it, before sliding her foot into a pair of shiny black pumps.

“Oh, by the way, I'll be in meetings all day today. I really hope you savored your last breath of fresh air.” Lauren taunted to her feet before stepping outside and walking briskly back to work. Stepping slowly into her office, she carefully avoided putting too much weight on her husband as she sat at her desk, where a meeting was already taking place.
The Board's Problem by Emma Gear
Being the most important person at her magazine allowed Lauren a seat on the board of directors, who met once a week. Having a giantess on the board had complicated things initially, but the group had eventually settled on holding the meetings on her desk. Lauren relished this fact, and used it to her advantage all-too frequently.

“So all the 'big important people' are already here, are they?” Lauren asked, using her fingers as air quotes. “What's on the agenda today guys and gals?” She added with a smirk, nearly leaping into her chair. Kicking both of her feet up onto her desk, she leaned back and relaxed.

That move had always made the board visibly nervous, and many visibly jumped in their seats from the impact of Lauren's huge pumps on the desk. Yawning loudly, she closed her eyes and made herself more comfortable in her chair.

“You boys don't mind if I get comfortable and take a shoe off, do you?” The giantess asked, and, not waiting for an answer, used the shoe her husband was in to kick the other off. The empty shoe fell with a loud clack next to the considerably smaller table, and Lauren waved her bared sole in the cool air. The air quickly heated up, and became more humid, though not one of them mentioned it. They may have been on the same level in the company, but most of them were afraid of the giantess and her callous disregard for their comfort. Still, they had to take the good with the bad, and were happy that she was removing only one shoe this time.

“Misses Sinclair!” One man shouted, standing up from the tiny table and pounding his fist on it. “Would you mind showing this board the respect we deserve!” he said with indignation. He was Mr. Littell, a frail, older man, and one of the company's biggest stockholders, though only just barely. He always seemed to have it out for giantesses in general, being the first to criticize Lauren on every mistake she made. Still, she hardly paid him any mind, and this bothered him to no end.

“You're right. I'm sorry.” Lauren said apologetically while rubbing the moist, bare sole of her foot into the back of Mr. Littell's chair. “Please continue, what's on the table for discussion today?” She asked genuinely, though she rubbed her toe into the tiny man's slicked back hair.

“This is about YOU!” He shouted angrily, standing up and pushing the toe rubbing on him away. “You and YOUR kind!”

“Come again?” Lauren asked, bored. The rest of the board members decided they'd let Mr. Littell say whatever he had on his mind, and pray she kept any animosity towards him away from the rest of them.

“YOU hired a new model. A giant... giant... THING like yourself.” He spat. “And she's causing all kinds of collateral damage at shoots! Damage that WE...” Mr. Littell shouted, pointing to his colleagues. “...have to pay for!”

Lauren imagined herself slapping her sole onto the table, and crushing Mr. Littell out of existence for being so rude, but she found herself interested in what he had to say. It was clear he meant Keira, the woman who'd tempted her husband. Did this mean she would have an excuse to fire the woman?

“And what do you propose we do about this?” She asked the small man seriously, keeping her bare foot on the table next to him anyway.

“I propose that YOU fire the WENCH.” He screamed, going red in the face. Again Lauren entertained thoughts of spreading her toes and simply squelching him between them, but held herself back. If she was being given the perfect excuse to get rid of Keira, she'd most certainly take it.

“Just to be sure.” Lauren began cautiously. “We are talking about Ke-”

“YES! Keira-”

“I GET IT!” Lauren shouted back, finally having had enough of the angry man. The rest of the people cowered from the strength of her voice, suddenly becoming very aware of just how vulnerable they were in the giantess's presence.

Littell seemed to finally realize he was playing with fire as well, and sat down silently. He looked stoic from above, but others would later report that his fists and teeth were clenched tightly from rage.

“I'll talk with her. If she messes up again then she'll be terminated.” Lauren stated matter-of-factly. “Is there anything else to discuss today?”

The tiny board members, framed by a giant shoe and bare foot looked around each other sheepishly, not sure what to say. There were many things on their mind, but the atmosphere was so tense that none of them wished to bring anything up.

“Very well. I'll see you all next week.” Lauren said plainly, plucking her co-workers from the desk one at a time, and carrying them to the little person's exit. She entertained the thought of squeezing Mr. Littell to paste in her fist as she dropped him in front of the small exit. Maybe later, she thought with a smile, if she could manage to get him removed from the board somehow.

Walking back to her desk, Lauren sighed heavily as she sat in her seat. Slipping her remaining shoe off, she checked on her husband. His body was slick with sweat, though she wasn't sure how much of it was his own. He didn't seem too responsive at first, until he saw her face looking at him from high above. Breaking into a typical begging routine, Lauren frowned in disgust, before slipping her shoe back on and plunging him into darkness.

Turning her computer on, Lauren quickly sent a message to Bridget to inform Keira of her employment status. It was something she was required to do in order to avoid lawsuits, otherwise she'd have been happy to allow her fellow giantess the chance to screw up and be fired without warning.
An Unexpected Visitor by Emma Gear
The day passed by slowly, Lauren occasionally checking up on her beaten husband tied to her big toe. He didn't seem to realize that she didn't want a half-hearted apology, but an actual demonstration of love. Still, she was happy to keep shoving him back into the dark prison along with her foot until he could figure that out, if ever.

“Miss Sinclair.” Bridget's voice said through her desk's speaker. “You have a visitor.”

“Who is it?” Lauren grumbled, checking the time. There was only an hour left til her day ended, who could possibly be trying to get ahold of her now?

“She says she's Keira's mother.”

Lauren's head nearly hit the desk. A model's mother. Great. She'd found that parents of models were often far too overprotective, coming to their sensitive children's rescue at the slightest provocation. The other giantess had likely told her mother that she was in danger of termination, and the overprotective mother was here to defend her child's actions.

“Do I have to?” Lauren moaned.

“She's already on her way.” Bridget whispered back, just as Lauren's eyes caught a hint of movement from the tiny entrance into her office. Kicking a shoe off, she trudged over to pick up the tiny woman, grateful that she wasn't a giantess as well.

“Hello there Miss...” Lauren groaned, offering her hand as a platform.

“Ida Flynn! I've been told you've made threats to my little girl?” She shouted up at the giantess, uncaring of their size difference. While Ms. Flynn's use of the word “little” to describe her daughter tickled Lauren, she stifled her laugh.

“I'm sorry Miss Flynn, but she's causing a lot of-” Lauren began, allowing the tiny woman to step off her soft palm and onto the firm desk.

“But nothin'! Look at her! She's five-hundred feet tall! How could you not have expected some bloody collateral damage?!” she asked, her thick accent extra pronounced.

“Well she's certainly not five-hun-”

“I know that! I never said she was!” Miss Flynn interrupted, fuming. “But she does her best out there and is prettier than every lass out there combined!”

At this point Lauren exhaled slowly, trying to gather herself. She didn't want to lash out at the woman. Well, she did, but she didn't want to deal with any of the problems that would cause. Taking a deep breath, she kicked a foot up onto the desk, her foot towering over the tiny woman.

“Right.” Lauren began calmly. “Miss Flynn, I'm terribly sorry, but I can't treat her more special than any of the other models just because of her height and-”

“AND WHY NOT?!” The little woman shrieked angrily, pointing her finger accusingly at Lauren. “THEY GIVE YOU SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR YOUR CONDITION, WHY CAN'T YOU EXTEND THE SAME COURTESY TO SOMEONE LIKE YOU?!”

Lauren felt something deep within her crack from the sound of the tiny woman's shrill voice, and she did what came natural to her. She nonchalantly let her bared foot fall onto the desk, and trapped Ms. Flynn between the pliant flesh of her sole and the cold, unyielding desk.

A gasp of surprise came out from under her foot, and Lauren simply kept the woman there for a minute. Sure, she could get in trouble for treating someone like this, but she had a feeling she could talk her way out of this one.

“Alright. Miss Flynn.” Lauren started again, calmly. “Can you hear me ok down there?”

There was no response. At least, not a clear one. The small red-headed woman was shouting what seemed like a string of angry curses, but Lauren couldn't be completely sure, and she simply rolled the tiny thing underfoot awhile. She wasn't able to suppress a laugh this time, as Ms. Flynn's voice cut in and out due to the flesh of her sole muting then releasing her.

“Good.” Lauren said happily. “Now, I'm not going to treat Keira any differently than anyone else I've hired, because that would be unethical.” She lied. Had the other giantess not made a move for her husband she may have been sincere, but she still harbored a bit of a grudge. “Have you got that? Kiss my foot if you agree.”

Lauren grinned mischievously as she waited, the ball of her foot pressed into Ida's face. Surely the little woman was running low on air? Some people fought longer than others, but Lauren could play hard ball better than anybody.

“Do. You. Under. Stand?” Lauren asked, punctuating each word with a bit of weight. Small puffs of air could be felt with each tap, as the pressure of the giant toes would force the air from her puny lungs. She'd pulled this move dozens of times, and when someone wouldn't do as told, there was nothing like the impending threat of suffocation to motivate them.

Closing her eyes, Lauren concentrated on the sensations on the bottom of her foot. Her smooth, hot sole continued to rub all over the little woman's face, and she eagerly awaited her sign of submission. She inhaled deep, and loud to remind Ida that she didn't have any air underfoot.

Then, she felt it. The tiniest twinkle of a sensation, but she knew what it was. Lauren smiled to herself and sighed pleasurably. More tiny sensations followed, as she decided to let the woman squirm a bit more before removing her all-encompassing foot. These extra moments were the most important, to drive home the fact that whether or not she was freed was up to the giantess, and not herself.

“That's a good girl.” Lauren said, a chill running down her spine as she demeaned the tiny woman. Ms. Flynn was probably older than she was, but she was nothing in the presence of the giantess Lauren and her huge, dominating feet. “I know this must be very humiliating, but I'm not done yet, so just keep using those itty bitty lips on my big feet and we'll get this over with.

There was no hesitation this time. Lauren eased the pressure on her foot a bit so Ms. Flynn could get some air, but kept it close enough so the submissive lips could keep at their job. She had the woman in the palm of her hand, or, rather, under the bottom of her foot.

“Now, Ida. If Keira continues to act up, then I'll be forced to terminate her. Okay?” Lauren asked, sliding her foot back and pinching the tiny woman between her big and second toe. “You can't stop me, so I don't want to see you in this office again if it's to complain about me. Got that?” She asked, maneuvering her foot so she was looking at the tiny woman's face.

“Y-Yes.” Ida said meekly, the fire in her voice long gone.

“Good.” Lauren said, smiling warmly and waving her toes about freely. “Now, if you tell anyone about this little moment we had.” She said seriously, her eyebrows furrowing. “Well, Keira will be fired faster than I could squish...” She began, suddenly applying a great deal of pressure with her toes. The pained scream lasted only a fraction of a second before Lauren eased up, smiling down at her prey. “...your tiny body. Okay?”

“Yes.” Ms. Flynn said, her bottom lip quivering.

“Yes what?” Lauren asked, feigning offense.

“Y-Yes ma'am!” The woman shouted up, fear evident in her voice.

“Good.” Lauren smiled warmly, before plucking her from between her toes and carrying her to the lone hole in the wall. “It was nice chatting with you Ida. We'll have to do this again sometime.” she said, winking at the tiny, scared girl before dropping her onto the platform.

Without answering or bothering to look back, the woman opened the tiny door and escaped the office, running quickly as she did so. Lauren watched her leave in a flash, already wishing she'd kept that up longer than she had.

Strolling casually back to her desk, Lauren relaxed again, thankful to have had yet another distraction for work. It wasn't exactly helping her meet deadlines, but she relished these interactions with little people. While her right foot might have been without a tiny, scared victim, she drummed the toes of her left foot along the inside of her pump, savoring the exhausted struggles of her husband a moment.

“Miss Sinclair?” The tiny speaker on Lauren's desk asked as it sparked back to life.

“What now?” Lauren groaned in response. “I'm trying to avoid work for the little time I've got left Bridget. Do you really have to call me Miss Sinclair while I'm doing that?”

“Must be nice being able to take a break anytime you want.” Bridget responded sarcastically. “But fine, Lauren

“Watch yourself little girl, I just had to, ahem, exert my authority over someone.” Lauren said, puffing out her chest though she was alone in her office.

“I'm aware. I saw Ms. Flynn leave. She looked scared. And she smelled kinda funny. You didn't...”

“Oh honey, you know you're the only person I do those sorts of things with.”

“What about your husband?” Bridget laughed.

“What about him?” Lauren laughed bitterly, looking down at her left shoe and wiggling her toes again. “He's safe and sound, but he won't be having any fun inside me for awhile, not like my sweet little Bridge-”

“Shh! Do you have to be so... loud about it?” Bridget whispered, embarrassment evident in her voice. While everyone knew she held private meetings with the giantess daily, no one was aware of what exactly they involved.

“I'll be AS LOUD AS I WANT TO BE!” Lauren shouted proudly, eliciting a groan from the speaker. “But enough small talk.” She said, laughing at her joke.

“That was terrible.” Bridget said back, though a slight giggle could be heard before the sound cut off again.

“Hmph. Well, what were you calling to tell me about?” Lauren asked, faking anger in her voice.

“I was just callin' to let you know that Keira accidentally destroyed about two-thousand dollars worth of photography equipment, after the shoot today, according to this report.” Bridget responded all too professionally.

“R-Really now?” Lauren asked, unable to contain the excitement in her voice. “H-How'd she do it?”

“Crew said she was pretending to step on them, then actually did put her, and I quote, 'Big, fat toes' on some of the more sensitive items.” Bridget explained, giggling. “And those quote, 'Big fat toes' broke them to, and I quote, 'a billion pieces'.” She laughed.

“Oh that's wonderful news!” Lauren said excitedly. “Please tell me she's still here!”

“Mm, sorry Lauren. The shoot ended hours ago, and the crew spent the rest of the day pricing all the broken equipment instead of, oh, I don't know, filling out the equipment replacement forms asap. So, sorry to disappoint.”

“Oh no no no, it's fine. Just have her come by first thing tomorrow.” Lauren said, excited. The ball was in her court now, and she'd get to fire Keira first thing tomorrow! Already thoughts were running through her head on dozens of ways to fire the woman. Should it be public? Or maybe completely impersonal through an email? Ooh, or maybe she could send her a card to fire her?

“Glad you're so happy about that Lauren. That's all I had to say though, and some of us have actual work to do.” Bridget said.

“Alright alright, you've convinced me. I'll get some work done before I leave too.” Lauren grumbled while rolling her eyes. “Wait! before I go! Quick question, do you want to sit in on the next board meeting with me?”

“I'd love to.”

Smiling, Lauren set back to the task of finishing her work for the day, and the hours flew by. Before she knew it, everyone had left the darkened building, and it was time for her to go home. Yawning widely, she stood, and looked down at her feet. She was unsure about whether or not her husband deserved to have a break while she walked home.

Shrugging, she decided against it, and walked home. A few extra minutes in there wouldn't kill him, and it'd only inconvenience herself to free him. She walked home briskly, and the cool night air felt nice on her skin as she stepped up to the door of her home.
Further Infidelity by Emma Gear
Stepping inside, she popped her tired feet from her pumps. She considered untying him from her big toe, but decided that he'd probably be ok for a few more hours without her attention. Besides, now that her shoes were off, he was practically free anyway.

Instead of heading straight for her bedroom tonight, she felt an urge to just watch her husband flail some more. She didn't want to admit it to herself, but she was really beginning to enjoy his presence beneath her. From this angle she could only see his tiny arms and legs flail savagely, like the limbs of an insect trying to right itself. The fresh air had clearly reinvigorated him, though it was filtered through her toes.

Lauren just smiled, watching him continue his escape attempts. She knew she shouldn't be enjoying this as much as she was, but it was just so... entrancing. The way his tiny body flailed was almost hypnotic, and she watched him for what seemed like hours.

Jolting awake suddenly, Lauren realized she'd fallen asleep. Glancing down at her foot, her heart skipped a beat upon realizing her husband was no longer tied to her feet! He'd escape! She quickly leaped from her couch, and scanned the smooth tiled floor for any trace of him.

“Hi honey!”

Jumping back, Lauren turned around, and gasped. Her husband was standing behind the couch! Only... he was her size! How could that have happened?! Instantly all transgressions were forgotten, and she ran around the couch to tackle him.

“You're a giant now! The experimental growth radiation was made safe for humans! Will everyone else become my size?” She asked, a million questions floating in her mind as she hugged his broad chest.

“Giant?” James asked concernedly. “Baby I'm not a giant anymore than you are.” he said, smiling warmly at his wife.

“W-What?” Lauren asked, when a powerful rumble shook the floor. Her heart pounded in her chest as she looked around her living room when a group of five huge, wiggling toes exploded through the ceiling, and came to a rest less than a foot away from the couple.

Silence hung for a minute, before the toes slid further into the hole they'd created, and raised higher! Lauren began to hyperventilate as, in slow motion, the bright green toes came down on her husband, and raked him out through the hole they'd created. Wasting no time, she ran to the great jagged hole in the wall.

Stepping out of the hole, the rest of the city now looked like it was built to the scale of her home, but all of that seemed unimportant right now. She was instead focused on the green-painted toes that were directly in front of her, and the colossal, thin giantess attached to them.

Towering hundreds of feet into the air was Keira, still wearing that lime-green bikini and looking directly at the now-tiny Lauren. The giantess was glaring down at the tiny, forcing Lauren to her knees. She knew exactly why Keira had come, and she bowed her head, begging for forgiveness.

“I'm sorry! I didn't mean to fire you!” Lauren begged, terribly afraid of what the giantess had in store for her.

Keira said nothing, but folded her arms over her chest. One of her feet thumped the ground rhythmically, before simply raising into the sky. She made no attempt to explain herself or her actions, but made it clear she was going to snuff Lauren and her husband out like a light.

“James! We have to-” Lauren screamed as she jumped to her feet and wildly searched for her husband. She spotted him quickly, but he was no longer by her side. He was crawling on his hands and knees, bowing subserviently to Keira. Even now, when their lives depended on it, he was going to remain so unfaithful to her?

The neverending sky of foot moved back, leaving Lauren alone, and instead hovering over James. Even though he'd just betrayed her again, Lauren didn't want to watch him die in front of her, and she screamed in protest.

A powerful gust of air shot out from beneath the bare foot, completely leveling her home and sending the now-normal sized girl flying for several dozen feet. The resulting quake shook the ground for several seconds, and Lauren fell to her knees. While part of her was devastated over her husband's end, another part of her felt he deserved it for being unfaithful to the end.

“You're next.” Keira said from above, lifting her foot from the crater she'd just created on top of the little girl's husband. The foot began its descent to the earth earth again, this time much slower. As wind was forced out from beneath her sole, dirt and debris were whipped up in every direction, stinging her victim.

Lauren wanted to run, but she found, much to her dismay, that her legs had stopped working. She could only watch as the shapely, tanned foot moved in on her. Then, finally, she felt the giantess's foot press against her head, and knock her back. With feeling suddenly restored in her limbs, she lifted her arms, hoping to stave off the invading foot. It didn't help, and the endless plain of soft sole forced her arms to the ground, and pressed against her body. Not wanting it to end like this, she opened her mouth and screamed.

Suddenly jolting awake again, Lauren looked around her living room. Her heart slammed against her chest and she could feel a cold sweat all over her body. It had been a dream? Right?

Glancing down at her toes she could see the black strands that said her once-again comparatively tiny husband was still attached, and she breathed a long, heavy sigh of relief. Things were as they should be. She was still a giantess, Keira wasn't really here to kill her, and her husband was still tied to her toe.

Standing and yawning, she gingerly stepped through the darkened room, moving to her bed. She just wanted to get back to sleep, as her nap had left her even more exhausted than normal. She had a busy day ahead of her tomorrow, and would definitely need her rest.

Climbing into bed, she suddenly remembered her tiny husband. Tired, likely sore, and still stuck to her toe, she briefly felt a pang of mercy for his situation, but it was extinguished immediately. She saw what he'd done in her dream. Even as she faced down death he refused to stay by her side! He deserved everything he got, and probably much, much more.

Without an ounce of compassion for his plight, she simply curled up beneath the bed and closed her eyes. Her brief walk to bed had awoken him, and she was lulled to sleep from the sensations of him pleading for mercy. She wasn't sure when she'd free him, but she was already certain she'd miss these interactions when that day came.

Morning came, and James thanked every deity he could imagine when his giantess wife leaned down and undid the knots tying him to her toe. No sooner had he hit the soft surface of her bed that he dropped to his knees and worshiped her beaut, hoping this would appease her and she'd grant him mercy.

His prayers were ignored again though, as Lauren cut a much longer piece of thread from her spool, and tied him directly to the middle of her sole this time. The reasonable part of her brain insisted she was going too far for furthering his punishment She tried telling herself that she was being unreasonable for furthering his punishment based on a dream, but the sensation of betrayal had run so deep that this dissenting voice was near-silent in her head.

Tied with his face pressing into her sole, she rubbed her finger along his back. His entire body was pressed deep into her yielding flesh, and she massaged herself for a moment with his body, before sighing contentedly. Then, she simply stood, slipped on her pumps, and walked out the door again!
Termination by Emma Gear
Minutes later she stepped back into her office giddily, slipping her shoes off again and hitting the button on her desk. This was it! She was going to have Bridget call Keira into her office, and then she was going to fire her! She knew she shouldn't be so excited about terminating someone's employment, but she couldn't help it!

“Bridget!” Lauren said excitedly. “Could you please have Miss Keira Flynn come to my office?”

“Certainly. She'll be there shortly.” Bridget said back, the giddiness evident in her voice as well.

Folding her arms over her large chest, Lauren gave her best serious face. She couldn't be looking as excited as she actually was to fire the woman, or else she might try to contest it. She had to look absolutely neutral, and as if there was no part of her that wanted to do this.

A moment later, the gorgeous, pale giantess stepped through the door to her office. She strolled elegantly to the desk, her expression showing she had not a care in the world at the moment. She had no idea what Lauren was about to do, and that somehow excited her further!

“Who's that?” Keira asked suddenly, pointing to the minuscule man tied to Lauren's foot.

“H-Him?” Lauren asked defensively, a bit of anger evident in her voice. Why did she want to know who the man tied to her foot was? Was she going to make another move on him? Did she want to steal him away from her?

“He's my husband. He's being punished right now, so don't look at him.” Lauren stated matter of factly.

“You just tied him to your foot? That's no way to punish someone!” Keira laughed. “You've gotta make them do some actual work! He probably thinks this is more on par with a roller coaster than an actual punishment!”

Lauren wanted to chastise Keira for trying to tell her what to do, but could see some sense in what she was saying. After all, he got to be attached to the cushiony softness of her foot all day and ride around with her feet at high speeds. Hell, how did she know that his attempts to escape weren't just him enjoying the ride?

“And what would you suggest I do?” Lauren asked bitterly. She wanted to see where Keira was going with this, and maybe pick up a few tips on how to better punish her unfaithful husband from the woman he was being unfaithful with.

“Well, one thing I like to have them do is have them paint my toes.” Keira began, squeezing two fingers around Lauren's big toe. “They're small enough for it to be a rough job, but big enough to not be seriously injured by it!” She explained, gleefully moving Lauren's toe back and forth.

“Really now.” Lauren asked, her interest peaked. She'd always considered objects built to her scale to be hers alone. She'd always assumed James was too small and weak to use any of them for any purpose, but given the relative sizes, she could see him using a brush to paint his nails. It would be unwieldy, yes, but the thought excited her more than she cared to admit.

“Tsk tsk.” Keira said, still holding Lauren's big toe. “I've got a spare bottle of green nail-polish. I'm sure he'd love to help you out.” she said sultrily, rubbing a finger down the man's back, and tickling Lauren with her feather-light touches.

“What else could I do?” She asked, the excitement in her voice extremely clear.

“What else?” Keira asked, smiling mischievously as she heard the tone of her boss's voice. “There's millions of things you could do! Another favorite of mine is to put a nice, thick glob of lotion somewhere on you, and have them rub it into your skin.” Keira said while closing her eyes, lost in thought.

“Mm...” Lauren said, imagining the sensations. “What else?” She asked, her voice needy. In the span of a minute her feelings towards Keira had changed completely, and she wanted to hear more about the other giantess's habits.

“Hmm... well, when I really want to punish them...” Keira began, her eyes darting around the room suspiciously.

“Go on...” Lauren said, sliding her foot off her desk and leaning her ear forward.

“I like to...” Keira whispered, before leaning forward and cupping a hand over the offered ear. “Sit on them.” She whispered near-silently, before breaking into a tittering giggle.

Lauren's eyes widened at the prospect. She was bigger than Keira, yes, but not by much. She'd figured her two-hundred fifty-seven feet would be deadly to anyone, but she was having second thoughts now. If Keira could do it, then there had to be a way. Her eyes darted down to Keira's sizable bottom, and she imagined her husband stuck to it. Then, Mr. Littel. Then, she blushed as her thoughts wandered to Keira's own mother plastered to the massive, bright-green posterior.

“That's brilliant.” Lauren whispered to Keira, as her mind began to swim with thoughts. Bad first impressions melted away as Lauren began to admire Keira for her creativity, and her thoughts wandered back to her husband underfoot. He would certainly be experiencing some of these thoughts soon, and she couldn't wait to pick Keira's brain some more soon and maybe find out some more unique tortures.

“I know right!” Keira giggled happily as she stood up straight again. Lauren looked over the other giantess, and with a sudden cognizance, felt her heart sink into her stomach. The whole reason Keira was in the office was to be fired. There was no way around that. Her first issue with the magazine would be her last.

“Keira...” Lauren began, taking a deep breath. Internally her mind was racing, searching for a way to keep the girl around, but she was coming up blank at every turn. Scrunching her toes around her tiny husband, she used him as a normal person would a stress ball, hoping his discomfort would grant her the confidence necessary to terminate her new found friend.

“Yeah?” Keira asked, still smiling goofily.

“About why I called you here...” Lauren continued, wanting to pull her hair from her head in frustration. There had to be something she hadn't considered. Keira deserved another chance, but how would she explain that to the board?

“Well...” Lauren began, swallowing hard. Keira could read the sadness in Lauren's expression, and her own face turned down.
There's Gonna Be Some Changes Around Here by Emma Gear
Nearly a week had passed since Lauren's meeting with Keira, and she walked into her office. She was to meet with the board of directors today, and she wordlessly collected Bridget from her perch on the wall as she slipped her shoes off. Stretching out her skirt and panties, she dropped the little girl inside, before patting the lump softly, and adjusting her toy's position.

Invisible to the rest of the world, the back of her panties contained her husband, James. His tiny limbs beat against the soft, never ending roundness of her rear, and she found it hard to resist giggling at the sensation. Sure, she'd been forced to fire the model who gave her this idea, but she still found the feathery-light sensations too appealing to not have a wide smile.

“Okay then, let's get to work!” Lauren announced to the table of men and women gathered on her desk. She'd never so brazenly stuffed someone inside of her in their presence before, and many found the entire spectacle shocking.

“So, what is it today?” Lauren asked, ever so gently slipping into her seat, making sure her husband was trapped between, and not directly below one of her round, fleshy buttocks. Bridget set to work inside of her as well, and the giantess leaned back into her chair luxuriously, kicking her feet up on her desk as she'd done so many times before. Rubbing herself lewdly in front of the crowd, she relished in their stunned expressions.

“Misses Sinc-”

“Actually, it's Miss now, thank you very much Mr. Littel.” Lauren interrupted, shooting the rude little man a glare and wiggling her bare toes above his head threateningly.

“Right.” Mr. Littel began, the rage evident in his voice even at such a tiny scale. “Would you please show the board more respect by not... pleasuring yourself.” He spat up at the giantess's big foot.

“Oh... okay.” Lauren said sadly, lowering her feet from the desk and leaning forward. Her mountainous breasts spilled out onto the desk uncomfortably close to a few of the seated members. “So what is there to discuss?” She asked, maintaining a straight face the entire time.

“Did. You. Terminate. Keira.” Mr. Littel said slowly, his face turning bright red.

“Yes I did.” Lauren said sultrily, sticking a finger into her mouth. Bridget and her husband were both working diligently on pleasing her, and she could sense that she would be crossing the point of no return soon.

“Good.” He said, his voice cracking. “We. Also. Needed. To. Dis

“Before you go any further Mr. Littel.” Lauren said huskily. “I want to introduce you, and the rest of the board to my new understudy.” She finished, closing her eyes and leaning back in her chair.

The room was silent for a minute while Lauren writhed in her seat, drawing uncomfortable stares from everyone at the table. No one was sure what she was talking about, but all were too frightened to interrupt her in her moment. Even the outspoken Mr. Littel simply chose to look away instead of starting another argument.

“Hm?” Lauren asked to no one in particular as she cracked open one eye. “Oh... COME IN!” She screamed in a passionate tone, as her body writhed in its seat. She inadvertently kicked her desk violently, causing the entire structure to wobble, and distracting those on top as the door to Lauren's office was opened.

Stepping inside, a pale, red-headed woman approached Lauren's desk slowly, before taking a seat on the edge. With a sleek business suit, and her hair done up in a bun, the other giantess looked every bit as sophisticated as Lauren, though with quite a bit more dignity given the continued pleasure spasms her boss was going through.

“Good morning, my name is Keira Flynn.” She said, introducing herself to the stunned board. “I'm sure many of you are familiar with me, at least by name.” she explained, adjusting herself on the edge of the desk so her backside slid uncomfortably close to the desk and chairs set up. “I'm Keira. As of 9 a.m. last Thursday, I was fired as a model, and hired immediately back on as Ms. Sinclair's understudy. As such, I've also been appointed a seat on the board.” She said, her voice pleasant, and calming.

Meanwhile Lauren was finally beginning to calm down, as the afterglow of the moment ran through her body. She simply sat still, breathing heavily and loudly.

“Now, which one of you is Mr. Littel?” Keira asked smugly, her eyes scanning over the people on Lauren's desk. There was no response, as they had all assumed that being asked for specifically would only be a bad thing. “None of you? That's a shame. Well, when this board was formed, we agreed that it should not exceed ten members, and as such, Ms. Sinclair and I feel that the lowest ranked member of the board should be the first to go, and with a mere 10% share in the company, that falls to Mr. Hubert G. Littel.”

Again no one made a move.

“Well if I don't know which if you he is, I could simply 'escort' all of you out.” Keira said, her lips curling into a small grin.

“He's the one in brown suit.” Lauren interjected. Her voice had cleared up considerably, though her eyes were still closed, and she could be seen patting an actively moving lump in the front of her panties. “I tried it your way, so you have to start with my way.” Lauren laughed, clenching her cheeks together in her seat, and enjoying the tiny body between them.

“Hmph. Fine.” Keira said sarcastically, before bending over to unstrap one of her fancy sandals. A second later she had it removed from her foot, and she looked over the board of directors a moment, before plucking the only man in a brown suit out of his seat.

“PUT ME DOWN! I'LL SUE! I SWEAR! YOU CAN'T TREAT ME LIKE THIS! THIS COMPANY IS DEAD WITHOUT ME! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!” He screamed as Keira raised him to her huge, frowning face.

“Only board members are allowed to this meeting Mr. Littell, so as of this moment you are trespassing on private property. Come with me and I'll escort you out of the building.” Keira taunted, right before stuffing the tiny man into the arch of her toes. Clenching him tightly there, his muffled screams could still be vaguely heard, but she paid them no mind as she slipped her sandal back on. A strong burst of sensations exploded underneath her toes, and she shivered excitedly.

“Okay, this is really good too.” Keira giggled, wiggling her toes in her shoe all over the little man. “How are you holding up?” She asked

“Little Bridget is doing fine.” Lauren said, smiling oddly.

“And your husband?”

“You mean Mr. Jameson?”

“Right, Mr. Jameson.” Keira giggled.

“He'll be fine.” Lauren laughed, adjusting herself in her seat as Keira's wide grin somehow grew wider still. “I think this is the beginning of a new era for this company.” Lauren added suddenly, her gaze falling to the rest of the board on her desk.

Keira's eyes followed suit, and she examined the group intimately. The remaining men and women on the table could only look up fearfully at the two giantesses, and the smiles plastered on their beautiful faces.
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