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Lauren sat and stared at her computer monitor in silence. To the average observer the lightly tanned brown-haired woman looked to be lost in her thoughts, but a second glance would prove otherwise. With eyes glazed over and a bit of drool hanging from her lips, she looked more like she was falling asleep than working.

Being the Editor in Chief of the nation's most popular fashion magazine meant she had quite a bit to do daily, but she certainly wasn't showing it at the moment. With her hands in her lap she simply stared at her computer monitor, unmoving, unchanging. The documents on screen remained unprocessed, and she made the faintest movement in her seat to readjust herself..

Suddenly jerking to life, she seemed to realize she wasn't doing any work, and raised both her hands to the keyboard. Her fingers shook, and she exhaled deeply, as if moving her hands had taken a tremendous amount of strength and willpower.

Groaning, she lay her shaking fingers on the keyboard, and made an attempt at typing. The mass of jumbled letters in no way resembled a word, and Lauren cursed aloud. It wasn't her fault that she was so distracted right now, it was all thanks to her secretary, Bridget. The woman was small and thin, in stark contrast to Lauren's slightly thicker, curvier body. Thin as she was though, Bridget was able to complete any task she set her mind to, and could have brought Lauren to her knees were she standing. Either way, it meant that it was impossible for any work to get done.

Exhaling pleasurably, Lauren hiked her skirt up a few inches, and pat the front of her black lacy panties. A minuscule figure could be seen beneath the fabric, moving about, and it redoubled its efforts as her huge fingers tapped its form.

“Keep going.” Lauren whispered, surprising herself with how needy she sounded. “I'll just... I'll just take a break.” She added inhaling deeply and moving her hands up to her round, sizable breasts. She was the Editor in Chief after all, and who was going to complain to her if she failed to meet her own deadline by a few hours?

Laying back in her seat, Lauren kicked her feet up onto her desk, the movement forcefully squeezing the tiny lump in her panties tighter. The sensation was delightful, and it sent a pleased shiver through her spine and down to her toes. There was little in life that Lauren enjoyed more than her alone time with Bridget, and her mind began to wander as she lost herself to the tingles emanating from between her legs.

Bridget was good. Very good. Lauren had a knack for wearing out her secretaries early, but little spirited Bridget had the stamina of an Olympian! Even Lauren could be impressed by her feats of athleticism, and she'd grown to become close friends with the little girl over the years.

Well, the term “little” may have been a bit misleading. Bridget was not little. The girl may have been cute as a button, but the spirited brunette stood just a touch over six feet tall. It was Lauren who was much, much bigger than Bridget, and the majority of humanity as a whole

Lauren was a giantess, a bit of an oddity in the world. Having been born to a small, middle class family, she'd outgrown her parents by her first birthday, and continued to increase in size steadily as she grew older. Eventually, Lauren had topped off at her current height of 257 feet, which among other giantesses, was merely average. Still, it tickled her to no end that Bridget, an abnormally tall woman among her own kind, was small enough to be slipped into Lauren's panties effortlessly.

Even Lauren's husband, a thick, powerfully built man that stood even taller than Bridget was but a mere speck in her presence. Smiling, she silently wished that her husband could've been in Bridget’s place right now, but knew he had work at home to take care of, as his giantess wife made enough for the two of them.

Suddenly squirming in her chair, Lauren began to breathe harder. James, her husband, was aware of her relationship with Bridget, and all of her previous secretaries. When asked about it, Lauren simply admitted she didn't believe what she did to be cheating, as it wasn't with a man, and, really, given the vast size difference, could what she and Bridget did really be called sex?

Gasping, Lauren was snapped out of her thoughts and she squeezed her legs together, tightening her hold on her little secretary as her fingers clenched around her soft breasts. She bit her bottom lip in an attempt to silence herself, but it certainly didn't make the feelings any less pleasurable.

Finally, after nearly a full minute of writhing, Lauren exhaled, not even realizing she'd been holding her breath. Her mind began to swim in pleasurable thoughts as the waves of sensual delight caressed her body. She wondered what it would be like if both Bridget and James pleased her at the same time? It was an entertaining thought, and she clenched her vaginal muscles together at the thought, squeezing her little occupant a final time.

Reaching a hand into her sticky panties, Lauren extracted a tiny, soaking woman. She was smiling at the giantess who had her pinched between two fingers, and waved delightfully through the muck. Lauren waved back with her other hand, and carried the tiny Bridget to an equally tiny bathtub in the corner of her vast office.

Dumping the naked woman into the tub, Lauren quickly rinsed her own hands before wobbling back to her seat to give Bridget some privacy. She knew she really should get back to work, but as she sank into her soft, leather chair, she basked in the afterglow a moment longer.

Hearing a tiny, faint shout, Lauren opened one eye lazily. Confirming it was coming from the shower, she scooped Bridget's tiny, discarded clothing from the top of her desk and carried it to the naked woman. A minute later, she was dressed again, and Lauren smiled, offering her hand. The tiny Bridget stepped onto the soft palm, and Lauren carried the girl to a small, human-sized door that was carved about waist high into her office's wall.

Bridget gingerly stepped off the giantess and onto the small platform outside of the office's human exit. The rest of the room was built to a giantess's scale, as procedures to grow non-living material had been developed over time to allow a giantess to become acclimated to normal society. The rest of the office building was equally large, though all the actual offices lined the edges of the building, so a giantess could walk around comfortably inside.

“Now get back to work sweetie!” Lauren laughed, lightly shoving shoving the little girl with a finger. Though nearly knocked off her feet, Bridget nimbly recovered, and waved goodbye to the giantess as she stepped through the door. Smiling widely, Lauren walked back to her desk and sat down in the soft chair. Her smile melted from her face as she was greeted with all the outstanding work she had to do, and she began to regret spending time with Bridget.
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