School trip to die for. by christiawi9

An entire class goes on a school field trip in which their bus is going to be shrunken down and they are going to explore a small pot of plants. However, in the same building some other scientists are making a cream that will make objects immune to human digestion. The first thing they test it one is a small yellow matal pill which will be consumed by Lora Mason. But what happens when the shrunken bus gets confused with the pill and no one finds out until Lora is out the building?

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Story Notes:

This should be short. No more than 3 chapters. I'm trying to learn how to write short stories. 

1. What a boring school lesson. by christiawi9

2. Gulp, Burritos and family. by christiawi9

What a boring school lesson. by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

I'm trying a different writing style. Let me know how I did. I want to try and write less specifically and go through a story quicker. Hopefully I succeed.

In the distant future education has been significantly upgraded bringing about advancements in every field of science from medical to physics to biology. With this new technology and education systems comes new ways of learning and it has now become common practice for schools to hold class wide field trips every day. If you want to learn about geology just teleport to a mountain side. If you want to discover the bottom of the ocean just take a titanium submarine down and explore. 

Todays class is learning about plant life and it's many parts. They want to learn about the root system, xylem vessels and phloem tubes. Taking a quick teleportation to the local science labs that they had booked for the day their prepare for their upcoming field trip: being shrunk down in a old school bus and traveling a pot plant with several different plants in it.

Obviously the plant had been checked for bugs and other hazards and there was no threat posed to the children or teacher, not to mention the entire excursion would be monitored by specialists. nothing could go wrong, this was done on a daily basis.

The same laboratory was conducting other experiments and were creating a specialised gel that could protect anything from most hazards. Just wipe this one cream on your hands and you'll be protected from most burns, toxins and acids which would be useful in almost any industry. Today they were testing it on a tiny little yellow pill which would be swallowed by their test subject Lora mason. Once swallowed the pill will travel her body and be exposed to everything her body could throw at it and if the experiment was a success then the pill should come out just fine.

"We've made the pill yellow so that it will be easy to see ... When coming out" One of the scientists explained holding the tiny half millimetre pill. "It should take roughly a few days to pass through at most. In that time please check everytime ... You know?"

"So wait" Lora said in her confused voice "You want me to check my crap every time I go take one?"

Lora wasn't exactly the smartest person in the world. In fact she was quite stupid. Being a 23 year old dropout she often signed up for these experiments so that she could get the money that came with it. Having long brown hair and a thin curvaceous body, she was the epitome of attractive. A quality she thought would get her through her entire life.

"Well yes, Ma'am. Because of it's bright colour it should be readily noticeable. However, we strongly urge you to keep all ... Leavings, until the experiment is over. We might be wrong and the cream might not protect the pill and will dissolve completely. We'd need to test the fecal matter if that was the case for any trace of it."

Lora didn't understand any of that and just waved her hand in the scientists face. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. I'll let you keep my crap you creepy little nerd" She walked away back to the waiting room until they prepared the pill.

Mrs Maxine was a 40 year old high school teacher who'd been teaching for the past 15 years. After teleporting to the science lab she lined up her 12 year 11 students and asked them to wait silently while the workers prepared for their excursion.

"Now students, as I told you" Maxine clapped her hands together in excitement. She truly loved her job "Our trip takes place in the smallest of places where people never think to look. The tiny plants that are often crushed under our feet hold so many fascinating and wonderful secrets which they will now share with you today. Now even though this isn't your first 'Shrink Trip' I still must warn you to follow every safety precaution and obey every instruction given by me or the scientists. understood?"

"Yes" Came a harmonic drone as the students leaned against the wall. It was so boring going on "shrink trips" since they never go anywhere cool. Now they were going to look at plants? Wow, how fun.

A scientist walked through the door with a clipboard and pencil.

"Okay, I assume you are the 12:30 class arriving for the "shrink trip" to the plants excursion. 12 students, 1 teacher. Correct?" he recited off the list as if it were a pizza order.

Mrs Maxine confirmed his inquiry and followed him into an adjacent room, down the corridor and into another room. Inside was an old fashion yellow school bus which looked like it was brand new. Buses hadn't been used much since transporters came into invention but they were still useful for small transportations like the one the class was about to partake in.

"Okay kids, on, on, on. I want to get to the plants as soon as possible so that we can get this field tripping on the road."

"Mrs, they're plants. They're not going anywhere" Said Bobby, the casual talker. Wearing a blue hoodie and cargo pants he looked thoroughly bored.

"Well, unless they're walker plants. In which case they might be going somewhere!"  Said Natalie, one of the Mander twins.

"Yeah, like to the nearest human to suck his face off!" Said Rachael, the other Mander twin.

"Well, we won't be seeing any Walker plants today." Chimed Maxine. "Just normal grass weeds and dandelions"

'So out of all the boring plants we could see we have chosen to see the most boring?' Asked Michael

"You know what's boring? My foot up your ass if you don't hurry up and get on the bus" Stacy moaned as she pushed Micheal.

"Language!' Maxine hissed but Stacy just rolled her eyes.

"But Still, why do we always have to do boring field trips?" Asked Stephanie.

"Yeah, class B-5 went on a trip to the moon to meet the colonies. I haven't been to the moon in ages!" Whined Casey.

"I hear they have really good tourist attractions" Said John

"Oh, like what?" Asked Mindy, John's girlfriend.

"Rocks, rocks, dirt, rocks and craters." Listed John "Oh, and rocks. Did I mention those?"

"I have a feeling this trip isn't going to end well" Said Steven, the cautious and paranoid one. However, in this instance he was right.

"You always say that about everything! You eat your cereal each morning saying 'oh, this isn't going to end well' and then guess what? It ends just fine. Just like this will end just fine. Just like every field trip we have ever took, that you have said something bad is going to happen, has ended. So please take no offence when I say  'Shut up'." This was Dean. The one who often talked at great length and was good friends with Steven.

The last person to get on the bus was Ben who didn't talk much, followed swiftly by Mrs Maxine and the scientist/ bus driver. Once everyone was aboard and seated the experiment began.

In the other room a small group of scientists and engineers started up the particle reducer and waited until the process was complete. This was pretty self directed and the team just had to watch while the bus in the other room got smaller and smaller and smaller until it was not even noticeable from their control panel. When it was done Mrs Helen (A trainee scientist) stood up from her chair to retrieve the tiny people.

"Um" Jack grabbed Helen's coat and whispered "Try and not drop them this time, okay?"

Helen had a look of embarrassment as she nodded and walked into the other room. What the tiny occupants of the bus saw was a gigantic and very attractive redhead approaching them at great speed. Many of the students didn't really care since this was normal but many of the male students woof whistled and stared out the window.

"Hey, you reckon we'll be able to look up her dress?" Asked John who quickly got a smack in the chest from his girlfriend.

"You know she could crush us instantly right?" Mindy stated. She was suddenly very jealous of this woman.

"Yeah, but it'd be a worthy death" said Bobby.

"You're telling me?" Said the scientist bus driver who was staring out the window, much to Maxine's disgust.

The trainee scientist bent down over the tiny bus located on a tiny red dot and a metal disk. As her legs bent down they slowly parted open causing gasps and unheard cheers from the microscopic bus as every male in the reduced vehicle got a boner.

"You know, we have had quite a few reasons to fire her" Said the scientist on the bus. "But now you kids know why we don't"

"I have so got to get me a degree" Said Ben "Science has suddenly got a tonne more interesting"

Right now every female in the bus had ugly looks on their face as the men stared at the supersized panties hovering above them. But everything has to come to an end and finally the Trainee picked up the tiny bus and carried it out of the room and down the hall.

Now, the bus was located in a protective bubble that shields it from any falls and damages. In order to retrieve the vehicle you have to unscrew the bubble and pull it off. This is a very smart device for when your handling very small things you don't want to lose or damage but has the down fall to the bus and its inhabitants in this context. This is because the bubble also blurrs whatever's inside of the bubble so instead of seeing a bus you just see a small yellow, pill shaped object.

Helen walked down the hall and over to the sign in desk so that she could date and record her actions. This is to make sure the establishment has evidence that the shrunken bus made it to the labratory intact. As she was signing another scientist stood next to her, putting his own contrainer down, and proceeded to sign his name.

"So, you handling the excursion" Jimmy asked, his eyes staring at the woman sexually. The young woman blushed.

"Yep, they're finally trusting me after that last mistake I made"

"You mean when you dropped the school bus?"

"Yeah, when I dropped he school bus"

"Well, just make sure you take extra care of this one, okay. Wouldn't want another lawsuit on our hands. Speaking of lawsuits, don't you still owe me for the last one?"

"Hmm, do I?"

"Yeah. If I recall correctly. You said that you'd have dinner with me if I bailed you out of your little mess. I put my very important neck on the line, you know?"

"And it is a very nice neck, indeed. I should respect its importance. Okay, when do you want to meet up?"

"Well, it just so happens that I made reservations at the best hover restaurant in town. 6 O'clock sound good to you?"

"Oh, dang" She puffed her cheeks in fake disappointment "I don't get off until 7. Oh, well. Maybe some other time"

Before the confused man could say another word she tapped him on the chest, picked up her disk and swiftly walked away. Unfortunately, due to her clumsiness she didn't pay attention to which disk she was picking up and now Jimmy was carrying the wrong disk over for his experiment.

"Hey ... Wait a minute" Maxine said from inside the bus "Where's she going? Where's she going?" She looked over to the bus driver who also looked confused. "Did you assign another scientist to take us?"

"No" The scientist bus driver quickly got on the radio to call for help "Goddamn it! This radio is designed to only work in a room with transmitters. The signal is far too weak otherwise"

"What does that mean? Are you saying we have no way of stopping this"

"What's going on?"

"Yeah, where's the hottie going"

"I told you this would happen"

The students all had there own little things to say and the bus automatically increased in volume. Finally Maxine gave one of her terrifying glares to the students and they all stopped immediately. Closing her eyes she calmed herself down and talked to the driver.

"Do you know where this scientist is going?"

"That's what I'm checking." he started flipping through page after page of schedules. Unfortunately this was the only medium he had and he wasn't very good looking through papers. He was more use to computer holograms to tell him everything. 'Crap, I can't find it! He's on the development floor so most likely he's going to ... do something with ..."


"Okay, I don't know! happy? I don't know where we're going and we have no way of communicating with them!" It was clear that this man was not good with dealing with these types of situations. His fear caused a dense silence to fall on the bus as every one's face's grew with horror.

"Won't they know that the bus is gone and that we are missing?" Maxine asked. The scientist suddenly lit up with hope.

"Yes. Yes they would. The bus would be scanned once removed from the protective shell. They would find that the bus is missing and replaced with something else"

"Then what would they do?"

"Every sector would be immediately alerted to this fact and all none critical experiments would be halted. Every section would be sealed off and nothing would be able to enter or leave the building."

Maxine kept up the questioning "And how would they find us?"

"Tracking devices. Any machine that is designated to be reduced is fitted with a tracking beacon. As long as we're in the building there is nowhere they can't find us. So all we have to do is wait until they figure out that we're missing."

This man's mind worked on quick and simple facts. Procedures and protocols. As long as he was reciting something from a standard book he'd know the answer. Maxine sat back down in her chair and breathed a sigh of relief at this news.

"See kids? Everything is going to be just fine. They know what they're doing. They have rules put in place for when this happens, so no one panic. Just stay calm and relaxed. No undue talking. No screaming in terror. Just nice, easy breathes" Mrs Maxine was now pretty much talking to herself as she followed her own instructions and calmed down. Everyone looked at her with weird faces but their worries were at least dulled.

However, things Didn't seem so good when Jimmy entered the waiting room with the tiny bus in his hand. Lora looked up at him from her magazine and let out a huff of annoyance. Putting her magazine down she walked over to Jimmy.

"Jeez, what took you so long, I'm starving. You people said I couldn't eat until after I took your little pill"

"Well, here it is" He started unscrewing the top "You're been briefed multiple times on what you must do? Stool storage? Meal schedules? Regular check ins?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah" She said, holding out her hand for the pill "Just give it to me already. I have to meet up with my friends at Taco Bell in, like, 20 minutes"

"Well, that should test the cream just fine." The cap came off and he handed the disk over to Lora.

The entire bus started screaming once more as their entire sky opened up to the sight of a hungry giantess. They heard everything and knew exactly what she was about to do and there was no way of stopping her. Lora lifted the tiny bus up to her thin lips and opened her mouth, her breath creating a mist that enveloped the vehicle.

Maxine looked up at the face of the attractive giantess puzzled "Lora? Lora Mason?" Yes, the giantess that was about to eat her and her entire class was non other than her ex student. In fact, she was a major reason for causing Lora to drop out in the first place and force her to take these experiments. How ironic.

Lora Tilted the disk and the tiny 'pill' fell onto her tongue. Closing her mouth she swished the microscopic, metallic object around in her saliva before audibly gulping it down. A slight wave travelling down her attractive neck as it carried the shrunken class into her stomach. Lora liked her lips and handed the disk back, rubbing her belly which gave a slight gurgle at being fed.

"Can I go now?"

"Oh, yeah, sure. Just remember what you're required to do. You won't get the money unless you follow all instructions, okay?" They then parted ways as she carried the screaming classroom away in her stomach.

Helen was now in the laboratory signing in once again. She looked up at the reception woman and handed over the disk.

"Hey, this is the class field trip. You have the plants ready?"

"Eh, sorry. We found a fly in the room and so we're trying to get rid of it. Can't have any macroscopic life in there while the class is in there. You know, they don't want to meet a giant fly while they're checking the wonders of grass. Might make the excursion too exciting."

"Well what do I do with this?" Holding up the tiny disk

"Just put it on the red circle and erect a force field. That should keep them safe. Should only take a few more minutes to kill the fly and rescan the room. haha" She laughed as she looked at the monitor next to her "Check this out. Apparently the fly is too smart for them. They're having trouble killing it"

Helen checked the screen and saw four guys trying to swat the fly that kept buzzing right by them. They obviously couldn't use the 'death beam' (As the scientists liked to call it) as it would kill the plant life as well. No, they had to do it the old fashion way, and boy was it funny to watch.

However, this hilarity came at a price since by the time they figured out that something was wrong Lora was far away from the labs and eating Taco Bell with her friends. Not only that, but the entire base was shut down as they tried to search for the tiny bus. Even though it didn't pick up on the scanners they knew it must still be in the labs. How else could it possibly leave. Unfortunately, due to all these fails, the tiny class was left defenceless as they tried to protect themselves against Lora's digestive system. 

End Notes:

As you can see the stage has been set up and many things are going to happen. This is going to be a full tour story, however, since there are about 14 people trapped inside her body many of them will die. Pretend this is a reality show and vote in how you want them to die.

Gulp, Burritos and family. by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

Wow, this chapter was rather hard to write. For some reason I can't find the way I was writing in beofre So I just wrote this chapter how I usaully would have wriiten it. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to review.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as the tiny, pill shaped bus entered the giantesses mouth. The thing that everyone noticed at first was the intense heat that radiated through the windows as the moisture instantly soaked through their clothing. However, things got much worse when they collided with the tongue and the mouth closed, sealing them in a rollercoaster of movement and darkness.

Lora swished the bus around in her mouth, throwing the teenagers against the windows and roof as each twitch of her gigantic tongue felt like a thundering earthquake.  As the vehicle violently rolled through the mouth it sunk through the layers of saliva and coming to rest at the back of Lora's mouth. The metal frame of the tiny bus was extremely dented with cracked windows and saliva leaking through the windows.

This leaking was more like a flood for the microscopic students as the two open windows in the bus let loose a torrent of warm, sticky saliva that covered and clung to everything. With such a viscous liquid flooding the cabin the students were finding it impossible to move. Those who were sitting in chairs were pinned in them while those who were thrown to the floor were now covered and trapped under layers of spit.

"Shut the windows!" Screamed Bobby as he grabbed onto a chair to prevent himself from falling under the hot, sticky mess. However, as he looked around he noticed that many of his fellow classmates were not so lucky. Many of them had already succummbed to the oncoming attacks.

Bobby dragged and waded heavily through the thick and unyielding saliva and grabbed onto the window closest to him. Stephanie was on the opposite side of the bus trying to slam the adjacent window shut with the help of Stacy and Michael, however, they seemed to be having trouble. Turning back to his own window, Bobby pulled with all his strength as the horrid smelling fluid continued to pour through his window until finally some luck came to him. The bus rolled and now the window he was holding onto became the roof.

With the added strength of gravity Bobby easily slid the glass shut but was horrified as a scream came from below. Since Stephanie was opposite him her window had now become the floor when the bus did its roll. In order to keep her bearings Stacy accidentally pushed Stephanie in the back who got sucked out the window with the outflowing flood. SHe was now trapped by herself in an ocean of this women's spit. 

Now that the bus had rolled many of the students were now free of the sticky embraces or were at least not in any danger of drowning. Stacy and Michael continued to try and succeed where Stephanie had failed until Stacy noticed something.

"The fucking latch is still on" This would explain why they couldn't shut the window before. If Stephanie had noticed this earlier she might have been able to shut the window sooner and wouldn't have died.

With both windows now securely shut there was no risk of them drowning anytime soon, even though gallons of the putrid sludge had already infested the cabin. It wouldn't be surprising if one or two students weren't dead from this ordeal already but their worries were only beginning. As they weren't able to look outside the windows because of the opaque, saliva surrounding the bus they were unable to discern where they were. However, they all knew what the next step in eating was.

With a horrifying lurch the bus was suddenly and violently hurled forward as they descended down this womans throat. It was lucky that they were surrounded by so much Saliva as it cushioned the bus against the incredible strength of her throat muscles. They continued to travel at relatively tremendous speeds until they were deposited in some kind of sac filled with liquid. Once again, it was lucky that they were covered in saliva, however, that would soon wash off and then they would be truly at the mercy of this bitches digestive system.


Lora was hopping out of the scientific research lab with a slight spring in her step. Once she crapped out this tiny pill she would finally be able to pay her bills, and the best way to get it out of her quickly was to eat some good ol' fashion taco bell. That pill would be out of there in no time.

Sliding into her car she heard her gut give a long groan as if waited to be fed. Patting her toned stomach she hushed the angry beast and proceeded to call her friends who were waiting for her, before putting the car in gear and driving away at speeds that were not legal for this area. (Doesn't matter, she knew how to get out of a ticket)


Helen and Amy (The reception girl) continued to stare at the monitor. For world class geniuses these guys weren't very smart when it came to killing bugs and continued to make the same mistakes over and over again. If they came at it slowly then they'd get it but no, hard and fast is the way to go. Men.

Helen occasionally looked over at the force field which housed the shrunken "Bus" as she thought about how boring it must be for them. They scheduled this lab for their field trip and now they were spending most of their time in a bubble (Or more precisely a stomach). Getting up from her seat she walked over to the small bubble and deactivated the force field.

"Woah, woah, woah" Said Amy "The hell  are you doing?"

"I'm going to explain to the children what's happening so they can understand. I don't want them to think we've forgotten about them or something"

"Okay, one" Amy stood up and walked over to a control panel "you should alert all scientists in the room before you do anything with shrunken material. Protocol. Prevents mistakes happening. And two" Amy pressed a few buttons on the panel "You talk to them through the radio, not with your booming voice on their tiny little ears. You want us to be sued again?"

"Okay, seriously, I apologized about dropping the bus before. It was an accident"

"ahuh. Right. An accident that just so happen to have them landing in your open shoe. Right before you were putting it on. And then proceeded to wear said shoe for a total of ... What was it? Fifteen minutes. Several students experienced heat stroke while in that bus"

"I Didn't know I had dropped it. The cap was loose and the bus just fell out. I was stretching my foot when they fell in the shoe. It was a mistake. Anyway, tell them that we should be done in a few minutes"

"Hmm" Amy seemed to be staring at the panel with a confused look on her face.


"Strange. Why isn't it?" She moved to another panel.

"What are you doing?"

"Scanning the bus. I just want to ... oh, no ..." Her face went white and frozen. She simply stared at the screen for a few seconds before running over to the wall and slamming the big red button  (Also known as the "fuck up button" since you only press it when someone has fucked up)

Helen looked at the screen and covered her mouth in shock. The scan showed that there was no bus and the platform, rather and small pill. A pill that was designated for human consumption that day. What had she done?

Amy marched over to Helen and grabbed her by the collar, pinning her against the wall.

"Where is it? Where's the class. Where's the bus!"

"I ... I don't know. I swear! I brought it from the reducer straight here. You have to believe me!"

"The scientists in the adjacent room ran up to them just in time to see Amy throwing Helen to the ground and removing her shoes. "Are they here? What did you do with them?"

"What's going on?" One of the males scientists said. A short beard across his face and a concerned look in his eyes.

"The bus! It's missing!" Amy screamed.

"Not again! We have to lock down the building! order an immediate scan of the entire facility. No matter where it is we have to find it."

Alarms were going off in the entire base as everyone stopped their experiments and signed in, showing where they were and what they were doing. Next, every sector was cordoned off and sealed so that no scientist could move from one location to another. Everyone felt a strange tingling sensation as the scanner swept through every room.

Now, these were protocols and were very effective. However, they only worked for when the stolen or missing object was still on base. If it had already left then this procedure would only hinder the progress of the investigation. Everyone was sealed off, no one was allowed to move from one area to another. No one was allowed to use the intercom. All security access and power was being controlled from the main room as they handled this investigation.

However, that means that if Helen figured out where the bus might be, or maybe the male scientists who originally had the pill figured out where the bus might be then they wouldn't be able to relay that information. No one was able to communicate to anyone else unless it was from command. They were never going to find that bus.


The bus was currently submerged deep within the stomach of Lora, constantly moving as the stomach muscles swished and compressed the tiny vehicle. Combine this movement with the sickening and deafening gurgles and glorps which surrounded them and it made for a  very unpleasant experience. Multiple students had already thrown up from this sickening rollercoaster rise, although that was probably more to door with the insane fear that was gripping them. 

Other than Stephanie, no one seemed to be hurt. Those who were submerged and were drowning in the saliva were quickly hooked up to ECRU's (Electro compressive resuscitation units) which pretty much does CRP except without the human contact and far more efficiently. The three girls and one boy who had been drowning quickly regained consciousness and began throwing up buckets of saliva they had ingested. 

Once everything had "calmed down" (Yeah, not really) the bus driver attempted to explain the situation. 

"Situation?" Said Bobby "I think we all know what situation we're in. We're in a FUCKING stomach. All because you stupid pricks can't do a simple job!"

"Why wasn't that bitch fired already?" Asked Mindy "She clearly can't make toast right let alone work in a lab!"

"Calm down-" The bus driver said before the bus rolled over again from the movement and everyone was thrown left and right. After they regained their footing the Scientist explained why they weren't dead yet.

Apparently this bus wasn't from the distant past. It was made only three years previous and was designed to be used in the labs to be shrunken. It was far stronger and far mroe durable than an average bus with shatter proof glass and reinforced steel frame. Not to mention the gadgets that were stashed everywhere like the ECRU.

"So we might survive this?" Asked Maxine, her voice filled with hope. She didn't want to end her life in the gut of one of her past students.

"Oh, of course we aren't. I'm just explaining why we aren't dead yet. We are most certainly going to die if we aren't rescued shortly."

""But this bus has portable shields doesn't it? Standard equipment for any excursion?" Maxine asked. She was desperately trying to find a solution and this guy wasn't helping.

"Portable shields? Yes. Food? Yes. Water? yes!  We even have oxygen masks in case this bus is sent into outer space! But you aren't thinking more basically."

The scientist grabbed Maxine and started shaking her trying to get her to see his logic. "We're in a stomach! A standard bus like this will not survive such a journey! As soon as the saliva washes away this bus will start being eaten away! You could use your portable shields but they won't last on constant use. Their batteries will drain VERY quickly if you take the scenic route out of this woman!"

Even though everyone was listening to him they still jumped under their seats and retrieved the equipment that he mentions. Before he was finished everyone was equipped with portable oxygen masks, shields, rations and flashlights (Even though the lights on the bus were still working they wouldn't be for long. 

The scientist looked at the student's with dread in his eyes. They were so optimistic but they just didn't realize what they were up against. They had already lost one girl, and she was the lucky one. A quick drowning and she was dead. They would be cooked and burned alive! However, that didn't stop their spirits from rising as they swore they would survive this. 


The news of stephanie's death had been greatly exaggerated. She wasn't dead at all, in fact she had a better chance of living that the rest of the group since she was still in the mouth. The microscopic girl woke up screaming as she remembered what had happened to her but unable to comprehend where she was. Wasn't she suppose to be dead?

She appeared to be ... Floating? No, she knew what floating was like and this was more like laying on wet glue. She could feel and it surrounded her, the warm, sticky current as it held onto her hair and clothing, preventing her from moving. She couldn't even look around as her body was completely glued to the inside of this girls mouth, like a tiny insect trapped in a small childs spit.

Lora was humming in her car completely unaware of the tiny occupant currently trapped within a miniscule pool of drool in her left cheek. She was almost at taco bell and was excited about seeing her friends and had completely forgotten about the experiment she had just partook in. Pulling up into the carpark she jumped out of her car and jogged into the fast food joint, instantly seeing her friends.

Stephanie was suddenly bombarded with a thunderstorm of noise as her surroundings erupted with booming sounds. Little to her knowledge it was just Lora speaking casually to her friends.

"Hey Jasmine! Hilary!" Lora said as she slid into the same booth as the other two ladies.

"Ah, the third bitch arrives at last. Do you know how long we've been waiting?" Said Jasmine.

"Well sorry. The nerds took forever to finish jerking off to the thought of me shitting in a bag for them. Can you believe that's actually what they want?"

"That is strange. Everyone is always so sick of having to take your shit and now these people are asking for it. But hey, did you see a class when you were there?" Asked Hilary.

"No, why?"

Hilary took a drink from her pepsi "Hmm, my little sis said she was going on an excursion up there today. Something about plants."

"Ugh, school! What a waste of time? If you have a hot ass and big tits then school is so beneath you. Why do you think I left?"

Stephanie was being thrown through the sea of saliva as the goddess around her spoke. She could never get her bearings straight as she was constantly under the saliva choking or above, trying to breath. Suddenly her entire world got shot into the air as she saw herself flying to the entrance of the mouth.

"Ew, say it, don't spray it!" Said Jasmine as she munched into her burger. Lora pinched her drink and quickly sucked a few gulps, removing all the excess saliva in her mouth.

"Ugh, diet" the drink was snatched away from her "Can't you drink normal coke?"

Stephanie found herself stuck to the inside of the giant lip, unable to move since she was so exhausted. She knew that at any moment she was going to fall and die. Why did this have to happen to her?

"Anyway, like I was saying ..." The conversation continued as the three hotties ate their burgers and burritos (Taco bell was very different in the future and didn't just serve wahat they did today).

Finally, Stephanie couldn't stay clung to the inner lip as she felt herself fall more and more until the stickiness disappeared completely and she started plummeting down to her death. However, just as she was falling the giantess decided to take a drink and her moth suddenly filled with liquid, cushioning her fall. However, now she was being carried down the woman's throat. But just at that Moment Hilary told a funny joke and Lora snorted her drink up her nose.

Stephanie, who was halfway down the throat was suddenly being propelled upwards. She was already suffocating from being submerged in burning fizzy drinks and her body was being crushed by the forces around her. However, inside of being spat out the mouth like most of the drink did, she continued to rise up until she got caught in the woman's sinuses. Trapped within her gigantic nose.

"Ugh, disgusting!" Hilary wiped away the spit on her arm with her napkin before throwing some at Lora. "Did they never teach you to cover you mouth before you spit everywhere?"

"Um, no. They didn't teach me anything. You should learn from your sister"
Lora was talking to Hilary who had been talking about her sister. The one that was one the excursion that day. Apparently she was a really smart and kind person by the name of ... You guessed it. Stephanie. Stephanie was mere inches away from her gigantic big sister and the only one who could help her and her entire class escape this torment.

"Ugh" Lora groaned as she grabbed her gut. 'Yeah, that food's doing its job"

"Well, that's what happens when you eat the chili burrito. What did you expect? Geez, you're going to be on the toilet tomorrow!" Said Hilary with a laugh.

"Sooner than that probably" Said Jasmine.

"yeah, well that's the point. Sooner this pill comes out the better. Heh, I might even flush the pill away and give them a bag of my crap to search through. I'd get paid either way."

"That's just sick" Jasmine couldn't help but laugh at this. "But, hey. They did say to give them your crap. Let 'em have it."

Stephanie was inside the nose. A vast cavern which was like a house to the shrunken girl. She would have felt complete disgust if she was completely intimidated by the power this woman possessed over her. She had to get out of the nose otherwise she was going to be sneezed to death.

Trying to climbed down from the nose she found the  journey far harder than she initially planned. Not only were there tornado like currents coming into the nose but she was unable to move most of the time because of the thick mucus which covered everything. Really, it seemed one problem neutralized another.

However, her movements did not remain unnoticed and the cavern soon began to shake and wobble as the mucus got drawn further up the nostril, taking the screaming girl with it.

"Uh,Uh" Lora said, preparing to sneeze.

"Geez, cover your mouth" Hilary said as she put her hand against Lora's nose, blocking the sneeze from hitting her food but sacrificing the cleanliness of her hand in the process. "Ugh, Gross"

Hilary pulled her hand away from Lora and looked at the disgusting mess on it. She didn't even notice the tiny black do moving among the mucus and boogers. Lora seemed to be happy and simply continued to eat her burger. Jasmine handed Hilary a napkin but the girl refused.

"Ew, you think I'm going to continue eating with this hand?" The woman stood up from her chair and proceeded to to to the bathroom. 
Stephanie looked up at the face of another goddess and instantly recognized it.

It was the face of her older sister and knew this was her chance to get her attention. If she could get her to help them that would not only mean she survives her friends will also be rescued from the stomach of the horrid woman. However, before she could open her mouth the hand and and rubbed against Hilary's shirt.

"Disgusting" Hilary said as she wiped her hand on the front of her shirt. Entering the bathroom she went into one of the bathroom stalls and sat down. "Time to drop a deuce" She said to herself.

Stephanie was trapped on the front of her sister's white shirt. With all the movement she had no idea what was happening. However, at least she wasn't stuck to anything anymore. However, she suddenly got a good idea of what was happening when she heard the grotesque sound fo someone farting. Although at her size it was more like canyon fire off in the distance.

"Uh, that was good" Hilary continued to grunt as she felt the mass continued to slide out of her body. The room instantly started filling with her won personal odor which her tiny, stranded sister was unable to escape. The poor girl was forced to smell everything.

Things got worse when the giatess laid back on the seat. Her shirt suddenly stretched and became smoother, creating a sort of slide which Stephanie was suddenly caught in. She slid down the length of the shirt untl she was flown into the air and right between her sisters open legs, falling down into the toilet bowl below. 

Slamming into the water hard, Staphanie instantly lost consciousness for a split second before jerking awake once more. Swimming to the surface she was greeted with a stench so bad she couldn't explain it. The smell pushed away all the oxygen in the bottom of the bowl forcing the tiny girl to breathe in nothing but the raw smell of her sisters shit. Adn the worse was yet to come.

She was unaware of this since there was very little light coming into the bowl but she was readily approaching a colossal turd. She was kind of able to detect it from the intense heat radiating from it and once she collided she took this chance to gain some firm 'ground' to stand on. Even if that ground was her sisters shit she was going to sufforcate and drown if she stayed in the water.

Hilary continued her little business as her helpless younger sister screamed at her from inside the bowl until finally her bowels were empty and she could continue eating food with her friends. Pulling some toilet paper she wiped herself and threw it into the bowl, completely covering to tiny girl. Now she knew that she was done. Any second she was going to be flushed down the toilet.

However, a flushing never came. Hilary puled up her pants and left the stall, leaving her massive dump for all to see. Stephanie wasn't aware of this but Hilary and her friends had a game they often liked playing call "Dropping a duece". The point of the game was to take a dump at an establishment and then leave it unflushed, effectively stinking up the whole bathroom for everyone else. Everytime you left one, you got a point.

It seemed that Hilary just earned herself another point but had now stranded her sister on an island of her own fecal matter. The poor girl couldn't even pray for a swift drowning as she was trapped under the heavy, shit covered toilet paper and forced to suffocate on Hilary's anal air.

End Notes:

So there's one student down. Given a rather nasty death. I am not going to do one death per chapter but this death was significant since it was the first one. The next chapter will be mostly about the students inside the woman's gut, trying to survive with their powerful gadgets. They are so going to fail.

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