Allison by madeofwin

A sister and brother go through changes.  

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This story contains: growth, shrinking, transfer, incest, and other stuff.  

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Cooking by madeofwin



John winced as he heard the buzz of the alarm.  He would need to get access to the roast chicken he was baking in the oven.  He stopped stirring the pot and got onto his belly.  He was using a dinner chair to reach the stove.  His ass stuck out into the air as he shimmied onto the floor.  He put both hands onto the chair and pulled.  His thin arms shook as he drug the heavy wood chair across the tiled floor.  John hurried around to open the door then froze in panic.  His oven mitts!  They were on the counter top.  How was he to open the oven door without them?  






He couldn’t believe how far she had taken things.  He couldn’t reach his deodorant that he was sure he had left on the sink the day before. He was hopping madly trying to reach it.  Back when he was six foot, John used to reach up there with ease.  Now?  Now he couldn’t hope to reach that shelf at Allison’s height of five foot.  “Need help?”   John turned around red faced and angry.  “No.”  He said angrily.  Allison walked in.  Her eyes were  done up in the way that emphasized her oriental heritage and her hair was up in a set of pigtails.  For yet another time John found himself thinking ‘she’s only my ‘adopted sister’.  


Allison was wearing one of his old shirts.  It was a plain black t-shirt with the punisher skull on the front.  Her breasts stretched out the front and hung right below John’s chin.  He was surprised she hadn’t taken scissors to this one yet.  Allison loved to cut the front of his old shirts and cut them down the front.  It had continued a pattern she had employed since she hit the 5’6” mark, passing John on his way down.  As his clothes became too big, their mom had hit on a great idea.  Allison would wear John’s clothes as they stopped fitting.   For a month they had shared.   Allison would take a shirt or shorts he really liked and stretch them out.  Innocently, of course.  But she still had that smile.  The same one she had sported every time they were kids.  Then, when John and her were no longer sharing, Allison took to ‘modifying’ his favorite old clothes.  The Punisher shirt was one he wore all the time, and it had surprised him she hadn’t cut it yet.  


Allison hadn’t just been growing taller and John shrinking.  They were changing in other ways.   Allison began to put on the pounds in the right places.  Her discarded bras were so numerous she had boxes filled with every size.  She had repurposed her old C cups into a bed for her pet squirrel.  


Allison walked closer, her enormous tits hovering in front of him as she looked down at him smiling.  Then, slowly, she moved forward.  John struggled.  He was pinned against the counter with Allison’s enormous tits smothering his face.  Pushing against his sister’s hard stomach he saw dots forming in his vision.  Feeling her giggle echo through the fabric, he breathed as she moved back.  


“Sorry,” Allison said, that look on her face.  “Here’s your deodorant, big brother.”  She turned and walked away.  




Wincing at how pathetic he must have looked, John began hopping.  He was sweating profusely through the clothes sister had bought him.  




B-but AllISon,”  he had said, wincing at how high his voice hit on her name.  “What,” she said, her hands on her hip and a knowing look on her face.  John realized she wanted this, an excuse to exercise her newly discovered size advantage.  He wouldn’t give it to her.  He turned around.  The shirt was purple and had a unicorn winking.  He put it on, struggling as it was too tight.  He knew better than to complain about that.  She would delight in telling him he would shrink into it.  




Seeing he could juuuussstttt grab them, John hopped hard and hit the counter with his soft stomach.  Weezing in pain and out of air he reached out.  Juuusssttt a little more….and he got them!  



John let himself dangle and then fall onto the ground.  He couldn’t stop now.  He opened up the door and felt the hot air him.  Wincing as he grabbed, John lifted the heavy motherfucker up and managed to get it onto the table.  




“Now kids,”  Miss Smith was wearing her dress suit with a high pair of heels.  A naturally tall and attractive woman, she had adjusted well to her son and adopted daughter going through some…weird changes.  “I’m being sent over to China for the next six months.”  She paused, letting them soak this in.  Allison took it in stride.  She had outgrown John’s old height of six foot and was now closer to Six feet four inches.  She was wearing the new clothes they had bought for her.  Her tube top strained against her enormous chest.  Allison was always popping out of her clothes.  John suspected that she did it on purpose.  


Miss Smith walked over to Allison and gave her an awkward hug.  At an even six foot one, her head was even with her daughter’s neck.  “I don’t wanna disrupt you kids summer or school.”  She broke her hug and moved to John.   For John, being eye level with his mom’s exposed cleavage was an unpleasant reminder just how short he was.  


Trying not to let on, John let his mother draw him into a hug, pressing her chest against his cheek.  


“Take care of each other.”  Miss Smith said, “I’ll be back in  six months, make me proud.”  She wasn’t happy leaving, but the kids changes meant the family needed money.  


As she closed the door, Allison walked over to John.  Her heavy breasts jiggled against the elastic top.  Her enormous hips swayed causing her round ass to press into her yoga pants.  


John swallowed hard as he felt Allison’s presence just behind him.  He turned, his eyes level with his sister’s ribs.  “Little John, this is going to be fun!”  That look.  Shit





John felt a welling relief.  It wasn’t easy, but he had prepared dinner on time.  Before…..  “Biiiiig Brrrrooother,” Allison’s voice came from the living room.  “I’m home!

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I'm definitely unsure whether or not to continue on this.  

Chapter 2: Dinner by madeofwin



Allison 6'4"  John 4'7"


"So, to review, I  expect you to have all my laundry done, the house cleaned, the yard mowed, and dinner prepared for me every night before I get home."  Allison raised a finger for each chore.  John struggled to process this.  He had noticed that he had gotten weaker as he shrunk.  His body put on less muscle mass.  It showed when he went shirtless.  His formerly defined abs were gone.  He wasn't fat, he just had lost a good deal of definition.  Allison was listing every single chore their mother had left for them both to do.  She couldn't possibly expect him at his shrunken state to complete them all....


“Now,” Allison said firmly with her hands on her hips, " “I understand this might be allot for someone in your...diminished state."  Allison gave him the look again.  She was challenging him to bring up that it was her who had done this to him.  "But I still expect you to get it done, titch."   Allison giggled and walked to the door.   


Allison’s growth had led to tight finances for the family.  Wanting money in order to buy new clothes for her six foot four inch frame, she had taken on a job as a life guard at the beach.  She was dressed in a tight red one piece.  The front was emblazoned with the words lifeguard in white.  Allison's large breasts stretched the letters out, distorting them in the middle and framing the beginning and end with large, erect nipples.  The red fabric squeezed tightly against her ripe flesh, the largest suit was a size too small.  Her spongy breast flesh bulged upward into a mouthwatering cleavage.  Of course, only for people tall enough to see it.  Shameful though it may be, John had found himself thinking about Allison when he mastrubated recently.  


He was more than happy to see his sister leave him at home alone.  It meant John got time to himself and didn’t have to deal with Allison constantly teasing him.  He would also have time to figure out just how she had drained him of his size.  If John could figure it out he might be able to get some size back, or at the least, stop future attempts.  Even better, Allison seemed to have lost any interest in growing bigger. 


  Allison moved closer to John, breaking him from his thoughts.  Her enormous chest hovered right in front of him and not for the first time that day, he forced himself to look over those amazing tits to the face of his now Amazonian sister. 


“You got that….If these chores aren’t done Johnny, there will be consequences”   John gulped and nodded.  He doubted Allison would drain him, but still...he'd better not risk it.  “Yes,” John said, softly hanging his head.  Allison smiled.  It filled her with such a buzz to see her formerly larger older brother succumb to her will.  She tamped down on her arousal.  "Later," she thought.  “Good, I'll see you for dinner.”  She turned around, her huge ass jiggling as she walked to the door.  Pausing, she looked back, “And remember to cook allot,”  she gave him a shark toothed grin, “I’m a very big girl after all.”  




Allison 6'4" John 4' 


“This looks amazing, little John.”  Allison said loudly from behind him.  John turned and saw her standing there.  She smiled and walked right by him.  “I’m starving.”  John sighed, of course she wouldn’t thank him.  He walked over to the chair across from Allison and began to crawl up.  She paused, in mid bite and started to laugh.  “Oops, Sorry.”  Allison stood and walked over, her steps shaking the house.  “I forgot how titchy you are now.”  She reached down and put her hands under his armpits and planted John into the chair.  Walking back to her seat, she sighed as she rubbed the band of her suit.  



“I wish you wouldn’t call me little John or titchy.”  John said, pouting despite his best efforts.  “But you are, you are titchy brother dear.”  Allison said fake innocence and sweetness.  John glared, “Because you stole my height!”   Allison took an entire rolland popped it into her mouth.  Chewing and swallowing, she frowned.   “Not all of it.  I stopped at 6’4, you were 4’7” when I stopped.”  She took a big swig of her drink.  “Its not my fault little Johnny couldn’t keep his pecker in his panties and away from the womyns.”  She looked at him, challenging him to respond.  John hung his head, she wasn't wrong.  He'd discovered just how she had caused all of this.  And the truth was both deeply wrong and deeply erotic.   

Chapter 3: Dinner Part 2 by madeofwin



Brittney 4’11”  John 4’7”  Alyssa 4’3”


John puffed as he carried all the trash to the cans.  His arms burned.  Allison consumed so much food now that the trash piled up.  He grunted and swung the heavy bag up and into the bins.  “Yes!”  he said loudly and pumping his fist into the air.  “Trash is my bitch!”  *Giggle*  John spun around.  “Brittney.”  he addressed the girl in the garage entrance.  She was dressed in cotton shorts and a grey t-shirt that hung off of her skinny body.  Brittney was a naturally skinny girl and flat as board.  Allot of people couldn’t understand why John had dated her before he shrank. They didn't see what he saw. Brittney was kind, funny, and liked to fool around.  


"Bitch, John," Brittney faked a pout, "Whatever would Allison say?"  He felt a smile crawling over his face.  Allison hated it when he used the 'b' word.  “Well, I guess its really not a polite term.”  John shrugged.  "No, it sure isn't," Brittney said with a knowing smile.  She faked a thoughtful expression.  "I'd think you need to be punished."  John played along, wrinkling his face thoughtfully.  "What do you have in mind?"  He said.  Britnney walked over, putting as much of a wiggle into her step as she could.  The attempt was in vain.  She had very little to shake.  Still, she was a pretty girl and John felt himself harden in his shorts.


"I guess," she said coming to in front of him.  Brittney leaned forward, wrapping her arms around John's neck.  "I'll have to fuck the naughty out of you." John's cock twitched.  He had been hyper virile ever since he started shrinking.  He came multiple times and didn't seem to need breaks.  John smiled and put his arms around Brittney’s waist.  Brittney was craning her neck down, her lips at his nose.  John bent his neck up and met his taller girlfriends lips.  


It had been really awkward as he shrank.  Nice, at first because he was no longer too big when they had sex.  But the day had come when they were the same height.  John had been so scared of how Brittney would react.  He’d worried she wouldn't want to stay with him now that he was smaller than her.  It turned out he needn’t have worried.  Brittney had simply smiled and said her neck wouldn’t hurt after they  made out.  


Today was the first time they’d seen one another since Allison had stopped draining him.  It had been several long months and John was eager to have sex.  He thought back to when they had last made love.  He remembered wondering what it would feel like, for Britney to be the larger one.  It hadn't felt bad.  John had first noticed that his hands felt small on Brittney's ass. Usually he could cup her cheeks.  But instead he found his girlfriend had more than he could palm out back.   Brittney had never had much up top, but at his new height, they had felt so much bigger. 


John had palmed her slight breasts and felt her shiver in appreciation.  He remembered looking up, seeing Brittney’s wide eyes.  She actually appreciated his smaller, more delicate touch.  Still, some things John didn't appreciate.   Before when they wrestled, even when they were the same height John had been the stronger partner.  Now though, John sensed for the first time that Brittney was a  match for him. 


“Do you…like the new view?”  Brittney asked smiling.  John returned her smile realizing he had zoned out.  “Very much, you?”  Brittney bit her lip for a second, then leaned forward and kissed him.  It was a passionate, with a hesitance.  Brittney was figuring out what it meant for her to be the bigger partner.  And maybe the dominant one?  She relaxed, putting her full weight against John  like always.  They were both shocked as John tumbled backward and his shoulder hit the garage door button.  The door closed, plunging them into shadows and privacy.  


Brittney broke the kiss.  “It looks like I have my boyfriend alone in the dark.”  John laughed as Brittney giggling uncontrollably pulled her shirt over her head.  



John was shivering in anticipation.  He touched her nude flesh and then pulled down his shorts.  Brittney shimmied her own shorts down revealing a pair of frilly panties.  Reaching down, Brittney slid them to one side and using a hand, slid John's cock inside herself.  Both hissed relief at how good the connection felt.  He began to thrust himself inside her.    Brittney rocked back and forth on top of him.  She seemed especially interested in John's butt.  She pinched it and slapped it as she rode him.  For himself, John was absorbed in playing with her small tits.  After several minutes, the two came and landed in a sweaty mess. 



After a minute or two they talked for a while.  Unbeknownst to either, Brittney’s body lengthened slightly.  Her legs stretching longer.  Her hips widened and her chest pushed forward creating the beginnings of some real boobage.  


John, meanwhile, shrank.  Not much, just a couple of inches. The two were oblivious in the dark.  They talked for awhile.  Brittney about how she had done at school this semester.  John shared what home schooling was like.  His mother had taken him out of school when shrunk below five foot.  They talked about his sister.  Brittney was interested in what had happened.  Still, she recognized it was a touchy subject.  Brittney knew John was not telling her.  It was too much of a coincidence that he had begun shrinking just as his little sister hit the biggest growth spurt ever.  But, part of being in a relationship was understanding when your partner was and was not ready to talk.  


Finally, having to go about her day, Brittney got up to leave.  She pulled on her shirt and frowned.  She had chosen tight clothes wanting to arouse John.  But she hadn't thought they were this tight!  She hoped she wasn’t getting fat!


Outside the garage.  


Brittney walked outside, sporting the glow of someone who had just had great sex.  


Watching her leave from the shadows was the Smith's neighbor, Alyssa.  Alyssa was several years behind Allison and John.  She was also something of a pest.  She had a crush on John since they were kids that bordered on stalkery.  She would follow John and Allison around.  Hang off of him and take every opportunity to insert herself into his affairs.  And yet John never seemed to give her the time of day.


Alyssa fumed as she watched the other girl leave.  That Brittney thought she was so good.  Alyssa had spent years getting to know John.  She'd make him see her.  And now he had shrunk, meaning Alyssa had a chance!  


Alyssa got up from the bushes.  She had a standing invitation to use the Smith's pool.  John would be in the process of cleaning the pool.  Alyssa had undergone some changes this summer too.  She had begun devloping serioius curves.  She was still short, but her hips had widened and her breasts had sprouted.  She had gone through three different bras in the last year!  Alyssa was already bigger than Brittney with a pair of C cups.  And she'd probably get even bigger.  


Alyssa wore her bikini that she'd bought behind her parents backs.  It was fairly skimpy, leaving ample amounts of tit flesh exposed.  Her soft tummy still jiggled a little and that pissed her off.  She hated the baby fat that wouldn't go away.  She crossed into the backyard deciding now was the time to act!  


John had gotten up and decided against putting on his shorts.  It was hot and he didn't see the need to wear shorts to clean the pool.  He waded through the water, picking up leaves.   Without warning, a loud splash occured and drenched his hair.  


John spun around and covered himself with his hands.  His catcher feeled with refuse floated, wasting his hard work. growled.  Alyssa.  Would that pest ever get a clue.  He wasn’t interested.  Hell, he didn’t even like her!   John prepared to snap at the dumb bitch, but stopped.  It couldn’t be.  He should have a good vantage over Alyssa.  Instead, Alyssa’s bright blonde hair was at his eye level.  This left him tongue tied.  He’d shrunk, again.  Either that or hopefully, Alyssa had grown.  


Alyssa mistook his silence as a sign of awe struckness at how hot she looked.  “Heeeeyyyyy Johnny.”  She said, her green eyes sparkling with mischief.  She moved torward him, her large breasts floating in the pool water.


John backed up against the pool wall.  His naked as touched it and he decided to speak up.  “Alyssa, what have I said about interrupting me when I’m cleaning the pool?” 


Alyssa paused for a moment.  What the fuck.  Why wasn't he...maybe she wasn't doing this right.  She was young and hadn't really done this before.  Alyssa pouted at him and put on her 'sexy' voice.  “But JoHNy,” she sing-songed, “It was soooo hot."  She ran a hand down her wet cleavage, compressing the spongy tit flesh and collecting water.  "I wanted to cool down and say hi.”  John felt guilty.  She did have an invitation to use the pool  He was the one  hadn't worn shorts.  "I um, sorry Alyssa."  He edged along the side torward the letter.  "Your right, I'll just go get changed and leave you to swim."


She brightened.  He had apologized.  That meant he liked her, right?  But he was trying to leave.  Alyssa wasn't about to allow that.   She floated over, blocking John's path of exit.  Standing she noticed how closs in height they were.  This was perfect.  She had been short all her life.  Being with a boy close to her own height would be cool.  Alyssa put her hands behind her back and stuck out her chest.  "That's so sweet, most boys my age wouldn't have the maturity to apologize when they're wrong."  She shifted too and fro, causing her breasts to sway and make little waves in the water.  


John felt himself harden against his hand and cursed.   He couldn't help it looking at Alyssa's wet shiny curves bobbing and jiggling in the water near him.  Damnit, if Alyssa didn't know exaclty what she was doing.  “That’s fine, but I…uh, have work to do.” 


Alyssa flashed him a momentary look of frustration.  Why was he being sooooo difficult?  Couldn't he just...arrrrgh.  Fine.  She would go all the way.  After all, John liked her.  “I know,” she said, trying to mimic her mom and the girls on tv when they talked to boys.  It felt kindof funny and weird, but doing it also made her feel all tingly inside.  Like, mature and stuff.  “You obviously have been working very hard.”  She giggled at her innuendo.  


"But look," she said.  John paid attention and stopped.  "I've been soooo rude."  Alyssa reached behind her back and untied her top.  Allowing it to drift, she smiled at him and moved forward.  John moved backward.  He was as hard as a rock.  He wanted to stop her, but worried that would make things worse.  He continued to back away but Alyssa kept coming.  He bumped against the wall.  Alyssa reached down, removing her bottoms and they floated away too.  Sh was ignoring him.  John put his hand out to stop her.  He touched her wet, soft flesh and she sighed.  "That feels nice."  Alyssa continued to push forward and John discovered that his small size advantage wasn't enough to stop her without a fight.  


Alyssa took his hand in hers.  With a naughty expression she guided him to her right breast.  John couldn't believe how big it felt.  It was heavy and soft and spread over his hand.  He couldn't cover it.  Forgeting himself, John removed his hand from his throbbing cock.  Alyssa pressed up against him.  Her breasts smoothed into his chest.  She felt his thingie against her stomach.  Alyssa froze.  She’d never really seen a live boy before.  Banana’s sure.  But this was,  different.  


Throwing her hesitation to the wind, she began to shift her hip, creating some friction between them.  John moaned low in his throat, a sound that made Alyssa feel warm in her pussy.  She had practiced this.  Moving a hand down to his member, she began to touch him before he put his hand on hers.  “Stop it, Alyssa.”  No!  She wouldn’t be denied after all this.  “I know you want this, Johnny.”  He winced when she used that hated nickname.  But she was struggling with him.  And she wasn't wrong.  It felt really nice.  Jon didn’t know how to get her off of him without force.  And what if….he wasn’t strong enough?  Alyssa was allot thicker than Brittney and he and Alyssa were almost the same height.  


Alyssa continued to hump her hip and crotch into his boner.  She sensed him weakening.  She brought his hand up to her naked cleavage   “I keep going thru bras.”  Alyssa breathed heavily.  “Its funny, all the boys are just sooooo like interested in my boobies.”  Hearing her talk like this, feeling her ripe body against him, John gave in. He reached up and began to feel her large chest.  Alyssa was big for her age, but more, her tits were firm.  They were perky with thick nipples.  He squished them softly and Alyssa’s head rolled back as her eyes closed,  It felt incredible to feel him touch her like that.  She was going to like having a boy to play with.  Especially as soon as she made him dump that flat nobody.  



Alyssa pushed ahead, reached down guiding him into her.  It wasn’t long before he was cumming into her.  As they breathed heavily against each other, John was furious with himself.  How could he do this to Brittney?  And with Alyssa?  Without warning, John saw it.  He was shrinking, but that wasn’t all.  Alyssa was growing.  He could feel her expanding.  She was distracted with her own self- congratulation.  But John had figured it out.  His sexual fluids must trigger the changes!




John 3’10”  Allison 6’4”


“I still cannot believe you let little Alyssa jerk you off!”  Allison giggled, small bits of food coming out of her mouth.  John frowned.  “It was an accident, and I didn’t know that my having sex with a woman initiated your stupid transfer.”  Allison just smirked.  “Only if I don’t give you the inhibitor, shortass.  Otherwise you would have shrunk when you first started shrinking every time you had sex with Brittney.  I had to be smart at first.”  John gave her a weird look.  “But, I still can’t believe you were giving me blowjobs in my fucking sleep.”  He looked puzzled.  “You didn’t have to use me to grow.”  Allison just smiled, “Maybe I liked the idea of you dwindling down as you watched me grow, bigger and sexier with each passing day.”   John gulped.  Allison had a weird look on her face he still couldn’t figure out.  He didn’t completely buy his sister's answer.  She could have used anyone.  why him?  


But that would have to wait.  John needed to focus on convincing Allison to start giving him the inhibitor again.  Before she left him tomorrow morning with his ‘babysitter’.   


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Chapter 4 Dinner part 3 by madeofwin




Allison continued to eat while John picked at his food.  Since he shrank, he had found his appetite diminishing.  Finished, Allison burped and leaned back.  “Not bad, little bro.”  She said running a hand over her stomach.  She lifted a glass of wine and drank.  “Allison.”  John said nervously.  His sister put her glass down, but didn't takeher hand from it.  "Yessss." she said slowly.  Her face was red.  Great, Allison was starting to feel the wine.  “I was wondering, could I get…I mean I really don’t want to shrink anymore, sis."  Allsion nodded slowly.  "Of course you don't, shorty."  She snorted.  "Of course, you really should calle me big sis now."  John winced. 


"Could you give me the….uhm inhibitor?” He added, "Please, big sis." Allison's face lit up at that.  She was clearly in the mood to play with him and decided to tease him first.  Putting her finger to her face she pretended to think.  "I'll do anyhting," he said, eager to get her to say yes." Ali pursed her lips and looked upward.  John could tell that his sister was unimpressed.  “I dunno, Johnny.”  She lowered her eyes and dropped her lip down.  “Why should I?”   For a second he thought about mentioning his promise to do anything.  “And don’t bother promising to give me something.  Everything you have, is mine.”  She giggled, “I’ve made you my little maid.”   His heart sank, she was right.  What could he possibly offer her that she couldn't take from him by force?


John hung his head.  A tear began to role down his cheek and he tried not to sniffle.   *Thooom* *Thooom*  Allison had gotten up and was walking over to him.  “Hey there little guy.” She was trying not to smile, but couldn’t help it.  “But your right.”  He said, angrily.  He slammed his hand down on the table, petulant.  "I c-can't take shrinking again Ali!"  He reached up torward her desperately.  "And like you said, I've nothing to persuade you with."  


Allison batted his hand away.  "I wouldn’t say that.”  She directed his chin up.  “You’ve been giving allot of attention to other girls.”  She straightened up.  “But none to your big sister.”  John stared up past her crotch to her high face.  And then he got it.  “She couldn’t mean…”  Allison smiled, “I’m going to my bedroom, brother dear.”  And with that she walked away.  John got down and started cleaning.  Was she serious?  And if so, could he do it?  




John 4’3  Alyssa 4’5”


“OMG, OMG,”  Alyssa was practically dancing as she splashed up and down in the pool.  John was ready to explode.  He had fucking shrunk.  Again.  And to add insult to injure he’d lost his height to Alyssa Dert.  Alyssa was oblivious to his fury.  She celebrated some more before finally bouncing over to John and standing in front of him.  She stiffend up then put her hand on top of her wet, slick blonde hair.  "Loook!" She squealed.  Alyssa brought her hand over to a point about two inches in the air above John's head.  “I’m, like, taller than you, John.”  She squealed aloud and engulfed John into her arms.  He felt her nose in his hair as her lips touched his forehead.  John pushed and for a second, nothing happened.  Oh dammit all, she was stronger than him now too.  


Alyssa finally released him.  She leaned forward causing her massive boobies to jiggle furiously and delivered a sharp peck on John's nose.   Giggling to herself, Alyssa waded over to her floating two piece.  She struggled for a moment, still clearly unaware of her own growth.  Then it dawned on her.  “You didn’t just shrink.” she spoke slowly, processing.  “I….totally grew!”  Alyssa screamed the last word out and began clapping and hopping wildly again.  Her bikini top hung down untied as her large breasts jiggled hypnotically.  


John took this moment to try to escape into the house.  He couldn't stand to see her so happy after she had just caused him to shrink.  “Hey,” Alyssa said, noticing he was getting out.  “What the fuck, Johnny.”  She began to hurry, grabbing her bottoms in her hand and moving to get out.  John was almost to the door when she caught up.  It was still so jarring looking up into Alyssa’s green eyes.  That they were both naked, wet, and had just had sex didn’t help.  “Listen Alyssa.”  John began.  She sniffled a little, obviously getting what was coming.  “You bastard,” she shoved him sending him stumbling back.  “Now, calm…” He didn’t get to finish.  “I gave my heart to you.”  Alyssa screamed loudly, stamping her foot.  


“And I’m trying to say I…”  John didn’t get to finish this sentence either.  Alyssa slapped him, hard.  “I hope you shrink to nothing jerk.”  She turned around, her butt cheeks jiggling as she walked away.  “And I’m keeping the inches, asshole.”   



Chapter 5 Bedtime 1 by madeofwin



John 3’10”  Allison 6’4”


John felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest.  Allison was his sister.  Adopted sister, but still...his sister.  Could he really…be with her like that?  He had to admit he thought about her allot.  Allison had become so big and sexy.  When combined with his shrinking, his sister had turned into some kind of giant Babe Rex!


He cleaned the table.  John wanted to make sure the job got done well.  The last time he hadn't cleaned up right, Allison had bent him over her knee and spanked him.  He walked out of the now perfectly clean room and entered the wash room.  Allison's dirty clothes sat there in a bin, waiting for him.  

As he'd shrunk, doing the laundry became increasingly difficult.  Under four feet tall, he needed a chair to climb up to the washing machine proper.  Standing beside the chair, John picked up the basket and lifted it, his little arms shaking.  He managed to get it onto the dryer.  Next, he climbed the chair so that he could load the clothes.  


He paused as he held one of Allison's bras in his hands.  The smooth fabric brushed gently against him.  He held it up to his head in awe.  One cup would swallow his head!  Putting it into the washer, he picked up the next article of clothing, her panties.  He could still smell Allison's scent on them.  Blushing in shame as his member hardened, he put the panties into the washer and slammed the lid shut. Finishing his chores, John tried to will his throbbing erection down.  


Finally, with no more excuses, he headed up to see his sister.  


John entered her room.  It was amazing how big it now seemed.  He had used to think it was cute.  Painted and adorned like any teenage girl's room.  Now it had changed little unlike its occupant.  “Uh, Ali,” he said looking to her private bathroom.  She must have been getting ready for bed.  He wanted to leave.  "No," he thought, "I can't let myself live in fear."  He resolved to sit here and wait.


Finally, Allison responded from behind her bathroom door.  “Johnny,” she said,  “Grab some air bro, I’ll be right with you.”  He was locked in now.  John couldn't leave without disobeying her.  Looking around, John decided that her bed was his best option.  Its edge was high up off the ground, meaning he was going to need to climb.  Finally sitting on the edge he waited.  


Eventually the door to opened and Allison stepped out.  He couldn’t believe his eyes!  His sister was standing in the doorway, wearing only a  bra that contained her massive tits, a tiny thong, and a pair of heels.  Why she wore them he had no idea, wasn't she tall enough?  In them his sister must have been 6’7” or so.  Her head was very near the door frame.  She walked over to him with one of her smug smiles.  Her broad hips swayed wide and her large, exposed tits jiggled and bounced.  Finally she reached a point just in front of her shrunken brother and stopped.  She placed a hand on her cocked him and tossed back her had.  


“So, shorty,” she paused, letting him process all of her.  


John gulped.  “Y-yeah big sis.” he stuttered.  "Are you ready for bed, little brother."  He traced her giantess body.  “Allison, we shouldn't…”  


"Ut," Allison pushed her finger onto his lip and leaned forward.  Her huge cleavage spilled out and up in her bra.  John could lose an arm in there, if he wasn’t careful!  He couldn’t believe just how busty Ali had become.  The bra had to be custom made, Allison had long ago surpassed the kind you could buy in stores and now required special ones.   Her rubbery flesh called to him and he looked away.  If he came on her, he’d shrink again.  Was that her plan, wasn't she big enough?


“Ali,” he said, “I-I don’t wanna shrink.”  She smiled and lowered a hand.  “Of course,” Allison picked John up and stood him on the bed.  He couldn’t believe how strong she had gotten.  Sure he’d shrunk but still.  


Allison reached behind her and fiddled with her strap.  “I think its time to tell you everything, John.”  She succeeded in undoing the strap.  “But first,” she reached out and took the back of his head.  “I need you to listen to big sis.”  



Chapter 6 Bedtime part 2 by madeofwin



John 6’  Allison 4’11”  


“J-O-hn,” his sister said with a cute stomp of her feet.  “Wh-A-t,” John replied with a teasing grin.  Allison stuck out her lower lip and scowled, “Don’t make fun of me.”  He reached over and gave her a light tickle under her arm.  She couldn’t help herself.  She was extremely ticklish and the bastard knew it.  “Hee..stop that..heee.”  She twisted away, futilely trying to push him away.  “Only if you promise to stop pouting, Ally.”  She sighed.  “Fine.”  


“Well in that case,”  John stood up and grabbed his coat.   “Your taking me?”  Allison’s squealed and hugged her brother.  John wrapped him in her arms.  She liked to feel him touch her like this.  She pressed her soft curves into him.  But it was for not.  No matter how hard she tried, John refused to notice her!


“So what’s this exhibit about Sis?”  John asked as he drove.  Allison smiled from ear to ear.  “It was set up by the FDA!  Infectious diseases.  The highlight is that new disease that came out of Georgia.”  John’s forehead furrowed.  He’d read something about that.  “Was that the one about the wasting sickness that guy got?”  Allison nodded.  “It was more than that though.  The disease affected him and his wife.  They developed a kind of symbiosis.  I’m a little sketchy on the details.  I think they named it after the two.  The Blake virus.”   


They arrived soon.  John closed his door and followed his sister inside.  Allison was brimming with excitement.  She pranced from side to side with her dark hair swishing in its pony tail.  Her cute little butt wiggled.  John was already thinking about everything else he had going on.  He didn’t particularly like science and found diseases morbid.  But Allison loved science and was big into disease study.  


Walking inside, the place was packed with people.  Allison put her arm around John’s and smiled.  “Look,” she pointed to the center of the room.  “A enlarged model of a cold virus.”  “Yeah,” John said in his best deadpan.  She punched his arm.  “Stop pouting, bro.”  With a chuckle, John went with her to check out the exhibits.  




John 3’10”  Allison 6’4”


John’s jaw dropped.  Allison’s finger was playing with his hair as he processed the implications. He wasn’t stupid.  “You infected us with a deadly virus!”  His hands balled into fists as he shook with impotent rage.  “Are you insane!”  Allison struggled with all her might not to laugh.  He didn’t understand…how could he?  Her big brother was now little more than half her height.  More, he was a skinny stick of a man while she was….big.  She softly soothed him.  “Shhhh, calm down Johnny.”  She firmed her grip on his head as she pulled him torward her.  He stiffened and struggled against her.  How funny, he still thought he could stand against her.  Didn't he understand?  He was so small and weak compared to her that his little struggles felt like a baby!


John couldn’t believe her flip attitude.  He struggled to get her to stop pushing him torward her large, bare breasts.  This wasn’t the first time Allison had disrobed in front of him, but it was the first time she’d touched him while nude.  “A-alli-.” his words were cut off as she pushed him into her enormous soft cleavage.  He was surrounded by the soft, warm breasts of his little sister!


“Shhh, silly boy, its going to be alright.”  Allison said.  “I love you.  And I’d never infect you with something that would kill you.”  She released him from his lush prison.  He looked up at her red faced and out of breath.  “So…I…huff…don’t…uh….have….wheeze….the Blake virus?” he asked.  



Her face twisted.  “I wouldn’t say th-A-t.”  she smiled.  

Chapter 7 Bedtime 3 by madeofwin
Author's Notes:

Some exposition at first, but then hot and heavy at the end.  



Allison had watched her brother excuse himself to take a leak.  She watched enraptured as the various displays flashed before her.  What had happened seemed insane.  The Blake virus apparently interacted with the host body in such a way that it mutated it.  What’s more, the mutation appeared to be dependent on sexual coupling.  In fact, most of the changes seemed dependent on it.   For female hosts, increased size, enhancement of sexual characteristics, and hyper libido.  For male hosts, increasing penile size, a hyper libido, and the production of low level attractive agents.   Looking at the changes, Stage one wasn’t all that bad.  Male carriers shrank, but they became healthier as they did so.   Female carriers on the other hand grew larger as well as healthier.  


Allison realized that any benefit conveyed by the virus to women came at quite cost.  Mentally, the Blake virus affected both genders.  For men, it created a sense of ease and wonder.  A high susceptibility to suggestion.  Most of these changes were muted until the final stage.  For women, it was much worse.  Carriers developed intense feelings of attachment, arousal, power, greed, dominance, and more.  The graphs charting the various mental symptoms were the most troubling.  The mental influence set in early at stage one and continued to worsen evenly with each progression.  


Another thing that Allison hadn't realized was that without a partner, a sole carrier of the Blake virus would increasingly worsen.  The disease needed the male female relationship.  Without both, it wouldn't survive.  The disease died off in the surviving carrier with a mortality rate of 50%!   “That explains the sex affects,” Allison thought.  The physical improvements helped secure a partner.  Quarantine would be the key stopping an outbreak. 


Infection occured when individual’s bodies came in contact with a carrier's virus laden fluids.  The virus also created byproduct of itself due to the changes it made.  This byproduct was released by the carrier, men in their semen and women in their breast milk.  The introduction of these byproducts of the virus in the opposite sex’s body led to speading up the disease.  By the final stage, it was lethal.   The disease overloaded the systems of the infected and destroyed their minds.   


She was glad her older brother had brought her.  He would be leaving soon and Allison didn’t want to see him go.  John was her brother, she was adopted, but still she knew that her feelings for him weren’t 'socially appropriate'.  Allison couldn’t be with him.  It would look weird.  She had run at of excuses to be near him.  


“I see you like my exhibit.”  Allison spun around and saw a short woman in a dress smiling at her.  “Yes,” Allison shook the woman’s hand.  “It was very informative.”  The woman titled her head at Allison.  “If you don’t mind my saying, you don’t look entirely happy…”  Allison sniffed.  She hadn’t meant to show her emotions.  “It…has to do with something else.”  Allison’s new friend reached over and put her arms around her shoulders, “Tell me all about it, dear.”  




“And so I did.”  Allison reclined on her bed with her feet, heels and all, dangling over the mattress.  She had outgrown her bed some time back.  Her dark hair splayed behind her on the pillow.  Her big brother John was sitting on top of her bowlegged.  He struggled to straddle his sister's massive torso.  John's outsized erection lay on her soft tummy as he leaned forward into one of his sister's fat titties.  His cheeks puffed out as he suckled at her thick rubbery nipple.  The milk had come fast.  It had been suprisingly warm and sweet.  He'd been unable to resist and had greedily begun sucking down her nectar.  


Above him, Allison was clearly enjoying her brother's attention to her juicy tit.  It felt amazing to release her milk, to feel him suck it down.  And his body.  On her, so close and so small.   He was  adorable.  His right and left hands pawed at her bare breast, trying to pull it towards him.  Its size was such that he was having to exert himself.  At the same time, his penis was hard and he was grinding it against her stomach.  He was fully consumed with passion for her and yet it was nothing like when she had experimented with boys before.  They had been big and rough.  Powerful and heavy.  John was practically dainty and gentle.  She knew part of that was his shrunken form, but still.   Allison felt so sexy.  She was in control, the one who was heavy and powerful. 


She basked in all these feelings and let her arm leave John's back.  He was so lost suckling on her that he didn't notice.  She trailed down her pubis to her warm, wet pussy.  She gasped in pleasure as she played with herself.  This was her brother, the man who used to pick her up and swing her around.  Who carried her when she was sick.  Who when he didn’t want to pay attention to her just batted her away.  She'd tried again and again to get him see her.  And now....


“You can’t ignore me now, can you shorty.”  She breathed out as a small orgasm shook her.  John felt the warm giantess shudder under him and paused .  His little mouth was open and milk was running down his chin..  The poor thing, he must be so full.  “What?” he asked her.  Allison lifted the hand that she had been using to stimulate herself back to John’s cute little butt and gave it a light smack.  “Tut tut, did I tell you to stop?”  She gave him a look that indicated she didn’t want any response other than for him to return to sucking.  He gave her a final pleading look before obeying.  She gasped.  He really was good with his mouth.  So good she had just cum from breast feeding him.  Her thighs were slick and her sheet no doubt drenched. 


“A-anyway,” she struggled to break free of her lust.  He had done what she'd ask.  Good behavior should be rewarded.  “I spoke with someone a while back at that exhibit you took me to.  Her group had developed a modified version of the Blake virus.  One that isolated the carriers to stage one.  Additionally, the virus fluid exchange is different.  Drinking my milk keeps my little boy from shrinking when he goes…” She paused.  John couldn't restrain himself, "what?"  She licked her full lips.  “Pop.” she made an over the top popping noise with her mouth.   John's cock twitched and it took all his effort not to spray his sister's stomach with his cum.  Still, his hips twitched and he was red faced.  Allison’s eyes sparkled, it was so hot he was rutting on top of her.  But he must be quite frustrated, full of cum all for her of course.  “Sadly,” she said as she rolled over, “Your cum doesn’t make big sis Allison grow if I feed you my milk, at least for 24 hours.”  She pouted her lip and lowered her chest.  John had fallen off of her and was now pinned.  Her enormous tits pushed out and together by her elbows fell heavily onto him, pining him to the bed.  John groaned.  P-please…” he begged her, desperate for release.  Allison moved down, her gigantic chest pushing into him, burying him in her softness.


“What,” she asked teasingly.  She knew very well what he wanted, but he was going to have to earn it.    “W-e-llll,” she kissed John’s stomach below his belly button.  So close.  “I guess I could help you.  But f-I-rst…”  John breathed heavily.  “Anything…”  Allison smiled.  “I need you, Johnny, to ask me."  He was desperate, he would have said anything.  "I want you to  say, ‘I want you to blow me Sis.;”  


It was a miracle he didn't blow it right then and there.  John’s eyes had rolled back.  “I n-need you to blow me, big Sis.”  Allison’s eyes shot wide.  He had added in big.  Hearing him acknowledge it, that made her very horny.  He would have to help her with that.  “Oh I will,” her eyes narrowed.  “I’m going to rock you, little brother.”  


Allison started kissing down John’s pubis, to his shaft.  She stopped, breathing onto John’s dick.  She giggled as a bit of prep-cum shot up and hit her in the face.  She’d always liked to play with the hose as a girl.  Opening wide she took John inside her mouth.  She couldn’t believe how even at his tiny size, she couldn’t suck his whole length.  She wondered whether she could fit all of him inside of her.  Definitely something to try out later.  Beneath her, John was writhing with pleasure.  His hands reached out and ran thru her hair.  Finally, he began to buck his hips as he came inside her mouth.    Allison took every bit.  Every drop.  She looked him in the eyes as she did it.  Then she raised her head and looked down on him.  John’s mouth opened as he watched his sister smile and then *gulp* swallow his cum load.  The bit of pre-cum still clung to her face. 



John wheezed but noticed that he was not shrinking.  “I’m not…shrinking?”  he said with a look of dumb wonder.  Allison giggled.  “Of course not,” she licked her tongue out and lapped up the remaining jizz on her face.  “I promised you if you were good you wouldn’t.”  That meant he didn’t have to shrink any further!  He looked up at her wondering what came next.

Chapter 8 Bedtime Part 4 by madeofwin



Allison looked horrified at the other woman.  “You want to knowingly infect people with a disease!  That's sick.”  Doctor Gyros held up a hand, “Please, understand, the version we are talking about would be non lethal.  What’s more, when you just look at phase one, the health benefits to the infected are incredible.”  Allison crossed her arms.  “Sure, maybe for infected women, I doubt men would consider shrinking a health benefit.”  Stepping toward her, Gyros placed her hand on Allison’s shoulder.  “I mean for everyone.  Look past the shrinking, look at the data I've compiled.”  


After an hour of reviewing the Doctor's data, Allison was convinced that she was telling the truth.  The virus was perfectly harmless with two consenting partners.  More, the resistance to disease and injury in infected men was indeed quite the boon.  They had managed to weaken the mental changes, but not eliminate them altogether.  The physical changes were still caused by sexual intercourse.  What they had changed was the excess fluid generated in the female's breasts neutralized the virus in men.  Regular intercourse and feeding would still be required to stave of the virus.  


Allison saw the potential.  This was the answer.  "Let me guess," she turned, "You need a test couple?"  “We need a test couple.”  Gyros confirmed.  She held up a syringe.  “A dose of our modified virus.  It isn't without risk, but think of the benefits.  No more disease.  Injury virtually impossible."  Allison held the syringe in her hand.  It should be heavier, she thought.  It held within it something that was going to change her and her brother's lives forever.  Possibly humanity too.  Allison jabbed the needle into her arm and with a hiss, injected herself with the modified Blake virus.  




Allison rolled over onto her back taking John with her.  Her impossibly large breasts pancaked slightly as she lay on her back.  Resting her head on a pillow, her black hair splayed into a dark halo.  Her brother fit perfectly on top of her.  He was so light , and yet she could stil feel him.  She enjoyed this as her body tingled from John's boy juice.  It was laced with muted virus that boosted her immune system as well as  filling her with vitality.  Her pussy was still wet and its thick scent filled the air.


She thought about suggesting her brother help relieve her, but decided against it.  It was clear he was struggling with everything.  Allison ran her hand down John's back causing him to shudder and his little pecker to harden.  She giggled.  It was so easy to tease him now.  But she needed to focus, he had made her promise to explain things to him.  “I've taken and infected you with a modified form of the Blake virus.  It limits the mental and physical affects to those that are beneficial to the infected, ie us”  


“How did you get ahold of it?”   Allison’s face sparkled with mischief at the question.  She wasn't quite prepared to tell him everything.  “That’s a different question, little brother.  And tonight you only get one.  That is…unless you’d rather do something else?”  Her hand moved to his torso and began sliding down.  He took hold of her hand, “No!  That is…I want to know about what you’ve done to us.”  She smiled, he was so easy to manipulate sometimes.    “What I’ve done?"  She put a free hand to her chest with mock indignation.  "I’ve given us a chance to be together, brother.  Before, our love would have meant being shunned.  Now?  I can be with you, love you.  Forever!”  She looked at him searching for his understanding.



He was speechless.  Surely this was the disease altering her mind, he thought.  “Ali,” he struggled against his own unease,  “this is a mistake.  Something is wrong, the virus is messing with your mind.” 


Below him, Allison's nose flared.  Of all the thick headed nonsense.  She had explained that the virus' mental affects were limited.  How could he still not see her love for him!


Allison’s hands seized hold of her brother's arms.  She held him without exertion.   “Dammit Johnny,” she berated him, “how can you still not see me?  I love you, you don’t have to be afraid of that love, accept it!.”  He squirmed weakly in her grip.  It was no use, her hands encircled his thin arms tightly.  He wasn’t going anywhere unless she let him go.  “Fat chance of that,” he thought.  Decideing on a last ditch effort, he appealed to her.  “Sis, this is the virus talking, fight it!” 


  Allison’s mouth worked angrily and her eyes blazed.  “I told you,” she rolled them into a spoon, hugging him against her enormous body.  “The virus is modified.  The mental side affects are muted.  I love you, asshole.”  John felt her squeeze him, pressing him into her enormous body.  His swollen member, aroused by this contact, pulsed.  “I guess I’ve got to grow even bigger, to shrink you even more.”  He pleaded his cries muffled into her flesh.  “Oh yes, until your big sister Allison is your entire world.  Maybe then you’ll see my love for you.”  

Chapter 9 Bedtime Epilogue by madeofwin
Author's Notes:

I've decided to make some alterations.  




Allison 6’4  John 3’10


“Ali?”  John felt his sister stir behind him.  They were together in bed, naked, spooning.  Allison was, of course, the very big spoon.  Her two enormous breasts rested firmly against his head.  As he rested against them he could hear his sister's heart beat steadily.  “Wasit?”  Her arm shifted down to John’s erect member, “Is it that my little brother has a big hardon for his sister?”  He wiggled a little, feeling guilty.  “Hmm, no!”  This needed to stop before Allison went full on giant titty monster mode.  “I was just, wondering about somethin’.  How come I shrunk when I was with Allyssa and Brittney even though they never fed me any milk?” 


For a moment, he wondered if she would answer him.  “Weeeellllll,”  Her hand began to move up and down the shaft of his penis.  Waves of pleasure rocked him.   “The truth is we had to experiment with several modifications of the virus before the current one.”  fapfapfap.   “It was after that little 'incident' with those two that we tried the one you currently are on.  Now you only shrink when you drink from an infected woman who hasn't taken her pill.”  She intensified her attentions to his cock.  fapfapfapfap.  Grunting a little, John spooged his load up and onto his belly.  Behind him, Allison sighed contented with his release.  “What…?” he said as he saw her trace a finger on his jizz covered torso.  She collected a healthy dab onto her finger.  She lifted it up and above him he heard a loud pop as she slide her finger, covered in his jizz, into and out of her mouth.  


She moaned erotically and began to lightly thrust her pelvis against his back as she fingered herself with her free hand.  She was pressing slightly down onto him, squishing him!  This went on for a minute or two.  Then he felt it begin.  Behind him, his sister was growing!   Her breasts swelled swallowing him a little more.  Every part of her was expanding, swelling, lengthening.  Through all of this, Allison continued to hump him lightly until she shuddered and climaxed.  Now, both covered in each others sex, the pair readjusted.  “Go to sleep, little guy,” she squeezed him lightly in her arms, “we have a big day tomorrow!”



Chapter 10 Babysitter Part 1 by madeofwin





Allison 6’5”  John 3’10” 




John blinked hard.  He couldn’t believe how bright it was.  Last night had been a little rough. He got up and struggled to get out of the enormous bed.  He finally managed to get onto the floor and notice  a note stuck to the door. 




“John, sorry I had to leave early for work.  I called your sitter.  Have a fun day, little bro.  Love Allison.” 




"My sitter," he winced.   He had better get dressed quickly.  Picking through his available clothes, he couldn't help but grumble.  Since he had started shrinking, Allison had delighted in taking him to the mall to shop for new clothing.  She insisted on buying him ‘cute’ clothing.  It never failed to bring a fresh smile to her face.  Of course, the worst had been when he had been her height.  She had insisted to 'save money' that he wear her old clothes.  "She still insisted on  getting new clothes for herself, though," he thought sourly.  




He'd thought that particular torture was over when he shrank smaller than his sister's former height.  That assumption turned out to be wrong.  Allison began to pull out clothes from when she was a child!  The current outfit was a pair of pink cotton shorts and a flowery shirt.  Wiincing, he put them on.  




One bright spot improved his mood as he finished putting on his clothing.  As rough ast things had been, he wouldn’t be shrinking today.  The babysitter his sister insisted he had since he attempted to run away would be disappointed.  Speaking of her, he wondered if she had arrived.  John walked downstairs, hoping to find out, only to see the front door was opening.










Allison 6’4” John 4’3”  








John winced as his salty tears streamed down his red cheeks.  He was pinned over Allison’s thick thigh.  His red bottom was exposed to the air.  Allison was running a hand softly against his back.  “Now, you know I didn’t want to do that, little bro.”   He sniffed and got up.  This was so stupid.  She couldn’t spank him.  He was her older brother!  She leaned forward causing her large breasts to hang out of her bikini top.  Blinking away tears, his gaze fell to them.  They were so perfect.  His mouth watered and his cock stiffened.  This feeling was strange, the pain from his throbbing buttocks mixed with the pleasure of his stiffy.  




Her long fingers guided his gaze upward to her beautiful face.  “Do you have something to say, little guy.”  Turning slightly in embarrassment, he blushed.  “Ye-e-es.” he responded.shyly and shifted a foot.  She lopsidedly smiled above him.  “Yes…?”  His head hung as he apologized. “I’m so-rr-y I tried to run away.  It was wrong.”  Allison cooed above him.  “Oh, little brother,” she pulled him into her thick body.  His face smashed against her huge tits.  “I was sooooo worried.  Your precious to me.”  He was red faced and praying he didn’t cum from all this heavenly touching.  “I won’t do it again, I promise.”  She shook her head.  “I’m sorry, but I just can’t trust that.”  She stood up, moving him to her hip.  He unconsciously raised his legs, wrapping them around her wasp waist.  He groaned a little as her big, thick hips rubbed against his hard penis.  Every step she would cock her hip making it rut into him.  She was jerking him off and she didn't even realize it.  He chewed his lip and resolved to resist.  




It didn't help that he didn't have anywhere to put his hands.  Sure, he could put one arm around her back.  But, he couldn't put his other one across her front  without further touching her large jiggling tits.




The most disturbing part of all this was, Allison was doing any of it intentionally!  She was just carrying him! She wasn't exerting herself to hold him to her.  He couldn't weigh more than 80 or 90 lbs.  He wasn't sure about her exact weight.  She had to weigh twice his weight, if not more.  He wasn't about to ask her.  And all of these things, the casual sexual power she exerted and her immense strength, they simply drove home how much power she now had over him.  "She's so much stronger than me now, she carries me like a pet or child."  




John decided to see if his sister would let him in on her plans.  “What are you going to do," he asked looking up at his sister's face.  “I’ve arranged someone to watch you, cutie.  A babysitter for my baby bro”  She giggled  He paled.  They got to the door.  Who had she…no!




“Hey Johnny,” Alyssa stood in the doorway, smiling.  







Chapter 11 Babysitter Part 2 by madeofwin



Allison 6’4  Alyssa 4’5”  John 4’3


“H-e-ya Allison!”  Beneath him, his sister’s hand squeezed his ass.  Sensing she wanted him to be polite, he lowered his head and said hello.  “Hi, Alyssa,” he muttered.  Allison gave him a reassuring pat, good job little guy.  “Alyssa, thanks for coming,” his sister chirped above him.  The two girls continued to move closer to each other until they stood centimeters apart.  “Oh, when you told me everything I just had to!”  *giggle*


Without warning they hugged.  John’s now omnipresent erection twitched painfully at the sight.  He wanted release desperately.  But doing so meant shrinking even smaller, didn’t it?   His cheek was squashed against Allison’s enormous left tit.  He turned his head to the side, trying to avoid contact with his sister's breast.  Instead he was now looking down slightly a Alyssa.  She looked up at him, like she used to.  However the illusion was ruined by his sister’s large, supple breast flesh at the edge of his vision.  The way Alyssa was looking him sent a shiver down his spine.  There was a hunger in her eyes, like she wanted to eat him.  They locked gazes for a few more moments, then John turned away.  Satisfied, the smaller girl turned her attention to his sister.  “Like, Gawd, Allison.  Just look at you!”  Allison blushed.  “A-lyss-a” she whined with false modesty.  The other girl was having none of it.  “Your breasts are huge!”  To demonstrate this, she reached up both her hands and squeezed and massaged the other girls massive breasts.  John heard his sister breath in sharply.  Allison was experiencing the same enhanced libido he was.  No doubt feeling someone grab her sensitive breasts was churning the hormones burning inside her.  


“S-stop it.” his sister squealed playfully.  She twisted a little causing her hips to undulate against her brother.  John groaned audibly and focused all his efforts on not cumming. “Alright.” Alyssa said reluctantly releasing the enormous tit flesh.  She leaned forward and kissed the taller girl’s creamy, jiggling flesh.  *Mwah*  “I’m sorry boobies,” her lips loudly smacking against the rippling, juicy flesh. “Pwease don’t be mad.”  Allison was turning red.  Her hips were swiveling, causing John to shift like on some amusement ride. “I-I’m heading out to work,” Allison was breathing heavily.  She couldn’t lose control.  She needed to leave now before things escalated.  She released her grip on her brother’s buttocks.  John slid down her long legs and landed softly on the floor.  He finally got a chance to get a good look at Alyssa.  She was wearing a tight white t-shirt with the words ’sassy’ written in pink on the front.  Her ripe breasts pushed outward, creating distortion on the s between the a and the s.  



“Take care while I’m gone, Johnny,” Allison said bending down.  “Don’t be scared, I’ll be back soon,” she kissed him, her full lips smacking wetly against his forehead.  Standing up she walked thru the open door, waving at them as she left.  The door slammed shut and a sense of ominous foreboding set over him.  He was alone, shrunken, with a girl who he had pissed off.  Worse, he was sure that, if she wanted, she could shrink him further. 

Chapter 12 Babysitter Part 3 by madeofwin

“Well,” John turned to look at Alyssa.  She had moved to stand in front of him, her arms crossed under her bust.  “Are you ready to be babysat?”  


“I-I’m a grown man, I don’t need a babysitter!”  Alyssa giggled.  “Sure you are."  She put her hand at her nose and drew a line to the top of his head.  "You know allot of boys shorter than 5 feet?"  John gritted his teeth.  "That doesn't matter."  Alyssa smiled and then moved.  She reached down and pulled his  underwear down.  Already big on him, they slid down his legs to his ankles.  Growling, he tried to bend down to pull them up, but Alyssa grabbed him.  She hugged her arms around him, pulling him against her.  Wiggling madly, he tried to get her to let go.  "Ooooo, strong man!"  Alyssa mocked him as her thigh began to rub against him.  "Come on, Johnny.  I'm just a girl.   Can't you push me off of you?"  He felt her warm, soft skin against him.  Her juicy tits pushed against his chest.  Feeling his orgasm coming, he became frantic.  "No!"  He twisted and begged her.  "I don't want to shrink, I don't want to become smaller."  Alyssa actually laughed at that.  "Too bad shortass, beacuse I want to get even taller."  She was breathing heavily from the exertion of holding him down.  "I'm going to grow even bigger than this."  She felt him shoot his pre-cum onto her.  "That's right.  Make me grow.  Taller and curvier."  She stopped talking as he shuddered and spooged.  His cum shot onto her.  He hung his head.  He hated what had just happened to him.  How she had just taken him.  He felt salty tears down his face.  


Sensing he'd emptied himself, Alyssa stood back ignoring him.  John watched through his tears, dejected.  After a moment or two it started.  Alyssa's head rose higher into the air.  Her shirt was raising up exposing more of her stomach.  Her face was euphoric as everything shrunk around her.  For John however, the surrounding room was growing.  He watched as furniture seemed just a little bigger.  He didn't even want to know how much he'd shrunk, or how big his babysitter had just grown.




Allison 6’5”  John 3’9” Alyssa 4'11"


John huffed as he walked over to stand in front of the couch.  Allison felt that since she was working to make money John should do their chores.  It hadn't been easy when he was still over four foot.  Now some of them were impossible.  He needed a step ladder to put away the dishes.  He couldn't mow the lawn, the mower was just too damn big.  Alyssa was no help.  She insisted he finish the chores on his own.  If he didn't she would get angry.  Sometimes it involved a spanking.  Other times she'd just tackle him and push his face into the carpet.  He'd figured out that she wanted him to give her a reason to punish him.  Having been short all her life, Alyssa apparently got off on the growing size advantage she had over him.  


Today had been different.  Alyssa had seemed disinterested in him.  "Alyssa, I cleaned the bathrooms."  Her eyes flickered to him for a second before returning to the tv.  "Great."  Before he could ask her what her deal was, the door opened.  Allison was back!  He knew it was pathetic.  But after a day of being picked on by Alyssa anything was better.  It never occured to John that that was Allison's intention.   







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