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Story Notes:

This story contains: growth, shrinking, transfer, incest, and other stuff.  



John winced as he heard the buzz of the alarm.  He would need to get access to the roast chicken he was baking in the oven.  He stopped stirring the pot and got onto his belly.  He was using a dinner chair to reach the stove.  His ass stuck out into the air as he shimmied onto the floor.  He put both hands onto the chair and pulled.  His thin arms shook as he drug the heavy wood chair across the tiled floor.  John hurried around to open the door then froze in panic.  His oven mitts!  They were on the counter top.  How was he to open the oven door without them?  






He couldn’t believe how far she had taken things.  He couldn’t reach his deodorant that he was sure he had left on the sink the day before. He was hopping madly trying to reach it.  Back when he was six foot, John used to reach up there with ease.  Now?  Now he couldn’t hope to reach that shelf at Allison’s height of five foot.  “Need help?”   John turned around red faced and angry.  “No.”  He said angrily.  Allison walked in.  Her eyes were  done up in the way that emphasized her oriental heritage and her hair was up in a set of pigtails.  For yet another time John found himself thinking ‘she’s only my ‘adopted sister’.  


Allison was wearing one of his old shirts.  It was a plain black t-shirt with the punisher skull on the front.  Her breasts stretched out the front and hung right below John’s chin.  He was surprised she hadn’t taken scissors to this one yet.  Allison loved to cut the front of his old shirts and cut them down the front.  It had continued a pattern she had employed since she hit the 5’6” mark, passing John on his way down.  As his clothes became too big, their mom had hit on a great idea.  Allison would wear John’s clothes as they stopped fitting.   For a month they had shared.   Allison would take a shirt or shorts he really liked and stretch them out.  Innocently, of course.  But she still had that smile.  The same one she had sported every time they were kids.  Then, when John and her were no longer sharing, Allison took to ‘modifying’ his favorite old clothes.  The Punisher shirt was one he wore all the time, and it had surprised him she hadn’t cut it yet.  


Allison hadn’t just been growing taller and John shrinking.  They were changing in other ways.   Allison began to put on the pounds in the right places.  Her discarded bras were so numerous she had boxes filled with every size.  She had repurposed her old C cups into a bed for her pet squirrel.  


Allison walked closer, her enormous tits hovering in front of him as she looked down at him smiling.  Then, slowly, she moved forward.  John struggled.  He was pinned against the counter with Allison’s enormous tits smothering his face.  Pushing against his sister’s hard stomach he saw dots forming in his vision.  Feeling her giggle echo through the fabric, he breathed as she moved back.  


“Sorry,” Allison said, that look on her face.  “Here’s your deodorant, big brother.”  She turned and walked away.  




Wincing at how pathetic he must have looked, John began hopping.  He was sweating profusely through the clothes sister had bought him.  




B-but AllISon,”  he had said, wincing at how high his voice hit on her name.  “What,” she said, her hands on her hip and a knowing look on her face.  John realized she wanted this, an excuse to exercise her newly discovered size advantage.  He wouldn’t give it to her.  He turned around.  The shirt was purple and had a unicorn winking.  He put it on, struggling as it was too tight.  He knew better than to complain about that.  She would delight in telling him he would shrink into it.  




Seeing he could juuuussstttt grab them, John hopped hard and hit the counter with his soft stomach.  Weezing in pain and out of air he reached out.  Juuusssttt a little more….and he got them!  



John let himself dangle and then fall onto the ground.  He couldn’t stop now.  He opened up the door and felt the hot air him.  Wincing as he grabbed, John lifted the heavy motherfucker up and managed to get it onto the table.  




“Now kids,”  Miss Smith was wearing her dress suit with a high pair of heels.  A naturally tall and attractive woman, she had adjusted well to her son and adopted daughter going through some…weird changes.  “I’m being sent over to China for the next six months.”  She paused, letting them soak this in.  Allison took it in stride.  She had outgrown John’s old height of six foot and was now closer to Six feet four inches.  She was wearing the new clothes they had bought for her.  Her tube top strained against her enormous chest.  Allison was always popping out of her clothes.  John suspected that she did it on purpose.  


Miss Smith walked over to Allison and gave her an awkward hug.  At an even six foot one, her head was even with her daughter’s neck.  “I don’t wanna disrupt you kids summer or school.”  She broke her hug and moved to John.   For John, being eye level with his mom’s exposed cleavage was an unpleasant reminder just how short he was.  


Trying not to let on, John let his mother draw him into a hug, pressing her chest against his cheek.  


“Take care of each other.”  Miss Smith said, “I’ll be back in  six months, make me proud.”  She wasn’t happy leaving, but the kids changes meant the family needed money.  


As she closed the door, Allison walked over to John.  Her heavy breasts jiggled against the elastic top.  Her enormous hips swayed causing her round ass to press into her yoga pants.  


John swallowed hard as he felt Allison’s presence just behind him.  He turned, his eyes level with his sister’s ribs.  “Little John, this is going to be fun!”  That look.  Shit





John felt a welling relief.  It wasn’t easy, but he had prepared dinner on time.  Before…..  “Biiiiig Brrrrooother,” Allison’s voice came from the living room.  “I’m home!

Chapter End Notes:

I'm definitely unsure whether or not to continue on this.  

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