Ashley in the Sheets by Killer_Huge

A one-night stand with a big, beautiful woman turns into a runaway sexual fantasy involving growth and domination. Jeff balances his desires to play out this fantasy with his own quest for self-preservation as Ashley discovers in herself an appetite for sex and growth that transforms her into a goddess.

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Growth: Amazon (7 ft. to 15 ft.), Brobdnignagian (51 ft. to 100 ft.), Giant (31 ft. to 50 ft.), Mini GTS (16-30ft)
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Story Notes:

It's been a long time, and as usual, I'm struggling a bit to stay interested in writing while maintaining the quality of the story and staying true to the narrative. I have some other ideas in the works that I may begin publishing soon in a new story, so stay tuned for that!

1. Chapter 1 - Meeting at the Bar by Killer_Huge

2. Chapter 2 - Ashley's Place by Killer_Huge

3. Chapter 3 - Pajamas and Weed by Killer_Huge

4. Chapter 4 - Ashley's Pussy by Killer_Huge

5. Chapter 5 - Pushing her to the Brink by Killer_Huge

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15. Chapter 15 - Trapped in Her Pussy by Killer_Huge

Chapter 1 - Meeting at the Bar by Killer_Huge

"Ashley? Hi."


I offered my hand to the woman in front of me. Her eyes met mine with a certain degree of shyness. As she recognized me however, her face lit up politely and she batted her lashes. Ashley gently pushed away my hand and leaned forward to give me a hug. It was a little awkward, a little unexpected, and it filled me with a shiver of excitement and anticipation.


“Hi, Jeff! Oh- come here.” Ashley squeezed my shoulders, pulling me in close. That first inhale of her perfume mixed with her delicate body scent was electric. She held on a split second longer than would be considered casual, and I was already getting the sense that she would be flirting with me a lot tonight. Ashley withdrew slowly and lingered briefly before unhooking her arm around my neck. It felt for a moment like she had intended to kiss me on the cheek but had held herself back, maybe a little awkwardly. Again, a moment of pure shyness crossed her eyes defensively, but she banished it with an eager smile. She gestured to me with an open hand. “Shall we go in?”


Ashley and I had met on Tinder about a month ago. I was working as a stage tech for a touring production company and had been moving between cities most weekends. Being on the road was fun and exciting. I met new people all the time and working so closely with the performers at big concerts and shows meant that I always had something interesting to share on a date. Being put up in hotels and constantly on the move also meant that I was experiencing the most freedom I had ever known in terms of casual dating and sex. It was kind of becoming an obsession. I had been in Seattle about a month ago and had matched Ashley while swiping through local singles, alone and bored in my hotel room. At the time we had chatted casually and politely, though I had not asked her to meet up immediately. It turned out that I had my sights set on a different woman who was more overtly open to a sexual encounter. However, knowing that I'd be back in town this weekend, I had kept up communication with Ashley. She was kind and sweet, and over the last few weeks she had opened up considerably. Almost too much in fact. I had the sense that she was a little insecure and inexperienced for a 26-year-old, which is perhaps why I hadn't taken to her immediately.


I had to give her credit though. In the dim, cozy lighting of the downtown pub Ashley was drinking heartily and fully immersed herself in our conversation. I was telling her about the current performance tour that I was working on while she listened attentively. Her shyness had melted away between sips of beer, and now Ashley would stare earnestly into my eyes for a good minute or more, sometimes batting her lashes while smirking coyly. Then she would look away and shift her legs, crossing them the opposite way and look back into my eyes to politely ask her questions. I was drawn willingly into her trap, letting my eyes drift down to her thick creamy thighs, covered mid-calf by the snug black dress she was wearing. I got the sense that Ashley was enjoying the attention, because every time I looked back up to her face, she was beaming obligingly. It was magic.


I suddenly felt a little ashamed of myself for not trying harder with Ashley a month ago. She had not posted any full-bodied pictures on her Tinder profile, and I realized that part of my initial reluctance to pursue meeting her had stemmed from the unconscious prediction that she was somehow not sexy, or perhaps she was insecure with her body image. Don't get me wrong, I get that impossible feminine beauty standards are bullshit, but I could see where Ashley's shyness might be coming from. She was a big girl. Standing slightly over 6 feet, she was a few inches taller than me, and considerably heavier. She had a large bone structure, wide hips, and a broad face with a wide jaw. Her breasts were plump and heavy, resting atop a thick, paunchy belly. I suppose she would be considered to be fat by some people's standards.


But I wasn't turned off at all by Ashley's body. On the contrary, I was finding myself more and more drawn to her because of it. Ashley was clearly putting on the moves as best she could, perhaps taking more risks than she was used to, and it was paying off. Her long black hair had been curled and shone lustrously. It clung sexily to her shoulders, neck, and cheeks, framing pretty face. She had long, sexy eyelashes, broad rosy cheeks, and full red lips. Her makeup was very tasteful and well-done and I got the feeling that she took a lot of care and pride in how she did it. Ashley had dressed pretty seductively as well. Her dress looked brand new and the silky black nylon fabric clung and stretched on her frame with an expensive, designer look. She had worn a number of jangling golden bracelets and a pair of fancy open-toed sandals that drew attention to and enhanced the natural beauty of her hands and feet as well. They were plump and cute, and she had painted all of her nails in the same shade of crimson as her lips. Basically, Ashley had done herself up like a babe. It was admirable and it was working.


Ashley and I inevitably got sucked into a long conversation about our favorite TV series and before I knew it, the bar made their last call for drinks. Ashley tensed up a bit, suddenly very conscious that our date would be coming to an end. I sensed her shyness return, and she slumped slightly in her chair. I could tell she was desperately searching for the right thing to say that would make our evening together continue. I weighed my options for a moment, but the choice was obvious. Who would I be to turn down someone so lovely and eager? Ashley was kind, sexy, and deserved to be satisfied.


“Do you want one more?” Ashley asked, trying to sound casual. Her voice trembled slightly, with suppressed impatience, frustration, anticipation…


“Actually, I kind of want to get out of here,” I replied, trying my best to sound cool and not overplay my own excitement. A look of disappointment crossed her face before I quickly continued, “I really want to watch the new Game of Thrones episode still tonight, but I haven't downloaded it yet and it's probably going to take forever with the hotel WiFi.” I looked at Ashley a little slyly, and before I had finished her face lit up. I had set her up perfectly, and she was ready to finish.


“Oh my God, Jeff, I was going to do that too! I've already downloaded it. Do you… do you want to come over for a drink and… watch it with me?” Ashley's eyes locked on mine with almost fierce intensity. Determined though, she lightly grasped my wrist with her beautiful hand, batting her eyelashes in her most aggressive flirt yet. Holy shit, I was going to fuck this girl tonight.

Chapter 2 - Ashley's Place by Killer_Huge

We arrived at Ashley's place about half-past midnight. She lived in a basement apartment suite not far from the bar we had been drinking at. Ashley and I had continued chatting through the cab ride, coyly and excitedly talking about this and that and nothing at all. We were going home together- neither of us could say it, but it was the first thing on both our minds.

Ashley ducked slightly as she passed through the threshold to her cozy basement suite. I sensed her change gears immediately as she adjusted to her space and resumed her at-home, comfortable vibe. She immediately kicked off her heels and piped up, “So, here's my place...” She gestured accommodatingly, “Make yourself at home!” Something about the way she said it convinced me entirely in that moment that she meant it. As though a veil had been lifted, I got the sense that Ashley had come right out of her shell.

I glanced around and found a good spot near the entrance to deposit my backpack. Ashley's place was nice. Nothing fancy or particularly new as far as floors, cabinets, and furniture go, but her apartment was tastefully lit and decorated. It looked like she had lived here alone a good amount of time and now I was seeing her style shine. The entrance opened up into the a large, well-equipped kitchen. A partial wall separated that from a large den area with a few unmatched wall hangings and some blankets folded up on a big comfy couch. The couch and a couple of bean bag chairs were clustered around a big flat TV screen on the wall above a cabinet with a DVD player and a playstation. On the far side of the den I spied the bedroom. From what little I could see from where I sat, Ashley had a huge bed with a large burgundy duvet and matching pillows. More red-colored fabrics hung from the walls and ceiling and there appeared to be some kind of lamp left on that dimly illuminated her personal sanctuary.

Ashley leaned on the table counter and paused to watch me take in my surroundings. Liking what I saw, I spoke up, “You've got a really nice place, Ashley. It must be expensive to rent this out by yourself.”

Ashley shrugged her broad shoulders. “I moved into this place when I graduated high school. Rent's stayed the same, so I guess I'm lucky.” She batted her eyelashes at me. “I'm going to make a vodka soda, Jeff. Do you want one?”

I chatted with Ashley while she poured out the drinks. She was really enjoying this, showing her apartment off to a handsome stranger. As she puttered barefoot about her kitchen, Ashley would lean against a counter here or bend low to show off her large breasts and ass. The woman I met a couple of hours ago didn't seem half as bold, and I marveled at the comparison. Ashley's confidence was growing by the minute, and I could tell it made her feel sexy and charming. She handed me a vodka soda while I flattered her on her hospitality. I thanked Ashley and offered my glass up in toast. She eagerly clinked hers against mine. Ashley's fat lips wrapped around the edge of her glass while she drank but she kept her eyes of me. They twinkled in anticipation, and I winked back as I took a grateful sip.

“Hey, that's good,” I smiled. I raised my eyebrows as innocently as possible and added, “I'm thinking of rolling up a joint as well. Do you mind? I'd be happy to share!” This could be a tricky moment, but I got the sense from Ashley that she would be cool. I was just having a really good time, and would often smoke weed if I was drinking, partying, or getting laid. Especially it would be nice to get a little high since we were just chilling out in the privacy of her home.

Ashley seemed to be taken slightly by surprise. “Oh… yeah, that's totally fine, go for it!” She contemplated it for a moment longer, then reassured me, “I don't know if I'll have any, but I don't mind at all, provided you don't fall asleep on me.” Ashley's lips trembled as she finished speaking, as though she realized that she might have said more than she'd planned. A slow, sultry smile spread across her face though, and she reached out with her free hand and touched my arm. I looked up into her eyes, feeling the electric sensation that something was about to happen.

Ashley stepped forward slightly and leaned in for a kiss. She moved slowly, almost uncertainly, and I decided to let her lead, rather than get wrapped up in my own rising excitement. Ashley closed her eyes and placed a soft, delicate kiss on my lips. Feeling me return her favor, Ashley's hand moved a little lower and grasped my forearm. She leaned in more, pushing against my skin with the fabric of her dress as well as the warm, bare flesh of her exposed cleavage. She pressed into me, wrapping her luscious lips around mine more assertively now and pulled a deep kiss from me that lasted a good few seconds. I placed my hand on her thick waist and clutched her slightly. I felt my face go flush as the moment passed, savoring her seduction. Ashley pulled back, and I watched with some degree of enjoyment as she unfurrowed her dark eyebrows and opened her eyes a little drunkenly. A big grin broke out over her face, almost so big and sudden as to be a little embarrassing. Ashley let go of my arm and turned slightly away. She cleared her throat and muttered, “You go on ahead, make yourself comfortable. I'm going to get out of this dress...”

Ashley's grin returned, and I caught her side-eye twinkling in my direction. Then she promptly spun the rest of the way around and padded barefoot into her bedroom, carrying her drink and giving her hair a flick as she went. I wiped lipstick off my mouth and shuddered involuntarily. Things were moving fast, and it was going to my head already. Oh right, I was going to roll a joint. Probably not the best idea at the moment as I was already feeling decently inebriated. I scolded myself internally all the way to my backpack where I removed my grinder and rolling papers. I took off my shoes and entered the big living room. With a satisfied smile, I moved aside a folded blanket and sat down heavily on the couch, using the coffee table as a rolling surface. As I went to work rolling up my joint, I could hear sounds from inside the room. A water tap turned and I heard running water. A few moments later I heard the sounds of container lids being twisted off and set on a hard surface. More water, this time with some splashing. I gathered Ashley was probably removing her makeup and getting ready for bed… and getting ready for me... My hands trembled slightly as I worked. I could hardly wait.

Chapter 3 - Pajamas and Weed by Killer_Huge

Ashley emerged just as I finished rolling the joint and pulling out the ends, making it look as uniform and attractive as possible. I turned my head to see her saunter over to me. She was wearing a pair of pajama shorts and a white tank top that showed off the tops of her large, plump breasts. Her hair had lost some of its curl and its tidiness from earlier, but arguably it hung even more sexily now. Dark curls cascaded down, framing Ashley's beautiful face and gathered around her breasts, subtly concealing the sizable indents that her nipples made as they pushed out against her top. Ashley's bare thighs jiggled slightly with each sultry step, and I realized very quickly that she had me where she wanted. She was ready for whatever was going to happen- it was evident in the way she was moving. Now with makeup removed, Ashley's face beamed with a mixture of shyness and coyness. Her cheeks were a little rosy, probably from both the alcohol and from a rising feeling of arousal.


I sat up fully from my position hunched over the coffee table. I smiled charmingly at Ashley and muttered, “Perfect timing...” as my voice cracked ever so slightly. I tried to hide a small gulp before continuing. “Do you want to join me outside for some of this?” I gestured with the doobie.


Ashley sauntered around the coffee table without saying a word. Moving slowly, she bent at the waist and sat down on the couch next to me. I was rocked considerably as Ashley's larger body came to rest on the cushion. She luxuriated in the moment, stretching her long, thick legs over mine while gathering her hair up from under her as she reclined along the length of the couch. Ashley sipped deeply from her drink again, slowly, while making eye contact with me. She then deposited the beverage on the table. Ashley's arm hovered over the table for a moment as though she was thinking. She then reached over and grabbed a barbeque lighter that was sitting on a tray with a few candles. In a familiar, decisive way she quickly lit a few of the candles. She put down the lighter, then grabbed the tray from from the edge and lifted it over the couch. It looked a little heavy, but she seemed to be handling the object at arm's length without any trouble. Ashley leaned over towards me and raised the tray above both our thighs, bringing the nearest and largest of the candles within a few inches of my face.“Stay Jeff,” she spoke in a husky, low voice. For a moment I was distracted by the proximity of burning candle, but I could feel Ashley's gaze fixate on me with mounting intensity. In the same hushed voice she added, “We can smoke inside, just don't make a mess.”


I trembled with a mixture of excitement and nervousness as the large woman trapped me under her legs and held an open flame towards me. I returned Ashley's gaze as calmly as I could. Underneath I was trying to not unravel. What a date this was turning out to be! I smiled and nodded, putting the joint between my lips. I leaned forward and lit the end on the open candle flame. Ashley returned the tray to the coffee table and reached for a wireless computer mouse. Again, she leaned her considerable weight over the distance with ease. The backs of her thighs pressed heavily into my lower half as she balanced. In a few moments she had queued up the episode of Game of Thrones. Ashley then leaned back and flicked off the lights before settling back and reclining into the cushioned arm of the couch. I liked how she didn't need to be laying down to do any of these things, but she chose to do so in order to make contact with me. It was intimate. Dominating even, and as my head spun with the introduction of yet another mind-altering substance, I could feel my dick begin to stiffen dangerously close to Ashley's beautiful plump legs.


As the intro music played, I took one last pull of the joint before tapping the ashes onto the candle tray. I held the joint out to Ashley. She turned her head to glance at the smoldering cherry as it glowed in the relatively dimly lit room. She appeared to contemplate rather seriously for a few moments. Then with a motion that seemed a little too sudden to be casual, Ashley reached up and snatched the doobie. She received it a little clumsily but managed to get it between her fingers and went in for a drag. “Don't inhale it,” I smirked as I politely turned my head away to face the TV screen. Ashley kicked downwards with adorable, playful indignation. The lit end of the joint glowed brightly as she pulled in one long, heavy breath. I turned back to her. “Seriously,” I cautioned. “Easy does it.” Ashley pulled out the joint, and quickly pushed it back into my grasp. Her large body suddenly tensed as her diaphragm contracted in a small cough. A burst of smoke escaped her lips and she coughed again, a little louder. Like a classic novice, Ashley put a hand to her mouth and fought to contain a coughing fit.. I grinned despite myself. Ashley was going to get very ripped, very quickly. I hoped she was feeling safe and comfortable, because for all I knew this might be her first time.


I puffed on the remainder of the joint as Ashley gathered herself. The episode began playing, and I politely turned my attention to the screen. I butted out the half-burned joint and took another sip of my beverage to wet my mouth. I was feeling really buzzed now, maybe even a little more than I wanted to be. Focusing on the show, following the narrative, and enjoying the HBO standard of production was sure to keep me on track for a good experience though, so I settled in comfortably and waited for the magic to happen. I was aware of Ashley's demeanor as she gradually regained her composure. Her body relaxed slowly and pressed down on mine as she melted into the couch. She shivered slightly, suddenly seeming to become self-aware after a solid minute of silence. I gave her a reassuring glance and chirped, “Ready for Game of Thrones?” Ashley nodded, a little wide-eyed. “This weed is pretty chill,” I assured. “Go easy on your drink and you'll be fine. Here,” I grabbed the blanket beside me and spread it over her beautiful, thick legs.


“Thanks,” Ashley croaked. She took a small sip of her drink to wet her mouth, then leaned back, turning her head to face the show.

Chapter 4 - Ashley's Pussy by Killer_Huge

Ashley and I watched Game of Thrones on her couch in silence. Just a few minutes ago this big beautiful woman seemed poised to fuck me right there in the living room. Now we both lay motionless together- me slouched upright and Ashley reclined along the length of the couch, her legs pinning me where I sat. The weed we had smoked went straight to my dome, and it was all I could do just to keep my head from spinning. I watched the characters and action on screen with unwavering rapture. Ashley's legs were heavy and warm. My lower body was falling asleep and I got the sensation that I was part of the couch. It was quietly intense, exhilarating even. My heart pounded in my ears and despite my focus I was absorbing little of what was happening in terms of narrative. The experience alternated between states of heavy relaxation one moment and barely contained tension the next. Essentially it was my favorite way to watch TV drama… and I was having it right alongside a scantily-dressed, beautifully-endowed babe! I trembled despite myself.


As the episode progressed, my buzz subsided somewhat, and I settled into a warm, post-high feeling of euphoria and well-being. Ashley's legs were starting to get really warm, and sensed she was feeling the same way. I finally broke the silence as I pulled the blanket off our bodies and tossed it lightly aside. “Let's get rid of this. There we go,” I murmured softly. “I'm starting to get sweaty, hah.”


Ashley turned to me as though she had just woken up. She stared softly into my eyes for a long moment. Then she inhaled sharply, and closed her eyes as she stretched into an adorable yawn. She lazily stretched out her legs to their full length. After holding it for a few seconds she exhaled, curling one of those plump, creamy thighs and opening up her legs towards me. Ashley blinked softly and gave me a wide, warm smile. She curled her toes against my torso, then dragged them up my chest. Since her other leg was still stretched over me, I could only sit there and allow her to do this, not that I would have stopped her if I could. Ashley traced little circles around my chest with her toes. She sighed happily as she played with me. Her big toe rested on one of my shirt buttons and she lingered there awhile. “I feel really good,” Ashley whispered.


I felt my heart rate accelerate and my ears began ringing as the blood rushed to my face. Oh my god… She was ready. Suddenly I lost all interest in what was happening on screen. In what felt like slow motion, I reached out and put my hand on Ashley's bare knee. She closed her eyes and gasped inaudibly as my hand slid up her thigh. Her eyebrows knit together as I placed my other hand on her opposing inner thigh and without thinking I muttered, “Ashley… you're so hot...” Her large body squirmed on top of me, and still I pressed forward, like I was watching myself from outside my own body, heart pounding out of my chest. “You're so sexy… Your skin is so smooth, oh my god...” I pressed into Ashley's gorgeous left thigh with both hands now, pulling at the pale, glistening slab of flesh. Ashley shuddered as I leaned over and planted a kiss on her inner thigh, boldly pressing my face into the top of her inner thigh, inches away from her pussy. She squirmed again as if to protest, but her heated gasp bade me to continue.


I was seized by a sudden impulse to take control. I was still wearing all my clothes and I couldn't really disrobe without losing the magic of the moment. Ashley however was just wearing her PJs. I could easily pleasure her without breaking stride. What the hell… she'd earned it, and I was eager to get her out of that shell.


I slid both my hands up to the waistband of Ashley's short shorts. “Get these off,” I whispered, tugging them down and sliding them towards me. Ashley shifted about her weight in compliance, eyes still slammed shut as she breathed heavily. I pulled a little faster than she could move, and ended up being little less gentle than she expected. Good. Her struggles only served to embolden me, and I was just getting started. I pulled her shorts down around her knees, revealing her underwear. “Oh my god,” I breathed in amazement. Ashley's bottom was tiny red V-string. So tiny in fact it failed to cover up her sizable vulva. “Ashley… this is so naughty…” I gushed in a soft, playfully disapproving voice. “What were you planning on doing with this? I can see your pussy….


Ashley's breaths became rapid and shallow. “Oh god… Oh...” she puffed and gasped in arousal.


I continued pulling on Ashley's shorts, and she meekly bent both her legs up towards her chest to assist. This wedged some of the panty string between the two meaty slabs of Ashley's outer labia. I practically drooled at the sight. With a quick motion, I flicked Ashley's shorts all the way down and tossed them aside. “Holy shit… Your pussy is so wet…” I whispered excitedly. I reached out with one hand and pressed my trembling palm ever so lightly- straight into Ashley's womanhood. The large woman groaned where she lay, and panted heavily. Ashley's pussy was freshly waxed and with a slow, exploratory movement her fat, luscious cunt lips spread open effortlessly. “Oh my god… Ashley, your pussy is soaking wet… How horny are you?” My large lover could only moan in reply.


I could hardly believe what was happening. This girl was bringing out something in me that I didn't know I had. I didn't know where this was going, but I couldn't stop myself. We were going to find out together, and I had a feeling we were going to enjoy ourselves doing it.

Chapter 5 - Pushing her to the Brink by Killer_Huge

Ashley squirmed on her back where she lay on the couch. By this point I had shifted to a kneeling position between the big girl's legs. With slow, deliberate motions I pressed into Ashley's flesh with both hands. One moment I would stroke her inner thigh, and the next I would touch her pussy, teasing my fingertips across her big puffy cunt lips and lightly pinching and pulling the flesh of her groin. Ashley's eyes were slammed shut, her dark eyebrows knitted together, and her face contorted into a focused mixture of torture and pleasure. Her large hands would shakily clasp her thighs, and then I'd tease her pussy, causing her to flinch and send one or both of her hands towards her crotch in a defensive reflex. She seemed to be having a pretty profound, intense experience by any measure. Each time I pushed forward, she would instinctively gasp and shrink away, but when I hesitated for a moment she would squirm down towards me, throw her hands aside, and beg for more. What a woman she was turning out to be! So genuine and sexy… it was driving me crazy, all this holding back, but still I teased her with my hands and taunted her with dirty little remarks. We were building something big with this sexual pageantry, and I could hardly wait for the huge erotic payoff.


I scrootched up against Ashley and planted a big kiss on the center of her immodestly small red V-string. Ashley responded by gasping and bending her knees so that her legs swung precariously into the air. I grunted, driving my hand under her considerable bulk to grope Ashley's big ass from underneath. With my dick straining against my jeans and my sleeve getting twisted under her large creamy thigh, I sighed internally, wishing for a moment that I'd taken off my clothes before foreplay. It was kind of kinky though, pleasuring Ashley's naked lower body while I remained clothed. The vibe was very much not about me, but about her- persistently, even aggressively so. I kissed and prodded Ashley's pussy with my mouth, hands and tongue, working around her panties while exaggerating my difficulty in doing so. It was fun, kind of like a game. I could access her womanhood easily enough, though it still felt like I was somehow penetrating her defensive shell. As Ashley's legs dangled ponderously above me, I got the sense that this big sexy girl was still holding back. Her eyes remained shut, and she moved jerkily, as though she were still timid, or perhaps like she was having to focus really intensely to stay present. I chalked it up to Ashley being high on my weed, not that I had much chance to psychoanalyze her in the passion of the moment.


“Oooh that's it, baby,” I cooed. “Wrap your… thick sexy legs around me.” I had so far been muttering straight into Ashley's plus-sized muff like I was praying to a shrine of womanhood… It was great. Ashley's legs jerked with reflexive obedience. She brought them to my sides and lightly pressed my ribs together. Oh my god… She was shaking with trepidation. What a babe. “Come on, babe. You gotta squeeze me. That's it- you won't hurt me.” Ashley let out a little giggle that caught in her throat before it turned into a husky whimper. She complied. Her hips engaged, albeit a little asymmetrically. I was sent to one side before I was ground back towards the center of her large body with a strong, lusty squeeze. A bit of air was forced out of my lungs and I had to gasp as Ashley's calves greedily wrapped over and into my back, forcing me up towards her crotch and locking me in place. Good. I responded by driving my nose up, pushing aside her panties and burying the bridge of my nose up into her yielding, wet pussy. I swear she almost cried.


“Ooh… Ooooohh, Jeff… b-be gentle… huhh...” Ashley murmured. She finally opened her eyes a crack and gazed down the length of her upper body at the smaller man trapped between her legs, servicing her prodigious cunt. Another tinkle of laughter escaped her lips as she grasped at the hilarity of having a grown man's face in her crotch.


“Oh, just make me, you sexy fucking babe,” I hissed at her, haughtily rearing my head and slapping my hand down playfully on the top of Ashley's waxed vulva. I pulled down her panties slightly so that I could easily grab her clit, then mashed it between my fingers lightly, but assertively.


Ohh...” Ashley's voice turned from a high-pitched giggle to a low, ponderous groan. Her whole body shifted slightly, as it instinctively attempted to turn away from me. I realized in an instant that I had struck a chord. I slid my thumb right up against Ashley's big meaty knob and kept it trained there. At the same time I fought off her insubstantial attempts at deterring me, pushing hard against her big creamy thigh with my other hand and forcing her legs to stay open. Now I had her where I wanted her. I was going to make Ashley cum.


I craned my neck to get a look at Ashley's face. She was wide-eyed after my most recent advance, staring into space with her mouth hanging open- like she was genuinely shocked. I experienced a moment of guilty hesitation, but the choice was obvious. “Ashley.” I whispered. She trembled slightly, eyes still glazed. I pressed my thumb into her plus-sized clit, using the extra purchase to pull my body up over hers slightly more. She shuddered uncontrollably. “Ashley...” I insisted. She shifted her eyes to meet mine. Her eyebrows were raised in submissive uncertainty, but her big luscious lips were pressed together in a passionate pout. Shit... was she really so innocent? I decided to continue, “I don't have to do anything. You though…” my eyes twinkled evilly. “You have to cum… I want you to cum all over me.


Ashley's eyes widened as I transferred my fingertips back down to her meaty clit. This time, I pressed hard and immediately began mashing that puffy knob in slow, deliberate circles. At the same time, I pressed my palm forwards, into the quivering mass of Ashley's beautiful, plump pussy folds. “Ooooh, Jeff...” she groaned hugely. “I… Oooohhh, I can't… Huuhh… Fff… Phhhghgh...” Her breaths quickened and became more labored.


I continued making slow, unrelenting circles, imperceptibly increasing the pressure and the tempo as I did so. I laid my torso down on Ashley's pubic mound and nestled my head on her fabric-covered belly just below her large, curvy breasts. I whispered sibilantly, “Yesss, you can… You're gonna cum.” A loud uncontrolled moan escaped Ashley's lips, and I couldn't help but grin sadistically. “I won't stop until you cum, and then only if you beg...” From my new field of vision atop Ashley's womanly paunch I suddenly noticed her large hands grasp erratically at her hip, essentially being wasted as an erotic resource. “Grab your tits, Ashley,” I murmured. “Squeeze my head in your big fucking titties.”


Ashley's large body jerked, as though she had once again just woken up from a state of considerable focus. She obediently grabbed her sizable tits in both hands, pushing through the fabric of her top to collect them. Her legs suddenly snapped to attention as well. She squeezed my torso between her powerful thighs, forcing me to shift upwards again, away from the almost-painful vice of muscular flesh. Ashley helped by kneading my body upwards with her legs which worked in tandem with sympathetic movements from her contracting torso. She sort of engulfed me, clasping my smaller body between her legs, and since I was now high enough, she pulled her big floppy tits down and began mashing my face excitedly between them. It was sexy as fuck, and I was really getting worked into a frenzy. The whole time I kneaded and mashed unrelentingly at Ashley's hefty, pulsing fuck knob. It wriggled and danced with each involuntary contraction of her considerable cunt muscles. “Oh my god, Jeff… I'm f-fff… fffuck…” She inhaled sharply between clenched teeth, “I'm feeling s-so… Unnghrr… Hunnngh...” Ashley mumbled incoherently between escalating choruses of powerful womanly moans. Her large hands were pinching and pulling at her puffed-up nipples as she tortured herself through the fabric of her top. At the same time her thick, powerful legs were beginning to pick up on some unseeable, sexy rhythm. She rocked my body up and down, slowly at first, but getting faster and more reckless by the moment, sending my head into the meaty underside of her boobs and driving my fingers roughly into her soaking womanhood.


All the while I fingerblasted this gorgeous babe like my life depended on it. I was no longer teasing, as this treatment on my body was becoming a bit harsh, and I was getting unreasonably bent on making her cum. Amid Ashley's labored panting and hot, erotic groans I urged her softly, “Yesss… that's it. Cum on me. Cum you little slut. Cum on me now!


Ashley's body worked itself on me faster and faster as she abandoned herself to her mounting arousal. Her body temperature soared and I felt the first characteristic contraction in her hot, pulsating pussy which signaled she was about to blow her load. Even in her state of heightened stimulation, Ashley's body jerked violently at this first first orgasmic tremor, and she whimpered almost as though in a panic. Her beautiful glistening body suddenly froze and all I could hear was Ashley's shallow, ragged breathing and rapid, pounding heartbeat. Almost out of shock, I stopped moving as well, but kept my hand pinned down hard on her clit. The large woman would have begged, but could only manage a desperate, plaintive moan.


Ashley was poised on the brink of something big. And I was going to have to push her over the edge. I couldn't help myself. “Oh my god, Ashley,” I breathed. “Do you feel that? Can you feel what's happening to your big horny cunt?” Slowly, sinisterly I began masturbating her again. But this time I used my whole palm and rubbed her clit straight up and down. Hard.


Ashley's body convulsed, and she doubled over, wrapping me in desperate, sexy hug. I rubbed faster and faster while the big girl whimpered with rising pitch and volume. “Oh my… oh my… GOD...” Ashley's moan became a heated growl. Her soaking, writhing pussy leaped in agony, engulfing my wrist as she bent further forward. “W-Wha…” Ashley stammered, eyes opened wide by storm she was about to experience. She howled as much in incredulity as in arousal, “What are you... DOING TO ME?” She flinched and trembled from head to cunt to toe. And then the unthinkable happened.


Ashley cried out... and then she came.

Chapter 6 - Orgasm and Growth by Killer_Huge

Ashley cried out in sweet, orgasmic ecstasy and she came. Immediately she wrapped her thick arms around me and pinned my upper body against her tits and torso, hugging me with trembling ferocity as she clung for dear life. Her voice reverberated through her whole body and I felt it as much as heard it, engulfed as I was. Ashley was whimpering in a high pitched voice in between rapid, irregular gasps. My wrist and hand were pinned somewhat awkwardly to her crotch. With what limited mobility I had with my hand, I shifted gears, tracing light, fast circles around her quivering purple clit. This served to torture and excite Ashley even further- me struggling to continue my pleasuring advances despite her already cumming and wrapping me in a full-body pin. In a word, it was glorious.


I could feel the warmth of Ashley's thick, womanly cum spreading up my torso, through my shirt. God, I couldn't believe how wet she was already, and she was getting slipperier by the moment. As Ashley moaned and whimpered in high-pitched desperation she continued to use my whole body as a fuck pillow, grinding me up and down against herself with her powerful legs and arms. Her expression was wide-eyed, equal parts desperation, agony, and lust. Everything seemed a little exaggerated… well, very exaggerated to be honest. This was supposed to be just foreplay. We were both still wearing clothes after all. I guessed this was her first time having sex while high on pot. I hoped she was enjoying it as much as I was.


As Ashley continued to buffet my smaller body against herself, I decided to switch strategies again to keep her going as long as possible. I lowered my hand till it rested against Ashley's puffed up, quivering cunt lips. I felt her pussy squirm greedily as it accepted my touch, and almost immediately her fuck curtains parted for my fingers without the slightest effort. Ashley moaned heatedly in reply. I was actually a bit taken aback by just how big Ashley's pussy was. I mean, she was easily more than six feet tall, and quite well-proportioned, even a bit overweight, but still… Despite the heat of the moment, I furrowed my brow, almost in perplexity. On a hunch I curled my hand into a fist. In doing so, I momentarily slipped my fingers out of Ashley's hot, lush fuck cave and accidentally stimulated her even further. The large woman groaned heavily and she involuntarily reciprocated by grabbing my elbow and plunging my fist right back into her convulsing pussy…


Blood drained from my face as Ashley pushed my fist inside herself… up to my forearm! We both gasped in unison, her from arousal and me from genuine shock. “Oh my God, Ashley,” I choked. “You… your pussy…”


Ashley's body seized at the sensation of the penetration. No longer rubbing my whole body up and down her bulk, she now trembled as she squeezed me in place with her tremendous arms and legs. Holy shit, I was shocked at how easily she engulfed me, encircling my body entirely with her thick limbs and abdomen. Ashley shuddered between moans and I felt the large woman's pounding heart rate increase as she guided my arm deeper inside herself. “Jeff...” she whispered, fighting against a tide of arousal. “Oooohh... Ffff… phfffgghh...” She was struggling, her voice caught halfway between sexual panic and delight. “W- wha… Mmmph… What's happening to me?


I heard a loud snap as Ashley's tiny V-string lost its battle against her widening thighs, and she moaned in tortured excitement. My head spun with disbelief and a solid helping of dope and booze. Ashley wasn't being dramatic or exaggerating. She was growing. She shifted her considerable bulk to stop herself from falling off the edge of the couch, bringing my whole body with her. Meanwhile she pulled me by the elbow again, pushing my arm even further into her quivering pussy, lubricated by the thick womanly cum that continued to ooze up around my forearm and cover us both.


This can't be happening, I thought to myself. This isn't possible. I suddenly felt a pang of fear. My mind was racing to find some rational explanation as it attempted to absorb this information while this gorgeous amazon continued to use me for her pleasure. I felt my mouth go dry and my tongue catch in my throat as I tried to speak, to protest. I scrabbled against Ashley's grip a bit listlessly, suddenly feeling faint, like I might pass out. I doubt she noticed as she continued to whimper and grunt in ecstasy. I blinked fast, trying to chase away the black dots forming in the periphery of my vision. I twisted myself to look at Ashley's face. She was gasping and panting like a sprinter after a race, reveling wildly in the sensation of whatever her big soaking cunt was experiencing with my arm plunged halfway into its purple depths. Whatever orgasmic height of arousal Ashley was feeling, it seemed to have replaced all of her uncertainty and timidity. For the first time during her orgasm, it started to look like Ashley was enjoying herself unabashedly. Did she even register what was happening to her body?


I gulped hard. A thought suddenly occurred to me that Ashley may have never fucked before, maybe never even had an orgasm. And now here she was, having her… considerable cherry popped... and it was making her fucking grow! I was making her grow! It wasn't possible, but… but it might explain why she seemed so inexperienced, and why her body was undergoing such an unprecedented reaction. Oh my god… how was Ashley going to react when she realized what was happening to her. Would she blame me? I shuddered against the huge, convulsing woman as I considered that she might react poorly… even violently. I had taken control… had gotten her buzzed… talked dirty to her, talked down to her… Shit… What was I going to do?


As Ashley's big puffy cunt lips wrapped greedily around my forearm and her powerful fuck muscles churned away eagerly in orgasm-fueled ecstasy, I contemplated my situation. I felt the amazonian body underneath me slowly swell and increase in mass. It seemed to be happening between breaths. She would gasp or pant, and her body would convulse. All of her muscles including those wrapped around my hand would tense and bulge up against me. Then she would whimper or groan in exhalation and instead of relaxing, Ashley's prodigious bulk would remain swollen in place. I was beginning to feel small against her strong, trembling torso. How big was she? She must have been twice my size already, and to my amazement she seemed to still be growing. How big was Ashley going to get? Already I wasn't going to be able to escape her grip unless she let me. That meant… that meant that I would have to be smart about this, or I might be in serious danger of this big horny babe's reaction to… to becoming a giant horny babe.


Ooohh...” Ashley groaned. “I-I… Mmm… oooOOoohh… I can't… Jeff… Unnnggh… S-stop… What are you doing to me… What are you… Uuunnngh...” She repeated, continuing to murmur and moan in protest. It seemed almost ridiculous as I was myself at this moment far more at her mercy than vice versa. Ashley craned her neck and gazed wide-eyed into my face. In an instant it occurred to me. The only way out of this was to double down. I was going to have to keep Ashley in the dark, cloud her senses with indulgence. Dominate her, even. Then if she discovered what was going on, at least I could claim ignorance. Besides, how could I ever predict that she would grow? Fuck… how can anyone just grow? Grow into a… powerful… gorgeous amazon… I gulped with anticipation at the thought. So maybe my plan wasn't the best one, but then again I'm not necessarily the best person. A mix of excitement and self-preservation filled me. I steeled myself and returned Ashley's plaintive, tortured gaze with a self-satisfied smirk.


“I told you already… If you want me to stop, you're going to have to beg,” I whispered haughtily at my large captor. Ashley's eyes bulged with overstimulation as I suddenly plunged my arm further inside her swollen, dripping cunt, pressing my fingers maddeningly against her G-spot.


Ooooohhh...” Ashley replied in an agonizing groan. Her body seized violently just as her top began to rip at the seams. She whimpered with renewed intensity and slammed her eyes shut again. Ashley abandoned my elbow, and instead wrapped me in a powerful, involuntary hug. She clung desperately to my whole frame as it dwindled slowly between her legs. Holy shit… she was ready again.


I rubbed away at Ashley's womanhood from inside, sinisterly fondling her G-spot, trying hard to keep myself from trembling in fear and excitement. “Beg me to stop, Ashley,” I sneered. She shook her head meekly, biting her lip while her eyes remained closed. “No? Oh, you're a bad girl.” I leaned my face into Ashley's widening belly as I cooed, “I'm going to have to teach you a lesson... you big horny slut.” Ashley convulsed again, clutching me harder against herself while a pitched howl caught in her throat. Again she froze, fighting desperately against mounting waves of passion as she dangled perilously over the edge of another orgasm.


Oh my god, you're pussy is fucking enormous…”


How are you still sooo wet…”


Ashley, you're ripping your clothes. You're such a horny slut...”


It was too much. Ashley doubled over, ripping her top to shreds in the process. She clutched me violently to herself as she sat up amidst a loud creaking protest on the part of her couch. Ashley let out a tremendous moan… and came again.

Chapter 7 - Keeping Ashley Distracted by Killer_Huge

HUUHH… Oooohh… FFFUUUuuuck...”


Ashley threw her head back in sexual elation as she came massively. The burgeoning amazon shifted her bulk as she sat up on the now smallish-looking couch. This time Ashley seemed a little more prepared for what was going to happen. She slammed her eyes shut and knit her brows together passionately, focusing on each exquisite wave of ecstasy between rapid, panted breaths. Instead of crushing me further into another powerful bear-hug, she let out a deep groan and lazily splayed her huge legs open. Ashley's left leg extended out fully over the opposite arm of the couch while her right leg thudded to the floor with a resonant smack. Her lush, cavernous pussy yawned open and my arm was sucked in a little further, now almost up to my elbow. I pawed a little uncertainly at Ashley's cervix, marveling nervously at the sensation of having my whole lower arm kneaded and squeezed by her powerful cunt muscles. How in fuck could she possible not realize yet that something was amiss? Shit, she must be eight and a half feet tall at least! Was she really so out of it that she failed to notice her new size? I swore Ashley had packed on over a hundred pounds of rippling feminine bulk.


As Ashley rocked back and forth, savoring each exquisite ministration I couldn't help but notice that she was still growing! Slowly my torso slid down my shirt which was plastered to Ashley's girthy abdomen. Scraps of Ashley's ruined tank top fell from her now-naked body at intervals. She shifted her bulging arms, stretched her large hands down my back and gently raked me with her nails. Still whimpering and moaning in ecstasy, Ashley yearned for more stimulation. As though she was somewhat unsure how to go about this, she settled on caressing me with her arms as she came and grew. The huge horny woman gently rubbed my back, digging in ever so slightly and maddeningly with her nails and fingertips. With her other hand, she clasped my woefully diminished head to her creamy barrel-sized paunch. Unable to resist her, I let myself be guided into this intimate position, while Ashley continued to greedily pummel my arm with her prodigious cunt amidst the occasional wet slurping sound. She rocked back and forth, shook and whimpered, and milked her orgasm in quiet, powerful bliss.


“Ooohhh, Jeff… I've never… Ooohhh...” Ashley sighed deeply in her passion. “I've never felt this way before… Mmmm… I don't ever want to stop.”


Pinned as I was by Ashley's big gorgeous frame, I couldn't see her face, but I could tell she was revving down from the orgasmic heights she had just endured. She was talking again, now in complete sentences. Shit, this wasn't supposed to happen! I could feel Ashley's meaty, powerful abdomen clench and spasm eroticaly beneath me, still stretching out under me, indicating that she was still growing! I needed to take control quickly. Ashley had my head turned out towards the room where she held it in place with one hand, my body with her other, and my whole right arm, literally trapped in her giant, gorgeous cunt. I needed to do something more provocative and stimulating; and quickly, or she would certainly snap out of it, and… then who knows? I didn't want to be around when Ashley found out just how huge she'd become... how powerful she had become... Come on Jeff, think! My head was spinning and I was feeling faint again. I cursed internally, regretting that I'd gotten myself so wound up on pot that I couldn't think straight…


Wait, the joint! That was it! I spied the remainder of the joint I'd rolled earlier, sitting on the tray where I'd left it. Ashley was big, but she was a lightweight where pot was concerned. If she ripped it like she did before, I'd surely buy myself some time while she was busy being high as a kite. That would work! Or… she'd clue in while she was extra baked, and then… well, who knows how Ashley would react. I decided to risk it. If I was going to die tonight, it would be at the hands of a beautiful naked amazon and I would be too stoned to care.


Ashley moaned again, this time more as an afterthought to her dwindling ministrations. It seemed like she was forcing it now, trying to ride out the last of her orgasm as it waned in intensity. It was now or never. I reached out with my left arm, trying my best to keep my body anchored between her thick, gleaming legs. Balancing turned out not to be as much as a challenge as I thought it would be, seeing as my arm was still securely wrapped in Ashley's monster cunt muscles. The real challenge in fact was being able to reach far enough to snag the doobie without burning myself on a candle. “Hhhmmm… Unghhh...” Ashley moaned lightly in response to my motions. She then inhaled sharply as though she had just woken up. With a quick motion of her head, Ashley flicked her hair back, sexily gathering most of her dark curls behind her shoulders. Gotta move fast, I realized. I snagged the joint by the filter end and lean perilously over the gap between the couch and the coffee table. I leaned even further afield, and delicately lit the joint on an open candle flame, just as Ashley's eyelids parted dreamily. “Mmmm, Jeffff… Oh my god…” the amazon slurred her words a little, drunk on lust and booze. “That was incredi- OOOooohhh…


I was just beginning to pull myself back over to the couch when suddenly and without warning Ashley's immense pussy just slacked off its grip. Shit! I wrenched my body back over to hers in a bit of a panic, pulling hard with my right hand on the inside of Ashley's fuck cave, using what little traction I could get to re-balance my body. Ashley moaned loudly in surprise. Her eyes snapped wide open and her jaw dropped as she regarded me with a shocked expression. The large hand that had been cradling my head shot down defensively towards Ashley's crotch, freeing me to move my upper body a bit. I managed to get my weight centered over Ashley's pussy once again, just as I lost all grip with my right hand. From forearm to fingertips, my hand slipped roughly out of Ashley's massive, yielding pussy with a wet slurp. As it slipped, Ashley's powerful cunt muscles reflexively clenched at the stimulation, greedily grasping after my hand so that it popped out with a comical wet smack. Ashley moaned again and gripped me hard by the shoulders with her huge hands. She was looking right into my eyes, with a glassy fearful stare of an animal in pain. I heard another slurp as Ashley's cunt rid itself of a little pocket of air that had been trapped deep inside her in the commotion. She looked at me expectantly, almost glaring down at me. “Urrngh,” she growled. “What are you doing?”


Summoning all of my dwindling confidence I managed a cocky smile up at Ashley. I brought the joint between my lips and took a drag. Ashley watched me with narrowed eyes. I finished my drag, and blew the smoke into her face mischievously. She turned away, coughing as the white plume encircled her head. When Ashley looked back, I was holding the joint expectantly up to her face. She regarded my twinkling expression for a moment, then smiled drunkenly. Giving my shoulder a friendly squeeze with one oversized hand, Ashley awkwardly accepted the joint with her other hand and put it to her lips. I teased my fingers over her plump, trembling inner thigh as she pulled deeply on the doobie. I breahted a sigh of relief... It worked! I lay there stroking her excitedly while planning my next move. Ashley burned through the whole joint in a single go. Oh shit, she was going to get ripped!


I lowered my body till my head was inches from Ashley's huge, puffed up cunt. God she was so lush and wet. I continued to stroke Ashley's thighs, tracing sexy, slow circles around her erogenous areas. I leaned forward and licked the smooth, warm surface of Ashley's vulva. The amazon shuddered involuntarily at the sensation of my advance, then abruptly coughed her way through a huge hit of dope. I began kissing Ashley's pussy, pressing my face delicately into her womanhood and planted my lips on her huge twitching clit. As my head began to spin and the blood rushed into my face, I started to whisper huskily. I could barely believe what was coming out of my own mouth.


“Ashley… you're so fucking hot… Big horny slut... I'm not done with you yet, not by a long shot!” I leaned in and pressed my cheek roughly into the quivering, meaty slabs of her labia. Ashley cried out in heated arousal. I laughed sinisterly and continued, “Now you're gonna take off my clothes… and I'm gonna eat your cunt till you cum again!

Chapter 8 - The Tables Turn? by Killer_Huge

I planted a loud, smacking kiss in the center of Ashley's football-sized pussy. “Oh, Ashley...” I murmured passionately into her huge muff. “You're so fucking hot...” Head whirling with hormones and drugs, I got to work, licking and sucking the immense folds of the largest cunt I'd ever seen.


Ashley could only gasp in reply. The huge toke of weed she had greedily inhaled went straight to her head. Inebriated and stoned as she was, the erotic stimulation she was now receiving, combined with the excitement generated by my verbal advances was simply registering way too far off the charts for her mind to comprehend. Ashley's amazonian bulk shook and trembled all around me as she ineffectually fought to control her body's involuntary motions. The large couch groaned beneath her as she scrabbled with her thick, powerful legs. The toes on Ashley's right foot were curled up and her leg repeatedly bumped up against coffee table as the space between it and her huge body shrank with the imperceptibly gradual widening of her pelvis. Ashley simply draped her left leg over the top of the couch now, allowing her massive cunt to yawn open, eager to receive my attention. With each whimpered moan her beautiful toes would curl and she'd kneed sexily against the dwindling piece of furniture with her large foot. It was starting to look more like a loveseat or chair beneath the amazon's burgeoning frame. How long could this growth possibly continue unabated? God she was gigantic!


Mmm… Mmmmph… Huuuhhh- ooOOoohh…” Ashley moaned like a bitch in heat. Clearly it aroused her to have me service her huge meaty womanhood so obsessively and insistently. I slurped up and down her sizable beef curtains with greedy abandon. Ashley fought me off lightly with her powerful hands on my shoulders, squirming to get away from me at the same time. The couch gave a loud squeal, and I surged forwards, attempting to cover up the noise. I planted my face smack down on Ashley's hefty purple clit, mashing it around with my nose and sucking at it maddeningly. “HHNNnngh…” Ashley protested with blissful outrage. She reflexively seized my now-smallish head and snatched it away from her yawning fuck cave. She lay there for a moment, sprawled out and panting, eyes closed as though she was unaware that her sexy little teasing was becoming too powerful for me to fight. I watched a thick surge of Ashley's hot fragrant cum churn up ominously from the depths of her womanhood as she gave an involuntary contraction. Ashley yelped as her huge pussy seemed to shiver in protest at having its toy being taken away. Ashley's tremendous heartbeat pounded all around me as she whimpered reluctantly. Then with a desperate sigh, the amazonian babe slipped her right hand behind my head and pressed it deeply into her massive quivering cunt.


I was caught by surprise and barely had time to gasp before my head plunged into Ashley's yielding wet pussy. Her powerful, gorgeous lips puckered eagerly to engulf me and my vision went dark as my face was wrapped in the amazon's sexy fuck hug. Ashley spread her thick fingers around the back of my skull, and with light, irregular motions began rocking my face in and out and around her cavernous vagina. Panic seized my brain as I instinctively began to push myself away from my much stronger captor. Ashley responded with a heated moan and rammed me back up inside her even more roughly. Shit! I wasn't going to get away unless she let me. I hadn't planned on this, but I quickly realized that I was going to have to go with it, or Ashley would quickly discover how dominating she had become. Luckily her pussy wasn't so gigantic that it could swallow my whole head… yet…


Building on Ashley's initiative I pressed my face even deeper into the amazon, eating, licking and nibbling away at her plus-sized meat curtains. I reached out around Ashley's right leg to grab her thigh and pull myself inwards to eat her massive cunt for all I was worth. Like magic, Ashley immediately released my head and settled her hand back on my shoulders where she could play at pushing me away. But this time, I had the benefit of a good grip, and I managed with significant effort to keep my face anchored in Ashley's plush, soaking womanhood. “Ooooohh… Jeff, FFFfffuuuuck…” Ashley whined in ecstasy as her passion continued to mount towards another inevitable climax. I snaked my other arm under Ashley's raised left leg and playfully pried at the amazon's immense thighs, as though I had any chance of opening them any wider than they already were. I ripped my head out of Ashley's cunt with a wet smack as it puckered shut right in front of my face. I proceeded to nip and tease Ashley's pulsating clit with my mouth, going at her more roughly than before. Ashley bit her lip and groaned enormously, “UUNNRrrghhh… Mmmmpphphgh…” She reclined suddenly, scooting her colossal ass down the couch with me in tow, trying desperately to make room for her sweaty, growing form.


As the giant woman beneath me moved, I heard the groan of timbers and springs, followed by a sharp crack. Ashley reclined and tipped her head back passionately, trapping both of my arms under her huge legs. It took a few moments for her to register the sound of the couch breaking, and the color drained from my face as she stiffened and perked up. She had definitely heard or felt it! “Ashley...” I chimed, trying to keep her attention occupied. Ashley had opened her eyes and glanced about dumbly, her beautiful black locks cascading all over her stoned features. Her cunt gurgled out a bit of air, just inches from my face, still drooling little rivers of lube. “Ashley!” I demanded, leaning my chin into her clit for extra emphasis. Ashley gasped heatedly, snapping her wide eyes towards me with indignation.


“Ashley, baby… you've gotta get these clothes off me,” I whispered with a mix of desperation, fear, and excitement. “I w-want to have you. I wanna... fuck you…” Shit… I had sort of been hoping to avoid that considering she was now easily large enough to seriously hurt me even by accident.


Ashley's eyes fluttered for a moment, like she was trying to remember how to speak. When she finally found my gaze, she flashed a hungry, willful grin. The gorgeous naked amazon then scrootched to the side, unpinning my arms from under her huge jiggling ass. The sudden motion caught me by surprise, but I quickly blurted out, “Careful of the candles!” Ashley's hip had bumped into the coffee table and actually lifted it up a few inches where she leaned on it. The big woman gasped in surprise, as though the table hadn't been where she thought it would be. With some difficulty, Ashley turned her body sideways, letting herself slide to the floor ungracefully. The couch groaned in relief, and I ducked my head to slip under Ashley's left leg as it swept above and landed loudly on the carpet. I leaped to my feet and trotted around the coffee table, dragged it back away from the amazon as she turned around to regard me in a confused stupor. Though the room was dimly lit, Ashley was going to notice that the dimensions were all wrong, especially if she stood up. I was going to have to keep her low to the ground if I could.


Seizing the initiative I moved quickly to confront Ashley, steal her attention. The huge naked babe had shifted her bulk to sit upright, and when at last she caught my gaze she barely had to look up. God, what did that make her, nine… ten feet tall?!?


I gulped. I had to play it like it was still on.


I reached out with my hand and lightly, sensually grasped Ashley's chin. She breathed heavily in reply. Her eyes closed as she turned her head to kiss my forearm. I stepped forward and pressed Ashley's head into the top of my chest. She reached behind me to pull me in and nuzzled me possessively. Oh fuck… it was still on!


“You're so naughty… All naked and wet… you big slut...” I whispered. Ashley gasped in arousal, sliding her face passionately across my shirt. I pulled up on Ashley's chin. Her glassy eyes found mine, and I grinned evilly. “You ever suck dick, Ashley?” I stared intensely into her eyes, and in a moment, all of her shyness returned. Ashley whimpered almost inaudibly, then slowly shook her head in reply. What a babe…


“Get these clothes of me, huge horny bitch. You're about to learn…”

Chapter 9 - Ashley Takes Control by Killer_Huge

Ashley breathed heavily and shifted her body to a kneeling position in front of me. I caressed her cheek and face delicately, running my fingers across her beautiful heavy-set features with electric intensity. Ashley gave a heated sigh, indicating that she was still fully-aroused, and if I was lucky, still fully immersed in her sexual experience and her insobriety so that she might not notice that she had become a 10-foot-tall, half-ton amazon. She placed one large hand on my abdomen, feeling my small, strong frame posed expectantly before her. She then leaned in and laid a full, wet kiss on the top of my chest where my shirt opened just below the collar. My shirt already smelled strongly of Ashley's sex, and was stained with her pussy's juices and wrinkled by our sexual play so far. I placed my hand on the back of Ashley's head, and played with her hair, pulling lightly on her sexy dark curls while pushing her head into me. Ashley's lips were so plump and full. She kissed me repeatedly, planting a neat row of sexy little smacks on my bare skin. I shivered with excitement. “Oh Ashley,” I whispered, “you're so hot… so fucking sexy… I need more, baby. Take it off, now.”


Ashley turned up her head to give me a shy, but eager smile. She brought up her other hand and began fumbling with the top button on my shirt. I continued to stroke her hair and began running my other hand lightly up and down the amazon's naked side, underneath her arm and taking the time to trace inwards. I fondled Ashley's huge, bare breast, brushing my fingertips lightly over her puffed up, red nipple. She gasped in arousal at my touch. The response caused her to tense up and roughly pull at the button she was attempting clumsily to undo. The button popped off and bounced off Ashley's naked belly before falling to the floor and rolling away. Ashley sighed in a mixture of passion and frustration. Clearly she had been struggling due to the increased size of her fingers, not to mention her current level of inebriation. I clasped Ashley's head back into my chest and whispered with growing urgency, “Yeah baby… I liked that. Rip it off. Show me how strong you are… Show me how horny you are...”


Ashley gasped heatedly and slammed her eyes shut. She ground her massive cleavage into my trunk, and I had to take a staggered step back to maintain my balance. Ashley then leaned back and grabbed my shirt in both hands on either side of the center. She groaned sluttily and began to pull. Buttons popped and rained down as she pulled the two sides of the shirt apart. I watched Ashley's face with lust and fascination. Her eyebrows knit together passionately, and her lips parted in a haughty pout. Clearly this small act of destruction was arousing to the amazon. When she felt the last of the buttons fly off the shirt, Ashley's lips curled with mischievous inspiration. She grunted slightly and then… continued! She giggled naughtily, then stretched the fabric to the limit. Ashley's biceps then bulged, the stitching in my shirt squealed, her pecs swelled up powerfully… and my shirt ripped apart at the seams!


Blood drained from my face as Ashley simply tore apart my shirt like it was nothing… while I was still in it! I flinched and jerked my arms to allow the remnants of my shirt, including the sleeves, to be pulled away from me. Ashley simply stretched out both arms mightily to each side in one continuous motion that began with the popping of my buttons. Eyes still closed, she gasped in exhilaration, and her passionate frown turned into a blissful, satisfied grin. Ashley then tossed the shredded rags aside and leaned forward quickly. She barged her enormous tits hard into my body, and I would have tumbled across the room if she hadn't also reached behind me to draw me in with a possessive hug. I stumbled, fully losing my balance, but remained upright as Ashley held me to her much larger naked form. She was giggling, trying to sound sexy and playful. “Hahah, Jeff, I ripped your shirt! I'm sooo strong… SOOOoooo hoooorny…


The amazon's huge body shook all around me with her girlish laughter. I could smell the heady mixture of booze, sweat, and womanly arousal as Ashley wrapped me in her powerful arms. The sensation was quite overwhelming, and after witnessing Ashley's newly acquired strength, I began to seriously doubt that I had made the safe choice by whipping Ashley up into a sexual frenzy. I tried to regain my footing and ended up scrabbling against my huge drunken captor to no effect, and I doubt she even noticed. Now I felt faint again, and had to blink rapidly to fight back the spots at the corners of my vision. I forced myself to think as I clung to consciousness, but I already knew that the news was mostly bad. Ashley had come across as mild and gentle, but a few drinks and a joint later, and I had dirty-talked her into a fantasy sexcapade that could easily see me crushed or… torn in half!


Ashley fondled me and hugged me all around as I staggered in place. Her laughter gradually regressed into heavy, aroused breathing and sighing. She squeezed me around my mid section and my rock-hard dick was pressed roughly into her mammoth tits. Ashley gasped passionately, almost as though she was surprised to find it there. “Ooohhh… Jeff…” Ashley parted her lush, fat lips with a passionate sigh. She leaned back suddenly. Her eyes snapped down to the bulge in my pants and she regarded it for a solid few seconds with drunken, genuine incredulity. Luckily by now I had regained enough composure to remain standing without Ashley's support. As she moved away, all I could think was how fucking huge she had become! When I had met her, Ashley seemed tall, chubby, and pretty. Whatever was happening to her had simply transformed that young woman into a towering pillar of strength and sexuality. Ashley's hips splayed out immodestly, displaying her gigantic, engorged womanhood between thick, powerful thighs. They framed her humungous ass which seemed to have broadened considerably outwards and backwards to support her new, more amply-proportioned figure. Ashley's belly had always been chubby, but incredibly, I could now see the swollen structure of Ashley's massive abdominal muscles beneath all that paunch. Gleaming slabs of muscle flared up the sides of her abdomen, framing Ashley's magnificent breasts under sexy, taught pecs. Ashley's breasts had swollen up into giant swooping stripper tits, each capped with an angry red nipple, puffed up to the size of a tennis ball in her current state of arousal.


Simply put, Ashley had become a sexy, powerful amazon. And she was horny… and drunk… There was just no telling what she was capable of. I had to take control, get her in my pocket before she got to carried away, and hopefully she would fall asleep before she found out how large she had become… before she got even larger…


I gulped hard, steeling myself. Here we go…


“Do you like that, slut?” I reached out and caressed Ashley's wide, gorgeous face again. The huge naked woman jerked out of her stupor and glanced back to me, eyes wide and a little fearful again. I laid my diminutive fingers upon Ashley's lips. I could feel them trembling with nervous exhilaration beneath my touch, could feel Ashley's hot, heavy breath on my hand. I leaned in with a nasty chuckle, “Do you want to suck my dick? Tell me...” Ashley shuddered. I pushed harder into her lips. She gave my fingers a slow, sensual lick while I continued to subject her to my penetrating glare. At length, the amazon closed her eyes, and with a little whimper, Ashley nodded her head meekly. “Good,” I sneered. “I want to see you wrap those huge fat lips around my cock and blow me like a huge fucking whore.” I was almost laughing now, my confidence and derision growing as Ashley allowed herself to be cowed. “Take my pants off, you big sexy bitch. Do it slowly.” I could barely believe what I was saying as whipped my belt off.


Ashley staggered forward on her knees. She placed a hand on each of my hips and began tugging on my jeans. Ashley began trembling more violently and started panting as the fitted denim was rolled back to reveal my underwear and thighs. With a small whimper of excitement Ashley yanked down my pants to my knees. I grabbed a handful of her beautiful black hair and used my other hand to stabilize myself against Ashley's giant naked body while she undressed me. I had just barely stepped out of my jeans when Ashley's nails scrapped roughly into my hips where she fought to get her large fingers under the waistband of my underwear. With a pitched grunt, the huge horny babe simply ripped my underwear to shreds, baring my throbbing, fully-erect penis to the world. Sensing Ashley becoming excited again, I instinctively acted to control her. With a quick flick of my arm I sent the leather end of my belt sailing forward where it snapped loudly against Ashley humungous ass with a satisfying crack. Ashley cried out in a mix of pain and lust. She lengthened her spine, tipping her ass and her face up in erotic defiance.


I pulled Ashley's face right up to mine, glaring with aroused intensity. Ashley's eyes trembled and rolled up as she struggled to keep focus in spite of her rising carnal excitement. “I said to do it slow,” I growled. “Now I have to punish you...”


With that, I moved my hand sinisterly to the top of Ashley's large head. The amazon allowed herself to be obediently guided to my pulsing rod. She began panting faster and faster as her huge lush lips descended, almost hyperventilating with anticipation. “Open wide!” I hissed. My knees nearly buckled as I felt Ashley's hot, wet tongue make contact with tip of my cock. Oh fuck… My eyes went wide and I thought for a moment that I might faint again. I rallied my strength as Ashley's thick gorgeous lips wrapped around the head, and again I spanked her ass with my belt. Ashley moaned passionately through a mouthful of cock. “That's it, Ashley… you naughty fucking slut… you love that dick...” I swatted Ashley's ass again, fighting to stay standing. “You're s-so bad… oh… suck my dick, Ashley… s-suck my… uhh...”


As my mouth dried and my muttering faded into an unintelligible groan Ashley wrapped her huge arms around my naked ass. With a massive horny sigh, the amazon pulled me into her and plunged my whole shaft into her soft, lush depths. I swatted her gorgeous ass with my belt, buffeting her smooth, gleaming curves over and over. Ashley whimpered carnally and licked my balls into her giant mouth as well. I gasped in ecstasy, and the belt I had been holding tumbled uselessly out of my hand. Ashley leaned forward, sweeping my legs of the floor and scooping them up against her enormous wobbling tits. I struggled briefly against her advance, but at length I had no option but to resign myself to this giant, powerful babe. Ashley lowered her immense body to the floor, swatting aside a bean bag chair as she did so. All the while she slurped and sucked and wrung my dick with growing confidence. I wanted to resist, to regain control, but it was no use. Ashley was dominating me completely and she was just getting started. I cried out weakly as I blasted my load into Ashley's waiting wet cavern, and amidst her excited lustful moans and deafening heartbeat, I blacked out.

Chapter 10 - She Knows! by Killer_Huge

Darkness filled my world as my head clouded over. For some time, I don't know how long, I was completely out of it. No sensation or feelings, no dreams. At some point I seem to recall being carried roughly, or maybe just awkwardly, though it's possible my overwhelmed brain simply filled in the gaps.

Some time must have passed because the first thing I remember feeling next was a whopping headache. My mouth was bone dry, and if I'd have tried to swallow, I probably would have choked on my tongue. I didn't even wake up to take stock of my situation, nor did I immediately recall the events of the evening. Instead I slipped back into unconsciousness, into the fevered dreams of someone who's drank too much booze, smoked too much weed, and has to sleep it off.

I had a series of vague dreams about work. What else… I was backstage at some concert for which I'd never worked tech before, and so of course everything was going wrong. I was stuck in a loop of perpetual anxiety, trying to get the lighting cues right, and fucking them up more and more badly. Figures… I don't even do lighting, so how could it possibly go well?

Ashley… oh right…

I was at Ashley's house. We were having sex on her bed. Or was it her couch? It was dark, so I couldn't quite tell. That's right... We had met up after the concert and I had slept over. We must have both woken up and started fucking before morning. I could feel the warmth of her magnificent body wrapped around mine. I could smell her amazing sex, and hear her gasping and moaning as she moved around. I didn't feel like I was doing much. Did I just wake up to her having sex with me? My head felt so foggy… maybe I was just dreaming it. God, my throat was so parched…

I saw myself laying in bed with Ashley, and I thought we were going at it, but maybe we were just laying there. Oh… yeah I was definitely still dreaming. I was seeing myself in third person… definitely dreaming. Well, it was a nice dream at least. I kind of wanted to get up and drink a glass of water, but my head was so foggy and I couldn't really feel my limbs… The impulse to get up was soon lost on me, and soon I slipped back into shallow, fevered sleep.

Ashley… Oh shit…

I snapped my eyes open. Dim light filled my surroundings. I couldn't really make out what I was seeing as my eyes had all but crusted over from dehydration. I blinked once, and immediately my eyelids stuck together with a painful scraping sensation. I tried to rub my eyes, but I couldn't seem to feel or move my limbs. God, I was warm… really really warm… and sweaty. I jerked myself slightly and found my body to be slick with perspiration. I couldn't seem to move my arms or legs in a meaningful way. I heard Ashley moan quietly beside me, like someone who has been woken up from a light sleep. Was I still dreaming? I tried my eyes again, and blinked a few times very slowly, working out the moisture and clearing away the rheumy patches in my vision.

Ashley moaned again, and this time she shifted her body. Oh boy… I was definitely not dreaming. Ashley was on top off me, smothering my face and my whole body. No, wait, she was… around me. Her smooth, warm flesh was wrapped all around me. As she shifted, I could feel some of her features. She was definitely holding my head in one hand, cradling me to herself. I blinked rapidly, disregarding the painful sensation of my eyelids scraping up my cornea. What was I looking at? It was definitely fleshy-textured. I spotted the bottom of a lovely, feminine throat, and quickly surmised that I was being hugged to Ashley's chest. I tried to turn my head around to see more, but Ashley pulled me back into herself with an intimate, gentle squeeze. My head was pressed sensually into the top of Ashley's chest. I was still too foggy and disoriented to effectively resist being positioned this way. Regardless, I was becoming more awake by the moment, and as my conscious faculties became activated I began to feel more and more trapped. I tried wriggling again, this time with the intention of pushing away Ashley's arm or leg, or anything… I squirmed in her powerful grip to utterly no avail. Oh god… I was Ashley's prisoner… and she was gigantic…

Ashley clutched me close to her amazonian frame. She let out a long, lazy sigh that reverberated through my whole being. Her heartbeat thrummed all around me with slow, powerful strokes. I suddenly realized she might actually still be sleeping. I tried my best to not panic and instead turned my efforts towards keeping quiet and still. It felt scary, like the instinct to escape was being overridden by an unconscious, primal sensibility that deemed the safest action was to sit tight and not disturb the beast sleeping next to me. I felt my heart rate increase substantially and my body grew uncomfortably tense and hot. My ears began to ring, and I forced myself to stay calm and take regular breaths, knowing that if I started struggling again I'd probably black out. I laid there in silence, cursing my own weakness. If I survived this, I was definitely going to quit drinking.

Ashley suddenly inhaled sharply and flinched, as if she had woken up from a light slumber. She seized me a little roughly, and I felt her whole body tense up. I tried to keep myself from trembling or crying out. After a moment, Ashley stroked the back of my head with her large hand, raking her fingernails sensually through my short hair. A loud, low rumble emanated from the huge woman's chest. "Mmmmmmm..." Ashley purred. It seemed as though we had shared the same dreams. I got the distinct sense that Ashley was smiling with sweet satisfaction based on the way her voice sounded. Was that good news or bad news? My poor mental faculties were exhausted from trying to predict my situation with her, and so I simply remained still in Ashley's hot embrace. I decided to let the situation play itself out as my amazonian lover began to wake up.

Ashley yawned long and unabashedly. Meanwhile she continued to gently caress and stroked the back of my head. I felt Ashley's massive lower body shift, and a humungous slab of flesh, I'm guessing her thigh, rubbed up sensually against my lower body, hips, and ribs. I squirmed in reply, not so much in a panic, but more as a knee-jerk reaction to feeling something move which was so large and so close. The tempo of Ashley's mighty heartbeat gradually increased, thrumming ominously all around me. Shit... I was totally engulfed by this huge woman. I couldn't tell exactly what… parts… were pinning me so intimately and effortlessly. The only thing I knew for certain is that I had never felt so small and insignificant in my entire life as I did right now, next to my gigantic, gorgeous captor while she casually woke up.

Ashley yawned again, but instead of lazily, this time she tensed all of her muscles and trembled with the effort. My yelp of surprise was muffled as Ashley roughly pressed my face into the flesh of her sternum. The huge woman squeezed me with the strength of a four man offensive NFL line. I uselessly resisted Ashley's might for a moment, but she was simply far too much woman for me. I doubt she even felt my struggle as she violently trembled mid-yawn. I felt my body being painfully squeezed and I thought this is it... but then again, it didn't hurt that badly. Certainly, if Ashley was trying to hurt me, she could have instantly broken my body with a modest effort. I gulped fearfully, and remained as limp as I could. I let Ashley do what she wanted to me. It seemed like the safest thing to do.

Ashley's hand suddenly released my head, and she extended it outwards in a sultry cat stretch. I could feel her bicep shift somewhere, but to my surprise it wasn't directly beneath me. That meant my head was resting on... oh wow... Ashley was hugging me alright. From my cheek to the top of my hip beneath- and above, lolling over my arms and around my back, Ashley's gigantic tits had pancaked over every surface and ballooned into every available crevice to surround my upper body completely. She must be fucking enormous!

Ashley finished her indulgent stretching and yawning. She licked her lips, then sighed deeply again. It seemed for one quiet moment that she might just fall asleep again, but I had a prickling, penetrating sense that she would be fully awake in short order. Sure enough, Ashley inhaled sharply again. This time she shifted her body... and rolled over. My whole world began to rumble and wobble around me as I was rolled along with the amazon amidst the groan of wooden timbers in what I presumed to be Ashley's bed. Thankfully, she rolled onto her back, and in a few seconds I had been swung around and came to rest atop Ashley's beautiful, gargantuan bulk. Her colossal tits splayed out to either side and the dim light of dawn came pouring into my immediate surroundings. Suddenly my head and most of my body was free. In a moment, Ashley returned her large hand to my diminutive form and resumed caressing me. As her fingernails idly and contentedly raked along my shoulders and back, I finally summoned the courage to turn and face her.

Ashley's face shone with all the bliss and confidence of someone who had just gotten laid. Her head was propped up by stack of large burgundy pillows and although her eyes were closed she must have felt me staring because she fluttered them briefly, coyly. She smiled sweetly at me as if to acknowledge that we were both awake. "Mmmmmmm... Jeff..." Ashley purred. Her voice rumbled sensually through my body. "Last night... Last night was..." The amazon giggled foolishly, as though she were trying to come up with the right word and failing deliberately.

"Ashley... I-I..." I stammered, remaining frozen between Ashley's colossal breasts. I was speechless... what could I possibly say?

Ashley nodded her head gently. Her eyes fluttered again, and this time they opened fully and remained open. "Last night was my..." Ashley's eyes came into focus. "My first..." she began again. Her gaze narrowed at first. Then they snapped wide open. "My..." Ashley's eyes darted from my body to her tits, then back to me. "Uhh..." Ashley's voice dropped and octave as she trailed off. She lifted her hand from my back and seemed to be examining it with growing confusion.

"Ashley..." I began again, but my voice betrayed my fear as it caught in my throat. Oh my god... She knows!

Ashley tossed her head to the left. What she saw made her gasp so sharply she almost sobbed. "Oh my... GOD..." She balked in disbelief. Her hand fell limply against my back and nearly knocked the wind out of me. "Jeff... JEFF!" Ashley grabbed and shook me with panicked insistence. Then she must have realized that she was the one controlling me because she flinched, and then only slightly more calmly she turned me around. At first, all I could see was a wall of tit flesh, but Ashley continued to rotate my body, while she shifted herself onto her opposite side. Now she held me, sandwiched between her humungous boobs, and facing outwards. Ashley and I both gazed into her closet door. It was one of those floor-to-ceiling sliding mirrors. And in it was a sight to behold.

Facing us was the largest person I had ever laid eyes on by far. Ashley's body had grown so huge that her legs were bent and trailed off the end her enormous custom-sized bed. Her girth occupied most of the surface area of the king-size mattress. Ashley's limbs were swollen gigantically with thick, gleaming, feminine flesh. I looked like a doll, nestled pitifully in her arms, each of which was probably as large as I was. My head was nestled in the erotic valley of Ashley's insanely-proportioned breasts, each of which was easily three times the size of my head and more. My feet disappeared and were lost somewhere in the yielding abundance of the amazon's mountainous thighs. I was definitely less than half as long as Ashley lying down, so I could put her height roughly around 12 feet tall.

In short, Ashley had grown. She had grown to goddess-like proportions. Her body had become so powerful and fecund that she was easily the largest person who ever lived. And she was gorgeous. A savagely-endowed babe with cunt the size of a car engine.

"Oh no..." Ashley groaned in despair. "I thought... I thought I dreamed this... How... How can I possibly... b-be..."

"Ashley..." I breathed in genuine awe. "You're fucking gigantic!"

Chapter 11 - Morning Sex by Killer_Huge

Ashley held me against her titanic naked body. She gripped me with both of her huge hands. Her beautiful nails dug lightly into my bare torso as she regarded her amazonian size and physique with her eyes open wide and mouth agape. Ashley's powerful heartbeat throbbed rapidly all around me, accelerating perceptibly as the scale of her transformation set in. I gazed up and down her huge, gorgeous body in the with a mix fascination and awe, not to mention a healthy dose of lust and fear. Staying as still as I could, I lay on my side, clutched between Ashley's humongous tits in dread silence. This was the moment I had been hoping to avoid all night. And I had passed out! Now I was at the mercy of this sexy giantess and there was simply no way to predict how she would react. Ashley remained silent as well. An uncontrolled shudder wracked her immense bulk, and I couldn't help but gulp in spite of myself. I couldn't even bring myself to look her in the eyes, not even in the reflection of her mirror. I had played along like nothing was amiss when Ashley began growing. I had bided my time in the hope that I could slip away after she had fallen asleep. I couldn't stop the crimson blush of guilt from spreading across my face. Would this enormous woman blame me for her... situation?


At length, Ashley cleared her throat. The harsh sound rang in my ears and I must have flinched because my gigantic captor suddenly glanced at my diminutive body. She loosened her grip and gave me a few quick, comforting strokes across the chest. “Sorry,” Ashley murmured in a quiet, sheepish voice. She took in a big breath. The walls of my sensual, fleshy prison swelled beautifully all around me. Ashley then sighed long and deep. She moved one big hand to grab me securely around the waist, then grasped her bed with the other hand and began propping herself up into a sitting position.


Despite the fact that Ashley was now being careful with me, I yelped out in surprise. “Ashley, stop!” The huge naked amazon paused abruptly as she heard me, sending her monstrous tits wobbling a little awkwardly around my face and upper body. “Careful about the… uh...” I stammered. “W-watch out for the ceiling. I-I… don't think you'll… um… fit...”


Ashley moved her mouth as if to protest, but nothing came out. I realized at once that she hadn't even though of that. She had a decently high ceiling for a basement suite- maybe 8 feet, but it was painfully obvious that if she sat up on the bed her head would go through it. “Oh… you're right...” she muttered in reply. Carefully, slowly, Ashley transferred her hand from my waist and raised it to the ceiling. Her arm was about half extended at the elbow when she touched it. Ponderously, the newly-proportioned giantess spread her fingers wide and laid her palm flat on the smooth, painted surface. I thought she might try to reposition again, and so out of instinct I turned my body around and threw my arms obligingly around Ashley's mighty torso. I barely made it halfway around her gargantuan, swollen tummy. Something about that must have amused my titanic lover, because a loud, uncontained giggled boomed out all around me. “Hahahah, Oh… Sorry...” Ashley chuckled quietly. “It's just… you have a nice bum...”


Ashley then resumed her movement. Constrained as she was in the now-smallish room, the naked amazon pressed up against the ceiling and down on the bed to suspend her weight as she transferred her lower body to the floor. A surprisingly dramatic chorus of squealing timbers resulted, coming from both the bed below and the ceiling above. I clung to Ashley's soft, beefy gut as best I could, and tried not to flinch as my insignificant form was repositioned along with her humungous bulk. A few moments later, amid the squeal of wood and a couple worrying snaps coming from the bed, Ashley's legs were on the floor. She shifted her thick, powerful thighs clumsily since there wasn't enough room between her and the closet mirror to fully extend her mighty legs. With a little difficulty and a low grunt of effort, Ashley was able to sit cross-legged with her back hunched slightly and her cute, dark curls brushing up against the ceiling. I was gently plucked from Ashley's torso by those huge, sensual hands. My giant captor turned me back around to face the mirror. She pulled me up against her, allowing my head to settle between the tops of her gargantuan tits. My legs dangled into the triangular, fleshy prison formed by Ashley's legs and crotch. She was holding my body up, and suspended as I was, I quickly resigned my feet to rest against her massive, clean-shaven vulva. Ashley said nothing, but let out a deep sigh. She stared at her reflection for a few long moments and lightly stroked my legs in an erotic, absent-minded way.


After what seemed like an eternity, Ashley spoke up. “Jeff… what you did to me last night...” Ashley's voice rumbled ominously through my pitiful frame. She had her eyes locked on mine, and they burned with deliberate intensity. My body stiffened up and my eyes went wide. Oh my god… I'm fucking toast I shrank away from Ashley's stare. I turned my head, only to meet with a face full of warm, soft cleavage. I clutched at Ashley's enormous bare breast, dreading what would come next. Ashley gave my body another meaningful stroke and continued. “What you did last night...” she sighed, “That was… incredible.” My humungous lover breathed the word with the kind of earnestness that bordered naivety. I was taken aback. I blinked a few times, then craned my neck up to look directly into Ashley's face. She turned down to meet my stare. Ashley's beautiful black locks cascaded down around me, framing her gorgeous, wide face. She was smiling more sweetly and adoringly than ever.


I couldn't believe it. I quickly recovered, stroking Ashley's enormous tit with both hands while returning her smile with a rueful grin. My voice cracked as I gushed, “No Ashley, you're incredible.” I cleared my throat, and Ashley giggled again. I was going to have to be careful because, in spite of everything, I was falling in love with this charming, giant lover of mine!


Ashley stroked my body again, slowly, erotically. I shivered, and let my head fall back down to the mirror, where I could see her gorgeous, unbelievably-endowed body in all its glory. “Mmmmm…” the massive amazon purred. Ashley spoke again in her rich, sensual voice, “I knew you would be the one… I knew it as soon as I saw your pictures…” Ashley extended her large index finger and raked the nail lightly down my chest and down to my trimmed crotch. “I'm glad you were my first… What you did... that was worth the wait...” Ashley cooed vaguely down at me, as she continued to stroke and prod my body, giving extra attention to my prick which rose quickly and stood at attention.


As my enormous lover's breath washed over me I suddenly became aware that I might not be in the clear after all. If Ashley wanted to have sex again… could she possibly grow again? If having sex caused her gigantic body to swell any larger, she would surely bump her head on the ceiling and then realize that I was somehow at least partly responsible for her unprecedented increase in size. She might blame me for making her… whatever she had become. Or worse… Ashley might decide to keep me around and fuck me over and over till she grew right out of the house! Just the thought of that possibility was gut-wrenching… to think that I could become the plaything of a titanic, wildly-growing-out-of-control sex goddess was terrifying… but incredibly exciting and arousing at the same time! Still, as sexy as that sounded, I had to accept the fact that I was in danger by simple virtue of the fact that Ashley had become so powerful that she could hurt me by accident… maybe even crush me! Despite my rising arousal, I realized that I still cared about my own safety enough to try and talk her down if I could.


“Ashley...” I began, pausing for a moment to sigh passionately as my monstrously-proportioned lover raked her fingernail under my balls and up my engorged shaft. “Ahhh… Ashley… Let's talk about this. You're a… a g-giantess! We need to… to get help f-for you...” I gulped as I realized how ridiculous that sounded.


Ashley hunched her shoulders a little more, leaning forward and down. She flexed her massive biceps around me and tensed her pecs at the same time. I was pressed and squeezed gently, but intensely into the erotic warmth of her humungous breasts. I jerked in response, sending my foot accidentally into Ashley's huge, exposed labia. God, it was gigantic! “Mmmmm…” my amazonian captor let out a long, satisfied sigh that rumbled all around me. She leaned down a little further and planted a slow, erotic kiss on the top of my head. “Jeff, listen to me...” Ashley muttered into my skull in that low, sensual voice. As she paused dramatically, she pressed her hand between our naked bodies, cradling my ass from behind, while letting her large index finger poke between my legs to prod my exposed prick again. “I've waited so long for this. So long...” She groaned passionately as my calf thrashed around her cunt lips with my involuntary reactions to her advance. “Ooohhh… I… Mmmpphhhh… I can't think about… about this right now.” Ashley swept her eyes across our reflection as if to demonstrate that this referred to her newly-acquired size and savagely-endowed physique. She transferred her hands to my sides, and gently grasped me by the torso. Ashley lifted my entire body off herself without the slightest indication of effort, and with slow, deliberate motions of her hands and fingers, she spun me around to face her. “Right now… I need you… I need you to think about this...”


Ashley pressed my diminutive body into her crotch, gasping with heated arousal as she did so. I stumbled forward as soon as my feet touched the ground, and landed awkwardly against the giantess' vast, yielding torso. My swollen dick slipped effortlessly between the two immense curtains of engorged, purple cunt flesh. “Oooooohhh, Jeff...” Ashley moaned. “Enough teasing…” The gigantic, horny babe pressed her huge hand into my ass and groaned passionately as my cock penetrated her to the hilt. “Unnngghhh… I want you… I want you inside me... Fuck me, Jeff…” Ashley reclined her enormous bulk. Her bed absorbed the initial impact with a loud crash, but as the burly, horny amazon abandoned herself to her arousal, the now-smallish bed reached its limit. The whole right side of the large, sturdy piece of furniture crumbled with a chorus of snapping and shearing timbers. “Fuck me, Jeff...” Ashley moaned loudly. She grunted like an animal, then pulled me out of herself with a heated growl. She held me between her colossal thighs and humungous, throbbing cunt with silent, desperate intensity. Ashley looked me right in the eyes, and I tried for the life of me not to faint under the pressure of her gaze. After a moment, Ashley's eyes softened, with a mix of desperation, almost approaching panic. She bit her large, lovely lip and for a moment, that shy, vulnerable girl I met last night at the bar had all but returned.


Make me cum again, Jeff… Please… I need you inside me this time. You've got to make me cum again… Please!!!”

Chapter 12 - Ashley Loves Foreplay by Killer_Huge

Please, Jeff… make me cum again…”

Ashley held me by the torso with both large, trembling hands. I was positioned standing up between her colossal thighs, each more than double the girth of my own body. Right in front of me, Ashley's huge, waiting pussy quivered hungrily. I could see an ominous trickle of womanly lubricant gathering into a growing, fragrant fuck puddle on the horny amazon's bedroom floor. Ashley's face was twisted with passionate consternation. She clearly wanted me inside her, fucking her for all I was worth, but she also wanted me to first acquiesce to her titanic needs. As much as I wanted to be a part of that, I was terrified she might grow again. “Fuck my giant pussy, Jeff… make me cum like you did before, please!” Ashley begged. She grabbed her massive, bulging inner thighs, and I staggered forward a little as she freed me. Ashley bit her lip and squirmed, scooting her whole body forward about a foot. Those huge, engorged cunt lips barged into my knees and I was sent stumbling backwards a couple of steps. Ashley giggled foolishly, seeing me flounder between her legs. “Hahaha… Oooohhh...” Her laughter was quickly cut off by a deep, unabashed moan. I dropped down, suddenly fearful that Ashley might not appreciate how dangerous this could be for me.

Ashley must have sensed my hesitation because she furrowed her eyebrows and pouted her thick, juicy lips. “Come on, man, get in there!” she whined plaintively. “Don't you want to get a piece of this?”Ashley plugged her gargantuan cunt with fingers from both hands. She groaned passionately and slowly, sensually parted the huge, luscious folds of her monstrous fuck cave. I whimpered quietly under the sweet baritone chorus of Ashley's arousal. Cowering in the shadow of her humungous pussy made me feel smaller than I'd ever felt before. Ashley's smooth, pale vulva bulged outrageously outwards to frame the obscenely-distended bloom of her wet, purple cunt lips. Little streams of fuck nectar pooled and dripped down from the indents Ashley's fingers made where she shakily pried open the terrifying slabs of massive glistening labia. They way she was holding it, Ashley's overgrown womanhood gaped at least a foot in diameter- a menacing cavern, beckoning me to enter its slick, hot darkness. Oh god, she can swallow my head in her cunt if she feels like it!

Ooooohhh… Jeff… I waxed my…. UUUuuunnngh… I waxed my pussy for you…” Ashley's eyes rolled up and she slammed them shut as she began grabbing and tugging on the angry purple folds of cunt flesh. “Huuuhhh… I'm so huge… I'm gigantic, Jeff… Please… I want to cum again… I want to feel so HHHUUUuuuge… URNGH…” Ashley grunted savagely to emphasize her point. I had to give her credit… she was catching on fast. “MMMmmmmm, don't you like it? Don't you… y-OOooo… Ohhhh… Don't you want to fuck me like this? Jeff… Unnnggh… W-what… WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?”

Ashley squirmed under the mounting waves of lust and arousal. The large ruined bed buckled and splintered into rubble as Ashley leaned more of her immense weight on it. It was looking like she was getting so wound up that she was loosing her immediate grip of reality. Shit… I was going to have snap her out of it, or at least get her under control before she brought the house down with me inside! At the same time, I was increasingly getting the feeling that as far as sex was concerned, Ashley wasn't going to take no for an answer. Oh boy… I was going to have to give her what she wanted, like pacifying a toddler, except in this scenario I was the toy…. I gulped hard. Hopefully I can still keep a handle on this huge sexy babe.

I cleared my throat, loudly enough for Ashley to hear me over the din of her own lust and open one glassy eye at me. “I don't know what's happening to you, Ashley.” I spoke with as much authority as I could muster while picking myself off the ground. “I like it though. I like you. A lot.” I eyed up the huge quivering pussy. Reclined as she was, Ashley's cunt was too low to the ground to do anything without significant difficulty. I continued, “Let's get one thing straight though...” my voice took on a hard, icy tone that caused Ashley to drop her jaw with a whimper and open both eyes to regard me. “You don't get to decide when to cum…” Ashley's eyes went wide with awe and anticipation. With an evil, derisive grin I sneered, “I decide when you cum, slut…”

Before she could respond, I stuck out my foot and planted it on the top of Ashley's humungous, exposed cunt. Hard. The huge, horny amazon gasped and almost sobbed as my foot found her massive, oversized clit. “Oh my god...” I breathed. “Ashley… your clit is gigantic… It's almost as big as my foot…” I rubbed it roughly up and down under the arch of my foot. Ashley thrashed wildly and moaned like a bitch in heat. Her left thigh jerked violently outwards, smashing her diminutive dresser into kindling. Ashley reached up from her crotch and grabbed my extended leg with her powerful right arm, gripping me firmly, but shakily. Too late to back out now… I have to double down... Again… I swept my eyes angrily down to Ashley's right arm, then back up to meet her desperate, tortured gaze. I stared down my titanic, gorgeous lover with imperious disdain. Ashley trembled for a few seconds under my withering gaze. Then to my astonishment, and great relief, she whimpered obediently and pulled my leg into herself, masturbating her clit with my foot like as I had just done. What a babe… I smiled sadistically, allowing Ashley to feel my dominance for a few moments. Then I scoffed and demanded, “Grab your giant titties. I want to see how big I can make those huge horny nipples...”

Ashley gasped and rolled her eyes dramatically. She released my leg and raised her hands to meet her gargantuan breasts. Ashley squeezed and teased the undersides of her humungous globes, but avoided touching her swollen, overstimulated nipples. “Play with your nipples, Ashley,” I hissed from between her giant, thrashing legs. Ashley bit her thick, sexy lip. She closed her eyes and shook her head in protest. “I said do it...” I leaned my weight into Ashley's throbbing purple fuck knob, stretching the erogenous flesh and sliding it up along her pelvic bone.

OOOooohhh…” Ashley pulled both her elbows back violently and groaned in tortured arousal. She thrust her immense cleavage up towards the ceiling, hanging onto her enormous tits for dear life. Ashley's monstrous bulk then came crashing down and obliterated what little remained of her bed while her elbows punched soccer-ball-sized holes in the floorboards. Blood drained from my face as my body jerked sympathetically with Ashley's passionate gyration. Holy shit! This sexy titan of a woman was even stronger than I had imagined. Ashley's hands groped upwards and she grabbed her angrily puffed-up nipples and began pinching and teasing them. She whimpered like a wounded animal. God, she is so incredible. Logic told me to run, but something in me had other ideas.

Ashley…” I whispered, my voice cracking. The huge horny amazon beneath me flinched. She stopped thrashing about and tensed her trembling body, waiting obediently for me to continue. Good. I cleared my throat. “You're such a horny slut… such a naughty girl...” Ashley sobbed in tortured arousal. She shivered in anticipation, hanging on ever word with growing excitement as I lead her on. “You've ruined your bed… Look what you've done...” I growled harshly. Ashley's upper body jerked left, then right as she attempted to twist around to see the devastation I had just described. I don't think it had occurred to her that she had wrecked the furniture in her room quite by accident. The gorgeous, naked giantess groaned. I could tell Ashley was heartbroken at the loss of her things, but clearly this destruction was really turning her on. The giantess ground her pelvis into the floor as if in satisfaction. Her enormous cunt jerked with delight upon feeling the damage she had caused with her newfound strength. She was getting confident again, and I couldn't risk that. I sighed inwardly. No way around this…

“You've been so bad...” I hissed in contempt. “I think I'm going to have to punish you again, Ashley.” Her beautiful blue eyes locked on mine as I uttered the words she had been dying to hear. “Get on your knees, you big horny slut. I'm going to fuck you from behind until you cum buckets.”

Chapter 13 - Ashley's Ass by Killer_Huge

"Get on your knees now, you huge, naughty slut!"


I lifted my foot off Ashley's monstrous, soaking cunt. The humungous, aroused woman gasped and grabbed at her crotch. She moaned and groaned like a bitch in heat, more sexually wound up than I'd ever seen her. Seeing Ashley struggle to focus through the stimulation she was receiving from her fantasy, I lowered my voice to a threatening growl. "I said, get on your knees. Show me that giant ass of yours," I ordered. My own excitement at the unfolding of this situation threatened to crack my dominant exterior, and I struggled to keep it together.


"Ohhhh... Hmm... Mmmmmm, oh yesss..." Ashley moaned like an enormous, horny pornstar. She twisted around, eager to bear her gargantuan ass to me. As Ashley rolled onto her side, her sequoia-like left thigh swung up, threatening to crash into me. Anticipating this, I nimbly scrambled over her colossal left leg, narrowly avoiding her right leg as it swung underneath me. Ashley was most of the way to lying on her stomach now. Her titanic breasts were making this difficult, however. Both of her massively voluptuous globes of tit flesh were splayed out to the left and wobbling obscenely over each other. Ashley was clearly not used to packing around this insane mass of cleavage. “Ohhh my gooood… Unnhh…” Not bothering to hide her carnal hunger, Ashley moaned and reared up her upper body, making room for her immense, jiggling mammaries and sliding them under herself to rest upon the wreckage of her bed frame and mattress. In doing so, Ashley inadvertently jutted her ass out, which I had not prepared for.


I was suddenly confronted by a real life mountain of ass. I staggered backwards a pace or two as Ashley gathered up her beach-ball sized tits, seemingly unaware of my puny struggles. It was all I could do not to gasp out loud. Ashley's ass was the size of a small couch! Her pelvis had widened considerably relative to her height, but even so, her legs had become so thick and gigantic that they rubbed tantalizingly together from about mid-thigh upwards. The higher up her legs went, the stronger and more fecund they became, till they eventually ballooned upwards and outwards into an unmistakable heart-shaped work of art that loomed taller than me! Ashley's magnificent ass jiggled humungously in defiance of all conventional standards of beauty for curvy, thick women. Those giant glutes had tanked up monstrously in order to support the mind-boggling load that her amazonian body had packed on. Each of her creamy, womanly buttocks wobbled gloriously with an immense mass of beautiful flesh, fat and muscle, enough to balance the front-loaded weight of her mammoth tits. I could hardly wait to dive into the sexy, pillowy glory of Ashley's ass.


What in the fuck, Ashley?” I breathed, genuinely blown away. “Your… ass, it's… I mean… I could park my car in there.” Hearing my teasing, Ashley could only huff in reply. I gauged her reaction as being somewhere between amused, offended, and deeply aroused by my brazen exaggeration. “Oh, is that funny?” I demanded. Does it amuse you to swell up bigger than a house?” Ashley's ass was just so massive that I couldn't possibly see her face behind her huge jiggling caboose. I could sense however that this turned on Ashley even more as she groaned passionately and shivered like a babe. Thank fuck… I don't think I could survive angering her for real... All she would have to do would be to sit down and I would be a mangled, broken stain under the giantess' monumental bulk. Suppressing my awe and apprehension, I continued as before. “I can't have you behaving like such a huge naughty slut,” I scolded. “I'm afraid I'm going to have to spank you before you can cum.”


Oh my… GOD…” Ashley gasped. Her breathing accelerated and I could sense that she was having trouble containing her arousal. My horny, amazonian lover was on fire with lust and my playful, but demeaning advances were building her fantasy into something that was quickly growing out of control, just like last night! “UNNRGH… MMMmmm… Ooohhh yeah… Fucking spank me, Jeff…” Ashley whined. Uh oh… Was I even capable of spanking this giant woman? My rational brain was telling me to turn around and run away as fast as I could, but I really really wanted to know what it would be like to spank Ashley at this size… What it would be like to fuck her…


And I think, part of me also wanted to see her grow. Oh my god… What if she got bigger?


Ashley waggled her colossal ass at me. I could tell she was losing patience. That meant I'd have to reign her in again, or else find out what would happen she was decided to take control. Oh boy… Time to get to work… I reached out with my right hand tentatively, almost as though I was petting a large animal. I stopped short of Ashley's gleaming ass cheek, and paused just a moment to take it in. I could feel the heat radiating off he enormous bulk. I could smell the erotic musk of the amazon's womanly fuck fragrance. Before I could do anything, Ashley moaned heatedly and reared her body up again. She curved her spine inwards, twisting herself so that she could peer at me through the corner of her eye. Ashley's back had become immensely broad and strong. Powerful columns of trapeze muscle framed her spine on either side, and I could see her gorgeous, statuesque lats wrapping sexily under her armpits. Her shoulders were nearly as wide as her hips, and her arms looked big enough to flip a car without too much trouble. Ashley's hair gathered in unkempt tangles all around her head, cascading down over her insanely voluptuous body. She spied me just out of her left eye, and I could glimpse her mouth hanging open as she virtually drooled in anticipation. She looked for all the world like an enormous predator ready to devour its prey. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.


A sudden inspiration seized me. Glancing down, I spotted an intact two-by-four laying on the ground, apparently part of the rubble that Ashley's bed had become when she rested all her weight on one side of the diminutive piece of furniture. Perfect. I quickly snatched the plank of wood which was about 3 feet long. It appeared as though the nails and or staples had all been stripped out, though I wasn't sure that Ashley would have minded much either way in the state she was in. I gripped it at one end, hefting the object and feeling it balance nicely in my hand.


I glared imperiously at my titanic captor, summoning all of my courage. “Fine, you asked for it...” I sneered. “Now you're going to get it...” I raised the plank straight up and brought it down on Ashley's humungous ass with a loud, satisfying slap.


OOOooohhh...” Ashley groaned low and sensually. Her flesh went jiggling out in waves from the impression that my wooden paddle made. She rocked forward on her knees and leaned her upper body back over. Her palms clapped heavily to the floor on either side of her gargantuan tits. What a babe… All of my trepidation melted away in an instant. Ashley was going to take her spanking like a champion. She needed me to step up to the plate and I was happy to oblige. I swatted her again with the plank. This time I came from the side, catching more of her meaty hip. Again, Ashley's gorgeous flesh was sent jiggling away from the epicenter of the blow, and again, the amazon moaned hungrily. “MMMmmm… Unnnhh… Oh, oh… n-nooo… NOOooo…” Ashley whimpered in sweet agony at the stimulation that she was getting out of this fantasy. I slapped her again, harder this time. The plank landed across both colossal ass cheeks. Ashley's fingers dug into her rug and she rocked her body forwards, sighing blissfully. She lowered herself, allowing more weight to rest on her immense breasts which in turn gave rise to a chorus of splintering and creaking noises as timbers burst and mattress springs flattened and twisted. I could hardly believe this gorgeous giantess lover of mine was for real. I spanked Ashley again. And again, growing bolder each time. “Oooooh, pleeEEEeeaase, Jefff… Unngh… I'll be good- MMMmmm…” The two-by-four whipped her gorgeous ass again. “Hhrrrnghh….” Ashley growled with rising passion. “Just let me cum, Jeff… F-fuck my goddamn pussy… hhmmmm- HooooOOOOOhhh…


I rained blows down on Ashley's ass, each one harder than the last. I could barely believe what I was seeing. Ashley's ass just absorbed my spanking like it was nothing! I had seen open-handed ass play give someone red hand prints on their skin, or swelling, or even bruising without even getting carried away, but now I was giving it all of my strength and Ashley's creamy, glistening skin looked completely unharmed. For all of her rocking back and forth, and all of her half-hearted protests, Ashley wasn't flinching a bit, and if anything, I got the sense she was trying to lean into my blows to get more out of them! I found myself quickly losing stamina, and my spanking became less violent and more dogged. Ashley clearly enjoyed wearing me down with her massive size and endurance, and I could tell this casual display of strength was turning her on. “Ooooh, uuuhhh...” She mumbled, concentrating on feeling out my rhythm to match her rocking to my spanking. “OOOhhhh, yesssss… Hit me, Jeff… Hit me harder… I'm so… huuuge... soooOOOooo hooOOOooorrny…” Ashley leaned in particularly hard on one spank, and to my utter shock, the end broke off my wooden plank and went sailing across the room. Her ass continued unabated and I landed roughly against it, sprawling myself on her enormous rear end.


Ooohhh… Hahahah… UURRNghhh…” Ashley's laughter was interrupted by a sharp, twisted moan. She tensed her whole body. I could feel Ashley tremble with barely contained ecstasy, and as she panted there, frozen on her knees with my body plastered against her amazing ass I got the sudden sense that she was focusing tremendously. I pushed myself weakly off my titanic lover's immense rear end, but with a loud whimper, Ashley's suddenly shot one huge arm backwards pressing me deep into her ass as she cried, “Uunnngh… NnnoooooOOOOooo…”


The wind was driven from my lungs as Ashley's hand clapped down hard on my back. I dropped the broken end of my spank stick. My world went dark as my face was roughly shoved into Ashley's magnificent, jiggling ass canyon and mushed possessively into the yielding flesh of her inside left ass cheek. I was trapped! I awkwardly tried to stand up straight, but my weight wasn't really balanced on my feet- Ashley had scooped me up as she pressed me into herself. The trembling amazon's breathing rate increased dramatically as she began panting laboriously. “OOOhhhh m-mm-MMMM… Huuuunngh… Oh… my… GOD…” Ashley practically sobbed as she twitched and jerked in place. With her ass quivering all around me, I felt my titanic lover shakily shift her weight to either side as she spread her hips as wide as she could. With her tits crammed up against her chin, Ashley lowered herself as close to the ground as she could get.


As Ashley's gargantuan thighs parted, her massive, swollen cunt slid into the space between them like an angry purple monster emerging from its cave. Pressed into Ashley's ass, I couldn't see her pussy, but I felt its erotic warmth envelope my lower half just moments before the huge horny amazon pressed me into its soaking, quivering folds. I let out a loud gasp, muffled by Ashley's ass cheek as she slid her humungous womanhood over my dick. My fully erect cock was simply engulfed, and immediately I sensed that Ashley's gigantic, greedy pussy was ready to cum. Fuck, it's goddamn enormous! As terrified as I was at the potential of being crushed into paste against Ashley's colossal ass and cunt, I needed to do something to this goddess of a woman before she did something to me. I hesitated though. Would I really be able to take responsibility for what might happen if we fucked?


Ashley held me in herself, shaking from head to cunt to toe. Frozen in place, overwhelmed by the stimulation her immense body was receiving, she could do nothing but whimper and tremble. The seemingly contradictory fantasies of being dominated and becoming an unstoppable goddess had brought her to the brink of the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced in her new-found sexual life. And yet, it seemed to me that she needed someone to push her over the edge.


The debate in my mind was over in a moment. Ashley was ready, I decided. She needed to cum. She deserved to cum.


I snaked my arms down to my crotch level and slid them forwards. Ashley's whole body shook from a violent erotic spasm, but I continued. With her hand still pressing me powerfully into her ass and pussy, I began to gyrate my hips, thrusting my dick into the quivering depths of Ashley's colossal fuck tunnel. At the same time, I grasped two big handfuls of gorgeous, soaking labia and began pumping my arms back and forth almost like I was milking a cow. “OOOhhh...” Ashley groaned in disbelief. “J-Jeff…. Unnghh… MMMMmmmmm… W-WHA- UURRRRGH…” An involuntary convulsion shook the amazon's massive, prone form. Ashley's gigantic cunt seized and wrung my dick, but I dug into that hardening, slippery labia with both hands and yanked as hard as I could. With a determined grunt I pulled Ashley's colossal cunt hood over my shaft with all my strength. Ashley howled, “OOOooohhh FFFUUUUuuuck… WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?”


Without missing a beat I snarled, “I already told you… Ungh…” I rammed my cock into Ashley's gargantuan cunt again. “I'm going to fuck you until you cum buckets, bitch...”


Ashley screamed… and then she came…

Chapter 14 - Lust, Power, and Growth! by Killer_Huge


Ashley bellowed in ecstasy as she climaxed. She arched her back and tipped her head up over the rest of her gigantic body which was otherwise flattened as low to the ground as her humungous breasts would allow. Ashley's massively-engorged cunt lips wrapped and churned all over my dick as I plowed into her monstrous womanhood from behind. The huge horny amazon's ass was all I could see. My upper body was simply engulfed by Ashley's enormous rear end which blocked my vision, front and sides, as I stood nestled in the immense canyon of sweaty, heaving flesh formed by her gorgeous ass cheeks. Ashley's titanic, writhing pussy distended tantalizingly down and backwards in a wide, unbelievably sensuous arc. With one large hand Ashley had me pinned into herself, and that colossal pussy was simply plastered all over my lower body, soaking me with her heavy, fragrant cum. With both hands, I tried to increase the stimulation Ashley was receiving by gripping and wringing the thick, meaty folds of her muscular cunt lips. I was shaking, and pressed awkwardly into Ashley's incredible bulk, but still, I think the fact that I was still going after her in spite of our substantial difference in size was exciting the lusty giantess into a frenzy. Ashley roared in exultation, OOOoohhh I'm CUMMING… I'M… I'M CUUUUMMING JEFF, OOOOHHH…”

Ashley came… and she grew! I could feel the amazon's bulk pressing into me from all sides. Holy shit… She's growing again! As Ashley moaned and grunted in the new found heights of her ecstasy, I turned beet red, and for a moment I grew faint again. My head was swimming with hormones, stimulation, shock, and a great deal of excitement. I was still weakened from dehydration and fatigue from the night before, but here I was again, having sex with the magnificent goddess of a woman, who had been a virgin up until just a few hours ago. The fact that I had done this to Ashley was strangely both extremely gratifying and terrifying at the same time. I wanted to see Ashley become larger… even more powerful… but I couldn't quite shake the chilling apprehension I was feeling as the consequences of my actions grew before my eyes.

Ashley shuddered and shook, her gargantuan cunt soaked me with wave after wave of thick, creamy fuck nectar. I gyrated back and forth, plunging my dick over and over into the obscene, blood-engorged bloom of pussy flesh with abandon, my cries of pleasure muffled in the mighty, gleaming rondure of Ashley's inner ass cheeks. My strength was waning quickly however. I was fighting against Ashley's huge, powerful fingers, even as she gripped and pressed me in what must have been a gentle manner from her perspective. As my humungous, horny captor battered me with her womanly flesh and cum, I found myself increasingly challenged to maintain any sort of grip. I had been raking my fingers along Ashley's gigantic cunt lips at first merely to stimulate the hungry goddess, but now, I found myself scrabbling with both hands to barely maintain grip on her enormous labial folds. The fact that they had become so fat, turgid, and slippery, combined with Ashley's recent wax job was making it impossible to get much purchase at all. Even as I struggled, I realized that my futility would soon be complete as Ashley's immense, quivering cunt rose higher and higher. Shit! I was quickly becoming too small next to her all-encompassing bulk to satisfy her in any conventional way.

FUCK… FUUUUCK YESSSS…” Ashley continued to growl obscenities as the thrill of her orgasm overtook her. “Oh Jeff… I'm cumming SOOOooo HARD! Keep fucking me… Fuck my pussy! FFFUUUCK ME JEFF, UUUUNNNGGGHHH… Harder… HARDER…” Ashley's cries became increasingly insistent and I found myself being lifted off the floor by the hand that pressed me into her colossal pussy. Ashley was now so large that I couldn't even penetrate her from behind. She was doing it for me, pressing my dwindling body into herself. She then relaxed, and with a shudder she'd let my puny frame slip down and my dick would slide right out of the giantess' fat, steamy cunt. Ashley would then moan hungrily and lift my body again, comfortably pushing me dick-first back into the luscious, fully-distended barrel of her enormous pussy. All the while I scrambled to maintain a hold on just about anything I could. But as Ashley's gigantic, burgeoning bulk expanded in all directions I was finding her voluptuous curves and slick gleaming flesh to present itself as more and more sheer surfaces with fewer obvious places to grab on to. It was like trying to ride on top of a blimp as it inflated all around me. I was quickly losing any semblance of control over what was happening. “HHHMMMmmmm… OOOhhh… You're FUUUCKING ME JEFF! I'M GETTING FUCKED SO HARD… UUUNNGGHH… OOHHhhhh… I wanna cum MORE… MAKE ME CUM MORE…” Ashley simply howled and fucked herself with my diminutive form, and for at least a minute I slumped like a ragdoll in her grasp, too stunned and exhausted to do anything about it.

I heard the sound of wooden timbres squealing over head, followed by a short but violent chorus of snapping and splintering. Shit, Ashley's growing through the ceiling! The realization snapped me out of my detached head space, and I suddenly flailed my limbs in protest at what was happening. Ashley must have noticed it too because she suddenly tensed her humungous body and her moaning took on a confused pitch. “OOOooohhh… ooOOOOhhh?” I felt the horny giantess clench my puny body in her ass cheeks and cunt lips as she puckered at the realization of what was happening. Ashley's powerful muscles buffeted me and knocked the wind from my lungs. Shit, I've got to get out of her ass! I felt Ashley shift her colossal body in a way that suggested she was trying to turn around, probably to take stock of what was causing the sudden noise. Immediately there came a heavy crash and an ominous groan of many large wooden planks, and I guessed that Ashley had filled up most of the space in her bedroom at this point, and she was not likely going to be able to shift around much without damaging the building around her. “UUUNNNGGGhhh… Wha- Ooooohh, stop Jeff!” Ashley cried in shock and concern that cut through her lusty arousal. I would have laughed if I wasn't struggling to breathe in the heavy clamp of Ashley's titanic womanhood. Ashley's immense cunt lips were wrapped most of the way around my hips, trembling in a mix of uncontrolled passion and sudden anxiety. It wasn't as if I could just stop... I didn't have an ounce of control in this situation! Although… What if I do take control of this situation? It was a terribly naughty, irresponsible thought…

Ashley grunted and shifted to the side. Pieces of furniture and sections of the house's internal structure squealed, smashed, and crumpled in a deafening chorus of destruction all around me. Panic seized my mind as I felt myself being shifted somewhat roughly amid the chaos. Ashley moved slowly, and what must have been as carefully as she was able in such a tight space. I yelped out in protest, but I doubt Ashley heard me above the cacophony of crumbling architecture. My cries were cut short as my face was pinned against some enormous slab of flesh as I was suddenly spun around by the giant trembling hand that had to have been nearly as long as my legs. I think I was being held against Ashley's gargantuan, thick inner thigh. Another grunt rumbled somewhere overhead and I felt the huge, powerful amazon shift again. Oh my god she's going to sit on me! I tried to scream mere moments before being ground into paste under Ashley's titanic bulk, but as I slipped under her enormous thigh, I suddenly felt another hand scoop me from underneath. The effort on Ashley's part unleashed another, more violent wave of destruction as my overgrown captive wrenched her upper body around to grab me before I was sucked under several tons of rippling feminine bulwark. I was immediately scooped up and shoved roughly against Ashley's enormous steamy cunt. I felt bits of plaster and broken two-by-sixes rain down on my exposed skin, of which there was very little while Ashley held me in such an intimate way against her colossal pussy. Fuck, her cunt is simply gigantic! I wondered if I could fit all the way inside Ashley's prodigious, luscious fuck cave. I couldn't even complain if that were to happen, as I got the sense that Ashley was doing her best to protect me from the destruction that was raining all around.

I felt and heard a few more grunts of consternation, muffled in the velvety prison of flesh formed by Ashley's humungous cunt and hand. After another moment or two, Ashley sighed deeply and seemed to relax a bit. I felt some of the pressure of her hand ease, and I realized at once that she had managed to return to a face-up, laying down position, thankfully without bringing any harm to me, except a couple off minor scrapes from falling debris. I also noticed that she had stopped cumming. Not only that, but the giantess Ashley had stopped growing for the moment as well. Interesting… Ashley slowly raised her hand and light flooded my world for the first time since I was trapped between her outrageously thick ass cheeks. I raised my head to meet Ashley's gaze, squinting as my eyes adjusted to the brightness. Through the immense fleshy canyon of her mammoth breasts, Ashley's eyes darted up and down my figure. The giantess breathed another heavy sigh and relaxed again as she quickly determined that I appeared to be unharmed.

Oh my… GOD! Jeff… are you alright? Wha-what… I grew again Jeff! Ooohh…” Ashley groaned as she surveyed the wreckage of the house around her. Her head was bent up against the 8-foot ceiling at what must have been an uncomfortable angle. The ceiling above her head was a mess, though largely intact. The center of the room was a different story however. As she grew, Ashley's impossibly voluptuous breasts, hips, and ass had outpaced the rest of her gargantuan body in girth. On her knees, Ashley had filled out the room, width and height, and when she shuffled over onto her back, the giantess had simply shredded away the ceiling with her casual movements. I could see another bedroom and part of a living room on the floor above through a ragged open hole which had to be about ten feet in diameter. A couple of chairs and a desk had been swallowed by the carnage and lay in smashed heaps of fabric and hardware all around us. I gulped. Ashley hadn't even tried to do this. What was I thinking letting her grow again?! I suddenly felt sickened by my hasty, lust-driven decision to sex this burgeoning goddess, arousing her, and inflating her into a larger and larger threat. But still… as reckless as it seemed, the thought slowly floated across my mind that this control I held over Ashley… this key to her seemingly limitless power… it was the only card I had to play. Could I really do that to her though? Could I make the decision to push Ashley ever further into godhood?

Ashley returned her gaze to meet me, her charming little lover from the night before, nestled safely in the lush, monstrously-oversized bloom of her goddess-like cunt. I gazed around the ruined home in fascination, and eventually rested my eyes back on my gigantic lover. My expression was thoughtful, and surprisingly calm compared to that of Ashley who seemed to be on the verge of an anxiety attack. “Oh my god…” The colossal amazon breathed in incredulity. “I think… I think it stopped. I think I stopped growing… Oh Jeff… Thank goodness you're okay! What am I…” Ashley raised her huge hand to her face, studying it quickly as though it would somehow reveal a tidy explanation for her sudden and dramatic transformation. Ashley's voice cracked with uncertainty and apprehension, “Wha-what am I going to do?”

This was it. The moment had come for me to make a decision. I shivered in excitement. The choice was just too obvious. Ashley was simply too easy to resist, too much fun to control…

I grinned salaciously and leaned my hand hard into Ashley's clit. She gasped in astonishment, in outrage, in uncontrollable arousal… I snickered imperiously in defiance of the giantess' all-encompassing size and strength. “You're going to do what I tell you, slut…” I sneered. I grabbed Ashley's clit like an oversized saddle horn and slowly, agonizingly pulled myself deeper into her titanic cunt, using my knees to part her engorged pussy lips as I went.

Jeff… Ooooohhh… Nooo… Jeff wait…” Ashley groaned, her voice dropping low, and betraying her inexhaustible well of passion. She clapped her hand down on my ass, and for a moment I thought she was going to grab me and pull me away. I narrowed my eyes at the giantess and fixed her with a wilting, dominating stare. Ashley paused for one long moment, and I could hear and feel her massive, powerful heart pounding away in her mighty chest. Ashley shivered, and then with a submissive whimper, she grabbed her sequoia-like inner thigh and squeezed the huge erogenous slab of flesh as her gargantuan cunt surged around me, dripping with her wet, hot passion. Oh my god...She was ready to cum again. Ashley's gonna cum again!

I dragged my entire lower body into Ashley's writhing, muscular fuck cave, grunting dramatically with the considerable effort. “OOOooohhh Jeff… I… I'm gonna…” Ashley cried. She jerked her humungous legs together, sandwiching me in her pussy while the temperature around me skyrocketed.

I grabbed on to Ashley's cantaloupe-sized fuck knob with both hands, and with all my strength, pulled myself another few inches deeper into Ashley's tortuously-overstimulated cunt. It sucked me in accommodatingly and I felt my feet get swept up and into a pussy that was nearly the size of a couch. Ashley's passionate mutterings were cut short by a huge, agonized gasp. I growled menacingly over the giantess' halfhearted protests, “You're not going to do anything till I say so. You naughty slut… growing through the ceiling, wrecking the house… And now trying to cum without permission…” I narrowed my gaze at Ashley, and she rolled her eyes, and fluttered her eyelids, not daring to look back. Ashley's powerful cunt muscles sucked me inwards again. Her immense, hardened clit was nudging up against the bottom of my throat now, and I greedily kicked my legs forward and reclined the lower half of my bod into the yawning depths of Ashley's titanic cunt. She groaned long and low, her voice dripping with barely-contained ecstasy.

I'm gonna… UUUUUNNNNNNGGGGHHH…” Ashley's eyes bolted open and her back arched. She was gasping and panting in arousal, and I thought her giant, swollen heart was going to explode.

I started rocking and squirming from side to side, kicking my legs lightly around Ashley's colossal, spacious vaginal barrel. My lower body was the equivalent of an enormous, erect cock. Something the size of which Ashley was going to need at her current stature. This will do, for now... I seriously doubted that it would be enough to satisfy her before long. I clenched my jaw, feeling my own dick wobble on the verge of exploding into Ashley's mighty loins. I grunted as loudly as I could, “You're going to what? Say it, you huge, overgrown slut!”


Just as my prostate swelled up and my hips began to buck within the steamy, wondrous confines of Ashley's gargantuan cunt I whispered, “You're gonna cum…”

Ashley's hot, heavy fuck cream surged all around me. She screamed to high heaven as she sucked my puny body into herself with a hot wet slurp. My cry of surprise was cut short as my head disappeared beneath the gorgeous, waxed folds of Ashley's colossal, overpowering womanhood.


Chapter 15 - Trapped in Her Pussy by Killer_Huge

Ashley screamed and came.


My lower body hand been crammed into her colossal, writhing pussy up to my armpits. The yielding sheath of erotic cunt flesh wrapped all around me felt like it was stretched to the limit as the giantess gripped me in her powerful, womanly loins. All of a sudden, I felt the muscly wall of flesh below my knees shift, falling sharply away from me. A surge of thick creamy fuck nectar shot up my legs and sloshed outwards in a torrent all around me. I cried, half in surprise, half in ecstasy as I shot my own load, mixing insignificantly with Ashley's hot wave of fragrant cum. There was a brief, wet gurgle as Ashley's erotic cunt sauce expanded into every space between my diminutive body and filled every space in every fold of her humungous pussy. I was caught in a perfect seal, and as the heaving wall of flesh below my legs continued to fall away, I was simply sucked into the vacuum like a lollipop. Lubricated by Ashley's vast flow of thick creamy cum, the giantess simply slurped me effortlessly through her titanic, quivering vaginal barrel.

With the light gone from my vision and my body fully engulfed by Ashley's gigantic pussy, my erotic wriggling quickly became a panicked struggle to escape. Fuck she's growing again! All I could hear was the churning, sloshing gratuity of Ashley's climax in between earth-shaking strokes of her pounding, fridge-sized heart. But I could feel her flesh wrapping around me, slowly expanding in all directions, and I realized in alarm that any effort to escape was going to be a race against time as I dwindled away in the glorious depths of Ashley's gigantic cunt. I squirmed and struggled with desperate abandon, raking my arms and legs up, down and across the velvety, wet walls of flesh all around me. Pushing against Ashley's goddess-like vaginal walls was proving useless however. I simply couldn't get a lick of purchase, and her enormous, quivering pussy was way too strong for me anyways. I could feel my stamina waning fast in the darkness of Ashley's fuck cave, so I switched strategies, pulling my arms in closer to my chest and wriggling full-body like an eel in an attempt to slip back out the way I came. I thought for one moment that I was making progress as a hot, humid pocket of air gurgled into the space around my head. I opened my mouth wide, gasping for a quick breath, and instead was rewarded with a sudden surge of thick, womanly cum. It filled my mouth and nostrils and I realized that I was now choking on Ashley's fuck sauce, buried deep within her gargantuan throbbing cunt as her body swelled all around me, growing larger and more powerful every second she came. That's it… I'm gonna die in Ashley's incredible pussy…

I was at the end of my strength. My diaphragm was convulsing from the lack of oxygen, and despite the darkness of my wet, fleshy prison I was seeing bright bursts of stars. I desperately fought the urge to inhale, knowing that any attempt to breathe would result in Ashley's thick, hot cream filling my lungs, and I'd be cooked. Just as I was about to black out however, something shifted above my head and with a roar of wet friction Ashley's titanic cunt opened up. Daylight poured into the erotic depths of Ashley's humungous pussy, and I was greeted with a desperately-needed blast of hot, humid air. I sputtered and hacked up a nearly-fatal dose of Ashley's fragrant pussy cream. My limbs shook and threatened to give out on me, but sensing that I suddenly had a chance to escape, I was quick to take advantage. I scrambled forward, trying to push sideways and a little downward on the walls that held me. Ashley groaned somewhere high above, then huffed gorgeously as she felt me struggle deep in a powerful womanly tunnel that was growing roughly as fast as I was scrambling out of it. I couldn't see her face, but I could catch periodic glimpses of the hood of her colossal vagina, some five or so feet in front of me, blooming open like an enormous, obscene flower. Daylight filtered in and I realized that she was prying her own gigantic pussy open her beautiful, chubby fingers. I heard her whining to herself in a loud voice, “Oohhh... Oooohhh, YEAH, OOOHHH…Hnngh… Uhh… Please… UNGH… please stop, Jeff… HhhuhhHHHUUUUGHH Ooohh… I'm cumming through the building… I'm… UNGH…. Y-YES… I'M CUMMING THROUGH THE BUILDING!

I was just about to breach through the vast opening of Ashley's car-sized cunt. Suddenly, a fresh set of orgasmic tremors shook the naked feminine mountain of flesh all around me. I yelped in panic, then shot my body forward, straining like a captured animal fighting for my freedom. I was able to spring upwards and outwards, flailing my arms out, just as Ashley's massive, cum-oozing labial folks slipped through her huge fingers. The mattress-sized beef curtains slipped and pulled back inwards, sucking me down with them! Fuck, she's already bigger than when I went in! I had to make sure I escaped, or I'd have to wait out another orgasm on the inside the giantess' huge, quivering womanhood. Ashley's immensely powerful cunt lips clapped my arms together as her titanic pussy closed again and I was encased in a hot, fleshy prison once more. This time however, I was more ready. Ashley's labia was more savagely swollen, too rigid and puffed-up to suck me in like last time. The towering amazon pumped gallon after gallon of cum past my body, and remembering what I learned about quicksand, I tried my best to remain still and not to struggle against the tide.

HuuuuuUUUUUGGGHHH! Ashley leaned her head back and roared, apparently both frustrated and highly aroused that she was struggling to control her sweet, monumental sex, even with both hands. Tired of fighting against her furious, growth-fueling arousal, she instead decided in that moment to surrender to it. Ashley reached both of her immensely chubby, muscly arms across her grossly-fecund hooker tits. She grabbed her cartoonishly-inflated nipples and began to pull and tease them, then squeeze and caress her mammoth tits in ecstasy. I reached my arms, thrashing them around, searching desperately, blindly for something to grab on to. She's gonna suck me back in… I thought dejectedly. That's it, I'm done for… unless… Suddenly I seized on an inspiration. Ashley's titanic cunt churned and cummed all around me, but somehow I managed to twist my body around without loosing too much ground. I still had to move quickly because I could feel her gigantic body swell almost imperceptibly with each thunderous beat of her mighty heart. I leaned forward and scrambled wildly to grab hold of anything that I could on the impossibly smooth, squelching waxed surface of Ashley's cum-soaked fuck fist. Heaving with all of my effort, I managed to pry myself about a foot or so forward, and blindly I swung my arms upwards towards Ashley's immense, quivering purple clit. Got it! I felt my hands make contact with the impossibly-humungous knob of taught, rigid flesh. Using Ashley's clit as a handhold, I pulled with all of my remaining strength. Finally having something solid to use for leverage, I almost cried in relief as I felt my body slip upwards and outwards, till finally my head emerged from Ashley's colossal, quivering pussy with a wet, cum-soaked slurp. I gulped in deep breaths of air, and while my arms shook from exhaustion, I was able to cling on to Ashley's gargantuan beach ball-sized fuck knob. I had only a short moment to survey they unimaginable scene before my eyes.

Ashley' had grown considerably. Her amazonian frame had all by filled up her basement suite. Her colossal thighs sprawled out to each side, pulverizing both sets of walls between the room and the kitchen/entrance. The giantess had tucked her knees up to her humungous tits, smashing aside nearly all of the first floor in he process. Each of Ashley's gigantic wobbling breasts had swelled up obscenely, and was probably almost the size of her bedroom. They had smashed through the ceiling of the first floor like it was nothing, and now she was caressing and squeezing them passionately with her huge arms taking almost all of the space in the attic.

In short, Ashley had truly grown as big as a house. Her magnificent body had swelled beyond belief with all the ripeness and raw sexual power of a bizarrely over-imagined goddess of fertility. And she was still growing!

My struggles were torture for Ashley. She felt me worm my way through her cave-like pussy with unbridled ecstasy, bordering disbelief. Then I grabbed her clit. I grabbed Ashley's clit! She moaned plaintively for one moment, then her entire body clenched as her clit squirmed wildly, swelling up even more massive and buffeting my face as I struggled pathetically just to keep from being sucked back into her gargantuan cunt. Hrrrgghgh… HoooOOooo… HHHhhrrggghh… Ashley growled humungously. She was torn between the raw sexual delight of controlling someone so totally with her immense pussy, while part of her was still desperately trying to fight my advances, trying not to grow and grow like a runaway train. And yet between her sequoia-like thighs, Ashley's fantasy was playing itself out in spades as her tiny little man dared to grab her colossal squirming fuck knob in the height of her passion. It was too much.

UUUUUGGHHHGH… mmmmMMMMMRRRRAAAH! Ashley bellowed like a monster as a surge of orgasmic growth filled her aching womanly loins. They gigantic, burgeoning giantess flexed her arms and legs all at once in a terrifying display of strength. Like a scene in a movie, the weakened walls and ceiling of Ashley's house simply exploded outwards like it was nothing. YEEESSSSS, AWW… FFFFFFFUUUCK!” Ashley groaned in sexual triumph, no longer bothering to hold back her orgasmic growth. With a vast, erotic surge of growth she swelled up even more enormous than before and stretched out all of her limbs in unabashed exultation. Ashley's colossal, naked body expanded outwards and flattened the entire footprint of the house she had once lived in. I thought for sure she was over 70 feet in height, but her body was so much heavier, thicker, and stronger than I could have ever imagined it might get if she grew out of control. I was clinging onto Ashley's titanic purple clit for dear life, but as she grew, that huge mass of purple fuck flesh was becoming harder and harder to effectively hang on to, and my lower body was still firmly gripped in a tight, cum-spewing mountain of pussy. Ashley didn't seem to notice at the moment. She was to busy reveling in her new-found size and unfathomable sexual power. The humungous chubby amazon ran her hands up and down her sides, squeezing her monumental breasts and sensually teasing the lush folds of her gargantuan pussy lips. She stroked her inner thighs rapidly, then shot her hand back to her crotch, fondling my pathetic, struggling form, and squeezing her hand between her thick, gorgeous thighs. I could tell she wanted so badly to play with her giant cunt with total sexual abandon, but we both knew that my body would be crushed to a bloody pulp with the slightest application of her enormous strength. That internal conflict was in itself a frustration that seemed to be fueling Ashley's magnificent crescendo of arousal and passion.

Glistening in the morning sun, the giantess Ashley shuddered from head to toe and let out an enormous sigh. “Uuuuuunngghhh… Yeaaaahhh… You fucked me so good, Jeff.” Aching with waves of pleasure, Ashley grabbed her gargantuan titties and splayed them out to the side so she could get a better look at my diminutive body, partially buried in her humungous pussy and clinging pathetically to a clit that was swollen up larger than me by this point. I could sense that Ashley's orgasms had begun to wane as she was now speaking more coherently. I'm pretty sure that she had stopped growing as well, for the moment. Ashley batted her eyes seductively at me and continued in her beautifully enriched baritone voice, “You fucked my giant pussy so fucking… Ooohhh… so fucking HUGE! OOOoohhh, yeah… you fucked me right out of the house… Uuuunnnghh… Ashley moaned dramatically and bit her lip. I don't think it had quite yet registered with her that she had just become an unstoppable goddess of a woman. She was still talking to me like I was just some lucky guy that she slept with. The giant horny amazon massaged her titanic breasts and sighed in the erotic afterglow of her epic orgasm. I had no reply to her seductive whispers. I was simply grateful to be alive, and too tired to do much except cling to my gigantic lover.

Slowly, Ashley's colossal pussy began to relax and her insanely strong vaginal muscles began to slacken around me. The torrent of thick, creamy cum slowed to a steady dribble, pushing out all around me. Exhausted, I finally could clutch Ashley's massive clit no longer. I slipped a few inches into the yielding cavern of her overgrown muff and settled there, buried up to my armpits in Ashley's colossal pussy. I felt her mighty hearbeat slow to a lumbering resting pace as she continued to stroke her mammoth tits and sigh happily to herself. In a minute or two, I succumbed once again to exhaustion and despite the drama of the past half-hour I passed out in the lush, beautiful folds of Ashley's gigantic womanhood.

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