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Story Notes:

It's been a long time, and as usual, I'm struggling a bit to stay interested in writing while maintaining the quality of the story and staying true to the narrative. I have some other ideas in the works that I may begin publishing soon in a new story, so stay tuned for that!

"Ashley? Hi."


I offered my hand to the woman in front of me. Her eyes met mine with a certain degree of shyness. As she recognized me however, her face lit up politely and she batted her lashes. Ashley gently pushed away my hand and leaned forward to give me a hug. It was a little awkward, a little unexpected, and it filled me with a shiver of excitement and anticipation.


“Hi, Jeff! Oh- come here.” Ashley squeezed my shoulders, pulling me in close. That first inhale of her perfume mixed with her delicate body scent was electric. She held on a split second longer than would be considered casual, and I was already getting the sense that she would be flirting with me a lot tonight. Ashley withdrew slowly and lingered briefly before unhooking her arm around my neck. It felt for a moment like she had intended to kiss me on the cheek but had held herself back, maybe a little awkwardly. Again, a moment of pure shyness crossed her eyes defensively, but she banished it with an eager smile. She gestured to me with an open hand. “Shall we go in?”


Ashley and I had met on Tinder about a month ago. I was working as a stage tech for a touring production company and had been moving between cities most weekends. Being on the road was fun and exciting. I met new people all the time and working so closely with the performers at big concerts and shows meant that I always had something interesting to share on a date. Being put up in hotels and constantly on the move also meant that I was experiencing the most freedom I had ever known in terms of casual dating and sex. It was kind of becoming an obsession. I had been in Seattle about a month ago and had matched Ashley while swiping through local singles, alone and bored in my hotel room. At the time we had chatted casually and politely, though I had not asked her to meet up immediately. It turned out that I had my sights set on a different woman who was more overtly open to a sexual encounter. However, knowing that I'd be back in town this weekend, I had kept up communication with Ashley. She was kind and sweet, and over the last few weeks she had opened up considerably. Almost too much in fact. I had the sense that she was a little insecure and inexperienced for a 26-year-old, which is perhaps why I hadn't taken to her immediately.


I had to give her credit though. In the dim, cozy lighting of the downtown pub Ashley was drinking heartily and fully immersed herself in our conversation. I was telling her about the current performance tour that I was working on while she listened attentively. Her shyness had melted away between sips of beer, and now Ashley would stare earnestly into my eyes for a good minute or more, sometimes batting her lashes while smirking coyly. Then she would look away and shift her legs, crossing them the opposite way and look back into my eyes to politely ask her questions. I was drawn willingly into her trap, letting my eyes drift down to her thick creamy thighs, covered mid-calf by the snug black dress she was wearing. I got the sense that Ashley was enjoying the attention, because every time I looked back up to her face, she was beaming obligingly. It was magic.


I suddenly felt a little ashamed of myself for not trying harder with Ashley a month ago. She had not posted any full-bodied pictures on her Tinder profile, and I realized that part of my initial reluctance to pursue meeting her had stemmed from the unconscious prediction that she was somehow not sexy, or perhaps she was insecure with her body image. Don't get me wrong, I get that impossible feminine beauty standards are bullshit, but I could see where Ashley's shyness might be coming from. She was a big girl. Standing slightly over 6 feet, she was a few inches taller than me, and considerably heavier. She had a large bone structure, wide hips, and a broad face with a wide jaw. Her breasts were plump and heavy, resting atop a thick, paunchy belly. I suppose she would be considered to be fat by some people's standards.


But I wasn't turned off at all by Ashley's body. On the contrary, I was finding myself more and more drawn to her because of it. Ashley was clearly putting on the moves as best she could, perhaps taking more risks than she was used to, and it was paying off. Her long black hair had been curled and shone lustrously. It clung sexily to her shoulders, neck, and cheeks, framing pretty face. She had long, sexy eyelashes, broad rosy cheeks, and full red lips. Her makeup was very tasteful and well-done and I got the feeling that she took a lot of care and pride in how she did it. Ashley had dressed pretty seductively as well. Her dress looked brand new and the silky black nylon fabric clung and stretched on her frame with an expensive, designer look. She had worn a number of jangling golden bracelets and a pair of fancy open-toed sandals that drew attention to and enhanced the natural beauty of her hands and feet as well. They were plump and cute, and she had painted all of her nails in the same shade of crimson as her lips. Basically, Ashley had done herself up like a babe. It was admirable and it was working.


Ashley and I inevitably got sucked into a long conversation about our favorite TV series and before I knew it, the bar made their last call for drinks. Ashley tensed up a bit, suddenly very conscious that our date would be coming to an end. I sensed her shyness return, and she slumped slightly in her chair. I could tell she was desperately searching for the right thing to say that would make our evening together continue. I weighed my options for a moment, but the choice was obvious. Who would I be to turn down someone so lovely and eager? Ashley was kind, sexy, and deserved to be satisfied.


“Do you want one more?” Ashley asked, trying to sound casual. Her voice trembled slightly, with suppressed impatience, frustration, anticipation…


“Actually, I kind of want to get out of here,” I replied, trying my best to sound cool and not overplay my own excitement. A look of disappointment crossed her face before I quickly continued, “I really want to watch the new Game of Thrones episode still tonight, but I haven't downloaded it yet and it's probably going to take forever with the hotel WiFi.” I looked at Ashley a little slyly, and before I had finished her face lit up. I had set her up perfectly, and she was ready to finish.


“Oh my God, Jeff, I was going to do that too! I've already downloaded it. Do you… do you want to come over for a drink and… watch it with me?” Ashley's eyes locked on mine with almost fierce intensity. Determined though, she lightly grasped my wrist with her beautiful hand, batting her eyelashes in her most aggressive flirt yet. Holy shit, I was going to fuck this girl tonight.

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