Crushing Cameron by dilbertaco

This was done as a commission, set in the world of Mistress Sara's Shrunken Slaves.  I introduced Cameron in one of the chapters.  Well, Mistress Sara extended to him an invitation to spend an entire weekend with her.  


***Warning - Some Male Content; will be indicated appropriately***


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Chapter 1 - Friday Night Underfoot by dilbertaco
Author's Notes:

For some backstory into this world, please refer to Mistress Sara's Shrunken Slaves. In summary, Mistress Sara is a gts-domme.

The action gets going from sentence one.  Enjoy!

As Mistress Sara stood over Cameron, who was on all fours before her, she was both sexy, and powerfully intimidating.  The shrunken sub, who had already been reduced to three feet in height, gulped with nervous anticipation as he stared at the large size 9.5 feet that were but a scant few inches from where his head hung down.  While in the presence of his giantess mistress, Cameron felt helpless and powerless…and a sense that she owned him.

Wearing only her black cotton panties, Mistress Sara’s beautiful smile revealed her perfect, white teeth.  Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, helping her to maintain her youthful exuberance as she stared down at the back of her favorite submissive pet. 

“Kiss my feet, Cameron,” spoke the giantess, her voice soft but instructive to the shrunken man at her feet.

Mistress Sara felt the gentle touches of Cameron’s lips against the tops of her feet and toes.  She so enjoyed his affection and admiration while he worshipped her.  Since Cameron’s situation did not allow for frequent interactions due to his lower social status, she had graciously extended a free weekend to him during their previous session.  Her bond to Cameron was rather unusually strong for a non-lifestyle D/s relationship.  As the tiny man continued to pepper her peds with kisses, Mistress Sara recalled how her first male client – Cameron – had spent the entire hour of their first session shrunk and in her shoe as he only wished to lick and kiss her foot.

Cameron felt a deep sense of devotion to his gts-mistress.  As he placed multiple wet kisses on her foot, he felt the right foot of his mistress lift by the side of his face, and then lowered upon the back of his head, forcing him face-down against the top of her large foot.  He heard his mistress chuckle lightly with amusement.

“I have a busy, busy weekend planned for us, my pet,” the giantess said, keeping her foot on the back of his head.  “I’ve got a special task for you tonight.  Tomorrow, I’m having a get-together with some of my other gts-mistress friends, and you are going to be the source of our entertainment.  And then, on Sunday, I need you to serve at the feet of another mistress that I am training in the ways of gts domination.  Understood?”

“Yesh, Mishtress,” Cameron answered, his response muttled and muffled against the top of Mistress Sara’s foot.

“Good boy,” Mistress Sara said, lifting her foot from off the back of her sub’s head.  She then stepped back from him.

“Now, lay on your back, Cameron.  I believe I need to start off by reminding you where you belong,” she said.

“Yes, Mistress,” came Cameron’s submissive, obedient response as he proceeded to lay down on the thick carpeted floor in his mistress’s bedroom.

The world around him was much larger than normal, and it was definitely a different experience for him having been brought back into his mistress’s personal bedroom like this.  The overhead lights illuminated the room quite sufficiently, and Mistress Sara had drawn the curtains to the walk-out sliding door to the pool out in the back yard to ensure their privacy.

Cameron watched as Mistress Sara stepped over and placed her right foot upon his chest, making sure of her footing before she stepped up, which caused Cameron to grunt with some pain and exhale his breath against the sole of the beautiful giantess’s left foot that came to rest upon his face.  Compliant and submissive, the shrunken man lay beneath the feet of his mistress, content with being put in his place.

“Who do you belong to, Cameron?” asked Mistress Sara.

“I…belong…to you…Mishtress Shara,” Cameron answered, straining beneath the weight of the giantess that stood upon him, his lips dragging against the sole of her foot, causing his response to be slightly distorted.

“Where do you belong, Cameron?” the giantess asked for her own amusement.

“I…belong…beneath your…feet, Mishtress,” the small man responded.

“Good boy.  You belong to me, and your proper place is truly beneath my beautiful feet,” Mistress Sara said, smiling to herself.

The feeling of empowerment that came with dominating foot-slaves was quite the rush for Mistress Sara, who had definitely become addicted to having shrunken clients at her mercy.  However, those interactions usually had a sense of constructed play with them, as most of her clientele sought after specific experiences.  There were only a handful of people that genuinely would submit to her, allowing her unbridled range with applying whatever form of humiliation, punishment, or service she saw fit.  Of that group, Cameron was definitely her favorite male sub.

As she remained standing on Cameron, she enjoyed the feeling of his warm exhales against the sole of her smelly, clammy foot.  Knowing that her sub loved to smell her feet, lick them clean, and be worn in footwear, Mistress Sara had spent the day wearing her “lucky” black knee-high softball socks, which she had not washed for many, many weeks now. She had spent a lot of that Friday in her home gym, walking, jogging, and running on her treadmill, or riding her exercise bike as well in order to get her socks super-smelly.

“How’s that smell, little man?” she asked as she cupped her firm, naked breasts.

“Wondeful, Mishtress!” Cameron said, taking a deep inhale of the strong-smelling foot that pressed upon his face.

Cameron would do anything for his mistress.  He had been so excited when she extended the offer of a free weekend to him.  The two had corresponded by email leading up to the day, making inquiries about how to make their time enjoyable.  Not being specifically picky, Cameron just wanted to serve her in any way she desired.

Mistress Sara chuckled at the little man’s response.  

“Well, good, because my feet have been sweaty and stinky all day, and I need them cleaned.  We’ll start by having you lick my soles clean and then you can suck on my toes,” she said, smiling as she felt Cameron’s warm, moist tongue part his lips and press against the sole of her left foot.

Cameron was in heaven as he felt the large foot drag down his tongue, depositing her salty, sweaty grime on it.  The taste was as potent as the smell.  He quickly swallowed to refresh his tongue as the heel of the giantess’s foot presented itself to him.  The shrunken sub was more than willing to clean his Mistress’s feet.  Anymore, it was what consumed his thoughts throughout the day at work, or in his bed while he pleasured himself at night.

The sounds of his sticky saliva replacing the sweat, dirt, and grime on the sole of Mistress Sara’s foot filled the air as the large foot slid over his tongue from heel to toe.

“Good little sub,” Mistress Sara cooed as she made Cameron take another pass at the sole of her foot. 

With Cameron’s tongue, she playfully pivoted her foot from side-to-side while dragging it across it for a third time to allow him to taste more of its stinky, salty, sweaty goodness.  When it came to the toes, she dragged the tips of them from side-to-side as well, carefully caressing his tongue with them.

“Still like the taste?” she asked playfully.

“Uh-huh,” Cameron answered while the large toes patted his tongue. 

Mistress Sara then placed her big toe on his tongue and proceeded to slide it into his mouth.  The shrunken sub opened his mouth as wide as he could to accommodate the large digit.  Her toenail’s edge scraped along the insides of his molars, echoing in his skull, while he cupped the underside of her toe with his tongue as best he could.  With closed eyes, Cameron tried to seal his lips around the large, bulbous big toe, and began to suck on it.

The giantess continued to smile, putting her hands on her hips as she remained standing on Cameron’s chest, shortening his breath.  She looked at his pale, naked body, and noticed his penis beginning to stand erect. 

“Looks like someone is happy to be back beneath me where he belongs,” she said with amusement.

“Mm-hmm!” responded her shrunken sub, his mouth still full of big toe.

“Suck it good and clean, my little pet.  You’re going to be giving my toes extra special attention tonight.  Just wait for your next task,” said Mistress Sara as she slightly lifted her toe out of his mouth, and then let him suck it back in.

“Good sucking,” she said, repeating the same sliding motion as if she were to remove her toe from his mouth, only to let his efforts pull it right back in.  “Keep that up.”

Cameron was loving having her big toe in his mouth, and was excited to get to clean the other nine that were in queue.  His mouth was filling with saliva as a result, causing him to swallow and consume the sweaty dirt and salty grime that had formed on her beautiful toes.

Mistress Sara finally pulled her big toe from his mouth and presented him with the heel of her foot once again.  Obediently and without prompting, Cameron extended his tongue to allow the giantess to clean her foot on it once more.  After the heel, sexy arch, and broad footpad passed upon his tongue, he was made to suck on her second toe, which fit comfortably inside his mouth.  Her wet big-toe pressed against the side of his left cheek, and her warm third-toe against his right one. 

With ease, Cameron was able to create a vacuum around the sexy, long toe, sucking it in even further, all the way past its second knuckle.  He felt the toe-tip tickle the back of his throat, causing his gag-reflex to fire.

“HMMMMMMPP!!” he exclaimed, suppressing his internal reflex, which caused Mistress Sara to simply smile at his effort to worship her toe.

“Don’t make a mess, little one, or else you’ll get punished,” she said with teasingly, dragging out the threat with a cute, playful tone while intentionally flexing her toe within his mouth a few times.

Cameron was resolved not to disappoint his mistress, and resumed sucking on her toe vigorously while using his tongue to clean the wrinkly, strong-tasting underside of her toe joint.

“You’re such a good little foot-slave, aren’t you?” the giantess asked, pulling her second toe from his mouth with a pop.

“Yes…Mistress,” responded Cameron as her field of vision was filled once more with the heel of her foot, ready to be cleaned some more.

The taste of foot-skin covered Cameron’s tongue once more, and he was not getting tired of it.  The large, beautiful size 9.5 foot of his giantess mistress deserved to be loved and licked.  He excitedly welcomed the sexy, slender middle-toe of Mistress Sara into his mouth, sucking on it and licking at it with the same resolve as he had the previous two.

“Am I getting too heavy to continue standing on you?” she asked her worshipful sub.

“Mm-mm,” he responded, shaking his head gently from side-to-side.

Truth was, his chest and ribs were aching from being stood on by the giantess, but he was willing to suffer and endure beneath Mistress Sara’s feet if that’s truly where she wanted him to be.  He kept his arms down submissively at his sides, and savored every suck and lick he could give to her toe, fighting the urge to dry-heave from the toe-tip’s presence that far into the back of his mouth.  He ignored the muscular discomfort of his jaw muscles being made to open so wide for so long.  Knowing that there were still seven more toes left, Cameron tried to push his distracting soreness aside, as it was too early into his weekend to let that get in the way.

<POP!> went the middle toe, and Mistress Sara, instead of making Cameron lick her foot, proceeded to slide her fourth and pinky toes in at the same time, causing Cameron to grunt with further arousal.  He brought his tongue up between the two massive digits as best he could to try to clean between them while sucking the tasty sweat and dirt off her flesh.

The giantess continued to smile at her little sub as he diligently lapped at her toes while maintaining a fairly strong vacuum around them. 

“Good boy, Cameron.  Now, let’s have you clean my other foot and toes.  If you’re not able to do as good of a job, I’m going to have to make you very very tiny and put you in a shoe…of course, you probably want that, wouldn’t you?” Mistress Sara said, teasing her pet as she finally stepped off his chest.

Cameron was thankful for the relief on his chest as the giantess intentionally lowered her sweat-soaked panty-clad pussy upon his stiff manhood, causing him to moan in pleasure at the warm, moist feeling of his cock pressing against her.  He bit his lower lip, trying to suppress his feelings.

“Remember, Cameron, you’re here to please me, not the other way around.  You’re my foot-slave and submissive, and I expect you to control your desires while you serve me,” Mistress Sara said in a soft, seductive voice that played with Cameron’s mind. 

“Y-y-yes, Mistress…I’ll try,” he responded, blushing in pleasurable embarrassment.

“It’s understandable that it can be difficult to control your little cock, and it is tiny in comparison to most men,” Mistress Sara said, having bent her knees up to her breasts and hovered her right foot over her sub’s face for more cleaning.  “I won’t punish you for having an erection while you lick my feet and suck my toes…yet.  Maybe later.  Right now, I want you to serve me with everything that you are, and if that means you have a pathetic little stiffy, then go ahead.”

“Yes, Mistress.  Thank you, Mistress,” Cameron said, followed by extending his tongue to begin cleaning the giantess’s other foot.

Mistress Sara had an amused expression on her face, chuckling lightly to herself as she enjoyed lightly taunting and berating her pet while making him lick her foot.  The level of manipulation and control she could so easily exercise over Cameron made her feel quite powerful and superior.  She made her shrunken sub lick the sole of her foot several times before she slipped her big toe into his mouth.

“HRRMMMPP!” Cameron grunted as his mouth was filled with the large big toe.  His cheeks were drawn in as he created a vacuum to suck on it, using his tongue to clean the friction ridges on the underside of the toe tip.

In similar fashion as with some of her other toes, Mistress Sara slowly slid her big toe up, testing her sub’s resolve and dedication, and then allowed him to draw her toe back in with his efforts.  She felt his tongue slide all across the underside of her toe, and even up the sides as best as he could.  Leaving her toe in his mouth for about two solid minutes, she removed it, causing another <POP!> as she did. 

Cameron was then made to suck on her second and third toes at the same time.  Savoring their salty taste, he made his tongue slither between the two long, slender digits.  Noticing his efforts, the giantess forced her toes deeper into his mouth, causing him to gag as she spoke.

“Try to get my toe-jam between my toes, foot-slave.”

“GRRGGGHH!!!…GRRGGGGLL!!” exclaimed Cameron, repressing his gag-reflex as the two toe-tips competed for space deep in the recesses of his throat.  Tears began trailing from his eyes as a result of the large toes filling his mouth.

“C’mon, Cameron…try to get your tongue between my toes and lick my toe-jam,” Mistress Sara said, her tone changing slightly to be a bit more insistent. She felt his tongue try to slip up in between her toes.

“Do I need to push my toes in further?” she asked, nudging Cameron’s head with her large foot

“HHHRGGGGLL!” was the only sound he could make.  His face winced, tensing up with some pain.  His hands were clutching at the carpet as he tried to deal with the discomfort of his mistress’s toes in his mouth. 

Mistress Sara felt the edges of her toenails pressing into the roof of his mouth, scraping it as she tried to get the interspace between the toes available for his tongue to lick.

“What’s wrong, Cameron?  Can’t get that little tongue of yours between my toes?  C’mon, I know you can do it.  Keep trying,” she said, taunting her shrunken pet.

Cameron nodded his head in obedient compliance, and continued to try to get his tongue all the way between her toes.  She even splayed her toes, causing his cheeks to bulge out and break his vacuum-like sucking seal upon them, making a slurping sound in the process.  But he was able to get the tip of his tongue to brush against the thick grime and nasty accumulation of sweat and dirt between her toes.

“Good boy, Cameron!  See, I knew you could do it!” Mistress Sara said in a teasing manner. 

Feeling her sub’s tongue between her toes, she pinched them back together, trapping the slimy muscle between, and then pulled her toes out of his mouth, allowing his tongue to fully taste them.  She then maneuvered her middle and fourth toes into his mouth, and Cameron, without missing a beat, sucked vehemently upon them.  He didn’t care that he had just been sucking on his mistress’s middle toe.  He would do anything to please her.

As he drew in the toes, he continued to use his tongue to methodically clean their undersides, focusing on the toe-tips, and then beneath the toe-joints, and finally, between the toes themselves.  And just as before, his mistress splayed her toes within his mouth to allow him to accomplish his task effectively.

“Last ones,” she said, extracting the middle and fourth toes, and twisting her foot slightly to accommodate her smallish pinky toe, joined by her fourth toe again, into Cameron’s submissive mouth.

Cameron was able to snake his tongue between the toes with more ease this time, and did not require Mistress Sara to splay them at all.  The taste was definitely foul, but Cameron would have eaten his mistress’s toe-jam for dinner every night of his existence if she had wanted him to.

With her toes having been successfully cleaned, Mistress Sara proceeded to stand up, her feet on either side of his head.  He watched the beautiful blonde-hair/blue-eyed giantess force her cotton panties down over her hips and let them fall to the floor, or rather, his face.  He took a deep inhale through his nose, filling his olfactory senses with her strong, womanly smell. 

Smiling down at her sub, Mistress Sara stepped out of her panties, leaving them draped over his face as she walked into her master bathroom.  Cameron lay absolutely still, his erection at full mast from the events that had already occurred.  He could feel the floor shake with the giantess’s footfalls for a few moments, and then a door closed, but no more walking.  He wanted to touch himself, to stroke himself to fruition, but he knew better.  He knew he didn’t have his mistress’s permission to do so, and he did not want to disappoint her.  So, he savored every inhale of the panties that he could.

The sound of a toilet flushing, followed by the door quickly opening brought Cameron out of his trance, the floor shaking with the footfalls of his mistress as she returned.  With her right foot, she used her toes to pinch her panties on Cameron’s face and remove them, sending them flinging behind her. 

Cameron watched as the giantess mistress straddled his face, and proceeded to lower her shaven, wet pussy down to his face.

“Take a deep breath,” she said just before immersing the shrunken man’s face within her labia. 

Cameron was silent as he felt the warm, moist, urine-and-sweat-smelling crotch capture his face.  The weight upon his head grew, and he could tell Mistress Sara was completely sitting full-weight upon his face.  A moment later, he felt his hardened penis get pinched by both sets of big-and-second toes.

“I’ll play with you as long as you can hold your breath.  If you cum, good for you,” Mistress Sara said, manipulating Cameron’s dick between her toes.  She lifted and lowered her toes in unison in a rhythmic fashion, and could sense her sub’s body tensing up at the attention.

Cameron was lost in a world of intense ecstasy.  His face was being used as his goddess’s throne, and she was playing with his cock with her toes.  Life couldn’t get any better.  Except that his lungs were beginning to yearn for air. 

“HMMMP!” he grunted, which tickled Mistress Sara’s clit.

“OOH!  That was rather…nice,” she said with a big grin as she continued to pump his penis with her toes.  She noticed precum filling his little urethra.

“Give me all you have, Cameron,” she said, not wishing to unseat herself from his face.

Cameron’s body began trembling, and she noticed his chests was quivering and turning red.  Knowing that she was close to his limit, she began to pump his cock between her toes quicker and quicker.

“HMMPPP!!  HMPP! HMMMMMPPP!!” exclaimed Cameron as his hard, reddened cock spurted its cream on Mistress Sara’s feet and ankles, which made her chuckle.

“Good boy,” she said as she released her grip on his cock and finally stood up to the sound of Cameron gasping for air. 

She proceeded to straddle his face, looking down at him, and wiped his jizz off her foot onto either side of his face.

“That was your reward for cleaning my feet and toes so well.  Now, this next task may not be so easy.  And if you don’t do a good job, you can expect an equally unpleasant punishment for failure.”


The giantess’s foot was massive in size now, compared to Cameron.  Having been reduced to an inch in size, he was now tasked with painting his mistress’s toenails a blood-red in color.  He gulped as he tried to figure out the best way to handle the removal of the current blue toenail polish with several large cotton balls nearby.

Mistress Sara was watching TV while wearing a red silky nighty.  She had put her panties back on, as well, and brought her shrunken sub, along with all of the necessary items to paint her toenails downstairs to the main TV room.  She sat on the leather sofa, having given her sub instructions on how what to do.

The strong odor of toenail polish remover was making Cameron’s stomach churn, as Mistress Sara had filled the cap slightly over half full and set it on the floor close by for him to use.  The tiny man grabbed a hold of a cotton ball, and managed to lift the surprisingly heavy and awkward item off the hardwood floor.  Walking sideways, Cameron’s face was tickled by the fibrous material.  He managed to lower the cotton mass into the cap, soaking up the nail polish remover for a moment.  He then lifted the even heavier item and walked sideways over to Mistress Sara’s big toe.

Being a mere inch in height, he leaned back to make sure he could clear the top of the giantess’s toe, and slid the wet cotton ball up on top of her toenail.  Catching his breath, Cameron then proceeded to climb up to the top of the toe, and began to slide it forward and backward in a scrubbing motion in an attempt to remove the old polish.  As he worked the cotton ball back and forth, he could see streaks of barren toenail appear where there had been some blue before.  Feeling like he was up for the challenge, the tiny man continued his effort for a few more moments before lifting the cotton ball up and observing what he had left.

“Crap!” he thought to himself, “I need more polish remover.”

Tossing the cotton ball to the floor, he proceeded to hop off the giantess’s toe and pick up the swab once again.  Mistress Sara leaned forward to observe Cameron’s progress.  She smiled as she watched her shrunken sub dip a clean part of the cotton ball into the nail polish remover, and then struggled to lift it out and back over to her big toe.

Cameron set the swab on top of the big toe once again, and climbed up to the nail bed.  He tried pushing down to add some more weight and pressure to his cleaning efforts and remove more of the nail polish, but he wasn’t very effective in doing so.  Realizing that he didn’t weigh enough to add any more effectiveness to his efforts, Cameron resumed his forward-backward push-pull on the cotton ball, removing 90% of the nail polish.

Pushing the spent cotton ball off the nail plate, he stood and admired his work while catching his breath.  It was the area tucked under and near the side folds of the nail plate, as well as near the cuticle that still needed attention the most.  Realizing what he needed to do, Cameron once again hopped off the giantess’s toenail and approached a clean cotton ball. 

Grabbing a handful of the strands of wadded-up cotton, Cameron pulled a chunk of the cotton ball off.  He repeated the process a few times, each time coming away with shreds of fibers until he had a sufficient amount for two handfuls.  He then dipped them into the pungent acetone.  Having done so, he hastily jogged back to his mistress’s big toe and tossed the two sopping-wet cotton wads up on top, and joined them.  Getting on his knees, Cameron began scrubbing the areas of blue nail polish along the folds of Mistress Sara’s nail bed, removing the old polish in the process.

Next came the area along the cuticle, and the shrunken sub was happy to see how efficiently he was able to detail his goddess’s toenail. 

“Only nine more to go!” he thought to himself rather happily. 

Even if this had been all that they had agreed to do, instead of an entire weekend, Cameron would have been happy.  He truly loved serving at his mistress’s feet.  This was the first time she had ordered him to clean her feet and toes, and then clean her nails and paint them.  He was very excited to serve Mistress Sara.

Knowing that he needed to move fast but efficiently, Cameron decided to tackle the other big toe, and move his way down each corresponding toe, since the nails would be getting smaller and smaller.  He approached another cotton ball, picked it up, and dipped it into the acetone.  However, there wasn’t much left, so he lifted the ball out and set it on the floor.  He then got on his hands and knees, and cleared his throat.

“M-M-Mistress…I am in need of more nail polish remover, please,” he said, feeling nervous to make such a request of the giantess he was serving.

Mistress Sara leaned forward, smiling.

“Oh really?  Well, I suggest you use this next batch much more effectively than for just one toenail.  You’ve interrupted my TV viewing, so you can expect there to be some punishment as a result,” said the beautiful giantess.

Grabbing the blueish-green bottle of acetone, she poured another capful this time, but instead of it being just only half-way full, filled it to near the top for her sub.

“Th-Th-Thank you, M-Mistress,” said Cameron nervously, remaining on his hands and knees while the giantess leaned back and resumed watching TV. 

He quickly sprang to action, picking up the cotton ball and lowering it into the very full cap a little, letting it soak up some.  He strained and struggled with the awkward item, but managed to carry it over to the giantess’s other big toe.  Once again, he leaned back and pushed with all his might as he lifted the heavy, awkward item onto the top of Mistress Sara’s other big toe. 

Having effectively removed the majority of the nail polish after similar efforts with the other big toe, Cameron had seemingly worked up a bit of a sweat as he pushed the used cotton ball off the nail plate.  He once again hopped off to the floor and tore more handfuls out of the other cotton swab from before, dipped them in the acetone, and then proceeded to clean and detail the nail plate along the folds and cuticle where his efforts with the intact cotton ball couldn’t or wouldn’t reach.

With the two big toenails having been made bare, the tiny submissive believed his work would get somewhat easier.  With a new cotton swab in his arms, he soaked it in the acetone for a few moments, and then stumbled sideways over to Mistress Sara’s second toenail on her left foot.  He was thankful that it wasn’t quite as tall as her big toes, and was able to set the soaked cotton ball directly down upon the nail bed.  He began to push and slide it across the smaller nail plate for a few moments.  As he did so, he realized that he could more quickly and efficiently remove the polish by waiting to “detail” them after he removed the majority of nail polish first.

Content with how the second toe looked, Cameron went back to the cap of nail polish remover and spun the cotton ball to lower a clean, dry area in to absorb the acetone.  He then scurried back to the other second toe, and was able to remove most of the polish within several seconds.

The tiny foot slave tried his best to work quickly and efficiently.  Having gotten the majority of the nail polish off, he switched his efforts to the detail work, and proceeded to shred a couple of cotton balls.  With acetone-drenched cotton fibers in his hands, Cameron gently rang them out, so as not to leave trails of nail polish remover on the floor, and ran to the giantess’s right pinky toe, starting at the farthest point out and working his way back.  The folds and cuticle of the pinky toe were quickly cleaned, and the shrunken sub moved to the next nail plate.

Meanwhile, Mistress Sara leaned forward to observe Cameron’s efforts.  She watched him slave away at cleaning her nails, and she had to admit that for a one-inch-tall man, he did a surprisingly good job.  She admired his ingenuity at using smaller pieces of cotton ball to clean the harder-to-get areas.  Not wishing to distract her foot slave, she leaned back and continued watching TV.

A few minutes later, Cameron set the last of his acetone-soaked blueish cotton swabs on another unused cotton ball, and got on all fours.

“M-M-Mistress Sara…I have completed removing y-y-your nail polish, Mistress.”

The giantess leaned forward and looked at her barren toes.  She wiggled them a few times before her kneeling sub.

“An adequate job, I suppose.  You seemed to have left some blue tinge on some of my skin around some of my nails here…here…here…and here,” she said, pointing to her two big toes and a couple other toes, “so, that means you’re accumulating more punishment.  But, maybe you’ll be able to redeem yourself as you apply the new nail polish.”

Reaching for the bright red bottle of nail polish on the end table, Mistress Sara shook it vigorously to make sure it was mixed sufficiently.  She then twisted the lid, leaving it resting in the small glass vial.  She then lowered the bottle to the floor, and proceeded to grab the swabs of used and unused cotton balls, as well as the lid for the nail polish remover, and secured it to its bottle after dumping the remnants back in.

Cameron felt bad for not having pleased his mistress fully.  He stood up and approached the large bottle of blood-red nail polish, gulping in intimidation at the long, shiny black handle that stood upright, seemingly towering over him.  The shape of the bottle didn’t help, either, as it seemed to concave towards the bottom.  Unsure of how to best accomplish the task, the tiny sub attempted to climb up the bottle.

Mistress Sara heard the sound of a slight ruckus on the floor, and leaned forward.

“LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!!” she exclaimed in anger as she hastily reached down to pick up the tipped-over bottle that poured out blood-red nail polish all over Cameron and the floor.

“S-S-Sorry, Mistress!” Cameron said, sitting up, afraid to move for fear of making a larger mess.

Mistress Sara stood up and quickly went to retrieve some paper towels from the kitchen.  The floor shook beneath her angry footfalls.  She proceeded to wipe up the spill, and then wiped up the bottle of nail polish before tightening the applicator lid.

Having set the bottle on the side table, she then looked down at her red shrunken foot slave, and reached for him, pinching his head between her thumb and index finger.  Lifting up her sub from the floor, she held the paper towels beneath Cameron to collect the dripping of the nail polish, and walked back to the kitchen. 

Mistress Sara ran the faucet with warm-to-hot water, and held Cameron by his head under the cascade.

“BLRRGLLL!!” he exclaimed, grasping at the giantess’ fingers that held his head tightly within their grasp.

Mistress Sara shook her head with frustrated disappointment as the little man struggled to breathe in the waterfall-sized faucet output.  The red nail polish washed off, leaving a tint of it on his legs.  Finally, after nearly twenty seconds, the giantess turned the water off, and proceeded to use a dish towel to dry him off.  She then clenched her 1” sub in her fist and held him up to her face.

“Cameron, I am very sorry to have to discipline you, but clearly, you were not up for that task.  So, I am going to punish you,” Mistress Sara said sternly. 

Her fist closed tighter around Cameron’s little 1” body as she walked to her bedroom.


“It’s getting late, my little sub.  Time to put you to bed,” said Mistress Sara.

She proceeded to remove her elastic ponytail holder, letting her beautiful, long blonde hair fall down her back.  She then proceeded to slip her the ponytail holder around Cameron, forcing him to bite it, which proceeded to act as a gag.  The giantess twisted it tight, and then slipping it back over him, twisting it tight again, and so on, and so on.  Mistress Sara masterfully entrapped Cameron’s wrists and ankles, and after nearly a dozen entangling loops up and down his tiny 1” body, the tiny sub was completely immobilized.

“I have just the place for you to sleep, my pet,” Mistress Sara said with a cool, seductive, domineering voice. 

Carrying Cameron’s naked, bound body in the palm of her hand, Mistress Sara walked into her bathroom, where laying on the floor of her walk-in closet were her two “lucky” softball socks that reeked of her foot odor and sweat.  She picked one up by its opening, and proceeded to dangle her shrunken sub over it.

Cameron looked straight down the cotton cavern, noticing copious amounts of dirt that had been transferred during Mistress Sara’s softball games to the shin area.  The smell of the socks was quite potent, and the giantess lowered him into the sock’s opening before letting him go.

“MMMM!” exclaimed Cameron with the thick band of elastic stuck in his mouth as he fell head-first into the sock-prison. 

He landed on his back within the cool, still-moist, very smelly toe of the black sock.  Unable to move any of his appendages, he lay helplessly inside the stinky sock.  He watched Mistress Sara’s smiling face disappear above as she pinched the sock’s opening close. 

The giantess then grabbed the toe-section of her sock, and feeling Cameron’s tiny little body, proceeded to roll him tightly within the sock.  The tiny slave got dizzy being spun round and round for a few moments.  The space he was trapped in became tighter and tighter with each successive spin.

Having completely rolled her dirty black knee-high sock up, Mistress Sara proceeded to lower her imprisoned foot-slave to her grey and teal-trimmed New Balance workout shoe, shoving it and Cameron into the opening.

“Good night, slave.  Hope you don’t get too horny for my feet,” she said in a teasing fashion.  She then turned off the lights to her closet and closed the door.

It didn’t take much time before the bound and trapped little man began to experience a throbbing erection with the strong foot odor he was made to inhale.  The strong ponytail holder held him tightly, keeping his arms and wrists at his side.  He wanted to fondle himself badly.  He wanted to lick and suck on the grimy, smelly, stinky cotton loops and strings that were wrapped all around him.  This was truly the worst punishment that his mistress could have assigned – to be absolutely surrounded by her smelly foot odor, but to be completely unable to act upon any of his desires in the process.

He attempted to hump the moist sock, but found that his hard-on got trapped within some of the cotton loops.  As his dick continued to inflate, the loops tightened around his manhood, causing discomfort and aching pains in his penis.

Cameron resided himself to try to get some sleep, but as he continued to inhale Mistress Sara’s foot odor, he found that he was too aroused.  After a long period of restlessness, the shrunken one-inch sub finally drifted off to sleep.


End Notes:

FYI, chapter 2 has giant-male/couple scene.  You've been warned!

Chapter 2 - A Submissive Saturday by dilbertaco
Author's Notes:

***Giant male & couple's interaction***

Cameron’s stomach churned from the rapid spinning of the giantess’s sock being unfurled.  Though it only lasted a few seconds, the tiny shrunken sub was quite disoriented.  As he opened his eyes, he remembered that he had been imprisoned within Mistress Sara’s very stinky, smelly softball sock after being bound by her ponytail holder to prevent him from pleasuring himself as a form of punishment for failing at his chore of painting her toes. The sock was made of very thick cotton, and Cameron was unable to see the world outside.

The disoriented shrunken man felt his world go tumbling down once again as he plummeted towards the opening of the sock, which had been turned upside down by Mistress Sara.  With a thud, Cameron crashed into the large, warm palm of the giantess’s hand. 

“Good morning, little one,” Mistress Sara said softly, standing in her walk-in closet.  “It’s still fairly early, and my boyfriend is still asleep in bed.  I wanted to introduce you to him this morning and thought we’d have some fun with you.  He enjoys dominating shrunken subs, too, and is actually quite good at it.”

Cameron’s eyes were squinting as they adjusted to the light.  He observed the beautiful blonde haired giantess wearing a silk black nighty with spaghetti straps over her shoulders.  Her hair was hanging down, slightly frazzled from sleep. 

Mistress Sara smiled at her bound sub while observing his partially erect cock, and proceeded to remove her ponytail holder from his naked one-inch frame.  After a moment, she clutched Cameron within her closed fist, pulled her hair back, and set her ponytail once again. 

The tiny man was completely immersed within the giantess’ grasp.  It was warm and powerful.  He felt helpless, but yet, completely trusting of the giantess-mistress who had complete and total control of him.  Cameron wished this could be his everyday life.  Maybe, somehow, he’d find the courage to ask Mistress Sara to become a permanent slave to her. He had to admit that the thought of being made to serve at the feet of a man had a strangely erotic and taboo feeling.  It wasn’t a homosexual attraction to a man, but simply the desire to be dominated by a couple that was feeding his erection.  He knew that Mistress Sara was married, and she had always made it sound like she was unhappy in the marriage.  The news of a boyfriend was somewhat out of left-field.

The light shown bright overhead once more as Mistress Sara’s large fingers unfurled, revealing the disheveled, shrunken submissive in the palm of her hand.

“I’m going to show you what a real man’s cock looks like, Cameron.  Not that little, iddy-biddy ‘tool’ that you have.  This one’s so large it hurts me sometimes when he’s soo deep in me,” Mistress Sara said with a smile. 

Cameron watched as her mouth opened and lowered toward him.  Within a moment, her tongue pressed against his body, and the thick saliva caused him to stick to it.  He grunted and groaned as her head raised up and then reared back as her tongue retracted.  The tiny one-inch man rolled over onto his back, slipping and sliding on the bumps of the giantess’ taste buds.  The smell of her morning breath was fairly strong and foul, but Cameron, being a truly submissive and compliant slave to the giantess, trusted Mistress Sara to do whatever she wished with him.

In the dank, dark cavern of the giantess’s mouth, Cameron felt slight rumbles and shakes as Mistress Sara walked several steps.  The saliva in her mouth was filling quickly as a result of his presence on her tongue, and the giantess absent-mindedly swished it over the sub in her mouth.  Cameron coughed on the thick spit that was now slathered all over his body.  His hair was wet, soaked to the scalp, with saliva.

Mistress Sara walked into the bedroom, daylight just beginning to illuminate the room.  She smiled widely as she stopped and felt Cameron laying on her tongue, compliant and submissive.  She then looked at her boyfriend, Robert, who lay sleeping on his back in her bed.  He was young and handsome, in his late 20’s.  He had washboard abs as he was a construction worker by trade.  He had a boyish Brad Pitt charm to him, despite his shorten, and buzzed brown hair. As the sleeping man breathed heavily, Mistress Sara noticed the “tent” his erect penis was making of her nice sheets.

Cameron felt the giantess take a few more steps, and the sounds of a bed mattress creaking and groaning slightly could be faintly heard within the saliva-filled cavern.  The sounds of Mistress Sara’s esophageal muscles swallowing and the undulations of the strong muscle he lay upon startled him momentarily before he noticed the orientation of the tongue that he was laying on went from horizontal to vertical, keeping him adhered with ease.

He looked past his own feet as the darkness was broken by the giantess’s lips separating and her jaw opening widely, revealing a very large, very erect penis that looked like it would fill a movie theater.  Cameron’s eyes opened wide as he felt Mistress Sara’s head lower slowly.  A shadow came over the helmet of the cock as Mistress Sara’s lips and teeth passed over and under it. Cameron felt the warm, massive flesh tube slide up his saliva-soaked body. 

“HRGH-MMPPPFF!!” the shrunken man exclaimed as he was pressed against the underside of the thickened, almost-rock-hard shaft of the giant, his face being rubbed against the purplish frenum at the base of the helmet.

Cameron’s own burgeoning penis was rubbed against the underside of the giant, veiny shaft.  The hardened, very warm flesh-tube seemed to continue to expand as Mistress Sara continued to slide her mouth further down the shaft, using her sub’s naked body to rub against the underside of Robert’s dick.

“Mmmmmm,” moaned Mistress Sara, becoming turned on by the thick cock in her mouth. 

Her lips having reached the base of Robert’s shaft, she slowly began to slide her mouth back up.  Cameron felt his the giant shaft reverse its course, seemingly, as he was now being pulled upward slowly by Mistress Sara, who was savoring the taste of her boyfriend’s penis.  Her tongue kept the shrunken sub secured, the thick saliva and taste buds adhering to his backside like a sticky, mucous-like glue.  The tiny man’s face turned slightly to its side, allowing him to get a breath after being smothered for a few seconds against Robert’s cock.

Believing that Mistress Sara would want him to help please her boyfriend, Cameron produced his tongue, too, and as the giantess serviced the penis, he also found himself licking the thick shaft.  His penis was nearly completely erect, as well, which was also being dragged against the giant man’s dick, producing a very sensitive but pleasant feeling.

In the darkness of Mistress Sara’s mouth, Cameron felt his head and face were back up near the base of the parting of the helmet, pressed against the frenum.  The giantess created a tremendous vacuum, sucking on the cock in her mouth, which simultaneously pulled the air from Cameron’s lungs before he turned his face into the giant man’s shaft to cover his nose and keep a limited amount of air supply.  Continuing with his sense of servitude, Cameron proceeded to suck on a mouthful of frenum.

Robert moaned with satisfaction, awakening to a pleasant blowjob from his girlfriend.  He placed his right hand on the back of Sara’s head as she sucked adamantly upon the head of his dick.  He then felt his girlfriend proceed to suck down the shaft into her mouth as she took him back fully into her mouth.

Cameron found himself sliding back down the large, warm, saliva-soaked shaft with ease as the giantess’s tongue continued to manipulate his body to perform its will.  His cock was at full attention now, and its sensitive scrotal nerve was made to rub against Robert’s shaft, eliciting a moan of pleasure out of the shrunken one-inch tall man. 

Mistress Sara’s head began to bob up and down with the large cock in her mouth at a pleasantly rhythmic cadence.  Robert’s mouth opened as he was breathing heavy, feeling the climax begin to develop. The giantess knew exactly what she was doing – using Cameron to turn on her boyfriend. 

Meanwhile, Cameron’s body was rubbed up and down against the giant man’s cock at a rather rapid motion, the speed of which was almost unfathomable and incomprehensible to him.  He gasped and groaned a few times as he could, when he wasn’t swallowing saliva.  He felt his own erect member approach release rapidly as he licked the underside of the large shaft.  His ears were quickly overwhelmed with the loud moaning of the giantess who imprisoned him within her mouth, as Mistress Sara was quite aroused.  Then…


Mistress Sara’s mouth was now completely empty. 

Cameron was startled as he remained on the underside of the large, hard, warm flesh tube at the base of the frenum.  His arms and legs were splayed, seemingly wrapped around the underside of Robert’s cock.  He felt the air temperature quickly cool around him.  He was so close to cumming, but yet, was now stuck on the massive dick. 

With his head facing to the left, he couldn’t see much, save for the large pubic bush of hair below that belonged to the giant man.  He heard the sounds of two large people breathing rapidly, mixed with the sound of a drawer open quickly, which were quickly followed by the sounds of a wrapper being pulled open.

Within a moment, the tiny shrunken sub felt something get rolled over him.  The world around him was now somewhat hazy, appearing almost to be behind a translucent plastic sheet or something. Cameron realized that he was now encased within a latex condom on the underside of the giant’s shaft.  Sticky, goopy precum slowly flowed down from the urethra, and onto his face, allowing the tiny man a taste of what was to cum. 

Feeling Robert’s penis thicken even more, Cameron stuck his tongue out, lapping at the precum.  He sucked vigorously at the sensitive skin, kissing and licking as well.  He wanted to please his giantess mistress, and if that meant pleasing another man, he was more than willing to comply.

A large shadow loomed overhead, casting Cameron’s world into complete darkness.  Through the thin latex membrane, Cameron observed Mistress Sara’s inner left thigh as she straddled her lover.  Within a moment, he was immersed in darkness as he felt a tremendous amount of pressure from all around.  The temperature against his back became very warm.  The spermicidal lubricant tingled against his skin, as well.  He tried not to panic for air, trusting that the giantess would never put him into a position of too much risk.  He had no choice or say in the matter, and could feel the large, warm walls that enclosed around him begin to slide up and down at a rapid pace.

Cameron grimaced as the latex condom that he was encased in began to tighten up even more as the result of Robert’s giant cock continuing its inflation.  The sounds of the two giants having intercourse were heavily muffled, but were still loud enough to be audible to him. 

Mistress Sara continued to bounce up and down on Robert’s plump penis.  The feeling of it between her nethers, along with Cameron’s little trapped body, was quickly sending her near to the edge.  She bit her lip as she continued to ride vigorously.  Robert’s neck and back were arched against the overstuffed pillow he lay on as he felt the climax approach. 

Cameron felt the large, rock-hard shaft begin to quiver and shake.  The warm precum seemed to increase in its flow while all around him, the constant up-and-down motion of Mistress Sara’s vaginal walls pressed and undulated against him from behind and to the side.  He grunted and groaned as the large penis seemed to thicken even more, causing him to strain within the tightening latex that stretched around him.

Robert’s cock began to pulse, and he tensed his abs.  He audibly strained as his climax approached.  Mistress Sara arched her back, grabbing onto her ankles, yelling in tremendous ecstasy.  Cameron grimaced with discomfort as the large shaft that he hugged released. Within moments, the tiny, shrunken submissive was awash in Robert’s spooj.

Helplessly trapped within the tight latex prison, firmly held against Robert’s manhood, Cameron shut his eyes tight as he felt the semen pour down from the overflow of the reservoir tip, filling his nose and mouth.  It flooded into the slightest recesses between Cameron, the condom, and the large cock.  The tiny man willingly swallowed a mouthful, and then opened up for more to fill his mouth.  The thick, frothy seed of the giant was very sticky, and as Cameron would slurp it into his mouth, he found it difficult to swallow due to the increase in its tack upon contact with his own saliva. After struggling through several gulps, Cameron’s stomach was nearly full of Robert cum.  Air was at a premium, as well, and he was feeling very dizzy as a result.

Blissfully caught up in the moment, Mistress Sara was leaned forward, passionately kissing Robert, whose cock remained held tightly within her pussy.  They tongue-wrestled and swapped saliva for what seemed like a minute before resorting to just some kisses.

Robert ceased the kissing and looked at Sara.

“Wait…what’s that feeling?” he asked.

“You mean, someone squirming against your penis?” Sara said, answering his question with her own question.

“Yeh,” Robert responded.

“I’m letting a sub spend the weekend with me, and I wanted to introduce him to you and a real man’s cock.  He’s in the condom,” explained Sara, smiling.  “I should probably get him out.”

After dismounting Robert, Mistress Sara leaned down to examine her tiny, shrunken sub, encased within the latex prison.

“Look at you!” she exclaimed upon visually inspecting the cum-filled condom and her shrunken sub’s inability to move.  She smiled as she observed every fold of latex that stretched around Cameron was filled with Robert’s spooj.

“Roll on your side, please,” she inquired of Robert, who complied.

Mistress Sara then slowly and masterfully slid the spent condom up Robert’s still-erect shaft, ensuring Cameron remained trapped within.  This allowed for Robert to spurt a few more shots of cum that had not previously evacuated from his urethra.  Cameron was completely soaked in the giant’s seed.

With an amused expression on her face, Mistress Sara held the condom up, observing her trapped submissive, who was unable to stand in the very slippery, cum-filled tip.  Eventually, the shrunken man was able to get some form of footing as his little feet occupied the reservoir tip.

“Are you alright, Cameron?  Everything okay?” asked the giantess-mistress.

Cameron was struggling, though, trying to get his head above the spooj to get some air.  Upon seeing this, Mistress Sara rolled up the condom a way before placing the opening in her mouth, and grabbing the top of the condom near the reservoir tip, and tipped her head back, dumping the cum-covered Cameron into her mouth once again.

The sticky spooj was an incredible adhesive upon contact with the giantess’s saliva, and Cameron held firm and fast to Mistress Sara’s tongue once more.  He felt the familiar vacuum-effect from before as she slurped down the additional semen that her boyfriend had produced, slathering Cameron in another wave of fresh, sticky, clumpy cum.

“There we go.  All better,” the giantess said, which made Cameron’s ears ring.

The tongue then dislodged Cameron, and he was spat back into the latex tube, which still some remnants of Robert’s bubbly, frothy product, now had combined with a glob of Mistress Sara’s spit.  He lay in elongated latex shaft, unable to move as he stuck to the inside with ease.

As Mistress Sara dangled the condom while sitting on the edge of the bed, Robert sat up next to her to look.

“Hey!  I hope you enjoyed that ‘protein shake’ for breakfast, bro!” Robert exclaimed with amusement as he observed the tiny shrunken man who was still slathered in his spooj from being placed back into the condom.

“He’s pretty small and pathetic, isn’t he?” he noted.

Mistress Sara smiled, chuckling lightly.

“Yeh, but he’s about the most loyal pet I have,” she said in response.  “He’ll do virtually anything I ask him to.”

“Oh really?” Robert asked, unconvinced.  “Think he’d suck my cock until I came again?”

“I know he would,” Mistress Sara answered, caressing Robert’s chin as the couple kissed.

Cameron could only watch through the thin latex prison as the two giants made out for a few minutes.  Having heard Robert’s question, the tiny shrunken sub began to prepare himself for future use.


The giantess’s molars bore down upon Cameron’s naked frame, painfully trapping him as she bathed the tiny one-inch man with her saliva, cleaning him up for his next service project.  Cameron coughed and sputtered, swallowing what he could of Mistress Sara’s spit, his head painfully pinched between Mistress Sara’s canine teeth. 

“HRRGGHH-GRGRGGGGLLL!!” cried Cameron, overcome by another wave of the giant woman’s spit.  The air then seemed to disappear from within the giant mouth, and Cameron became very faint as he was put through another bout of intense sucking.

It had been nearly twenty five minutes since their bout of intercourse.  Mistress Sara sat in her living room sucking Cameron clean while on the couch next to Robert, who was only wearing boxers.  They both were interacting with their smart phones.  On the dark brown leather couch next to Mistress Sara lay the remote for the shrink collar. 

“Man, you’re really sucking on him hard, aren’t you?” he asked.

Mistress Sara parted her lips, which allowed for the air pressure to return and Cameron to strain for a breath between the crushing teeth that held him.

“I’m just making sure he’s clean before I enlarge him,” she responded, smiling before sealing her lips shut once more.

Cameron felt the dizzying vacuum of the giantess engage once more, pulling the air from his lungs yet again.  Feeling faint, tunnel vision quickly set in for several disorienting moments before he was discarded off of Mistress Sara’s molars and shot from her mouth like a cannon ball.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!” exclaimed the tiny man who flailed through the air. 

Cameron landed with a moist <SPLAT> on the hardwood floor.  Dazed and discombobulated, he lay panting on his back for a moment before the shrink collar painfully engaged.  His flesh still bore signs of teeth digging in to it, leaving reddened indentations on the front and back of his legs and abdomen.  He grimaced with some pain and discomfort as he felt his muscles tense and joints ache.  The sounds of Robert and Mistress Sara chuckling could be heard.  Several seconds later, the pain subsided. 

“Hands and knees, crawl over here to Robert’s feet, and beg him to suck on his cock,” Mistress Sara said with authority.

Cameron knew that to serve her, he had to move quickly.  Despite still being soaked in her saliva, the still-shrunken sub scurried on all fours and made his way over to the two sets of feet that rest against the hardwood floor.  Mistress Sara’s beautiful feet, naked from a lack of toenail polish, rested next to a set of well-groomed male feet.  He observed some hairs on top of the man’s feet, and some additional hairs on the tops of his toes.  Robert’s toenails weren’t quite as immaculate as Mistress Sara’s, though.  There were of average length and thickness.  The man’s legs were also adorned in hair, but not overly thick.  Though he’d have rather worshipped Mistress Sara’s feet, Cameron lowered his lips to the top of Robert’s right foot, and pressed his lips to it.

Both Mistress Sara and Robert watched the now-three-foot-tall man worship Robert’s feet for a few minutes.  They smiled and chuckled to each other as they watched the back of Cameron’s head hover over the large feet before him.

“He’s not really begging, is he?” Mistress Sara said in observation.

“No…not really,” Robert responded.

“Cameron,” Mistress Sara said, leaning forward to address her sub, “I want you to say, ‘Please, Robert, may I suck your cock,’ in between each kiss or lick you plant on his feet.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Cameron said, averting his eyes from making contact with the beautiful dominatrix.


”Please, Robert, may I suck your cock?”


”Please, Robert, may I suck your cock?”


”Please, Robert, may I suck your cock?”


”Please, Robert, may I suck your cock?”

Both Robert and Sara smiled and laughed as the half-sized man humiliated himself, worshipping the feet of another man while begging to suck on his cock.

“I don’t know.  I think you need to prove to me just how well you can suck,” Robert said, leaning forward and standing up.

“Lay on your back, little man,” the giant instructed Cameron, who obeyed at a whim. 

Cameron quickly lay on the floor lengthwise across the face of the couch.  He watched as Robert, who was clad only in pin-stripe boxers, lifted his right foot and placed it upon his small chest.

“HRGGHHMMPPPF!” Cameron exclaimed as Robert, who stood 6’2” and weighed a muscular 230lbs, stepped up onto his chest and placed his large size 11 left foot over Cameron’s face. 

A smile crossed Robert’s face at the sound of Cameron’s muffled groans.

“I’ve trampled lesser slaves smaller than you that didn’t cry like such a bitch.  I don’t know that you’re worthy to suck my cock,” Robert said, teasing the shrunken man as he turned his left foot on Cameron’s face and began to brush his toes over his nose and lips.

Cameron’s lips parted, his jaw opening up, and Robert forced his big, second, and third toes deep into his mouth.

“GRRGGGHHHH!!” gagged the small man as he tried to repress his reflex.

Mistress Sara, meanwhile, repositioned herself so her feet were lined up with Cameron’s head, and placed her left foot on his forehead to help keep it in place.  She had a big grin on her face, mixed with anticipation as she licked her lips.  She loved watching an alpha male, especially one that was a ripped and toned as Robert, dominate a sub, regardless if the sub was a male or female.  She recalled some of the tag-teaming that she and Robert had performed on her pathetic excuse of a husband, as well as on some of her other female and male subs.

 “C’mon, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said, her instep comfortably resting upon her sub’s forehead, casting a shadow upon his eyes, “suck on his toes and prove you are worthy to suck on his cock.”

Cameron’s lips closed around Robert’s toes, the hairs on top of them tickled the roof of his mouth slightly.  He then began to suck, wishing to please his mistress more than the man that stood on him with his foot in his mouth.  He forced the tip of his tongue in between the large toes as much as possible while still maintaining the pull of his oral vacuum.

“That’s more like it, little foot-fag,” Robert said as he maintained his balance on the shrunken sub’s chest.

Cameron continued to suck between breathes through his nose.  His face was turning red due to the weight of the giant upon his chest, which was quite uncomfortable and causing him strain to inhale.  Robert’s toe slipped out of his mouth with a slight pop, and Cameron kept his mouth opened.  The giant’s big toe then pressed against the inside of his left cheek, and Robert proceeded to make all five of his large toes stretch the shrunken man’s face, filling his mouth with his large foot.

Cameron’s face contorted and grimaced with discomfort as he made gurgling sounds as the result of the large set of toes forcing their way deep into his mouth.  The taste of dirty foot-flesh was all he could sense apart from the pain, until Mistress Sara slid her toes down over his nose and eyes after repositioning her left foot.  With the olfactory presence of his mistress’s foot, Cameron felt his little manhood awaken with a pleasant reflex.

Robert then retracted his foot and stepped down off Cameron, keeping his left foot pinning him down while Mistress Sara placed her other foot on top of the shrunken man’s mouth.  She proceeded to finagle her big toe between his lips, and the little man needed no prompting to suck on it, bringing a smile to her face as his tongue worked vigorously against the underside of her toe.

“Do you see that?” Robert asked of Sara, pointing to Cameron’s inflating stiffy.

Mistress Sara nodded and smiled.

“What can I say?  I have an effect on men,” she responded with a big grin.

Cameron felt the big toe in his mouth retract, but was quickly replaced by the big toe of Mistress Sara’s left foot.  He was in heaven once again, being made to suck on the giantess’s toe while simultaneously being made to smell the others.

“If he’s going to suck my cock, he’s going to really need his mouth and lips stretched,” Robert said, stepping over Cameron and straddling him. 

Being lost in erotic ecstasy beneath his mistress’s toes, Cameron was quite surprised when the giant man took a seat on his upper legs and groin.  His nuts and erection were uncomfortably sat on by the giant as Mistress Sara removed her big toe from his mouth.

Mistress Sara stood up and walked out of the room while Robert brought his feet to rest on Cameron’s face.  The shrunken sub felt the vibration of his mistress’s footfalls leave as he took deep inhales of Robert’s feet.

Mistress Sara returned a moment later, carrying in a dining room chair and set it just above Cameron’s head.  She took a seat, and Robert slid his feet down Cameron’s small face.  Mistress Sara lifted her feet, too, and extended them over Cameron’s face.

“Open up, sweetie,” Mistress Sara said.

Cameron was more than willing to accept as many toes as possible at his size, as long as some of them were his mistress’s.  He had never heard the pet-name “sweetie” before, and couldn’t help but wonder if maybe Mistress Sara was bonding even more and more with him.  With his mouth agape, Cameron felt four big toes work and wriggle their way in deep into his mouth.

“HRRGGHH!!” gagged Cameron as Robert’s large big toes seemed to penetrate his mouth the deepest. 

“Good boy,” Robert said as he remained seated on Cameron.  “You need a really big mouth to accommodate my cock.  You saw how big it is this morning.  C’mon, let’s keep working at this.”


Mistress Sara watched as Robert’s big toes seemed to stretch Cameron’s lips far out to their sides, and seized the opportunity to force her big toes down his mouth together, eliciting a hard-repressed gag reflex from the sub.  The undersides of her toes pressed against the roof of his mouth while Robert brought his big toes together and began to pull back on Cameron’s jaw with his large toes.

“There we go, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said as she and her dominating boyfriend worked their large toes together to continue to force Cameron’s mouth to open wider.

The shrunken man emitted some more gags and moans of discomfort as tears slowly trickled down from his eyes.  The giant couple smiled at each other as they continued their domination for another minute before removing their large toes from Cameron’s mouth. 

Cameron was thankful to have a few moments to lick his chops and massage his jaw-joints as Mistress Sara lifted her foot and pointed her toes down at him once more.  Despite the sore muscles in his face, Cameron willingly accepted the large toes of his mistress as best as he could, and she maneuvered all five to fit within his mouth after a few seconds.

“Good boy, Cameron.  I think your mouth is getting bigger.  Don’t you think so, Robert?” Mistress Sara said, encouraging her sub.

“Maybe.  I think I should try to get my toes in there, too,” Robert said.

Bringing his right foot up and pointing his toes down, Robert tried to wriggle his large digits into Cameron’s already full mouth.  Not wanting to disappoint his mistress, Cameron tried to open his mouth as much as he could to accommodate Robert’s toes.  After a few more moments of work, only Robert’s pinky toe remained outside of Cameron’s mouth.

“Well, not quite as successful as I’d like,” Robert said, noting his little toe outside of Cameron’s mouth.

“I’m sure your cock will stretch his lips the rest of the way,” Mistress Sara said, enjoying the feeling of Cameron’s mouth around her left foot’s toes.

After several more moments of discomfort, both sets of toes are removed from Cameron’s mouth.

“So, in order to suck on cock, you have to know how to lick cock, but I’m not convinced that you know how,” Mistress Sara said, leaning forward to address the sub at her feet.  “I think you need to lick my feet to prove to me that you have the skills to suck on my boyfriend’s cock, alright?  Don’t disappoint your mistress.”

The soles of the giantess’s size 9.5 feet were presented to Cameron, who, despite the pain present in his jaw muscles, quickly extended his moist tongue and licked her arches, heels, footpads, and toes as well as he could as she presented them to him.

“Good boy, Cameron.  Lick between my toes,” Mistress Sara said, encouraging her favorite pet, “Show me and Robert that you have a good enough tongue to lick his cock.”

Robert proceeded to present his toes for licking, forcing Cameron to transition from licking Mistress Sara’s toes clean to his.  Cameron noticed the difference in taste, but continued to work diligently.  His giantess mistress placed her footpad and toes on his forehead, covering his eyes slightly, as she leaned forward to watch his efforts.  He slipped his tongue in between each of Robert’s toes several times, using the tip of it to clean against the inlets of his toes, which were covered by sweat, dirt, and grime. 

Robert stood up after having made Cameron clean his toes for several minutes, and proceeded to pull his tube-stick out of the fly-hole in his boxers.

“Stand up, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said as she stood up and grabbed a handful of her sub’s hair to help pull him up to his feet.

Cameron now stood before the large man who was twice his size.  He gulped at the site of the penis before him as Mistress Sara took a seat on the leather couch adjacent to the two men.

“Show me how to lick his cock,” Mistress Sara said, her hand still clutching hair on the back of Cameron’s head.

“Yes, Mistress,” Cameron replied, sticking his tongue out as he felt the giantess forcefully guide his head to Robert’s semi-erect member.

He felt the warm flesh of Robert’s helmet press against his tongue, and then Mistress Sara guided his head down the left side of the giant shaft, using his tongue to turn on her boyfriend.

“There we go…again…good boy, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said as she once more guided Cameron’s head down the thickening shaft.  This time, she made him lick from head to base of the shaft, which was still semi-enshrouded in boxers, before pulling him back to repeat the same motion again, and again, and again.

Robert closed his eyes as his breathing changed due to the stimulation.  As he had been together with Mistress Sara since almost the start of her business as a giantess dominatrix, he had the pleasure of participating on occasion with dominating other subs but few were ever allowed to worship his dick.  But having his penis licked and pleased by anyone was quite enjoyable.  Cameron’s tongue continued to provide arousal to Robert’s scrotal nerve as the miniaturized man compliantly obeyed Mistress Sara’s guiding hand, which made him lick once again from helmet to near the base of Robert’s thickening penis.

“Good job, Cameron.  You made my boyfriend hard.  Now, it’s time for you to suck on a real man’s cock,” Mistress Sara said.

Cameron opened his sore mouth wide, and Robert’s warmed helmet pressed against his tongue, sliding back into his mouth.  He sealed his lips around the large, thick shaft, keeping his teeth as clear from the giant’s sensitive member as he could.  With his eyes closed, he felt Mistress Sara begin to guide his head back and forth, which gagged him quickly.

“HRMMP-HRRMMPP-HRRRMMPP-HRRMPP!” Cameron exclaimed with a mouthful of dick that tickled the back of his throat.

Mistress Sara smiled as she continued to make her sub’s mouth take in Robert’s cock with a rapid battering-ram motion.

“HRRGGMMPP-HRRGGMPP-HRRGGMPP!!” was the only sound Cameron could make while he repressed his gag reflex.

Mistress Sara had done this many times to her husband to humiliate and belittle him, but otherwise, only a few other select male and female subs ever had the pleasure of serving her and her boyfriend at the same time.

Cameron forced himself back off of Robert’s cock, coughing a few times while trailing some thick, bubbly saliva from his mouth as the urge to purge was almost overwhelming. 

“Now now, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said, giving Cameron a look of disappointment.  “Get that dick back in your mouth.”

Cameron quickly composed himself and nodded his head, opening his mouth once more as Mistress Sara guided him back to servicing Robert’s manhood.


The large, bulging helmet gagged Cameron intensely as it filled his mouth.  He dug deep into his constitution to keep his stomach-full of spooj in-check while orally satisfying Robert. His eyes were shut as he concentrated on being used by Mistress Sara to suck off her boyfriend.  The gagging sensation continued to make tears trail from his eyes.

“Mmmmmm…” Robert moaned as the pleasant feeling of Cameron’s small, moist mouth around his head and frenum kept building his climax.

“HRRGGMMPP-HRRGGMPP-HRRGGMP-HRRGGMMPP-HRRGGMPP-HRRGGMPP-HRRGGMMPP-HRRGGMPP-HRRGGMPP!!!” Cameron exclaimed with each gagging penetration into his mouth and almost down his esophagus.

“Oooh, FUCK!” exclaimed Robert as he was nearing his release. 

The sound of Cameron’s gagged and muffled exclamations were even turning Mistress Sara on as she continued to control her sub’s head with her handful of his hair.  She bit her lip in anticipation of Robert’s release as she held Cameron back from Robert’s cock and watched her boyfriend finish himself by rapidly stroking his moistened penis.

“FUCK!!!!” Robert said, his body tensing as he climaxed.  Groaning, he made sure his man-tube was pointed straight at the small man’s face.

Cameron grimaced with disgust as the giant penis produced several spurts of thick, bubbly, warm, white laces of semen on his face.  One shot hit him in his left eye.  Another almost up his nose and across his lips.  Another shot against the bridge of his nose, running down his left cheek.  Another shot spurted directly onto his lips, and others shots splatted against his cheek.

Mistress Sara was incredibly turned on at the site of her shrunken sub covered in her boyfriend’s spooj.  The smile on her face was as huge as Robert’s cock.  Robert shook his spent penis a few times, milking out a few drops of post-cum onto Cameron’s lips as he breathed heavily from his release.  The humiliated sub proceeded to part his lips, which were sticky from the warm, frothy deposit.  He snaked his tongue out along his sore lips, tasting the warm, salty protein.

Mistress Sara proceeded to grab Robert’s cock and rubbed the underside and helmet all over Cameron’s face, collecting the ejaculation on it.  She used Robert’s helmet to rub into his closed left eye to collect some cum from there, and then guided the helmet down to Cameron’s upper lip.  Cameron opened his mouth and welcomed the barely deflated penis back in. 

“Clean it,” Mistress Sara instructed him.

Cameron’s cheeks caved slightly as he began to suck gently upon the large cock.  He used his tongue to lick and lap off the thick, coagulating cum.  More post-cum trickled out of Robert’s dick into Cameron’s mouth.  A few more passionate sucks on the man’s helmet, and Robert tucked himself back into his boxer.

“Good boy,” he said, lightly bitch-slapping Cameron’s right cheek with his hand which had not been spurted upon.

“See, I told you he would do anything I wanted,” Mistress Sara said, standing up and embracing her boyfriend while Cameron remained standing before Robert with the large penis pointed at him still.

A few moments later, Mistress Sara stepped back from Eric and grabbed the shrink collar’s remote.  Eric proceeded to walk out of the living room back to the master bedroom.

“Cameron, we need to get ready for my get-together tonight.  I’m having several girl-friends over, and they are all wanting to meet you.  I told them you give excellent foot-massages and you like to clean shoes and feet with your tongue.  I have some fun and exciting games planned, too, that involve little ol’ you, too!  But before that, I still need to go to the grocery store!” Mistress Sara said, looking down at the three-foot-tall man standing before her.

“Yes, Mistress.  As you wish, Mistress,” Cameron responded with a look of contentment about his face, which quickly turned to a face of pain as the shrink collar began reducing him down in size.

The shrinking man staggered a bit and fell to his left knee as he continued to miniaturize at the feet of his giantess-mistress.  The pain subsided, and Cameron was now back to an inch in size.


Mistress Sara had walked back into her bedroom with her shrunken sub in the palm of her hand once again.  Cameron observed Eric getting dressed, pulling on a pair of blue jeans, white socks, and a tight dark navy t-shirt that accentuated his muscle tone.

“Bye, babe!” he said, kissing Sara as he carried his black Converse All-Stars in his hand.

“See you tomorrow night!” Mistress Sara said as she walked toward her dresser.

Cameron felt the palm of her hand tip to its side, causing him to roll off of it onto the dark hardwood top of the dresser.  After getting to his knees, the tiny man observed a few jewelry boxes and necklace trees nearby with multiple styles of chains with charms hanging from them.

“Now, I still need to take a bath and get dressed to go out grocery shopping, and I need to do something with you to make you ‘presentable’ to the world.  After all, I can’t exactly be seen with someone like…well, someone like you in public.  So I had a thought,” Mistress Sara said.

Cameron was not sure what to expect, but knew that Mistress Sara could do anything to him that she wanted and he would be alright with it.  The giantess reached into a jewelry box nearby and extracted a small golden chain with pretty fine chain-links.  Mistress Sara undid the clasp and laid the chain out on the top of her dresser.

“Lay down here, with your arms up above your head,” Mistress Sara said, instructing her sub who obeyed immediately.

Cameron lay down near the middle of the chain as instructed by his mistress.  He lay his arms above his head without question.  Smiling at her sub, Mistress Sara proceeded to manipulate Cameron’s wrists to slide through two of the chain’s links that were side-by-side.

“This part will be quick,” the giantess said as she picked up the shrink collar’s remote.  After dialing in a slight adjustment, she pressed the button, and Cameron winced for a brief moment as he was enlarged to 1.25”.

“Perfect!” Mistress Sara said as she set the remote down and picked up the chain by its ends. 

Cameron was now dangling by his entrapped wrists from the chain several feet in his perspective above the top of the dresser.  The giantess then lowered him back down to the top of the dresser and set the ends of the chain down.

As he remained laying on his back, Cameron watched as Mistress Sara opened a drawer beneath and produced a black plastic jar with a black screw-on lid.  It was about three-inches square and two-inches tall.  The label on the side simply stated “Gold Body Paint”.

After unscrewing the top of the jar, Mistress Sara proceeded to pick up the chain and held both ends in her left hand.  She had an amused expression on her face as she watched her tiny sub stare down into the jar as he was lowered towards it.

“Do you trust me?” asked the giantess of her sub.

Cameron looked up at Mistress Sara’s beautiful face while trying to mask his own concern.

“Y-Y-YES, MISTRESS!!” he answered with some panic as he felt his feet and ankles dip into the thick liquid.

The giantess continued to lower Cameron into the paint slowly, savoring the look of subtle panic on his face.  The cold liquid was now up to his waist, covering his manhood.  A moment later, it was up to stomach, then chest, and then just below his chin.  Cameron turned his head up, closing his eyes tightly as he took a deep breath just before the golden paint washed over his face.  To keep the liquid from coming into his nose, the tiny man managed to push just a little bit of his breath into his nostrils while he was lowered further into the jar.

Mistress Sara continued to dip her sub all the way into the jar of golden paint until his hands were submerged as well.  After a moment of watching the chain wriggle, the giantess lifted Cameron up from the jar. 

“GAAASSSPP!” exclaimed Cameron as the golden body pain streamed off his body into the jar. 

He kept his head tilted down to keep the paint dripping away from his mouth while he gasped in some air.  Mistress Sara chuckled lightly as she began to lower him back into the paint once again.  Upon this realization, Cameron took another deep breath, tilting his head upward, and was submerged once again.

The giantess loved playing with her subs like this.  There weren’t many that she had that she felt she could actually do this to, but with Cameron, well, there was little she wasn’t willing to subject him to, knowing that he only wanted to entertain, worship, and serve her.  A bubble rose to the surface as she watched the chain wriggle back and forth for a few moments.  Before she pulled Cameron up, she scooted one of her necklace trees over.  Lifting the chain up, she heard the tiny man gasp for air yet again.

“There we go!” Mistress Sara said with a big smile as she hooked the chain’s clasps together and hung it up from the necklace tree.

Cameron remained dangling from the links, coughing occasionally.  The paint streamed off his naked body down his legs from his feet into the open jar below, diminishing quickly from his small surface area down to a dribble for a moment, and then to just a few drops.

“Try not to move too much, Cameron.  I want you to dry and look good, alright?” Mistress Sara said.

Cameron opened his eyes, which was met with some resistance from the thick liquid that he had been immersed in.  He watched the giantess open a different drawer and pulled out a pair of black cotton panties.  Mistress Sara then turned and proceeded into the bathroom.

The tiny man felt almost weightless as he dangled from the chain’s links.  He could see in the mirror that was visible in the bathroom Mistress Sara removing her black silk nighty.  The sound of bath water running could then be heard for several minutes.  During this time, he was able to sneak some peaks of the beautiful, naked woman before she stepped into her bathtub.  His little prick, which had never been permitted to purge that morning, thickened for a few minutes before returning to its flaccid condition and he fell asleep from exhaustion.


Cameron groggily stirred as he came to.  The sound of a drawer opening by Mistress Sara awoke him, and he lifted his head in time to see the beautiful blonde giantess standing seemingly naked before him.  She had applied some eyeliner and makeup before coming over to her dresser.

Mistress Sara removed a black bra from the drawer, and proceeded to slip it over her ample bosom and secured it behind her back.  Next, she slipped a black V-neck t-shirt on, followed by a pair of short denim shorts.  With a smile on her face, the giantess turned her attention to Cameron.

“Look good, little slave,” she said as she lifted the chain from the necklace tree.

The giantess unclasped the chain, and began to lower it.  It was then that Cameron realized that he wasn’t on a necklace, per se, but rather, and ankle-bracelet.  As he was lowered toward the giantess-mistress’s right foot, Cameron noticed that she had painted her toenails a sexy, shiny blue color.  He came to a rest against the outside of the giantess’s ankle, and Mistress Sara clasped the chain on the opposite side of her ankle from her sub.    Once secure, the giantess stood back upright, and proceeded to take a step.

Helplessly, Cameron bounced against the side of the giantess’s ankle just below her right ankle bone.  His wrists were tightly trapped within the chain-link, and his hands were cold due to the restraints.  The giantess’s foot lifted once again, quickly raced forward, and then smashed down upon the carpet in the bedroom once again.  The motion was semi-nauseating for the shrunken sub.

Mistress Sara exited her bedroom, barely noticing the tiny shrunken golden human-shaped anklet charm that occasionally bounced off the side of her foot as the sounds of her soles slapping against the hardwood floor broke the silence.  She proceeded to walk to the sliding glass door that led out to her in-ground infinity pool with fancy concrete patio that went around most of it.  There, on the floor, were her well-worn Chaco athletic sandals.  These were her most favorite and comfortable shoes, and occasionally, they were some of her most favorite tools of pleasure, being used to trample subs underneath.

Cameron’s stomach churned as the giantess’s foot lifted from the hardwood floor, its toes quickly pointing down, and then descended through the teal-green and blue-colored sandal straps.  The tins man was jostled for a moment as Mistress Sara’s foot settled in to the hard rubber-soled sandal.  After stepping into her other sandal, the giantess leaned down and proceeded to pull the straps of her sandals tight.  She smiled down at Cameron, tapping his head with her index finger.

“You gonna be alright?” she asked.

Cameron nodded his head, his mouth having dried shut from the paint, which he hadn’t noticed until just that moment when he went to speak.  Mistress Sara smiled and stood back up, turned around, and after dawning some oversized ruby-pink colored sunglasses, proceeded to walk out of her front door.

As the giantess walked, Cameron was blinded by the sunlight.  The rapid motion of Mistress Sara’s footfalls continued to disorient him as he bounced against her massive.  He had no control over his movement and motion, and was at gravity’s will.  Thankfully, the walking stopped for a moment, and the sound of a garage door opening filled his ears.  A moment later, Mistress Sara walked up to her shiny white Tesla, and proceeded to get in.

The music blared loudly in Cameron’s ears, and the air conditioning caused him to become very cold.  Being so small, he had very little mass that needed to be cooled off, which also helped him endure the times that he had been imprisoned within Mistress Sara’s workout socks. 

The giant foot seemed to stay mainly on the gas, but occasionally would fly over to the brake suddenly, it seemed, which continued to make the small man nauseous.  After nearly twenty minutes, Mistress Sara parked, and proceeded into the grocery store.

Cameron’s world began to slide around the giantess’s ankle, and he was now bouncing off her Achilles’ tendon.  The sound of her heel-flesh slapping against the sandal’s hard rubber insole now filled the tiny man’s ears.  To combat the dizzying motion of Mistress Sara’s walking, Cameron tried to fixate on the black insole that was visible from underneath her heel, but the jarring impacts of her footfalls kept him bouncing and sliding too much.

Step after step, Cameron was made to endure the brutal ride.  His hands had gone virtually numb, and his elbows and shoulders were burning from the abuse.  His body ached as well from being made to pummel against Mistress Sara’s foot and ankle bones.

As she stood in the wine aisle, she realized that Cameron was hanging against the back of her foot.  She lifted her foot from the floor by raising her knee strait up.

“My ankle charm does me no good if he’s not on display,” she said, sliding her ankle bracelet around so that Cameron lay on top of her foot near her ankle joint.  She then set her foot down to the floor and continued shopping, grabbing a few bottles of wine and placed them in her basket.

The giantess continued to walk up and down several more aisles, and Cameron once again found himself sliding down to the side of her foot.  With each successive footfall, the anklet sent him to the back of her foot once again.  As Mistress Sara had stopped and was perusing some fancy cheeses, Cameron felt the two links around wrists give.


His eyes opened wide as his wrists slipped through the now broken links.  Cameron fell awkwardly below onto the rubber insole of Mistress Sara’s sandal.  Unable to get his balance, he face-planted, hitting his head hard against the hard floor of the store.  He groggily opened his eyes and lifted his head as a large shadow loomed over him, unaware that Mistress Sara’s sandal lifted slightly from the floor and hovered over him before the Vibram sole came to a crushing rest upon his golden, naked frame.

“HHRRMMMPPPPFFFF!!!!” Cameron cried, his lips finally breaking the seal created by the paint as he made his exclamation of pain beneath the giantess’s sandal.

Mistress Sara, meanwhile, hadn’t noticed Cameron’s bonds had broken.  The anklet chain had hung loosely enough around her ankle that is rested against the top strap of her Chaco sandal.  The tiny 1.25” man was being crushed in a deep tread-channel on the sole of her sandal, between the unforgiving hard rubber sole of the sandal, and the even more unforgiving hard-tile floor of the store.  Panic began to set in as he tried to inhale, but his lungs weren’t afforded room to expand. 

Then, the giant shoe lifted, and Cameron went on an even more dizzying ride as he was upside down for a moment before the massive foot crushed him against the store floor.  For a split-second, Cameron was seeing stars before the giantess’s shoe lifted once again, pivoted rapidly above the store’s floor, and crushed down upon him again.

Mercifully, as she stepped, Mistress Sara felt her anklet chain roll off the top of her foot onto the floor, causing her to stop.  Her eyes opened widely with alarm, and she looked up and down the aisle to make sure she was alone.  She then glanced up and down the aisle from where she had walked from several times, scanning intently for any movement along the base of the store’s shelves.

Meanwhile, Cameron was being crushed to his wit’s end beneath the giantess’s sandal.  He was so small that Mistress Sara didn’t realize that she was standing on him.  Then, the sandal turned and twisted as Mistress Sara continued to look for him.  The friction generated upon Cameron’s skin actually removed a fair amount of gold body paint on his front side. 

“HRRGMMPP!!” he exclaimed as the giant foot lifted slightly as Mistress Sara knelt down, continuing her search for him. 

Cameron coughed a few times before trying to cry out, but he was too late as the sandal’s sole crushed him back against the floor for a brief moment.  Mistress Sara took a few slow steps down the aisle, hoping that no one would come along, and that she’d find Cameron. 

She then began to wonder if she had lost him in another aisle.  As she scanned the floor, she noticed the streaks of smeared golden body paint on the floor, which made her pause.  The giantess-mistress took a step forward towards the streaks, and as she stepped down, she heard a faint squeaky cry of pain.  Her eyes widened yet again, and she lifted her right foot from the floor, bringing it sole-side up to her left knee.

“Oh my!” Mistress Sara exclaimed softly as she observed her tiny, shrunken one-inch sub stuck to the sole of her shoe.

“Cameron, are you alright?” she asked as she pinched the tiny man’s legs and peeled him out and off the hard rubber sole.

Cameron dangled limply in the giantess’s grip as he was overwhelmed from the crushing pain, his arms hanging down past his head.

“Cameron?” Mistress Sara asked again, nudging him with her other index finger. 

Finally, the shrunken sub coughed a few times, groaning for a few moments

“Y-y-y-yes…Mistress…I’m…I’m alright,” he faintly responded.

“Why did you escape from the anklet?” Mistress Sara asked sternly.

“I…I didn’t…the chain…gave way,” the disheveled slave tried to explain through his exasperation.

The giantess knew full well that her favorite pet would never actually try to escape.  A somewhat devious smile crossed her face as she thought of what to with her shrunken slave next.


Mistress Sara entered the single-serve women’s bathroom and took a seat on the closed toilet.  With Cameron still dangling from her hand, she lowered him to lay on top of her upper leg, crossing her right leg over her left as well.  In her other hand was the broken ankle bracelet.  She unclasped the tiny chain, and proceeded to pull off the clasps with ease.

Cameron lay almost motionless on Mistress Sara’s leg, watching what the creative giantess was doing.  The large fingers of her right hand lowered to him, holding the chain in their grip.  The submissive shrunken man allowed the beautiful woman to wrap the chain around his ankles and legs, securing them tightly.

Next, Cameron’s sore arms were made to raise over his head once more, which popped in the process and made him wince momentarily in pain.  Mistress Sara disregarded his exclamation, and with the other half of the anklet, wrapped his wrists and forearms tightly, leaving a length of chain still.

To test her binding skills, the giantess-mistress lifted her bound, shrunken sub by the chain, dangling him in the air once more.  Cameron stared at the beautiful woman’s amused expression, falling more and more in love with her and how easily she manipulated him. 

Mistress Sara proceeded to stand up and hiked her right leg, placing her foot on the closed toilet lid.  Shen proceeded to lower Cameron under her second toe.  The tiny man lay face-down with his arms being lifted above and behind his head as Mistress Sara pulled up on the chain between her big and second toes.  The giantess then manipulated Cameron’s bound legs up between her second and third toes, and managed to slip the end of the chain from her slave’s arms through his restraints. 

Cameron groaned as he felt his arms get pulled up as Mistress Sara pulled on the very fine chain and proceeded to tie a knot.  His body was effectively wrapped around the underside of the giantess’s second toe.  He then felt his back rub against the giantess’s toe flesh as she spun her new shrunken human toe-ring up over her toe’s knuckle.

“Perfect!” exclaimed the giantess, admiring her still somewhat-golden toe-ring.

“HRRRMMPPP!!” cried Cameron as Mistress Sara scrunched her toes, which in turn smothered the tiny man’s head between her second and third toes. 

Cameron’s back, hips, and shoulders ached as the giant foot came to a rest on the floor.  Mistress Sara released her scrunch on her toes and proceeded with her shopping.  The tiny man felt every body-jarring footfall that Mistress Sara took.  He was helplessly trapped as a toe-ring around the beautiful giantess’s toe, and there was nowhere else he would rather be at that moment.


Chapter 3 - A Rewarding Punishment by dilbertaco
Author's Notes:

A disciplinary session for Cameron.  So FUN to write this!

Cameron’s body ached from being arched over the giantess’s toe for so long.  His shoulders, hips, and lower back were especially uncomfortable, as every jarring footfall the giantess took shook him to the core.  Having endured the last half-hour of her shopping, he was thankful that Mistress Sara had gotten into her car and was headed back to her house finally.  The cool air of the air condition chilled his body as he planted gentle upside-down kisses against the side of Mistress Sara’s middle toe, occasionally slipping his tongue out to taste it.

As Mistress Sara drove down the freeway, she felt her shrunken sub’s act of devotion.  She completely believed that the chain seemingly broke on its own, as she had used that ankle bracelet several times with her husband and other clients that she felt were worthy to adorn her body as a decoration.  But as she was still rather horny from watching her boyfriend, Eric, dominate Cameron so thoroughly this morning, she decided to leverage the unique situation when she got home to help fulfill her own lusts.


Mistress Sara stepped through the door of her garage into her laundry room, carrying her wine and finger-foods into the kitchen.  After putting the items away, she looked down at the tiny, naked man wrapped around her second toe, feeling his warm exhales against her middle toe, which were interrupted on occasion by a slip of his tongue or the pressing of his lips against her flesh.  Having watched her boyfriend, Robert, dominate and humiliate Cameron earlier had left her feeling aroused. Deviously, the giantess decided to leverage her influence and power over the shrunken man, and yearning to satisfy her own needs, walked to her spacious living room.

After sitting down on the couch, Mistress Sara propped her right foot, clad in its Chaco athletic sandal, up on the coffee table before her.  She reached forward and proceeded to slide Cameron’s bound, naked body up her toe.  Her toe-tip was more bulbous than the knot for the chain had slack built-in for, and the tiny sub grunted and winced in pain as she made her toe’s flesh comply with her wish.  Finally, after a few moments of discomfort, Cameron was freed from the giant toe, and lay in the palm of Mistress Sara’s hand.

The giantess began to finagle with the fine chain-link knot that she had used to secure Cameron around her toe, and like all fine chain-links, was having a difficult time.  Realizing that it would be easier to just cut the chain, Mistress Sara closed her hand around her sub, stood up, and proceeded to walk out to her garage where she picked up a pair of wire cutters. 

“Lay face down, Cameron.  Don’t move,” she instructed her shrunken slave, who complied with a dog-like obedience as he lay in the warm palm of her hand.

Mistress Sara proceeded to snip the tight-wrapped chain around Cameron’s wrists first, and then around his ankles.  Having done so allowed her to pull the broken anklet off from around his appendages.  Cameron was very thankful to be free from the chain-links that had embedded into his flesh for the past hour and a half.  His back was sore as a dull, aching burn filled his muscles.

The giantess’s hand closed in on him once more, but this time, rather tightly.

“HRRGHGMMPP!” he exclaimed as his face was buried in Mistress Sara’s warm, slightly clammy hand. 

He felt Mistress Sara proceed to walk for several moments, her crushing, entrapping fist swinging gently back and forth as the giantess walked.  The gently body-trembles magnified for a series of footfalls, and a few moments later, Cameron was dropped to the floor of Mistress Sara’s home gym and dungeon.

“OOOOFF!” the tiny man exclaimed as he landed with a thud on the thick rubber mat that lay on the floor of the fairly expansive room. 

Cameron had been down here only a few times on his previous sessions with his giantess-mistress.  He looked around, noticing the dimly lit surroundings.  The walls were painted red, save one wall which was all mirrors.  There were a variety of stockades in various sizes, benches of various heights, kneeling benches with metal or leather cuffs, four different sized St. Andrew’s crosses, and various sized cuffs attached to metal chains or ropes that dangled from the ceiling by pullies.  Some of the walls had whips and paddles hanging from them, as well.  The commonality they all had was that there was one set of regular-sized item, and then between two to five more of a bondage device in size-descending order next to them.  Some looked like they could accommodate a small child, while others looked like they were meant for doll-sized people.

There was a dresser against the far wall, and on top of that were a variety of phallic implements, some hollowed out in the middle as if they could accommodate a shrunken person.  There were also vibrators and electro-stims on the dresser as well, arranged nice and tidy.  Additionally, there appeared to be some patent leather strap-on contraptions that hung on the wall near that dresser as well.  Mistress Sara was truly a well-established giantess and BDSM expert.

In one corner was Mistress Sara’s treadmill and exercise bike, which had a few rubber straps laying across the seat.  Then there was Mistress Sara’s famous trampoline.  Though Cameron had never had the fortune of being introduced to it, he had watched several videos where his mistress had made shrunken slaves lay on it while she jumped brutally upon them.  It was a kid’s sized trampoline, about 3’ across and only eight inches off the ground, but it was enough to break some of her heartiest of slaves beneath the soles of her feet and shoes.

And then there was the padded leather bench where Mistress Sara would sit while doing other exercises, such as weight lifting, stomach crunches, or leg-lifts.  Cameron had been subjected to its use every time he had been down here, and suspected this would be no different. 

“Cameron,” said Mistress Sara as she lifted her left sandal-clad foot and hovered it over the little man who hastily lay on his back.  The giantess lowered her Chaco sandal down upon the tiny one-inch tall man slowly, listening to his straining grunts and groans as she stepped on him. 


Mistress Sara proceeded to gently grind her foot upon the tiny man, who was held in place by the rubber mat.  His skin was tugged on and pulled by both the mat that he was imbedded into, and the hard rubber shoe-sole on the giantess’s foot.  Cameron felt the pin-prick pains of hair being pulled from their pores all over his chest and pubic area as he endured the smashing, grinding punishment. 

The beautiful giantess smiled as she slowly turned her left foot back and forth upon his body for a few moments before lifting it off of Cameron, who cried out in pain.  She then reapplied her massive foot, allowing only the shrunken man’s head and left arm to be visible just barely beneath the edge of the hard Vibram sandal’s sole near the ball of her massive foot.

“Cameron, because you fell off of my ankle charm, I have no choice but to punish you this afternoon.  I was going to let you spend time licking my footwear or sucking on my sweaty underwear from my workouts this week, but now, I’m going to have to trample you for a bit, and then see how creative I get.  Have anything to say for yourself, slave?” the beautiful giantess said, her hands on her hips as she stepped on the little insect-sized man.

“<GRRUNT>  IT...IT WASN’T…MY FAULT…MISTRESS!!...<GRRRUNNNTT>  THE LINKS…BROKE…ON THEIR OWN!!! <GRRRRUNTT>” Cameron exclaimed, his face wincing in pain as he was being stepped on and crushed between the two hard rubber surfaces.

“I understand that, my pet.  I believe you, really I do, but I also think that maybe you should’ve done more to get my attention.  It was very fortunate for you that I happen to have stepped on you and that you stuck to the sole of my sandal.  So, now that I know that you are beneath my shoe, I feel I need to remind you that you truly belong there,” Mistress Sara said, her smile becoming mischievous and somewhat cruel.

“<GRRRRUNNNTT>  YES, MISTRESS!!!...<GRRRRUNT>  AS YOU WISH…  <GRRUNT> MISTRESS!!” responded the shrunken man who strained beneath the giantess’s crushing sandal.

Mistress Sara was amused and lightly chuckled at her submissive as he suffered beneath her foot.

“We have several hours before the party this evening.  That’s plenty of time for me to discipline you and use you as I see fit before several of my friends enjoy using you tonight.  I won’t be too harsh on you, but I will be entertained,” the giantess went on to say. 

“YES, MISTRESS!!! <GRRRUNNTT>” Cameron said, grimacing in discomfort.

He continued to struggle beneath the giantess’s sandal for a moment before it lifted from off of him, and quickly lowered back down upon him as Mistress Sara had centered step.  The tiny man was now face-to-face with the dirty, yellow Vibram patch on the sole of her sandal.

“HRRRGGGHHH!” he exclaimed as the giantess took a complete step upon him. 

He felt the air in his lungs get forced out, and he went silent in the darkness between the two harsh, rubber surfaces.  He saw stars as he held his eyes shut while wincing in pain.  His face contorted between the two rubber surfaces and was made to turn to its left, imbedded into the rubber mat along with the rest of his tiny body.  He truly was a bug beneath this goddess’s foot.  If he had a way to choose to die, it would be to become a bloody stain on the sole of Mistress Sara’s shoe.  He would be honored to be reduced to a quivering pulp of bloody humanity beneath her foot.

Mistress Sara lifted her right foot and rested it on her left to allow Cameron to be completely crushed into the somewhat forgiving rubber mat.  Cameron felt his lungs undulate within his chest as they yearned to take an inhale.  He felt pain all over his body.  His head began to ache, his pulse quickened, and his heartbeat pounded in his head. 

But he trusted Mistress Sara.   She had stepped on him, walked all over him, and even worn him in her workout shoes a few times.  She sat on his face, inserted him into her moist, smelly womanhood, and even into her asshole a few times.  Each time he was introduced to a potentially suffocating use-case, he never felt the need to panic, as she always seem to help him find his edge of trust and submission, pushing that envelope a little more each time, and magically allowing him to recuperate sufficiently.  And without fail, the giantess stepped off the tiny man.

Mistress Sara stood over Cameron, who arched his back with pain for a moment, then rolled onto his side while curling up in a fetal position while gasping for air.

“I’m not done with you, yet, my dear,” the giantess said.

Cameron’s face winced with pain, and he noticed the return of a large shadow as Mistress Sara’s right sandal-clad foot lowered upon him.  He quickly rolled onto his back as the hard rubber shoe sole stepped down upon him.

“HRRRMMPP!” he cried, and a moment later, the large foot lifted off as Mistress Sara had taken a step. 

The giantess’s footfall had left a momentary shoe-print within the dark grey rubber mat, and Cameron’s little naked body remained embedded as she turned around and took another step upon him.

“HHHRRRGGGGHH!” Cameron exclaimed as he was trampled once again by Mistress Sara. 

As her shoe lifted from the mat, Cameron’s shrunken little body remained stuck to the hard rubber sole for a moment, lifting him up slightly before he naturally fell away and landed on his back on the mat beneath.

The giant woman lined up her left foot once again, taking yet another step on Cameron, who made a quick grunting exclamation.  As she stepped on her tiny, shrunken slave, Mistress Sara bit her lip, aroused by the power she was able to wield over her sub.  In the wake of her step, Cameron’s reddened body twitched with some muscle spasms.

With a smile on her face, Mistress Sara bent down and undid the straps of her sandals.  Having stepped out of them, the giantess proceeded to step with both of her feet over the tiny one-inch-tall man, trapping him beneath the insteps of her arches.

Immersed within the shadow of the giantess’s feet, Cameron lay compliant and submissive as he recuperated.  He was so small and Mistress Sara’s arches so high that he wasn’t actually being crushed, but her feet did press upon him, keeping him immobile.  His face was held upright between the two insteps of the arches, allowing him to kiss at her foot flesh in adoration.

Mistress Sara was a master at owning her shrunken slaves and submissives.  Cameron wasn’t into the BDSM part of this lifestyle.  Rather, he wanted to serve Mistress Sara, and she in turn would evolve his service into some minor suffering for her entertainment.  She purposely allowed for the tiny shrunken man to have a few moments to recover while being punished, as she would now look to use her bare feet for discipline.  Feeling the tiny man’s worshipful kisses against the soles of her feet, she felt like she should allow him a few more moments to indulge his fetish before she returned to administering some more discipline.

Cameron was lost in the world of Mistress Sara’s soles.  His kisses were mixed with some slobbery licks to her warm, semi-wrinkly foot flesh as his tiny tongue lapped at her friction ridges.  He felt like a worm beneath her beautiful feet.  He wanted to stay there, in that moment, for as long as he could.  Being so small, so insignificant to his mistress who controlled and manipulated him for her own personal entertainment.  It was humiliating, degrading, and painful at times, but so intoxicating.  As he continued to worship the small areas of skin on the soles of Mistress Sara’s feet, Cameron felt his penis inflate once more.

“Alright, little man,” Mistress Sara said, stepping off of him and lifting her right foot which cast a shadow over him, “time to continue your punishment.”

Cameron lay quietly in a spread-eagle on the rubber mat as the giantess’s toes pointed down towards him.  He watched as Mistress Sara’s toes splayed as they lowered towards him quickly, and he found his tiny little head trapped between the second and third toes.  The pressure exerted upon his skull quickly increased, and his face was pressed against the grimy, salty interspace between the two toes.

“MMMPPPPFF!!!” he exclaimed, his face muffled by the giantess’s toe-jam.

Mistress Sara smiled as she squeezed her toes tightly, lifting her foot up from the mat.  Cameron’s little body dangled gently from her toe’s grasp, and she gently shook and twisted her foot a few times to add to the punishment.


The giantess laughed at Cameron’s latest muffled cry.  His hands tried to push at the massive toes that held his head tightly.  All around him was darkness and immense pressure.  He then felt the foot lower as it moved forward, and within a moment, he was stepped on by Mistress Sara’s footpad while his head was still trapped between her toes.


Mistress Sara’s weight bore down upon Cameron’s body as his head remained clamped tightly between the giantess’s massive toes for a moment.  The toes then relaxed, releasing their punishing grip on his head, which fell back and bounced slightly against the rubber mat as Mistress Sara took a step.  Cameron watched above between the toes that had held his head as the punishing giantess’s massive form traversed over him while she took a step, crushing the air from his body.  Her foot lifted, and Cameron’s body, covered in dirt, sweat, and Mistress Sara’s lover’s spooj, stuck to the sole of her foot once more, lifting with it as she took a step forward.

Cameron grunted with a breath-heavy exhale as he was stepped on once more.  The rubber mat had plenty of give, and now that he was being trampled beneath the giantess’s bare foot, his little form was able to conform with ease to her foot flesh.  Once again, he watched the beautiful woman – her long creamy legs, her denim shorts, her t-shirt-clad body, and her gorgeous, smiling face – take another punishing step upon him as she walked all over him.

The large size 9.5 foot lifted, but this time, Cameron remained stuck to the rubber mat.  As she walked forward, Mistress Sara looked over her shoulder, glancing back at Cameron, before stopping before the wall.  In front of her was a peg that hung on the wall, and from it were many open-ended rubber bands like the kind that hematologists use when drawing blood for blood tests.  She picked up a handful of them, turned, and proceeded to walk back towards the bench.  She stepped on Cameron, making sure he was beneath the arch of her foot as she did.  Feeling the tiny man stick to her foot, she took one more step before stopping in front of the bench, setting the rubber bands down.

Mistress Sara then lifted her foot and peeled her shrunken pet off it.  Cameron’s reddened and heavily trampled body dangled limply from her fingers, causing her to smile.

“Cameron, hon,” she said softly, eliciting the tiny man to open his eyes and blink as he came back to reality.  “I’m not done disciplining you, but I am done trampling you for the time being.  I’m going to lay you on the bench and strap you to it, alright?  Lay still.  I need to make you bigger for this next part,” Mistress Sara said.

The giant blonde lowered the tiny man to her red-leather workout bench, laying him down gently upon it.  She then reached into her pocket and pulled out the shrink collar’s remote.  Cameron continued to lay silently and submissively upon the bench, his eyes closed as he tried to fend off the pain and discomfort in his joints and muscles as he continued to recuperate from being trampled. 

Cameron winced in pain as he felt the burning, stinging sensation in his neck from the shrink collar.  His muscles ached in more pain as he felt himself getting larger and larger.  A few seconds later, the process stopped, and Cameron was two feet in size.  Mistress Sara pocketed the controller and then proceeded to reach down and picked up the long rubber bands.

“Keep your arms to your sides, and your legs together,” she said to Cameron as she pulled out an individual rubber band.  “Here, let’s scoot you up just a bit.”

Cameron proceeded to slide his head further up towards the edge of the bench, leaving about four inches between the top of his head and the end.  Mistress Sara proceeded to hold a band between both of her hands, and lowered it upon his chest.  She stretched it over him, and straddled the bench.  She then took a seat on his upper legs while reaching down beneath the bench and tied the band tight. 

Mistress Sara then pulled out another band from the collection she had in her hands, and applied another one just below that, tying it tight and securing her.  She applied several more bands to his abdominal area before standing up, turning around and taking a seat on Cameron’s chest, plopping down on him, which caused him to gasp as she did.  Amused, the giantess proceeded to apply several more stretchy bands down his legs from his mid-thighs to his ankles, leaving his manhood available and exposed.

Cameron was enjoying the view of the nice denim ass before him as Mistress Sara secured him to the bench.  She then stood up and stepped back over him, turned around, and then straddled him once more, taking a seat on his chest again.  She had one band left, and proceeded to apply it to Cameron’s forehead, leaving his eyes available to see.  Once she was done securing Cameron to the bench, she stood up.

“I’ll be right back.  Don’t go anywhere,” she said with an air of amusement in her voice.

Mistress Sara pulled out the shrink collar’s remote as she slowly turned and walked away.  Upon hearing her sub wince with surprise pain, she smiled as she walked back upstairs.  Cameron felt the collar engage yet again.  The sounds of the rubber band stretching could be heard as he grew a little larger until he was 2’ 6” in size.    The bands were now very tightly stretched across his body, keeping him very secure and immobilized.  Some folds of his skin, especially across his stomach and upper legs, squeezed between some of the straps here and there.

As he lay bound to the bench, Cameron felt contentment.  He was able to spend an entire weekend with Mistress Sara, and she was using him as she saw fit.  He hoped that he was able to entertain her and serve her as she wanted, and that she wasn’t really mad at him for falling from her anklet.  He knew that to be just part of the act or ploy of their interaction.  It had given her a reason to trample him, and it continued to give her a reason to do what she was about to do to him now.

If he were really honest with her, he’d ask if he could become a full-time, 24/7 live-in servant to her and her boyfriend.  He was so done with his real-life job, toiling away at a mundane workplace, barely able to eke out a living.  His efforts in the real world went largely unnoticed.  But here, with Mistress Sara, he always felt wanted…needed, maybe.  And if that need was to be used by Mistress Sara for her own ente

A few moments later, the sounds of Mistress Sara’s footsteps thumping down the stairs could be heard.  They ended after a moment, and then she appeared next to Cameron.  On her middle finger was the condom that he had been put in that morning, the same one that she had made her handsome, sexy lover fill with his jizz, and then slurp him out of to give him a “tongue bath”.

“The next part of your punishment, Cameron, is that instead of being allowed to lick and clean my ass, you will instead suck on this condom inside out until it is clean while you sniff my ass.  Open up…say ‘ah’,” the giantess said, leaning over and lowering the spent condom by its reservoir tip down to his mouth.

Cameron complied instantly.  He felt the thick, round ring of the condom’s opening rest against the outside of his lips, and some over them, and then Mistress Sara continued to push the rest in so that the insides were rolled in such a way that they became the exterior.  The feel of the cold latex, combined with the coagulated cum and spermicidal lubricant, flooded his taste buds as he was fed the large Magnum.

“Good boy,” cooed Mistress Sara as she pushed the reservoir tip into his mouth.  The rubber ring-base then followed into his mouth.  She prompted him to close his mouth with her hand, and then stepped away for a moment, returning with one last rubber band that was tied around his mouth.

“Gotta make sure that you keep that in there.  Now suck and lick on it. It needs to be clean for when Robert comes back later on.  Now, here’s the punishment,” Mistress Sara said, standing at the end of the bench to allow Cameron to watch her.

Mistress Sara slowly pulled up her t-shirt, revealing her black satin bra.  Tossing the t-shirt to the floor, she reached behind her and proceeded to unbuckle the Victoria’s Secret top.  Cameron felt his manhood grow as she revealed her ample breasts.  Noticing the growth in his dick, Mistress Sara smiled in amusement as she dropped her bra to the floor.

Next, the giant beauty proceeded to unbutton and unzip her denim shorts, and let them fall to the floor, revealing a matching satin black panty upon her midsection.  She proceeded to slip those down over her hips, and stepped out of them as well.  She was now completely naked.

Cameron gulped with nervous anxiety and anticipation, disregarding the taste of Robert’s cum and the feeling of the chewy latex in his mouth, as Mistress Sara stepped forward and stood straddling the bench.  He stared up at Mistress Sara’ shaved pussy, and watched as she began to insert her fingers into her labia, massaging herself for a moment, moaning with pleasure.

Mistress Sara then slowly lowered herself down, putting her hands upon Cameron’s bound body to support her slow descent.  The tiny man’s eyes widened as the large, moist, odiferous vagina hovered but a mere inch above his face for a moment.

“Like it, don’t you?” Mistress Sara said seductively, gyrating herself just above her slave’s face. 

Cameron was unable to respond, his mouth full of spent condom and held shut by the rubber band.  He was too transfixed upon the giantess’s womanhood that smelled strong.  It finally came to a rest upon his face.  The lips of Mistress Sara’s labia slid over his little head, immersing him completely within.  He didn’t squirm or complain one bit.  He couldn’t see anything, but he could smell her.  Her scent drove him crazy as she sat on his face.

The beautiful blond chuckled as she watched Cameron’s dick harden to attention.

“Good boy,” she said softly, reaching forward and gently massaging Cameron’s cock. 

The touch made him twitch and moan with ecstasy, as he had yet to have achieve a release since entering into Mistress Sara’s service the previous night.  She stroked it gently several times to ensure its hardness before leaning back to sit full-weight upon Cameron’s face.

“MMMmm,” Cameron moaned from beneath her womanhood. 

Mistress Sara then engaged her quads to lift herself just slightly off of Cameron’s face, and began to rub herself up and down on his nose, which occasionally rubbed against her clit, eliciting a moaning response from her.  She was incredibly aroused, and Cameron’s face was quite wet from her natural discharge.  She smiled as she watched Cameron’s cock pulsing from his heartbeat.  He was so hard that the precum was trickling down its helmet like a volcano about to blow.

“Now now, little Cameron, this is supposed to be punishment,” Mistress Sara said, knowing full well what she was doing to her shrunk and bound sub. 

She stood up and stepped over the little man over to her exercise bike which had a few more rubber bands hanging on the handle bars.  She grabbed two of them and then proceeded back to the workout bench.  This time, she took a seat on Cameron so that his nose was pressed between her ass-cheeks, allowing her slave to take in full breathes of her anus.

“Mmmmm!” moaned the bound submissive as he was introduced to her very smelly, warm, pheromone-rich anal-odor.

Meanwhile, Mistress Sara leaned forward a tad, and grabbed Cameron’s ball sack, which caused the shrunken man to squirm.  His fists were visible next to his hips, and they quivered as the giantess clutched and pulled on his sack with her large hand.  She proceeded to wrap a band very tightly around the base of his nuts, and pulled it tightly to make them bulge.  She tied the band, securing Cameron’s nuts within.

Next, she proceeded to stroke his shaft very gently to get it at its fullest engorgement.

“This may hurt a bit, Cameron,” she said, looking back behind her to address the slave beneath her ass. 

Mistress Sara proceeded to wrap another rubber band around the base of the penis’ helmet, pulling on it tightly, which squeezed more precum out.  She then held her index finger near the middle Cameron’s throbbing shaft.  With her left hand, she pulled on the dick so that it bent backwards over her finger.

“MMMMMPPP!!” Cameron exclaimed, feeling his dick pop in the middle as Mistress Sara proceeded to bind his cock to itself. 

With a huge smile on her face, Mistress Sara felt the tiny man’s rapid breathing between her cheeks, warming them up nicely.  She proceeded to rub and tickle the tortured, bound penis to keep it hard, despite the fact that it was bent back upon itself. 

“Aww, poor widdle Cameron…having to be punished by his mistress,” she said teasingly.  “Hey, at least you are being allowed to sniff my ass,” she said with a chuckle as she continued to poke, stroke, rub, and tease his restrained manhood.

Cameron was in a heavenly hell.  He loved the smell of Mistress Sara’s warm, fragrant ass.  And now, with his cock being bound, it was super-sensitive to her manipulations and teasing.  The more she played with him, the faster his breathing became.  He felt his cock trying to return to its normal, upright position, but the rubber band she had so masterfully used kept him bound held him firmly in check.

Mistress Sara then began to fondle his balls some, using her fingernails occasionally to lightly scratch and tease them.  Having slipped her finger in between his legs, she lightly dragged her long index fingernail up the scrotal nerve in his taint.  The tickling sensation caused him to jump as he was surprised by her nail.  She continued to drag her nail all the way up the thick cord of nerves that ran up the middle of his ball sack, and then up to his thick shaft. 

Cameron moaned with pleasure and pain at the attention, and wanted to spurt badly.  He then felt the mistress lift her feet from the floor and rest them on his legs, forcing him to bear most of her weight upon his face, which was pleasantly immersed in her ass.

The sounds of Cameron trying to inhale between her cheeks amused Mistress Sara.  She relished the feeling of having her sub sniff her ass.  She knew that this was torture for him in that he always enjoyed being able to lick her ass, or even be inserted within.  She continued to watch the bound cock flex and flare within the rubber band’s binding.  Making sure to not let him deflate, Mistress Sara proceeded to lean forward, readjusting herself on Cameron’s face to press his nose right against her anus, and continued to rub and play with his manhood for a moment.

“Oh, I have an idea!” she said, setting her feet on the floor and standing up. 

Cameron was able to breathe and recover some much needed oxygen as Mistress Sara went to the dresser drawer in the corner, opened it up, and pulled out an opaque bottle.  He was in a sub-space state of mind as the giantess took her seat once more upon his face.  She readjusted herself on his bound face to make sure his nose was back where it belonged…pressed against her asshole.

Mistress Sara popped open the bottle, which said KY on it.  She squirted a few drops onto his exposed cock and balls, and then closed the lid, setting the bottle on the floor.

“Mmmmmmm,” moaned the shrunken sub from beneath her crotch as Mistress Sara began to massage the warming lubricant on his manhood.

The feeling of the giantess’s hands caressing his package aided in the tingling warmth that quickly began to radiate through his midsection.  He didn’t know how much longer he’d be able to keep from exploding, but if this was Mistress Sara’s application of discipline, he’d happily accept this for the rest of his life.

Mistress Sara then leaned back and brought her feet up to Cameron’s cock.  She felt his breathing cease as her cheeks fully closed upon his nose.  Knowing that she had a few moments to tease him, she pinched the thickened, entrapped cock between her big and second toes of her right foot, and with the toes of her left foot, proceeded to squeeze and scrunch his bulging, reddened nuts sack.

“You’re all slipper now,” Mistress Sara said with a childish tone to her voice, relishing in the punishing attention she was able to give her favorite pet.

“MMMMM!!” Cameron moaned with pleasure at the new prodding.

Mistress Sara wrapped her arms around her knees, which were pulled back into her breasts, and clutched her hands together as she played with Cameron some more.  She felt the tiny man begin to squirm and struggle, his face completely immersed in her ass-cheeks. 

“MMMM!!!” grunted the shrunken man. 

The feeling of Mistress Sara’s toes playing with his cock would normally have sent him over the edge, but with the binding rubber band in place, he was being kept from ejaculating.  The giantess smiled as she felt his pliable testes within her toe’s clutches.  Cameron’s hands were trembling from the attention, and she knew that she had to let him get a breath.

Mistress Sara set her feet on the floor and scooted up off his face.  She heard the sounds of uninhibited inhales through Cameron’s nose, allowing him a few seconds of air.

“You’re doing so well, Cameron,” she said, looking back over her right shoulder at her red-faced sub, “but we’ve still got more punishment for you to endure.”

Cameron was in such a submissive state of mind as the warm, smelly, sweaty anus came back to press heavily upon his face.  He took a deep breath which was mostly mixed with ass-odor as his face was made to bear his mistress’s weight yet again.  A moment later, the intensity grew upon his face as the giantess converted him completely into her seat.  He felt her toes return to his bound, throbbing cock and balls, one set pinching around his pulsating half-chub shaft, and the other set of toes clutching and grasping at his balls again.  The continued presence of the warming stimulant was driving him crazy.


Mistress Sara couldn’t tell if her sub had just cried out in pain, or if it had been an expression of pleasure.  She could see precum beginning to drip from the nearly purple tip of her slave’s penis, having finally made its way through the constricted urethral tube.  She began to ease up on her teasing.  She didn’t want him to cum…yet.

To keep herself from temptation, Mistress Sara lowered her feet back to the floor, and she scooted up a smidge, readjusting herself to allow for Cameron to be able to breathe through his nose sufficiently between her cheeks.  She remained like that for a few moments, allowing her sub to catch his breath.  She watched his penis remain quite plump and throbbing, and a devious smile came across her face.

Cameron felt the weight of his giantess mistress lift from his face, and blinked a few times as he readjusted to the light.  Mistress Sara had stepped over the bench, and proceeded to pull on the knot on the band around his cock.

“MMmm!” he moaned as a dribble of his own precum flung out of the tip of his urethra and landed on his cheek.

Next, he felt the band around his balls release, and his package was able to flourish with full blood flow.  The giantess then proceeded to untie the band that had been over his mouth.

“How’s that condom-cleaning coming?” she asked.

Cameron opened his mouth as wide as he could, revealing the wad of latex within, which made Mistress Sara laugh.  She reached in and pulled it out. 

“I think it’s time you sucked on something else,” she said, tossing the spent condom to the floor.

She stepped back over the workbench and lowered her moistened womanhood upon Cameron’s shrunken but throbbing cock.

“AHHH!” the bound man exclaimed in ecstasy.

“I think it’s time I fucked you!” Mistress Sara said.

Mistress Sara was so overcome with her sex-drive she couldn’t contain herself any longer.  She brought her feet up to Cameron’s face, and proceeded to shove the big toe of her right foot into his mouth, which made his cheeks bulge.  She then placed her left foot on the side of Cameron’s face, her toes splaying as they slightly clutched at his skin in a pseudo-grip.  Despite the roof of his mouth being scraped slightly by her big toe, Cameron was lost in the world of his mistress’s moist pussy that immersed his cock.

“SUCK MY TOE, BITCH!” she exclaimed as she began to arch her back as she felt Cameron’s mouth create a much of a vacuum around her digit as possible while his tongue undulated against the underside.

The giantess then began to rock herself back and forth on his groin while rubbing her clit with her right hand and leaning back to support herself with her left arm.  She began to moan wildly, despite not being able to feel much of Cameron’s little cock.  It didn’t matter to her as she vigorously rubbed her clitoris.

“DON’T CUM!! DON’T YOU CUM, CAMERON!!” she exclaimed while breathing rapidly.

The bound sub’s face tensed up as his release was near.  He knew he wouldn’t last too much longer, but wasn’t sure how to keep from doing so.  It felt too good not to climax.

Sensing Cameron’s plight, Mistress Sara set her right hand on the bench as well, and then in a flash, pulled her toe out of his little mouth.  The giantess lifted herself off of his cock, and hastily lowered her wet pussy to his face, straddling the workout bench once more.  She then began to grind harder and harder on him.

“AAAHH!!  AAAAHHHH!!  FUUUCKK!! AAAAHHHH!!!!” the giant woman exclaimed, riding Cameron’s face to completion.

The shrunken man was immersed in her sweet, smelly, pungent discharge, which he graciously sucked in and lapped at.  His own cock, however, remained throbbing at attention, but left full of ammunition once more.

Mistress Sara continued to undulate on Cameron’s face for several moments while smiling and laughing.  Knowing that she had left her sub’s penis just in the nick of time before he climaxed was the ultimate punishment that she could administer to any man.  She enjoyed the feeling of his tongue lapping at her spasming vaginal walls and labia.  She fanned herself with her hand as she calmed down, catching her breath while smothering Cameron.  After several seconds, she stood up and stepped forward, turning around to observe Cameron and his package that glistened from her juices.

“Aw, you were so close, weren’t you?” she said, lifting her right foot and petting Cameron’s cheek with her toes.  “Well, maybe better luck next time, little man.”

Mistress Sara then took a seat once more on Cameron’s restrained face, and proceeded to pull her panties and jean-shorts up and over her knees.  As she remained seated on her sub, she also reached down and picked up her bra and t-shirt.  She took her time to get dressed, allowing Cameron to soak in her femininity a little while longer before standing up and finishing pulling up her panties and shorts.

Cameron lay still as his giantess-mistress proceeded to unbind all of the rubber bands from the bench one by one.  He felt them give as she freed him.  After collecting the nearly twenty bands, she proceeded to hang them back on the peg on the wall, and then approached Cameron.

“Sit up,” she said with a kind, soft voice.

Cameron sat up, his cock dripping from the lack of release.  Mistress Sara sat down next to him, and wrapped her arm around him, giving him a hug.  She caressed his head, holding it against her breasts as Cameron sniffled. 

“This will take a few minutes for us.  That was an intense session, wasn’t it?” she said.

“Yes…Mistress,” Cameron responded.

“You made me very happy so far today.  I was actually worried I had lost you when you weren’t on my ankle-chain earlier.  I needed a good excuse to fuck with you, though.  I hope my trampling wasn’t too harsh,” Mistress Sara said, looking down at half-sized man.

“N-n-no, no, Mistress.  You could never trample me too much, or too harshly, Mistress,” Cameron said, keeping his eyes closed as he enjoyed the intimacy that was building between the two.

It was moments like this that made him feel…loved.  That Mistress Sara would actually take the time to make sure that he was alright, after using him for her own pleasure and purpose.  The fact that she held him so closely, despite what he smelled like, made him feel valued and cherished.

“Good boy, my dear,” the giantess said, ending her hug and standing up.  “To help prepare for tonight, I have some chores for you to do.  I need that bench to be disinfected, and let me get some of the toys that will be used, too, so you can disinfect them.  They’ve already been sprayed after I used them last, but I’d rather make sure that they’re clean.”

Cameron watched as Mistress Sara picked up her KY, walked over to the dresser and put the lubricant back.  She then opened a closet door next to the dresser that he hadn’t noticed before, as it seemed to be an almost hidden door.  A moment later, she emerged with a spray bottle of green liquid, and a few white wash clothes. 

“Here, you can start with the bench, and I’ll get the other things,” she said, handing the bottle and cloths to Cameron, who hopped to the floor.

The bottle of liquid was quite heavy for his size, as it was also near half of his size, too.  A moment later, Mistress Sara walked back over with a bright pink silicone plumber’s elbow, for the lack of a better descriptor.  The contraption was about two-inches wide in circumference, and had a 90 degree bend in it.  Each side was of the openings was about four-inches in length.  Attached to the back of it was a set of black leather straps with metal studs, and two buckles.  It became apparent to Cameron that this was a strap-on implement that was meant to accommodate a shrunken submissive.

“We’re going to have so much fun tonight, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said, smiling down at the shrunken man.  “I’m going to go upstairs and start getting ready.  This needs to be clean inside and out.  Also, you’ll want to put some Vaseline in this little slit here,” she said, pointing to a slot towards the inner elbow’s joint, “because your little dick will stick out there, and well, I don’t want you to chafe.”

Cameron gulped as his anticipation for the evening’s activities began to build.  He watch Mistress Sara set the strap-on down on another bench nearby.  She then set the jar of Vaseline next to it, as well.

“When you’re done cleaning up down here, come find me upstairs.  I need to get you cleaned up so you’re presentable to the ladies, tonight,” Mistress Sara said before turning and walking out of the dungeon area.


Chapter 4 - Party Night Preparation by dilbertaco

Cameron made his way up the large steps to the top floor of Mistress Sara’s house.  He had spent almost an hour trying to wrestle through getting the spray bottle of disinfectant to spray, as his diminished size meant that his muscle mass was that much less as well.  He caught a shadow of movement as the result of someone walking in front of a window down the hall coming from the master bedroom area.  Believing it to be his mistress, Cameron got on all fours and crawled towards the open door.  He noticed the bathroom light was open, and the sounds of shower being turned on were heard.  As he continued to crawl forward, he felt footfalls vibrate on the floor, and the giantess-mistress stood naked in the doorway.

“Oh, good!  I was just going to call you up to take a shower with me,” Mistress Sara said with a smile.

Cameron was quite nervous and anxious at the prospect.  He couldn’t help but take in her well-endowed breasts and hour-glass figure.  A small patch of trimmed bush adorned her groin, and her feet, well, they were beautiful. 

“C’mon,” the giantess said, turning after she smiled.

Cameron watched the giantess’s beautiful ass-cheeks bounce gently as she walked back in to the bathroom.  He stood up and followed, watching Mistress Sara pull open the glass door to the walk-in shower.  He could use some good cleaning, as he was covered in foot-sweat, saliva, and Robert’s cum.

The water cascaded off Mistress Sara’s body as she stood under the rain-shower.  It splattered down on the little three-foot tall man, who was slightly taller than her small pubic bush, which was about mouth-level to him.  He was having a hard time keeping his eyes off the sexy woman’s body, and his little member was hardening quickly.

“Like what you see?” Mistress Sara asked with a chuckle.

Cameron felt embarrassed and tried to cover his manhood, shying away.

“It’s alright, Cameron.  I mean, I’ve taken you to the edge so many times already.  I’m really surprised you haven’t exploded yet,” she said as she dispensed some shampoo into her hand and began to apply it.

Cameron stood in silence, staring down at Mistress Sara’s feet in admiration.  A few moments later, soap and bubbles began to trail down her legs and into the drain on the slippery tile floor as she rinsed her hair.

“Here, I need to get you good and clean for our company that’ll be here in a couple of hours,” the giant beauty said.

Mistress Sara squeezed out some body wash onto her hand and knelt down.  She applied it with the open palm of her hand and began to rub it against Cameron’s chest, then stomach, and then groin. 

“Wow, you’re really really hard, aren’t you?” she asked, noting just how stiff Cameron’s erection was when her soapy hand brushed over it. 

The small man moaned with an erotic sigh as he closed his eyes.  Mistress Sara was enjoying the intimacy of the moment as she lightly stroked his little cock between her index finger and thumb.

“Should I purge you now, little Cameron?” she asked with a sultry, seductive voice as she continued to play with his hardened prick.

“If you wish…Mistress Sara,” Cameron responded, winded from the sexual arousal.

“Nah,” the beautiful blonde said with a big smile, “I’ll let you purge later.  Pretty sure that some of the games that I have planned for you will take you well over the edge.”

Cameron remained standing, slathered in soap and bubble as Mistress Sara stood up to rinse herself as well.  The shrunken man was splattered with cascading water droplets off of the giantess’s hard body.  Mistress Sara stepped out of the way of the waterfall shower head, and prompted Cameron to step in to the falling water’s path by placing her open palm on the back of his head to encourage him.

With his eyes closed, Cameron allowed for the warm, cleansing water to remove the copious amounts of dirt and filth from his hair and body.  He tilted his head back for a moment as Mistress Sara’s hands helped scrub off the soapsuds.  He tensed when her hand and fingers brushed across his sensitive prick, causing her to chuckle.

After the shower, Mistress Sara proceeded to towel off the shrunken three-foot-tall man.

“Lay down on the floor.  I’m going to stand on you while I dry off,” instructed the naked giantess.

Cameron obliged, laying down on a white fluffy bath mat in front of the shower.  Mistress Sara’s wet left foot lifted and proceeded to force his head to his left.  Wincing with pain, Cameron felt the giantess step up on his skull, and a moment later, her wet and warm right foot lay on his stomach. 

Mistress Sara smiled as she watched her submissive slave lay in absolute and complete compliance, enduring the giantess who stood on him.  She slowly toweled herself off, taking her time to ensure that her back, arms, breasts, ass, and crotch were completely dry. 

As his head remained beneath his mistress’s left foot, Cameron watched the shadowed tips of her toes flex occasionally as her drying efforts caused her weight to shift slightly here and there.  After a few minutes, he saw the towel shake around her foot as she dried it off. 

Mistress Sara proceeded to fold the towel and hang it up on the towel rack that was within reach.  With her hair still wet, she stepped off of Cameron and straddled him at the shoulders.

“Cameron, can you tell me if my pussy stinks?” she asked with a smile, and squatted down upon his upright face.

“Mmmmm…” moaned the submissive as he felt his mistress’s warm, moist labia envelop his face.  He took a long, drawn-out sniff, enjoying the fragrant, feminine odors contained within.

A few moments later, Mistress Sara stood up, looking down at her slave.

“Well?  Does it stink?” she asked.

“No, Mistress Sara.  Not to me, anyway,” Cameron replied, which prompted the giant woman to smile.

“Good.  How about my ass?” she asked, stepping over Cameron’s upper body to turn around.

Cameron’s eyes widened as Mistress Sara lowered her nice rounded ass to his face, allowing his nose easy access to her anal sphincter as she clutched her cheeks and spread them.


Mistress Sara smiled as she watched Cameron’s cock quickly achieve full-attention.  She loved how she could turn him on with her natural odors that she produced, whether it was her pussy, ass, or her feet.  She felt the cooler air get drawn in to his nose, and then followed by the warm exhales against her ass-cheeks.  After a few breathes, she stood up and turned around.


“It smells divine, Mistress Sara,” Cameron answered.


 After drying off, Mistress Sara continued to use Cameron as her personal step-stool while she proceeded to get ready.  As she stood in front of the mirror in her elaborate bathroom, the giantess, with her bath towel wrapped around her breasts, and a towel wrapped around her long blonde hair, stood with her left foot on Cameron’s head, forcing it to its left, and her right foot upon his stomach and groin.  Despite the pain, Cameron was content to be trampled by Mistress Sara as she applied her makeup.

The shrunken man groaned lightly as the giantess leaned forward to apply some lipstick, which made the giantess mistress smile. 

“You doing alright down there?” she asked, nudging Cameron’s head with her footpad a few times.

“HRRGH!...Yes, Mistress!” he answered, struggling and straining from the weight that was applied to his midsection while she gently petted his head for a moment.

Mistress Sara’s foot then pressed back down upon his head, forcing half of her weight upon his skull as she distributed herself equally between her feet.  She put her lipstick away and then proceeded to grab her eyeliner.  Meticulously, she applied it to her eyelids, and then proceeded to apply some mascara. 

A moment later, she shifted her weight and adjusted her feet so that she stood fully upon Cameron’s chest and head.

“HHRGGH!” Cameron exclaimed with a winded and strained exhale, which once again amused Mistress Sara.

“We’re going to have soo much fun tonight, my pet,” the giantess said as she delicately applied the dark mascara to her eyelashes.  “I have four of my best gal-pals coming over to play some games that I’m putting together, and they all involve you.”

As the giantess stood on his three-foot-tall frame, Cameron’s reddened face was unable to reflect the anticipation he felt upon hearing that there would be five other women who would be participating in the evening.  Mistress Sara stood upright once more, causing Cameron to grunt beneath the change in the weight that bore down upon his head and chest.  Hearing his strain beneath her, Mistress Sara snickered to herself.

“There’s Mistress Megan,” she said as she continued to fine-tune her makeup.  “Now, I have to warn you, she’s an expert at using high heels to break her slaves.  Good luck with that!  Mistress Megan helped get me into this business after my husband had shrunk himself and hid in my sneakers.  I’ve known her for a long time, and but didn’t know that she was a dominatrix.  One day, I told her about my husband’s giantess-fetish, and she was all about that.  Helped me double, triple, and even quadruple-team my husband.  Her sisters-in-law, which are also good friends of mine, we all just went to town on him with our heels for like two-hours.  She is the only person who I will let, to this day, shrink me and use me as she sees fit.  She’s just…incredible.  You’ll love her!”

Mistress Sara set her mascara down and proceeded to pick up some foundation.  Using a brush, she began to apply it as she continued telling Cameron about the plans.

“And who else…oh, Goddess Kristine!  I play with her on my softball team.  She’s amazing!  Loves to trample, but her specialty is definitely insertion!  Okay, so one time, I made a bet with her that whichever one of us had the most hits during a softball season – this was last season – would get to use the loser for a weekend as their personal shrink-slave.  I lost.  So, I guess, there’s two people in this world that I would let shrink me.  I spent sooo much time in her pussy and ass.  And her husband, Eric, fucked her several times while I was inside her.  I’m tempted to ask her for another one-on-one session, but, submission isn’t really MY thing, you know?  I like being the one in control, but sometimes, even I need a break and need to experience the ‘other side’ to maintain my own balance,” Mistress Sara said, continuing to apply her blush while talking to Cameron. 

After setting her brush and blush back down on the counter, Mistress Sara turned slightly to continue telling Cameron about her friends.

“Let’s see…oh, Mistress Brittney!  She’s bad-ass with her high heels, too!  I’ve known her for YEARS!  She, too, was brought into the business by Mistress Megan.  One night, a bunch of my friends trampled the shit out of my husband, and Brittney and her husband took part in it.  She doesn’t do GTS as a side-job or anything.  It’s mainly when I need a second or third mistress.  It’s been a while since I’ve needed her, so she may be a bit rusty, but I know you won’t be disappointed,” said the giantess, her left foot lifting and turning ninety degrees so that Cameron’s face was visible from beneath her arch.

“And lastly…Goddess Samantha!” Mistress Sara said with excitement as she proceeded to bring her right foot over to Cameron’s head and rest it on top of her left, making her sub bear her entire weight upon his skull. “She’s TALL!  Like near six-foot tall!  I forgot to mention that Kristine is also tall, too, but Goddess Samantha!!  OH!  She’s soo beautiful!  She has LONG red hair, and a body that makes ME jealous!  She’s an all-round talented giantess-mistress, and she loves to have her feet worshipped.  So, I think with all of these ladies, you are in for a real treat tonight.”

Mistress Sara, upon hearing Cameron grunt and groan, finally stepped down off his head, and remained standing over him. 

“Turn your face up.  I’m going to dry my hair,” the beautiful blond mistress instructed.

Cameron complied, turning his head to face upright.

“Yes, Mistress Sara,” he responded, closing his eyes as the giant woman placed her left foot upon his face so that the arch of her foot rested upon the bridge of his nose, covering his eyes and forehead.

“HRGHMMP!” grunted Cameron as he felt Mistress Sara step full-weight upon his face, bringing her right foot to lay across his mouth and chin, sealing off his nostrils to air with the arch.

A moment later, Mistress Sara unwrapped her hair towel, and clicked on the loud blow dryer.  As he lay beneath his goddess’s feet, Cameron was feeling so incredibly turned on.  His little cock, which had been teased and taunted for nearly twenty hours without release, pleasantly “rose to the occasion”.

A few moments later, after Mistress Sara finished drying her hair and brushing it out, she stepped her right foot off of Cameron’s face onto his chest, allowing him to breathe for a moment before her weight restricted his inhale.

“Now, now, Cameron.  I see that you’re very excited about tonight, so in order for me to make sure you don’t prematurely play with yourself and cum, I’m going to have to secure you, and your ‘little package’ so I can finish getting ready,” explained Mistress Sara as she looked down at her slave, her left foot still covering the upper half of his face.

“Yes..Mistress…” Cameron said with a winded voice.


Having been shrunk down to four inches in size, Cameron lay spread-eagle on top of Mistress Sara’s dresser as she had instructed him to.  Nearby lay a set of magnifying glasses, like the type that a jeweler might use to evaluate a precious gem, as well as two pairs of pincer-tweezers.

The giantess stood before him, looking down at him with a big smile on her face.  She held up a long, thin strand of black thread between her hands.  Cameron watched as the beautiful face of his giantess mistress reflected a look of mischief.  She turned her attention to what she was doing as her hands fell below his view.  A moment later, the giantess had produced a very small loop on the end of the thread.

“Lay still, Cameron.  This is for your own good.  I will decide when you are allowed to cum or experience an erection.  Understood?” Mistress Sara stated, her question ending with a disciplinarian’s tone.

“Yes, Mistress.  As you wish, Mistress,” Cameron answered.

There was something so erotic about being shrunk to such a small size.  It seemed that his nerves were hyper-sensitive to touch when he was this size or smaller.  His body lightly trembled and quivered as Mistress Sara lowered the threaded loop down upon his manhood.  With her fingernails, the giantess proceeded to pull on the loop, tightening it gently to ensure that the thread was completely beneath his balls and around the base of his genitals.  Cameron felt the thread tighten around his manhood to the point it became uncomfortable.

“There we go.  That’s the first part, Cameron.  Now, I’m going to tie this tightly around your little cock and balls so that you are able to keep your discipline.  Understood?” said Mistress Sara, reflecting the previous tone of her last statement.

“Y-y-yes, Mistress,” Cameron said, quivering from the lack of release and the attention his junk was receiving.

Mistress Sara then wrapped the thread several times around the base of his balls and shaft, pulling on it fairly tightly.  As she held the string, she donned her magnifying glasses before she picked up one of the tweezers with her right hand.  A moment later…

“AAAAHH!!  HRRRGHH!!” exclaimed the shrunken man as he felt the cold stainless steel tweezers clamp around his left testicle.

The giantess chuckled lightly to herself as she gently pulled on his nut, and then proceeded to wrap the thread four times around the stretched sack, securing it quite tightly. 

“Keep still, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said, issuing the challenge to her shrunken sub.

Cameron’s hands flopped up and down a few times to help distract him from the discomfort he was experiencing.  Mistress Sara continued to hold the string, switching hands with their respective items, and then proceeded to apply the tweezers to her slave’s right testicle.

The shrunken man winced in pain as the feeling of the pinched ball heavily tested his pain tolerance.  Mistress Sara then proceeded to entangle the testicle within several tight strands of thread, and pulled it tight.

“You’re doing good, Cameron,” she said, encouraging the little 4” man.

Mistress Sara then brought the tweezers to clench around Cameron’s tiny dick head, and pulled it upward.  The pinching pressure made some precum dribble down as the little man tensed with pain, much to the amusement of his mistress.

He felt the fine thread, which was thick as nylon rope to his size, began to twirl around his stretched shaft multiple times.

“This will feel familiar to you,” the giantess said.

With the lower half of his cock enshrouded in black thread, Cameron felt the tight, constricting pull administered by Mistress Sara as she also picked up the other pair of tweezers with the same hand that held the end of the thread.  She continued to smile at her slave as she masterfully used both tweezers in harmony to bend Cameron’s cock in half, forcing it to lay back on itself once again.

“AAHH!” Cameron cried out, his balls aching from their chastity.

Mistress Sara then proceeded to bind Cameron’s penis tightly within the thread, wrapping it up over a dozen times.  She then used the thread to reinforce some of her other efforts around the tiny set of balls, and finished it off with a few more wraps around the base of his package again.  Content with Cameron’s chastity, the giantess proceeded to tie off the thread at the base of Cameron’s scrotum.  She then removed her magnifying glasses and set them nearby with her tweezers.

Since there was still plenty of thread left, she bare her teeth and lowered them to the little quivering sub’s entrapped manhood.  Cameron exclaimed with great and painful arousal as the giantess’s warm breath washed over him.  Her ruby-red lips gently rubbed against his stomach for a moment. He felt the saliva-soaked ivories of the giant mouth brush against his highly sensitive balls as she bit the thread just past the knot that she had tied.  It was a very intimate moment for the little man, watching just how the giant, beautiful blonde-haired woman owned him with such grace and mastery.

Mistress Sara stood back up with a smile on her face, discarding the strand of thread nearby on the top of the dresser.

“There, that’ll discourage you from climaxing.  You belong to me…all of you…your little dick, too.  That means that I will tell you when you are allowed to be aroused.  ‘Yes, Mistress’?” she said, looking down at her sub with a demanding and domineering look.

“Y-yes, Mistress!” Cameron answered, his voice breaking slightly from the arousing discomfort in his groin.

“Good.  Now, to make sure that you don’t try to get out of that chastity, I need to secure you further,” said the giantess, who proceeded to reach and pick Cameron up by his right ankle.

Cameron dangled like from the giantess’s grip upside down.  His arms hung past his head, and he looked down, watching Mistress Sara’s massive, beautiful feet traverse the lush carpeting of her bedroom, which was replaced with the nice hardwood floor of the hallway.  She held him out at arm’s length, as if she were disgusted by him, as she walked. 

Mistress Sara walked in to the day-lit living area, naked, which was something she did on a regular basis.  She walked over to an end-table near the long leather couch and pulled open a drawer.  Cameron watched as the giantess proceeded to grab a tape dispenser, and closed the drawer.  Having the need to tape slaves to various items, body parts, or footwear, Mistress Sara was in the regular practice of keeping scotch tape handy throughout the house.

She proceeded to take a seat on the leather couch, lowering Cameron to the hardwood floor at her feet.

“Spread-eagle,” was all that she needed to say.

Cameron instantly complied, splaying his arms and legs appropriately.  A few moments later, he was completely secure to the floor, each of his appendages held tightly down by tape.

Without a word, Mistress Sara stood up and proceeded to walk back to her bedroom to finish getting dressed, leaving her shrunken sub taped to the floor with his cock and balls tightly secured in a binding chastity.


Chapter 5 - The Game's Afoot by dilbertaco
Author's Notes:

Multi-girl giantesses!!

Having dozed off shortly after Mistress Sara taped him to the floor, Cameron stirred to the sounds of high heels clacking across the hardwood floor, which trembled strongly with each approaching footfall.  It took him a moment to recall the source of the aching in his groin.  His giantess mistress had tied his balls and shaft up in some very fine thread to keep him from ejaculating without her permission. 

The giant, massive, ground-shaking footfalls got louder as they got closer.  The shrunken man blinked his eyes heavily a few times to encourage the fog in his mind to clear up.  His eyes quickly came into focus upon the beautiful giantess who stepped over him.  Her massive size 9 stiletto boots rested closely to either side of his naked frame as she stood straddling his restrained form.

“Well?  How do I look?” Mistress Sara asked, standing with her left arm on her hip. 

Cameron was stunned by the giant woman’s gorgeous looks.  Mistress Sara was wearing a black sleeveless cocktail dress that ended in the middle of her thighs.  It completely concealed her breasts and cleavage, but accentuated her hips and natural curves just right.  Her legs were adorned with sheer black silky thigh highs held up by garter belts that were only slightly evident beneath her dress.  Her feet were adorned with black high heel stiletto boots that were suede, except the heel and stem, which were a faux snake skin.

“B-b-beautiful…mistress,” the shrunken and restrained submissive said.

<DING-DONG> went the doorbell, which prompted the giantess to step over Cameron and walk to the door.  For a few long moments, as he lay taped to the hardwood floor, and as his back ached from laying prone on an unpadded surface, all Cameron could hear was the sounds of warm greetings, laughter, and many female voices that slowly began to get louder as the group of women made their way into the large house.  The sounds of the voices were frequently broken by the clacking of high heels on the floor.

“So…this is my favorite pet, Cameron.  He LOVES feet, pussy, and ass.  Just a typical guy, I guess,” Mistress Sara said to some chuckles from the ladies that gathered around.  “But, actually, he’s my favorite pet because whenever I’ve conducted sessions with him, he makes it about me and what I want to do to him and with him, instead of what he wants.”

“Those are the best slaves,” said a tall, beautiful red head woman.

“We’re going to have some fun with you, little man,” said another woman, who appeared to be of oriental origin.

“Cameron, I would like to introduce my friends, and your mistresses for the evening.  This is Goddess Samantha,” Mistress Sara said, putting her hand on the right shoulder of the tall red head. 

Goddess Samantha had long, flame red hair that went to the middle of her back.  She had nice curled bangs over her forehead and sexy green eyes.  Her skin was a dark-tone for a ginger, indicating that she was more of a “daywalker” than a true ginger.  She had ample breasts and curvy hips that were accentuated by her form-fitting dress.  She was tall, standing nearly 5’11”, but in the platform heels she was wearing, it pushed her up to 6’5”.  She wore a skimpy red bodycon covered in matching red lace, making it resemble a very form-fitting, mid-thigh-length nighty.  She wore black silky nylons, and her feet were clad with patent red-leather “stripper” heels with red leather T-straps around her ankles and leather vamps over her toes.  The platforms and stilettos added six inches to her height, and she towered over almost all of the other women around her.  Almost all, except…

“This is Mistress Kristine, my softball teammate and fellow mistress,” Mistress Sara said, gesturing with her hand to the other tall woman who stood next to Goddess Samantha.

Mistress Kristine was tall, standing at 5’10”.  She was wearing a black, form-fitting cocktail dress with short sleeves.  She also wore black nylons, and her feet were adorned with patent leather platform stilettos, but not over-the-top tall like Goddess Samantha.  She had shoulder-length light brown hair and hazel eyes.

“This is my long-time friend, Mistress Brittney,” Mistress Sara said as she proceeded to indicate the oriental-woman.

Mistress Brittney was definitely shorter than the first two ladies.  Standing about 5’2”, Mistress Brittney had long, jet-black hair down to the middle of her back.  She had an olive complexion to her round oriental face, brown eyes, and a nice, shapely figure.  She wore a traditional little black dress, tan nylons, and black patent leather heels that helped boost her height some.  She also wore a white orb necklace and matching bracelet.

“And then this is my Mistress.  The woman who showed me how to dominate and truly rule over men.  Mistress Megan,” said the giantess hostess, looking at the woman who stood opposite her.

Mistress Megan had black hair, but was short and curly.  She had brown eyes and creamy skin.  She was average height, standing 5’6”, and wore a crème blouse, black miniskirt, tan nylons, and teal-green high heels.

“That’s right!  I’m your mistress, and don’t you forget it!” Mistress Megan said with a smile, spurning the rest of the ladies to chuckle. 

It was clear to Cameron that Mistress Megan and Mistress Sara had a unique sub/dom/switch relationship.  He gulped as he was surrounded by the group of giantesses who all looked down at him as if he were a piece of edible, delectable cheesecake.

“So, who’s thirsty?  I’ve got wine and finger foods in the kitchen.  Let’s load up and let the games begin!”

“Look at his little dick,” pointed out Goddess Samantha, noting its restraints, which prompted some giggles from the others before they all proceeded to walk to the kitchen area, filling the cavernous house with the sounds of multiple high heels clacking on the floor.

Cameron was left unmolested and ignored for several minutes while the ladies were in the other room tasting wine and noshing on some appetizers.  Their laughter and chatter carried through the house as they had a good time.  After a while, though, the talking ceased, and the sounds of high heels once again traversing through the house filled the space.

“Alright, little one,” Mistress Sara said as she stood by Cameron’s right side, looking down at him. 

She bent forward, kneeling slightly while brushing her blonde hair back behind her ear.  Her smile alleviated any and all fear or apprehension that Cameron had.

“The first game we’re going to play is a foot-sniffing game.  We’re all going to go for a walk around the block for a few minutes to get our feet nice and warm and sweaty, even though I believe most of us have worn our nylons at least two or three times this week, but we want to get them nice and potent for you and your chastity.  When we get back, we’ll make you smell our feet, and you have to guess whose foot you’re smelling.  If you get it wrong, the mistress you guessed it was will get to step on you, and she’ll get one point, while the mistress whose foot you’re being made to smell will get two points.  If you guess the mistress correctly, they will get ten points, but then be eliminated from the game.  The mistress with the most points will get to use you to massage their feet, and the loser will have to drink from Cameron’s little itty-bitty cock.  See you soon, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said.

The giantess put her index and middle finger to her lips and kissed, then proceeded to touch her fingers to Cameron’s restrained body.  The tiny four-inch man watched as Mistress Sara and the gaggle of giant women proceeded to walk towards the front door, conversations starting up about having to walk around in high heels.  A moment later, the house was silent, and Cameron was left all alone as the anticipation of being made to smell the giantess’s feet caused his restricted manhood to try to engorge.


Sounds of high heels quickly filled the entryway a split-second after the door opened.  Mistress Sara led her friends back to her living room, where, taped to the floor in a spread eagle fashion, lay her pet-sub Cameron.  As the other ladies went to get their wine glasses from the kitchen and refill them, Mistress Sara proceeded to open the drawer in the end table where she had previously kept her roll of scotch tape, but this time, produced a dark-brown bottle of liquid.

Cameron watched as his giantess mistress stepped over him and took a seat on the leather sofa, her stiletto boots framing a lot of his vision, along with the giantess’s sexy, shapely nylon-clad legs.

“Close your eyes, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said as she unscrewed the lid of the bottle, which Cameron noticed said “Liquid Bandage”.

The shrunken man watched as Mistress Sara removed the cap of the bottle, which had a long white plastic tube attached to it that ended in a fine black application brush.  As the giantess proceeded to lower the tip, saturated with the thick liquid, towards him, Cameron closed his eyes.  A moment later, he felt the application of the sticky, goop-laden brush over his eyes and bridge of his nose as Mistress Sara painted an even stroke upon his face.  He then felt her warm breath blow over him, causing him to flinch with anticipation, and could feel the tension of the liquid seize upon his skin quickly. 

Mistress Sara quickly applied a second layer, blew it dry with her breath for a few moments, and then applied a third and final layer of the thick, liquid bandage upon Cameron’s eyes.

“Cameron, try opening your eyes,” Mistress Sara instructed as the sounds of high-heel-clad-feet filled the room as the other giantesses joined her.

After a few moment of trying, Cameron responded,

“I can’t, Mistress Sara.”

“Perfect,” she said, and stood up.

Cameron felt her walk away as she asked,

“Alright, now everyone needs to keep track of their points,” Mistress Sara said. “Who wants to be first?”

As the sounds of stilettos rapping against the hardwood floor filled his tiny little ears, Cameron felt the anticipation building quickly within him.  His restrained balls and shaft were very sensitive.  The floor gently vibrated to the footfalls of the approaching giantess, and a sudden <CLACK> of a heel to his left alerted him that the giantess had stepped over his shrunken, restrained form.  The leather sofa creaked gently as the giantess sat down.  The sound of a high heel being discarded to his right let him know that he was about to be put to the test. 

A split-second later, Cameron’s olfactory senses were flooded with a very pungent foot-odor. He could feel the heat emanating off the nylon-clad foot-flesh that seemed to hover just millimeters above his naked body. 


Cameron inhaled a long whiff of the giantess’s smelly foot.  As he did so, other high heel footfalls could be heard as the ladies who sat in other chairs or other couches got comfortable.  Mistress Sara returned to the room with a glass of wine in her hand, taking a sip.  She took a seat opposite of the challenge throne.

“Whose foot are you smelling?” came the questioning prompt from his mistress from across the room.

“Uh…Goddess Samantha?” he guessed.

“Nope, that is incorrect,” Mistress Sara said, much to the delight of the ladies in the room.

Cameron felt the presence of the hot, sweaty, smelly foot-mass disappear from hovering over him, and the sounds of it returning to its shoe could be heard.  At the same time, footfalls of an approaching giantess could be felt, and much to his surprise, Cameron felt the tremendous crush of the giantess’s large size 11 platform shoe upon his restrained frame.

“HRRRGMMMP!!” he exclaimed as Goddess Samantha took her step on him as part of the game.

Goddess Samantha finished taking her step and took her seat once more as Cameron coughed from having the wind crushed out of him.  Before he could finish recuperating, the large, smelly, nylon-clad foot returned to hovering over him, baptizing him its foul, funky odor.

“Sniff it long and hard, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said, encouraging her slave.

Cameron felt the foot lower upon his naked body completely.  It was quite warm, and the nylon webbing easily slid upon him.


“Whose foot are you smelling?” Mistress Sara asked.

The foot lifted gently from Cameron’s now reddened body.

“Um…Mistress…Mistress Brittney?”

“Nope, that is incorrect,” said Mistress Sara with a bit of a smile.

Cameron tried to brace for another crushing step.  Being unable to see made his senses even keener to pain, and sure enough…


The giantess took a step on him, causing him to lose his breath and see stars as she slowly transferred her weight onto and then off of Cameron.

As Mistress Brittney walked away, Cameron was left huffing and puffing in her wake.  Once more, before he could recover, he was immersed in the giantess’s warm, strong-smelling foot.  More sniffing, which made his sensitive and restrained chastity ache for engorgement.

“Whose foot are you smelling?” inquired Mistress Sara.


“Nope, that is incorrect,” Mistress Sara responded as the other ladies in the room laughed and giggled.

The large foot floated away once again, and approaching high heels could be heard.


Cameron was once more subjected to a massive crush beneath the beautiful giantess who proceeded to stand full-weight on her one foot for several seconds.  Mistress Kristine watched Cameron’s hand, which was visible from beneath her shoe, clench in a fist, then splay open, grasping at the hardwood floor as he endured the long, oppressive step.  With a smile on her face, she stepped off, leaving Cameron shaking in pain.

The warm, sweaty, smelly foot came to rest once more on the shrunken sub who quivered in pain.  A few sniffs of the foot, though, seemed to help settle him down.  He even kissed and licked the nylon strands, which continued to rub gently against his sensitive chastity.

As he took another sniff, Cameron was trying to remember who else was there.  Finally, he recalled Mistress Megan.

“Whose foot are you smelling?” asked Mistress Sara.

“Mistress Megan!” he answered excitedly.

“Nope, that is incorrect,” came the response from the voice across the room, joined by multiple laughs and giggles.

“But..” said Cameron as a large shoe came crushing down upon his tiny body.  He was once again winded, made to see stars as Mistress Megan took her step.

As he coughed and groaned from the step, Cameron lay confused.  A moment later, the nylon-clad foot came to rest upon him once more. 

“How could you NOT recognize the smell of MY FOOT!?!?!” exclaimed Mistress Sara, whose voice sounded much louder and from directly above him.

Cameron lay embarrassed beneath his mistress’s foot, inhaling it deeply for several seconds.

“NOW, whose foot are you sniffing?!?!” the giantess mistress inquired.

“Mistress Sara’s?” he asked with great confusion.

The ladies all burst out laughing as Mistress Sara slid her foot back into her stiletto boot and zipped it up.

“Yes, finally!!  I recorded those two sayings on a phone so that I could trick you.  I thought for sure you’d recognize my foot odor right away, but I guess my trick worked!  I now have eighteen points!!” she said as she stood up. 

Cameron felt multiple footsteps shake the floor as it seemed like a game of musical chairs was being played.  A moment later, a pair of high heels clacked against hardwood floor on either side of him.  Once again, the leather sofa groaned from a new occupant.  The sound of a shoe being discarded nearby was quickly followed by a large, smelly, hot presence that rest fully upon his naked body.

The smell was quite pungent, and actually off-putting.  As he took a deep inhale of the foul odor, Cameron realized that he had been so immersed with Mistress Sara’s foot odor that it was as if all other foot odors were…repulsive.


“Alright, my slave,” said Mistress Sara, whose voice emanated from a different part of the room, “whose foot are you sniffing?”



“WOW! Good job, little slave,” Mistress Sara said, as some of the ladies sat around with an impressed look on their face.

“<SIGH>, I only got eleven points!  I was really looking forward to using you to massage my feet,” Mistress Kristine said with a bit of a pouty face as she gently slid her large nylon-clad foot up and down Cameron’s sensitive body.

“HAHA!” exclaimed Mistress Sara, “you’ll probably have to suck my slave off!”

Mistress Kristine shot Mistress Sara a look of annoyance and disgust, but was quickly followed by a smile.

The tiny man visibly tensed as he felt the warm, moist, smelly massive size ten foot glide over his restrained and highly sensitive cock, which yearned to grow to its full size.  The aching within Cameron’s groin was mixed with tremendously erotic pleasure.  Then, the giantess proceeded to stand up while stepping on the tiny man, crushing the air out of the poor, unsuspecting foot-slave for a few moments before Kristine slipped her foot back into her patent leather heel.

Cameron lay winded on the floor, unable to see the next giantess whose feet were clad in tan nylons and black patent leather stilettos as well.  He was able to recuperate from having the wind crushed out of him just in time for the large, warm, smelly nylon-clad foot to descend upon him.  The tiny man lay with his face immersed within the fragrant sole of the large, moist foot that gently rubbed upon him.  For several long moments, Cameron took deep, full inhales of the beautiful giantess’s foot, which lifted slightly off of him as he heard Mistress Sara prompt him for his guess.

“Um…” Cameron began, trying to recall the options that were available to him.  “Um…Goddess Samantha?”

“Wrong!” Mistress Sara said, laughing as she watched her very tall and sexy friend, Goddess Samantha, stand up and begin to walk towards her shrunken slave.

Cameron felt the warmth of the foot disappear as the heavy footfalls of the stiletto-clad feet approached, getting louder and louder.  He had no idea until the oppressive crushing pain of the giantess’s shoe stepped upon his naked body.

“HHRRGHMPP!” he momentarily exclaimed with audible pain as he was stepped on by the giant, beautiful red-headed woman. 

Thankfully for Cameron, the footfall was quick, and Goddess Samantha chuckled as she finished her step and returned to her seat.  Coughing as he struggled to get his wind back, the shrunken man felt the large nylon-clad foot rest upon his reddened, aching body once more.

“Sniff that foot good, Cameron.  You don’t want to be stepped on again, do you?” Mistress Sara admonished her foot slave.


A moment later, Cameron’s giantess-mistress instructed him to guess again. 

“Uh…Mistress Megan?”

The room filled with raucous laughter once again, and Cameron felt the large foot lift completely away from him and the sounds and vibrations of footfalls upon the hardwood floor could be felt. 

“Sorry, slave, but wrong again,” Mistress Sara said with an amused tone as she shook her head.

Cameron tried to brace himself for being stepped on, but trusting only the feelings of the floor shaking still mislead him into believing Mistress Megan was further away than she actually was.

“HRRGMPP!!” cried Cameron as he was crushed with ease beneath Mistress Megan’s teal green high heel.

The tiny man was seeing stars as the giantess, whose face was full of happy smiles, proceeded to balance herself solely upon her foot, lifting the opposing leg back behind her at the knee.  Cameron’s body ached for several seconds before Mistress Megan mercifully stepped forward off of him.  Once again, he coughed as he tried to regain his breath, and was quickly immersed within the tan nylon-clad toes that cupped his skull this time, forcing his face into the stinky toe-crevice.

Cameron was overwhelmed by the pungent foot odor, and was feeling dizzy from the strong smell, as well as being trampled by giantesses. 

“Whose left?!?!” Cameron went through the list of giantesses in his mind.  “I’ve eliminated Mistress Sara and Mistress Kristine.  I was wrong with Goddess Samantha and Mistress Megan.  That leaves…just Mistress Brittney!”

The toes relaxed their grip upon Cameron’s tiny head, which fell back to the hardwood floor with a slight bounce.

“Alright, my little pet.  Guess who?” Mistress Sara said with a big smile.

“Mistress Brittney!” Cameron said with some relief.

“Took you long enough!” Mistress Brittney said as she slipped her foot back into her patent leather stiletto and stood up. 

Cameron felt the large shoe slap down upon his naked body a few times before he felt the floor vibrate beneath her feet as she walked away and another set of high-heel-clad feet approach.  Once more, he sensed the giant footfalls straddle his tiny body.  A moment later, his sensitive body was immersed in warm nylon-encased foot-flesh.


The smell was so erotic that Cameron’s bound and restrained penis ached as it tried to throb to an erection.  He groaned with some discomfort, but was pleasantly aroused at the strong, corny foot odor.  It made him light-headed and somewhat dizzy as he took in several more deep inhales through his nose. 

“Alright Cameron, guess the giantess,” Mistress Sara playfully prompted.

In his heart, Cameron hoped to guess wrong so that he could get another round of smelling the giantess’s foot. 

“Mistress…Megan?” guessed the shrunken slave, who was still taped spread-eagle to the floor.

“Good job!” said the sexy voice from above.

Cameron felt the warm, stinky foot return to his restrained, naked body, and begin to slide up and down several times.  His sensitive member throbbed with bound excitement, frustrated by its inability to engorge.  A few teasing moments later, and the nylon-clad foot returned to its teal-green home.

“Alright!” said Mistress Sara as she stood up “So, since only Goddess Samantha is left, the score would be me in first place with 18, Mistress Brittney with 15, Mistress Megan and Goddess Samantha with 12”, And, sorry Mistress Kristine, but you lost, scoring only 11 points.  That means you get to drink from Cameron’s little prick.”

The girls all laughed and Kristine stood up and walked over to the couch, taking a seat as she reached down towards Cameron.  The shrunken slave felt the adhesive restraints upon his appendages get removed, and he was soon lifted up in the giantess’s warm fist.  Mistress Sara took a seat next to Mistress Kristine, who handed Cameron to her.

Cameron felt a sharp surface drag across his eyes and the bridge of his nose as the liquid bandage was peeled away, revealing Mistress Sara was holding him within her closed fist, leaving only his head and upper shoulders visible as she used her opposite hand’s index finger to scrape away the blindfold. 

Next, Mistress Sara turned her hand so that it lay palms-up, and proceeded to pull at the thread around Cameron’s blue and purple package.  The shrunken man winced with some pain as his nuts and cock were finally freed, and it didn’t take any prompting for him to stand at attention, much to the delight of the rest of the ladies.

“Cameron, you’re going to rub my feet with your tongue and suck on my toes while Mistress Kristine, here, gets to slurp your seed.  I’m going to make you three feet in size.  I want you to just lay still and follow the promptings I give you with my feet and toes,” Mistress Sara instructed.

“Yes, Mistress,” Cameron responded as he was lowered to the floor at his giantess-mistress’s feet. 

He rolled unceremoniously off Mistress Sara’s hand, and a moment later, was painfully enlarged to three feet in size.  Cameron watched Mistress Kristine straddle his legs as she sat on her knees, her warm womanhood pressing down upon his feet and ankles.  As Mistress Sara unzipped the side zipper of her boots, Cameron couldn’t help but be taken in by the beautiful Mistress Kristine as she smiled at him, licking her lips, and then lowering her face to his midsection.  Just as Cameron felt Mistress Kristine’s warm, supple lips and juicy, moist tongue around his cock, Mistress Sara’s large size 9 feet presented themselves to his face, her big left toe forcing its way into his mouth.

“GGRRHHMMPP!” exclaimed Cameron as his mouth was completely filled with the giantess’s big toe. 

Mistress Sara’s right foot lay across his forehead, covering his eyes.  The smell was potent, and he wondered how in the world he didn’t identify Mistress Sara’s foot odor the first time.  But instead of dwelling upon that, the incredibly strong vacuum sensation around his Expo-Mark-thick cock was all he could think about.

“HMMMP!!” he moaned in pleasure.

The rest of the ladies watched Mistress Kristine’s head bob up and down in a sensual, rhythmic motion.  Mistress Sara knew that Cameron wouldn’t be able to contain his wad for very long with all of the teasing and attention she had been giving him that weekend.

Mistress Kristine’s tongue tickled at the underside of Cameron’s cock, causing it to throb and pulsate.  Her lips created a tight seal, pulling more and more blood into the flesh-shaft, which caused it grow more and more.  She could taste his precum as it was extracted from the shrunken man’s urethra.  With her tongue’s tip, she ran it up and down the length of the shaft slowly.

Cameron’s mouth was still full of Mistress Sara’s toe, and her foot odor was driving him crazy.  The combination of these inputs was enough that he could no longer wait.  His abs ached as they tensed.  His arms and legs trembled uncontrollably.

‘HHRRRRMMPPPP!!!” he cried, despite the large toe in his mouth, as he began his release.

“Mmmmmmm….” Mistress Kristine moaned as she felt the warm, sticky release of Cameron’s semen shoot several thick shots upon her tongue. 

Her head bobbed rapidly up and down to withdraw more of Cameron’s cum as she sucked vigorously upon him.  She felt the shaft pulsating with each spurt of semen into her mouth.  Finally, after nearly a dozen shots of spooj in her mouth, Mistress Kristine’s head lifted slightly as she swallowed, and then lowered her lips once again to the tip of Cameron’s penis, kissing it, before she stood up.

“Woo hoo!” exclaimed Goddess Samantha.

“Good job!  You really suck!” joked Mistress Megan

“Ha ha! Very funny,” Mistress Kristine said with a smile as she licked her lips and sat back down on the couch next to Mistress Sara, who kept her big toe in Cameron’s mouth the whole time.

“That’s my Cameron,” she said softly to her slave as she patted his face with her foot.

“I don’t know,” said Mistress Megan as she stood up from her seat across from the couch, “I think that game was a bit rigged.”

“Yeh, kinda sorta seemed like that,” Goddess Samantha said, standing up as well.

“I bet that Cameron knew that Mistress Sara was going to be first, and threw the game in her favor,” Mistress Brittney said, accusing the shrunken man who continued to suck on his mistress’s big toe.

“I think Cameron needs to be punished,” Mistress Megan said as she walked across the open floor towards the prone foot slave.

Mistress Sara extracted her saliva-soaked toe from her slave’s mouth, and proceeded to slip her stiletto boots back on as Mistress Kristine also stood up.

“Cameron, did you intentionally throw that game?” Mistress Sara asked, bending forward to address her sub who lay on the floor at her feet.

“N-no-no, Mistress Sara.  I-I would never,” Cameron said, stuttering nervously as he felt the angry looks glaring at him from the other amazons in the room.


Mistress Sara had administered a very quick and sharp slap to Cameron’s face, stunning him with surprise.  Her open palm quickly turned into a pointed index finger that wagged in his face.

“Don’t you lie to me, slave,” she insisted, and stood up.  “Let’s trample the truth out of him.”

Before he could fully comprehend the warm, flush feeling of pain in his face, Cameron’s head was made to face to his right as Mistress Sara’s right boot stepped upon his skull.  He grimaced with discomfort and watched as Mistress Megan, Mistress Brittney, and Goddess Samantha closed their ranks quickly.  Unable to see Mistress Kristine, he felt her stiletto heel jab painfully into his very sensitive balls.

“GRRRRRRGGHH!” he exclaimed with pain.

A moment later, Goddess Samantha proceeded to step up on his sore stomach, causing excruciating pain to his lower back. 


Mistress Megan proceeded to place her right teal-green heel into his sternum, twisting and turning her foot at the ankle to drive the point into his flesh.  Goddess Samantha then began to walk in place, and both Mistress Kristine and Mistress Brittney began to punish his balls and shaft by stepping on them, trapping them between their two shoes, which would squish and crush them with great pain.

“AAAAAHHHH!!” he cried, which made the ladies chuckle and laugh.

“Well?” Mistress Sara began to ask, nudging Cameron’s head with the stiletto boot that still stepped upon his skull.  “Are you going to confess to throwing the game, knowing it was my foot that you were sniffing?” the giant woman pressed further as she stood with her hands on her hips.

The pain and discomfort flooded his body.  His groin ached from the intense release only moments earlier, and now it was extreme as his nuts and penis were being squished.  Goddess Samantha was causing him to lose his air as she continued to trample him, walking in place on his stomach and lower chest, and Mistress Megan’s heel painfully burrowed into his sternum.

“I…I…<GRUNNT!>…I DIDN’T!” cried the little man from beneath Mistress Sara’s boot.

“Oh please!” exclaimed Mistress Megan as her foot continued administering its painful punishment in his pectorals.  “There’s no way that you didn’t know that foot was your mistress’s!  You’ve only been smelling it all freaking day!”

As Cameron continued to endure the spontaneous punishment, Mistress Sara continued to enjoy watching her favorite slave lay submissively beneath all of their trampling feet.  His cries of pain were nothing compared to so many other of her regular male and female slaves.  His arms lay trembling and quivering at his sides, but he was disciplined enough to know that he needed to keep them there.  He trusted her to know his limits, and occasionally at her discretion, exceed them. 

“Switch up,” Mistress Sara said, stepping off Cameron’s head.  “We’ll get a confession out of him one way or another.”

Cameron’s head turned upright and he watched his mistress step over him.  Allowing him an up-skirt view, he was able to see the crotchless panties that adorned the beautiful giantess’s crotch, revealing her shadowed labia as she lowered herself to his face while hiking up her skirt.  He felt Goddess Samantha step down from his stomach, Mistress Megan’s spike in his chest depart, and the two mistress’s cease their punishment upon his manhood.  Just before he was immersed in Mistress Sara’s sex, he was able to get a quick breath before she sat on his little face.

The shrunken man let out a slight grunt as his head disappeared beneath Mistress Sara.  As she smothered Cameron, Mistress Sara proceeded to pull his arms up over his head, pinning them beneath her nylon-clad legs.  She then gently hopped and grinded herself on his face for a moment while the other ladies talked.

“I think we should take turns,” Mistress Megan proposed.  “The one who gets him to confess that he threw the game gets to use him as a dildo.”

“Ooh!  Now that’s a game!” Mistress Kristine said with excitement.

“We each get thirty seconds.  We’ll take turns until he breaks,” Goddess Samantha added with a smile.

“I’ll go first,” Mistress Brittney said as she proceeded to remove her high heels and stepped up on Cameron’s pinned body.

“HRMPP!” came the sounds of smothered exclamation from the three-foot-tall man.

The feeling of the warm nylon-clad feet on his abdomen was quite sensual.  The giantess began to trample him, leaning forward to place her hands on Mistress Sara’s shoulders to help maintain her balance.  Cameron felt his chest compress beneath the weight of both of her feet, making him struggle to inhale through Mistress Sara’s feminine-smelling labia.

After a few seconds of trampling the shrunken man, Mistress Brittney began to hop on Cameron, causing him to lose his wind very quickly.






Mistress Sara sat forward slightly and looked behind her at Cameron’s reddening face.

“Are you going to admit to throwing the game?” she asked.

“I didn’t!  HRRGGH!!” exclaimed the shrunken sub as Mistress Brittney continued to hop on his chest. 

“Alright, who’s next?” Mistress Sara asked as she lowered her exposed pussy back to Cameron’s face.

Mistress Brittney stepped off and back into her stilettos as Mistress Megan walked over to the small man lying on the floor beneath Mistress Sara’s crotch.  Keeping her high heels on, the giantess placed her right foot upon Cameron’s soft belly and stepped up, causing him to produce a muffled cry that pleasantly vibrated against Mistress Sara’s moistening crotch.  Mistress Megan then began to resume her high-heel-punishment by driving her stiletto back into the xiphoid on his sternum, twisting and digging into it with great gusto.

“MMMMMPPP!!!” Cameron cried out from the pain.

“OOOH!” Mistress Sara said with a pleasant smile on her face.  “That tickled!”

All of the women in the room laughed as Mistress Sara leaned back, placing her hands on the heels of her boot and began to administer a very sensual grind upon Cameron’s face.  Her hips gyrated forward, sideways, and in circular motions as she used his nose to turn herself on.

“MMPPP!!” he cried from beneath his giantess mistress, happy to be used to serve her pussy, but unable to contain his exclamations of pain from Mistress Megan, who was proving her ability to use her high heels very effectively.

Mistress Sara continued to gyrate for several long moments before she leaned forward to address her slave.

“Cameron?  Are you ready to confess?” Mistress Sara asked as she listened to the shrunken man breathe rapidly as best he could despite having Mistress Megan standing on him.

After a few moments of nothing but the sounds of her sub breathing, she lowered herself back upon her sub’s face, and resumed her grinding while Mistress Megan stepped off.  Taking her place was Mistress Kristine who actually walked in front of Mistress Sara, straddling her kneeling form, and lowered herself upon Mistress Sara’s lap.

“MMMPPP!!” exclaimed Cameron as he felt the weight that was being applied to his skull more than double as Mistress Kristine took her place.

Mistress Sara and Mistress Kristine smiled at each other as Mistress Kristine slid her hand behind Mistress Sara’s head, beneath her long blonde hair, enticing her to lean forward.  She turned her head slightly to her right as she and Mistress Sara kissed passionately, which led to a full-fledged embrace. 

As their tongues explored each other’s mouths, Mistress Sara, feeling very aroused, continued to grind more and more on Cameron’s face, smothering him in the process.  Her erotic-smelling sex produced more and more natural lubricant, which was being forced into Cameron’s nose.  He tried to inhale, but his nose was completely entrapped by Mistress Sara’s labia.

“MMMP!!” he moaned and groaned, yearning for air.

Mistress Sara broke the lip-lock and lifted herself and Mistress Kristine up slightly for a mere two-seconds to allow Cameron an inhale before returning her seat to his face.  She and Mistress Kristine continued to kiss and make out.  Their hands explored each other’s curves and mounds, causing each other to squeak with rapturous arousal on occasion.

Without a word, Goddess Samantha proceeded to step over Cameron, straddling him at his stomach, and knelt down over him as she hiked up her skirt to do so.  She then bodied up behind Mistress Sara, and began kissing the nape of her neck sensually.  Mistress Kristine broke her lip-lock and began to kiss the other side of Mistress Sara’s neck.  Mistress Sara, her eyes closed as she was in the throes of arousal, leaned back slightly.

Mistress Kristine continued to massage Mistress Sara’s breasts as Goddess Samantha slipped her tongue into Mistress Sara’s left ear.  Beneath it all, Cameron lay trapped and pinned, compliantly submissive, serving as his giantess-mistress’s sex seat, yearning for a breath.  Almost as if she was in tune with her sub, Mistress Sara leaned forward just enough so that her seat could get a few breathes through his mouth, which warmed her womanhood as he did.

“This is hot,” Mistress Brittney said to Mistress Megan as they sat and drank their wine on the loveseat several feet away.

Mistress Kristine slipped her tongue back into Mistress Sara’s mouth as Goddess Samantha brought her hands around Mistress Sara’s front side, cupping her breasts as she returned to kissing and sucking on her neck.  Mistress Sara continued to gyrate on Cameron’s head, returning her smothering crotch completely over his face.  She began to moan louder and louder as her breasts were squeezed.  Her right hand slid itself down into her panties, and with her index and middle fingers, she began to rub her clitoris.

Goddess Samantha then reached to turn Mistress Sara’s face away from Mistress Kristine, and the two began to kiss and make out passionately as Mistress Kristine began to work on kissing, licking, and sucking on Mistress Sara’s neck on the right side, her hands reaching behind Mistress Sara to squeeze and caress her ass.  This caused Mistress Sara to tense with excitement as she continued to approach climax.

“MMPPP!!” exclaimed Cameron, begging for air once again, but the trio that was making out on him ignored him for the time being. 

The sounds of the warm sticking secretions being deposited upon his face could be heard quite loudly within Cameron’s skull, as Mistress Sara’s sex-lube trickled down his nose.  His cock was at attention as a result of the incredibly sexy make-out session that was happening on him.

Goddess Samantha continued to knead Mistress Sara’s breasts, which was making her crazy-horny as Mistress Kristine gave her a hicky on her neck.  Mistress Sara turned from Goddess Samantha’s sensual, pert lips, and began to audibly breathe as she masturbated on Cameron’s face.  As she and Mistress Kristine began to make out again, her body tensed up and she moaned loudly, achieving an intense sexual release. 

Cameron felt the rush of warm, thick, sticky fluid down his nose, willingly lapping at Mistress Sara’s pussy as she climaxed.

“AAAHH!! OOOHHH!!!! OOHHH!! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!” exclaimed Mistress Sara as she arched her back while grinding heavily upon Cameron’s face for several seconds before slowing down as she came heavily. 

Her breathing slowed, and she was smiling widely.  Both Goddess Samantha and Mistress Kristine proceeded to stand up, and Mistress Kristine then helped Mistress Sara to her feet.  The giantess-mistress stood straddling Cameron’s cum-soaked face, and looked down.

“I don’t care if you confess to throwing the first game or not.  It’s time for me to return the favor to my friends,” she said.


Chapter 6 - Pussy Whipped by dilbertaco
Author's Notes:

Serious insertion in this chapter.  And the shit gets real, hehehe!

Having been shrunk down to eight inches in height, Cameron was being held very tightly within Mistress Sara’s grasp as he felt his feet and legs get slid into a slick silicone tube that was just barely big enough for him.  Only the top of his hair was visible outside of the giantess’s enclosed fist.

Mistress Sara had lead her girlfriends down to her expansive dungeon space, having stripped down to her bra, panties, garters, and nylons.  Around her waist was a thick leather belt with a pink silicone contraption that she slid her shrunken slave into. 

“There we go,” she said as she finished shoving Cameron into what appeared to be a ridge-lined flexible pink-colored phallus.

Cameron’s arms were trapped at his sides within the tube, leaving him exposed from his elbows up as he was jutting out of the strap-on at a nearly horizontal angle.  He was completely immobilized within the tube, facing downward.  His legs were completely trapped, though there appeared to be a hole that he could be fed into further by his feet.  His cock was also exposed through a tiny hole in the midst of the silicone shaft to allow for his giantess-mistress to play with him, if she so chose to. 

The contraption was designed so that a shrunken submissive could be slid in face-up, allowing his legs to bend at the knees, or, as it was being used now, so that a sub could serve as a major part of the strap-on.  The beautiful Mistress Sara stood with her entrapped slave as part of a nearly 8” long phallus.

The tiny man didn’t struggle within the restricting confines.  He was helpless, but completely trusted Mistress Sara.  His neck strained to look upward, and before him, kneeling on an elevated prayer-bench was a black-haired bush.  Mistress Brittney, with her exotic oriental looks, looked over her shoulder, her long black hair hiding some of her sensually smiling face. 

Cameron was made to quickly approach Mistress Brittney’s pussy, and within a moment, had his face plastered against it, which caused the giantess receiver to moan with pleasure.  Mistress Sara grabbed the strap-on and teased it up and down against the smelly folds of moistened skin, forcing Cameron’s head in between the warm lips of the labia a few times.

“Lick her, slave,” instructed Mistress Sara.

The shrunken man obeyed immediately, lapping against the warm, tangy-tasting flesh.  He licked, kissed, and sucked at it for a few moments, enticing the sexy oriental giantess with his tiny efforts. 

“Take a breath, little man,” Mistress Sara said, pressing Cameron’s little head against Mistress Brittney’s pussy lips.

Cameron took a deep breath, as deep as the restraining silicon tube would allow for, and watched as he was inserted into Mistress Brittney’s sex.  He closed his eyes as he was slowly slid further and further into the giant vagina.

“AAAAHH!!!  MMMmmmmm!!” Mistress Brittney exclaimed, moaning in pleasure. 

Her naked form began to quiver as she felt Cameron slide into her womanhood.  She closed her eyes as her body began to sway gently forward and back as Mistress Sara proceeded to use Cameron as her strap-on.

Cameron was completely immersed within the giantess.  The warm, slippery, fleshy walls held firm around his exposed upper body, tightening and relaxing reflexively as he was used to penetrate the giantess female.  Back and forth he went in a rhythmic motion that was completely controlled by Mistress Sara.  He felt his own cock hardening between the silicones slits that allowed for his penis to expand. 

Mistress Sara pulled Cameron out completely of Mistress Brittney, allowing him to take a breath.  As he huffed and puffed, he could hear Mistress Brittney breathing with excitement, moaning as she massaged her left breast with her left hand.  After a few moments, he was reinserted once again into the hairy pussy, but this time, his giantess-mistress plunged him even deeper than before.

Within the warm, moist, tight cavern, Cameron could hear Mistress Brittney moan with increased arousal.  He felt his face get pressed up against a hard fleshy surface that gave way just a little, allowing for his head to become entrapped within its sphincter-like grip.  His own cock was made to rub against the warm, frothy innards of Mistress Brittney’s pussy.  Having his head trapped within the giantess’s cervix, Cameron tried not to panic for air.

“AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!  FUCKK!!  YES!!!” exclaimed Mistress Brittney as she felt the thick silicone tube get inserted deep into her womanhood.

Mistress Sara, with a broad smile on her face, grabbed Mistress Brittney’s shoulders as she dropped her back, and began to ride her hard and vigorously.  The other ladies sat and watched, feeling arousal build within them as they silently enjoyed their wine or made quiet, hushed comments to each other.

Cameron’s head was pulled from the cervix, only to be rammed against it rapidly.  The giantess’s vaginal secretions were everywhere.  Her frothy, bubbly juices permeated his skin, stinging his eyes and nose.  Willingly, he opened his mouth, tasting the giantess as she was rapidly penetrated by Mistress Sara.

“AAAAHHHH!!   AHHHHH!! AAAAHHHHH!!” yelled Mistress Brittney as she achieved a very satisfying orgasm.

Cameron felt the thrusting motions slow down, and was able to consume a few mouthfuls of Mistress Brittney.  It tasted good, albeit, somewhat acrid and pungent.  He felt the entrapping tube slide him backwards, and with a juicy, moist <POP!>, was made to exit Mistress Brittney.

“Who’s next?” asked Mistress Sara as a dribble of Mistress Brittney’s cum trickled off of Cameron’s face.

“ME!” said Goddess Samantha.  “But…I want it in my ass,” she said, standing up and smiling wide.

“Oooh, Cameron LOVES ass!” Mistress Sara said.

Having disrobed of her dress and panties, Goddess Samantha assumed the kneeling position on the elevated prayer bench, leaning forward.  With her own two hands, she spread her cheeks, and Cameron watched as he was made to approach the puckered asshole of the beautiful, tall red-head.

The shrunken man was overwhelmed by the foul stench of Goddess Samantha’s ass.  It made Cameron’s head spin and stomach churn.  Helpless, his face was pushed against the brown-tinged clenched wrinkly flesh that resembled the bottom of a tied balloon.

“Take a breath, slave.  In you go!” said Mistress Sara as she continued to press her shrunken submissive’s head against Goddess Samantha’s anus.

He grunted and groaned for a moment before Mistress Sara used her index finger and thumb to help wriggle his head in between the tightly puckered flesh.

“HMMPPP!!” cried Cameron, feeling the tightening flesh around his skull, eliciting some laughs from Mistress Sara and her friends.  Goddess Samantha chuckled, too, while she continued to hold her cheeks apart.

Cameron felt himself forced further into the dark anal chasm, its smell was ripe of shit.  Goddess Samantha’s anus was quite fleshy and warm, moist and very pungent.  He felt his upper body completely enter the giantess’s hole, and then pressure was exuded upon his body that was encased in silicone.  The goddess’s anus-flesh was completely enveloping his face until he was made to penetrate so deeply that he came face-to-face with then of a shit-log.

Meanwhile, Goddess Samantha’s eyes were closed as she dawned her O-face.  Mistress Sara began to slide back a bit, and then proceeded to thrust forward, eliciting a high-pitched squeal from the red-headed giantess.  She breathed out a long, aroused breath as she felt Mistress Sara began to thrust back and forth with the shrunken man in her ass.

Cameron felt the warm world around him tighten even more as he was rapidly thrust deeper, backwards, deeper, then backwards repeatedly.  He felt the thick, sticky turd press against his face, and as he was continuously used as a jackhammer, his skull made an indention in the shit so that his entire head was encased in the sticky, stinky poop with each thrust forward exerted by Mistress Sara.  The gooey shit found its way into his nose and mouth, making him taste it.  As he was rapidly thrust in and out of the poo, he couldn’t help but swallow some of it.

Mistress Sara continued to pound Goddess Samantha’s ass for over a minute.  She had gotten so caught up with fucking her that she forgot to give Cameron a breather.  She extracted the human dildo from Goddess Samantha’s ass, laughing as she observed Cameron’s shit-covered hair and head.  His skin was also coated in a brown shit-colored sheen. 

“Looks like shit, to me!” joked Mistress Kristine, which made all of the ladies laugh hard.

“Time to go back in.  Let’s see if we can get Goddess Samantha a good release, alright Cameron?  May take a few times, but we’ll get her there,” Mistress Sara said as she turned back to face Goddess Samantha’s ass.

Exasperated, Cameron responded,


He tried to take another deep breath just before being made to re-enter the closed anus.  Once again, he felt the tight, dark space envelope him.  The stench of shit was just as strong and foul as it had been before.  He could feel his penetration seemed to be met with less resistance as Mistress Sara leaned heavier into Goddess Samantha.

“AAAAHHH!!! OOOOHHH YESS!!” exclaimed Goddess Samantha as Mistress Sara began her rhythmic thrusting yet again.

Cameron’s stomach was churning from the rapid motion of being used as a human dildo in Goddess Samantha’s ass.  The smell and taste of the goddess’s shit didn’t help things either.  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  The poor, tiny, pathetic shrunken dildo was helplessly used to abuse the giantess’s ass.  Once again, he head found its way back into the end of the feces that resided inside.

Mistress Sara reached and grabbed the back of Goddess Samantha’s long red hair, pulling hard on it as she continued to pound her ass.

“AAAAHHHH!!! OOOOHHH!! OOHHHH!!” cried the goddess. 

Her body clenched and seized up, and she screamed with a loud release audibly as her pussy produced a warm, milky-colored discharge that seeped from her red-hair-clad labia.  Her body trembled and quivered for several long seconds.

Mistress Sara released her handfuls of hair, and continued to pound the goddess’s ass for several more seconds with Cameron before she finally stepped back.  She heard Cameron’s exasperated breathing, followed by some coughs from the tiny man as well.  She smiled as she placed her hand around him and proceeded to make some stroking motions, which made the other ladies laugh.

“It’s my turn to be fucked,” Mistress Megan said as she stood up.

Goddess Samantha proceeded to put her panties back on as she recuperated from her orgasmic release while Mistress Megan went over to a bench and shimmied out of her black skirt.  After stepping out of her heels and discarding her panties, she lay on her back with her kneels pulled up, revealing her black-haired pussy to Mistress Sara.

“Alright, Cameron, ready for some more pussy?” asked Mistress Sara as she approached Mistress Megan’s open legs.

The shrunken man was still breathing heavily as his face was once again pressed against warm, stinky, feminine-smelling flesh.  He grunted for a moment as he felt Mistress Sara’s weight try to push him past the closed labia.  A moment later, though, Mistress Megan used her index and middle fingers to help open herself up for business, and Cameron found himself penetrating the giantess.

The smell of Mistress Megan’s vagina was quite acrid and off-putting.  Even Goddess Samantha’s ass had smelled better.  He wondered if maybe he had just become so accustomed to Mistress Sara’s pussy that all others paled in comparison.  Regardless, despite feeling light-headed and somewhat dizzy, he was happy to be used by his mistress as a shrunken human dildo. 

“Mmmmmmmm!!” moaned Mistress Megan upon feeling the shrunken man get inserted into her womanhood. 

Mistress Sara slowly worked her slave in to Mistress Megan.  She put her hands on the woman’s knees as she leaned in while standing at the edge of the elevated bench.  She felt the dildo that was her submissive become completely immersed inside her friend, and continued to use her weight to help Cameron penetrate Mistress Megan deeper and deeper.

Cameron was once more slathered in womanly vaginal juices.  Its fragrance permeated his skin, stung his eyes, and smelled and tasted quite raunchy, with an almost repulsive fish-like-odor.  The smooth, slippery, undulating walls caressed his upper body and head as he was slid forward until the giantess who used him as a dildo was in as deep as she wanted him to be.  Without warning, though, Cameron felt the surrounding vagina tighten tremendously around him.

Mistress Megan proceeded to stick her legs straight up in the air, resting her nylon-clad feet on Mistress Sara’s face.  She moaned lightly with arousal as she took in a deep inhale of her mistress’s foot-odor, gently kissing and licking at them.  Not wanting to disappoint Mistress Megan, Mistress Sara clutched Mistress Megan’s ankles while she began to thrust her pelvis forwards and backwards.

Once again, Cameron quickly became nauseated by the rapid, rhythmic motion of being used as a shrunken pleasure stick.  He kept his eyes shut tight as he was practically entombed deep in the giantess’ vagina.  The pressure exerted by the spasming walls was as equally intense as being in Goddess Samantha’s ass.  Unable to hold his breath any longer, Cameron exhaled into the lubricated flesh, and proceeded to inhale the foul stench of Mistress Megan’s pussy.  He choked on the thick air that was a poor replacement for oxygen. 

Meanwhile, Mistress Sara was lost in the smell of Mistress Megan’s feet that rested upon her face.  She licked at the nylon-clad feet, occasionally nibbling and kissing at them as well while she felt arousal within her own crotch again.  Mistress Megan was moaning with each thrust forward, biting her lip as she could feel her climax building within.

Mistress Sara then remembered to give Cameron a quick breather, and stepped back slightly until the shrunken slave was free of the warm, dripping wet pussy.  The tiny man coughed several times, moaning and groaning as he tried to catch his breath, but was only given a quick moment’s reprieve before he was once more used to penetrate the giantess.

“AAAAHHH!!! OOOOHHHH!!” Mistress Megan said with aroused enthusiasm.

Mistress Sara proceeded to step forward fully into Mistress Megan, maximizing Cameron’s penetration deep into her nethers.  She then proceeded to suck on the nylon-clad toes of Mistress Megan as she continued her rhythmic thrusts for another minute.  She then stepped back to give Cameron another few seconds of air before reinserting him for a third time into Mistress Megan.  Once again, Mistress Sara lifted Mistress Megan’s feet to her face, tightening the space that Cameron was trapped in around him.

Cameron was dizzy and had a headache from the oxygen deprivation.  He continued to submissively endure the rapid thrusting back and forth inside Mistress Megan’s foul-smelling vagina.  He could hear her moaning loudly, and when he thought things couldn’t get any tighter, the giantess’s vaginal muscles contracted fiercely around him, squeezing the air out of him.  He felt a very warm, bubbly froth all around him, and was practically submerged in Mistress Megan’s cum.  He choked it down, slurping in some of her foul-tasting sex-juice as he tried to get a breath. 

Mistress Sara continued to ram Mistress Megan with her shrunken slave for several more seconds to extend her own mistress’s climax.  She planted some kisses on the soles of her nylon-clad feet, and smiled as she lowered her legs back to the bench’s edge before she stepped back.  With a <SPLORT>, Cameron’s cum-soaked person was extracted from the very warm, very moist pussy.

All the ladies laughed at his exasperated expression as he literally dripped with Mistress Megan’s cum.  He coughed and sputtered as he tried regaining his breath.

“Just Mistress Kristine is left,” said Mistress Sara as she turned to face her fellow mistress.

Having taken her place on the elevated kneeling bench, Mistress Kristine had removed her form-fitting outfit, leaving only her bra, garters and black nylons on as well.  She massaged herself to help loosen things up a bit, and Cameron’s head easily disappeared amongst the purplish-black flesh of the very warm, very pungent pussy.

The tired, shrunken man just had to make it through being used as a dildo one more time.  Unlike Mistress Megan’s odor, though, Mistress Kristine smelled very erotic.  It wasn’t too dissimilar in smell from his personal mistress.  He found himself quickly licking and sucking at the warm, moist walls of the new giantess as he was slowly inserted by Mistress Sara’s hip thrusts.  Mistress Kristine must have been quite aroused as she seemed very moist and open to receive his shrunken form within.

Once more, and Cameron hoped for the last time, the back-and-forth thrusting motion began as Mistress Sara began to pound Mistress Kristine’s pussy by using her shrunken submissive.  Once more, Cameron was quickly disoriented and nauseous from the rapid motion.  He could feel the naturally produced lubricant of the giantess’s pussy increase, as well as the audible expressions that echoed through Mistress Kristine’s body.

Mistress Sara grabbed Mistress Kristine’s by the hips and continued to pound at a rapid cadence.  Mistress Kristine continued to moan with ecstasy, and Cameron continued to choke, cough, and sputter on her fluids.  After a minute passed, Mistress Sara stepped back to allow her slave to get a breath but only for a second before she stepped forward, penetrating Mistress Kristine with Cameron again. 

Mistress Kristine quickly felt her arousal levels building as she began to breathe rapidly.  Her face flushed as she held on to the bar that was attached to the kneeling bench, allowing Mistress Sara to have her way with her pussy.  It felt incredible, and she loved having little shrunken men and women shoved deep inside her womanhood.  She flexed her vaginal muscles tightly around Cameron as Mistress Sara continued to jackhammer her.

Cameron was seeing stars from the tightness exerted upon him by Mistress Kristine’s crotch.  Once again, the air was squeezed out of him as she had flexed, and since Mistress Sara was giving him no breaks, he continued to choke and swallow on the frothy lube that filled the tight cavern.  Within a matter of moments, however, the space was completely flooded by the giant woman’s cream.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!  AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! FFFFUUUUUUUKKKKKK!!!!” yelled Mistress Kristine as he came hard.

Mistress Sara continued to rapidly thrust deeper and deeper into her friend until she felt her own hips body up against the backside of Kristine’s hamstrings. 

“AAAAAHH!!! OOOOHHH FUCK! OOH FUCK!!” Mistress Kristine said as she felt Mistress Sara extract her human dildo.  She was winded and her hair was a bit of a mess.  She settled down with a smile on her face, enjoying the release of endorphins.

Cameron continued to cough and sputter as he regained his air.  He was soaked in the ladies’ discharges, except for Goddess Samantha, whose shit still clung to his nose and managed to be a presence in his mouth as well. 

“Good boy, Cameron.  This is why you’re my favorite.  There’s not many other subs I could this with,” Mistress Sara said as she pet her cock.


“We need to clean him up,” Mistress Sara said, speaking of her slave.

The troupe of women proceeded to a small water closet off the hallway in the basement.  With her shrink collar’s remote in her hand, Mistress Sara proceeded to step into the bathroom, lifting the lid of the toilet and tilted her pelvis so that Cameron was facing down. 

“GAAAGHHH!!!  AAAHHHH!!” exclaimed Cameron with pain as the shrink collar began to make him smaller and smaller.

As he shrunk, Cameron felt himself begin to slide out from the entrapping silicone tube, and within a moment, was plunging towards the open toilet bowl.


The pain in his neck and body continued, though, making it difficult for him to try to swim.  After a few seconds, though, he was finally able to break the surface of the water.  His view of his mistress’s beautiful, curvaceous body was framed by a grungy, stained underside of a toilet ring.  As he tread water, sputtering occasionally, he watched as Mistress Sara unbuckled the strap-on apparatus and handed it to someone out of the field of view.

“Alright, little man,” which was a very true statement as Cameron had been shrunk down to an inch in size, “time to power-spray that nastiness off of you,” Mistress Sara said with a smile.

Cameron watched as the shadow filled the toilet bowl, quickly darkening as his giantess-mistress took a seat on the toilet.  A moment later, hot, yellow urine came spraying down in a torrent from the giantess’s pussy.  Its impact in the body of water nearby sent currents that caused Cameron to go under.  The tiny man felt the cold water become warm around him, and he scrambled to try to get to the surface once again. 

Mistress Sara’s piss continued to rain down nearby for several long moments before it receded to a few dribbles.  Cameron was blinded as she stood up and wiped herself with a few sheets of toilet paper, which she discarded to the bowl, as well.

The shrunken man quickly struggled with the thin paper sheet as it absorbed water.  Surprisingly, he had the strength to wrestle and tear his way through it, back to the surface of the water.  Gasping for breath, and with a little bit of the soaked toilet paper in his hair, he watched as Goddess Samantha looked down at him with a big smile, her tall, shapely form turning quickly, and her supple derriere and crotch quickly darkening Cameron’s pool.


Goddess Samantha laughed as she fart-blasted the poor, unsuspecting shrunken man in the toilet.  Cameron felt disgusted and light-headed, but didn’t have the luxury of time as the giantess’s hot stream of urine came falling from her pussy. 

<PPPPFFFFFTTT!!> came the bellows from her bowels as her anal sphincter opened up.  The all-too-familiar turd that Cameron had the “pleasure” of meeting earlier on began to emerge from high above.  The stench of shit filled the bowl, and Cameron was barely able to tread water as the pissfall plunged into the toilet water nearby, keeping him near the middle of the toilet. 

“OH NO!” he exclaimed as the stream of urine caused a current that pulled him to it, and a moment later, he was doused and submerged in the giant woman’s stream. 

Cameron went churning through the water as the warm urine sent him down to the bottom.  His eyes stung from the pee as he looked up while trying to swim his way to the surface.  However, within a split-second, a massive brown-colored torpedo fell from Goddess Samantha’s ass, causing him to try to swim out of its rapidly descending path.  He scurried up the incline of the ceramic bowl as the giantess’s turd came to a rest behind him.  He broke the surface of the sewage, gasping for air as Goddess Samantha deposited her discarded toilet paper on the other side of the bowl, thankfully.

“Not looking very clean, is he?” asked Mistress Sara from the hallway.

“PHEW!” exclaimed Mistress Kristine.  “Light a match, eh?” she said with a smirk as she stepped in to the bathroom.

All of the ladies laughed at the smell left behind by Goddess Samantha while Mistress Kristine took a seat on the toilet.  Cameron lay on the “banks” of the toilet face-down, recuperating from the near-miss with the giant shit.  His lower back and body were still in the toilet water when another golden shower was unleashed in the toilet.  He rolled onto his back to watch.  The scent of acrid urine filled his nose as the water-level in the toilet began to rise quickly.

Mistress Kristine produced a thirty-second stream of piss into the bowl, filling it quite efficiently.  Unfortunately for Cameron, the ceramic was too slick to allow him any form of “stable” ground to rest on, and he was once more carried by currents back into the midst of the water.  As the giantess continued to pee, the tiny one-inch man was brought back into its stream against his will, baptized in the woman’s piss and sent deep beneath the ever-rising surface into the murky, shitty water.

Clamoring to make his way back up to the surface, Cameron finally broke through, his mouth opened wide to gasp in some air as a trick of pure urine fell from Mistress Kristine’s crotch, filling his mouth with the foul tasting, acrid urine.  The tiny man swallowed it instinctively, choking on it as some of it went down his windpipe, burning as it did. 

“He’s so pathetic, Sara.  THIS is your favorite slave?” asked Mistress Brittney.

“He’s pathetic, but he lets me do ANYTHING I want to him.  How many slaves do y’all have that would let you slam them repeatedly between ass and pussy of complete strangers?” Mistress Sara said in his defense.

Mistress Brittney walked in and turned around, exposing her nice, round ass to the toilet as she took a seat.


Poor little Cameron was once again fart-blasted by a giantess, causing him to nearly lose consciousness.  A hot stream of yellow urine fell right onto his head, sending the tiny man spinning out of control into the depths of the brownish-yellow water.  The urine mixed with water all around him, sending him into a whirlpool of warm, bubbly water.  He bounced off the sludgy surface of Goddess Samantha’s turd, just as another <SPLAASH!> echoed the darkened water.  Mistress Brittney produced her own poo to add to the party, but thankfully for Cameron, it was a floating nugget.

Once he broke the toilet water’s surface again, gasping for air, the tiny, exhausted man swam for the dark chocolate brown colored floaty and held on to it like a life preserver.  When her stream of urine was finished, Mistress Brittney stood up and wiped her ass, discarding it to the toilet without looking back at Cameron.

“OH MY!! LOOK AT HIM!!” exclaimed Mistress Megan as she stepped into the bathroom, noting the tiny pathetic waif clinging to a shit-nugget.

The hallway filled with laughs as each lady peeped in before the final giantess took her seat, casting another dark shadow over the tiny suffering submissive in the waste-water.  Cameron held tightly to the stinky piece of poo as he floated aimlessly in the toilet.

Mistress Megan unleashed her stream of urine upon the poor, shrunken slave, which caused him to submerge despite the floating poop he had held on to.  He was sent helplessly beneath into the depths of the toilet’s now browned water, bumping once more into the giant shit stick that lay in the bottom.  The current of the giantess’s piss kept him beneath its surface for several seconds until he was able to swim away from it to the side.  As he struggled to make his way above water, he emerged near where the urine was raining down, which sprinkled upon him as well. 

Thankful that the giantess’ excretions ceased, the tiny man continued to tread water.  He watched Mistress Megan stand up and wipe her crotch.  She turned and tossed the wad of toilet paper into the water near him, and he swam over to it to try to use as a source for flotation.  However, once it absorbed the toilet’s water, it quickly became mush.

Another large form appeared overhead.  Cameron looked up to Mistress Sara looking down upon him.  She had a large grin on her face.

“PHEW! It stinks in here!  Well, so much for cleaning you up, my little pet.  The girls and I are going to go out to a movie and dinner.  Good luck!” she said.

Cameron watched with a surprise look on his face as Mistress Sara lowered the toilet’s lid upon the seat, casting him in darkness once again.  He heard the ladies laugh and their voices trailed off down the hallway as he swam towards the front of the toilet bowl.  There, he was able to rest against the ceramic incline to recover and recuperate.  As he did so, a big smile came over his little face.  He had had a fun day with his giantess-mistress, and a great time with her friends.


End Notes:

***Next chapter features giant male content.***

Chapter 7 - Rescued by Robert by dilbertaco
Author's Notes:

***Solely a male giant chapter***

The water around Cameron’s shrunken, one-inch body gently undulated as the tiny man shivered in the darkness of the foul-smelling toilet bowl.  He was exhausted and tired, sore and achy, but very content.  He had a great time with Mistress Sara all day.  Having been allowed to spend the previous night in her well-worn, stinky softball sock had turned him on immensely as he had been restrained in order to keep from masturbating. 

Then, that morning, being introduced to Mistress Sara’s boyfriend, Robert, where she entrapped him in a condom on his erection and rode him to fruition, followed by an intense, erotic couple’s foot-worship and domination session that culminated with him servicing Robert until he spurted on his face had created feelings of intimacy and deep attraction to Mistress Sara on levels that he had tried to guard against.  Having been dominated by Robert was something that Mistress Sara had mentioned to him via emails in preparing him for the weekend, but an experience he had not fully prepared for. 

To be clear, Cameron did not find men attractive at all.  The thought of developing feelings for members of the same sex was not in his character.  Being dominated, powerless, helpless, made to serve a man at the whim of his giantess-mistress, though, was well within his secret desires.  The shrunken man shivered in the cold water as he lay against the waterlogged goop of toilet paper that barely clung together and rested on the front section of the steep incline of the bowl, he was surprisingly happy to hear the sounds of heavy footfalls, followed by the overhead light being turned on, and the toilet’s lid being lifted.  The person standing above him was none other than Robert.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” asked the giant man, clad in a black t-shirt and faded blue jeans.

Cameron’s head pivoted back to look high in the sky at the titan-sized man that smirked down at him.

“Aw, you look like you’re cold?  Are you cold?” Robert asked, teasing Cameron with a pouty lip while his tone reflected a baby-tone to it.

Cameron shook his head in response to Robert’s inquiry, answering with a “Yes, Master,” as well.

“Well, I’ve got a good solution to that problem,” Robert said as an evil smile crossed his face.

Cameron’s tiny body trembled from the cold, but also anticipation as the sound of Robert’s zipper-fly descended, and the giant’s fingers snapped his jeans opened.  Anxiety filled his mind at the site of the enormous cock, its urethra pointing down at him.  A moment later, a warm, acrid stream of yellow urine sprayed down towards him.

Robert watched as his urine splashed into the water just behind Cameron’s naked body.  He quickly brought his powerful stream so that it sprayed across the shrunken man’s backside, then up to his head.  Cameron, and the soggy toilet paper he lay on, were no match for the rapid cascade of piss that rained down upon him.

“AAAAHHHRRGGGLLLGLGLLLL!!!!” exclaimed Cameron, his mouth filling with the warm liquid that was dispensed upon him from high above. 

The force of Robert’s release forced Cameron to slide into the foul toilet water.  The giant man kept his aim on the shrunken man who quickly submerged beneath into the brown murkiness.  Cameron churned and spun deep into the depths of the shit-filled toilet bowl, bumping into and scraping against one of the large logs deposited by Goddess Samantha.  He quickly swam upwards as the sounds of Robert’s piss-stream continued to echo throughout the water.

Cameron broke the surface of the water, gasping for air for a split second before Robert’s stream was aimed at him once more.  The warm urine created quite the contrast with the cold toilet water, and once more, the shrunken one-inch man was made to dive deep within the tepid waste water. 

Grabbing on to the turd within the darkened and brown water, Cameron decided to try to wait out Robert’s release.  He hugged the shit with his body to counter the strong under-currents generated by the giant’s piss crashing into the water.  Several seconds later, the sounds of the giant’s piss could be heard trailing off finally. 

Cameron let go of the sticky, thick poop he had clutched so tightly, and began to swim to the surface once more.  He broke through, gasping yet again, and began to tread water as he looked up at the giant who had just holstered his package behind his boxers.

“Did that help warm you up, bud?” Robert asked with a sinister smile.

Cameron nodded,

“Y-y-yes, Master!  Thank you, Master!”

Robert was somewhat surprised by the tiny man’s response.  He thought for sure that Cameron would have opposed being pissed on by him.  Once again, another sinister smile spread from ear-to-ear.

“Have you had dinner, yet?” Robert asked.

Cameron shook his head ‘no’.

“Well, turns out that taking a piss actually seems to have triggered the need to <PPPPFFFFFTTTTTT> take a deuce!” Robert said, straining as he farted.

The helpless shrunken man watched as Robert did an about-face, dropping his jeans and pulling down his boxers, revealing his hairy ass, which then lowered onto the toilet seat above.  Once more, Cameron was cast in a shadow as he awaited his fate.  He tread water directly beneath Robert’s ass, too tired to try to swim to shore.


Robert unleased a string of rapid-fire, foul-smelling methane bombs that filled the toilet, causing Cameron to become dizzy and lightheaded.  In order to escape the pungent smell, he retreated just below the water, submerging himself for a few seconds in the hopes that the farts would evaporate in that time.  However, once he resurfaced, he was greeted by a large light brown shit emerging from Robert’s anus.

The giant log came racing down towards Cameron as it was evacuated from the giant’s bowels.  Its warm, sticky, stinky, crackly-looking surface splashed into the murky toilet water as the tiny man swam out of its way.  The giant shit continued to plunge deep into the bowl, pulling Cameron down under.

The force of the current made Cameron’s backside slam into it, causing him to become stuck to it.  When the turd came to a rest near Mistress Brittney’s shit, it fell to its side, pinning Cameron between it and the large fecal log of Goddess Samantha.

The tiny man tried not to panic as he was completely sandwiched between the two soft logs.  He began to slide his way to his left, where he could tell his left arm was free.  Opening his eyes to try to get his bearings, though, proved to be no good, as he couldn’t see a thing.

A giant commotion from above alarmed him as he emerged from the two shit logs before another large boulder-sized turd came barreling from above as it sank.  Unlike the other massive poop, though, this one was hard as a rock, which stunned him momentarily, but then he began to swim up to the surface.

His eyes stung from the nasty waste water, which also penetrated his nostrils, flooding his nose and mouth with the taste of feces and urine.  He emerged from the water, once again gasping for air.  Sputtering as he tread water, he breathed rapidly for a few moments. 

Above him, Robert’s ass still filled the seat, keeping the micro-world within the toilet darkened, save for some light that filtered in between the lid of the basin and the underside of the seat.  Cameron coughed, disgusted with taste and smell of the water that he tread.  The first giant shit that Robert had produced had fallen forward, creating a shit-bridge, so-to-speak, for Cameron to guide himself to and make his way back to shallow water.

After a few moments, Robert stood up, and proceeded to wipe his ass.  Without looking, he discarded the used toilet paper into the bowl, and then pulled his pants up.  Cameron watched as the wad of paper quickly sank as it soaked in the foulness of the toilet. 

Having buttoned his pants and zipped his fly up, Robert turned, and out of habit, reached for the toilet handle.  In a panic, Cameron’s eyes widened, and he leapt out into the midst of the sewage.

“PLEASE!! NO!! DON’T!!!” he begged.

“Oh, yeh!  I forgot you were in there, little shit.  I think that’s a great nickname for you.  ‘Little Shit’.  I like it.  Here, let me help you get out of there,” Robert said.

Cameron was relieved as he watched the giant man reach to the floor for something, emerging a moment later with a white plastic-handled plunger with a black flexible rubber cup on its end.  With a smile on his face, Robert proceeded to lower the cup over Cameron as he submerged it into the toilet.

In the blackness of the cavern, Cameron felt himself get trapped between the air and the water’s surface as the plunger descended.  A split second later, he felt the chunks of shit hit his legs, floating up like turd-bergs as the plunger must have broken some of the feces apart.  Then, Robert, in his mischievous ways, pushed the plunger so that it sent its contents shooting down the hole.

Cameron went churning and spinning as he was forcibly submerged, unsure of what was happening or where he was.  He bounced off several pieces of crap before a strong suction action pulled him back into the plunger as the giant allowed it to expand afterward.  The tiny man crashed against the side of the plunger, and could feel the cold rubber walls momentarily before the cyclonic effect of the plunger plunging downward again sent him racing down into the depths of the toilet.

Robert relaxed the plunger, and felt it fill with toilet water once more.  He would just assume to flush the toilet and send Cameron to where he felt he belonged.  Sure, he had enjoyed being able to trample and humiliate the little slave boy, but was quite annoyed with his girlfriend for having given her favorite pet an entire weekend of giantess domination for free.

Sara didn’t offer this level of special attention and treatment to any other slaves or submissives, regardless of their gender.  She certainly didn’t treat her husband this special, either.  In fact, Mistress Sara’s husband, Sean, had spent the entire day beneath Robert’s toes, trapped in his smelly sock and Converse All-Stars.  Now, he wondered as he plunged downward and upwards rapidly several times, if he was going to have to make room once again for yet another prospective shrunken male to share between him and Sara.

The temptation to just drown Cameron was certainly there, but even Robert had a bit of a conscience.  He knew that there was no way he could live with himself.  Fearing that he may have plunged Cameron down the pipe, he withdrew the shit-covered plunger from the water and shook it violently to clear it of fecal matter and debris.  A few nuggets and broken chunks of shit fell from the black rubber cup, along with a tiny flesh-colored man, who managed to cling voraciously to the inner ring of the plunger.

Cameron coughed and sputtered, spitting out the sewer water as he dangled from the giant plunger.

“Ah, looks like you managed to survive that, you little shit,” Robert said with great amusement.

Cameron was deathly afraid of being lowered back into the toilet, or that his grip was about to slip.  The surface to the water below was several hundred feet in his micro-sized perspective.  Thankfully, Robert began to turn, bringing the plunger with him, and began to lower it to the ground.

Below him appeared a white plastic cup the same circumference as the plunger he hung from.  As the plunger began to tilt down, Cameron lost his grip.

“AAAAAHHHHH!!!” he cried momentarily as he flailed while falling. 

With a body-jarring thud, Cameron landed in the midst of the brown-stained white plastic cup.  He rolled onto his side, winded and exhausted as he continued to cough up more tepid water.

“Good night, little shit,” Robert said.

Cameron was too tiny and too helpless to do anything as the giant lowered the plunger’s black rubber cup onto the white plastic tray, trapping him in a tiny shit-smelling cave for the rest of the night.

With a satisfied look on his face, and the intoxicating feeling of dominating power, Robert proceeded to flush the toilet, and then turned off the light, closing the bathroom door behind him, leaving Cameron trapped beneath the plunger for the rest of the night.


Chapter 8 - Tag Team Trample Training by dilbertaco
Author's Notes:

This was one of my favorite concepts ever!!

When Cameron came to, he was surrounded in complete and total darkness.  The smell of urine and shit was quite potent, and the air was thick with humidity and foul smells.  His mouth tasted like a toilet.  He was shivering cold, having fallen asleep in the basin of a giant plunger tray which had a slight layer of toilet water that had drained from the giant rubber dome over him.

Before he could sit up all the way, he felt his stomach tighten, and then he lurched forward, heaving what foul contents he had consumed the previous evening.  Having been rescued by Robert, whose attempts included nearly drowning him by sending him swirling up the toilet’s plumbing, Cameron spewed out a copious amount of water.

Cameron’s tiny body ached.  His muscles and joints were quite sore from being trampled so heavily from the previous day.  He had no idea what time it was as he sat naked in a puddle of toilet water.  He brought his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, longing to see the beautiful blonde goddess – Mistress Sara.

A while later, as the tiny sat beneath the moist, shit-smelling rubber cup of the plunger, Cameron felt the floor begin to shake as if someone were walking nearby.  Then the sounds of the door lightly creaking open and a light switch flipping on gave him hope that he was to be freed from beneath the large plunger.

A bright light flooded Cameron’s eyes, causing him to squint as the large rubber cup was lifted from its tray.

“Oh, wow!! Look at YOU!” exclaimed Mistress Sara, laughing as she noticed her tiny shrunken sub.

Cameron turned away, rubbing his eyes to help them readjust to the bright light.

“Did you sleep well, my pet?” asked the giantess.

“Y-y-y-yes, M-M-Mistress Sara,” the little man answered.

“Good.  Hope you have a lot of strength in you, because you’re going to help me most of the day train a prospective giantess-mistress.  But first, you need to get cleaned up,” Mistress Sara said.

Cameron watched as the beautiful woman, who was wearing a black tank top and short denim cutoffs, unfurled a short length of toilet paper, and proceeded to bend over, picking up the disgusting, filth-covered slave with it. 

“HRRGGHH!!” exclaimed Cameron as the giantess’s fingers pinched around his tiny, miniscule frame, forcing him to exhale some air.

Completely lost within the wad of toilet paper, Cameron felt the giantess proceed to walk quite a distance.


Cameron was four foot tall, and had been ordered to take a shower by his mistress to wash all of the putrid waste off his body…outside in the backyard with dish soap, naked.  Thankfully, Mistress Sara was wealthy enough to afford a beautiful southern California house on the side of a hill with extensive privacy fencing and tall trees to screen out any neighbors, of which there were none terribly close or nearby. 

The water from the hose was quite cold, and he had already been chilled in the waste water overnight.  The sun was rising higher and higher in the sky, warming the air, which sat still.  Having washed himself thoroughly with soap, Cameron turned off the water hose and scraped the water off his body the best he could.

The private backyard of the large house had a ton of concrete pad around a nice sized swimming pool.  There were a few palm trees in the back as well that provided some shade, and a few lounge chairs in which Mistress Sara and her boyfriend, Robert, would relax and tan in.  In the large grassy area between some of the trees was a full-sized trampoline.  As he looked around, taking in the opulence of the house, he heard the sliding glass door open.

“He’s back here.  Let me introduce you,” Mistress Sara said.

Cameron was nervous, recalling that he was about to become a training tool for another woman to learn how to be a giantess-mistress as well.  He lay the garden hose down on the wet cement, and he, too, fell to his knees as he watched his beautiful blonde-haired-blue-eyed mistress walk towards him, her smiling melting away any apprehension he may have felt about the impending training session. 

Mistress Sara’s hips swayed seductively as she approached, wearing a black tank top, cut-off blue jean shorts, and her favorite Chaco athletic sandals.  Cameron noticed behind her was another blonde beauty.  Her hair was much longer than Mistress Sara’s, going all the way down to her waist.  She, too, had blue eyes, but she was several inches shorter than Mistress Sara, standing about 5’2”.  The other woman was also several years younger than Mistress Sara.  She wore a white tank top with red horizontal stripes, thin black athletic shorts, and well-worn canvas Keds.  Around her neck was a bright pink patent leather collar.  Cameron recognized it instantly as being a shrink collar.

“Shelby, I’d like you to meet Cameron, my favorite submissive and for all intents and purposes, my favorite pet,” said Mistress Sara to the kneeling man before them as they walked up.

“Hi, Cameron,” Shelby said with a voice that was higher in tone than Mistress Sara’s.  She was not only shorter but quite petite.

“Cameron, you’ll be helping Shelby learn a lot of the basics about giantess domination.  I’m going to teach her the ins-and-outs of using the shrink collar, as well as trampling, smothering, facesitting, foot-worship, mouth-play, and insertion.  It’s going to take a few hours, so I hope you’re rested up and ready for the challenge, alright?” Mistress Sara said to her slave.

Cameron nodded his head, and averted his gaze to their feet.

“Yes, Mistress Sara,” he responded.

“Good boy, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said, leaning over and patting him on the head.

“Now, let’s start with the basics.  First, Cameron, I want you to get on all fours.  Shelby and I are going to sit on your back while I show her the shrink collar’s controller,” Mistress Sara requested.

Without hesitation, Cameron got on all fours and braced himself as the two women approached and turned, lowering their supple asses upon his naked back.

“Ooh, he’s wet!” exclaimed Shelby.

“I made him wash up before you arrived.  We had a bit of a toilet party last night before me and my friends left, and well, he spent the evening in a toilet full of piss and crap before Robert rescued him with a plunger.  The poor little guy spent all night feeling like shit, because that’s what he is.  Aren’t you Cameron?  You’re a little turd on the sole of my shoe, right?” Mistress Sara said, teasing her slave as she ran her hand through his wet hair to pet him.

“Yes…Mistress Sara,” Cameron responded, his voice softened by the playing of his hair by the beautiful woman.

He didn’t care what Mistress Sara called him, or how she viewed him.  If she had wanted to tape him to the sole of her shoe and call him a turd, he’d be happy as long as it made her happy.

“Aw, how sweet,” Shelby commented.  “I have to admit, it’s a bit different being on this side of the experience.  I’m not sure how to get into the mindset to dominate.”

“I’ve always heard that the best subs make the best dommes.  I know there’s been times where I may have pushed your limits, maybe even too far, but remember how you feel when you’re at my mercy, and translate that to your client.  Just as you grunted and groaned beneath my feet, they’ll do the same for you, and just as you loved being tested and punished, so will they.  It’s not about inflicting pain, but delivering an experience.  If your client is able to achieve their nirvana, their desires, while you walk all over them, crush them with your hands, or shove them up your ass, then you’re delivering an excellent experience.  Think about why you wanted to be shrunk by me?  All of those times, suffering at my feet, letting me smother you with my ass or pussy.  What were you trying to achieve?” Mistress Sara said, coaching Shelby.

“I guess…well, I know the first time was because I felt lonely and rejected by almost everyone.  So, I wanted to escape the reality of life, and maybe learn to trust someone while I was helpless,” Shelby said, recalling her first session with Mistress Sara from nearly a year earlier.

“Exactly!  Escape!  People want escape!  They crave subjugation, and to be told what to do.  On the other side of that coin are the people who want to escape by telling people what to do.  And in the middle is you – someone who can use her experience of escaping this shitty world by delivering a unique session that allows others to escape, and make a ton of money from it, too!” Mistress Sara said with a smile.

Cameron’s arms were trembling as he continued to struggle holding up the weight of the large women who sat on his aching back.  Mistress Sara continued to run her hands through his wet hair, which was also turning him on.  He truly felt like the giantess’s pet, subservient to her every whim.  He would do anything to please her, and obey any command or fulfill any request she would issue.

“And then there are those like my Cameron, here, whose rightful place is to serve us beautiful women beneath our feet.  Isn’t that right, my dear?” Mistress Sara asked with a silky, seductively teasing voice as her large fingers continued to massage his scalp.

“Y-y-yes, M-M-Mistress,” he responded, his eyes closed as he was lost to the giantess who continued to pet him.

“So, let’s look at the shrink collar’s remote.  You’ve plenty of experience with being shrunk, so you know the pain it causes.  Not every sub or slave likes it, and you may find yourself shrinking a client who may need a moment or two for the pain to fade.  The smaller they start out, the more painful it is to shrink them.  Also, I strongly advise that you never let a sub, especially a male, be any larger than half their original size, just in case a sub tries to get a little aggressive during the session,” Mistress Sara said, showing her younger counterpart the remote.

“Has that ever happened?” Shelby asked with some concern.

“It’s happened a few times, but never to me.  I’ve heard of some GTS-dommes in Europe and Russia where after the session ended, they were attacked by their client after returning him to full-size, and the client ended up forcing the domme to wear the collar, shrunk her down to about three feet in size, and proceeded to…have his way with her.  She was quite sore from that, and of course, the guy was locked up.  But, that domme failed to do a background check of her sub, which you and I will require of all new clients.  I’ve got quite a few regulars and I have checks on all of them,” said Mistress Sara.

Shelby seemed to relax upon hearing about the background checks, just as Cameron’s arms finally gave out.  Both ladies rolled off Cameron, Shelby landing on top of Mistress Sara for a moment as Cameron instantly began apologizing.

“I’m so sorry, Mistress Sara!!  I’m so sorry!!  I’m so sorry, Mistress Sara!!” the miniature man stammered, quivering for forgiveness.

Shelby and Mistress Sara stood up and brushed themselves off.

“Well, Shelby, I think it’s time you helped me discipline my slave,” Mistress Sara said.


The springs on the trampoline squeaked and groaned beneath the weight of the two ladies jumping high into the air.

“OOOOFF!!” cried Cameron as Shelby’s dirty Keds landed on his reddened stomach, and Mistress Sara’s sandals upon his head and chest.

Having been shrunk down to two feet in size, he was absolutely no match for the two giantesses who jumped high off of his naked frame.  He watched as the sun, which hung high above him, made the beautiful, wispy blonde hair of the ladies glow and glisten momentarily in the light as the reached their zenith.  Cameron felt the bed of the trampoline propel him slightly upward as well, just as two pairs of punishing shoe-clad feet raced towards him once more.

The soles of Mistress Sara’s sandals each contained yellow “Vibram” badges located smack dab in the middle of them.  Well-worn but deep channels of dark grey and black tread approached him rapidly, and in an instant, smashed down upon his little face.

At the same time, the tannish-brown shoe-soles of Shelby’s Keds – blackened from extensive wear and tear – came crashing down upon Cameron’s stomach and groin.  The shrunken man felt the tremendous weight of the two giantesses smash into him, causing him to sink deep into the bed of the trampoline once more.

“OOOOOOOFFFFFF!!!” he exclaimed once more as Mistress Sara’s sandal smashed down upon his face, as well as upon his chest, knocking the wind out of him.

Shelby’s impact squished his guts internally as well, shortening his lungs’ ability to expand.  His balls and penis ached beneath Shelby’s right Ked that landed painfully across his exposed groin and upper thighs.

The bed of the trampoline sunk and stretched beneath the impact of the two ladies’ jumping upon Cameron.  Unfortunate for him, though, the ladies were not done.  As the springs in the trampoline retracted, returning to their natural, taught state, the bed was lifted quickly, sending the ladies hurtling high in the sky once again.

Cameron levitated for a moment as the ladies were close to four feet in the air above him as they reached their pinnacle, and then proceeded to fly back down towards him once more.  Their long blonde hair trailed in the air behind them as once again the two giantesses crashed down upon Cameron’s naked body.

“OOOOFFF!!!” groaned Cameron as Mistress Sara’s large size 9s and Shelby’s petite size 7s smashed into him.

But still, the ladies weren’t done.  As he was seeing stars beneath Mistress Sara’s Chaco sandal, he watched in painful contentment as the beautiful giantess that he served leapt high into the air once again.  For a split second, his eye caught hers, and he noticed just how happy she was.  The smile on her face let him know that she was having a blast at his expense.

The shadow cast by her left sandal’s sole grew once more.  Cameron’s field of view was quickly filled with the large black-channeled mass that rained down pain upon his face, crushing him with ease.  A tremendous weight forced his sternum to pop beneath it, causing him to gasp what little breath was in his lungs as he turned his face to the left.

As the bed of the trampoline began to rise yet again, Shelby’s two Ked-clad-feet impacted mightily into his stomach and groin as the two ladies had gotten slightly out of sync while jumping.  With no air in his lungs, Cameron could only release an empty, breathless exclamation of pain as the young giantess landed on him.  This caused Mistress Sara to levitate for a split second as the trampoline’s bed was made to sink below Cameron and her feet.

Mistress Sara’s frame then bore down upon Cameron, and the two giantesses ceased their jumping for a few moments as the trampoline’s springs continued to creak and groan from their movements.

“THIS IS FUN!” exclaimed Shelby, who continued to lightly make the trampoline bounce up and down while she remained standing on Cameron.

Mistress Sara smiled as she stepped her right foot off Cameron’s reddened chest and rested it upon her left foot, making her slave to bear the entirety of her weight upon his skull.  She then proceeded to join Shelby’s timing with “gently” bouncing on Cameron’s skull at the same time her partner bounced on his abdomen and groin.

“HRGH!  HRGRH!! RRGHH!  RRRGHH!!” Cameron grunted and groaned with each painful bounce upon his naked body.

His arms remained at his sides as he exercised discipline.  He wanted to wrestle the beautiful women off of him, but knew better than to consider touching them, their feet, or their shoes without their permission. 

“HRRGH! HRRRGH! HRRGH!! HRRGH!” the shrunken man continued to express his pains as Mistress Sara continued to bounce directly on his small head beneath the hard-soled sandal of her left foot and Shelby continued to maintain her presence on his stomach and groin.

“There we go,” Mistress Sara said with a big smile.


“I think the punishment is finally sinking in,” said the giantess-mistress as she stared at her large sandal-clad feet while maintaining her balance.

“I remember when you did this to me.  It hurt like hell…and I LOVED IT!” Shelby said, smiling as she stepped off Cameron’s stomach, leaving the reddened flesh of the small man’s stomach ingrained with the random lines of her Keds’ tread.

Mistress Sara continued to bounce on Cameron’s head, increasing in intensity.

“HRGH! HRRGH!! HRRRGHH!! HHRRRGGHHH!! HRRRGGGHHHH!!” Cameron exclaimed as his head continued to be crushed by the giantess.

“Step up here on his chest.  Balance yourself, and jump with me,” Mistress Sara said, instructing her muse.

Shelby smiled as she placed her right foot upon Cameron’s chest, the heel of her shoe pressing down upon his soft stomach.  Mistress Sara had ceased bouncing on Cameron as Shelby stepped up.  The two blonde giantesses held on to each other.

“Ready?” asked Mistress Sara.

“Yep!” replied Shelby.

“HRGH!!” groaned Cameron.

The trampoline’s springs once again began to squeak, and the metal frame that held it together creaked and groaned as the two ladies began to bounce upon the shrunken two-foot-tall man.

“HRRGH!” cried Cameron as the combined weight upon his head and chest bounced up and down upon him, keeping his wind shortened.

“You owe me and Shelby an apology, Cameron, for collapsing beneath us.  It’s not like we’re heavy!” demanded Mistress Sara as she and Shelby bounced upon the miniaturized man beneath their feet.

“HRGGH! HRRGH!!  I’M…HRRGH!!  I’M SORRY!! HRRGH!  HRRGGH!” Cameron said, struggling beneath the punishment being doled out.

“And you owe me an apology for embarrassing me in front of Shelby!” Mistress Sara insisted.  “I chose you to help train her because you’re the best slave I have!  And you couldn’t even support our sitting on you?!?!  How can I possibly expect you to be able to serve at Shelby’s feet while I train her?” Mistress Sara asked as she and Shelby continued to bounce upon Cameron’s suffering body.


As the giantesses continued to pulverize him, bouncing on him with the trampoline, Cameron was unable to find the air to respond or apologize.  Each groan and grunt was full of exasperation and labored exhales.  Mistress Sara’s sandal-sole never seemed to leave his head.  Its weight and burdened lessened as the trampoline bounced upward, but the giantess continued to maintain her balance on his small skull.  Finally, after a long moment, the two ladies ceased bouncing, and Shelby stepped off Cameron’s chest.

“Well, Cameron?  Apologize for embarrassing me, now!” demanded Mistress Sara.

“HRGH!  I’M…I’M SORRY!!!  I’M SORRY FOR…HRGH!  FOR EMBARRASSING YOU…HRGH!! MISTRESS SARA!!” Cameron yelled from beneath the giantess’s sandal-clad foot.

“Good boy.  Apology accepted, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said as she finally stepped off of Cameron’s skull.  “Unfortunately, though, the disciplinary process is not quite finished,” said the giantess-mistress as she took out the shrink collar’s remote.

The shrunken man lay prone on the bouncy trampoline bed, the side of his right face reddened save for the white folds of skin that had conformed to the deep grooves and channels of tread on the sole of Mistress Sara’s shoe.

“AAAAAAAHHHH!!” Cameron exclaimed as the painful feeling of the shrink collar doing its thing flooded his body.

His muscles tingled, ached, twitched, and spasmed as he grimaced in pain.  The ladies watched with smile on their faces as Cameron was reduced from two-feet tall down to an inch and a half.  He lay curled up on his side, clutching his sides as the surface of the trampoline bed bounced up and down slightly.

“This is going to hurt you A LOT more than it will me,” Mistress Sara said, chuckling as if she were disciplining her child.

Cameron felt the bed of the trampoline sink quickly, then catapulted him high in the sky, or so it seemed, as Mistress Sara jumped.  As he went flying into the air, he flailed as he watched the beautiful giantess fly seemingly hundreds of feet above him, her sandal-clad foot quickly lining up over him, and rapidly descending.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” he exclaimed as the dirty yellow “Vibram” patch on the sole of Mistress Sara’s sandal came rushing towards him, meeting him in the air as he began his own descent towards the bed of the trampoline.


Cameron felt the impact of the giantess’s shoe-sole crash into him, smashing him into the somewhat conforming bed of the trampoline.  For a brief second, he passed out as all the air in his lungs was easily forced to escape.  His body compressed like it had never before.  Just as the tremendous weight of the shoe couldn’t have gotten any heavier, the burden that was Mistress Sara sprang upward. 

The shrunken man felt his body spring upward in the wake of Mistress Sara’s ascent, floating and tumbling in the air as the giantess’s size 9 came crashing down upon him again.


Cameron was seeing stars as he was smashed mercilessly by Mistress Sara, who leapt once more with ease up off his naked frame.  The bed of the trampoline propelled him upward once more.  He spun out of control as he flailed through the air, only to be met once again with Mistress Sara’s sandal that was racing back down.  His back found the widest channel of tread possible on the sandal’s sole as he face down.  The tiny man’s arms and legs splayed against the hard rubber sole.  Cameron’s eyes opened wide as a split-second later…


The tight nylon weave of the trampoline bed expanded against Cameron’s front side as he was mercilessly smashed beneath Mistress Sara’s shoe.  A split-second later, he felt himself flying upward against his will, stuck to the sole of the giantess’s sandal.

Desperate for air, Cameron quickly inhaled as he was made to race once more towards the black-and-grey trampoline bed.  The wind rushed by so quickly it was deafening in his ear.



What little air the little man had inhaled was painfully forced out as his body compressed beneath the weight of the giantess yet again.  And just as quickly as the crush had been administered, the potential energy was rapidly converted to kinetic as the springs on the bed returned to their tightly wound form, propelling the giant blonde upward.

Cameron fell away from Mistress Sara’s shoe sole, tumbling toward the tight bed of the trampoline.  He landed, winded and in pain just as the trampoline bed finished returning to its normal place.  A fraction of a second later, the giantess’s size 9 came crashing down upon him.


Cameron passed out from the impact and crush administered by the giantess.  Unaware, Mistress Sara ceased her jumping, which ended up with several “light” bounces upon Cameron’s shrunken form.  When she stepped off her slave, Cameron lay in a heap of heavily trampled humanity.  Observing her shrunken slave’s reddened body that lay at her feet, Mistress Sara smiled, content with the punishment she had administered to Cameron.

“Now the training can begin,” she said as she bent forward and picked up Cameron by his ankles. 

The tiny man dangled near lifeless in her grip as she and Shelby hopped down from the trampoline.


“I can’t wait!” said Shelby as she sat on an outdoor chair and untied her right Ked.

“Learning to wear someone beneath your toes is one of the first fundamentals of being a giantess-mistress,” Mistress Sara said as she watched Cameron, who hung upside down still in her grip, come to.

Having removed her shoe, Shelby set it on her upper thigh, and reached over to take the shrunken man from Mistress Sara.  Cameron felt himself be transferred to the new giantess.  Even though he was still in a daze from the extreme trampoline trampling, he found Shelby to be very cute and pretty, and was happy to be serving his mistress by helping train her giantess “padawan”.

The heat and smell was quite thick from the freshly discarded Ked, its odor wafting upward to greet Cameron’s olfactory senses.  As Shelby lowered him towards her sweaty, stinky insole, Cameron noticed how well-worn the insole of the shoe was.  The dark blue insole was flattened to the shape of Shelby’s foot.  The white screen printing of the box with the word “Keds” was mostly worn away.  His muscles ached as he was laid face-down on the insole, his back tweaking and spasming as Shelby finished lowering him in.

“Okay, little guy,” Shelby said, her voice sweet and innocent to Cameron’s ears, “you need to go lay down in the toe-section of my stinky shoe, alright?  We’re going to go for a walk, and I need to learn to walk with you in my shoe, alright?”

“You’re too nice, Shelby,” Mistress Sara said, chuckling as she was amused with Shelby’s sweet persona.

Cameron looked up while lying on his stomach and nodded in compliance.  He got on all fours, his joints popping and creaking as they protested, and began to crawl towards the dank, musty, foot-smelling toe section.  As he did, the spongy rubber of the insole, which didn’t have much more give in it, sank slightly beneath his hands and knees, causing some imbedded sweat to pool around them.

Once into the smelly cavern, Cameron felt the large size 7 shoe begin to move as Shelby proceeded to lower it to the ground.  He tumbled onto his side in the indentation made from the giantess’s footpad.  Knowing where he needed to be, he scooted on his back up the slight incline to the slightly raised area that existed between the edge of the footpad’s indention and the five rounded curves on the giantess’s toe-impressions.

A moment later, Cameron watched as a large shadow grew from the introduction of five large digits attached to a very pretty, very sexy foot.  The toes were pleasantly plump and of average length.  They glistened with pink sparkles from a pedicure that Shelby had gotten the day before.  The little man gulped with anticipation as the light disappeared.  The sound of Shelby’s moistened, clammy skin sliding upon the shoe’s insole filled Cameron’s ears in the darkness.  A moment later, the warm, smelly toes slid over him slowly as Shelby took her time slipping her foot into her shoe. 

Shelby was savoring the newness of this experience.  She could feel Cameron’s little naked body just beneath the tips of her toes, which she gently flexed a few times, brushing the shrunken man’s sore body.  Her foot then slipped the rest of the way in, and she leaned forward to help deal with the slightly folded, slightly trapped shoe canvas that caught beneath her heel.  Once she straightened out the sides of the heel of the shoe, the heel of her foot was able to comfortable attain its resting place.

As for resting places, Cameron lay completely immersed in Shelby’s foot-stink.  It was potent and filled Cameron’s nasal passages with strong, tepid, acrid-smelling foot odor, and he loved it.  He took a deep breath, savoring its foul stench as his face was trapped beneath the giantess’s second toe.

Shelby propped her foot up on her heel and proceeded to bend forward to tie her shoe.  Cameron felt his face become embedded against the clammy under-toe, and proceeded to take a few licks.  The taste of his new giantess tormentor was…intoxicating!

“I can’t believe it!!  There might be another woman out there that I may want to serve more than Mistress Sara!!” he thought to himself for a moment.

“Alright, ready?” asked Mistress Sara as she stood up.

“Yep!” answered Shelby, who hopped up in excitement.

“How does he feel?” Mistress Sara inquired.

Shelby paused as she stood.  Her toes pressed down upon the hard lump of flesh that was Cameron’s one-and-a-half-inch body.  She could feel his faint exhales against the underside of her second toe.

“I can tell that he’s breathing, but he doesn’t have much room,” she answered.  “He’s not moving around too much.”

“There’s not much room to be having, and with your smaller foot, there’s even less of a toe-crevice for a slave to suffer under.  But don’t worry, plenty of subs will LOVE being trapped and trampled in your small petite shoe.  He’s fine.  C’mon!” Mistress Sara said as she turned and proceeded to walk towards the entry to the house.

Shelby followed, assuming that Cameron was alright.

As the giantess’s foot lifted, Cameron experienced a stomach-churning bout of nausea as the shoe lifted and flew forward.  The heel crashed into the hard cement floor, jostling the entire world around the shrunken man in the darkness of the tight, cramped toe-crevice.

As Shelby stepped forward, Cameron felt the weight of the giantess roll upon him through her toes.  He was being pressed mercilessly beneath the giant digits, thankful that the insole had some give for him to sink into.  His face was pressed against the hard, bony knuckle of Shelby’s second toe.  The knuckle of the third toe pressed upon his groin and legs, leaving his feet to push against the side of her fourth toe.

“HRRMMMPPPPP!!” he exclaimed as the giantess finished her step.

The foot-and-shoe prison quickly pivoted forward at a mind-boggling, stomach-churning speed before it impacted once more on the concrete.




As the foot lifted from the ground once again, Cameron was seeing stars, struggling to take an inhale before Shelby’s foot landed once again.





“Is this what it felt like to wear me in your shoes?” asked Shelby as she and Mistress Sara walked along the sidewalk to the entrance of the nearby park.

“Yep!  Rather cathartic in a way, isn’t it?  Knowing that there is someone in the world so pathetic that they crave subjugation to such an extent that they will pay you to literally make them the size of a bug to be worn in a shoe.  Not saying that you are pathetic for liking it, but just…there are some people, especially men, who deserve nothing more than to be stepped on or crushed like a bug because of something they did to someone.  I’ve always felt that I was helping to maintain a balance in the universe, somehow, by shrinking my clients, tormenting them with my feet and shoes, or making them worship me, while I take their money,” Mistress Sara said, smiling as she enjoyed the pleasant breeze blowing through her hair.

Shelby looked away as she continued to trample Cameron in her shoe. 

“I don’t know…just kinda seems like…like I can’t believe how much I liked being shrunk and owned by you, but how much more I think I’m going to like being in your position with little men and women groveling at my feet,” Shelby said.

Within the cramped confines of her footwear, Cameron was repeatedly trampled and crushed by the giantess.  The heat was near unbearable, and combined with the cadence of the beautiful woman’s walking, his stomach was rather queasy.  To make matters even more miserable, Shelby’s toes sweated something fierce. 

Cameron’s eyes were red and burning from the salty concentration dispensed by the giantess.  The pungent, tepid sweat trickled down his nose and into his mouth with each footstep he was made to endure.  He occasionally choked on the acrid liquid that stung his nasal passages and made his tongue tingle.

As he endured the trampling, Cameron’s face was mercilessly stepped upon by Shelby’s second toe.  The knuckle painfully pressed down upon his face, causing him to see stars from the pressure.  His lungs were aching, limited in their expansion by the crushing burden administered by Shelby’s massive toes. 

The smell was thick and repulsive.  It seemingly grafted itself to Cameron’s skin as he soaked in the beautiful giantess’s foot-sweat.  He willingly lapped and sucked at the toe-flesh occasionally, desperate to get a “drink” of Shelby’s sweat in order to relieve his thirst.  The more footfalls he was made to endure, the closer Cameron was taken to passing out.

Step after step, Cameron’s body ached, his ribs and sternum creaked from the pressure administered by the giantess-in-training.  He groaned occasionally when his air supply allowed for it.  As Shelby continued her walk with Mistress Sara, the shrunken man beneath her toes in her shoe blacked out.


“He must be doing okay.  I can feel his little prick between my toes,” said the sweet innocent voice of the giantess who wore Cameron in her shoe.

The tiny man stirred as the voice of Shelby sounded distant but loud.  As he came to, Cameron opened his reddened eyes to pitch blackness.  The large, warm, clammy digits that held him in place proceeded to flex and squeeze around his body.

“MMMPPF!!” Cameron exclaimed as Shelby scrunched him.

The giantess’s sweaty, stinky, sticky toes held him firmly in place.  Cameron felt his thick erection comforted between the second and third toes, her skin’s moistened friction ridges pleasantly enticing his member.

He also noticed that he was at a slight incline, and concluded that with the lack of crushing pressure, except for the toe-scrunch he was enduring, that Shelby was sitting down with her leg crossed.  As the toes continued to smother him, the tight, cramped quarters that he was contained in proceeded to swirl and sway a few times as Shelby twisted her dangling foot at her ankle a few times while sipping on some ice-cold tea.

Mistress Sara and Shelby had concluded their walk, and returned to Mistress Sara’s place.  As they sat and chatted once more in the back yard, Shelby was enjoying soaking the shrunken trainee in her shoe in her foot-sweat, an act that Mistress Sara had performed on her many times.  The collar around her neck reminded her that she, too, belonged to Mistress Sara. 

Cameron’s clutched body began to squirm within her toe-grasp, and Shelby released her punishing scrunch on him for a few moments.  The feeling of his warm exasperations against the underside of her big toe were quite exciting for her.  She smiled as she scrunched Cameron again.

The tiny man lay compliantly punished by the giantess’s very sweaty, very smelly toes as she wore her Keds bare foot.  In the heat of the noon-sun, Shelby’s feet perspired greatly, especially after nearly forty-five minutes of walking.  She lifted the glass of ice tea to her lips once more, and released her squeeze on Cameron for another moment before scrunching him again.

“MMPPF!” grunted Cameron, his face enveloped by a sweaty wrinkle on the underside of Shelby’s big toe.

Delirious from the heat and stench, Cameron lapped at the sweaty, acrid-tasting toe-flesh while his erection continued to be teased by Shelby’s toes.  The feeling was quite erotic for the suffering, shrunken man, making the conditions of the hellish microclimate that existed within the giantess’s Ked bearable.

As the ladies enjoyed their refreshing drinks in the light breeze on the otherwise sultry, hot day while relaxing on the patio, Shelby began to rhythmically scrunch and release her toes around Cameron.  The tiny man felt the large toes clutch his body tightly and release their grip, clutch tightly then release, over and over again and again.  Though the motion was quite subtle to Shelby, to Cameron, his erect dick was pleasantly rubbed back and forth between the warm, sweaty toes.

“MMMMPPF!” moaned Cameron as he felt his member building up.

All of the conditions were right for his fantasy to become true.  He was shrunk, trapped inside a beautiful giantess’s shoes, beneath her toes, and she was administering a toe-job.  The clammy flesh continued to pull and tug his cock up and down, up and down.  The sweat-soaked friction ridges teased his very sensitive member.  His body tensed after a few more moments of teasing.  He was so horny for Shelby. 

She was beautiful, perhaps more so than Mistress Sara.  She was young, and had a wonderful smile, long blonde hair, and blue eyes.  She was sweet, which made her trampling him and jumping on him and wearing him in her shoe that much more sensual and erotic.  Not that Mistress Sara didn’t meet the criteria as well, but from a looks perspective, Mistress Sara was a 9.5, and Shelby was a solid 10.  The more he thought about the view he had of the two giantesses jumping on him while on the trampoline sent him over the edge.

Shelby’s sexy toes gripped his body once more, tightening around him with a tremendous bear-hug.

“HRRMPPPP!!” exclaimed Cameron, his face buried once more within the sweaty wrinkle underneath the giantess’s second toe. 

His penis was pinched and gripped tightly between the two toes as they scrunched his sweat-soaked, naked frame.  As they did, the flesh of the two toes moved upward as Shelby’s toes tightened.  With Cameron’s arousal peaking, he was unable to contain himself, not that he wanted to.

“HMMPPP!!!  HMMMPPP!!!!” screamed the shrunken training tool into the folds of the giantess’s sweaty toes.

Shelby felt a wet, warm sensation between her toes, unaware that she had just brought Cameron to orgasm.  His tube emitted several spurts of warm crème that clung to the sweat-lined flesh between her toes.  As they relaxed their grip, the gooey cum seemed to stick to both sides of the toes.  The giantess felt Cameron panting hard against her toe.

“I’m not sure, but what does it feel like when a shrunken person climaxes between your toes?” she asked Mistress Sara.

“Depends.  Some men produce more ‘stuff’ than others, but usually it’s a warm sensation on a very small area of your toe.  Half the time, though, I don’t even feel their release,” Mistress Sara said as she brushed her blonde hair behind her ear.

“I’m pretty sure he just spurted between my toes,” Shelby said as she looked down at her shoe while twisting her foot around.

“Well, let’s use this as a training opportunity, then.  You need to develop a domineering mind-set.  When you are one-on-one with a client, or when you’re helping to tag-team a client with me or another GTS-mistress, and the client does something that perhaps you want them to do, but you didn’t give them permission, whatever, you need to turn that back on them and use it to justify further punishment, if that is the scenario or scene that they are wanting.  And, most of our clients will want that.  For instance, when Cameron collapsed earlier beneath our weight…he prefers a bit of a softer touch, but he’s not averse to being trampled for his failures.  So, since he climaxed between your toes, or even if he didn’t, we can accuse him of doing so, let’s teach him a lesson while you learn to punish him, alright?” Mistress Sara said with a big smile on her face.

Shelby smiled as she nodded in agreement.

“I’m going to sit back and give you his shrink collar’s remote,” Mistress Sara said, pulling two remotes out of her pocket – one black which belonged to Cameron’s collar, and the other pink, which belonged to Shelby’s collar.

Shelby rested her Ked-clad right foot on the ground and bent over to untie her shoe.  A moment later, she proceeded to hold it upside down over the table and shook it a few times.  The tiny naked man fell from the shoe’s opening and landed hard on the hot outdoor table.


“Did you just cum between my toes?” Shelby asked Cameron who lay in a daze while she proceeded to slip her shoe back on.

Cameron’s eyes squinted as they adjusted to the bright sunlight all around them.  His flesh was reddened, like his eyes, and his hair was saturated from Shelby’s foot-sweat.  An odor of feet and sweat wafted from his skin.

As he remained on all fours, Cameron nodded his head, answering with an audible,

“Y-y-yes…m-m-mistress Shelby.”

“Well, I didn’t give you permission to do that, did I?  I think I’ll have to punish you and then make you apologize,” the beautiful blonde said, her giddy smile breaking through to reveal her character as being playful versus dominating.

Shelby’s fingers pinched around Cameron’s back and chest, and she lifted him up to her eye-level.  The tiny man’s eyes were still adjusting to the light, but he was once again enamored with the beautiful, young giantess.

“What should I do with you?  Well, since you like being IN my shoe so much, maybe you’d like to be UNDER them, too!” said Shelby.

She stood up and proceeded to lean forward, dropping Cameron to the concrete patio a short distance.  The shrunken man landed on his butt and fell onto his back, which ached from the impact.  Without much warning, he opened his eyes to see the blackened sole of the giantess’s Ked quickly approaching.  It’s normally tannish-brown sole was completely covered in dirt and grime, and the traditional “wrinkle-style” tread on the Ked was mostly flat in the front-half and beneath the heel.

Cameron tried to brace for impact, putting his hands up and turning his head as the large size 7 shadow grew around him.  A split-second later, the large massive sole pressed upon his tiny body.

“AAAAARHHHHHHRRGGGHHH!” he cried as he was crushed by Shelby’s foot.

Cameron’s arms folded upon themselves, and they quickly fell to his sides, his hands up near his head as his arms were bent at the elbows.  His hips rolled within their sockets as his legs, which bent at the knees, turned to alleviate the crushing pressure upon his knees.  His sternum flexed painfully as some of his ribs popped.  His lungs were forced to exhale his air through his outturned face.  The flesh of his front-side was pulled and tugged as the dirty rubber sole of the beautiful giantess’s Ked began to twist and grind on his tiny body.  His backside was painfully pressed into and dragged against the friction ridges of the concrete patio.

Shelby’s well-worn white Ked slowly twisted and ground upon Cameron’s little naked body for a few seconds before it lifted off, revealing the twitching, spasming man that had been beneath.  She smiled as she watched Cameron’s back arch and he rolled onto his left side, gasping for breath.

“Is he alright?” she asked, unsure of herself as the smile from her face quickly faded.

Mistress Sara sat forward and looked on the ground.

“He’s fine.  That’s how you look, too, when I step on you.  Now come on!  Get mean and creative!” she encouraged her GTS-mistress-padawan.

Shelby picked up the shrink collar and proceeded to input a change in the setting, and then engaged the button.  Cameron yelped in pain as his body still ached and cramped.  Now, the collar around his neck created an intense burning sensation for several seconds.  A moment later, he lay winded and exasperated on the concrete patio at six-inches in size. 

Shelby was still massive compared to him.  The young giantess reached down and picked him up by his legs.  Holding him upside down before her face, her mischievous smile returned as she examined the shrunken man. 

“He’s sorta cute, isn’t he?  Especially at these smaller sizes.  But he doesn’t have much of a dick, do you?” she said teasing Cameron while speaking with Mistress Sara, who chuckled to herself.

Cameron, who hung limp in her grasp as his arms hung down past his head, felt dizzy being upside down.

“Did you like being beneath my shoe?  Do you want some more?  Perhaps we should make that a little more bearable for you.  I want you to be comfortable when I walk all over you, alright?” Shelby said with a sweetly innocent voice as she walked over to a folded pool towel that sat nearby. 

Mistress Sara took a sip of her iced tea as she watched Shelby place the thick, folded towel on the ground of the patio, and then placed Cameron on top of that.  His reddened flesh contrasted well against the nearly snow-white towel as Shelby once again lifted her right foot.

“Here we go again, slave!” she said, her right Ked approaching the slightly-enlarged-but-still-shrunken man.

Cameron offered no resistance.  He merely grunted as he disappeared beneath the giantess’s shoe.

“HRRGGMPP!” he exclaimed as Shelby stepped up with her right foot, resting her left one on top of it.

Mistress Sara watched as Shelby maintained her balance by keeping her arms out, teetering somewhat here and there. 

“That’s awful nice of you to think about using something like that for him.  I’m glad you were listening when I said he prefers a softer touch,” she said, encouraging her student.

Shelby smiled.

“I actually felt sorta bad when he was writhing on the ground over there,” Shelby responded.  “I can’t imagine that he liked that one bit.”

“Beware, though, that there are clients who want nothing but untold amounts of pain administered by beautiful giantess women.  I’ll have you practice on my husband when it comes time to trying your hand, or your foot, rather, at that,” Mistress Sara noted.

Meanwhile, Cameron was fully embedded in the soft, fluffy cotton of the thick towel.  It provided enough give that he wasn’t seeing stars, but it was firm enough that Shelby’s weight crushed uncomfortably upon him. 

Sensing that she could ramp up her slave’s punishment, though, Shelby proceeded to lift her heel off the towel and her shrunken slave’s lower legs, focusing her weight upon her footpad and toes. 

“HMMMMPPFF!!” groaned the shrunken six-inch-tall man from beneath as now he was seeing stars. 

The giantess’s foot pressed down upon his head, chest, and upper body with great focused, crushing strength, embedding him even deeper into the somewhat forgiving towel pad.  Shelby’s calf muscle flexed with a sexy, empowering motion as Cameron’s little legs kicked momentarily with pain.

Continuing to pursue curiosity for the sake of curiosity, Shelby then administered a series of light hops upon Cameron’s trampled, crushed body.  Her foot barely left contact with his naked flesh, but she was able to crush more and more air from his lungs with each bounce.















Shelby ceased her hopping punishment and lowered her foot fully upon Cameron as her calf muscle was getting sore.  She proceeded to step her left foot down off the towel, followed closely by her right foot.  A big smile crossed her face as she observed Cameron’s reddened, disheveled body fully embedded into the towel.  His chest heaved as she breathed heavily to recoup his oxygen while Mistress Sara stepped over and observed him.

“Good job,” she said to Shelby.  “Have you punished him enough?  Or do you think he need more?  After all, he climaxed on your toes without permission.  To me, that’s a pretty serious offense.”

Sensing that perhaps she should figure out an escalation for Cameron’s trespass, Shelby shook her head.

“No, he’s not been punished enough,” she answered.


“HRRRGGHMMPPP!!” exclaimed Cameron, whose six-inch-body was completely crushed beneath Shelby’s pelvis.

The giantess-in-training had shed her shoes, tank top and shorts, revealing a sexy two-piece dark blue bikini.  The warm, sweaty lycra that covered Shelby’s womanhood enshrouded Cameron, his face held firmly between Shelby’s labia.  His arms and legs were splayed to their sides. 

Having dawned oversize amber-colored sunglasses, Shelby had scooted the towel that she had used to trample her slave on over to the edge of the pool, and now her lower legs dangled in the water as she pulled her hair back and slipped it into a ponytail. 

“Ooh!  He tickles!” she exclaimed as she felt Cameron struggle and wriggle against her pussy.

Cameron had managed to get his head turned sideways to get a breath.

“Now now, little guy!  No breathing allowed!  You want air, you have to pay for it!” Shelby said playfully as she reached down and pinched Cameron’s skull between her index and thumb, forcefully turning it upright and scooting her pelvis forward slightly.

“HRMMPPPP!!” strained the shrunken man as his face was once again immersed in pussy-smelling lycra.

“Good job, Shelby.  Stay on top of him,” Mistress Sara said, encouraging her student as she lay on a folding chair behind her, soaking up the sun.

She, too, had removed her t-shirt, jean shorts, and sandals, revealing a sexy, formfitting black swimsuit.  With oversized sunglasses on, she closed her eyes and relaxed while coaching.

“But, do make sure you give him some opportunities to breathe,” she admonished.

Shelby continued to smile, occasionally chuckling at the feeling of the tiny man beneath her crotch.  Cameron’s little head had the most success at moving, and once again, he managed to turn it sideways, his face barely clearing the outer left lip of Shelby’s smelly, odiferous labia.  The massive weight that bore down upon his tiny frame made it even more difficult for him to inhale, but he managed to get some quick breathes.

“He’s doing alright.  I’m having to turn his head upright again,” she responded to her instructor.

Cameron felt the giantess’s fingers powerfully clutch his skull, and effortlessly turned him to face her warm, moistened lycra-clad labia once again. 


His face was pressed against the warm groin, and Shelby kept her index finger pressing against the back of his head for a long while to keep him smothered. 

“SHE SMELLS SOO WONDERFUL!!” he thought to himself as his face continued to be smothered by the young woman.

A moment or two later, Shelby removed her fingertip from the back of Cameron’s head, and felt the shrunken man keep his face in place between her pussy’s lips.  The shrunken, squashed man once again began to struggle beneath her, and managed to get his head turned to his left this time.

“Now, now, Cameron,” Shelby said, lifting herself up slightly by planting her hands on the concrete patio.  “This is a punishment for spurting all over my toes like a pervert.”

Cameron got a quick breath as the giantess’s crotch hovered above him for a moment.  He watched as the shadowed bikini-clad pussy lowered upon him once more as Shelby had centered herself more on his tiny head.

“MMMPPP!!” came Cameron’s muffled cry from beneath Shelby, who chuckled.

“That tickled!” she exclaimed, and lifted herself up once again.

Cameron gasped, sucking in some air before,



Shelby pussy-bombed the shrunken six-inch man, stunning him with the impact.  Once again, the giantess lifted herself up, and upon hearing the sounds of Cameron’s panting for air, dropped herself down upon him.



Cameron was seeing stars as he strained beneath Shelby’s crotch.  He was thankful that she lifted herself off a third time, but he knew what that meant.  He stared at the crease in the lycra bikini that revealed the edges of the beautiful giantess’s lips, and watched as they blackened in shadow upon her bombing him once more.



Shelby chuckled to herself as she began to grind upon Cameron.  As she gyrated her hips, she couldn’t help but feel turned on knowing that a man was underneath her pussy, suffering as she wished.  It was empowering and borderline intoxicating.

“I have an idea to help punish him further, if you’d like,” Mistress Sara said, sitting up as she watched her trainee undulate on their slave.

“Of course!” Shelby said, looking over her shoulder.

With a smile on her face, Mistress Sara stood up and stepped around the front of Shelby, straddling her.  Shelby leaned back some.

“Let him take a breath.  I want to tell him what we’re doing to him,” she said, instructing Shelby.

Cameron was once more blinded by the sunlight that shone around him.  He coughed several times as he caught his breath.

“Cameron, dear,” Mistress Sara said as she began, “I’m going to help Shelby punish you for your lack of self-control by sitting on her lap as she sits on you, alright?  You deserve this.  ‘Yes, Mistress’?”

Cameron continued to breathe rapidly, savoring the uninhibited air flow to his lungs.  He coughed and cleared his throat.

“Y-Yes, Mistress,” he responded.

Instead of a pussy-bomb, Shelby lowered herself back down upon him, immersing him in the soft, pliable flesh of her smelly, sweaty pussy.  Helpless, Cameron’s upright face was set upon by the stretchy lycra that spread across the opening of Shelby’s lips.

Mistress Sara proceeded to lower herself upon Shelby’s hips, and Cameron felt the increase in weight.

“MMMPPPP!!” he cried out in pain as the pressure upon his shrunken, naked frame more than doubled.

Mistress Sara and Shelby laughed as they heard the faint cries emit from Cameron’s heavily smothered face.


Mistress Sara proceeded to hop on Shelby’s lap a few times, and Cameron’s cries of pain served to tickle Shelby’s pussy.











Mistress Sara brushed her hair back and proceeded to wrap her arms around Shelby’s neck.  She pulled her to her, and proceeded to kiss Shelby, shoving her tongue deep into her mouth for a few seconds.  Meanwhile, Cameron’s legs that stuck out from beneath Shelby’s rear kicked and twitched as the tiny man gasped for air and suffered beneath the weight of the two beautiful giantesses making out while he was sat on by them.

Cameron’s chest ached and lungs burned.  His heart was racing, pounding each pulse in his head.  His face hurt being smooshed by Shelby’s wonderful, fragrant womanhood.  If he were to die this way, he would die a happy man.

The two GTS-mistresses ended their make-out session as Mistress Sara asked,

“Are you having fun?”

“Yeh, I’m liking this more than I thought I would.  I wasn’t sure at first,” she answered.

“Well, how about we move from the punishment phase to making him apologize.  I think a good way to make anyone apologize is to make them kiss your ass,” Mistress Sara suggested.


Cameron’s reddened face strained as he hung by his neck amongst the tight strands of nylon weave on the seat of the folding chair.  Only his head was visible about 2/3 of the way to the middle of the seat.

“Looks about right, don’t you think?” Mistress Sara asked as she observed her slave’s predicament.

“Looks perfect!” Shelby said with a giddy excitement.

“Go ahead and take off your bottoms, spread your cheeks and let him go to town.  He’s an ass-man, and he’ll know what to do,” Mistress Sara said with a grin.

Shelby was not afraid to be naked in front of Mistress Sara, having had a few dozen sessions with her while being shrunk and used by the giantess.  Cameron watched, though squinting with the sunlight shining overhead, as Shelby turned and proceeded to slide off her navy-blue bikini bottoms.  Her tanned, white skin was beautiful, and her ass-cheeks were perfect and cute.  Despite the discomfort in his neck by the tight weave of the folding chair, he was looking forward to this.

Shelby bent over and proceeded to spread her cheeks, giving Cameron a good view of her sweaty, brown-tinted sphincter.  The beautiful giantess looked back over her shoulder, laughing at Cameron’s trance-like-face.

“Time to apologize, little Cameron,” she said as she slowly lowered her stretched ass down upon his trapped little head.  “I want you to kiss my ass,” instructed Shelby.

“HMMPPP!!” expressed Cameron, his face pressed against the giantess’s anal-sphincter as his neck was painfully bent backwards. 

To his surprise, Shelby’s sphincter relaxed slightly, allowing for his face and some of his head to enter into the shit-smelling chamber.

“Kiss!” Shelby exclaimed, not feeling much effort from Cameron.

The shrunken man finally stuck his tongue out, lapping at the outside and inner-rim of Shelby’s foul-tasting flesh-hole while his upper head was inside.  His nose was assaulted by the strong, repulsive smell of poop which must have been close by.

“OH!” Shelby said with a surprise.


“MMMPPPPP!!!!” exclaimed Cameron as he endured the strong, foul-smelling blast of hot methane.

His stomach churned from the potent smell of Shelby’s fart.  But he was even more enamored with the beautiful giantess, and his tongue couldn’t taste her shit-hole fast enough.

“That feels…oh, that feels pretty good,” Shelby noted as Mistress Sara observed her face flush with arousal.

As Cameron continued his ass-worship, his little member quickly inflated.  Mistress Sara was absolutely right about him being an ass-man.  The pressure exerted by the sphincter upon his skull was pretty intense.  It was quite hot and very smelly.  Shelby’s ass was perfect in every way, and he couldn’t be happier to be partially inserted.

“I think, Shelby, this might be a great opportunity for you to get comfortable with anal-insertion,” Mistress Sara said as she observed the predicament her favorite sub was in.

“Sounds…good,” Shelby said with her aroused and flushed face.

Cameron’s ears were filled with a loud “PLOP” sound as Shelby stood up and turned, looking down upon him.  His eyes adjusted once more as he watched the giantess push his head down through the tight weave of the folding chair’s seat, causing him to land on the concrete below.

Shelby looked voraciously at Cameron as she lifted the chair from being over him, and then reached down to pick his six-inch frame up off the ground.  Her fist tightened around him, leaving his upper chest, shoulders, and head exposed above her thumb, and his lower legs dangling below.  The tiny man watched as he was carried around towards her beautiful backside.  He admired the curves of her derriere, and was excited to see that he was about to be inserted into her ass.

“Open up!” Mistress Sara said jokingly as Shelby leaned forward, her anus naturally spreading slightly.

Cameron felt the warmth of the sweat and grime from between Shelby’s wonderful ass-cheeks brush his face as he was slid between them to meet the sphincter once more.  His face was pressed for a moment against the opening, which he licked at a few times before it relaxed and opened.  The hot, foul-smelling air inside hit him like a punch to the face momentarily before he felt his skull slide upwards and into the tight anal cavity.

“MMmmmmm!!” Shelby exclaimed, closing her eyes and biting her lip as she felt her slave’s head enter her ass. 

She continued to manipulate Cameron’s six-inch body up and inside of her as his shoulders met resistance with her anal sphincter.  She tried to relax her core muscles some more, which allowed the folded skin to ease and accept his shoulders now.

“OH!” she gasped with aroused excitement as she forced Cameron further inside of herself. 

Cameron’s head and shoulders were now slowly being inserted into the giantess’s anus as she slowly guided him further in.  He held his breath as long as he could, but he had to exhale and take an inhale of the foul, poo-smelling area.  The rolling folds of anus were slathered in a lubricating mucous that coated his skin and soaked his hair.  It was hard to breathe due to the tight, confining space.

Shelby felt Cameron was as far up her ass as she wished to push, and his hands were down at his sides, trapped within the tight clutches of the anal-sphincter around his hips and waste.  She then released her grip on Cameron, his legs dangling humorously from between her cheeks, and stood upright.

“Mmmmmm!!  That feels…SO GOOD!!” she said slowly and sensually.

“Now, try ‘puckering’ your sphincter,” Mistress Sara suggested.  “Really tighten your ass up!”

Shelby smiled, and did exactly as Mistress Sara instructed.  She “flexed” her anus, which tightened tremendously around Cameron’s entrapped body.

“MMMMMPP!! MMMPPPP!!!” exclaimed Cameron, his face muffled by the moistened, mucous-coated flesh of Shelby’s ass.

The incredibly strong muscles clenched around his hips and groin, squeezing him hard and painfully.  Despite the pain, Cameron found himself licking the shit-tasting moistened surface, sucking in as much as he could of the beautiful woman’s sensual, intimate private ass.


Chapter 9 - Spelunking by dilbertaco
Author's Notes:

A "hole" lot of vore, hehehe!

“UHH!! UHHH!!  UHH!! UHHH!!” Shelby groaned and growled loudly with intense sexual pleasure.

The beautiful, petite, young woman’s head lay on a folded towel on the cement patio, her face grimacing in a mix of arousal and discomfort.  She was forced to kneel forward, her knees folded underneath her, her hands pressing against the hard surface as Mistress Sara’s left foot stepped on the back of her neck, pinning her to the ground.

Mistress Sara was kneeling on her right knee, which rested on a folded towel as well, with her left leg stretched out to her side to keep Shelby in place.  Her right harm moved rapidly behind Shelby’s upright and available ass.  With the young woman’s knees tucked in beneath her, Mistress Sara had full access to her.

“UHHH!! UHH!!!  UHHHH!! UUUHH!!!!” Shelby continued to moan as Mistress Sara used her six-inch training-sub, Cameron, to drill Shelby’s ass.

The shrunken man was experiencing a dizzying, mind-boggling adventure as he was being used as a dildo once again, this time rapidly being shoved into and pulled out of Shelby’s brown-eyed anal sphincter.  He was thankful that Shelby’s ass had relaxed enough to welcome his forced entry every time. 


The anal cavity that he was frequenting was quite warm and moist.  It was foul-smelling, as any shit-hole would be.  But Cameron didn’t mind.  He loved being used to bring joy to these beautiful women who seemed to be content to use him this way.  As a means of self-reward, he dragged his tongue along the mucous-membrane of the young giantess’s ass, tasting the foulness that coated the flesh of the relaxed-but-still-tightened hole.

“I FINALLY HAVE A PURPOSE!!” Cameron thought to himself as he was slid deep into Shelby by his giantess-mistress, who then rapidly extracted him, only to shove him deep back inside once again.

As Shelby continued to groan while being penetrated, Cameron’s penis was rock-hard as well.  His lower body, from his thighs down, was completely within Mistress Sara’s grasp.  She held him tightly as she continued to use Cameron to pleasure Shelby.


Shelby’s exclamations of pain and pleasure were getting louder and louder as Mistress Sara continued to ravage her ass with Cameron’s little body.


Cameron’s head now barely left Shelby’s anus as the speed to which Mistress Sara used him to sodomize Shelby ramped up in intensity.  Occasionally as his body was extracted from the giantess’s orifice, his mouth was opened and exposed enough to allow him to get a very quick breath of air.  He did everything in his power to keep his arms tucked closely to his side, not wishing to deprive Shelby of her well-deserved and building climax.  In fact, he was extremely happy and excited to be used like this.

With a devious smile on her face, Mistress Sara continued to ram Cameron into Shelby’s ass.

“AAAAHH!! AAAHHHHH!!” Shelby continued to exclaim as her pleasurable continued its build-up.

Mistress Sara released her grip on Cameron, whose body half hung out of Shelby’s ass, and proceeded to push his rear with her index finger, shoving him further and deeper into Shelby.  His legs dangled limply, reflective of his submission to the beautiful giantesses who chose to use him as a human dildo.

“AAAAAAHHH!!!  AAAHHHHH!!! MMMMMmmmmmmmm!!!!  OH FUCK!!!!” exclaimed Shelby as she felt the tiny man’s body get shoved further and further into her.

Cameron felt the fingertip against his own bum push him deeper and deeper into Shelby’s anal tract, which was tighter and tighter to him.  Once his own ass was past the sphincter, he could feel Mistress Sara pinch his knees and continue to feed him into Shelby’s ass.  He did his best to keep his legs locked to extend his entire six-inch-self deeper and deeper into Shelby. 

The slick, stinky, mucous-coated-flesh smothered him with ease as he was entering “new territory” that was not as accustomed to his presence.  Finally, his knees were inside Shelby’s ass, and a moment later, his lower legs, ankles, and then feet were also fully inside the giantess.  There was little unobstructed space around his face from the foul-smelling, shit-tasting flesh that seemed to cover his face effectively.  He had very little air to inhale, as well, and began to feel light headed.

“Stand up,” Mistress Sara instructed Shelby as she stepped off her neck and stood up as well.

Shelby’s face was flush from the arousal that she was experiencing.  Her beautiful golden blonde hair was slightly disheveled, despite it still being up in a ponytail.  She slowly stood upright, the feeling of the six-inch-man inside her GI tract both insanely erotic and uncomfortable.

“Now, clench your ass,” Mistress Sara said as she sat down and took a drink of her iced-tea.

“AAAAHHH!!” Shelby exclaimed as she forced her anus to tighten.

“HMMMPPP!!” exclaimed Cameron, deep in the bowels of Shelby’s anus, having been caught off-guard by the tightening, squeezing action of the muscle-flex.

The tiny man was completely soaked in ass-flavored mucus.  He sucked on the flesh as best he could, while trying to inhale any modicum of air that may or may not exist.  His lungs were beginning to long for easy-to-breathe air.  His pulse was pounding and his heart was racing. 

“Again!” Mistress Sara said, instructing Shelby to clench her ass once more with some authority.

“AAAAHHH!  AAAHHH!!  OOOOOOHHHHH!!” exclaimed the young woman, her eyes widening before her ‘O-face’ took over.

“HMMPPP!!” grunted the suffering, shit-soaked slave within, seeing stars from the incredibly powerful muscular squeeze.

“This is what you should be known for.  Where I get my pleasure from having people at my feet, you need to focus on how to use your ass to your benefit.  Again,” Mistress Sara said, smiling as she observed her nearly-naked student’s hips and groins tense up yet again.

“AAAAHHH!!  OOOOHHHH!!  OOOOOHHHH!!!!” cried Shelby.

Joints within Cameron’s little body painfully popped as the anus tightened around him once more.  The sounds and reverberations caused by Shelby’s pleasurable exclamations added to the shitty atmosphere he was experiencing.  As he was being smothered, he was nearing black-out due to oxygen deprivation.  The warm, moist anal cavity trembled and shook as Shelby found herself nearing climax.

Mistress Sara stood up after setting her tea on the table.

“Bend over…quickly!” she said as she walked over to Shelby.  “Grab your ankles!”

Shelby obeyed, bending forward as she breathed heavily, and clutched her shins.  She felt Mistress Sara reach into her ass and begin to extract Cameron, who felt giant fingers pinch his ankles.  A moment later,  he began to slide out.  The cooler air of the world outside chilled his legs as he was slowly extracted.

“MMMmmmm!!!!  AAAAAAHHH!!!  OH FUCK!!” Shelby said, the sensation of Cameron being removed from her ass tickling and teasing her with arousal.

Cameron’s hard-on sprung up at full attention once it cleared the exterior anal sphincter, amusing Mistress Sara who grasped the small man’s legs once more.  She continued to extract Cameron, and a few seconds later, the shit-soaked, brown-tinted slave emerged, gasping for breath as he hung helpless in the giantess grip.

“Hang on Shelby.  Time to finish you,” Mistress Sara said. 

She looked down at Cameron, his back arching uncomfortably as he flopped over backwards in her grip, his arms hanging limply past his head as he panted.

“Take a good, deep breath, Cameron.  You’re not done, yet,” smiled the beautiful giantess.

Cameron took a few quick breathes before taking a deep one as he crossed his arms over his chest.  He watched with surprise, though, as he was not shoved back into Shelby’s ass.  Instead, his little head quickly found a new home between Shelby’s exposed, somewhat hairy labia.

“AAAAAHHHH!!!  OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!” Shelby exclaimed wildly, her eyes and mouth opening wide with pleasure before her O-face returned.

Cameron was once more met with the wonderful smell of Shelby’s pussy.  It was acrid-tasting and tight, despite the copious amounts of sex-juice she had produced while he was used to sodomize her.  He opened his mouth to suck in the thick, creamy substance as he felt the tightened space slowly welcome him in.

“AAAAHHHH!!!  AAAHHHH!!!!  OOOOOHHHH!!!! MMMmmmm!!!” Shelby screamed and moaned as Mistress Sara continued to insert Cameron into her.

“Good girl.  This is all part of your training,” she said from behind as she continued to shove Cameron further up into her sex.

“YES!! YES!!! YES MISTRESS!!!!  MMmmmm!!” she responded, her eyes clenched tightly I ecstasy before she bit her lower lip, moaning in sensual, erotic pleasure.

Cameron’s upper body was now completely inside Shelby, his erect cock pressing into her warm, moist pussy lips.  Mistress Sara then pinched his lower legs above the ankles and proceeded to help him further in for a moment before she began to pull him out.

The shrunken man slid with ease inside Shelby’s warm, moist, creamy pussy.  The slime-soaked flesh of her vagina was hot and undulating.  Cameron could both hear and feel Shelby’s heartbeat, its pulse pounding throughout her body as he was extracted.

Without a word, Mistress Sara grabbed his lower legs with her fist and proceeded to slide Cameron back in, and just as she had used him to fuck her ass, Cameron was now a dildo to Shelby’s pussy.

In and out, in and out, the sounds of the frothy cream giving way to his insertion filled his ears as it slathered across his skin.  He opened his mouth to take a taste of the warm, sticky juice that was made exclusively by Shelby.  It was an intimate moment, as he thought to himself that he may have been the first person to ever penetrate the young woman in such a manner.  The popping sounds of frothy bubbles combined with Shelby’s exclamations let him know that he was doing his job exactly as Mistress Sara desired of him.

After several traversals of Shelby’s pussy, Cameron felt himself getting shoved completely within her, his legs folding beneath him as the twitching, spasming walls of Shelby’s vagina tightened around him.  He felt two large fingers of Mistress Sara slide beneath him, and then things really got rocking.

Mistress Sara’s fingers slid in and out rapidly, pulling and teasing Shelby’s pussy and massaging the g-spot near her clitoris.  The creamy cum that Shelby produced washed over Cameron’s naked body as he was squeezed tightly within her vagina.  Completely awash with the giantess’s discharge, he swallowed mouthful after mouthful of acrid-tasting sex-juice as Shelby screamed with a tremendously intense release.


The cold water rained down on Cameron’s now three-foot-tall body from the water hose as both Mistress Sara and Mistress Shelby giggled as he squirmed.  The bound man’s muscles tensed as the water cascaded off his head and upper body.

“Let’s fix that little prick,” Mistress Sara said, putting her thumb over the opening of the hose to concentrate the water more effectively to Cameron’s groin.

He groaned in discomfort as the jet of water indented his pelvis and onto his balls.  Having been tied to an appropriately sized St. Andrews cross that Mistress Sara had brought up from her basement for her shrunken subs kept him from being able to defend himself as the giantesses bathed him to continue Shelby’s training.

Shelby had filled a blue bucket with soap and water, and had a scrub brush and sponge handy, as if she were going to wash a car instead of Cameron.  Mistress Sara pinched the hose off, having completely sprayed down Cameron.  The sun was still quite high, and the heat of the day was full on.  Having been inside two of Shelby’s biggest holes, Cameron had been quite happy, his erection reflecting his contentment.  Now, the cold water seemed to have caused him to shrivel.

“Look at how small his dick is, now!” Shelby said as she stepped over to the shrunken three-foot-tall man.

Having put her bikini bottoms back on, she knelt before Cameron and proceeded to dunk the sponge a few times and then slathered its soapy, bubbly contents upon the naked man’s shitty-smelling, cum-soaked flesh. 

“We have to wash you up to continue Mistress Shelby’s training.  Did she do a good job with you inside her ass and pussy?” Mistress Sara asked Cameron as she caressed his chin, bringing his gaze upward to meet hers.

Cameron was in love with these two women.  But as attractive as Shelby was, as young and curvaceous as she was, as sweet and innocent as she seemed, he still desired to whole-heartedly serve Mistress Sara.  Sure, he wouldn’t mind serving Shelby, but he wanted to be beneath Mistress Sara’s feet, trampled and walked all over by her, and to be at her beckon-call.

“Yes…Yes, Mistress Sara.  Mistress Shelby did well,” he responded.

Shelby smiled and grinned as she continued to apply a freshly dunked sponge upon Cameron’s pelvis and thighs.  She teased his flaccid member for a few moments before she continued to sensually scrub the insides of his thighs and up against his taint, too.

“You’re doing a really good job, too, Cameron,” Shelby said.  “I can’t thank you enough for letting me train with you.  I know that we’re not done, but I’m enjoying this, and I hope you are too.”

Cameron looked at Shelby as she smiled at him. 

“Thank you, Mistress Shelby.  I’m having a wonderful time, Mistress Shelby,” he answered with the utmost respect and submission he had ever felt towards the two beautiful giantesses.

“Cameron, I’m going to have Shelby administer some barefoot trampling and foot worship for a while.  Then, we’ll try some oral vore afterwards, alright?” Mistress Sara said, smiling down at her shrunken pet.

“Yes, Mistress Sara.  As you wish, Mistress Sara,” he responded, nodding his head in agreement as Shelby continued to wash his body.

“Close your eyes,” Shelby said as she lifted the soap-soaked sponge from the bucket.

The bound slave complied, and felt the cold application of the cleansing water dowse his head as it was scrubbed by the giantess quite vigorously.

“I think you missed some stuff down here.  Let me use the scrub brush,” Mistress Sara said as she knelt.

She dunked the plastic-bristled brush into the water and applied it to Cameron’s manhood.

“AAAHHMMPPF!” exclaimed Cameron as Shelby continued to wash his head and face.

Both ladies giggled at his reaction.

“Aww, I’m sorry, little Cameron.  But your pubes still had some of Shelby’s congealed cum in them.  Or maybe that was Robert’s from yesterday.  Who knows?!?!” joked Mistress Sara.

She clutched Cameron’s cock, pinching the small head between her thumb and index finger and lifting it up.  She pulled on it, stretching it out and proceeded to scrub his member with the harsh bristles.

“Robert?” asked Shelby.

“Yeh, yesterday, Robert and I used Cameron in some unique ways.  Similar to what Master Garth and I did to you where he trapped you in a condom and blew a load all over you,” Mistress Sara said.

“Ugh!  I hated that!  I was so scared, especially when my shrink collar’s microphone shorted out while I soaked in your foot-sweat as you played softball.  That was such a rough weekend!  You were mean to me!” Shelby said, her tone reflecting some anger and frustration.

“I know, I didn’t realize you were being pushed past your limits,” Mistress Sara said, reflecting some legitimate sorrow as she recalled the weekend she had administered not long ago to Shelby.

“It’s okay,” Shelby said, “all is good.  I learned a lot about myself that weekend, and I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity to see if I can handle being in charge of a sub or slave encounter.”

Cameron groaned and squirmed from the attention as Shelby had finally ceased washing his hair and head.  Shelby smiled as she dunked her sponge once more into the bucket, and returned it to clean Cameron’s arms.

“AAAAHH!! AAAHHH!!!” grimaced Cameron with discomfort as Mistress Sara continued to use the scrub brush all over his cock.

The bristles scraped and dug into the soft, sensitive flesh on the underside of his man-meat.  It both tingled and tortured as the hard, plastic bristles scratched his shaft. 

“Let’s not forget the head,” Mistress Sara said with a wide smile.

Cameron watched as the giantess pinched his hardening cock at the base of the shaft and proceeded to rapidly brush the bristles across the top of his helmet.

“AAHH! AAAHHH!!  MERCY, MISTRESS!!” he exclaimed, which only elicited laughs and giggles from the giant women.

“Now, now, little one,” Mistress Sara said, looking seductively at Cameron, “you need to be clean.  You never know what’s going to happen next.”

Cameron grimaced as the giantess resumed her scrubbing, dragging the long white plastic brush with black bristles back and forth rapidly across his bulbous, sensitive dick’s head.  He squirmed and tried to gyrate out of Mistress Sara’s grip, but she was too strong, and squeezed his member rather hard to further discourage his resistance. 

“There we go, good boy,” she said to her bound slave as he moaned in pain for a few more moments. 

Finally, Mistress Sara ceased her scrubbing of his reddened dick.

“Let’s make sure your balls are good and clean, too,” she teased as she released her grip on Cameron’s stiff cock to pinch his ball sack.

“HHRRGH!” Cameron groaned with great discomfort.

Mistress Sara kept an amused but dominating expression on her face as she proceeded to vigorously scrub her sub’s scrotum.

“You got very dirty while you were inside Shelby.  I have to make sure you’re clean for when we decide to practice with you in our mouths, alright?”  Mistress Sara said, justifying the use of the hard-bristled scrub brush as she continuously scrubbed away at his balls.

“HHRRRGGHH!!  YES, MISTRESS!!  AAAHH!  AS YOU WISH!” the bound slave responded, amusing the two ladies who giggled at his exclamation.

“Alright, let’s rinse,” Mistress Sara said, setting the brush down.

As Shelby stood up, she grabbed the hose and proceeded to dowse Cameron with it, holding the stream so that it splashed directly on his face and head.  Both she and Mistress Sara laughed as he squirmed and groaned with annoyance, unable to breathe for a few moments before they rinsed the rest of him off.

Once the hose was shut off, Mistress Sara grabbed a towel and proceeded to dry the bound man off with it.  As she rubbed the thick, comforting towel over his manhood, she fondled and played with him until he was stiff in her grasp.  With the towel covering her hand, she continued to stroke and yank on his hardened member, and his breathing slowed to expressive sighs of pleasure.

Mistress Sara smiled as she could tell he was approaching climax.  She knew it wouldn’t take many more tugs and pulls on his little dick to make him ejaculate.

“Wait for this, my pet,” she said, releasing her grip on his cock.  She then resumed toweling off the rest of his legs before Shelby untied him from the St. Andrews cross.


“HHRRRGGH!” exclaimed Cameron as Shelby’s beautiful, bare size 7 feet pressed down upon his head and chest, forcing him to exhale due to the burden upon his sternum.

Having just been cleaned and dried off by the two beautiful women, it was time for Shelby to get some trampling mentorship from Mistress Sara.  Even though she has spent plenty of time beneath Mistress Sara’s feet, Shelby still felt uncertain of herself as to how to administer trample.

“Good, good,” Mistress Sara said, her feet resting near Cameron’s face as Shelby maintained her balance.  “Now, step over with all of your weight onto his skull.  You need to get comfortable with standing on the heads of slaves.”

Shelby’s left foot had forced Cameron’s head to his left side, allowing him a view of Mistress Sara’s much larger size 9 right foot that was mere inches from his face.  The gts-mistress trainee proceeded to put her arms out to her sides to maintain her balance as she lifted her right foot from Cameron’s chest and rested it on top of her left foot.  She smiled as she could feel her foot slightly bend and conform to Cameron’s skull.

“HRGH!” grunted Cameron.

“Like this?” she asked her instructor.

“Yep, exactly.  Cameron, how’s that feel?” Mistress Sara asked as she leaned forward.

“IT HURTS!” he exclaimed from beneath Shelby’s cute feet, his voice slightly distorted by his inability to move his jaw as Shelby stood on his head.

Mistress Sara smiled and chuckled as she stood back up and looked at Shelby.

“If you were three to four hundred pounds, you would probably crack his skull.  If he were two feet tall, and you were three or four hundred pounds, you’d definitely crack his skull.  You’re at a great size to inflict pain with very minimal risk,” she said, noting Shelby’s feet upon Cameron’s head.

Cameron grunted and grimaced in pain some more as there was no padded towel this time to help absorb the trampling weight upon his naked frame.  His head was being crushed beneath the firm but somewhat pliable sole of Shelby’s foot, and the no-give concrete patio.  As Shelby maintained her balance, he could only lay on his back uncomfortably and accept the current predicament.

“Okay, so let’s have you administer some sensual trampling.  Try walking up and down his body but tease little Cameron with your toes,” Mistress Sara said, instructing Shelby.

“Okay, let’s try that,” Shelby said.

Her right foot stepped off the top of her left foot and she proceeded to plant it into Cameron’s soft, pliable belly.

“OOOOFFFMPP!!” he exclaimed as the giantess beauty stepped on his stomach.

Her left foot lifted from his head, thankfully, and she stepped onto his chest, further winding him.  Cameron groaned and grunted as Shelby lifted her right foot and pointed her toes to his groin.  With her big toe, she began to tease his aroused member, which lay semi-chubbed.  It didn’t take much prompting before the attention she gave him with her soft big toe caused it to try to stand erect, pushing up against the underside of her toe as it throbbed.

Mistress Sara stepped over and placed her right foot onto Cameron’s upturned face to add to the sensuality of the moment.  Cameron didn’t mind one bit, despite the headache he now had.  He loved being in contact with Mistress Sara’s feet.  If he were to serve as her footstool every day for the rest of his life, he’d be perfectly content.

“You could tease him with a little toe job,” Mistress Sara said, resting her hands on her hips as she stood in a victory pose with her foot on her slave’s face.

Shelby maneuvered her foot so as to allow for Cameron’s cock to slide between her big and second toes.

“Like this?” she asked.

“Mm hmm.  It’s up to you if you want him to spurt,” Mistress Sara answered, nodding her head.

Cameron felt Shelby’s small toes play and manipulate his cock as they began to slide up and down his shaft.  He lightly moaned, his breath warmly exhaling against the wrinkly sole of Mistress Sara’s arch as it pressed down upon his face.  Mistress Sara smiled as she looked down at her shrunken sub, and watched as his mouth opened and his tongue extend.  Though she hadn’t given him permission, she welcomed Cameron’s absolute submission and worship of her and her foot.

His saliva popped as his fleshy tongue tickled the sole of her foot. 

“Good boy, Cameron.  Lick my foot,” she said, encouraging her slave and letting him know that she would permit it, even though he had not asked for it.

Shelby’s toes continued to massage his cock tightly as the young woman seemed to be a natural at using her feet to trample subs.  Her left foot still planted firmly across Cameron’s chest, keeping his wind shortened.  Subconsciously, Cameron’s arms had bent at their elbows, and his little hands clutched lightly on Shelby’s big toe and heel.  She giggled as she watched just how reddish-purple his penis turned from the intense flow of blood into it.

“Hmmm,” she pondered, “should I make him spurt?  Nah!  I think he has to earn it a bit more,” she said, releasing her grip upon the thick cock.

She then stepped upon his groin, transferring her weight completely upon his midsection.  Cameron groaned in pain, reaching with his hands to Shelby’s feet as her weight smashed his cock and balls.  Mistress Sara kept her foot on his face for a moment before stepping off of it.

“One of the keys to learning how to trample a slave or sub is to work with the chemistry that is built.  I’m not coming down on you for this, as it’s something you’ll learn.  Not all the time do you want to indulge your client’s wishes instantly.  I think you did that well to say that he needed to work for it.  If you and I were legitimately conducting a tag-team trample session with Cameron, though, we would need to communicate while he licked my foot or I made him suck my toes as to whether or not he should be taken to orgasm. 

“HRRRGH!” groaned Cameron beneath Shelby’s feet that crushed his manhood, causing the ladies to smile and chuckle,

“As it is, though, I want you to be comfortable with being in control,” Mistress Sara said as she stepped back.  “I’ll go get us some more drinks.  You keep trampling, and if you want, experiment with foot worship, alright?”

“Sounds good!  I’m really thirsty,” Shelby said as she proceeded to step down from Cameron. 

As Mistress Sara walked away, Shelby proceeded to step once more upon Cameron’s chest with her left foot, and then placed her right one back on his stomach.

“HRRGHH-OOOOF!” Cameron expressed, his wind being trampled out of him.

The giantess smiled as she lifted her left foot once more and placed it across Cameron’s face.  She felt his faint inhales and exhales against her sensitive arch as she smothered him.  She then stepped with more weight upon his face, taking a full-weighted step as she brought her right foot over to rest upon his chest.

“HMMMPPPFF!!” grunted the shrunken man as Shelby stood on his face and chest now.

Lifting her left foot from his face, she turned it and pointed it down.

“Open your mouth, slave,” she said with a sweet, innocent young voice.

Cameron obeyed immediately.  He grunted lightly a few times as the giantess maintained her balance on her right foot, which caused his sternum to ache.  Her large big toe proceeded to invade Cameron’s mouth.  She smiled as she watched it fill his mouth, and his cheeks slightly bulge as they contracted around it.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve sucked on Mistress Sara’s toes, but if this is how I looked, then, yeh, I was pretty pathetic.  You like sucking toes, little Cameron?” Shelby asked as she placed her hands on her hips, looking down at her slave who was made to practically swallow her big toe.

Unable to audibly answer, Cameron nodded his head in agreement to answer the beautiful giantess’s question.  She was stunning in appearance, and Cameron couldn’t help but be turned on by the beautiful woman who wore her two-piece bikini outfit as she stood on him and forced him to suck on her toe.  He closed his eyes and engaged his lips to form as tight a seal as possible.  His tongue brushed against the underside of the friction ridges of Shelby’s toe-print.

The size difference between Shelby’s big toe and Mistress Sara’s big toe surprised Cameron.  If this had been Mistress Sara’s size 9, he’d be gagging left and right, struggling to control his reflexes.  With Shelby’s big toe, though, there was not near the urge to purge.

Shelby then extracted her big toe and brought her second to over for Cameron to allow in.  The training submissive did not miss a beat, and proceeded to suck on her second toe.  It was long and slender, and it tickled the back of his throat, which made him repress a gag.  He was used to Mistress Sara forcing him to suck on two toes at a time.

The young woman continued to chuckle and smile as she enjoyed feeling Cameron suck relentlessly on her toe.  His little tongue lapped at its underside, the tip of which probed the wrinkles and grooves of the skin around the toe-knuckle vigorously.  After a few moments, she withdrew her toe with a <POP!> sound from the sucking and permitted the shrunken man to suck on her third, fourth, and pinky toes all at the same time.

Cameron moaned, his eyes closed, as he embraced the erotic, sensual interaction of being allowed to suck on the beautiful young woman’s toes.  He lightly nibbled at them for a moment, but restrained himself from being aggressive with that as to not inflict pain upon the gorgeous woman who stood on him.

Shelby felt Cameron’s little fleshy, moist muscle try to work its way in between her toes.  She splayed her toes within his mouth, stretching his cheeks out in the process, to allow for his tongue to slide up between them. 

“Mmmm…” she moaned lightly, “I can see where Mistress Sara enjoys this.”

Cameron nodded lightly, being caught up in the sensual, erotic moment.  His eyes closed, he sucked and licked on the pretty woman’s toes as much as possible. 

“Should we try to get all my toes in your mouth?” Shelby asked.

She lifted her foot from Cameron’s mouth for a moment, and the shrunken man opened it as wide as possible.  Shelby’s toes scrunched together, and she forced her big toe into the opening first, using it to pull his mouth wide to his left.

Cameron felt his cheek-flesh get stretched painfully as the five toes all tried to cram their way into his mouth.  Her pinky toe slid outside of his right cheek as he made a gagging, gurgling sound.

“Come on, little Cameron, you can do it!  Get my pinky toe in there!” Shelby said.

Cameron felt the toes slide upward within his mouth slightly and then back in, her big toe pushing tightly against the inside of his left cheek to try to accommodate her pinky toe to enter on his right side.

“Wow!” exclaimed Mistress Sara as she walked back over with two glasses of tea in her hand, “good job, Cameron!  Way to suck on those toes!”

Mistress Sara stepped over and stood by Cameron, looking down at his miniaturized form as he sucked on the toes of the gts-mistress in training.  She handed Shelby a glass, and then proceeded to place her right foot back on Cameron’s face, covering his eyes and forehead while she took a sip of her own tea.

Mistress Sara proceeded to take Shelby’s glass of tea from her, and then walked over to the table and set them down before returning and placing her foot back on Cameron’s face once more.

“Try shoving your foot deep down into his mouth.  Make him gag a bit,” she instructed Shelby.

Cameron felt Shelby’s foot try to force its way deeper into his small mouth.  It stretched his lips and cheeks even more so, and indeed, her big toe pressed against his tonsils.

“HRRGGLLLL!!” he exclaimed with the foot in his mouth, coughing and choking too.

“Good boy, Cameron,” Mistress Sara said as she and Shelby both chuckled to themselves.

“Now, wiggle your toes in there,” she suggested to Shelby.

The big toe, especially, could be felt moving and wriggling deep into his mouth, her toenail scraping and hitting against his teeth, which echoed through his head.


Shelby felt the little man beneath her feet strain and squirm, suppressing a dry-heave.

“Let’s give him a moment to recover.  Maybe let’s switch positions,” Mistress Sara said.

Cameron felt Shelby’s cute toes slide out from his mouth as she stepped down off of him.  She straddled him and lowered herself to his chest, taking a seat, which caused him to wheeze and wince with discomfort.  He coughed a few times as he tried to breathe with the weight of the giantess sitting on his chest.

With a cute smile on her face, Shelby leaned back, and recalling the number of times that Mistress Sara had pinned her beneath her in like-fashion, grabbed a hold of Cameron’s wrists and brought her legs back, bending them at the knees. 

“Open up, little boy,” she said with a sweet, innocent voice. 

Cameron groaned beneath the giantess who sat on his lower chest and leaned back.  His upper face still beneath Mistress Sara’s foot, he opened his mouth in obedience, and accepted Shelby’s toe, its nail painted with a French-tip manicure.   

“HRRGGMMMM!” he groaned, causing Shelby to giggle.

“Good boy.  Now suck…suck on my toe, little boy,” she said as she continued to giggle. 

She felt Cameron begin to vigorously draw on her big toe as she pressed her other foot against the side of his face. 

“I forgot my phone inside. I’ll be right back,” Mistress Sara said, stepping off of Cameron’s face and walking back into the house. 

Shelby sat with a contented smile on her face as she made Cameron suck on the toe of her other foot now.  Once Mistress Sara had disappeared into the house, she addressed Cameron.

“I want to thank you, again, for letting Mistress Sara let you fuck me.  I have to admit, that was probably the best orgasm I’ve ever had.  And between you and me,” she said, leaning forward and lowering her voice, “I hope it’s not the last one I have with you like that.”

Cameron was finding himself falling more and more in love with Shelby as she stared at him, smiling.  He closed his eyes as his penis pulsated with arousal while the young giantess-in-training sat on him.  He sucked more and more on her toe in an attempt to please her.

“Let’s try my other toes,” she said, withdrawing her big toe from his mouth.

He swallowed, and opened up his mouth sore, achy mouth once more, eager to accept the second and third toes into his mouth.  He closed his eyes, savoring the taste of her flesh as his tongue glided along the underside and in-between of her toes.  He recalled how Mistress Sara had done this exact thing to him in almost every session that she had done with him.  It was always a very intimate, sensual time between him and her.  It was almost as if Mistress Sara’s toes were in some way little penises that she allowed him to suck on, and usually led to her riding his face and grinding out an orgasm in the process.

And with Shelby, it had a very similar feel, as well.  Her feet didn’t taste like much, except her flesh, since she had dipped them into the pool.  However, it still felt very intimate and personal for him to be used by her as Shelby was learning her technique. 

And Cameron kept replaying the soft-spoken sentence she had uttered only moments ago.

“And between you and me, I hope it’s not the last one I have with you like that.”

Shelby was an absolute beauty.  She was sexy and hot, and Cameron was finding himself developing a little crush on her, despite his heart belonging to Mistress Sara.

“Ooh, thanks!” Shelby said as Mistress Sara had walked back onto the patio and handed Shelby her iced-tea from earlier.

She released her grip on Cameron’s wrists and proceeded to take a long swig of ice-cold refreshing goodness as Cameron continued to suck on her toes.

“Want some?” she asked teasingly asked Cameron after chugging half of it.

The tiny man nodded his head, and Shelby giggled.  She proceeded to raise the heel of her foot even more to keep her foot pointed even more downward.  Next, Shelby tipped her glass so that a little stream of cold tea trickled down her ankle to her foot to her toes.  The brown sugary-sweet liquid trickled between her toes and into his mouth.

Cameron swallowed a few times, thankful for the cool, refreshing drink that Shelby had provided.  Though he wanted more, he was content after the few seconds that he had been provided the refreshment. 

Shelby smiled, her eyes still hidden by her huge sunglasses, before she finished off her drink and set it down on the patio.  She then leaned back and clutched Cameron by his forearms again.

“Lick my toes clean.  I don’t want them sticky with tea,” she said as she withdrew her toes from Cameron’s mouth.

The shrunken man proceeded to lift his head from the patio and lap at Shelby’s tea-tainted toes, sucking and slurping at them where possible.

“Looks like you’re a bit of a natural at this,” Mistress Sara said as she stood nearby and watched her student practice.

“It’s fun!  If I’d known it was this enjoyable, I’d have ventured down this path a long time ago!” Shelby responded with giddiness.

Cameron’s tongue snaked repeatedly between her second and third toes.  He made sure to get the inset between the toes as well.  Shelby proceeded to present the underside of her third and fourth toes, and Cameron welcomed the opportunity to lick their wrinkly undersides before the giantess who continued to sit on him decided to slide them into his mouth, leaving her little pinky toe pressed against his cheek.

“You’re good at sucking toes!” Shelby said as she leaned forward, and relinquished her grip on Cameron’s arms again.

Cameron groaned and grunted as Shelby’s sharp pelvis rolled along his sternum painfully.  Shelby wrapped her arms around her bent left knee as she watched him suck on her toes some more.

“Good boy, Cameron.  Keep licking...keep sucking my toes,” she said, smiling at the little three-foot-tall man beneath her.

Cameron absolutely loved being encouraged by Mistress Shelby like that.  And to make matters better, Mistress Sara stepped over and once more placed her right foot back on his upper face as he sucked on Mistress Shelby’s toes.

“How do you like having your toes sucked?” she asked her giantess-mistress-in-training.

“It’s…alright.  Feels good, like a massage,” Shelby answered with enthusiasm.

“Lick my feet,” she said, turning her attention back to Cameron as she lifted her ass off his chest and plopped down upon his stomach and groin. 

“OOOOFF!” Cameron groaned as the giantess plopped onto his stomach.

“WHAT’S THAT!?!?” she said with some surprising alarm as she felt Cameron’s erect cock press against her backside.

She reached around and grabbed it, finally realizing what it was.

“Ooh, well I’m glad you’re having a good time,” she said as she presented the sole of her right foot which hovered over his face.

Cameron’s tongue extended up and tasted her warm flesh.  She dragged her foot from heel to big toe across his tongue slowly, allowing him to savor it.  He continued to lick at the large size 7 foot that slid down his tongue. 

Shelby scrunched her big toe so that it pointed downward, and proceeded to insert it into his mouth.  He sucked on the large toe for a few moments before it was withdrawn and he was presented with the opportunity to lick the sole of Shelby’s foot some more.


The stinging, burning sensation created by the shrink-collar’s reduction process finally subsided, and Cameron lay wincing in pain and discomfort as he had been shrunk down to an inch in size.  His muscles cramped and joints ached, all typical side-effects that he had learned come with the territory of wearing a shrink-collar that was controlled by a beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed goddess he affectionately knew as Mistress Sara.

The tiny man felt a tremendous pinching pressure around his ankles and he was quickly lifted from the concrete patio.  As he dangled upside down, the long legs and sexy curves of Mistress Sara’s body flew past his sight, ending with her upside down face.

“Now, we’re going to practice our vore, Shelby,” Mistress Sara said as she walked over to a shaded part of the patio. 

She took a seat on a folding tanning chair and leaned back.  Shelby took a seat next to Mistress Sara’s legs, and removed her sunglasses.

“Watch how I do this,” she said, tilting her head back.

Cameron completely and totally trusted Mistress Sara with his life.  Even if she were to swallow him, he would’ve felt it an honor to become a part of her, to be processed by her, and to be passed as a piece of shit by her.  With the giantess’s mouth opened below, he felt the warm, humid air wafting upwards as he was lowered down.  A moment later, he was laid upon her warm, slippery, saliva-coated tongue.  Mistress Sara’s mouth closed, immersing him in darkness.

“Now, you have to be careful not to swallow.  That’s obviously the biggest challenge,” Mistress Sara said, her voice reflecting the presence of something in her mouth.

Cameron’s ears range as the giantess spoke.  He covered his ears in an attempt to protect them.

“What would happen if I did swallow him?” Shelby asked.

“Well, you could try to gag yourself,” Mistress Sara answered.

“Have you ever swallowed someone on accident?” inquired the young trainee.

“Not on accident, no,” Mistress Sara said with a sly grin attached to her response, which caused Shelby to have further questions she wasn’t going to ask.

“So, as you’ve experienced when I’ve chewed on you, it hurts A LOT!  And when you chew on a slave or sub, you can’t use your complete and total bite-pressure.  There are ways to crush and grind shrunken slaves, and that is one of them.  You have to be completely careful with them,” Mistress Sara said, emphasizing the risks.

Cameron’s head was pounding as the giantess spoke.  His world vibrated and rattled as she continued to teach.  He was soaked in her saliva as her tongue danced and undulated as she spoke.

“And you have to be careful when biting their necks, too, as you could bite a head completely off.  One of my favorite moves that I like to administer to my vore slaves is to trap their heads with my lips while my teeth are at their throats suffocating them.  I then use my tongue to just lick and lick their bodies.  Some cum, some don’t.  Little Cameron, here, LOVES IT!  Watch!” said Mistress Sara.

Within the dark confines of the hot, humid mouth, the shrunken man was bounced and spun around forcibly by the giant fleshy tongue until his head was served out of Mistress Sara’s mouth, and quickly trapped between her warm, soft, lips.

“HHMMMPPP!!” he exclaimed until he felt Mistress Sara’s teeth close in around his throat, cutting off his air supply.

He tried not to panic, as he recalled how much he could trust the giant woman with his life that she so many times held literally in her hands.  The giant tongue slid out from his back and slathered against his front side, snaking its way down his body and enticing his member to thicken very quickly.


Shelby could only see that Mistress Sara’s tongue was moving within her mouth, and that the top of Cameron’s head was barely visible between her lips. 

“See?” Mistress Sara asked as she withdrew her lips in a wide smile, revealing Cameron’s reddened face that had been trapped, but also revealing the crushing of his windpipe by the mistress.

“Oh yeh, I know that feeling,” Shelby said with a smile.

Mistress Sara released her clenching, punishing bite on Cameron’s throat, and using her tongue, withdrew him back into her mouth as he coughed.

“Okay, you’re turn,” she said before she took a few gnawing chomps on Cameron’s little one-inch body as if he were a piece of gum.

“AAAHHH!” exclaimed Cameron as the large molars crushed down with extreme pressure, digging into his flesh.


The pressure that was quickly generated upon his naked body was intense.  The uneven surface of the molars crunching down upon him made his sternum pop with intense pain. 

Mistress Sara patted her lap as she sat up.  Shelby smiled and proceeded to straddle Mistress Sara’s legs.

“How about we…make out some,” Mistress Sara suggested.

She smiled and removed her sunglasses, setting them on the shaded concrete patio below as Shelby removed her sunglasses and straddled Mistress Sara’s legs.  The two ladies proceeded to lock their lips, and Cameron felt the air in his lungs get sucked out with ease as the giantesses created a tremendous vacuum. 

It was pitch black, save for a few times that their lip-lock was broken.  Cameron felt his little chewed-up body fall onto Mistress Sara’s tongue, only to be trapped against the warm, saturated underside of Shelby’s tongue.  There was so much saliva that he choked and coughed as he aspirated on it.

The feeling of the rounded taste buds gliding up and down both sides of his body was surreal.  He was amazed at just how strong the tongues were.  Chaos seemed to reign, and the poor little man had no idea which way was up.

He became trapped between the surfaces of the two tongues, and one slid upward across his back while the other slid downward beneath him, his penis and balls enjoying the feeling of the taste buds massaging them.  He was absolutely soaked in their saliva, aspirating as he tried to breathe while his face was pressed into the taste buds and creases on one tongue by the weight and pressure of the other.

The tongue above him then disappeared, and the tongue he was laying on lifted him, slamming him against the roof of one of the giantesses.

“OOFFF!” he cried with discomfort.

The tongue then dipped him over to its side, and the little one-inch-tall man fell against the lower molars before sliding into the base of the mouth beneath the giantess’s tongue.  Cameron was completely discombobulated by all the undulating flesh.  In the darkness, the massive muscle proceeded to lower upon him, submerging him in the pooled saliva beneath.

He choked and coughed some more on the warm, bubbly saliva as he clutched at the slippery flesh that lay heavily upon him, keeping him submerged beneath it.  It then rose upward, and the tip of the tongue took a swipe at him, scooping him upward.  He hit his against the upper set of molars, and his knees bent, causing him to fall backwards, and landing on top of the tongue.

Unsure of whose mouth he was in, Cameron lay against the confusingly slippery, yet sticky tongue.  The mouth opened once more, and the little man’s eyes were blinded by the light.  It was then that he saw Mistress Sara’s face for a moment outside the mouth that he was in.  Her giant tongue snaked its way over Cameron, rubbing against his body.  He felt Mistress Sara’s tongue-tip press against his naked frame, smothering him momentarily as it trailed down his body and against his manhood.

The giant fleshy muscles continued to probe each other’s oral cavity.  Cameron had become stuck to Shelby’s tongue for a few moments, but was then bucked forward as if he were riding a bull.  He went sprawling towards the opening of the mouth.  His naked body, on the tip of her tongue, was then slid through her lips, which clamped down around his chest, and her teeth came to a punishing pinch around his neck as his arms were over his head as she started sucking on him.

Mistress Sara’s lips closed around his stomach right up against Shelby’s lips, and her teeth bit into his ball sack and groin as his little cock was mercifully spared by the small gap between the giantess’s two front teeth.  Like a small piece of spaghetti, Cameron was caught between the two giantesses who tried to suck him into their respective mouths.

“HHRRRGGGGGLLLLLL!!!” was all he could cry as his windpipe was set upon by Shelby’s near-perfect front teeth.

Mistress Sara sucked hard on the lower half of the small one-inch tall man, but Shelby was winning the battle, and the sharp edges of Mistress Sara’s front teeth painfully scraped along his legs as he was pulled into Shelby’s mouth.

“Mmmm,” moaned Shelby as she continued to clench her teeth around his little neck, sucking harder and harder on him in an attempt to pull him from Mistress Sara’s mouth.

Cameron then felt Mistress Sara release her teeth and lips around him, and Shelby proceeded to suck him rapidly into her mouth.  He went flying back into the dark, humid cavern, tumbling head over heels across her tongue, and down past her tonsils.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!!” he yelled as he hit the back of Shelby’s esophagus and tumbled downward into the black abyss.

Shelby’s eyes widened and a look of alarm came over her face.  Involuntarily, her reflex prompted her to gulp loudly, granting Cameron admittance into her stomach.

“What?” Mistress Sara asked, quickly followed up by “DID YOU JUST SWALLOW HIM??!?!”

“YES!! OH NO!” Shelby said, tears coming to her eyes as she felt panic set in.

“Get up!! QUICKLY!” Mistress Sara said.

The two ladies scrambled to their feet.

Meanwhile, Cameron landed with a splash inside Shelby’s stomach.  His skin instantly started to tingle and burn due to the concentrated acid.  He surfaced from being immersed within the stomach acid, trying to keep himself afloat.  The smell was horrible, and it made the little man lose his constitution, throwing up his own stomach contents to add to the churning muck that was Shelby’s.

He felt the acid swirl and swish around him.  Unable to see at all in the blackness of Shelby’s stomach, for the first time in Mistress Sara’s care, he was legitimately afraid. His flesh burned painfully, and he could feel the hair on his head dissolving and sliding off his scalp.

Outside of Shelby’s stomach, Mistress Sara grabbed the remote for Cameron’s shrink collar and dialed a setting into it.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Shelby asked in a panic.

A moment later, she felt within her stomach, a painful, growing discomfort.

“Gag yourself!!” exclaimed Mistress Sara.

Shelby reached her fingers into her mouth, and induced herself to vomit.  She then found herself falling to all fours as she began to purge.

“WHWHHHHAAARRRRRRRRRGGFFFFF!!” she exclaimed, vomiting her stomach’s contents out.

Cameron couldn’t separate the painful stinging of the shrink collar and that of the digestive acid he swam in.  Like a massive wave in the ocean, he found himself submerged, and unable to see, felt a tremendous, powerful current pull him deeper.  Unable to see, he felt himself traversing a narrow cavern, and he realized he was growing.  The sounds of Shelby’s purging filled his ears as he was ejected from her mouth.  The growth continued, and Cameron lay in the pool of nastiness at one-foot in size as he continued to grow.

Shelby spit several times onto the patio as Cameron once again vomited as he returned to his full-size.  He was slathered in Shelby’s stomach’s acid, which had dissolved all of the hair from his body, as well as partially dissolved the shrink collar around his neck.

“CAMERON!! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!?!?” Mistress Sara asked in a panic.

The small man finished his own retching, coughing and spitting up a few times afterwards.  His skin was even paler than before, and he looked quite pathetic with being completely bald from head to toe.

“It burns!” he exclaimed.

Mistress Sara ran over to the water hose and turned it on.  She then brought the end of the hose over and rinsed the stomach acid off of Cameron.  A moment later Shelby stood up, her swallowed-slave on all fours at her feet.

“Are you alright, Cameron?” she asked the full-sized man who was recuperating.

“Yes…yes, mistresses.  Just…a bit weary,” he said, falling to his bum and taking a seat.

“Well, that didn’t go as planned,” Mistress Sara said as she finished rinsing Cameron off.  “I had to engage your collar in case it completely shorted out in there and if we could retrieve you, you might have remained shrunk if it failed.  Looks like it came very close,” Mistress Sara said after setting the hose down and returning to Cameron.

She proceeded to carefully unbuckle the damaged collar and removed it.  The collar sparked a few times due to some exposed wires, which prompted Mistress Sara to toss it aside.

“You were going to enlarge him inside me and make me explode!?!” Shelby asked with a lot of emotion, her nerves still trembling.

“I knew what I was doing,” Mistress Sara said defensively, “and there wasn’t time to ask for permission or explain it!”

“I…I don’t think I can do this with you!” Shelby said in anger as tears formed in her eyes.

The young woman turned and collected her things.

“Shelby?!” said Mistress Sara as she tried to get her to stay and calm down. 

Cameron watched as his mistress followed Shelby into the house while trying to reason with her, their voices fading in the distance.  He could see their silhouettes in the house as they appeared to be arguing for a few minutes. 

As he was alone and naked outside for while the two ladies were arguing, he began to look himself over.  His skin started to peel in some places.  He noted that his fingerprints had almost completely dissolved.  He also realized that his nose hairs, eyebrows, and eye lashes were gone, along with every other follicle on his body.

He examined the rest of his exposed skin.  Everything had a slight tingling sensation, almost like his nerves were numb.  He figured that if he had been in there much longer that Shelby’s stomach acid would have begun to dissolve his nose, fingers, toes, ears, lips, and eyelids first.  He rubbed his neck where the shrink collar had been, the only place that had protection from the stomach’s acid.  There, he found a few traces of whisker stubble and neck hair that had survived.

Then there was a quick screech of a yelp, and Cameron turned his attention to the house.  He noticed that Shelby’s silhouette appeared to be reducing in size.  He felt unsure of what was going to happen next.  He could see Mistress Sara bend over and pick up what he suspected to be Shelby, and then tuck her into her swimsuit’s crotch.  Then he could tell that Mistress Sara was walking in the house as she approached the back door and came out onto the patio.  He kneeled onto his hands and knees as she approached.

“Get up, Cameron.  There’s no way I could keep doing this with you with what just happened,” Mistress Sara said as she stood before him.

Cameron looked up at her with disappointment and sat back on his knees.

“Mistress Sara…I’m…I’m alright.  I want to continue, please.  I swear, I’m fine,” he pleaded with her.

Mistress Sara stood somewhat dumbfounded by Cameron’s determination.

“Well, I tell you what,” she said with a smile, “let’s go downstairs and let me apologize to you.  If you feel like continuing after that, we’ll have to see what happens.”


Cameron couldn’t believe what was happening.  And if this was how his mistress apologized, he gladly accepted it.  He was standing upright, at his full-size, bound and tied to a much-larger St. Andrew’s cross, his arms and legs splayed out and restricted with leather straps.

His cock was surrounded by Mistress Sara’s warm, moist mouth, which only several minutes before, chewed on his entire body and swished him around in her spit. 

“Mmmmm…” she moaned as she sucked on his penis, which hardened in his mouth.

Cameron sighed in pleasure as he watched Mistress Sara, who was on her knees, service him.  His member was hard as a rock, and he had already quickly forgotten about the scare of being digested in Shelby.  Her succulent lips formed a pleasant seal around his shaft as her tongue massaged his scrotal nerve.  Her head bobbed forward and back several times, each time she came to the tip, she sucked off her mouth, which created a <POP> sound and a gasp to be emitted by Cameron.

Mistress Sara smiled as she held his hard-on in her hand. 

“So, I need to keep teaching Shelby about oral vore.  I hope you don’t mind.  Let me get her,” she said.

The bound and restricted slave watched Mistress Sara reach into her hand into her swimsuit’s crotch and extract the shrunken woman who had accidentally swallowed him.  She was squirming and crying within Mistress Sara’s fist, and the giantess squeezed her hard to quiet her down.

“Now, now, Shelby.  Remember, this is all part of your training,” Mistress Sara said to the shrunken girl teasingly.

Mistress Sara opened her fist, revealing the shrunken, naked one-inch-tall girl in her hand.  She proceeded to pinch her left ankle and pick her up, lifting the screaming woman up as she tilted her head back and opened her mouth.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” cried Shelby as she was laid upon the giantess’s tongue.

Mistress Sara smiled as she closed her mouth, and Cameron could tell she was swishing the small woman in her mouth around with her tongue.  A moment later, Mistress Sara proceeded to suck on his cock some more.

The feeling of the small woman struggling against the underside of his cock between it and her tongue was quite pleasant and erotic.  Mistress Sara’s head began to rhythmically slide forward and backward on his joy stick, her tongue forcing Shelby to slide against his rock-hard shaft as well.

The tiny girl’s appendages clutched and grasped his cock as she slid up and down it, further enticing Cameron.  Mistress Sara applied amazing oral pleasure to his penis, and the urge to spurt quickly approached.

Cameron felt his groin and abs, which ached from the trample training, tighten as his penis began to pulse.  He grunted as the release arrived.

“MMMM!!  MMM!!!!” Mistress Sara exclaimed as her mouth filled with his warm cream.

Shelby lay in disgust as the release of Cameron’s seed mixed with Mistress Sara’s saliva, washing over her.  It quickly coated her skin and coagulated in her hair.  The giant tongue she lay on slid her up to the helmet of Cameron’s dick, forcing her face against the thick, sticky stream of semen that trickled from the giant man’s urethra. 

“GGRGGLLLL!” choked Shelby as she was forced to swallow and aspirate on some of the cum for several seconds before the cock was slid out from Mistress Sara’s mouth.

Mistress Sara then began to swish the frothy cream-saliva concoction in her mouth, mixing it with her tongue and nearly drowning Shelby in it.  She then pinned Shelby against the roof of her mouth and swallowed Cameron’s seed.

Cameron was exasperated from the release, and panted heavily as Mistress Sara stood up and smiled at him.

“I’ll be back in a bit,” she said.

Cameron noticed the tiny cum-soaked woman in her mouth as she spoke to him momentarily before she turned and walked away.  He remained restrained to the St. Andrews cross as he heard her footsteps up the stairs.


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