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Author's Chapter Notes:

For some backstory into this world, please refer to Mistress Sara's Shrunken Slaves. In summary, Mistress Sara is a gts-domme.

The action gets going from sentence one.  Enjoy!

As Mistress Sara stood over Cameron, who was on all fours before her, she was both sexy, and powerfully intimidating.  The shrunken sub, who had already been reduced to three feet in height, gulped with nervous anticipation as he stared at the large size 9.5 feet that were but a scant few inches from where his head hung down.  While in the presence of his giantess mistress, Cameron felt helpless and powerless…and a sense that she owned him.

Wearing only her black cotton panties, Mistress Sara’s beautiful smile revealed her perfect, white teeth.  Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, helping her to maintain her youthful exuberance as she stared down at the back of her favorite submissive pet. 

“Kiss my feet, Cameron,” spoke the giantess, her voice soft but instructive to the shrunken man at her feet.

Mistress Sara felt the gentle touches of Cameron’s lips against the tops of her feet and toes.  She so enjoyed his affection and admiration while he worshipped her.  Since Cameron’s situation did not allow for frequent interactions due to his lower social status, she had graciously extended a free weekend to him during their previous session.  Her bond to Cameron was rather unusually strong for a non-lifestyle D/s relationship.  As the tiny man continued to pepper her peds with kisses, Mistress Sara recalled how her first male client – Cameron – had spent the entire hour of their first session shrunk and in her shoe as he only wished to lick and kiss her foot.

Cameron felt a deep sense of devotion to his gts-mistress.  As he placed multiple wet kisses on her foot, he felt the right foot of his mistress lift by the side of his face, and then lowered upon the back of his head, forcing him face-down against the top of her large foot.  He heard his mistress chuckle lightly with amusement.

“I have a busy, busy weekend planned for us, my pet,” the giantess said, keeping her foot on the back of his head.  “I’ve got a special task for you tonight.  Tomorrow, I’m having a get-together with some of my other gts-mistress friends, and you are going to be the source of our entertainment.  And then, on Sunday, I need you to serve at the feet of another mistress that I am training in the ways of gts domination.  Understood?”

“Yesh, Mishtress,” Cameron answered, his response muttled and muffled against the top of Mistress Sara’s foot.

“Good boy,” Mistress Sara said, lifting her foot from off the back of her sub’s head.  She then stepped back from him.

“Now, lay on your back, Cameron.  I believe I need to start off by reminding you where you belong,” she said.

“Yes, Mistress,” came Cameron’s submissive, obedient response as he proceeded to lay down on the thick carpeted floor in his mistress’s bedroom.

The world around him was much larger than normal, and it was definitely a different experience for him having been brought back into his mistress’s personal bedroom like this.  The overhead lights illuminated the room quite sufficiently, and Mistress Sara had drawn the curtains to the walk-out sliding door to the pool out in the back yard to ensure their privacy.

Cameron watched as Mistress Sara stepped over and placed her right foot upon his chest, making sure of her footing before she stepped up, which caused Cameron to grunt with some pain and exhale his breath against the sole of the beautiful giantess’s left foot that came to rest upon his face.  Compliant and submissive, the shrunken man lay beneath the feet of his mistress, content with being put in his place.

“Who do you belong to, Cameron?” asked Mistress Sara.

“I…belong…to you…Mishtress Shara,” Cameron answered, straining beneath the weight of the giantess that stood upon him, his lips dragging against the sole of her foot, causing his response to be slightly distorted.

“Where do you belong, Cameron?” the giantess asked for her own amusement.

“I…belong…beneath your…feet, Mishtress,” the small man responded.

“Good boy.  You belong to me, and your proper place is truly beneath my beautiful feet,” Mistress Sara said, smiling to herself.

The feeling of empowerment that came with dominating foot-slaves was quite the rush for Mistress Sara, who had definitely become addicted to having shrunken clients at her mercy.  However, those interactions usually had a sense of constructed play with them, as most of her clientele sought after specific experiences.  There were only a handful of people that genuinely would submit to her, allowing her unbridled range with applying whatever form of humiliation, punishment, or service she saw fit.  Of that group, Cameron was definitely her favorite male sub.

As she remained standing on Cameron, she enjoyed the feeling of his warm exhales against the sole of her smelly, clammy foot.  Knowing that her sub loved to smell her feet, lick them clean, and be worn in footwear, Mistress Sara had spent the day wearing her “lucky” black knee-high softball socks, which she had not washed for many, many weeks now. She had spent a lot of that Friday in her home gym, walking, jogging, and running on her treadmill, or riding her exercise bike as well in order to get her socks super-smelly.

“How’s that smell, little man?” she asked as she cupped her firm, naked breasts.

“Wondeful, Mishtress!” Cameron said, taking a deep inhale of the strong-smelling foot that pressed upon his face.

Cameron would do anything for his mistress.  He had been so excited when she extended the offer of a free weekend to him.  The two had corresponded by email leading up to the day, making inquiries about how to make their time enjoyable.  Not being specifically picky, Cameron just wanted to serve her in any way she desired.

Mistress Sara chuckled at the little man’s response.  

“Well, good, because my feet have been sweaty and stinky all day, and I need them cleaned.  We’ll start by having you lick my soles clean and then you can suck on my toes,” she said, smiling as she felt Cameron’s warm, moist tongue part his lips and press against the sole of her left foot.

Cameron was in heaven as he felt the large foot drag down his tongue, depositing her salty, sweaty grime on it.  The taste was as potent as the smell.  He quickly swallowed to refresh his tongue as the heel of the giantess’s foot presented itself to him.  The shrunken sub was more than willing to clean his Mistress’s feet.  Anymore, it was what consumed his thoughts throughout the day at work, or in his bed while he pleasured himself at night.

The sounds of his sticky saliva replacing the sweat, dirt, and grime on the sole of Mistress Sara’s foot filled the air as the large foot slid over his tongue from heel to toe.

“Good little sub,” Mistress Sara cooed as she made Cameron take another pass at the sole of her foot. 

With Cameron’s tongue, she playfully pivoted her foot from side-to-side while dragging it across it for a third time to allow him to taste more of its stinky, salty, sweaty goodness.  When it came to the toes, she dragged the tips of them from side-to-side as well, carefully caressing his tongue with them.

“Still like the taste?” she asked playfully.

“Uh-huh,” Cameron answered while the large toes patted his tongue. 

Mistress Sara then placed her big toe on his tongue and proceeded to slide it into his mouth.  The shrunken sub opened his mouth as wide as he could to accommodate the large digit.  Her toenail’s edge scraped along the insides of his molars, echoing in his skull, while he cupped the underside of her toe with his tongue as best he could.  With closed eyes, Cameron tried to seal his lips around the large, bulbous big toe, and began to suck on it.

The giantess continued to smile, putting her hands on her hips as she remained standing on Cameron’s chest, shortening his breath.  She looked at his pale, naked body, and noticed his penis beginning to stand erect. 

“Looks like someone is happy to be back beneath me where he belongs,” she said with amusement.

“Mm-hmm!” responded her shrunken sub, his mouth still full of big toe.

“Suck it good and clean, my little pet.  You’re going to be giving my toes extra special attention tonight.  Just wait for your next task,” said Mistress Sara as she slightly lifted her toe out of his mouth, and then let him suck it back in.

“Good sucking,” she said, repeating the same sliding motion as if she were to remove her toe from his mouth, only to let his efforts pull it right back in.  “Keep that up.”

Cameron was loving having her big toe in his mouth, and was excited to get to clean the other nine that were in queue.  His mouth was filling with saliva as a result, causing him to swallow and consume the sweaty dirt and salty grime that had formed on her beautiful toes.

Mistress Sara finally pulled her big toe from his mouth and presented him with the heel of her foot once again.  Obediently and without prompting, Cameron extended his tongue to allow the giantess to clean her foot on it once more.  After the heel, sexy arch, and broad footpad passed upon his tongue, he was made to suck on her second toe, which fit comfortably inside his mouth.  Her wet big-toe pressed against the side of his left cheek, and her warm third-toe against his right one. 

With ease, Cameron was able to create a vacuum around the sexy, long toe, sucking it in even further, all the way past its second knuckle.  He felt the toe-tip tickle the back of his throat, causing his gag-reflex to fire.

“HMMMMMMPP!!” he exclaimed, suppressing his internal reflex, which caused Mistress Sara to simply smile at his effort to worship her toe.

“Don’t make a mess, little one, or else you’ll get punished,” she said with teasingly, dragging out the threat with a cute, playful tone while intentionally flexing her toe within his mouth a few times.

Cameron was resolved not to disappoint his mistress, and resumed sucking on her toe vigorously while using his tongue to clean the wrinkly, strong-tasting underside of her toe joint.

“You’re such a good little foot-slave, aren’t you?” the giantess asked, pulling her second toe from his mouth with a pop.

“Yes…Mistress,” responded Cameron as her field of vision was filled once more with the heel of her foot, ready to be cleaned some more.

The taste of foot-skin covered Cameron’s tongue once more, and he was not getting tired of it.  The large, beautiful size 9.5 foot of his giantess mistress deserved to be loved and licked.  He excitedly welcomed the sexy, slender middle-toe of Mistress Sara into his mouth, sucking on it and licking at it with the same resolve as he had the previous two.

“Am I getting too heavy to continue standing on you?” she asked her worshipful sub.

“Mm-mm,” he responded, shaking his head gently from side-to-side.

Truth was, his chest and ribs were aching from being stood on by the giantess, but he was willing to suffer and endure beneath Mistress Sara’s feet if that’s truly where she wanted him to be.  He kept his arms down submissively at his sides, and savored every suck and lick he could give to her toe, fighting the urge to dry-heave from the toe-tip’s presence that far into the back of his mouth.  He ignored the muscular discomfort of his jaw muscles being made to open so wide for so long.  Knowing that there were still seven more toes left, Cameron tried to push his distracting soreness aside, as it was too early into his weekend to let that get in the way.

<POP!> went the middle toe, and Mistress Sara, instead of making Cameron lick her foot, proceeded to slide her fourth and pinky toes in at the same time, causing Cameron to grunt with further arousal.  He brought his tongue up between the two massive digits as best he could to try to clean between them while sucking the tasty sweat and dirt off her flesh.

The giantess continued to smile at her little sub as he diligently lapped at her toes while maintaining a fairly strong vacuum around them. 

“Good boy, Cameron.  Now, let’s have you clean my other foot and toes.  If you’re not able to do as good of a job, I’m going to have to make you very very tiny and put you in a shoe…of course, you probably want that, wouldn’t you?” Mistress Sara said, teasing her pet as she finally stepped off his chest.

Cameron was thankful for the relief on his chest as the giantess intentionally lowered her sweat-soaked panty-clad pussy upon his stiff manhood, causing him to moan in pleasure at the warm, moist feeling of his cock pressing against her.  He bit his lower lip, trying to suppress his feelings.

“Remember, Cameron, you’re here to please me, not the other way around.  You’re my foot-slave and submissive, and I expect you to control your desires while you serve me,” Mistress Sara said in a soft, seductive voice that played with Cameron’s mind. 

“Y-y-yes, Mistress…I’ll try,” he responded, blushing in pleasurable embarrassment.

“It’s understandable that it can be difficult to control your little cock, and it is tiny in comparison to most men,” Mistress Sara said, having bent her knees up to her breasts and hovered her right foot over her sub’s face for more cleaning.  “I won’t punish you for having an erection while you lick my feet and suck my toes…yet.  Maybe later.  Right now, I want you to serve me with everything that you are, and if that means you have a pathetic little stiffy, then go ahead.”

“Yes, Mistress.  Thank you, Mistress,” Cameron said, followed by extending his tongue to begin cleaning the giantess’s other foot.

Mistress Sara had an amused expression on her face, chuckling lightly to herself as she enjoyed lightly taunting and berating her pet while making him lick her foot.  The level of manipulation and control she could so easily exercise over Cameron made her feel quite powerful and superior.  She made her shrunken sub lick the sole of her foot several times before she slipped her big toe into his mouth.

“HRRMMMPP!” Cameron grunted as his mouth was filled with the large big toe.  His cheeks were drawn in as he created a vacuum to suck on it, using his tongue to clean the friction ridges on the underside of the toe tip.

In similar fashion as with some of her other toes, Mistress Sara slowly slid her big toe up, testing her sub’s resolve and dedication, and then allowed him to draw her toe back in with his efforts.  She felt his tongue slide all across the underside of her toe, and even up the sides as best as he could.  Leaving her toe in his mouth for about two solid minutes, she removed it, causing another <POP!> as she did. 

Cameron was then made to suck on her second and third toes at the same time.  Savoring their salty taste, he made his tongue slither between the two long, slender digits.  Noticing his efforts, the giantess forced her toes deeper into his mouth, causing him to gag as she spoke.

“Try to get my toe-jam between my toes, foot-slave.”

“GRRGGGHH!!!…GRRGGGGLL!!” exclaimed Cameron, repressing his gag-reflex as the two toe-tips competed for space deep in the recesses of his throat.  Tears began trailing from his eyes as a result of the large toes filling his mouth.

“C’mon, Cameron…try to get your tongue between my toes and lick my toe-jam,” Mistress Sara said, her tone changing slightly to be a bit more insistent. She felt his tongue try to slip up in between her toes.

“Do I need to push my toes in further?” she asked, nudging Cameron’s head with her large foot

“HHHRGGGGLL!” was the only sound he could make.  His face winced, tensing up with some pain.  His hands were clutching at the carpet as he tried to deal with the discomfort of his mistress’s toes in his mouth. 

Mistress Sara felt the edges of her toenails pressing into the roof of his mouth, scraping it as she tried to get the interspace between the toes available for his tongue to lick.

“What’s wrong, Cameron?  Can’t get that little tongue of yours between my toes?  C’mon, I know you can do it.  Keep trying,” she said, taunting her shrunken pet.

Cameron nodded his head in obedient compliance, and continued to try to get his tongue all the way between her toes.  She even splayed her toes, causing his cheeks to bulge out and break his vacuum-like sucking seal upon them, making a slurping sound in the process.  But he was able to get the tip of his tongue to brush against the thick grime and nasty accumulation of sweat and dirt between her toes.

“Good boy, Cameron!  See, I knew you could do it!” Mistress Sara said in a teasing manner. 

Feeling her sub’s tongue between her toes, she pinched them back together, trapping the slimy muscle between, and then pulled her toes out of his mouth, allowing his tongue to fully taste them.  She then maneuvered her middle and fourth toes into his mouth, and Cameron, without missing a beat, sucked vehemently upon them.  He didn’t care that he had just been sucking on his mistress’s middle toe.  He would do anything to please her.

As he drew in the toes, he continued to use his tongue to methodically clean their undersides, focusing on the toe-tips, and then beneath the toe-joints, and finally, between the toes themselves.  And just as before, his mistress splayed her toes within his mouth to allow him to accomplish his task effectively.

“Last ones,” she said, extracting the middle and fourth toes, and twisting her foot slightly to accommodate her smallish pinky toe, joined by her fourth toe again, into Cameron’s submissive mouth.

Cameron was able to snake his tongue between the toes with more ease this time, and did not require Mistress Sara to splay them at all.  The taste was definitely foul, but Cameron would have eaten his mistress’s toe-jam for dinner every night of his existence if she had wanted him to.

With her toes having been successfully cleaned, Mistress Sara proceeded to stand up, her feet on either side of his head.  He watched the beautiful blonde-hair/blue-eyed giantess force her cotton panties down over her hips and let them fall to the floor, or rather, his face.  He took a deep inhale through his nose, filling his olfactory senses with her strong, womanly smell. 

Smiling down at her sub, Mistress Sara stepped out of her panties, leaving them draped over his face as she walked into her master bathroom.  Cameron lay absolutely still, his erection at full mast from the events that had already occurred.  He could feel the floor shake with the giantess’s footfalls for a few moments, and then a door closed, but no more walking.  He wanted to touch himself, to stroke himself to fruition, but he knew better.  He knew he didn’t have his mistress’s permission to do so, and he did not want to disappoint her.  So, he savored every inhale of the panties that he could.

The sound of a toilet flushing, followed by the door quickly opening brought Cameron out of his trance, the floor shaking with the footfalls of his mistress as she returned.  With her right foot, she used her toes to pinch her panties on Cameron’s face and remove them, sending them flinging behind her. 

Cameron watched as the giantess mistress straddled his face, and proceeded to lower her shaven, wet pussy down to his face.

“Take a deep breath,” she said just before immersing the shrunken man’s face within her labia. 

Cameron was silent as he felt the warm, moist, urine-and-sweat-smelling crotch capture his face.  The weight upon his head grew, and he could tell Mistress Sara was completely sitting full-weight upon his face.  A moment later, he felt his hardened penis get pinched by both sets of big-and-second toes.

“I’ll play with you as long as you can hold your breath.  If you cum, good for you,” Mistress Sara said, manipulating Cameron’s dick between her toes.  She lifted and lowered her toes in unison in a rhythmic fashion, and could sense her sub’s body tensing up at the attention.

Cameron was lost in a world of intense ecstasy.  His face was being used as his goddess’s throne, and she was playing with his cock with her toes.  Life couldn’t get any better.  Except that his lungs were beginning to yearn for air. 

“HMMMP!” he grunted, which tickled Mistress Sara’s clit.

“OOH!  That was rather…nice,” she said with a big grin as she continued to pump his penis with her toes.  She noticed precum filling his little urethra.

“Give me all you have, Cameron,” she said, not wishing to unseat herself from his face.

Cameron’s body began trembling, and she noticed his chests was quivering and turning red.  Knowing that she was close to his limit, she began to pump his cock between her toes quicker and quicker.

“HMMPPP!!  HMPP! HMMMMMPPP!!” exclaimed Cameron as his hard, reddened cock spurted its cream on Mistress Sara’s feet and ankles, which made her chuckle.

“Good boy,” she said as she released her grip on his cock and finally stood up to the sound of Cameron gasping for air. 

She proceeded to straddle his face, looking down at him, and wiped his jizz off her foot onto either side of his face.

“That was your reward for cleaning my feet and toes so well.  Now, this next task may not be so easy.  And if you don’t do a good job, you can expect an equally unpleasant punishment for failure.”


The giantess’s foot was massive in size now, compared to Cameron.  Having been reduced to an inch in size, he was now tasked with painting his mistress’s toenails a blood-red in color.  He gulped as he tried to figure out the best way to handle the removal of the current blue toenail polish with several large cotton balls nearby.

Mistress Sara was watching TV while wearing a red silky nighty.  She had put her panties back on, as well, and brought her shrunken sub, along with all of the necessary items to paint her toenails downstairs to the main TV room.  She sat on the leather sofa, having given her sub instructions on how what to do.

The strong odor of toenail polish remover was making Cameron’s stomach churn, as Mistress Sara had filled the cap slightly over half full and set it on the floor close by for him to use.  The tiny man grabbed a hold of a cotton ball, and managed to lift the surprisingly heavy and awkward item off the hardwood floor.  Walking sideways, Cameron’s face was tickled by the fibrous material.  He managed to lower the cotton mass into the cap, soaking up the nail polish remover for a moment.  He then lifted the even heavier item and walked sideways over to Mistress Sara’s big toe.

Being a mere inch in height, he leaned back to make sure he could clear the top of the giantess’s toe, and slid the wet cotton ball up on top of her toenail.  Catching his breath, Cameron then proceeded to climb up to the top of the toe, and began to slide it forward and backward in a scrubbing motion in an attempt to remove the old polish.  As he worked the cotton ball back and forth, he could see streaks of barren toenail appear where there had been some blue before.  Feeling like he was up for the challenge, the tiny man continued his effort for a few more moments before lifting the cotton ball up and observing what he had left.

“Crap!” he thought to himself, “I need more polish remover.”

Tossing the cotton ball to the floor, he proceeded to hop off the giantess’s toe and pick up the swab once again.  Mistress Sara leaned forward to observe Cameron’s progress.  She smiled as she watched her shrunken sub dip a clean part of the cotton ball into the nail polish remover, and then struggled to lift it out and back over to her big toe.

Cameron set the swab on top of the big toe once again, and climbed up to the nail bed.  He tried pushing down to add some more weight and pressure to his cleaning efforts and remove more of the nail polish, but he wasn’t very effective in doing so.  Realizing that he didn’t weigh enough to add any more effectiveness to his efforts, Cameron resumed his forward-backward push-pull on the cotton ball, removing 90% of the nail polish.

Pushing the spent cotton ball off the nail plate, he stood and admired his work while catching his breath.  It was the area tucked under and near the side folds of the nail plate, as well as near the cuticle that still needed attention the most.  Realizing what he needed to do, Cameron once again hopped off the giantess’s toenail and approached a clean cotton ball. 

Grabbing a handful of the strands of wadded-up cotton, Cameron pulled a chunk of the cotton ball off.  He repeated the process a few times, each time coming away with shreds of fibers until he had a sufficient amount for two handfuls.  He then dipped them into the pungent acetone.  Having done so, he hastily jogged back to his mistress’s big toe and tossed the two sopping-wet cotton wads up on top, and joined them.  Getting on his knees, Cameron began scrubbing the areas of blue nail polish along the folds of Mistress Sara’s nail bed, removing the old polish in the process.

Next came the area along the cuticle, and the shrunken sub was happy to see how efficiently he was able to detail his goddess’s toenail. 

“Only nine more to go!” he thought to himself rather happily. 

Even if this had been all that they had agreed to do, instead of an entire weekend, Cameron would have been happy.  He truly loved serving at his mistress’s feet.  This was the first time she had ordered him to clean her feet and toes, and then clean her nails and paint them.  He was very excited to serve Mistress Sara.

Knowing that he needed to move fast but efficiently, Cameron decided to tackle the other big toe, and move his way down each corresponding toe, since the nails would be getting smaller and smaller.  He approached another cotton ball, picked it up, and dipped it into the acetone.  However, there wasn’t much left, so he lifted the ball out and set it on the floor.  He then got on his hands and knees, and cleared his throat.

“M-M-Mistress…I am in need of more nail polish remover, please,” he said, feeling nervous to make such a request of the giantess he was serving.

Mistress Sara leaned forward, smiling.

“Oh really?  Well, I suggest you use this next batch much more effectively than for just one toenail.  You’ve interrupted my TV viewing, so you can expect there to be some punishment as a result,” said the beautiful giantess.

Grabbing the blueish-green bottle of acetone, she poured another capful this time, but instead of it being just only half-way full, filled it to near the top for her sub.

“Th-Th-Thank you, M-Mistress,” said Cameron nervously, remaining on his hands and knees while the giantess leaned back and resumed watching TV. 

He quickly sprang to action, picking up the cotton ball and lowering it into the very full cap a little, letting it soak up some.  He strained and struggled with the awkward item, but managed to carry it over to the giantess’s other big toe.  Once again, he leaned back and pushed with all his might as he lifted the heavy, awkward item onto the top of Mistress Sara’s other big toe. 

Having effectively removed the majority of the nail polish after similar efforts with the other big toe, Cameron had seemingly worked up a bit of a sweat as he pushed the used cotton ball off the nail plate.  He once again hopped off to the floor and tore more handfuls out of the other cotton swab from before, dipped them in the acetone, and then proceeded to clean and detail the nail plate along the folds and cuticle where his efforts with the intact cotton ball couldn’t or wouldn’t reach.

With the two big toenails having been made bare, the tiny submissive believed his work would get somewhat easier.  With a new cotton swab in his arms, he soaked it in the acetone for a few moments, and then stumbled sideways over to Mistress Sara’s second toenail on her left foot.  He was thankful that it wasn’t quite as tall as her big toes, and was able to set the soaked cotton ball directly down upon the nail bed.  He began to push and slide it across the smaller nail plate for a few moments.  As he did so, he realized that he could more quickly and efficiently remove the polish by waiting to “detail” them after he removed the majority of nail polish first.

Content with how the second toe looked, Cameron went back to the cap of nail polish remover and spun the cotton ball to lower a clean, dry area in to absorb the acetone.  He then scurried back to the other second toe, and was able to remove most of the polish within several seconds.

The tiny foot slave tried his best to work quickly and efficiently.  Having gotten the majority of the nail polish off, he switched his efforts to the detail work, and proceeded to shred a couple of cotton balls.  With acetone-drenched cotton fibers in his hands, Cameron gently rang them out, so as not to leave trails of nail polish remover on the floor, and ran to the giantess’s right pinky toe, starting at the farthest point out and working his way back.  The folds and cuticle of the pinky toe were quickly cleaned, and the shrunken sub moved to the next nail plate.

Meanwhile, Mistress Sara leaned forward to observe Cameron’s efforts.  She watched him slave away at cleaning her nails, and she had to admit that for a one-inch-tall man, he did a surprisingly good job.  She admired his ingenuity at using smaller pieces of cotton ball to clean the harder-to-get areas.  Not wishing to distract her foot slave, she leaned back and continued watching TV.

A few minutes later, Cameron set the last of his acetone-soaked blueish cotton swabs on another unused cotton ball, and got on all fours.

“M-M-Mistress Sara…I have completed removing y-y-your nail polish, Mistress.”

The giantess leaned forward and looked at her barren toes.  She wiggled them a few times before her kneeling sub.

“An adequate job, I suppose.  You seemed to have left some blue tinge on some of my skin around some of my nails here…here…here…and here,” she said, pointing to her two big toes and a couple other toes, “so, that means you’re accumulating more punishment.  But, maybe you’ll be able to redeem yourself as you apply the new nail polish.”

Reaching for the bright red bottle of nail polish on the end table, Mistress Sara shook it vigorously to make sure it was mixed sufficiently.  She then twisted the lid, leaving it resting in the small glass vial.  She then lowered the bottle to the floor, and proceeded to grab the swabs of used and unused cotton balls, as well as the lid for the nail polish remover, and secured it to its bottle after dumping the remnants back in.

Cameron felt bad for not having pleased his mistress fully.  He stood up and approached the large bottle of blood-red nail polish, gulping in intimidation at the long, shiny black handle that stood upright, seemingly towering over him.  The shape of the bottle didn’t help, either, as it seemed to concave towards the bottom.  Unsure of how to best accomplish the task, the tiny sub attempted to climb up the bottle.

Mistress Sara heard the sound of a slight ruckus on the floor, and leaned forward.

“LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!!” she exclaimed in anger as she hastily reached down to pick up the tipped-over bottle that poured out blood-red nail polish all over Cameron and the floor.

“S-S-Sorry, Mistress!” Cameron said, sitting up, afraid to move for fear of making a larger mess.

Mistress Sara stood up and quickly went to retrieve some paper towels from the kitchen.  The floor shook beneath her angry footfalls.  She proceeded to wipe up the spill, and then wiped up the bottle of nail polish before tightening the applicator lid.

Having set the bottle on the side table, she then looked down at her red shrunken foot slave, and reached for him, pinching his head between her thumb and index finger.  Lifting up her sub from the floor, she held the paper towels beneath Cameron to collect the dripping of the nail polish, and walked back to the kitchen. 

Mistress Sara ran the faucet with warm-to-hot water, and held Cameron by his head under the cascade.

“BLRRGLLL!!” he exclaimed, grasping at the giantess’ fingers that held his head tightly within their grasp.

Mistress Sara shook her head with frustrated disappointment as the little man struggled to breathe in the waterfall-sized faucet output.  The red nail polish washed off, leaving a tint of it on his legs.  Finally, after nearly twenty seconds, the giantess turned the water off, and proceeded to use a dish towel to dry him off.  She then clenched her 1” sub in her fist and held him up to her face.

“Cameron, I am very sorry to have to discipline you, but clearly, you were not up for that task.  So, I am going to punish you,” Mistress Sara said sternly. 

Her fist closed tighter around Cameron’s little 1” body as she walked to her bedroom.


“It’s getting late, my little sub.  Time to put you to bed,” said Mistress Sara.

She proceeded to remove her elastic ponytail holder, letting her beautiful, long blonde hair fall down her back.  She then proceeded to slip her the ponytail holder around Cameron, forcing him to bite it, which proceeded to act as a gag.  The giantess twisted it tight, and then slipping it back over him, twisting it tight again, and so on, and so on.  Mistress Sara masterfully entrapped Cameron’s wrists and ankles, and after nearly a dozen entangling loops up and down his tiny 1” body, the tiny sub was completely immobilized.

“I have just the place for you to sleep, my pet,” Mistress Sara said with a cool, seductive, domineering voice. 

Carrying Cameron’s naked, bound body in the palm of her hand, Mistress Sara walked into her bathroom, where laying on the floor of her walk-in closet were her two “lucky” softball socks that reeked of her foot odor and sweat.  She picked one up by its opening, and proceeded to dangle her shrunken sub over it.

Cameron looked straight down the cotton cavern, noticing copious amounts of dirt that had been transferred during Mistress Sara’s softball games to the shin area.  The smell of the socks was quite potent, and the giantess lowered him into the sock’s opening before letting him go.

“MMMM!” exclaimed Cameron with the thick band of elastic stuck in his mouth as he fell head-first into the sock-prison. 

He landed on his back within the cool, still-moist, very smelly toe of the black sock.  Unable to move any of his appendages, he lay helplessly inside the stinky sock.  He watched Mistress Sara’s smiling face disappear above as she pinched the sock’s opening close. 

The giantess then grabbed the toe-section of her sock, and feeling Cameron’s tiny little body, proceeded to roll him tightly within the sock.  The tiny slave got dizzy being spun round and round for a few moments.  The space he was trapped in became tighter and tighter with each successive spin.

Having completely rolled her dirty black knee-high sock up, Mistress Sara proceeded to lower her imprisoned foot-slave to her grey and teal-trimmed New Balance workout shoe, shoving it and Cameron into the opening.

“Good night, slave.  Hope you don’t get too horny for my feet,” she said in a teasing fashion.  She then turned off the lights to her closet and closed the door.

It didn’t take much time before the bound and trapped little man began to experience a throbbing erection with the strong foot odor he was made to inhale.  The strong ponytail holder held him tightly, keeping his arms and wrists at his side.  He wanted to fondle himself badly.  He wanted to lick and suck on the grimy, smelly, stinky cotton loops and strings that were wrapped all around him.  This was truly the worst punishment that his mistress could have assigned – to be absolutely surrounded by her smelly foot odor, but to be completely unable to act upon any of his desires in the process.

He attempted to hump the moist sock, but found that his hard-on got trapped within some of the cotton loops.  As his dick continued to inflate, the loops tightened around his manhood, causing discomfort and aching pains in his penis.

Cameron resided himself to try to get some sleep, but as he continued to inhale Mistress Sara’s foot odor, he found that he was too aroused.  After a long period of restlessness, the shrunken one-inch sub finally drifted off to sleep.


Chapter End Notes:

FYI, chapter 2 has giant-male/couple scene.  You've been warned!

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