My girlfriend's pet by johnnyfive22

Greg has been going out with his hot Latino girlfriend Nancy for over two months now. He has recently got promoted in his job. The promotion has been heavy and Greg hasn't seen that much of Nancy. Unfortiantly for Greg. Nancy has found a solution to that problem.

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Going to work with Nancy. by johnnyfive22
Author's Notes:

Hey sorry i haven't been updating as much as i want. I have exams and stuf lately. Glad you like the story and remember I don't have spell check.

The walk to Nancy's office in her heels was a terrible experience. It didn't help that she had nylons on and the sweat was dripping threw them. I felt my penis about to bust since her heel was pressing on it most of the day. I continued to lick her feet as she walked into the office. I couldn't hear exactually what she was saying from inside of my prison but I knew that she was talking to her secretary Stacey.

"Hey Stacey how are you doing today?" My beautiful girlfriend. Or should I say ex girlfriend at this point?

"Hm wonderful I can see that you had a good weekend. You seemed refreshed" Stacey said and Nancy smiled over at her. Stacey was beautiful just like Nancy was. She had red hair and was a cheerleader in high school. She looked the same and even more beautiful. Tanned body and well formed breasts.

"Yes well. Let's just say my boyfriend serviced my every need. Plus I got a tan." She said and when she said this she wiggled her toes over my prune body once again just to tourment me knowing the foot sweat was going down my mouth. "Is my meeting set for later today?"

"Yes should be around three. Your paper work is ready for you on the desk." Stacey said and Nancy smiled walking into her office. Every step crushed my body but because of the spell she put on me I wasn't even crushed. Feeling her press against me more my penis was big as hell now. Feeling her lifting her heel off her feet I felt refreshed as new air came in and I much needed it.

"Whoops." Nancy said seeing i wasn't in her heel and she smiled. Thanks to the foot sweat sticking to me i was literaly stuck to her feet. She peeled me off and carried me to her face as she smiled and smelled me. "Geeze you already stink. And it's going to be a long day." Nancy said letting her tongue lick my naked body and that made me more turned on as I groaned. I stared up at her as she noticed my erection as she held me between her two fingers.

"Please just let me go. I promise i won't tell anybody." I say and she squeezed down on me more as i cried out in pain.

"I don't think you realize what your in. Your my little boy toy now. You do what I say. Every girl should have there man literaly in the palm of her hand. I have mind. And I will be stupid to let go of this oppertunity." She said letting her giant tongue lick my body once again coming around to my cock as I finally gave up on the struggle because it felt so good.

"That's right. I know what my baby likes." She said letting her tongue go down my body and slurping around my cock as she began to give me a giant blow job.I was literally feeling her lips against my skin and they were giant and i almost began to get scared as she continued to suck me. I cumed on her lips and she smiled whiping it up with just her finger. "That's my man."  She told me. My beautiful Latino girlfriend said. 'ok i might just like this' I thought as she pressed down on her phone.

"Stacey. Hold all my calls for the day until my meeting. I have lot's of work to do."

"Yes ma'm. I won't let anybody distrub you." Stacey said not having any clue what was happening in her bosses office.

"Hm now that were going to be alone. There some things i want to try." Nancy said seeing a cup on the desk she dropped me inside of the cup. I thought about trying to escape but the cup would be to big and she was right there so it would be useless. She got up and began to undress herself in front of me taking her blouse off and skirt. She always knew how to make my mouth drop and i was still amazed at her beauty. But at her size she was like a goddess. And at that moment all I wanted to do was worship her.

Sliding her panties off I began to think about what she had in mind and it scared me. I saw her hand coming for me and grabbing me out of the cup. "Come here little man." She commented walking over to a couch in her office and laying down.

My life then flashed before my eyes as her hand lowered me farther down to her woman hood and my eyes went in terror seeing her shaven pussy entrance staring at me. Her pussy lips opening wide like i was it's snack. I could smell her sex from here and i was pushed against the pink monster and i felt the sucking already.

Nancy began to moan as i was forced inside of her sex and i felt my feet going in. I was terrified and i began to panic as she pushed me all the way inside of her and i tried to scream but was cut off from the opening. I pounded on her walls which wasn't the brightest ideas since she was getting more turned on and it sucked on me more.

"That's it baby keep going." Nancy said as she moaned more and ran her hands down her body. I wanted air so badly as i massaged her pussy walls surrendering to the monster. Her giant fingers reached in and pulled me out for air and then pushed me back again as i continued what i was doing.

She continued this which felt like forever but it was only five minutes as she orgasismed and juices went all over me. I was pulled out of her and then lifted to her giant mouth and i saw her tongue reaching out. 'she wouldn't really eat me would she?' I asked and felt her tongue licking my body and licking the juices from my body.

She dropped me in her mouth and pushed me up against her roof licking around me. I felt her tongue going up against my cock and i felt her saliva all over me as she rubbed my penis with her giant tongue and I cummed almost immidiatly as she laughed and spit me out in her hand.

"Hm let's see." Nancy looked at me and took her ring off and shrunk me some more where i was smaller. I stared up at my witch girlfriend as she put me on her finger and slipped her ring on top of me as i was pinned under her ring and she chuckled.

"Don't go no where. Mamma has to work" She commented and walked over to her desk. This was just the start of my day. What else was going to happen?

End Notes:

There you go another chapter. If there are other fetishes you want me to explore let me know. I might bring in Stacey in the next chapter.

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