A Brand-New League by Franchise Writer, 2KFSK, NRawkGTS

Power has shifted dramatically in the Pokémon league. As all the regional champion's gather to discuss new rules and policies, the all-female league led by the Sinnoh champion herself, Cynthia, vote on a brand-new law to be implemented. One that will give the women of the world a much better standing in society as a whole.


This is a series of short Pokémon stories featuring the lovely ladies of the series.


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Mysterious Sisters - Rune & Rime by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Contains: anal Vore, bad breath, cruel Pred, drowning, gullible pred, hairy pred, incest, multiple preds, poor hygiene, scat, sister/sister, smelly themes, sweat, torture underage pred, waterworks, and yuri.


“Rime! Come out already! It’s been over a week! You can’t hide in your bedroom just because some stupid boy didn’t want to date you!”



“G-Go away! I’m not leaving my sanctum! It’s safe in here…”



Crossing her petite arms as she heard her sister’s whining tone on the other side of her door, Rune huffed angrily before walking away as her pink rainboots clicked on the wooden floor. She was tired of this… Her sister was being ridiculous!



If she wanted a boyfriend, she just needed to fight one in a battle and shrink him! But she didn’t because she didn’t want to scare any of her potential lovers away. While that might work for some women, Rime was what you would call a social outcast. Not to mention an occultist. Most people just called them Hex Maniacs, unfortunately…



Even before men started being shrunken and passed around from person to person, no boys wanted anything to do with the little girl’s older sibling. If not for the fact she liked creepy things, she also had a hard time with personal hygiene as well as being bit plump and chubby too. Why did she have to be so dense?! She just needed to claim a stupid boy as her property, then she could live happily ever after like in the blonde’s fairy tale books!



Walking into her pink bedroom, all the walls and furnishings being frilly with white laces and doylies, Rune sat herself down in front of her computer before turning it on. If her sister wanted to keep locking herself away in her dank and smelly bedroom, then it was up to the younger girl to intervene. Luckily, she happened to frequent a lot of *special* forums that now existed online.



Her days of searching for dresses and poke-plushies had long since passed as a new pastime took hold of her interests. Clicking the bookmarked tab as she came across a website with a cartoonish skull logoed at the top of it, the child began skimming the pages before ending up in the local chatroom. She was hoping she would be on!



The fairy girl had made a pen pal over in the Alola region. She was a member of a group over there known as Team Skull. They loved to torture tiny trainers! It was awesome! Typing away at her keys as different pictures popped up on the side of her private messenger, Rune soon giggled as her question was answered almost immediately, by not just her friend, but all the other Team Skull members who had been online too. Such a helpful community!



Writing down a list of ideas, the pink girl soon had enough information before signing off. She knew what to do now, and by tomorrow, her sister’s sulking would be over. After all, she just wanted a boyfriend. It didn’t matter if he wanted to be hers or not…



‘Sleep tight sis. Let me take care of everything for you from now on.’



She would do whatever it took to make her big sister happy. Not to mention, it would be pretty fun for her too. She had never played with a tiny trainer like her friends suggested before, and there were a lot of fun videos online showing her just what they were used for…



Whoever she picked would be miserable… And, the blonde knew just who to choose. After all, her sister talked about him every single day since he opened the local poke-mart door for her a couple of weeks back.




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



*Knock, knock, knock*



“Rime, can I come in? I’ve got a little surprise for you~.” *Giggles*




Leaning up from her slouching state, a disheveled woman with long, unruly black hair glanced at her bedroom door before slumping back onto the floor in a pile of old food wrappers and empty soda cans. She didn’t want to let the sun in again… “G-Go away… I don’t want to try any of your poke-puffs… M-Maybe just… slip a few under my door though...” Her younger sister made the best pastries…



Whimpering as her door was opened regardless of her prior declination, the older girl saw her pink and posh little sister frowning back at her as she held a small gift-wrapped box in her petite hands. “It’s not food. I’ll make you something to eat in a bit if you want though. You know how much I love spoiling you~. I know you're sad about that dumb boy you liked, but… you don’t need to be anymore. Here~.” Rune giggled once more before letting go of the box as it floated over to her disheveled older sibling.



Watching the small gift land in her extended hands, Rime looked back at her little sister before a crooked grin spread across her face. “Your psychic powers are growing! I told you they would.” Giving the older girl a small curtsy, the blonde watched with anticipation as she saw her raven-haired sister shake the box a bit.



“Go on, open it. I’m sure you’ll feel a hundred times better once you do. It will be like a fairy tale! And you’ll be the princess!” Letting out a quiet scoff from her sister’s nonsensical words, Rime began pulling on the bow as the string unraveled in front of her. The sentiment was enough for her. Rune was a good girl. She didn’t need to go out of her way to… to…



Growing wide-eyed as her haggard face formed into one of shock as she pulled the top off, the older girl’s mouth hung open as she tried to comprehend what she was looking at. It… it was… it was…



“D-D-D-D-DEAN?! W-WHA-WHAT ARE YOU DOING H-HERE?! WH-WHATS GOING ON?!” Rime screamed out as her face flushed red. It was him! It was her crush! He was here, in this box, and only about two inches tall!!!



Smirking back at her sister as her hands trembled clenching the small box in a death grip, Rune gave a small curtsy once more. She knew he would be the perfect gift~. Looking down at the clean-shaven brunette firmly lying flat on his back with a wide-eyed look of fear, Rime wasn’t sure what to say… but, she liked what she was seeing. He… h-he was, naked… She could see his naughty parts…



Blushing brightly as a shiver ran down her spine, the hexy girl panted loudly as she eyed the tiny man like a piece of candy. He was soooooooo, cute! What was he doing here though?! He… he had rejected her advances… What was going on?



Looking at her little sister questioningly, Rune grinned broadly before stepping into her sisters’ room fully, the smell immediately hitting her. ‘You haven’t bathed in a whole week. Perfect~.’ Most people were repulsed by the blonde’s sister, but not her. She loved her sister’s plump and sweaty form! She was perfect, and everyone else was stupid for not liking her just the way she was too!



“It’s simple. Your poke-ranger boy toy wanted this. He wanted to be your property Rime. You didn’t have your poke-gear on when you met him, so he didn’t think you wanted to shrink him. He’s a naughty boy… And he’s now your naughty boy~. He told me all sorts of things. I can also see in his mind. He loves big girls! Big girl's who don’t bathe or brush their teeth every day. He was too embarrassed to tell anyone until I talked to him. You’re a goddess in his eyes, and he asked me to shrink him so he could be your little prince. Just like in a fairytale~.” Rune smiled sinisterly.



Gaping in disbelief, Rime’s eyes shot down to the shrunken man in an instant as a wide, sporadic grin stretched her cheeks painfully far apart. ‘H-H-He l-likes me?! He r-really likes me?!’ This had never happened before! No boy would go out of their way to have themselves shrunk unless they really did love the person, they did it for! He wanted to be hers!



Grabbing the rigid man in her greasy hands, the raven-haired woman panted happily, bordering on hyperventilating as she tried to contain her excitement. She finally had one! A boyfriend! And he was the one she longed for too! She knew after he held the door of the market open for her when they first met bound them together like a destiny bond!



“Enjoy Rime~. Oh, I should probably tell you what he likes, shouldn’t I?” Snapping her neck in the direction of her little sister, the thicker girl began to nod her head furiously as perverse giggles began to escape her mouth much to the shrunken man’s horror.



Closing her sister’s door behind her with her mind, Rune smirked down at the shrunken trainer with disdain in her eyes. He had been easy to find, and even easier to shrink. As a poke-ranger, he was forced to respond to all distress calls. And a little girl lost in the woods in the middle of a Pokémon battle was a top priority. Too bad he had been her opponent unknowingly. Knocking out his surprised partner had been a cakewalk for her Floette.



Pulling out a small notepad from the back of her pink dress, the child’s eyes lingered over all the things she had written yesterday before she hummed loudly. “Well, I hope you’re not put off by any of this Rime. Your new boyfriend is very naughty. A complete pervert really. But he told me that he wouldn’t want to do any of this stuff with anyone but you. That’s how much he loves you.”



Gasping in shock, the gullible woman began to smile crookedly once again before lifting the smaller man up to her face. “D-D-Don’t worry a-about a thing! I-I’m a pervert too! I-I swear! I look at porn all the time!!! S-So, I’ll do, ANYTHING, you want me to! I-I-I’ll be the best, bestest, g-girlfriend you could ever have!” Rime cried, her voice cracking as stutters came out in spades much to the terror of the poke-ranger. She looked completely unhinged!



Grinning as she saw her sister cheering up now, Rune lifted her small notebook up before skimming the first page. There were dozens of ideas on here. And she got to choose which ones she made her sister perform. She was like her keeper this way. She would tell the older girl what to do, and she’d listen without question. What a fun new game to play!



Moving her finger over the first paragraph, Rune giggled before looking back at the shrunken man. “Well, to start with… He said that he loves your bad breath. His words, not mine. He could smell that you didn’t brush your teeth when you two first met, and he had been enthralled by your fragrance. He has a smell fetish, just so you know~.”



Grunting loudly as his mouth was forced closed by an invisible force, the smaller man screamed internally as he saw the insane look the larger woman was now giving him. “Y-Y-You like… my, bad b-breath…? Heh… hehehe… HEHEHEHAHA! I-I’ll give you whatever you want!”



Shoving the smaller male towards her mouth, Rime forcefully enveloped him in a sloppy kiss, her tongue slathering his naked form as she tried to bathe her new boyfriend in her *bad breath*. She didn’t even know her breath smelled bad. She could never tell. If it ever was pointed out to her she’d brush her teeth, but for the most part she usually just forgot about it.



Screaming as his mouth suddenly opened before being frozen in place, the tiny ranger cried as his body was enveloped in a swampy prison, complete with foul saliva flooding passed his waiting lips. This was disgusting!



Grinning as her eyes glowed a faint blue, Rune licked her lips as she felt the feelings of the shrunken man. ‘Drink up, little guy. You’ll need your energy to please my big sister you know.’ She had been smart about how she changed him. He was the perfect sponge for all of her sibling’s bodily needs. A grass and water duel type, with water absorb. She also mixed his DNA with a Gastrodons. She didn’t understand it too much but apparently, it would make him very bendable and help him regenerate any limbs he might end up losing. Her pen pal had thought of everything! And the fun was only just beginning.



Moving her hands behind her neck before tugging on a long white ribbon, Rune soon felt the knot behind her waist loosen before her dress started to fall off her petite form. There was so much more to do, and she was going to be a part of it! Torturing boys was her favorite pastime. In school, she would usually step on them or swallow them whole, but… she now had a whole new slew of ideas to try out, each more horrible than the prior one.



Boys didn’t like her big sister. They needed to be punished! Rime was the best sister the child could have ever asked for! Their parents weren’t around anymore, so it was only them. And the blonde didn’t care who it was… No one would turn down her sister and get away with it! She had disposed of all the boys who had done so already. This time, however, the shrunken trainer wouldn’t get away with it. He would take responsibility, and make her big sister a happy princess!



Looking back at her little sister as she wiggled out of her pink dress, Rime paused momentarily before breaking her sloppy kiss with her new *boyfriend*. “W-What are you doing Rune?” Why was she taking her clothes off?



Standing in only a pair of white panties with a cute Teddiursa face on them, the younger girl moved over to her sister before sitting down on her lap much to her surprise. No one got close to her like this but her. She was never used to closed contact…



Wiggling the small notepad in front of her older sibling, Rune giggled before shifting her eyes to the gagging trainer still tightly gripped by the raven-haired girl. “I’m just making your boyfriend happy. Here, take a look at what he likes. Specifically, this part. I want you to be happy, so I agreed to do this with you two so you can have your fairytale together. He REALLY wanted this.”



Looking at the written notepad silently, Rime’s face grew redder by the minute before her eyes shot open in disbelief. ‘W-Wants to be used as an object. Used to clean your glorious body. Used… on both your beautiful plump sister and your cute and exceptionally adorable princess little sis. Punish me, for my depravity…’ He wanted to have Rune use him too…?



Looking back at the blonde questioningly, the younger girl simply shrugged her shoulders. “As I said, he’s a pervert. I don’t mind if you’re worried. You wanted a boyfriend… and he wanted you. I’m just helping your dreams come true. Sort of like your Fairy God-sister!” Rune giggled, before hugging her sister's sweaty form. Her whole dress felt drenched in sweat! She needed to take it off so they could have lots of fun!



Looking down at the shrunken man she had pinned over, Rime silently frowned now. “D-Do you, really want b-both of us to use you…?” She had heard about relationships where more than one person was involved… but, she never expected to be in one, let alone with her own little sister!



Grunting as he tried to shake his head, the shrunken man soon began to nod against his will as Rune's eyes shined brightly. ‘No tattling!’ She didn’t go out of her way to bring him here for her secret to be revealed. One way or another he was going to be played with. And he was better off with his new girlfriend instead of her. She hated boys…



Pondering what to do as her question was answered, a small smile soon found its way to the plumper woman’s face before she nodded. “A-Alright. I guess... I-If you’re ok with it Rune… we can share him! Y-You wanted to be used, right?! Y-You can be like our sex toy! How does that sound?!”



Crying as he began to nod against his will, the tiny man wanted to scream but, he was silenced forcefully once again. He was completely powerless to these two insane girls! Smirking as she saw the tears in the smaller man’s eyes, Rune couldn’t contain herself as she quietly began to giggle.



“Look Rime! He’s shedding tears of joy! Look how happy you’ve made him!” Panting excitedly as she misinterpreted her new *boyfriend's* emotions, the hexy girl nodded excitedly before looking back at the notebook her sister still had.



“W-What else, what else! T-Tell me more! What does… does…. M-My boyfriend! Want us to do to him!?” Rime sputtered out gleefully. Grinning, the younger girl flipped her book open before nodding her head. “Well, he said that he loved seeing the sweat on your body drip down your black dress. He really wants to lick and smell you up close! He even said he wanted me to help rub him all over your beautiful body! What do you say Rime? Want me to make your boyfriend's dreams come true?”



Panting excitedly as her deranged eyes landed back on the crying man, Rime frantically began to nod. “Y-Y-Yeah, yeah!!! H-Here, hold him for me! I-I’ll be just a minute c-cutie!” Dropping the smaller man onto her sister's extended hand, the raven-haired woman began pulling on her dress as she heard her little sister’s laughter filling her room.



This was like a dream come true! She couldn’t believe that anyone would love her for her less than pleasant aspects. Whenever she stalked a boy she liked, many of them told her that they didn’t want to date someone as fat as her. Or as greasy. Or as smelly. Or as creepy… That last one stung more than the others did.



But that was all a thing of the past now! She had a boyfriend who loved everything about her! She didn’t have to change a thing to make him happy! In fact, she could double down on what she was already doing and it would make him even happier! She was going to be the best girlfriend a guy could ever want! Whatever kinks he had she would perform. Whatever fetishes he liked; she would do! And the best part was that he was so portable now too! She could keep him on her at all times! They would never be apart! This was a dream come true! She finally found someone to love her!



Feeling her sister’s emotions as joy radiated off of her, Rune smiled as she felt the exact opposite coming off of the tiny man. Giving him a painful squeeze to amuse herself, the sadistic Lolita grinned as she saw his fearful eyes locked on her. “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to use you for everything. You wanted us to abuse you, and humiliate you. To treat you like a toy… All boys are toys, so that’s not a problem. I’m glad you know that too! My sister really loves you… Make sure to take good care of her needs~.” Rune whispered gleefully, her malice failing to be hidden as she continued to squeeze the poor man painfully.



She hated all boys… No one deserved her sister. Especially not someone who rejected her! He was the luckiest man alive considering Rime wanted him to love her. If she moved on as she had with the other guys who had rejected her, he would have just wound up under her pink boot as they did…



But not him. No, he would be their new plaything for the rest of his life. Her big sister would get a boyfriend, and she would get to play with her big sister all she wanted. It was a win/win for every person involved… emphasis on person…



After a few minutes of wiggling and bouncing, Rimes sticky dress finally came off much to both sisters delight, the raven-haired woman’s plump body now freed for all to see. Leaning into the older girl as she sunk into her sibling’s chubby frame, Rune softly giggled as she hugged her close. “Let’s play like this every day from now on Rime! I know your, boyfriend, wants that to!”



Shuddering in pleasure at the mention of her boyfriend, the older girl nodded happily as she put a sweaty arm around the younger girl. “S-Sure! W-We can play w-whenever we want! S-S-So… does that make him happy, Rune?”



Smirking as she felt the utter hopelessness coming off the tiny man, the little blonde quietly nodded. “He’s overjoyed. He wants to experience every part of you. Slowly~. Let’s start with your pudgy tummy! Here you go, little guy!”



Moving the frozen man forward, the shrunken ranger’s eyes watered as a foul smell assaulted his senses. This woman… she reeked! He could see a slick coat of sweat all over her body! Did she ever bathe?! Screaming as he was shoved into the chubby woman, the little brunette was forcefully manipulated once more as his mouth opened on its own, his tongue now hanging out as he was forced to taste the disgusting woman now to!



“Lick it up, little guy! Rime was really upset when you rejected her. She forgot to shower and wouldn’t leave her room even to go to the bathroom! Was this your plan all along? You just wanted her to get all smelly, just for you~, you naughty, naughty boy~.”



Gagging as more and more of the chubby woman’s sour sweat traveled down his throat, a new level of hell was discovered as the brunette was shoved downward as he was pushed into the raven-haired woman’s belly button, his whole head now submerged in a greasy pool of sweat and gunk!



“Hehehehe~, I-I can feel him licking me, Rune! D-D-Do I taste good, b-boyfriend?!” Rime giggled excitedly. She was beginning to get turned on by this! She really wanted to feel her new lover inside of her! But she needed to please him first. She would make all his wildest dreams come true!



Twisting the man’s neck hard as his body bent to its newly altered form, Rune grinned sadistically as she felt the anguish coming from the smaller man. “Yes. He thinks your belly jam is yummy, yummy! He’s never ate anything as tasty as it! But he doesn’t want to fill up too much. He also wanted to taste your armpits~.”



Raising her arms up excitedly, Rime panted loudly as her body quivered under the combined touch of her sister and her new boyfriend. “G-G-Go on! L-Let him do whatever he likes! I-I’m his playground! W-Worship me till your heart's content, lover!”



Knowing the comment was meant for the smaller man, Rune couldn’t help but smile. She would be the one to enjoy her sister, not him. Pulling the shrunken ranger out of her siblings’ navel, the fairy girl began dragging her new toy up the length of her sisters’ chubby belly before running him back and forth under the raven-haired woman’s enormous breasts! Arceus, she loved her sister’s breasts! They were so big and soft! Plus, for some reason, milk liked to leak out of them.



If she asked nicely, occasionally her sister would let her drink it. Hopefully, she would get the chance to today. But for now, she wanted to make her sister happy. And torturing the shrunken man was the best way to go about doing just that.



“Here you go Mr. Tiny! My big sister’s smelly, smelly armpits! They stink, don’t they! But I like the smell. Really?! You do too! You love it so much that you never want her to shower ever again? Never ever?! You really are a naughty boy. I guess that means you’ll have to clean her body every single day with your tiny tongue! Hehehe~, I know. You’re welcome. He’s very grateful Rime. He wants you to use him for everything you need from now on.” Rune lied giddily.



The expression on her sister’s face, it made her heart flutter. Cupping her cheeks as a glazed look of longing rested over her features, the chubby woman shivered as she felt the tiny man of her dreams licking her armpits. He was really, licking them. He didn’t even care that she never shaved them… He was amazing…



Screaming in misery as he was forced to lick the raven-haired occultist, the smaller man winced in discomfort as course, stringy hairs scraped his face painfully. The smell, it was on a whole other level then what her rank, bellybutton had been! He wanted to die…



Shaking her head silently, Rune grinned viciously as she twisted and turned the shrunken man around so he could run his tongue all over her older sisters’ filthy armpit. ‘Lick it all up, you stupid boy! You’re lucky to taste her!’ She loved the smell of her sister’s armpits. They were stale and earthy, and wonderful!



Burying her face in her siblings’ other bushy underarm, Rune sucked on the panting woman’s sticky flesh. She was feeling all tingly now. She always got this way whenever she did stuff with her big sister. It felt amazing…



If she played her cards right, then she could do stuff like this forever and ever with her now. She just had to keep the shrunken man around to make her sibling happy. Eventually, she’d probably grow bored of him. At least, that was what the fairy girl hoped for. She would be the one to make her sister happy. Not some stupid man who didn’t even like her as she did!



“Eghhh, R-Rune, that... t-tickles!” She was getting too embarrassed now! She didn’t think her sister would lick her too! Nuzzling her cheeks into her sister’s armpit, the younger blonde peeked up as a small smile formed over her drooling mouth. It was time to make her sister the happiest person on the planet… She knew something. Something she wasn’t supposed to.



“Rime… I… I don’t know if this is right, but… Your boyfriend wants you to put him somewhere even smellier than your armpit. He wants… to lick your butt!” Growing wide-eyed at the declaration, the older woman’s heart skipped a beat.



‘M-M-My… My, b-butt…?’ Her new boyfriend, wanted, to lick her ass… Twitching a bit, the older woman began to shudder as she felt her crotch grow damp, as a crooked grin spread over her face. It… it wasn’t possible. No one would want that… Not from someone like her…



Pulling the shrunken ranger out of her sister’s hairy armpit, Rune gave him a few shakes as she let the sticky hairs fall off of him. “He really, really wants it! He wants… REALLY?! Oh wow… He wants, to go up your butt actually! He wants to be inside of you where he belongs! B-But it has to be your butt! He wants to be a part of your poop because…” Rune trailed off trying to think of a reason. She honestly couldn’t.



Thankfully, however, she didn’t need to, as a broad smile rested over the naked woman’s features. After using her big sisters’ computer for shopping one day, she found a bunch of porn on her desktop! It all had to do with women sitting on guy's faces and having them lick their buttholes! She was really into that sort of thing! And having her new boyfriend be into it to was all she needed to hear apparently.



Crawling off her sister’s lap, Rune grinned in excitement as she watched her enthralled sibling obeying her as she presented her huge rear end for to her. “M-M-My b-butt… m-my, butt… I-I’ve wanted, someone to do stuff with it, for so, long…” Rime whimpered out. She fantasized about sitting on boys' faces she liked. Using them as seats for hours on end as she played games or watched tv.



But, having one shrunken, and inside her butt… What, would that even feel like. She wanted to know. She REALLY, needed to know! And her boyfriend was into it… She was the luckiest woman alive! Crying softly as her hands sunk into her fat ass cheeks, the raven-haired hexy girl shivered as she pulled her plump fatty cheeks apart as she presented her puckered anus to her little sister.



“I-It’s, dirty… I… I haven’t c-cleaned it… Do you, really want this?” Rime asked fearfully. She was always afraid, that when she got a boyfriend, he would be repulsed by her ass. It was huge, sweaty, hairy, and coated in feces… She was always bad at wiping.



Grinning in pure sadism, Rune lifted the shrunken man up before presenting him with the beautiful sight, of her older sisters’ ass. It was magnificent! It was gigantic! Her pale cheeks were flawless! No freckles or blemishes, just pure alabaster skin everywhere! Well… everywhere but inside of it. Hair grew in various places, just as black, curly, and course as her armpits had been, especially around her wrinkled hole. There was also a noticeable brown and gunky smear spread across the inside of her crack. It was perfect… for her new boyfriend that is~.



“He thinks, he’s died… and gone to heaven! He feels love for you. A very strong love. He wants you to abuse him. To use him like toilet paper. He wants to spend every minute of his new life with you cleaning your butt! And, he wants you to make it dirtier then it is now, so he’ll always get to clean it… over and over, for the rest, of his, little~, life…” Rune whispered monotonously, her golden eyes resting on the crying man as she watched his will to live, shatter, right in front of her. ‘Suffer, you useless boy…’



Releasing one of her ass cheeks so she could cover her mouth, Rime softly sobbed as she heard her boyfriend’s heartfelt words relayed to her from her little sister. ‘Y-You’re too good, for a degenerate like me…’ How did she ever get so lucky, to find a boyfriend as amazing as this?! She didn’t care if it embarrassed her… She would fulfil, whatever desires he had! HE WAS PERFECT FOR SOMEONE LIKE HER!!!



“O-Okay… P-P-Please, enjoy yourself. I’ll never wipe again… I’ll eat lots of food that makes me have to go to the bathroom too! I… I can even wear I diaper if you ask me to! I’LL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU! S-So, p-please… k-keep loving me, like I love you!” Rime cried before moving her hand back to her ass so she could spread her cheeks apart for her new boyfriend to enjoy.



Grinning from the devious ideas her sister had unknowingly gave her, Rune filed them away for later use as she moved the shrunken man closer to her sister’s filthy crevice. “He’ll never stop loving you, Rime. He lives to make you happy. That’s why he wanted to be shrunken down and made into your boyfriend. He can never leave you this way. Boys are stupid… They don’t appreciate what’s right in front of them. Like this, he’ll never be able to take you for granted. And as long as you keep using him on your beautiful body… he’ll never forget his place, either…” Rune finished succinctly, her words more for the shrunken ranger rather than for her sister.



Crying as his nose shriveled up in revulsion, the shrunken man wanted to be anywhere else then here, but… the psychic child held full control over his newly altered body. He was her toy, and he couldn’t even close his mouth, as to avoid the foul taste, he could already feel in the back of his lungs… There was no escaping this… and, he knew it…



Smiling as she pressed on the back of the shrunken boy’s head, Rune felt her body quiver in excitement as she listened to the soft moaning escaping from her sister's trembling lips. ‘I’ll make him please you in every way Rime. I’ll do anything to make you happy.’



Running the man's face up and down as she smeared her sisters poorly cleaned remains around, the child giggled in amusement as she felt his revile at all this. It was only going to get worse. This was just a taste of what he would be dining on from now on. “Lick it all up little guy~. I know how much you’ve wanted this. You dreamed of putting your tongue up my big sister’s big butt since the day you saw her. So naughty… But, Rime’s the best big sister in the whole wide world! And she wants to make you, so very, happy. So, enjoy yourself in there…” The blonde whispered, her monotone voice coming back as she reveled in her torturous tendencies. She loved abusing tiny boys. It felt so right…



And using her sister as a means to do that with, was the best feeling in the world. Moving the exhausted man over her sister’s puckered hole, a wide grin spread across the child’s face. “Eat it. Eat her poop. Lick her lots and lots! Show her the only thing you’re good for now…” No one said no to her big sister. NO ONE!



Giving the crying man a rough shove, Rune shivered in delight herself, as she heard a sharp cry of pleasure come out of her older sibling. Grinning madly, the fairy girl began to twist and shove the tiny man as she tried to force him into the plump woman’s sweaty hole.



“Do you like it Rime? Do you like him licking inside of your butt?! He really likes it! I-In fact, he wants to live in your butt from now on!” The younger girl laughed as she shoved more of the tiny man into her sister’s ass. If she had her way, he would never come out. Then, her sister would be all hers… She didn’t want to share. Rime was her big sister, no one else’s!



Gasping for air as she felt the foreign intrusion in her ass, the raven-haired woman writhed in bliss as she felt the tiny man of her dreams, worshiping her filthy hole. ‘H-H-He’s, I-In my asshole… A-And, he wants to s-stay in it?!’ He really was a perverted man… and she was in love with him!



Panting with her tongue hanging out, the filthy woman clenched her anal muscles around her tiny boyfriend as she tried to feel more of him. He was perfect! She loved him! SHE LOVED HIM! HE WOULD NEVER LEAVE HER! HE WAS HER'S! THEY WOULD BE TOGETHER FOREVER!



Crying tears of joy as she felt her asshole being played with by her boyfriend… and… and her dripping cunt being touched as well… Rime was at a loss of words, and choose to ride out the pleasure instead. She, NEEDED, this! All her love. All her lonely nights stalking men. All her failed attempts at persuading guys to give her a chance! That all ended, NOW! She finally had someone as perverse as her to share. And she would never let him go…



Moving her fingers into her sister’s sticky crotch, Rune giggled happily as she played with her sisters’ private parts. She had seen plenty of women on Skull.net put tiny people inside of them. And when she touched herself, it tingled and felt pleasant. So, it was only right for her to touch her sister’s naughty parts and make her feel pleasant too!



“Come on Rime! Cum! Cum for me! A-And for your new boyfriend! He loved being inside you (he was in hell…). He wants to taste every part of your filthy body (she wanted to do that…). He wants to sleep in your poop (he was being buried alive, and couldn’t breathe)! Scream for him (me)!”



Crying loudly as her orgasm came out squirting, Rime screamed as she thrust her hips into her little sisters’ hand, slumping forward as she felt her shaking knees give out under her. Watching with satisfaction as her older sibling laid on her bedroom floor in a drooling state, Rune smiled warmly before crawling over the older girl and lying down beside her.



“Did you enjoy yourself? I hope so. I want to do these kinds of things with you every day, Rime. Let’s play some more when you’re ready. Y-You can touch me this time.” Rune whispered, before her lips wrapped around the older girl’s plump nipple.



Clinging to her sister as she suckled contently, the little fairy girl smiled as she felt the tortured feelings of the little man still thrashing inside of her perfect sister’s plump rear. He really didn't like being in her sister's poop.



Biting down gently as she heard a sharp whimper escape her older sibling, Rune's eyes shifted around before spotting what she had hoped to find. Her sister hadn't left her room all week. Not even to go to the bathroom...



Reaching behind her big sister's back, the younger girl dug her hand into the raven-haired woman as she continued to lay in a messy state of ecstasy. It seemed her new boyfriend really did a number on her. But, she could do better.



Wiggling her finger into her sibling's anus, the child soon found what she had been searching for, before withdrawing her hand. "Welcome back little guy~. Don't think I took you out to give you a break. I know how much you LOOOOOVED being inside my big sister's butt. So, I'm going to give you what you want, times ten!" The younger girl laughed.



Looking back at the child in a nearly unconscious state, the battered man's eyes widened before the last of the tears he had left began to stream down his face as he shook his head. Not this... no more! He couldn't take it!



Nodding her head back at the shrunken boy, Rune smiled sadistically as she held a large bottle up filled about three-fourths of the way with her sister's pee and poop. She had been using these so she didn't have to leave her bedroom. And now, she would use them to torture the one who did this to the older woman in the first place.



"I know, I know. It's second hand and not inside of Rime. But you want to get used to being buried alive inside her butt, right?" Grinning viciously as she watched the tiny man forcibly nod his head, Rune giggled darkly. "I thought so. Good luck holding your breath. It might get a bit, violent in there~."



Dropping the two-inch man into the small opening, the younger girl gave his larger body a hard shove as she watched him fall all the way in before being submerged in her sister's foul toilet bottle. Sealing the cap back on, trapping the tiny ranger in, Rune admired her work as she saw the smaller man swimming to the top of the sickly yellow fluid amidst several large brown logs of poop.



That wouldn't do at all. Didn't Rime know, that oil and water didn't mix together? You had to give it a shake! Laughing loudly as she began to viciously thrust the bottle up and down, the child's eyes glowed blue as she forced the contents inside the bottle to swirl in a circle further mixing it all together. 'Drown in it, you stupid boy'! This is what he got for rejecting her sister's affections!



After about thirty seconds, the younger girl sighed tiredly before setting the bottle back down, its contents now a full murky brown, with no sight of the smaller man who had fallen in early being present whatsoever.




'Goodnight little guy~'.




She'd retrieve him tomorrow. Right now, though, she had some yummy milk to drink, as her sister lightly snored beside her. Things were going to be a lot livelier from now on. She would make sure of that.




And, she would make sure, that her sister was never hurt again...




She would see to it personally, that her new *boyfriend* never forgot his place...





To be continued…


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