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Story Notes:

Series: Pokemon


Will feature many girl's from all seasons. Review if you'd like to see a certain girl come up in the line-up.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey everyone! New series I've been meaning to post here for a while now. It's sort of a writing dump really. If I get fun ideas but don't feel like making massive stories to put them into, I write these!

This is a short story series that follows the plot of this chapter. Each one after it however, will be its own standalone story. I plan to use all the Pokémon girl's given time, but I may re-use them depending how I feel.

If you want to see a certain girl being used or a certain fetish to go along with it, please review and request. I won't promise I'll do them all but if you're familiar with my work by now, then you certainly know I'll do my best to try. :)


So please, enjoy the show!

~ Indigo Plateau, Kanto League. ~


Sitting across from each other with faces filled with awe and wonder, all heads of the Pokémon League of each of their respective regions were at a unanimous agreement after hearing the new laws proposed to them by the Sinnoh league Champion herself, Cynthia.


Each champion from their home regions was present, as a conference was held in order to help new trainers who were up and coming. Hailing from Kanto & Johto were the champions Leaf and Kris. Both were newer than most of the others present here, but they had been accepted by them eagerly as if they had always been the reigning champions of their own countries.


Hailing from Hoehn was a young brunette named May, who had been in charge of her own league for a little over a year now. While new, she seemed to know more about the policies the league enacted then most.


Hailing from Unova, was the Dragon Master Iris, her knowing smile radiating as she mulled over the new laws they wanted to all pass.


Hailing from Kalos, Diantha was the last official champion present, and the oldest of the group gathered, giving her a somewhat louder voice to everything that had been discussed prior, her input being imperative to what they wanted to do next.


And lastly, while not official League Champions, hailing from the Alola Region, were two girls’ instead of one. Both were the youngest of all the women present, but that didn’t mean they were excluded from anything that had been discussed previously. Their names were Moon and Acerola. Representatives from their own region which didn’t currently have its own league established just yet. But the others welcomed them with open arms.


In order for their new laws to be taken seriously, there needed to be strength and voice behind it. And that’s where all of them came in. For the first time in the history of the Pokémon Leagues conference held annually, all the representatives from every region were all female…


Tapping the documents in front of her that she had proposed, Cynthia wore a knowing smile as she saw various blushes or looks of excitement over the other girls in front of her. Her idea had been concocted over the last five years, but… she needed to have everyone in the league on her side, which she made sure to do personally. Through traveling to different regions on political business trips or *vacations* she had single-handedly shifted the dynamic of power of who would reign in what region.


It had been a long and tiring process, but it helped to be backed up by the Kalos and Unova regions, both of which had long supported her future policies wholeheartedly. Chuckling mirthfully as she thought about what they would all do today, the older blondes’ eyes shined as she laid the final paper down that she had been reading out previously.


“So, are there any objections to this new law? Any oppositions will make this clause null and void, and thus requires a unanimous vote.” This was how laws were both added or rescinded in the Pokémon League, and while democracy did take place, new laws had to be firmly agreed to by every reigning champion, in case new ones had just been taken on and didn’t think as a collective instead of individually.


Whispering for a moment between themselves, both Leaf and Kris nodded as wide smiles overtook their faces. “We’ll agree with this new policy. You have the support of both our leagues and us.” Leaf announced proudly.


Nodding, Cynthia looked to May now but by the over-eager nodding from the brunette, the older women didn’t need much of a response after that. “And how about you two? Iris, Diana?” Smirking as their names were called, both the young Dragon Master and the regal actress bowed their heads as they nodded.


“We’ve been on board with your policies from the beginning Cynthia. We vote yes.” Diana smiled warmly. Bowing her head thankfully back, Cynthia’s eyes finally fell on the two newest members of the league she had recruited herself.


Blushing a bright shade of red, Moon’s head was hung but her face quickly shot up as the purple-haired princess next to her patted her on her back. “We agree too! The Alola region will support whatever our fellow Champions decide today. We don’t really have much sway if you think about it though.” The Violette haired Ghost girl giggled.


Chuckling from the newer girl she had sought out personally, Cynthia nodded before smiling back at everyone. If they wanted this policy, then every region had to agree to it. Regretfully… the Galar Region hadn’t been contactable, but it was of little concern. They could be brought in later since they failed to attend the summons. And, if their League Champion had any issues with this new policy, then she would take matters into her own hands to fix it…


“Then, by unanimous decree, I hereby approve of the new Victory Clause. To the victor of the match, the winner may decide to take on any form of payment they deem appropriate if currency can’t be provided as a form of payment.” Clapping, all the other women present smiled in amusement as their plan took effect.


It was a simple policy, one that needed to be implemented regardless due to many new trainers not being able to pay when they lost a battle. But the dark undertone that followed would be what tipped the scales, in the women’s favors…


Especially once she contacted Sylph Co. and gave them the green light to initiate phase two...



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


~ Sixth Months Later ~



It’s now been half a year since the last annual Champions conference, and Pokémon trainers as a whole, along with society in general, is in the midst of new world order. On the day the new policies were enacted, a global conglomerate, and lead head of technologies in the Kanto Region, Sylph Co. released a brand-new device that became mandatory to carry for all trainers who held a license in their region.


This device was promoted as a safety feature, to help combat many of the dangers young trainers could potentially face on their journeys. By utilizing the potential of Pokémon abilities and combining them with technology, the corporation had essentially merged multiple together, in order to create a new ability altogether, which they then recreated for themselves.


And thus, the first ever molecular redistributor was created. But the name never really caught on. Everyone who used it simply called it what it was. A shrink-ray. While many might think of a toy laser gun from a futuristic movie, it was actually much simpler than that. It was an app, attached to the mandatory Poké-Gear that the country provided to new trainers, each with their own code linked so only the right person it was linked to could use it.


At first, not many people knew what to do with such a device… but, within a months’ time, there were countless reporting’s of trainers going missing. Of course, the first thing people began to speculate, was that there wasn’t a coincidence that this new product wasn’t at fault. But, the company behind it had more than enough power to back themselves up. Along with the official Pokémon League themselves supporting them… And, the police as well… It seemed like everything was set up, so nothing could be traced back to the corporation. Word even got out, that the officers who were called to cases involving them were even being paid off somehow. Rumors were rampant, but, nothing could be done.


As months went on, it began happening more and more… and before anyone ever realized what was going on, it was already too late. It finally became clear later on, that the *shrink ray* as people called it, wasn’t just biometrically linked to specific trainers… but, specific genders.


The app itself was traced to the user on a genetic scale, something no one ever considered possible at the time. It took into account the chromosomes in the human body, and only those with two pairs of X chromosomes could activate the app, and those with one Y could not.


In other words, only women could use the shrink ray. This, of course, sparked outrage from the general population… but, the corporation, Sylph Co. denied any accusations presented to them and told the media it was simple programming errors and that they were working on correcting the problem as they spoke. But that was a lie…


There were no errors or malfunctions. The device worked as intended. Because it was designed that way. By half a years’ time, everything had gone according to plan, and society as a whole now had to learn to adjust to their new way of life…


New trainers were constant, and with the news that only girls could shrink people, many began signing up as official trainers just to get the power of the app for themselves. This became a habit, and a state of being, to the point, where it no longer mattered if people made it to the Pokémon league or not.


It was all about, what they could do to other trainers as they journeyed. More and more people went missing, at an alarming rate. But worst of all, it wasn’t just trainers. Men in general, along with some women on rare cases were seemingly vanishing from cities and islands all across Kanto.


It was only later announced, that the app that had once been specific to trainers, had gone into trial testing for the general population, and it was now available to everyone, Pokémon Trainer, or otherwise. And thus, a new threat shook the region, as people began disappearing in vast numbers, and once booming populated cities became barren of nearly all men.


As of right now, the balance of the Kanto Region, if roughly 80% women, and 20% men. And this will no doubt be the case, for every other region that follows. Sylph Co. had just announced yesterday, that the app was a huge success regardless of the countless protests held against it, and that they would be releasing it to other regions effective immediately, with Johto being the first.


Only time will tell just what catastrophes will come of this new plague. But, the new president of Sylph Co. located in Saffron city announced, that she’s positive their new app if beneficial for the people and that they all have the best interest in mind when it comes to young trainers and customers alike.


But, many are still skeptical of these claims, regardless if they came from the Saffron City Gym leader herself, Sabrina…



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



~ Victory Road, Sinnoh Pokémon League ~



Listening half-heartedly as the press conference from Kanto ended, Cynthia shut off the TV in front of her, as a smug smile fell over her face. “Is it everything you hoped it would be? I thought trainers would have taken to the power quicker. How long do you think it will take for the rest of the world to follow in our neighbors’ footsteps?”


Casting her golden eyes to her visitor, and longtime friend alike, Diantha, the Sinnoh League Champion chuckled mirthfully before standing up. “If I had to guess, around the same timeframe, if a bit quicker. Rumors spread fast, and I have certain Gym Leaders in every region at the moment preparing for what’s to come.” The blonde women smiled.


She had taken everything into consideration, and the fruits of her labor were finally paying off. Feeling a hand placed on her shoulder, the younger woman glanced to her guest before her smirk returned. “Feel like celebrating?” The older actress smiled.


Nodding back, Cynthia took her friend's hand before leading them to her private chambers. While the app might not have launched in her home region yet, that didn’t change the fact she had been traveling for quite a while and picked up a few toys along the way~.


Only time would tell where this would take them, but, for the Champions of the Pokémon League, they all couldn’t wait, to watch their new world order unfold…



To be continued…













Chapter End Notes:

As I said up above, if you'd like to see a certain girl and or fetish review and comment and I'll try to get back to you soon. ^,^


All girls are welcome, even the ones in my other series, The Trials of Alola. This isn't connected so anyone’s fair game! Even ones who've shown up before. Until next time guys.


See ya~

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