A Brand-New League by Franchise Writer, 2KFSK, NRawkGTS

Power has shifted dramatically in the Pokémon league. As all the regional champion's gather to discuss new rules and policies, the all-female league led by the Sinnoh champion herself, Cynthia, vote on a brand-new law to be implemented. One that will give the women of the world a much better standing in society as a whole.


This is a series of short Pokémon stories featuring the lovely ladies of the series.


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Series: Pokemon


Will feature many girl's from all seasons. Review if you'd like to see a certain girl come up in the line-up.

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Introduction. by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Hey everyone! New series I've been meaning to post here for a while now. It's sort of a writing dump really. If I get fun ideas but don't feel like making massive stories to put them into, I write these!

This is a short story series that follows the plot of this chapter. Each one after it however, will be its own standalone story. I plan to use all the Pokémon girl's given time, but I may re-use them depending how I feel.

If you want to see a certain girl being used or a certain fetish to go along with it, please review and request. I won't promise I'll do them all but if you're familiar with my work by now, then you certainly know I'll do my best to try. :)


So please, enjoy the show!

~ Indigo Plateau, Kanto League. ~


Sitting across from each other with faces filled with awe and wonder, all heads of the Pokémon League of each of their respective regions were at a unanimous agreement after hearing the new laws proposed to them by the Sinnoh league Champion herself, Cynthia.


Each champion from their home regions was present, as a conference was held in order to help new trainers who were up and coming. Hailing from Kanto & Johto were the champions Leaf and Kris. Both were newer than most of the others present here, but they had been accepted by them eagerly as if they had always been the reigning champions of their own countries.


Hailing from Hoehn was a young brunette named May, who had been in charge of her own league for a little over a year now. While new, she seemed to know more about the policies the league enacted then most.


Hailing from Unova, was the Dragon Master Iris, her knowing smile radiating as she mulled over the new laws they wanted to all pass.


Hailing from Kalos, Diantha was the last official champion present, and the oldest of the group gathered, giving her a somewhat louder voice to everything that had been discussed prior, her input being imperative to what they wanted to do next.


And lastly, while not official League Champions, hailing from the Alola Region, were two girls’ instead of one. Both were the youngest of all the women present, but that didn’t mean they were excluded from anything that had been discussed previously. Their names were Moon and Acerola. Representatives from their own region which didn’t currently have its own league established just yet. But the others welcomed them with open arms.


In order for their new laws to be taken seriously, there needed to be strength and voice behind it. And that’s where all of them came in. For the first time in the history of the Pokémon Leagues conference held annually, all the representatives from every region were all female…


Tapping the documents in front of her that she had proposed, Cynthia wore a knowing smile as she saw various blushes or looks of excitement over the other girls in front of her. Her idea had been concocted over the last five years, but… she needed to have everyone in the league on her side, which she made sure to do personally. Through traveling to different regions on political business trips or *vacations* she had single-handedly shifted the dynamic of power of who would reign in what region.


It had been a long and tiring process, but it helped to be backed up by the Kalos and Unova regions, both of which had long supported her future policies wholeheartedly. Chuckling mirthfully as she thought about what they would all do today, the older blondes’ eyes shined as she laid the final paper down that she had been reading out previously.


“So, are there any objections to this new law? Any oppositions will make this clause null and void, and thus requires a unanimous vote.” This was how laws were both added or rescinded in the Pokémon League, and while democracy did take place, new laws had to be firmly agreed to by every reigning champion, in case new ones had just been taken on and didn’t think as a collective instead of individually.


Whispering for a moment between themselves, both Leaf and Kris nodded as wide smiles overtook their faces. “We’ll agree with this new policy. You have the support of both our leagues and us.” Leaf announced proudly.


Nodding, Cynthia looked to May now but by the over-eager nodding from the brunette, the older women didn’t need much of a response after that. “And how about you two? Iris, Diana?” Smirking as their names were called, both the young Dragon Master and the regal actress bowed their heads as they nodded.


“We’ve been on board with your policies from the beginning Cynthia. We vote yes.” Diana smiled warmly. Bowing her head thankfully back, Cynthia’s eyes finally fell on the two newest members of the league she had recruited herself.


Blushing a bright shade of red, Moon’s head was hung but her face quickly shot up as the purple-haired princess next to her patted her on her back. “We agree too! The Alola region will support whatever our fellow Champions decide today. We don’t really have much sway if you think about it though.” The Violette haired Ghost girl giggled.


Chuckling from the newer girl she had sought out personally, Cynthia nodded before smiling back at everyone. If they wanted this policy, then every region had to agree to it. Regretfully… the Galar Region hadn’t been contactable, but it was of little concern. They could be brought in later since they failed to attend the summons. And, if their League Champion had any issues with this new policy, then she would take matters into her own hands to fix it…


“Then, by unanimous decree, I hereby approve of the new Victory Clause. To the victor of the match, the winner may decide to take on any form of payment they deem appropriate if currency can’t be provided as a form of payment.” Clapping, all the other women present smiled in amusement as their plan took effect.


It was a simple policy, one that needed to be implemented regardless due to many new trainers not being able to pay when they lost a battle. But the dark undertone that followed would be what tipped the scales, in the women’s favors…


Especially once she contacted Sylph Co. and gave them the green light to initiate phase two...



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


~ Sixth Months Later ~



It’s now been half a year since the last annual Champions conference, and Pokémon trainers as a whole, along with society in general, is in the midst of new world order. On the day the new policies were enacted, a global conglomerate, and lead head of technologies in the Kanto Region, Sylph Co. released a brand-new device that became mandatory to carry for all trainers who held a license in their region.


This device was promoted as a safety feature, to help combat many of the dangers young trainers could potentially face on their journeys. By utilizing the potential of Pokémon abilities and combining them with technology, the corporation had essentially merged multiple together, in order to create a new ability altogether, which they then recreated for themselves.


And thus, the first ever molecular redistributor was created. But the name never really caught on. Everyone who used it simply called it what it was. A shrink-ray. While many might think of a toy laser gun from a futuristic movie, it was actually much simpler than that. It was an app, attached to the mandatory Poké-Gear that the country provided to new trainers, each with their own code linked so only the right person it was linked to could use it.


At first, not many people knew what to do with such a device… but, within a months’ time, there were countless reporting’s of trainers going missing. Of course, the first thing people began to speculate, was that there wasn’t a coincidence that this new product wasn’t at fault. But, the company behind it had more than enough power to back themselves up. Along with the official Pokémon League themselves supporting them… And, the police as well… It seemed like everything was set up, so nothing could be traced back to the corporation. Word even got out, that the officers who were called to cases involving them were even being paid off somehow. Rumors were rampant, but, nothing could be done.


As months went on, it began happening more and more… and before anyone ever realized what was going on, it was already too late. It finally became clear later on, that the *shrink ray* as people called it, wasn’t just biometrically linked to specific trainers… but, specific genders.


The app itself was traced to the user on a genetic scale, something no one ever considered possible at the time. It took into account the chromosomes in the human body, and only those with two pairs of X chromosomes could activate the app, and those with one Y could not.


In other words, only women could use the shrink ray. This, of course, sparked outrage from the general population… but, the corporation, Sylph Co. denied any accusations presented to them and told the media it was simple programming errors and that they were working on correcting the problem as they spoke. But that was a lie…


There were no errors or malfunctions. The device worked as intended. Because it was designed that way. By half a years’ time, everything had gone according to plan, and society as a whole now had to learn to adjust to their new way of life…


New trainers were constant, and with the news that only girls could shrink people, many began signing up as official trainers just to get the power of the app for themselves. This became a habit, and a state of being, to the point, where it no longer mattered if people made it to the Pokémon league or not.


It was all about, what they could do to other trainers as they journeyed. More and more people went missing, at an alarming rate. But worst of all, it wasn’t just trainers. Men in general, along with some women on rare cases were seemingly vanishing from cities and islands all across Kanto.


It was only later announced, that the app that had once been specific to trainers, had gone into trial testing for the general population, and it was now available to everyone, Pokémon Trainer, or otherwise. And thus, a new threat shook the region, as people began disappearing in vast numbers, and once booming populated cities became barren of nearly all men.


As of right now, the balance of the Kanto Region, if roughly 80% women, and 20% men. And this will no doubt be the case, for every other region that follows. Sylph Co. had just announced yesterday, that the app was a huge success regardless of the countless protests held against it, and that they would be releasing it to other regions effective immediately, with Johto being the first.


Only time will tell just what catastrophes will come of this new plague. But, the new president of Sylph Co. located in Saffron city announced, that she’s positive their new app if beneficial for the people and that they all have the best interest in mind when it comes to young trainers and customers alike.


But, many are still skeptical of these claims, regardless if they came from the Saffron City Gym leader herself, Sabrina…



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



~ Victory Road, Sinnoh Pokémon League ~



Listening half-heartedly as the press conference from Kanto ended, Cynthia shut off the TV in front of her, as a smug smile fell over her face. “Is it everything you hoped it would be? I thought trainers would have taken to the power quicker. How long do you think it will take for the rest of the world to follow in our neighbors’ footsteps?”


Casting her golden eyes to her visitor, and longtime friend alike, Diantha, the Sinnoh League Champion chuckled mirthfully before standing up. “If I had to guess, around the same timeframe, if a bit quicker. Rumors spread fast, and I have certain Gym Leaders in every region at the moment preparing for what’s to come.” The blonde women smiled.


She had taken everything into consideration, and the fruits of her labor were finally paying off. Feeling a hand placed on her shoulder, the younger woman glanced to her guest before her smirk returned. “Feel like celebrating?” The older actress smiled.


Nodding back, Cynthia took her friend's hand before leading them to her private chambers. While the app might not have launched in her home region yet, that didn’t change the fact she had been traveling for quite a while and picked up a few toys along the way~.


Only time would tell where this would take them, but, for the Champions of the Pokémon League, they all couldn’t wait, to watch their new world order unfold…



To be continued…













End Notes:

As I said up above, if you'd like to see a certain girl and or fetish review and comment and I'll try to get back to you soon. ^,^


All girls are welcome, even the ones in my other series, The Trials of Alola. This isn't connected so anyone’s fair game! Even ones who've shown up before. Until next time guys.


See ya~

Misty by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Contain's: F/M Female Pred Macro/Micro Male Prey Misty Mouth play Pokemon Shrinking swimming pool


“Now, Gyarados, use Hydro Pump!”


“D-Dodge it Oddish!”



Watching in horror, as the onlookers in the packed crowd of women cheered loudly in approval, the trainer who had challenged the Cerulean Gym Leader, Misty, was helpless as he watched the fiery-haired tomboy laugh in triumph as his Pokémon shot past him and out of the ring completely. The fight was over.


Falling to his knees as his eyes beaded in shock after what had just occurred, the trainer was rendered speechless now. He didn’t know she had a Pokémon as strong as that at her disposal! This… it was a setup! When he had first entered the gym, all the rookie trainers he encountered all used Magikarp or Goldeen!


But, Misty was no ordinary trainer… and now, he knew what was about to happen. It was the same thing that happened, to every trainer who lost. Cash was no longer the preferred currency of the world. And the stories he had heard, seemed to be true, as he watched the preteen pointing her Pokegear in his direction.


“P-P-Please, wait!!! I-I can pay you cash! I have the money! I-I’ll pay you double the losing fee! N-No, triple! Wait, don’t do this!!!”


Ignoring the pleas from her downed opponent, Misty’s eyes gleamed with mischievous as she shifted the small, digital dial on her watch, to half an inch, before activating her Poke app. “Sorry, but you lost fair and square, even with the type advantage on your side. You deserve everything that happens next~.” She winked before sticking her tongue out playfully at him, her fans screaming wildly in approval as they waited for the upcoming show, to begin.


Watching in shock as the world began to change around him, and his body slowly started to diminish, the trainer tried to run to the door, but he didn’t make it more than ten feet, before he tripped over his baggy pants, and completely disappeared inside of them.


Crossing her arms silently, Misty pointed to the trainer’s outfit before one of her fellow swimmers went over to it and fished around to find the young trainer. After a minute, he soon surfaced in her hands, the audience applauding happily as they sat in eager anticipation.


No one ever came here to watch people battle anymore. It was always for the show, Misty put on with her defeated opponents. It changed depending on what gender the loser was, but more often then not, it was a show to behold. As this one would no doubt be as well.


Gathering up the boy's clothes in her hand before tucking them under her arm, the young swimmer waved back to Misty as she pulled the hand that held the trainer back, before she threw him as hard as she could, into the far end of the pool. It was time for the show to begin!


Drinking in the cheers of approval from her fans, Misty gave them a bow, before dropping the white towel she had draped over her shoulders to the side of her feet. Stepping to the edge of the pool to bend over it, the redheaded preteen flashed a cheeky smile, before she dived forward, and submerged herself in the pool, cameras everywhere locking onto her as she swam with the grace of a mermaid, towards her destination…


Sputtering from the water he had choked on after being thrown into what felt like an ocean, the now naked and afraid boy looked around frantically as he treaded chlorinated water. Everywhere he looked, all he could see was water! The edge of the pool, it was too high to see beyond it!


All he could see past it… was the rabid circle of women in the audience, screaming hysterically, and pointing at him. This, it was wrong! Why did they throw him into the pool?! Gritting his teeth as he looked around, the fearful boy began to swim in a random direction, as he tried to discover some way to get out of here. He was going to drown if he tried to stay in there too long!


Every little ripple of the water, however, felt like a large wave batting him around, further sapping his already depleted strength. Why, did he feel so heavy?! What did the Gym Leader do to him with her app? He knew it could alter peoples bodies, but, he felt like the water was trying to suck him to the bottom!


Crying out as he thrashed his arms in a weak attempt to stay afloat, the loud scream of women grew in octive alerting him, to something else. Looking around in confusion, a sight soon froze the boy in his tracks, before it dawned on him why everyone was suddenly louder.


“N-No, g-get away from me! SOMEONE, HELP ME!!!” Turning away from the site of a swimmer quickly barreling toward’s him in the water, the shrunken boy cried in terror as he tried to escape the oncoming person, but, he didn’t even make it a foot in the water before the giantess was upon him.


Screaming as he waited for whoever it was to collide with him, the boy was soon left, confused, as he watched the giant form, suddenly submerge… before the water began to calm. Attempting to peer down in the dark blue waters he was in, the naked boy gulped fearfully before he felt a sudden pressure rise beneath him…


She was under him…


Screaming as much as the crowd did as Misty surface, all eyes fell on the smaller boy, now floating inside the redheaded mermaid’s mouth, as she captured him from below as she surface. Keeping her head tilted upwards as she held her prize in her gaping maw, Misty looked to her fans as she drank in their cheers and applause. She had definitely outdone herself with this catch. And, she was going to have fun playing with him before she ended their *private* show.


Thrashing wildly in the tomboy’s mouth as he felt her large tongue wiggling against the bottom of his feet, the challenger cried helplessly as he tried to swim away… but, there was nowhere else he could go, as he looked on the colossal walls of Misty’s cheeks.


It was like he was caught in a dome, and the only entrance and exit were above… and below him. Trying to climb out of the larger girl’s mouth, the boy didn’t get too far before the tongue that had been teasing him prior smacked him off of her cheek. She wasn’t about to let her prey get away.


Pointing to her open mouth, Misty continued to wave her hands as she tried to raise the audience’s excitement before she pointed down at the pool. Immediately boos rang out amusing the redhead. She already knew what they wanted. But she wanted to hear it.


Tapping her chin in mock thought, Misty looked around at the other women, before her finger slowly trailed down her neck, before finally settling on her white one-piece swimsuit’s belly, as she gently drew small circles across her navel.


Hearing screams of yes and cheers of do it, Misty quickly shrugged her shoulders, before chuckling through the water in her mouth. Her fans had spoken. To bad for the little guy. She kind of thought he was cute. Oh well though… maybe next time.


Watching as the now warm water he was wading in began to slowly bubble and shrink, the shrunken trainer tried to climb out of the larger girl’s mouth once again, but, as it had before, Misty’s tongue batted him down… this time, however, he didn’t surface, as a current now began to pull him down much to his horror.


Screaming as his air escaped his lungs, the trapped boy was slowly pulled down, before darkness overtook him, his last visions being, the pearly teeth of his captor, closing, and sealing his fate within the tomboy's athletic body…


Gulping as she swallowed her prey, pool water and all, Misty made a show of doing it slowly, as she pulled bit after bit of the water in the back of her mouth down, until finally she felt the tiny lump of the boy, vanish down her throat, the cameras on her specifically zooming in on her neck, as the women in the crowd screamed happily as they partook in the trainers demise to.


Sighing as her mouth was vacated from her guests sudden, departure, Misty grinned before bowing to her fans once more, before swimming back to her podium. Crawling out of her Olympic sized swimming pool and battle arena, the Cerulean Gym leader stood on her feet as one of her swimmers ran up to her before trapping her jacket back around her affectionately.


“Thanks~. I hope you liked the show. Now, send in the next one.”


Hearing more cries of approval as the entrance gate to the gym opened up, a boy in his late teens was quickly shoved in before it shut behind him leaving him locked, in a cage full of predators. Licking her lips as her hand gently rubbed her stuffed belly, Misty let out a soft burp to herself before pointing to her newest meal- C-Challenger, before nodding her head.


“Thank you for coming~. You’ll be the 20th trainer to face me today. Welcome to the Cerulean Gym, and, good luck~





Whitney by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Contain's: Blood Butt crush entrapment Insertion Macro/Micro Multiple Preys

“We got him, Whitney!”


“Yeah! This is the boy you saw at Goldenrod’s Radio Tower, right?”


“Ohhh~, he’s kind of cute~. I see why you wanted us to bring him to you~.”




“H-Hey! Who the hell are you, people?! Let me go!!!”



Struggling frantically as a group of girl’s forcibly dragged him into the Goldenrod City Gym, a young teen was soon shoved to his knees by the three of them before he was forced to stare directly across from him at the cities very own Gym Leader herself, Whitney.


Turning around and squealing with delight, the bubble pinkette skipped over to the boy before turning her head back and forth to admire him. He was, perfect! “Yep, that’s him alright! I knew you wouldn’t let me down~. Even if I only remembered him vaguely, I knew he would be my replacement for Friday!”


Attempting to overpower the girls restraining him, the startled trainer was quickly forced back down as the sneering teenagers held his head in place, forcing him to look back at the Goldenrod Gym leader as she quickly took out one of her Poke balls near her belt… though, strangely not one of the ones on it.


“Alright, cutie~. Our eyes met, which means, we have to have a battle now! Those are the rules~.” Whitney giggled before sticking her tongue out at the dumbfounded trainer. Gawking in shock after realizing what she wanted, the struggling boy quickly shook his head now.


“H-H-Hang on! I don’t even have my Pokémon with me! I just arrived in town less than an hour ago! They’re at the Pokémon center! I can’t battle you without them, so, let me go already!” He cried frantically… However, his words didn’t seem to have their intended effect, as the three girls restraining him soon began to giggle amongst one another.


Standing still in silence, Whitney's eyes were dark momentarily, before her lips, shifted into a broad smile. “If you don’t have pokemon on you, then you can’t battle me. And if you can’t battle me… then that means… I WIN! YEAAAAA~!” Pink haired teen squealed loudly once more as her friends cheered her on and congratulated her for her victory over her newest challenger.


Sputtering in shock at what the bizarre girl was saying, the newbie trainer tried to shake off his captors once again, but the six arms around him quickly tightened limiting him completely as the Goldenrod Gym leader began to hum happily to herself as she played with the Pokegear on her wrist.


“Woah, Woah, Woah! H-Hang on! You can’t really be doing what I think you are! T-That illegal! We didn’t have a pokemon battle! You can’t just declare yourself the winner and-“ Feeling a hand slapped across his mouth silencing him from speaking further, one of the three girls holding him down groaned as she looked at her gym leader in exhaustion.


“Come on Whitney, make him your boyfriend already! He’s way too loud like this!”


“Yeah! He needs to learn some manners if he’s going to be your Friday!”


“What's taking so long anyway? He is the one you wanted, right?”



Nodding to all three of her fellow trainers, Whitney continued to fiddle with her Pokeapp as she tried to figure out what to make him. “Hmm, I think I’ll set him to the same size as the others, but… Yes! That’s it! I'll give him protect, and lick! That will make this easier~. Alright, here ya go, cutie~.”


Blowing the struggling teen, a kiss, Whitney activated her app before cheering alongside the other girls as they watched the boy slowly dwindled out of his clothing and shrink down to a mere inch in size. Peering down at the pile of clothes in front of them, the pink haired gym leader leaned down before flicking the older boy’s shirt aside and plucking the now miniature trainer up so she could see him better.


“AWWW! HE’S, SO, CUUUUUUTE~!!! I just want to play with him all day, every day!” Whitney cried out excitedly. Wanting to scream at the giantess now holding him prisoner, the naked teen tried to say something, before coughing as his tongue rolled out of his mouth… over twice it’s original size.


“Ha! You’re tongues all sloppy now! Perfect for licking things, but not so much for talking. Just how I like my boyfriend’s~.” Whitney winked before turning away from her friends as she began to walk back to her room. “Feel free to take the rest of the day off girls! I’m going to give my new boyfriend his instructions. Wish him luck. I really like this one!”


Waving back to their gym leader, all three girls collected the clothing that had been left on the ground before departing, their job was done. And now, Whitney had a replacement for Friday…


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



“Welcome to your new home cutie~. This is my room! Don’t you love it?!” Whitney squealed as she waved the shell-shocked trainer she had shrunk around her pink open room. Everywhere the poor boy looked, he could see the nauseating color invading his eyes. Walls, windows, bookshelves, tables, the bed, and of course all the dozens of pink Pokémon plushies.


Moving to the desk near her bed and tossing the smaller boy onto it, the trainer tried to cry out past his engorged tongue, but, as he impacted with the pink wood, he didn’t feel more than a light shove against his body as he hit it. That should have hurt a lot more… What was going on with his body?!


“Fuuuh, I’m beat! I had to stand in my gym all day waiting for people and when I finished, no one even came to challenge me! They’re all so mean! Oh well… I guess I got you in the end, so today wasn’t a total loss. So, what do you think of your new home, Friday?”


Screaming muffledly as his tongue dangled limply from his jaw, the tiny boy wanted to shout at her, but he couldn’t talk like this! Giggling as she heard the weak reply back, Whitney reached down to her belt, before pulling it off her waist.


“Man, I’m a genius! I should do to all my boyfriends what I did to you! You would not believe all the annoying things they say to me. Don’t do this, don’t do that. You’re hurting me, let me go! It’s all so annoying!” Whitney whined as she set her belt down next to her latest plaything.


Stumbling back in horror as he looked back at the seven poke balls attached to the pink haired girl’s belt, the teenager wanted to scream in horror once more, but he could only sputter and spit, as he looked at the seven other trapped boys, in each of the poke balls the giantess had attached to her clothing.


Each of the glass orbs was fairly transparent and showed multiple teenagers, all naked and limply moving inside their cramped prisons. Some were yelling stuff, others were just sitting down, with a look of absolute defeat on their faces. What was going on?! What the hell did this crazy girl have planned for him?!


Fanning her face tiredly, Whitney looked down at the traumatized boy before giggling cutely once again, her voice snapping the teen back up to her as he watched the pink-haired gym leader reaching down for one of the balls on her belt.


Plucking the third to last in the row, Whitney brought it up to her face, before gently kissing the small capsule, before her eyes landed on the smaller teen once again. “In case you didn’t get it when I called you it earlier… You’re my new boyfriend now, Friday. I call you that because that’s the day I’ll be your girlfriend. You see, I can’t have just one boyfriend. There are too many things I like about guys and they never have all of the things I want. So, I just have one for each day of the week. That way I get everything I could ever want in a boyfriend! Aren’t I a genius?” Whitney smiled.


Watching as her smile turned into a pout, Whitney glared down at the boy as she narrowed her eyes. “Well? I said, aren’t, I, a genius? A boyfriends job is to agree with his girlfriend! If you want to be my boyfriend on Friday then you had better learn what it takes to be a good one! Sheesh, this is common knowledge for crying out loud!” Whitney whined in exasperation.


Shaking his head in disbelief from the deranged girl’s statements, the naked teen began to back away, as he watched the insane giantess in front of him, continued to stare at him coldly. “You’ll get this warning since your new cutie. I don’t tolerate disobedient boy toys. If you can’t be my ideal boyfriend on Friday, then I don’t need you. Oh! This is the perfect time to do this actually.” Whitney smiled before her thumb pressed into the small button on the transparent ball she was still holding.


Watching as it popped open before the pink haired girl plucked the struggling boy inside of it, out, Whitney looked back at her newest boyfriend before dangling the screaming teen in her fingers in front of him. “Here ya go Friday! This is Friday!” She giggled before shaking the screaming boy back and forth in her hands, horrifying the newest of the shrunken trainers present. He was also her boyfriend on Friday…?


Smiling darkly at the screaming boy between her fingers, Whitney looked back at her newest acquisition before pointing to the tiny in her hands. “This Friday, was my boyfriend on Friday. But he didn’t listen to me when I asked him if he liked being beneath my beautiful butt while I sat down and did my homework! He said it was painful, and it hurt, blah, blah, blah. I don’t need a boyfriend who only complains about himself. This was his final straw! You hear that! You blew it! I gave you two warnings, and you messed up twice! To bad… I liked your face. It is adorable… but, so is his. And he has a bigger tongue now, so he can worship me properly… To bad for you…” Whitney whispered before leaning forward and giving the tiny in her hands a small kiss on his body.


Wiggling the tiny boy back and forth before setting him down on her desk further away from the other shrunken boys, Whitney gave him a dark smile once again, before turning around, and presenting her white-clad butt to the limping teen.


“Take a final look at what you’ve given up old Friday! This was your butt for one day of the week, and you blew it. but, since I’m such a wonderful girlfriend, I’ll give you it one final time. Here, enjoy~!” Whitney smirked before lifting herself up to the edge of her desk, and slamming her ass down on top of the screaming teenager, startling her newest boyfriend thoroughly.


Grinding her plump rear back and forth in amusement, Whitney soon moved her wrist up to her face before she began tapping a few buttons on her poke gear. “Get a good look at who you’re replacing Friday. I want to make sure you know this will happen to you if you follow in HIS footsteps. He doesn’t deserve to have me as his girlfriend anymore. And if he doesn’t deserve that, then he doesn’t deserve to be protected either. So, I’ll just disable that ability. Have a look…”


Tilting her butt sideways so only a part of the shrunken boy buried underneath two metric tons of the teenager’s ass was visible, Whitney began pressing buttons on her Poke gear once more. Immediately after she had done that, the boy began to scream loudly, before his body suddenly flattened… and he was ground into a red stain underneath the pale girl’s white jean shorts.


Rubbing her butt back and forth giddily, Whitney smiled once more before staring down at her new boyfriend confidently. “Get the picture now Friday? I’m a wonderful girlfriend, but, only to my boyfriend’s~. So, you should really do whatever I say to make me happy! Got it? Now… get in your new home. It’s Tuesday’s turn after all. You’ll have a turn… don’t worry…” She smiled lustfully, her hand moving down to her plump ass as she gently began to squeeze it.


Crying softly as he looked at the now empty poke ball in front of him, the traumatized teenager was left with little choice… then to do as his new girlfriend asked, as he made his way over to his new home, his large tongue still dangling limply from his mouth, as the moves used in his reprogramming dictated.


Waiting till the tiny boy complied with her wishes, Whitney smiled triumphantly before reaching down and closing her new boyfriends poke ball. Lifting Friday up to her lips as she peered at him from inside his glass prison, the pinkette giggled to herself before pressing her plush lips against the see-through orb.


“I’ll give you a special place to stay until it’s your turn~. Enjoy your time there, and get ready! It will be your turn in three days!” Whitney purred before moving the poke ball down to her jeans, her hand sneaking into them, burying the poke ball, and her new boyfriend, deep into her quim.


Shuddering pleasantly as she felt the smooth ball slide into her saturated cunny easily enough, Whitney moaned before withdrawing her hand. She had a good feeling about this one. And with that giant tongue of his, he would probably be able to reach places none of the other Days could. She might just have to make that a standard from here on out, should any of them meet the same end, as her Ex-boyfriend smeared across her jean shorts…



Who knows though…? Maybe she would finally get, the perfect boyfriends she always wanted, with her new Friday by her side, for now, and forever…



Iris by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Contain's: Anal Insertion enslavement entrapment Macro/Micro many prey

“This, can’t… be real…”



Watching in disbelief, as his precious Beartic was being held up by its face, and suspended in midair by a large Dagonite, a young trainer stood motionless, as he watched the dragon Pokémon’s master, simply clapping her petite hands from behind it. How did this child, have such a strong Pokémon at her disposal!? She might have been the Unova League Champion, but this was just ridiculous!


“I dislike people who use ice type Pokémon. They often look down on those who use Dragons, such as myself. To bad though, that you thought my partners would go down to a simple type disadvantage. If you think that’s all it takes to be the reigning champion of a region… then you don’t deserve to even be standing here in the champions hall…” Iris whispered coldly, her calculating eyes looking her newest challenger up and down with abhorrent dissatisfaction.


When she had heard that a new challenger had made it up Victory road, she was excited to meet them in her chambers… but, it turned out to be, just some run of the mill rookie, who stumbled into more than he could handle. This was unforgivable…


“Dragonite, finish it.” Nodding its head aggressively, the large yellow dragon reared its arm that held the other trainers pokemon back, before viciously tossing the polar bear down into the battle floor below. Staring at the other Pokemon's unconscious form, Iris nodded before lifting a small pink heart-shaped Pokeball up towards her own. “You did wonderfully. Even if this was a waste of your talent. Take a rest, my friend.”


Returning her Pokemon back to its ball. Iris began to step forward now in her elegant champions regalia as she stared at the shivering trainer across from her. How did someone like this, make it all the way here? There were countless gyms set up specifically to take him down. Both male and female. She would have to evaluate those in charge of the cities leading up to her plateau. Because weaklings like this didn’t deserve what she was about to do to him.


“You’ve lost, and therefore have to pay the price issued by the league. As for what we charge, your person will do. Congratulations. Your overconfidence has brought your journey to its end. If you had trained more before coming to face me, then perhaps you would have made it past my first pokemon. I couldn’t even call our match one-sided… it was just, insulting really.” the darker skinned preteen whispered distastefully. She hated, wasting her Pokemon's hard labor, on something as trivial as this.


But, it was fine. He would learn his place, at the base of the champions throne, from now on. Perhaps something of her own would even rub off on him. Though, she expected him to eat it if it did. Lifting up her wrist and rolling her regal sleeve back to reveal her pokegear, the trainer across from here visibly panicked before backing up, his pokemon still lying unconscious before him as he tried to retreat from the monotone child before him.


“It’s no use. The minute you came in here I scanned you. Your metrics are all here, and the presets I use on everyone I beat are also active now. So in other words, it’s too late to run. Accept your loss humbly, and live out the rest of your days reflective of where you screwed up. Goodbye.” Iris whispered emotionlessly before activating her app. She didn’t need to waste long explanations on this man. It was beneath her.


‘Forests curse, Growth, Ingrain, and absorb. Everything a growing plant needs to survive a dark and slimy place.’ It took a while to find the right combination of moves she needed to keep her losers alive with, but she had plenty of practice, as her newest recruit would soon come to find out.


Activating her app and watching in silence as the screaming man in front of her shrunk completely out of sight, Iris calmly sighed before stepping past his downed Pokémon, and over to the pile of clothes he had left in its place.


“Come on out now, it’s time for you to go to your new home. I’m sure everyone else will be happy to meet their newest friend.” Kneeling down and rifling through the shrunken man’s belongings, it took a while before the darker-skinned girl found what she wanted.


Standing at only an eighth of an inch, and barely visible, the trembling man could only stare up in horror, as he saw the mountainous form of the violet-haired preteen reaching down for him. Pinching the shrunken trainer between her thumb and index finger, Iris squinted her eyes to get a better look at him, before a smug smile fell across her lips. He was perfect now. The perfect plant type that is.


The man’s skin now had a faint green hue to it, but beyond that, not much else had appeared to change. At least, while he was only like this. Turning away from the former trainers clothing and making her way back to the large staircase that led up to her throne, Iris walked gracefully to her chair, as she prepared to show the latest in a long line of defeated playthings just what she did with losers.


Stopping at the top before a colossal dragon’s head statue which appeared to have been carved out of some form of obsidian wood, Iris lifted the shrunken man up to take a better look. “Do you like it? This is my throne. A good friend of mine had it especially made for me. The back and bottom, are the two jaws of a Dragon, and… that little piece, standing upright in the middle of the seat, is its tongue…”


Peering down at the base of the throne for the smaller man to see, sure enough, was what Iris had pointed out to him. The tip of the Dragon’s tongue was pointing straight upward, and swiveling left and right as if it were hissing. But, the wood looked extremely polished, yet… rough… Almost, like it was moving…


Not having long to admire the strange piece of paraphernalia, Iris’s hand moved him downward toward’s the large spiral tongue of the beast, before his eyes widened in horror. The closer he got to the monolithic tip, the better he could see it now… no, them.


All across the Dragon’s wooden tongue, were people…


There had to be, hundreds! Maybe, even thousands! There were so many people! Gazing out in terror as he saw the waving forms of what appeared to be all men screaming in unison at both him and Iris as they approached, the giantess simply smirked as she admired her work.


“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I changed them all, just as I changed you. Here, let me show you.” Struggling frantically now as he was shoved toward’s the top of the large wooden tongue, the man’s body finally made contact with the polished wood as he was painfully driven into it. Wheezing as the air was knocked out of him, the tiny trainer screamed in pain, before his eyes widened in shock, as he felt his body, slowly beginning to sink into it.


What the hell was happening to him?! What was she doing to his body?! Struggling even more frantically now as he heard more and more cries echoing all around him for help and mercy, the tiny trainer could do nothing but hang in place, as Iris’s fingers withdrew from his form, leaving him completely suspended from the wooden monolith he was on. No… not suspended… attached…


Looking down at the wood as his mind tried to comprehend it, the shrunken trainer was left helplessly confused now, as he saw his back and legs, literally submerged into the wood. He was trapped. His body was attached to it! And worst then that, he could somehow, feel others attached near him too. They were all connected together now. It was worse than he thought… there were so, many, more…


Moving her hand up to her cheek as she gently cupped her face, Iris purred in satisfaction as she gazed down at her prized throne in bliss. Cynthia was a wonderful friend, and an even greater champion then her. To receive a gift custom built to her preferred tastes, was truly an honor. Especially since she knew what the preteen wanted to do with it to…


Turning her back to her throne and hiking up her dress, Iris grinned now, knowing the sight was giving the tiny trainers beneath her, horrific flashbacks of what was to come. “Take a good look my new seat cushion~. This is your fate. The fate, of all who lose to me. Go on, admire it. Admire, my perfect ass~.”


Gazing up in wordlessly, his voice long having abandoned him after the horrors he had been brought in to, the defeated trainer was helpless as he stared up in shock, from the sight of the preteens bare, and round ass, hovering above him. She didn’t have anything on beneath her dress…


As the dark-skinned giantess drew her rear closer, a foul smell began to linger in the air, causing the tiny boy to cough. It smelled rancid! Looking up with tears in his eyes, as did the countless other poor souls attached to the child’s special throne, the newest addition to Iris’s collection tried desperately to free himself, but, it was as if his body had dug roots into the wooden dragon’s tongue… No, it wasn’t a tongue. It was so much worse…


Positioning her asshole right above the tip protruding from the middle of her seat, Iris smiled crookedly before lowering herself onto it. It was time to take her seat and put her collection back to work, where all toys belonged.


Hearing bloodcurdling screams radiating all around him, as heat and nauseating fragrances overtook the entirety of the giantess’ throne, the shrunken trainer from before, could only join in, as he wailed for Iris to stop. But, she wouldn’t. She never did. In fact… she couldn’t even hear them.


Moaning softly as a small hiss escaped her throat, the dark-skinned Dragon Master clenched her anal cavity around her thrones dildo as she gripped it tightly. It was always rough at first. But after using it every day for over a year now, she had grown accustomed to it. And better yet, she would grow into it more, as time went on.


Hilting herself at the base of her chair before bouncing lightly on top of it, the younger girl panted happily before her hand moved down to her saturated quim. This was how she spent most of her days. Playing with her precious anal toys, and making sure to feed them properly. Speaking of...


Smiling weakly as she tried to force her colon to comply with what she wanted, Iris began to grunt softly, before a light fart escaped past the plugged ring of her anus causing her to sigh contently.


She had changed them. All of them. The men who came to challenge her were now part plant type. And her ass gave them all they would ever need to stay alive in their dark and smelly environment. Sometimes if she had to go to the b athroom, she didn’t even get up. She would just fertilize her pets and continue on with her own pleasure. And it made her even hornier when that happened.


Bouncing a bit faster now as her breath came out in short gasps, Iris moaned happily as she road her Dragon’s mouth in bliss.


It was good to be the champion. And even if it bothered her, she was eager to teach her newest toy, just what was in store from him.



No one escaped from her ass. And it was all they had to live for, from now on…




Lillie & Lusamine by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Contain's: forced Incest Insertion Macro/Micro Mother/Daughter Mouth play Multiple Prey Yuri

“Come now, Lillie! I’ve told you before, you need to take proper care of your children's needs! We’ve been over this before.”


“B-B-But, mother! These are people! We can’t just, do stuff like this to them!”


“Hush now, Lillie. Don’t be so prudish. These things forfeited their rights to be called people the moment they chose to become Pokémon trainers. You know the rules the official League has set in place. And, I just want my only daughter to be happy~.”


Cringing away from her own mother as the older blonde dangled a naked boy in front of her face, Lillie tried not to stare at the teenager as a bright shade of red overtook her pale features. It had been a little over a year now since the region of Alola became an officially recognized state that the Pokémon League participated in, and with their arrival, came their new policies as well.


Trainers all over their respectful islands took to the new policies enacted greedily, and for that matter, her mother, and the Aether Foundation as a whole joined in as well. In fact, Pokémon, in general, became less of a priority to protect, over the countless men (and in rarer cases women) who had been shrunk and then abandoned.


The grand island sanctuary of the Aether Foundation became a refuge for shrunken trainers. But Lillie knew better. All the staff here were female. The men who had previously worked here, simply vanished. This was no safe haven for shrunken victims. It was a farm, to hold them all. And her Mother knew that which is what led her to this argument now.


Cradling the much younger boy in her hands tenderly, Lusamine cooed down at him softly, as if she were talking to a small pet rather then a human being. “There, there little one. Your new mother will take care of you now. Oh, you’re shivering, let me warm you up sweetie~.”


Looking away as she blushed even redder from her Mothers’ actions, Lillie tried not to stare, but her curiosity got the better of her, as she watched the older woman slowly moving her tongue up and down the helpless boy in her hands. This was too far!


Moaning softly as she played with the tiny trainer from her own personal collection, Lusamine's eyes fell on his smaller form, before she slowly withdrew her tongue, once she felt his orgasm, dripping down her soft pink organ. “There we go, all warm and happy. Just as all my babies should be. Shhh, shhh, go and take a nap now sweetie. Let Mommy talk with her unruly child.” Lusamine finished, before moving her hand down to her shirt, and sliding the panting boy into her tight bra cup.


Purring in satisfaction, blonde woman's amused gaze fell to her own daughter now as she watched the younger girl covering her eyes with a look of dismay over her features. It was so unbefitting for a young lady such as her. “Lillie, dear. Why do you act like this? You’re a trainer to you know. If you have the unfortunate responsibility of shrinking a poor lost trainer, don’t you think you should take care of them once you do? It’s only right after all. These little ones need someone to look after them and take care of them. To love them, and give them endless affection. They’re our babies. Don’t you want some of your own? They’ll change your life~.” Lusamine muttered lovingly.


This was the best thing to happen to the world in centuries. There was never any crime. Fights never broke out. Homeless dropped off the face of the planet. No matter how she cut it, this was truly a remarkable gift to humankind. Not to mention, it gave the older woman a chance to parent all these poor children, who had been lost in the world, until they came to her.


“Listen to me now Lillie. It is our duty to look after our new children in the world. They need us! Here, it’s your turn now. Give this little one some love. He just arrived here today. Wicke found him floating in the waters of Poni Island, alone, scared… lost. Don’t you think he’ll be happier here? In your hands… as, your baby?” Lusamine whispered, her warm breath tickling the younger girl’s ear, as she dangled a small boy, about an inch in height, right in front of her daughter.


Looking at the trainer her mother was holding before her now, Lillie was rendered speechless. Wicke had found this young boy, in the middle of the ocean?! What type of monster would do that to these poor people?!


He looked young, maybe even her age. The poor thing… b-boy! The poor boy! Almost screaming as she watched her mother let the boy drop from her fingers in mid-air, Lillie frantically tried to grab him before sighing in relief once she did.


“See! You have wonderful parental instincts, Lillie! You protected your little one, oh, I’m so proud!” Lusamine cheerfully announced before hugging her mortified daughter into her. Wiggling out of the older woman’s arms, Lillie huffed before looking back at the tiny boy as she checked him over. She couldn’t hear him at his size, but it looked like he was crying.


Panicking as she tried to figure out what to do, the younger girl gently shook her hands in an attempt to rock him. “H-H-Hey now, p-please don’t cry! I promise I won’t hurt you. C-Calm down, please…?” “Oh, sweet daughter… you have so much to learn…”


Crying out in surprise as one of her wrists were grabbed, Lillie was soon drug on her feet as the older woman took her to her porcelain covered bed before forcing the younger girl down onto it. “You can’t plead with your child. You need to have authority over them. Don’t stutter when you ask them to do something. Your little ones should know better, then to disobey their mother.” Lusamine warned, before straddling her own daughters’ waist, much to the younger blonde’s disbelief.


Reaching forward and plucking the crying teen off her daughter’s palm, the older woman looked down at the boy, before an angelic smile fell over her features. “Hush, now little one. Mommy’s here for you. Let me soothe you with my voice~. With my touch~. With, my breath~. With my very, existence~.” She purred, before gently blowing on the inch-tall boy.


Having nowhere to look now that she was pinned down on her very own bed, Lillie was forced to stare forward… as she saw the tiny boy, stop… crying…? ‘I-It worked…?’ Her Mother made him stop crying, just by talking to him? That hadn’t happened when she tried…


Giggling in a tone the younger girl hadn’t heard in a long time, Lusamine's eyes shifted away from her new possession, as she stared back at her own daughter knowingly. “Our children need to know, that everything will be all right. They need to feel safe. They go through traumatic experiences while they aren’t there with is. So, we need to do whatever is needed, to make them feel good, content, and most importantly… happy.”


Shivering from the confidence radiating off each of her Mothers words, Lillie wasn’t sure what to say now. She didn’t like how people were treating these poor trainers… but, the older blonde had just made this one, calm down where she had failed. Did that mean, her Mother, was right then?


Seeing the uncertainty in her daughter's conflicted eyes, Lusamine quietly sighed before moving the tiny boy closer to her pert lips. “Come here, sweetie. Let Mommy take care of all your troubles. You belong to us. Let me and my daughter, please you. A pleased child is a happy child~.” She cooed once more, before pressing the motionless boy into her lips and sucking him in partly.


Looking back at her mother in shock now, Lillie was about to protest once again, before she felt the older woman’s hands, drape behind her neck. “M-M-Mother…? What are you- “Gasping as her lips were captured by Lusamine, the older blonde squeezed her child’s head in place with her arms, as her tongue knocked against the younger girls’ lips for entry? She was kissing her?! But they were related?!


Brushing her daughter’s hair tenderly with her fingers, Lusamine moaned weakly, as she felt the younger girl frantically squirming in place. But she needed to open up to her Mother eventually. And a little coursing would do the trick.


Trailing her other hand down the blondes back, the older of the two took a hold of the smaller girl's pert rear, before giving it a gentle squeeze. Eeping as she felt her ass groped by her own Mother, Lillie’s mouth opened on reflex, but, Lusamine didn’t waste her opportunity, as she shoved both her tongue and the tiny boy into her startled daughters’ mouth, before deepening their kiss.


Shuddering in place as her mom rhythmically gyrated her hips on top of her, Lillie was utterly helpless to do anything, as the older woman moved her shrunken captive around their mouths. She could feel him. Against her own tongue. Pressed into her cheek. On the roof of her mouth. And now, laying in the center of her own.


Breaking her heated kiss with her daughter, Lusamine gasped softly before she panted, her saliva still connecting her to her child’s mouth where their tongues had just danced moments before. She would learn, in time. But the necessary steps needed to be taken, so Lillie didn’t end up like her older brother. She didn’t even know if he was still running around at his original height or not anymore after she lost track of him. And she refused to lose Lillie to anyone else. She, was, HERS!


Breathing weakly, as she felt a gentle movement in the middle of her tongue, Lillie was utterly speechless, by what had just happened to her. “There, now your new baby is sleeping happily instead of crying. Don’t you see Lillie, it’s our purpose as caretakes, to look after all these poor little ones who come to us. Just as you have done now. Go ahead, take him out, and see for yourself.” Lusamine smirked.


Lifting a shaky hand up to her own mouth wordlessly, Lillie reached in gently, before plucking the tiny boy who had been lying on it motionlessly. Was, he still… alive…? Shivering with trepidation as she checked on the tiny trainer, a feeling of utter relief fell over the younger blonde, as she stared down at the unconscious boy. He was just, sleeping. She had been so worried that she had hurt him.


“All tuckered out after playing with his new Mommy. You should put him to bed now dear. He’s tired and needs to recover his energy so we can play with him again when he wakes up. Go ahead, put him where he belongs…” Lusamine whispered, her lips brushing the side of her daughters’ ear, as she gently cradled her.


Blinking slowly as she wondered what her Mother meant, Lillie wasn’t sure what to do, but it seemed the older woman caught onto that, as her hand moved down to her child’s, before she plucked up the smaller boy between her fingertips.


“Fine… I’ll put him to bed for you. You need to learn how to do these things on your own Lillie, or you’ll never make a good mother. I think this little one wants to sleep, in here!” Crying out in shock as she felt the older blondes hand travel up her dress, Lillie tried to inch away, but, Lusamine refused to budge off her daughter, as she moved her hand into the younger girl’s porcelain white, panties.


“M-M-Mother, s-stop!” “No Lillie! You stop! I told you to put your new precious baby to bed, and you didn’t listen. So now, listen to your Mother and let me take care of you. Both of you!” Lusamine barked angrily. Why did her daughter have to be so rebellious?! Her children were so ungrateful! All she wanted was to have them experience a wonderful life, and that meant taking care of little ones of their own!


Crying out as she felt her bare nether lips being forced open, tears began to stream down the younger blondes cheeks before her mouth was captured again by Lusamine as she tried to quiet her daughter down. She would wake the little one if she kept yelling like that! Was she trying to upset him?


Fingering the younger girl as she tried to calm both her daughter and the shrunken boy inside of her down, Lusamines eyes finally softened, as she heard Lillie whimpering into her. There, it was done. Gently petting her child's outer lips once the smaller boy was deep enough inside her, the older of the two broke her kiss with the younger girl before she softly sighed.


“There, no need to fuss. All done Lillie. Your baby’s back inside of you where he belongs, and you get to enjoy this wonderful sensation. I know it’s not your fault that you’re acting like this since you’ve never experienced these joys before. But please, be more open to them, now that I’ve shown you how pleasant they can be.” Lusamine purred, before pulling her saturated hand out of her own daughter's panties.


Panting weakly as she watched her Mother licking her hand clean, Lillie continued to cry, but… it was hard to… since it did feel so good. She could feel him. The shrunken trainer… inside of her. He was moving. And it felt, kind of good… Why… why was she right. This… was supposed… to be wrong…


Hearing the labored moans her daughter was making as she tried to deny the pleasure she had just felt, Lusamine softly sighed before reaching into her bra and pulling out one of the other boys she had on her person. There were many of them. And by the end of the day, they would all be in her daughter, if that’s what it took to show her the error of her ways.


“Just relax sweetie~. Let Mommy take care of you, and then you can take care of your own, as their Mommy. Just, sit still… and let me do what I want, with my precious, precious baby…”



She was her greatest treasure. And she would make sure Lillie knew her love. Even if she had to force it into her!



Hex Maniac by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Contain's: F/m, Underage character's, Breast feeding, Maternal, Infantilism, Lactation, Momdom, Shrinking, and Entrapment.

“Alright, kids! It’s time to pack up for the day. We’ll see you all tomorrow!”


Hearing cheers all around him as his preschool class came to a close, a young boy quickly grabbed a small backpack from the back of the room before waiting for everyone else to leave before he did. As the children were funneled out, the teacher soon frowned as she saw the younger boy timidly making his way to the door. He had been acting rather timorous over the past two weeks. Though, that was probably to be expected considering boys his age were disappearing, let alone any at all for that matter.


“Is everything alright sweetie? Don’t you want to go home too?” Jumping as he was addressed, the young boy looked to his teacher before silently nodding and making his way out of the classroom. As soon as he was away from anyone who was watching him, however, the child quickly began running at full speed as he barreled out of the school and into the yard.


‘D-don't look up, don’t look up! S-she's not real! S-she's not real!’ Shaking his head as he fearfully made his way down the long winding road of his small town, the boy inevitably looked up to see where he was going… however, as soon as he did, a chill ran down his spine.


Gulping as he saw a figure hiding amidst the trees, one that had been seemingly following him for weeks on end, the child soon took off in the opposite direction of where he had been headed as he tried to take another route back home.


‘W-Why is she always there! Why won’t anyone say something to her!” Turning his head back to look at the tree line, a lone woman stepped out with a sporadic grin spread across her face. Whimpering as he watched her wave to him creepily, the child took off even faster as he tried to not think about the woman in black…


She was tall, much taller than him. Her frame was huge too. Her hair was long and black and waving down her back unkempt and untamed. And that smile… that terrifying smile! She always seemed to be panting like she was out of breath, but no matter when he saw her, she would always be bright red, with a wide and horrifying grin stretched across her features. Not to mention the fact she seemingly faded in and out of shadows when people other then he tried to see her. This only cemented the fact for him of what she was. A ghost…


She had been haunting him for two weeks now and no one seemed to care! His mom told him to stop telling stories or else people would punish him for lying. His Dad was still away on *business* and his mother didn’t know no when he would return. His teachers always told him he was seeing things and that no one was ever there when they checked. And his friends all thought he was crazy! Was he?!


No! He knew there was some weird woman following him! But why?! He was just a kid! Did she want to hurt him?! Crying softly as he continued to spring through the forest he had turned into, the young boy looked around as he saw fewer and fewer Pokémon around him. Even they didn’t want to be around whatever it was that seemed to be haunting him. Not that he could blame them. He would fly away like a Pidgey too if he could… He just wanted to go home!


Feeling an all to familiar chill run down his spine, the child soon grimaced before turning his head back to look where he had just been, before a whimpering gurgle escaped his lips, as he saw the strange woman strolling casually behind him, her incessant smile never fading as she seemingly giggled to herself.


“G-G-Go away! Mommy! Mommy!” Seeing an almost excited expression pass over the woman’s face, the child continued to call for help, but he knew his mother wouldn’t hear him out here. He was still too far away for that. Honestly, it would be a miracle if anyone would hear him this deep in the forest. Why did he take this route again?!




Screeching as he heard the eeriest voice in his entire life, all flight left the child as a massive shadow stretched across the ground, completely engulfing his in the process. Trembling in place as whimpers and sobs escaped the younger boy, the quiet laughter continued, all the way till he could feel someone’s breath against his right ear.


“M-M-Mommy…? Did you call me, your M-Mommy? Kyeheheh~.” Trembling as a pair of arms extended over his shoulders trapping him in place had his legs not completely abandoned him beforehand, the child soon gave up, as he felt his body being pulled back until he fell into something soft… extremely soft.


Looking up through tear-stained eyes as the woman who had been stalking him stared down at him with a look of pure, and utter jubilation, the younger boy could only croak as he tried to say something. “Shhh~, let… let, M-Mommy! Take care of you, from now on. Go ahead, look into my eyes, and go, to sleep~! Kyehehehe~.”


Feeling his consciousness leave him as he looked up into two, wide pools of indigo, the child soon felt fatigued as he watched the swirling patterns in the older woman’s gaze. They looked, relaxing… so… very… relax…


Feeling the child go limp against her bosom, the eerie woman began to giggle once more before her arms pulled him even closer as she cuddled the younger boy affectionately. “Good boy. M-Mommy’s so, very, happy! Kyehehehe~.” All these weeks of following her baby had paid off! He wanted her to be his mommy!


Picking the child up in her arms, the older woman panted happily as her face was overtaken with a deep red blush. There were so many things, she couldn’t wait to show him! Licking her lips as she stared down at her new baby’s tired face, the raven-haired girl softly began to hum to herself as she tried to sooth the sleeping child.


She couldn’t wait to get back home. But first, she would have to make a few, minor, adjustments to him. It was a good thing she already made a few to herself first.



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



“Wakey, wakey, my little baby boy~ Kyehehe~. It’s time to get up and meet your new m-mommy!”



Whimpering softly as a voice echoed out right above him, the young boy soon began to stir and open his eyes. However, upon doing so, panic overtook the child upon seeing the grinning face looking back down at him. It was her!


Grinning like a madwoman as she gazed down at the young boy in his new bed, the raven-haired girl softly panted in excitement as she stared down at her little *baby* in his crib. He was so cute! She knew immediately he would make the perfect one after she found him!


“Kyeheheh ahh! How do you feel? Come on and tell mommy how you’re doing today! I’ve been watching you, but I want to know more about you! Come on, tell me! Tell me!” She raved fanatically as her broadening grin stretched eerily outward.


Whimpering quietly before tears overtook his eyes, the young boy soon began to cry as he looked up at the frightening women in fear. Who was she?! Why did she take him?! Where did she take him?! It looked like everything was huge! Including her! He wanted his mommy! He wanted to go home!


Panicking as she saw the younger boy tearing up hysterically, the older woman frowned now before fidgeting. Her baby, he was crying! What did he need?! Looking back and forth around her darkly lit bedroom, the older woman bit her lower lip in a panic.


She wanted to make her baby happy, but she didn’t know what to do about him crying! Reaching down and picking the younger boy up, the raven-haired girl inspected him as she made sure he wasn’t hurt. This was pretty easy, considering she had stripped him of all his clothes while he was asleep, before putting him in a white padded diaper.


After shrinking him to about a foot in stature, he was the perfect baby in all regards. As far as she could tell though, he didn’t appear to be in any physical pain. So that meant… Looking back at the crying child with wide eyes, the older woman softly chuckled before carrying the younger boy over to her darkly draped bed. As it were with it, the rest of the room was the same. She had decorated it gothic, with aged ornaments surrounding her desks and dresser. It was a nicely concealed space for her to dwell in. Well, now her and her baby. She couldn’t forget about him, not as his new mommy!


Sitting down gently with a wide smile peaking out past her lips, the raven-haired woman gently propped her little baby’s head against her breast, before she started tugging the corner of her dress. “Kyehehe~! I’ve wanted to do this for so long! Hehehe~, here you go baby~. It’s time to feed you~.” She cooed sweetly before her breasts sprung out from her dress completely dwarfing the much smaller boy.


Panting in excitement as she looked down at the startled child, the messy-haired woman positioned the terrified boy’s face in front of one of her enormous bosoms, before pushing on the back of his head. Each of her breasts was bigger than his own body!


Staring at the hard nipple capped at the tip of the stranger’s breast coming closer and closer to his mouth, the boy tried to protest, but upon opening his mouth to speak, the larger girl quickly shoved him forward silencing him as her sweaty flesh all but encompassed his much smaller mouth.


“Shhh, shhh, shhh~. No fighting m-mommy! Just sucky, sucky, my little baby! Kyehehe~. You look so cute when I’m feeding you! I hope you’re hungry! Mommy’s got a few tricks to show you!” The older woman panted excitedly.


Kicking and thrashing against the larger woman’s plump embrace, the child tried to get away, before he tasted something, creamy…? Coughing as more and more liquid started to enter his mouth, the younger boy’s eyes widened as he realized what it was. It was milk?! Was this strange lady breastfeeding him?!


Licking her lips as she saw her naughty baby trying to get away, the older girl softly began to hum as she kept her swirling eyes locked on her new child's. He would learn to love feeding time! All he needed was a little, push~.


“Awww, is the widdle baby hungwy? Come on, sucky, sucky! Why don’t you look into m-mommy’s eyes! They’re really, really pretty! Come on, just a little peek! Pwease?” She cooed out cutesy, before grinning triumphantly as the thrashing boy gazed into her deep, swirling, indigo pools. ‘I’ve~ got~ you~. Kyeheheh!’


Feeling the panic and fear, slowly beginning to evaporate, the child soon calmed down, as he looked deep into the strange woman’s spinning eyes. Why, did they seem so, relaxing? Sucking softly as his attention was wholeheartedly captivated by the creepy ghost girl’s unbreakable gaze, the younger boy readily obeyed as he started feeling… good… Why had he been fighting her earlier? He didn’t want to fight, his mommy…


“Good boy! That’s a good baby! Sucky, sucky now! Mommy’s moo-moo milk is yummy wummy, isn’t it? Kyehehe~. I made a few changed to my body. Technology is wonderful, isn’t it?! I can make my big boobies lactate yummy milk like Milktank do. Plus, I’m one step closer to being a real ghost to! Hypnosis, shadow sneak, and teleport! Isn’t your new mommy amazing!” The raven-haired woman raved excitedly.


Sucking contently as he gazed up at the face of the strange woman, no… his mommy, the younger body wordlessly nodded earning a squeal of delight from the older girl. Moaning in pleasure as she felt the tingling sensation of her sensitive nipple being sucked on, the older woman gently began to rock the child as she continued to speak. It was time to introduce herself, now that her baby boy was ready to accept her.


“My name’s Valerie! I’m a bit of an occultist, though, you might have figured that out, huh? Kyeheh~. You’re so adorable! What a cute widdle baby! Mmmm~! I’ve been watching you! I was passing through your town a couple of weeks ago looking for ghost types near your village cemetery when I saw you!” Valerie whispered heatedly, her voice cracking a bit as she looked down at the child with a crazed expression.


Petting the younger boy’s hair as he continued to drink her breast milk, the raven-haired girl continued as she fondled her new baby boy. “You were so cute! The cutest little boy in the whole wide world! You still are! You’re my baby boy now! I knew I had to have you! But… you already had a mommy, and it wasn’t me…” She mumbled irritably before a wide smile fell over her face once more.


“But I’m not upset! No, no, no, no, no! I followed you! Yes, I did! I saw what your life was like! It’s so sad! I knew I needed to rescue you and make you mine! You’re all alone. Your friends strangely ignore you and laugh at you. Especially when you pointed to me! They’re all a bunch of meanies! But, mommy doesn’t care! You won’t need them anymore. You’ll only need your loving mommy from now on!” Valerie panted out in excitement.


She was going to love him so much! He’d never miss his old life! There was nothing important in it anyways! He didn’t have any brothers or sisters. His mom was single and taking new trainers to her house every other day. And as far as she could tell they never left, which meant she was probably a bad mother. How long would it have been before she made her son disappear to?! She couldn’t let that happen!


But, it wouldn’t, since she was now his new mommy! The thought still made her wet~. Squirming in her damp bedsheets as a puddle of her own excitement began to form beneath her, Valerie gently bit her lower lip as she stared down at her baby greedily sipping from her moo-moo udder.


He was the perfect baby boy! Small and adorable… yet, mature enough to do this with him. Reaching her free hand down the child's white padded diaper, the raven-haired woman giggled softly as she felt the younger boy’s small penis slip between her dainty fingers.


Blinking in shock as he felt his privates being touched, the calm that had been in the child’s eyes began to evaporate before he suddenly became aware of where he was again. Attempting to kick and get away from the strange woman’s indigent fingers, the child coughed as milk splattered across his face as he detached his lips from the older girl’s enormous breast.


Frowning as she watched her baby's resistance to her advances on him, Valerie softly sighed before her eyes started to swirl once more. “Naughty, naughty! Bad baby! Mommy just wants to make you feel good! Go back to eating! Come on! Sucky, sucky on mommy’s nummy wummy booby!” The older girl ordered.


Attempting to stop himself and get away once more after recalling what had happened the last time he looked into the weird girl's strange eyes, the child didn’t succeed for long as the hand that had been behind his head forced his gaze back to her own.


“Look at mommy when she’s talking to you! Looky, looky! Come on my widdle baby~. Kyehehe~. Don’t you wuv your mommy? She’ll make you feel willy good~. You won’t have to be sad anymore with me as your mommy! I’ll take great care of you! I’ll feed you every day! All-day if you want me to! My moo-moo milk will never run out! And, I’ll also play with this~, until your tuckered out and ready for bedy-bye~.” She cooed before her fingers gently began to stroke the younger boy’s hardening member.


Gasping as his eyes shot open, the child soon panicked, before an all to familiar feeling of calm took ahold of him, as he stared back, into his mommy’s loving, swirly eyes. They looked, so, very, relaxing. Grinning broadly as she gently formed a fist around the younger boy’s penis, Valerie tenderly began to stroke him as she felt it growing hard in her grasp. It was so tiny and cute!


Licking her lips greedily as she guided the younger boy back to her leaking nipple, Valerie moaned in bliss as she felt him latch on once more before suckling readily like before. “There, there. Such a good widdle boy! Mommy’s so proud you’re her new son! Here’s your reward. Lots of touchy, touchy time with mommy!” She cried out happily.


She was playing with a little boy’s pee-pee! She had wanted to do stuff like this for so long! She never got to though since people seemed to not like that. But why?! She was having the time of her life! And she’d make her little baby so very happy! In no time at all, he would forget about his old life, and love nothing but her! His new loving mommy!


Panting excitedly as she felt the younger boy beginning to nibble and bite down on her areola as she stroked him faster, the raven-haired woman couldn’t contain her excitement as she began to grind herself into her mattress. This was heaven! She was now a mommy, and her baby boy was the cutest in the whole wide world! She would play with him every, single, day! She would never leave his side!


She and her baby could drink from her moo-moo milk so they didn’t need to go out to eat! And everything she could need was here in her home! They could stay like this for the rest of their lives! A loving mommy and a very needy little boy she would pamper and pleasure forever! This would be their little piece of heaven!


Drooling as she fantasized about all the stuff they would do now that they were together, Valerie soon felt her baby’s member beginning to twitch. She knew what was going to happen! She had seen lots of videos of it!


Pumping her hand up and down faster than before, the older woman started to pant in excitement as she tried to make her child feel even better. “Yes! YES! Cum for mommy! Come all over your widdle diapy! I’ll change you after~, and clean you with my naughty mouth! Mommy will use every one of her holes to pleasure you! You’ll be pampered like this, FOREVER!” She cried out exuberantly.


Hearing the older woman’s words, the younger boy didn’t have anything to say, as his mind was held captive by the pleasure. Worm and creamy milk dripping down his throat. A warm and soft breast to lie his head on. A tender and gentle hand caressing his tender private parts. This was all too much to process. But, the pleasure he felt, was unlike anything he had ever experienced before…


Clenching his eyes closed as he felt himself getting ready to pee, the younger boy soon began to buck into his excited mommy’s hand before a wave of relaxation the likes of which he had never experienced before overtook him. What was, this feeling…? It was… bliss.


“YESSSSS! CUM ALL OVER MOMMY’S LOVING HAND! GOOD BOY! SUCH A GOOD WIDDLE BOY!” Valerie screeched in excitement as she felt her hand suddenly saturated in stickiness. She gave her baby his first orgasm! She was so proud!


continuing to fondle and stroke the younger boy’s softening member, the older woman withdrew her hand once she knew he was finished. Tearing her excited eyes off the resting child’s exhausted face, Valerie couldn’t help but admire her glistening fingers.


‘His cum! I made him cum this much?! I’m such a good mommy!’ It’s all she ever wanted to be! Moving her hand to her face, before licking her fingers sporadically, the older girl quickly began to pant once more. She was getting turned on so much! She wanted to have him sleep with her tonight! She would teach him lots of things! He could make his mommy feel good next! Oh, there were just so many things she wanted to do with her new baby!


However, that didn’t seem like it would be possible, now that he had fallen asleep. Staring back down at baby as she saw him all tuckered out after she played with him, Valerie softly sighed before standing up, her black lacy panties squelching in the process as she felt the unbearable need to relieve herself.


But that had to wait. She needed to take care of her baby first! She would clean him up while he slept. And once he woke up, she would feed him again, and they would play until he passed out once more.


Over and over again, they would play, feed, and sleep together.


Just baby, and mother~.




And no one would be the wiser, to her new child's whereabouts...


 As far as society was concerned, he was just another boy, who had fallen victim, to the new world everyone now lived in.




To be continued~ ~ ~ ?

Roxie by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Contain's: Macro/Micro, FF/mm, Yuri, Filth, Sweat, Waterworks, Scat, Sadism, Torture, Stink, Drowning, Transformation

“Come on! We’re going to be late to Roxie’s poison show!”
“I know, I know! I’m coming already! Do you think we’ll get to participate?! I’ve heard these things can get pretty nasty!”
“I hope so! It’s been so boring since all the trainers stopped showing up. Where do you think she gets her, *fans*? Hehe.”
“Who knows. Here it is! Let’s head down, I can already hear the music playing! This is going to rock!”
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Sitting in silence as sweat dripped down her petite frame, Roxie’s eyes were glazed as she leaned back in her backstage prep chair preparing for another night of rocking out. Things had picked up substantially since the new laws for trainers were implemented. As it were now, life was pretty friggin awesome!
Smirking as she dangled a tiny, naked, male over her face as she drank in his terrified expression, the pale-haired punk rocker chuckled darkly to herself as she pondered whether or not to add him to tonight’s show or save him for the next one. It was going to be a hell of an event considering it was the last one for the month. She had gotten back from her Sinnoh tour not too long ago, and her fans were as siked as she was to be playing back in her own digs again.
Which lead her to this.
*Knock, knock* “Roxie! We’re on in five! Have you worked up what you needed for the show?! The place is packed as all hell! I hope you’re ready to spit some poison!”
Giggling as she heard her partner and fellow guitarist on the other side of their dressing room, Roxie finally nodded as she flung the tiny trainer up before snatching him out of the air. “I’m coming, Billy! Just getting our newest fan ready for the show!” She called back jokingly before looking down at the Poke-gear strapped to her wrist.
“Guess what little guy? You get a front-row seat for what’s about to happen. I hope you're ready. It’s about to get a whole lot messier than you’re used to. And since I had to smuggle you here in my boots earlier, you know you’re in for a fun show! You ready to rock?!” She laughed before activating her watch, the usual setting already in the place she used for all her *fans*.
Crying out as his body began to alter itself, a faint tinge of green overtook the man’s skin before roots extended out of the bottom of his feet. Licking her lips as she saw the horror written over the older man’s face, Roxie tossed the shrunken man in the air again before leaping out of her chair and snatching him up again before she grabbed her guitar and headed out.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Sauntering up to her stage as she heard her fellow guitarist hyping her up for the crowd, Roxie’s eyes lit up in delight as she felt the sweltering heat of the hundred-degree room. The entire place was insolated, and designed to let none of the air escape. Heat, smells, sweat… it all stayed down here. And that was what made this place, a poison show!
Smirking as she lifted up her signature, Scolipede guitar, the little Rockstar raised her hand up, before swiping it down in one swift motion causing an echoing chord to ring out silencing the entire room in one fell swoop. Down here, she was a goddess. And her word was law. The crowd, her followers. And her *fans*… the entertainment.
Swiping her hand down once more, chords rang out as Roxie ran forward before leaping out above her stage. Landing with a crash causing sweat to ripple off her body before falling down onto the grated stage floor, the white-haired deviant lifted her gaze up to the crowd as she drank them in.
Immediately screams of applause rang out as what had to be hundreds of nearly naked, or in some cases, completely naked women bounced up and down waving bright purple glowsticks in the air. It felt good to be missed. It felt good, to be back home.
Lifting her strumming hand up as she showed off the tiny trainer she had held captive backstage, the younger girl soon grinned as she heard even more cheers and cries ring out. “I TAKE THAT AS A YES! LET’S GET STARTED THEN!” Tossing the green-skinned trainer high into the air, Roxie’s hand reached up to grab him, before shooting down at the last moment so she could strike another loud chord on her guitar.
Plummeting downward and out of the sweat giantess’ hand, the shrunken trainer slipped passed the open grates on the ground before colliding hard beneath the stage. Crying out in pain, as the noise rang out high above him, sounds of pain and agony soon drew his attention causing him to go pale, as he gathered his barrings, and saw where he was…
All around him, were countless other trainers, as far as the eyes could see. There had to have been hundreds of people. And they all looked, horrible… Their skin was a sickly green, much worse than his own. Nausea and pain were written across their bodies, and they all look weak and frail. Almost like they were dried up husks or mummies! What was this nightmare?!
Attempting to get up and run to one of them to check on him, the trainer soon found, that he couldn’t so much as lift one of his feet! Looking down as the horror continued, the man found his green soles, had planted roots into the ground… the dead, ground.

This wasn’t a floor at all… it was dead grass… What was going on…?
Strumming her guitar as she sang loudly, Roxie danced atop her stage exuberantly, as sweat was flung off her body in every direction. She had gone on stage with only a skintight pair of mesh black short-shorts, and a matching tank top. Her outfit was designed to show off as much skin as possible, while also causing her to sweat up a storm in the humid room. And the results were already showing. It was beginning to stink like hell!
Bouncing up and down as she laughed to her beat, the crown all continued to match her moves as she looked to her fellow guitarist, Billy Jo. Smiling back at her friend sadistically, the older punk rocker danced her way to the back of the stage, before pausing to let Roxie take over the beat as she activated the stage’s main function.
As the mechanical gears began to turn, the raven-haired guitarist spat on the ground before sauntering back over to her friend’s side before joining her once more. Basking in the excited screams, all eyes left the pair of rockers as the stage began to open up to displace a large, glass terrarium.
Inside, was a massive field, of dead grass. And of course, sprouted across it, were the many *fans*, as Roxie playfully called them. They were all on stage and got a front-row seat for the two girls to water them~. This was the poison show. And for the unfortunate grass type trainers beneath the stage, they just happened to be weak to it.
Leaping up and slamming her bare feet back down, sweat riveted off the young girl in spades and fell onto the trapped trainers far beneath them causing them to cough and gag as salty fluids began to saturate their rooted bodies. There was no nourishment in the land they were attached to… and their bodies absorbed whatever their two tormenters gave them against their will. Combined with the heat and lack of sunlight… and this was a place worse than hell.
Laughing happily as they danced in tandem and ground their sweaty bodies into one another, both Roxie and Billy Jo panted in delight as they looked back at one another licentiously. And it seemed their suggestive act was as contagious as they were.
Hearing waves of moans ringing out from the crowd, both rockers smiled as they saw many of the women matching them as they ground into their neighbors and made out on the floor in front of them. Things were heating up, and they had only just started the concert.
Turning her back to the crowd so only her friend could see her, Roxie took off in a loud solo as she looked to the raven-haired girl in front of her. ‘Open the floor!’ The pale teen mouthed before a wide grin spread across her face.
Laughing silently amongst the loud music, Billy Jo nodded before dancing her way to the back of the stage once more. Waiting for Roxie’s signal, the older girl soon pulled down a large lever once the teen had finished her solo. It was time for the real fun to begin. These poor plants needed to be watered!
Hearing a loud rumbling all around them, cries of misery rang out amongst the shrunken trainers being held captive beneath the stage. They knew what was about to happen. This stage was built after they came here… It was designed, to torture them.
Hearing cheers of approval and some gasps of surprise from the newcomers out on the concert floor, Roxie’s eyes lit up as she watched the panels resting beneath the metal covering starting to slide out and completely open the bottom half of the ground. It was identical to the one on stage with only a grate to support the many women standing above it. And right beneath it, was a large tub, meant to collect everything that was flung off the various bodies high above it.
“COME ON LADIES, GO WILD! COME ON, LET'S MAKE THIS PLACE TOXIC!!!” The teenager screeched before blushing faintly. Hearing cries of laughter and more cheers of delight, the pale-haired teen turned her back to the crowd with a somewhat embarrassed expression as pee began to leak out from her skin tight shorts as it dribbled down onto the tiny trainers beneath her.
Following suit with her fellow rocker, Billy Jo pulled her jeans down with a sadistic smile before squatting over the stage herself and letting her bladder go. The crowd had to be given a little push sometimes. Laughing in hysterics as she sprayed a group of withered older men who had been under there stage for months, the older rocker stuck her tongue out once she was done before dropping a final wad of spit atop there heads to finish herself off.
Pulling her jeans back up before going right back to dancing and playing her guitar, both rockers looked to the crowd in delight as they saw them all following suit like sheep in a herd. Standing, squatting, laying on the floor, everyone was doing there part now as they spit, peed, and in some cases even crapped on the grate, letting whatever filth come out of themselves only to all slide down the murky plastic to be collected in the large tub underneath them.
Keeping her hands firm on her instrument as she strummed it rhythmically, Roxie waited till she saw most of the crowd either exhausted or finished with themselves before she moved over toward’s the back of the stage, a large set of stairs leading to the top of the ramp over her pedestal where she had leaped down from in the opening.
“IS THAT IT?! ARE YOU GIRL’S READY FOR THE FINALLY?!” Pausing her music as she lifted a hand to her ear, the younger teen smirked as she heard a unilateral chorus of cheers. It was time to finish off the night and give her fans what they really wanted. Everyone always came for the music, but they stayed to see the show that followed during it. And it was time for the curtain call.
“ALRIGHT, YOU ASKED FOR IT! LET’S POISON THESE CROPS!” She screamed before leaping back down on the stage, her Scolipede guitar slamming atop a massive button concealed behind the front of the stage. Instantly, the tank, now wobbly from it’s murky brown and yellow contents, suddenly lurched forward, before falling over beneath the stage.
Screams rang out as all the women rushed to the front of the glass to get a better view, their eyes lighting up as they watched the horror and screams echoing out from the trapped grassy people right in the path of the now rushing water.
Struggling against his roots as he watched the inevitable tidal wave of filth headed his way, the newest addition to the understage looked up at Roxie with pleading eyes, but… his gaze was only met with lust, as he saw both Roxie, and Billy Jo with their hand’s down each other’s jean shorts. They were getting off to this… as was everyone else.
Looking back at the wave of murk that instantly overtook the dead grass, every trainer who had been imprisoned there, were soon submerged underwater. Hearing screams erupt from the crowd of horny sadists, Roxie couldn’t help but grin as she pulled her hand out of her friend’s saturated panties.
“Alright, I’d say that about wraps it up. Close it off for me, will ya? I’ll be backstage.” Roxie chuckled before throwing her guitar over her back and walking off the stage. She was exhausted after tonight. And she’d need some rest, now that they would be headed out the next day to another region. Lots of shows, and even more little *fans* to invite. She couldn’t wait.
Looking back at her friend lustfully, Billy Jo licked her lips in anticipation for their night, before looking back down at the submerged trainers beneath her. Their bodies writhed and small bubbles of air continuously surface beneath the filthy wastewater. Thanks to her friend’s tech, these little shits would absorb everything they drank, and it would both nurture them, and rot them from the inside out.
But they wouldn’t really be a toxic duo if they didn’t poison a few people in the process. Smirking as she sauntered back over to the control panel, the older woman tapped a few levers before shutting the glass display much to the crowd’s dismay.
“SORRY LADIES, THE SHOWS NOW OVER! THANK’S FOR ROCKING OUT WITH US! WE’LL BE BACK IN UNOVA NEXT MONTH! WE’LL SEE YOU ALL THEN!” The raven-haired rocker screamed before tossing her mic on the floor and making her way to the exit stage door… however…
Stopping next to the control panel right as the grates all closed up, one final sadistic smile fell over the older woman’s face, before she hit a large red button, with skull and crossbones over it. She needed a little something to help her friend get off after all…
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Flopping back into her dressing room chair as fatigue set in, Roxie sighed before laying her head back and taking a load off. These new shows were friggin awesome! But they were a hell of a lot more tiring. Hearing a light knock on the door right after she sat down, the teenager groaned before calling whoever to was to come in.
Stepping Into the room before shutting the door behind her and locking it, Billy Jo silently smiled as she looked back at her friend panting exhaustedly in her chair, sweat, and other bodily fluids saturating her glistening skin giving her alabaster complexion a rather shiny tone to it. She looked, delicious~.
“Hey, girl~. Great show tonight. I think that was the biggest local crowd we’ve ever had. I think we should celebrate~.” The older woman purred. Smirking as she bared her fangs to her friend, Roxie opened her eyes to address her, before feeling a heavyweight dropped on her lap, trapping her in place.
Grunting as her friend sat on top of her, Roxie’s nose twitched as she smelled the older girl’s sweaty body. God, she smelled great! Licking her lips in anticipation, the younger teen leaned up to lick the raven-haired rocker’s cleavage before her head was smothered in it forcefully.
Motorboating her friend in her sticky bosoms, Billy Jo snickered in amusement as she playfully flicked the pale-haired girl’s ear as she spoke. “I closed the base of the floor before I walked off stage~.” Growing stiff as she heard her friend speak, Roxie soon panted inside her friends’ breasts as she shivered from the thought.
All the trainers they stuck into the dead field, were attached to the ground. However, there was a metal bottom underneath them, that could be opened or closed to let out excess water… amongst other things. And she had closed it. Leaning up slowly as she looked into her friend’s eyes, Roxie quivered down as she saw the vicious smile the older girl wore.
“Those bugs will be drowning in our concert waste for a month~. There was at least a foot of it! Even if they tried to drink it all, they won’t even make it go down an inch!” The older girl cackled happily. Wiggling her fingers down her skintight shorts, Roxie panted happily as she began to finger herself. That sounded, so, friggin, HOT!
She kind of wanted to go back and watch… but, it didn’t look like her fellow rocker was going to allow that if her hands had anything to say about it. Snaking her fingers beneath the younger girl’s sticky clothing, Billy Jo licked her lips now as she felt the teenager’s stiff nipples poking her nails. She was definitely in the mood to fool around, now that she knew about the torture, they were putting their *fans* through. But, why not add a little more on top?
“Hey, Roxie~. How about we do a cacoon? I’ve still got some shitty trainers from Sinnoh we can use… I haven't washed it~, and my sleeping bag’s still wet from the last time we used it~.” The raven-haired woman whispered huskily into her friend’s ear.
Biting her bottom lip as she began to get wetter, Roxie inevitably sighed before nodding her head. “My bed or yours?”, “How about we do it in the van? We can keep the smell in that way~.” Growling as she felt her cunt twitching against her fingers, the younger girl nodded lustfully before shoving her friend off of her.
“You got five minutes to set it up! FUCK I’M HORNY! COME ON, GET GOING!”
Laughing at her friend’s temper tantrum from her teasing, Billy Jo quickly left the dressing room as she went to collect the things they would need. It was going to be a very long night, and if they weren’t careful, one of them might get heatstroke as they played… again…
Flopping back into her chair, hot and bothered now rather than just hot, Roxie looked up at the ceiling with an amused smile plastered over her face. She loved the cacoon. It was just her and Billy, naked and wrapped in each other’s arms inside of an extremely woolly and soggy sleeping bag. Sweat, filth, and funk were all they had to work with… Well, that, and a few dozen shrunken people running around like bugs inside of an oven. Heh, she loved it when they accidentally walked near one of their butts. Anything was fair game, even sticking a few into each other’s filthy crevices if they caught one.
Fingering herself as she waited with anticipation, the teenager sighed contently as she waited for her friend to return.
Tonight, was great, just like every night.
And she couldn’t wait for her next concert. She was going to rock the shit out of Galar…

End Notes:



Might make a sequel...

Scientist (Gen V) by NRawkGTS
Author's Notes:

For some, when shrinking technology becomes available it's time to play.  For this Scientist it also means it time for SCIENCE!


Contains: F/m, Vore, Unwilling detainment, Size Altering

Like any other day, she woke up in her bed when her alarm went off.  Groaning, she looked over to the 3-inch tall man standing in a glass box using Hyper Voice.  "It's 9am Doctor, time to get up."  He repeated over and over, unable to stop until she signaled for him to stop.  However, the headache she had from lack of sleep put her in a bit of a foul mood.  She didn't want to get up just yet, not when she had only gotten to bed at 5!  Still, she did have to check to see how her experiments were progressing, so rolling over to stare up at the ceiling she covered her eyes with her arm and sighed.

"Fine, I'm awake."  She stated, taking a deep breath to try and will the pounding sensation in her head away.  With little to no success she sighed again.  "Aromatherapy."  She ordered, looking over to her tiny alarm.  Like when used by Pokémon, this particular move didn't have much of a visual display to show it was in effect, instead she immediately registered the new scent of male pheromones and natural musk fill the air.  Her headache subsided thanks to the comforting smell, as well as her lingering fatigue, and she got up to get ready for another day of scientific discovery!

Ever since the Molecular Redistributor App as added to all Pokégear everything changed, being able to shrink defeated trainers not being the least of these major changes but for most that's where it ended.  Once one trainer beats another, they can collect their winner's fee, either some money or the defeated trainer themself.  The latter is favored, and recommended, over the former by the official League rules, especially when dealing with males.  After which, they disappear and nobody bothers looking into it since the police are all, if the rumors are to be believed, being paid off by the Pokémon League and Sylph Co. so that the new order they made possible stays.  An order that was quickly adopted and enforced by all the other region Champions once the Molecular Redistributor App technology was made compatible with every other regions Pokégear equivalent.  However, there seems to be a lack of innovative and creative thinking going into what one can do with these vanquished, weak trainers, at least as for as the Scientist was concerned.  Sure, shrinking and having your way with scores of pathetic losers was all well and good, but since you can apply moves, abilities and even typings normally exclusive to Pokémon, she figured more people would be concerned with the limits of what they can do with them rather than how they can get more of them.

For example, Aromatherapy is a move that immediately cures all allies of status conditions including things like burns and paralysis!  Why is this not in every hospital already?  Sure, she could simply write a paper about the beneficial uses of augmented trainers, but she wanted to push the limits of the possibilities.  That's where her experiments came in.

Her goal was to make a cure-all medicine, a panacea, in a way that could sustainably be mass distributed.  It wouldn't even matter if she made money off of her discovery, though she would like to it doesn't seem possible to keep it a secret when every other girl can just use the same settings if it ever got out.  No, it was already becoming difficult to find a man to beat and shrink in Unova, with all the other regions approaching the same situation, and it had only been a little over a year since the Molecular Redistributor App was released in Kanto.  By her estimates, if the male population continues to 'mysteriously' vanish like it has been, it will account for less than a percent within the year!

"There has to be something I'm missing."  She thought aloud after getting showered and dressed, entering her lab adjacent to her room.  The room was filled with equipment to study medical science and tables with 'samples' in various containers.  Sitting at her computer she reviewed her notes.  "I'm not sure exactly what the technology is based on, but the Molecular Redistributor App alters it's target on the genetic level, turning them into a sort of peusdo-Pokémon.  However, because of this there are some moves that function slightly different than when used by Pokémon proper."  Double-clicking a video file, she watched the footage of her first encounter with such a case.

"Test No. 120 - Normal-type, no ability.  Subject is in a 300 Power unit containment unit to compensate for the Same Type Attack Bonus."  Her recorded voice stated as the camera focused on a nervous looking teen male, naked in a transparent glass-like container.  Her breathing could be heard as she took deep breaths to calm herself.  "In 3... 2... 1... Self-Destruct!"  There as a split second where the young boy's face went pale and his eyes and mouth opened in horrified shock turning to look directly into the camera as he understood what she had just said.  It was just a few scant frames, which she only noticed later after reviewing the footage several times, but it was the last thing he did before inflating out and exploding with enough force to damage the container to the point that it fell apart containing the blast!  There was nothing but a fine, red paste left of the boy.  "Oh... Oh my Arceus!  He... He jus-"

Pausing the video there, the brilliant scientist leaned back in her chair to think.  "There were cases of moves having harmful side effects if the target's body wasn't aligned to the type, like Poison moves poisoning the user and Fire moves burning them, but that's another thing altogether.  Normally a Pokémon just faints after using Self-Destruct or Explosion, but it did make me re-evaluate the changes to the human body post-Molecular Redistributor."  Frustration mounting from weeks of stagnated research, she stood up and looked at her remaining 'samples'.  "Only 3 left?  Guess I should go gather some more."  She thought aloud, smoothing out her long black hair as she headed for the door.  Just as she was about to open the door, her stomach growled in protest of not being fed yet.

"Oh, right..."  Opening the Molecular Redistributor app through her Xtransceiver, she changed a few setting on one of her samples and pulled him out of the container she kept them all in.  "You'll do just fine."  She commented, licking her lips as she dangled the struggling trainer over her head while heading back to the door.  "First, for the taste, Soft-Boiled."  At her command, the captive boy felt a sensation spread throughout his body, like some sort of force was trying to escape through his skin.  She dropped him into her open mouth before the 'something' passed through his skin and swallowed him before using the keypad to open the door.  She grabbed her 3 Pokémon as another growl emanated from not-quite satisfied belly and smiled.  "I know, I know.  Not quite enough, right?  Well, how about now?  Growth."  Before, she could barely tell that the tiny trainer she swallowed was even in her stomach, he was just too small to register, but once she gave the command she felt a foreign object in her expand until there was a noticable, if not small, bulge sticking out from under her clothes in her midsection.  A small burp escaped her lips as some of the gases in her digestive organ were displaced to accommodate her breakfast and the fruitless struggles it engaged in to try and escape its fate promised more to come, but she didn't mind.

It was pleasant to get massaged from the inside and amusing to think her meal could become anything other than her waste once they passed her lips.  Patting the trainer through her stomach she exited the room, if she was lucky she might be able to get 4 or 5 new samples as well as lunch and dinner for the day.

To be continued---

End Notes:

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Acerola by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Contain's: Micro/Macro, Shrinking, Vore, Nightmare play, Cruel Pred, Torture, Scat, Degradation, Underage, and Enslavement.




‘Your Pokémon failed you…’



‘You're too weak…’



‘Just give up… you’ll never beat anyone…’



‘Give up, and serve your Princess…’



‘Only she can make use of your failure…’



‘You belong to her, obey…’




Standing in the center of her chamber, Acerola clicked the middle button of her Pokéball before returning her Mimikyu to its ball. The battle was over, and it was a pretty fun one at that. Shrinking the ball back down before tucking it inside of her patchwork purple dress, the child looked on at her defeated opponent with a cat-like grin spread across her face.



Kneeling on the ground in a state of shock was a young man. He was completely, and utterly, humiliated. He actually surprised her with how far he got. Not many trainers made it to her plateau, let alone ones who had beat the other four members of the elite four. He was by far the closest to having taken her down since she stepped up to become the leagues champion alongside her friend. It was kind of sad. To come so far… and fail, at the final hurdle. And she would make sure he realized that too…



“Hehehe~, that was fun! You put your heart into it, huh? I haven’t had anyone good fight me in months… too bad that didn’t change today.” She remarked with a hint of smugness in her tone. Looking up at the child disbelievingly, the young man was at a loss for words.



He had taken on every challenge with his Incineroar and came out without even losing one Pokémon! The previous members of the elite four had been almost child’s play to him too! Was the level of difference really that far from him and a champion…? If that was the case… then what was even the point of trying to take any of them down!?



‘There is no point… They can’t be beaten. All you can do now is accept your fate. Forget battling. Serve your Princess… She’ll take care of you. She takes care of all her loyal subjects.’



Snapping his eyes a few times as an eerie voice invaded his mind, the young trainer shook his head as he tried to get the strange whispers out of his head. They had been going on ever since he stepped foot into this chamber. Hell, they might have been what made him lose focus on the match earlier. Why, did they keep telling him to serve someone?!



Smiling down at the trainer as his mind seemingly wandered off, Acerola had a complacent grin as she lifted her wrist up and played with her poke-gear. This would be fun. It had been a very long time since anyone challenged her directly. Usually, if she wanted to play with somebody new, one of her friends had to give a loser to her. This one would be special. He would be a challenge, to break…



Snapping back to the present as his world shifted around him, the trainer looked up now as he saw Acerola approaching him, her size now that of a giantess compared to his meager half an inch frame. Shaking his head in fear, the man tried to take a step back and run before tripping over his clothing that hadn’t grown with him.



“Aww, don’t be scared! Acerola won’t hurt you! In fact, you’ll enjoy serving her! I’m a Princess after all! And you’ll be my loyal subject. So, how about it? Want to be my servant? Pretty please?” The purple-haired child asked playfully.



Continuing to shake his head and mumble incoherent words, well, at least for the much larger girl to hear due to the difference in their sizes, the trainer tried to plead with her to let him go and give him another shot… but, the grinning ghost girl was far beyond caring what her subjects said with their mouths. Those were for worship, not for talking with!



Lifting her hand up before shadows began to swirl around her palm, the last thing the shrunken man saw, was a sinister smirk appear over the previously playful one the younger girl had been wearing before. Almost like a mask having been ripped off, to show him what lied underneath it…




“Nighty-night! Sleep tight…”




Firing the black sphere at the diminutive man, the entirety of the shadowy orb absorbed into him before he fell over unconsciously. Continuing to grin as she felt a calm sensation coming off the sleeping trainer, Acerola reached down before picking him up, immediately ending whatever pleasant dreams he had been having moments before.





“I hope you don’t have any, nightmares~.”






_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _





‘You’re just a slave in a world you don’t belong in anymore!’



‘Give up already! Just let someone you use to know eat you and end it all!’



‘Why not let your ex step on you? You’d be better off as a stain under her foot then as a person…’



‘You could toss yourself into a den of hungry Sharpedo and let them eat you too. But honestly, you’re not even good enough to be food for wild Pokémon!’



‘You’re nothing… you’ll never be anything… just curl up in a ball and DIE!’





Running in terror as shadowy specters circled him, the young man screamed as he saw horrific visions of different people he had fought up into this point. Each time instead of winning his battles, he lost them… and saw his untimely demise by the female trainer's hands….



He could feel them…



Bones, snapping beneath skull grunt's leather boots. Drowning in a preschooler’s drooling mouth. Cooked alive in the jungle trial captain’s pot as she boiled him into a stew! Being used as bait on the end of the water trail captain’s fishing pole for Pokémon! He saw, EVERYTHING!



Falling on the ground and crying hysterically, the trainer felt his will to continue slowly vanish, as more and more specters circled around him, their haunting voices filling his mind with more and more thoughts of failure and demise.




‘You only became a trainer because you wanted to be used as an object, huh?’



‘You’re pathetic! You couldn’t even do that right!’



‘Why waste your time… just DIE!’









Hearing the voices slowly die off, the trainer whimpered softly before opening his eyes. The looming specters… were, gone…? Panting as his body shook from the terror he had been subjected to, the young man’s eyes lifted, as he saw a small light in the darkness…



“O-Or… or, what…?” Was this, a way out…? Crawling on his knees, as he tried desperately to make it out of this nightmare he was in, the man’s eyes widened as he saw more and more light. He was getting closer! He was almost there! He was-



Screaming as he suddenly fell through the light before freefalling in the air, the trainer’s body soon impacted with something, soft… and, squishy? “There’s my servant! I was wondering when you’d show up. I’m glad you decided to accept my offer. It would be a shame if I had to put you back with them…”



Looking up as his face turned from relief to sadness, the older man’s eyes looked up at the colossal face of Acerola, staring back down at him with the usual cat-like smile he had been forced to confront through the entirety of his battle with her.



He was still shrunken… and this nightmare wasn’t over. Pouting as she saw the look of dismay written over her newest plaything, the child whined before pointing behind the tiny man. “Why so glum? Wouldn't you rather be here, serving me? Or would you rather let them have you again? I can put you back if you want. I’m a very understanding Princess after all.” The ghost girl grinned.



Looking over his shoulder in silence, the man’s eyes widened as fear overtook him once again. Staring through the black void of darkness he had seemingly crawled out of, many spectral hands belonging to different women waved around snatching at the air, as faint whispers echoed in his ear causing him to curl up once again.
















“How rude… Here, let me help you with them.” Hearing stifled cries behind him, the man looked up once more as he watched the giantess, he was on reaching up before ripping the black hole out of the sky before crumpling it up in her hand. “There, all better now! Those girls didn’t seem very friendly. Luckily your Princess is here to protect you now! Acerola will always protect you…” The purple-haired ghost girl smiled.



Staring back at the child in disbelief, the man’s world soon shifted as the blank room he and his captor had been standing in suddenly became bright and colorful. Wincing as he looked around confused, the scenery around him had become that of a child’s bedroom.



The walls were a bright shade of yellow. Sun shined in from the windows lighting the place up brightly. Poorly drawn scribbles and pictures were taped to walls. And many odd toys littered the ground along with the furniture around it. Where the heck had he been taken to.



‘You’re safe now… so, very safe…’



‘This place is sacred. The Princess takes all her beloved followers here.’



‘You’ll be protected from the mean people outside of here. She’ll protect you.’



‘So, go ahead, and serve your Princess. She’ll love you, just like she loves all her loyal subjects.’




Wincing as voices entered his head once more, albeit, softer, more gentle ones, the man was left in a state of silence now as he watched the giant girl crawl onto a large Pikachu shaped bed before cupping him in both her hands happily.



“Don’t be sad anymore. We met before, but Acerola will do it again! I’m a Princess! My daddy used to rule over the island of Ula'ula. But he’s gone now. So, it’s only me! But, I’m not lonely or anything! I have my wonderful ghost Pokémon to keep me company! That, and all my loyal subjects who serve me! They’re the best! You’ll become one of them to… won't you?” The child inquired innocently.



Feeling an odd compulsion to immediately say yes, the trainer slowly shook his head as reason won out over emotion. What, was this kid even saying?! Serve her? He barely knew her! Keeping her smile the same after her question was rejected, Acerola softly giggled before shaking her head.



“Aww, but why not? Serving me is wonderful! I love all my subjects and they love me too! If you don’t serve me, then I can’t protect you from everyone else! Don’t you know that this world is run by females? If you lose, you’ll be killed! I’ve seen guys stepped on, thrown into blenders, dropped off cliffs, fed to Pokémon, and many other horrible things! It makes me so sad! Why won’t you serve me? I’ll be able to protect you that way… and you’ll be happier than you’ve ever been. I’m a nice Princess… so come on… become my servant, and you’ll have nothing to ever worry about ever again…” The ghost girl whispered, her smile stretching a bit wider now in an almost eerie way.



‘Please serve her! She’ll make you happy!’



‘Serving your Princess is the reason you were born!’



‘You were made to serve… so bow to her!’



‘Live for her!’



‘Die for her!’



‘Give yourself, to your Princess!’




Taking a staggering step back on the child’s hand, the shrunken man continued to shake his head as he tried to rid his mind of the suggestive voices. They were becoming as loud and demanding as the darker tones in the nightmare tunnel he had crawled out of earlier had been.



Frowning slowly as she saw the strong will her newest plaything maintained, Acerola softly sighed drawing his attention back to her disheartened face. “Aww… You’re making your Princess very, very sad. That’s a law punishable by death you know. But, since you haven’t agreed to serve me, yet… I won’t hold it against you this time. But I do need to punish you for being so stubborn. The sooner you accept your place as my servant, the sooner your life will become an endless carousel of pleasure and happiness!” Acerola cried before extending her hand over the bed.



Watching as the child began tipping her hand downward, the tiny man struggled to keep his footing, but she was completely flipping her hand over the bed… Watching as the man started to struggle to hold on, Acerola couldn’t hold back a grin. “Let Acerola show you what life without her protection is really like. You won’t like it much… And soon enough, you’ll be begging me to accept you as my slav-, err, servant. And, I will. Acerola accepts all, who loyally listen to her. Now observe… This is the world you live in now. Get used to it…” The ghost girl muttered coldly, her tone completely changing from playfully innocent, to sinister and harsh.



Screaming as he began to freefall off the giantess’ palm, the shrunken man fell… and fell… and fell… He was still falling! He had hit the sheets, but he fell right through them! Where was he headed! He was surrounded by darkness again! He wanted to go back! Go back to the other place! He wanted…



Crashing into something soft and padded, the shrunken trainer groaned from the wind that had been knocked out of him, but all things considered, he was still alive. Seeing the world around him slowly lighting up, the tiny man’s relief soon turned to horror as he saw what it was, he had impacted with.



All around him were giant grains of rice. Thousands, of grains of rice, all tightly packed, in a bright white, ceramic bowl. But worst of all was the face looming high above him. Grinning mischievously down at the tiny man, Acerola licked her lips before a massive spoon loomed over the edge of the giant bowl.



‘In this world, you're nothing but food… Anyone could use you like a topping on their favorite dish… Your life reduced, to a mere, condiment!’



Shaking his head as he whimpered no, the child seemingly ignored the smaller man’s pleas as she moved her utensil down and began scooping up a spoonful of rice right beside him, before carrying the grains towards her colossal mouth.



Watching in petrified fear, as he saw the large mass of food enter the child’s mouth, before her plush lips closed around her spoon, withdrawing it with nothing remaining on the other end, the shrunken man trembled in place as he saw the delighted face of the giantess, before her pleased eyes locked onto him, and her spoon descended once again.



Fighting against his unmoving form in vain, the shrunken man soon fell over as the large scoop of metal stabbed the uneven ground he was on, before fracturing it and bring up another spoonful of rice towards the younger girl’s face. Though this time, with him, stuck on top of the pile she had collected.



Struggling against the starchy grains as his frightened face met with Acerola’s gigantic one, all color drained from the tiny man as he saw the child open her mouth, before moving him towards it. Screaming for her to stop as he was brought closer and closer to the not so little ghost girl’s colossal, pink maw, his whole world turned dark and humid, as the spoon he was trapped on, entered the younger trainer’s mouth before her lips closed around the utensil once again.



Feeling the ground give out under him before he was dragged down into the moist and sticky cavern, the shrunken man screamed once more, before he was suddenly submerged in thick, gooey saliva and mashed bits of rice, as the child started to chew her food.



Sloshing around helplessly as he tried to avoid the younger girl’s jagged teeth all around him, the shrunken man soon felt the pool of soggy spittle he was swimming in being drawn back, as it dawned on him what was about to happen.



Thrashing wildly as he tried to swim against the thick current of partially chewed food, spit, and mucus, the man was soon brought to the back of Acerola’s pitch-black throat, before he started to fall. Screaming as he was submerged in the younger girl’s food and swallowed alive, the tiny man felt his whole world shifting as he was tightly squeezed and compacted together, his body crying out in agony from what felt like all his bones being crushed together, to the point only his consciousness remained.



Falling into more fluid as an ominous gurgling echoed out, the trainer could still see nothing, but once more, the voices that had been accompanying him against his will since his battle with the younger girl returned… and they were still just as bleak as they had been before.



‘You’re food now… You’ll die in a little girl’s stomach. You wasted your life. You could have served your Princess loyally. Now you’ll just serve her body as nutrients. Enjoy being digested alive…’



Knowing the words were true, the shrunken man softly cried as his body began to tingle all over. He could feel it! Acid, everywhere! Wanting to struggle but finding no way to even blink in his current prison, the shrunken man screamed endlessly as his body melted away, with his consciousness taking a front-row seat, to all the painful feelings it entailed…




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




It smelled… horrible.



The pain was excruciating…



It was so tight!








It felt like he had been burning alive for hours before it all suddenly stopped, leaving him in pure, and utter misery. Only this time, a horrible stench, the likes of which he had never smelled before, surrounded him. Was this hell…? Was he dead? What was the point of all of this?! HE JUST WANTED IT TO END!



‘It will end… you’re no longer useful to your Princess, or to anyone else. You’re a waste of life… And you belong where all waste belongs…’



Crying as he felt an inability not to agree with the voices after everything that had happened to him, the shrunken man soon saw what appeared to be light. Was that, the end of his pain!? He wanted to run to it! But he still couldn’t move. The younger girl’s stomach robbed him of that… along with his body no doubt. So, how was he getting closer to it?




Moving closer, and closer to the light, at what felt like the pace of a Slugma on ice, the tiny trainer soon reached it, before he suddenly found himself falling through the air once again. Only this time, he didn’t land on Acerola’s hand, or a bowl of rice. No, instead, he was submerged…



Splashing into a cold pool of water, the man’s vision slowly came back to him, as he stared upward, before a state of despondency fell over him, causing the once prominent trainer, to descend further into despair. White walls surrounded him on all sides, with just an opening over the top. But, hanging down, over the opening, was a large, pale rear.








Wanting to cough and gag from the foul odor the large butt had given him, the gigantic rear end soon rose up, before its owner turned around with an all too familiar cat-like grin spread across her face. ‘So sad for you… to come so close, only to be swallowed alive, digested, and then shoved out like the filth you are. You’re nothing more than a steaming pile of poop… and that toilet bowl you're in will be your grave.’



Smiling innocently down at the trainer, the unmoving man wanted to cry, but… he was just a piece of shit. He couldn’t move. Couldn’t speak. He just came out of the younger girl’s ass for crying out loud! And she crapped him out like he was nothing important…



Bending over slightly and displaying her butt for the trainer to see once again, Acerola sighed contently as she wiped her butt crack with some toilet paper before tossing it into the bowl on top of the transformed man. Peering through the wet paper as it began to sink around him, the last thing the man saw, was the child reaching for the handle of the toilet, before his world started swirling, and he was violently sucked down…




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _





“Hey? You alright little guy? You didn’t answer Acerola! Wake up!”




Gasping as his eyes shot open, the shrunken man blinked in confusion as he felt his consciousness suddenly returned to him. Furrowing his brow as he looked around the large bedroom he had been brought to before his descent into despair, the tiny man felt a sense of pure, and unbridled relief, as he realized that he wasn’t dead.



He was still here. Still a person… Still, alive. “Hey? Are you going to keep ignoring me? That’s a really mean thing to do to your Princess!” Raising his head as he stared back at the giantess he had been standing on before he had fallen off her hand, the man’s eyes met with Acerola’s vibrant purple ones as a sense of calm filled his very being.



Puffing out her cheeks slightly as she reached her free hand over the man, the child gave him a light bop on his head before she sighed. “So, have you decided yet? Do you want to serve Acerola or not? She’ll protect you and keep you safe! Nothing bad will ever happen to you if you serve me! No more trainers trying to shrink and hurt you. No more people wanting to eat you or step on you. You’ll be with me! And I love all my servants…” The younger girl purred with a wide grin stretching across her face.



‘You know what you have to do... You saw what happened when you tried to survive on your own. You’re nothing. A worthless being not even fit to be food. You’ll be smeared into the dirt. Cooked alive and eaten. Drowned in waste and filth. You’re life's a cruel joke and your existence the punch line! Surrender yourself… and serve your Princess. You were born to serve her…’



Nodding slowly as the horrible memories of everything he had been witness to burned brightly in his mind, the shrunken man fell to his knees before bowing his head. He couldn’t take it. He couldn’t stand, being used and discarded. He needed, a purpose!



‘And a purpose you’ll have. Your Princess loves her servants. You will serve… and she’ll be happy.’



Smirking as she saw the tiny man bowing his head to her, Acerola giggled before the brightly lit room around her began to fade away. Piece by piece the room evaporated, till only the younger ghost girl, and her newest servant remained.



“Good choice. I’m so happy you see it my way! Well… it’s time to wake up now. We’re going to have a lot of fun, I promise~.” She purred, before both she and the tiny man, faded away too…




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _





Shooting upright as he screamed in fright, the young trainer panted as his head spun around frantically. He… he was, back? Back, here? Back… where it all began. Standing over the trainer she had recently defeated, Acerola wore a smug smile as she saw her new little slave processing all that he had just seen.



“Welcome back my little subject. Are you ready to serve your Princess now?” Looking up at the giant child in all her glory, the tiny man quickly stumbling out from his discarded clothes as he ran towards his new owner. He was more than ready. He was born… to serve.



Giggling as she felt the half-inch man run-up to her bare toes before kissing them profusely, Acerola’s eyes glazed over pleasantly as she raised her digits above him to give him easier access to the crevices that lie beneath them.



“Good boy~. Make sure you eat up! You’ll need your strength for where you’re going. Acerola needs a new servant for her cute little tushy! The last one… retired. You’re stronger than he was though. I just know you’ll be the best little butt slave a girl could ever dream of having!”



Wincing as she let the S-word slip, the younger girl expected her newest plaything to falter at least a little bit… but, he didn’t. He just kept licking and shoveling bits of grime and toe jam into his mouth sporadically. Tapping her chin thoughtfully, the younger girl eventually grinned before she scrunched her toes around the man’s body, and walking back over to her champion’s throne.



Perhaps her nightmares were becoming too strong for the minds of her victims to bare. Though, that was to be expected, considering she used a legendary Pokémon’s traits on herself. There was only so much a mere mortal could cope with when it came to power of that magnitude.



She’d probably have to scale it back a little. She expected to spend at least a full day breaking her new slave… not 20 minutes. What a shame…



But, she’d get over it. Especially once she felt the once-mighty trainer, licking her filthy butthole for the rest of his pathetic life.



It felt good to be a Princess again. Only this time, her body was her slave’s kingdom. And she had many servants living in it.



All would serve the new Princess of Alola. And if they had an issue with her… she had the League to back her up.




Perhaps it was time to tell Cynthia, to initiate phase two of their plan…




But, who knows. The fun was only just getting started~.





To be continued.





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Liza and Tate by NRawkGTS
Author's Notes:

As the Pokémon worlds only official Double Battle Gym Leaders, Liza and her younger twin brother have a unique perspective of the new world order.


Contains: Unbirth, Humiliation, unwilling entrapment, Pokémon giantess

"It... It wasn't supposed to be like this..."  A dispirited challenger whispered in defeat as he watched one of his friend's final Pokémon, a Bisharp the two of them carefully raised for the past year from a Pawniard, stared down a Focus Blast launched by the opposing Medicham.  He was stuck in the challenger's box of the remodeled Mossdeep Gym, looking down at the battle field, waiting his turn to challenge the Gym Leader for the Mind Badge.

There were about a dozen others left who had come with him, and the latest vanquished challenger marked the 6th one the petite Gym Leader had defeated.  All by herself no less!  Mossdeep with supposed to be a Double Battle only gym, he and his comrades each trained and planned specifically to get back at the female Gym Leader, Liza, for defeating a friend or family member of each of them.  In fact, their current teams were hopelessly unbalanced outside of a Double Battle.  Now their hopes of obtaining their 8th Badge and challenging the Hoenn League to try and overturn the new policies that Champion May adopted from Kanto were about to all be shattered and stomped underfoot by one girl and the singular Pokémon she had been using to sweep them all!

"Why?  Why does she have that Pokémon?!"  He questioned in frustration.  They had done their research on all the Gym Leaders and Elite Four.  Neither Liza nor Tate used a Medicham, and even though Tate did have a Gallade, Medicham required a different type of strategy to beat.  Also, sadly they were locked in the room waiting to battle, since if they could leave and change their team after seeing the Gym Leader's team that wouldn't exactly be fair.  "She's never used it before.  Nobody's even seen her with a Meditite!  And it has the perfect move set to counter our now broken team formations."

The challengers were stuck watching helplessly as Liza aimed her PokéNav at their defeated friend and shrink him with a victorious laugh.  "You thought you could beat me with that level of skill?  You're not even worthy of being in my presence."  She berated, calmly walking over to the now fleeing trainer, easily catching up to him.  "The first 5 were far more talented and at least tried to compensate for their weaknesses, but you must have dirt for brains.  I don't need a stupid toy, nor do I want moronic food."  Lifting her foot with surprising flexibility and grace over her head, she smirked as she slammed her blue Tai Chi shoe down on the vulnerable trainer.  His tiny body put up next to no resistance, crumpling under she comparatively immense weight and by the time she was done grinding what was left of him into the floor, there was nothing but a red puddle and stain on the bottom of her soft-sole shoe.  "There, one less useless trainer to worry about."  She congratulated herself, returning to her position on the field.  "Next challenger!"

The closest one to the door didn't want to take to the field, not anymore, not after seeing 6 of his comrades of over a year-end up at the mercy of the young Psychic-type Gym Leader.  He knew he'd lose like the rest of them, but how would she treat him?  The first one didn't meet her expectations and was shoved up her perky, small rear, and she made sure they all had a clear view as she did it.  She voiced an attraction to the second, beat him down more mercilessly than any other so far but told him she wouldn't hold it against him as she dropped him down the front of her panties!  In fact, if you paid close enough attention you could still see his silhouette through her pants when they stretched tight over her crotch.  She ate the third and fourth opponents, saying she was getting sleepy because the battles were too boring, and the fifth she stuffed into her other shoe.  They don't know if he's alive or not, but she doesn't seem to even remember him anymore.

"Next!  Challenger!"  Liza called again, more forceful and annoyed than before.  "Make me say it again and you'll forfeit.  I don't have all day."

And so, likely hoping for some leniency, the next challenger hurried out to meet his fate.  He got none, as she had Medicham use Psychic on him before they even started and presented him her bloody sole.

"You wasted my time.  Clean this up, with your tongue, now."  She demanded.

"This isn't fair.  It's like she was waiting for us."  The Challenger thought as he watched his friend comply to her demand, only to start vomiting.  "Where did Tate even go?  He was with her for all the other challengers today.  Only she came back after their break."  It really did seem like too much of a coincidence, but the extent of their innate psychic ability was supposed to be their so-called 'Twin Telepathy'.

"Hey..."  A voice whispered from his feet, catching his attention.  Looking around, all of his comrades were either watching the field or lost in their own thoughts, not paying attention to him at all.  "Hey... down here," the voice called again, "I can get you out, but just you."

This promise of salvation gave a bit of hope back to the Challenger, his team was currently designed to fully and perfectly counter Liza and Tate's team's typing offensively, so her was actually in the best position to fight Liza solo, but that Medicham and its High Jump Kicks and Focus Blasts would devastate the majority of his team.  Crouching down, he didn't see anything unusual about the foot space of his seat, but someone was definitely there.  "R-Really?  You can get us out of here?"

"Not all of you, no.  She'll notice if the rest of you disappear and lock down the Gym.  I won't be able to help you after that, but if it's just one of you, well I don't think she's paying enough attention."  The mysterious savior explained.  "You seem to be the strongest here and there's a Resistance forming to fight this insanity that could really use your help, that's why I'm taking the risk to get you out of here."

"What?  A Resistance?  Is that where all the prominent male Trainers disappeared to for all this time?  To stage a counter-offensive?"  The Challenger couldn't believe his ears.  Sure, the men of the world weren't just going to lie down and let the female Trainers have their way with them, but in all this time he hadn't even heard rumors that an organized resistance was forming.

Just then the arena shook with the impact of the battle's final move and another of his comrades stood shocked and defeated.

"That was a decent enough workout... I guess."  Liza commented disinterestedly.  Her Pokémon didn't even look tired and she was obviously bored with the lack of challenge.  "I mean, standing can be considered 'exercise', right?  At least it takes more effort than defeating you did."  Mercilessly, she aimed her PokéNav at the defeated youth and shrunk him down like the rest.  "This one's all yours Medi-chan!  Take him however you want."

The Meditate Pokémon made a happy squeal-like sound and used it's psychic powers to bring the shrunken Trainer to her.  Pulling the ring-like hems of her pants down a bit she revealed her very human-like vagina to her tiny toy.  He tried to fight the force carrying him, but the Medicham was able to easily bring him up into her.  She released her pant hems and made a sound similar to a Purrlion purring and traced a hand up from her crotch to about mid-abdomen before the glow in her eyes dissipated.

"Good girl, Medi-chan.  Does he feel good?  Do you want me to get one for your bum too?  Would you like that?"  Liza cooed happily, hugging the hard-working Pokémon.  Medicham responded with another happy sound, looking up at the challenger box and pointed to one of the Trainer 3 spots down from the Challenger.

"You want that one, eh?  He does look pretty bulky."  Liza appraised, smiling wickedly at the thought of such a strong, well-built man squirming as he disappeared into a Pokémon's butt.  "Okay, I'll be sure to save him for you.  Next!"

As he watched another of his friends head off to his presumable execution, the Challenger noticed that the Medicham was looking right at him.  Making eye contact for only an instant, the confident Pokémon winked at him and rubbed its stomach over the place where her hand stopped before.  Like their Trainers, there were now some Pokémon that enjoyed tormenting and using shrunken Trainers for their own entertainment and this one has set its sights on him!

Crouching down again, whispering with urgency, he said "Okay.  Yes, please get me out of here!"

There was no immediate reply, but after a couple seconds a panel slid open in the floor, revealing a crawl space big enough for a people.  "Get in, quick."  The voice instructed.

Seeing that the tunnel came to a dead end in the direction he was facing and the voice came from under him, the Challenger slid down and turned around to be facing the right direction, entering the crawl space with the panel sliding back in place once he was in.

The were dim service lights lining the walls of the cramped space, so they weren't in complete darkness, but the face that greeted him was the last one he expected to see.  It was the face of his nemesis, the one who defeated his brother just over a year ago.  It was Liza!

"Let's get you where you belong, Recruit."

To be continued!

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Team Skull by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Contain's: Macro/Micro, Multiple Pred's, Cruelty, Enslavement, Sadism, Lot's of nasty shit, Waterworks, Scat, Snot, Sweat, Futanari, Transformation, and Yuri

“Hey girly! You here to join Team Skull!? We don’t usually get visitors to our base unless they’re cocky trainers. But you don’t really fit the description. Well, what are ya just standing around for? Come on in! Let me show you around and introduce you to our big sis!”



Blushing as her dainty hand was grabbed by the older looking teenager, a young pink-haired punk girl was led into the large, ravaged mansion home to Team Skull here on Ula’ula Island. Po Town had been completely taken over by the band of thugs years back, and it had remained this way ever since. Police tried to get involved to take it back, but it always led to violence and hostile situations, to the point authorities, simply gave the place up, not caring who got hurt in the process.



For all intense and purposes, this place was lawless, and Team Skull could do whatever they wanted. That said… things had changed since the new laws the League implemented took effect in Alola. Many of the more violent members begin to disappear. A few months in, only female members of Team Skull seemed to be remaining. And after that, things became different… very, different.



“You’re going to like it here, sis! This place is paradise! No rules! No responsibilities! Just pleasure and fun! That’s what our big sis told us after our old leader passed the torch onto her. I do miss Guzma though. Heh, can’t say I blame the guy for retiring when he did though. In less then a day he figured out what was gonna happen when people started doing Arceus knows what to trainers. That’s our big bro! But anyway, you didn’t come here just for me to rant. So, go on and take a look. These day’s we’ve put aside vandalizing and stealing stuff mostly. There’s a lot of more lucrative opportunities if you catch my drift.” The pink-haired skull grunt giggled as she led her guest to a large double-sided door before she lightly pressed her hand against it.



As the creaking wood parted and showed off a massive hall to the young punk, her eyes widened drastically at what she saw. ‘I-It’s true…The stories were true…’ She had heard about it but she still couldn’t believe it. “Heheh~ Welcome to Team skull’s base, sis!” The older grunt announced as she waved her hand around the room to show off the dozens of other women dressed in similar clothes going at it hot and heavy.



Looking around in a blur as she saw countless teens making out and fucking in what appeared to be some kind of massive orgy, the young punk softly gasped as she saw what was littered all around the room. Hundred… upon hundreds… of people. There were countless shrunken people everywhere!



“Don’t look so surprised. We Skulls have always been into some kinky shit. But when we found out we could turn people into things and make them tiny, it got a lot more fun around here!” She laughed before dragging the petrified punk girl behind her as they made their way through the moaning masses around them.



“If you think this is sick, we’ve only just begun! This is the first floor of our pad. It’s for the girls who want to just fuck and take a break from the business! Toys everywhere, plenty of holes to stick people in. It’s a hot place if you like a lot of people. But we got everything here to suit your needs! Come on, the best kinds of stuff are upstairs!” The pink-haired grunt grinned as she pulled her guest along behind her quicker.



Giving another look behind her as she watched one of the other pink-haired team skull members fisting several shrunken people into another girl wailing like mad, the younger teen couldn’t help but grin. She wanted more… all the stories… all the videos...





She wanted to know what was true and what wasn’t!




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




“Here on the second floor is where we hold our main business operations. When people started going missing and shit, big sis capitalized on the chaos and began collecting people. LOTS of people. After she made sure there was enough for everybody to use, she set up shop here so all of us could cash in along with her! These days only trainers can have fun with the people they beat. Since not everyone gets to have a piece of the action, our sis figured, why not let them join in… for a small fee~. If you catch my drift.” The pink-haired grunt chuckled darkly.



Coming to a large door that had been well worn and splintered from age, the older girl gave it a light push before nodding her head. “Alright, look’s like we came at a good time. The show’s just about to start!” Walking behind her guide as she was led into the large room, the younger punk wrinkled her nose from the potent smell of sweat and other assorted fragrances that littered the room.



If everything she had seen online was real, then she knew that the girl’s who stayed in this large building didn’t particularly bathe much. Water had been shut off in Po Town to try and force Team Skull to retreat, but they didn’t care. In fact, many of them stopped bathing all together and just had supply runs when they needed things like food and water. Not to mention the rainfall here on the island was pretty regular, so they didn’t particularly have much of a reason to leave their home base.



But, even if it wasn’t, she knew they still would refuse to clean their bodies. After all, it was better to torture people with them when they stank badly. At least, that’s what all the reviews online seemed to say.



Blushing brightly as she saw about eight girls’ lined up in the room as they stood around a large hole carved into the floor and separated by wood and rocks they had collected from outside, the punk girl gazed into it as she saw about a dozen shrunken men all walking around the inside of it naked and trying to escape. It was true… She had seen this online as well in other videos.



Looking around the room as she saw about 6 different camera’s set up to capture various angles of the pit, the younger girl’s attention was soon drawn to one of the other skull grunts as she stepped into the pit before looking at the other girl’s around her.



“Alright, we’ll fill the hole up like we normally do, then have three girls' jump in once we have a puddle to play in. For this scene, our sponsor wanted to see us drowning our slaves in our mouths with our pee. Fucking disgusting perverts… Who wants in? After this scene, we need three more to hop in and wrestle with the others already inside before shoving the closest runts you find anywhere you want. They weren’t specific on which holes to use, so use your imagination. Everyone got it?”



Hearing various responses from the different girls in the room, the older grunt who had been showing her guest around leaned in as she tried not to speak too loudly to distract her fellow Skull members. “Big sis started filming our antics with the runts she collected and then began posting them online to various porn sites. It was a hit right off the bat! After about a month though, she had to make her own site due to legal shit. Prudes… Anyways, she made our site, and charges people to watch us fuck our brains out! Isn’t that great?! We even added incentives so the people who pay more can request things for us to do to these little shits. Amongst other services. Want to stay and watch or do you want to see the other rooms? We got about 12 in total for different holo-vids we post weekly.”



Biting her lower lip as she saw the other girls begin squatting over the hole as they began to pee into their makeshift pit, the younger girl eventually decided to continue her private tour. She was here for a very specific reason. After all, she had been one of the sponsors that the older girl was talking about. And she needed to know if they had really done what she had asked them to…



“C-Can we see some other stuff…? I kind of want to see something specific.” Looking back at the timid teen as she blushed back at her, the older Skull Grunt licked her lips beneath her mask before nodding. She liked this one. “Alright, follow me. I got lots to show you!” She laughed before dragging her guest along behind her right as the other Skull Grunts behind her began jumping into the pit of pee they had made and continued filming their perverted actions.



There were still plenty of places to show their newest recruit. And this would also be a good way to get her ready to meet their big sis. After all… she needed to be properly initiated if she really was serious about joining the gang. Not just anyone got in… but, no one ever left even if they didn’t…



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _





Coming to a regal looking door as she and her guide made it to the third floor of the building after about eight other stops, the young punk girl was flustered, to say the least. The sights she saw left her breathless. As far as she could tell, all the videos she had seen online were all real. The rooms were identical to the ones she had studied.



She had seen so many nasty things… it made her heart flutter! These girls were hardcore. In one of the rooms, she saw three girls’ turn a guy into a rock type as they spit on him until he was submerged. After that, they started shaking him inside a clear glass bottle until his body started to turn into dust before one of them drank it!



She also saw a pair of girls blowing their noses on a centimeter tall man forcing him to swallow it all! He was completely submerged in it at one point and had to swim through their mucus like it were jelly or something! It was so disgusting! But that didn't even take the cake!



In another, she had witnessed a large squat toilet filled to the brim with shit as four girls laughed while using it as countless men shoveled their waste into their crying faces. Apparently, they were altered to be as hungry as a Snorlax and that’s the only thing they got to eat. It was a live stream, and it went on 24/7. The leader of Team Skull really was a sadist. She couldn’t wait to meet her!



If not to outright praise her… then to ask her about her paid request. So far none of the rooms had been the ones she had been searching for. She was somewhat concerned since it had been about three weeks since she transferred her money to them. Her instructions had been straightforward… but still, what she asked for was highly illegal. There was no guarantee that these girls would do what she asked… even if they were technically criminals already.



Snapping out of her thoughts as she felt a hand placed on her shoulder, the younger teen looked up at her older guide as she gave her a cheerful smile… or at least what looked like one beneath her signature skull mask each of the other members of their gang wore.



“You getting cold feet rookie? I hope you’re not planning on bailing on us. Our big sis is on the other side of that door. Not a lot of strangers ever get the chance to meet her. You ready for this?” Gulping, the younger teen nodded timidly as she looked back at the pristine door. It was the only one that didn’t look horribly withered. It was probably put in just because of who was behind it. And she was about to meet her…



She had seen her. Plumeria. She was in a couple of videos, but not nearly as many as her fellow members. Mostly she did responses and ran the technical side of their site. From the impression she got from her, she was a very cold, and toxic woman. For good or bad, she was going to find out if that were true.



Watching as her guide pushed the door open, no locks apparently present on their Leader’s quarters, both girls’ entered before the young pink-haired punk wrinkled her nose as a potent smell the likes of which she hadn’t had the pleasure of smelling hit her like a slap in the face.



Almost staggering from the scent of the room, the younger girl’s eyes watered momentarily before she began to gawk at what she saw inside. Sprawled out in the center of the wide bedroom, was the biggest bed she had ever seen! It looked like it was made for at least twelve people! And it was apparent where the smell was coming from now.



“Come on rookie! It’s time for you to meet our big sis!” The Skull grunt beamed before pulling her closer to the bed. Directly on the center of it, propped up on many different pillows as a makeshift throne, well used if the sweat stains had anything to say about it, was Plumeria.



Moaning contently as she pushed on the back of one of her pink-haired Skull grunt’s head, the older woman seemingly didn’t notice her new guests as the plethora of girls strewn around her worshiped her body in various places.



She had two teens on her feet, licking her soles and sucking on her toes. Two more were flanked on her sides, both either using her arms to get off as they ground their crotches into her, or licking underneath her dark tank top up and down the length of her armpits. Sitting above her and craning her breasts over her leader’s face, was another girl who looked like she was in absolute rapture as the older woman shifted back and forth suckling on her tits. And finally, the most notable of the girl’s present were the two between the Team Skull leader’s legs. One deepthroated her cock, while the other worshiped her balls…



‘S-S-She… has a penis…?’ What the hell was going on?! She wasn’t sure what to expect, but certainly not that! Let alone the various Pokémon in the room joining in! Looking at four Salazzle hissing as their long reptilian tongues slithered around the various women on the bed, pheromones were slowly being released visibly from their bodies into the air.



With the amount of smog wavering around in the air, it looked almost like some kind of adulterated hookah bar! However, the younger girl’s eyes were inevitably drawn back to Plumeria’s bulging cock, the poor girl trying to take it to the hilt coughing as her head was forced harder in between her gang leaders crotch.



“Yo, big sis! We got a new recruit! Check her out, isn’t she a cutie?” Blushing immediately as her guide called her out to the powerful-looking woman in front of her, the team leader’s eyelids slowly opened up as she shifted her glazed golden eyes over to her petite form.



Shoving the Skull grunt off her thick penis and knocking her on her back, Plumeria slowly began to come back to her senses as she studied the younger girl. Looking her up and down, a small grin slowly fell over the older woman’s tanned face.



“Well now, you’re quite the cutie indeed. So, is it true then? You looking to join Team Skull? I’m sure by now, you’ve seen what we’re like… Does that bother you?” The poisonous trainer whispered; venom evident in her tone as she sized up her supposed new recruit.



Gulping as she felt the many eyes of the room all land on her now, the younger punk was left trembling now as she felt the power behind the woman before her. Mustering up the courage, and trying her hardest to speak after what felt like minutes of rude silence on her part, the pink-haired teen opened her mouth and tried to say what she wanted from the start.



“Not… entirely. A-At first! I’m… My name’s Anna, and I actually came here, to find out… if the commission I paid for, got fulfilled or not. Honestly, joining Team Skull was never on my mind when I came out here. I just sort of went along with it after I met her… you know?” The punk girl now known as Anna muttered sheepishly as she pointed to her surprised guide.



Raising a single eyebrow as she studied the girl closely, the silence was palpable in the room now as everyone looked to Plumeria with mixed emotions. After what felt like another small eternity, the leader of Team Skull closed her eyes before she lifted her wrist up and checked her Poke-gear.



Immediately going on edge expecting the dangerous woman to simply shrink her, Anna felt her panic… slowly began to fade as the older woman tapped at the keys letting a small holo screen pop up. “Name?” Blinking slowly as she saw an irritated expression pass over the poison trainer’s face, Anna’s eyes slowly widened as it dawned on her what the other woman had asked her.



“U-Umm, it’s… Ponikat223… I made my commission on your site for 15,000 credits about three weeks back. But I never heard back from anyone, so… I kind of got worried I got scammed. N-Not that I’m saying your groups like that! I’ve seen it with my own eyes! You’re all so hardcore! It’s freaking amazing!” Anna fawned as she shook with excitement.



The stuff she saw in this place left her wet in the crotch and she could barely contain herself! Smirking silently, Plumeria said nothing as she continued to tap at her keys before a sickening look of excitement fell across her face causing the other members around her to inch a little way away. The older woman didn’t give that look very often unless she was really enjoying herself.




Shifting her golden pupils back to the new girl in front of her, Plumeria leaned up now before she began to crawl to her feet, her crotch still freely exposed letting her long flaccid dick dangle right beneath her much to the young punk trainer’s embarrassment. WAS THAT THING REALLY REAL?!



“Well, Ponikat… Would you like to see your commission? We got this one done about two days ago. Sorry for the delayed response. I can promise you, we run a reputable operation here in Team Skull. So, come on… let’s take a walk.” The older woman grinned wickedly.



Knowing this wasn’t up for debate, Anna silently nodded, as a tiny smile fell over her face. ‘D-Did, she really do it…?’ Strutting across the large bed before stepping off it at the base near the other two girl’s Plumeria’s eyes shifted back to the orgy of women and Pokémon she left behind before she raised her hand.



“Keep my spot warm. I’ll be back shortly. I’m far from done with you cute little twats.” Moaning in delight, the other Skull Grunts nodded before moving in on each other, preparing for their leader’s return. It was like she had everyone wrapped around her toxic fingertips!



Blushing as Plumeria stepped past her leaving a potent, musky scent in her wake, Anna felt her hand soon clutched by her guide as she saw her staring her down. “Come on Rookie. Big sis doesn’t give tours… Whatever she wants to show you is special. Don’t embarrass me…” The older grunt whispered sternly.



Nodding weakly, the teenager quickly followed along after the half-naked woman as they moved down the hall to a large open archway. “I remember you, Anna. Well, I remember what you asked us to do for you at least. I didn’t think you were serious at first, but when I saw the money you sent… I got the feeling you were. I hope you don’t have cold feet about it. No refunds.” Plumeria chuckled darkly.



Hardening her gaze on the poison trainer, Anna quickly shook her head. “N-No… I’ve never been more serious in my life. I just… I just had to know! You, know? I had to see it with my own eyes… A holo-vid would have been fine… but…” The younger girl trailed off meekly, knowing she probably insulted the leader of her favorite group by her coming here.



Smiling knowingly, Plumeria moved past the archway as they came to a large locker-room full of small, three-inch by three-inch lockboxes. Reaching around her neck before pulling out a key with the all too familiar Team Skull icon at the end of it, the older woman lifted her Poke-gear up to check where she left the package she had acquired before moving to the corresponding locker.



“Your instructions were clear about who you wanted… but, you left it up to us, to do what we wanted to him. Whenever we get a commission like that, as rare as it is... It’s usually out of spite. So, tell me cutie. What the hell did this guy do to piss you off to the point of having me go out of my own way, let alone to Poni Island to kidnap this little shit?”



Watching as the lockbox clicked as the older woman turned the key, the door soon swung open, before Anna’s eyes lit up evilly. He was here. “Heh… hehehehe, hey Adam. Long-time no see… What’s it been, two months? No, three? Hard to keep track, after you broke up with me…” Anna whispered bitterly.



Looking back at the teenager in surprise, Plumeria soon burst into a fit of laughter. “Wait, you’re shiting me. You paid us to kidnap this kid because he dumped your ass? HAHAHAHA! How petty can you be?” The older woman chuckled as she looked down at the duck taped boy struggling against his restraints vainly inside of the cold lockbox.



Glaring hatefully back at the boy she once went out with, Anna couldn’t tear her eyes off him as she saw his pathetic form. “Yeah…. I did. Got a problem with that?” Looking back at the new girl with wide eyes, The Skull grunt beside her grabbed her arm angrily for her talking to her leader that way, but, Plumeria’s arm quickly rose pausing her lackey's actions.



“Chill… we’re all adults here. I don’t mind being talked back to like one. But, with that said… If you’re going to speak like an adult… you’ll be treated like one. I expect all my girls to act a certain way. And I take it, you want in on that action too, don’t you girly?” Plumeria grinned down at the younger punk trainer.



Keeping her eyes locked on the uncovered face of her ex, Anna slowly nodded. “Yeah… I do. I like it here. I REALLY, like it here! Honestly… I never expected an invite into such a place like this. But… if I can have half as much fun as what you’ve shown me. Then I’d be fucking nuts not to join you!” Anna grinned viciously as she finally tore her eyes away from the three-inch trainer and looked back at the older woman’s smiling face.



“So… what do I gotta do?” Licking her lips in anticipation, Plumeria looked the boy over for a moment before a vicious smile fell over her face. “Well… This little shit fucked you, right? Why don’t you fuck him back? But, before you get the chance… show me the respect I demand, runt!”



Plumeria barked before pointing to the ground. “On, your, knees!” Feeling a twinge of excitement travel down her spine, Anna quickly dropped down before a bright blush overtook her face, as she stared directly at the poisonous trainer’s flaccid cock. It looked twice the size of her ex’s when it was hard! Just how big was she?! Not to mention she still didn’t understand how she had one in the first place…



“Grunt! Go grab me one of my toys. I think you know which one I want. Hop to it and I might let you join in!” Plumeria barked. Nodding quickly, Anna watched as her guide quickly ran out of the room and back in the direction they had come from.



“You like that, Anna, was it? All my girls respect me and listen to me unquestioningly. Can you do the same? I won’t tolerate disrespect or insubordination no matter how sexy of a girly you are. You got that?” Plumeria whispered gutturally, her penis twitching a bit as she stared down at the kneeling teen.



Breathing huskily as she smelled the powerful scent of the poisonous trainer in front of her, Anna silently nodded. When it came to respect or authority for that matter… she hated it! But… that might have been because she never had anyone worth respecting… until now.



Looking up at Plumeria as she saw her powerful stature, the younger teen gulped unsure of what she would have to do to earn her ticket into Team Skull. She knew what it was like here. Sick, perverse, and depraved in every way. This place… It was paradise! She wanted nothing more than to join in on the fun everyone was having here. So no matter what, she would make sure her new leader knew she was more than willing to do whatever it was she wanted from her.



“Here you go, big sis! Is this the right one? There were a few different colors, but I think you said you liked the pink best… right?” Looking back at her guide as the grunt girl quickly ran up to her leader, Plumeria silently nodded before pointing down at Anna.



“Give it to her. If she wants a place in our family, she has to prove herself to me, here, and now. Are you ready cutie? You’re about to have your commission fulfilled. And you get a front-row seat to the action. I hope you have no regrets for what I’m about to do to this little shit.” The older woman whispered darkly.



Looking back at her ex as he weakly shook in the larger girl’s hand, Anna could only glare back at him in response. “Make, him, suffer! That’s what I asked you to do! I’ve never been surer of anything in my life!” The pink-haired trainer whispered vehemently.



Grinning widely, Plumeria gave her a small nod before she tapped a few keys on her Poke gear. “Rule of thumb… if you want to really cause damage to someone you shrink. You need to do more than just torture them. You need to break their spirit. Make them really feel small and insignificant. And also… give them gills. They might drown if you don’t… and that ruins the fun.”



Watching in awe as her ex-boyfriend shrunk down even further until his body was less than an inch in stature, Anna was breathless now as she shifted her thighs beneath her. Seeing him like this after months of him ignoring her… was making her so wet! She wanted more. She wanted to see him in pain!



Licking her lips in anticipation, Plumeria’s free hand moved down to her flaccid penis before she gently began stroking herself in front of her new recruit. “Give it to her Grunt. Your new sis gets to perform this task. You wanted him to suffer, right? Then make, me, cum!” Plumeria barked, before dropping the half-inch man into the wide pink onehole the Skull grunt had brought her.



Grinning widely as she figured out what the older woman intended to do with her ex, Anna was immediately on board. Snatching the damp and well-worn sex toy from her guides hands the second it was close enough for her too, Anna moved the tip of it in front of Plumeria’s penis as her hands trembled in excitement.



“Grunt… get down on your knees as well, and make your little sister feel good too. She paid us a pretty penny to do this job for her. It’s only right she gets off to.” Plumeria grinned, before thrusting her hips forward, letting her long ten-inch shaft sink right into her favorite toy. It was damper than usual. One of her girls probably forgot to clean it out after using it on her. That was even better.



Feeling a pair of arms draped around her body, Anna soon shuddered in delight as the girl who had been guiding her from the beginning lightly blew into her ear. “Congratulations rookie~. You and I are going to have a lot of fun from now on. You can even share my bed with me~. The nights get pretty cold without heaters. And keeping warm is what sisters are for.” The older girl whispered lustfully.



Moaning softly as a hand snaked down her torn jean shorts and past her tight thong, Anna silently nodded as she began pushing the toy into Plumeria as she tried to pleasure her. She had never done anything like this with her ex… and honestly, she was happy to. She wanted to do everything with her new family! She was always a kinky girl. In fact, that had been the reason he had broken up with her!



She wanted to shrink him down for a little fun! Nothing too serious, just a little spelunking, that’s all! If they got into it, she might have let him do her ass next time! But no… He, said, NO! Then broke up with her calling her crazy for wanting that kind of stuff! Well… she would have the last laugh. So, what if she was crazy! This new generation was all for punishing men who didn’t obey their girlfriends! Her Alolan Champion had made that announcement the moment the new laws took effect! It was within her right to do whatever she wanted to him… And she would. No matter how much he hated it!



Moaning contently as she stared down at the sadistic face of her newest grunt, Plumeria couldn’t contain her excitement as she saw her almost foaming at the mouth as she pumped the sex toy into her violently. She could feel the tiny boy she dropped inside of it being smashed repeatedly into the tip of her penis. Hopefully, he was durable. She might have made him a water type, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t crush him if she wasn’t careful. She had plans for this one…



“Slow down rookie! Gentler. Rotate your hands a bit more. You’re going to have to be a lot softer. This thing is sensitive you know.” Plumeria moaned out as she felt the younger teen beginning to gyrate the onehole now instead of pumping it like a madwoman. At least she was a fast learner.



Panting in excitement as she felt her new friend’s hand rubbing her clit in small circular motions, Anna couldn’t believe how great this felt! Her hands had never felt that good! These girls knew what they were doing! “You like that, sis? We do this shit all day, every day! Punishing tiny twerps is our business. But you knew that. You got off to that you dirty girl! GOD, I need you in my bed tonight! I’m going to shove so many trainer’s up your ass until you pass out! How does that sound, slut?”



Trembling as the older girl’s hands violated her in ways her boyfriend never had, Anna nodded as she basked in the pleasure of both her groping guide and her new leader’s blissful moans. She could feel her through the toy. She knew when a guy was close to cumming. A penis was a penis after all… which meant…



Speeding up her rotations, Anna continued to smile as she pumped a bit faster. “Come on… Cum on him! Drown him! Make him choke on it! Screw him for dumping me! Dump on him! I want him to suffer more!” Anna whispered more to herself than to Plumeria, but the effect was the same regardless.



“S-Shit!” Grabbing the end of the toy and pulling it out of the younger girl’s hands, Plumeria’s eyes widened as she began to buck into the onehole wildly, the younger girl’s words being the last push she needed to get off.



Watching in awe as she saw spirts of the older woman’s cum dribble out from the base of the toy, Anna soon felt her knees give out under her as her own orgasm hit her from the hands of her molester beside her. Falling into her fellow grunt, the pink-haired teen gasped as she came harder than she ever had before.



Lathering her hand in the younger girl’s naughty juices, the older Skull girl pulled her hand out of the teenagers’ thong before lifting it up to her face mask. Tugging the corners of it down and revealing her face to her for the first time, the older girl began licking her hand off with a vicious smile.



“Thanks’ for the candy, sis~. I’ll be taking a lot more of it though in the future. You got that?” Nodding breathlessly as her eyes shifted back to Plumeria, Anna was in a state of pure, and utter, bliss, as she saw the sweaty woman slowly pumping the sex toy as she left the last of her orgasm fade out.



Her ex was inside of it. He was no doubt, downing, in her cum. To be so small, and shoved into a hole only to be fucked with a penis bigger than your very body! Such a humiliating thing to have to go through… she wanted to see her do it again!



“P-P-Please… C-Can, you do it some more? P-Please make him suffer more! I-I want to see more!” Anna begged. Panting softly as her golden irises shifted down to her new rookie approvingly, Plumeria moved the onehole off her softening member as thick streams of her cum began to wash out of it like waves.



“Sorry kid. I got places to be. That was a nice warm-up. But I’ve been using my girl’s throats all morning. I need a real hole to fuck! However, you two can have at it. Do I have your permission to alter you?” Plumeria muttered sternly while lifting her Poke-gear up to the two Skull grunt’s faces.



Nodding quickly without hesitation, the older of the two looked to her new friend, before Anna silently agreed. She half expected the older woman to have some kind of broken Poke-gear like she saw on the dark web, not an old fashioned one. But that didn’t matter. She trusted her… She had to if she was going to become one of her subordinates.



Tapping at the key’s lightly, Plumeria soon grinned as she looked back at both her girls. “I hope eight inches is long enough. I don’t share my size with anyone, so you’ll have to make do with that.” Wondering what the dark-skinned trainer was telling them, Anna soon felt a wave of heat passing over her. Grunting in discomfort at first, a foreign pleasure soon took ahold of her that she had never felt before.



‘W-W-What?! What, is going, on?!’ Tugging on her shorts as something was being shoved outward from inside of them, the younger girl’s fellow Skull Grunt helped her get her shorts off just in time as her black thong snapped against the weight, of her new penis flopping out in front of them all.



Gawking in shock as she stared down at it disbelievingly, the older of the two soon groaned as she pulled off her own shorts to reveal a member of her own roughly the same length as hers. “That should do. I told you that you’d get the chance to fuck your boyfriend. Now you really get to do it. Though, let’s make one quick adjustment to him first.” Plumeria grinned sadistically.



Stroking the keys on her Poke-gear once again as she stared down at the puddle of cum at her feet, the tiny man she had kidnapped slowly grew in size until he was about seven inches. “Whoops. Made him a little small. Oh well. I’m sure he’ll stretch. What are ditto’s good for if not that?” Plumeria grinned.



“Now, transform, into that!” Plumeria announced as she pointed to her discarded onehole on the ground. Coughing up cum as he felt an order overtake him, the shrunken man soon saw what the giantess had told him before he started shaking his head. But he couldn’t fight it… as his body started to stretch.



Screaming as his body was altered in whatever way it could to fit the transformation, the tiny man’s face soon widened along with his mouth before he finally settled on a bulbous circular form, and becoming a living onehole near identical to the one in front of him. Though, instead of the hole being near the end of it… his mouth took the place of the opening.



Nodding in approval, Plumeria wiped off the excess cum that still lingered on her dick before rubbing it into Anna’s hair on her way out the door. “Don’t make to much of a mess in here girls. This is still my main office after all. Take it to your room if you have to.”



Looking over her shoulder before shaking her head in amusement, the older woman laughed to herself as she watched Anna quickly grab up her ex-boyfriend with the most sinister of expressions, she had ever seen any of her grunts wear. She would fit right in here. And if she played her cards right, then she would also fit right onto her own mattress at night too.



She had limited room there after all. But who knows? The rookie had time to learn her place here in Team Skull. The more poisonous you were, the farther you’d get. Given time, she may even have her own holo-vid ideas she could post to the site to.



One thing was for certain though. She now had to have a onehole shoot done. And her little Cutie’s ex would be the main star of it… along with the twenty other girls who would inflate him until he popped that is…




To be continued.

End Notes:

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Olivia by NRawkGTS
Author's Notes:

As a Kahuna, Olivia has much to worry about.  She has to run her shop, manage her Trial Captains, attend to Tapu Lele, make sure the peace is kept on Akala Island and test League hopefuls with her Grand Trial.  Maybe even get a boyfriend!  However, Trial Goers seem to be fewer and further between these days... and decent men even more so.


Contains: More story focused that smutt, but has Object Transformation, Gentle Giantess, Pokémon Giantess, Butt, Entrapment

It was a perfect day in the Alola Region.  The sun was shining high in the sky, the heat managed expertly by the soft sea breeze blowing over the islands and occasional clouds providing shade were necessary.  It was days like this that made it easy to understand why the Alola region was known world-wide as a tropical paradise.  Tourists came from all over on vacation, business or personal journeys all the time, though with the formation and official recognition of the regions newly founded Pokémon League also came a new type of visitors.

Of the four major islands of Alola, Akala was the second for aspiring Trial Goers visit on their journey to challenge the Alola League... or at least they would if the League challenger boom wasn't immediately followed by the Molecular Redistributor boom and the sudden disinterest in traveling to challenge Leagues.  Some Trainers still seek to challenge regional Champions, though most would rather beat and shrink careless/weak male trainers for their own convenience.  This lead to most trainers not even making it past most Gym Leaders or Trial Captains, though rarely a talented trainer will get through.  However, Elite Four members, and in the case of Alola Island Kahuna, can go weeks without a challenger appearing before them now.

And so, with an abundance of free time on her hands, the dark skinned Kahuna of Akala was taking a break from running her jewelry and accessory store to walk around her hometown of Konikoni City.  Much to the fashion of her hometown, Olivia's outfit revealed ample amounts of her well-toned, curvy body with accessories of leather and stone all over her arms, legs and hanging off her neck.

"Not a decent man in sight..."  She sighed under her breath as she took a seat on a public bench after walking for a while.  So far all of the men she had seen were accompanied by another girl, which meant they were taken and being protected.  "Is it too much to ask for a good boyfriend?"

"There you are, Island Kahuna Olivia!"  A young male voice declared loudly from behind her.

Turning around, the young Kahuna saw three boys, one just barely old enough to be a Trial Goer by the looks of it, the other two a few years older.  "Yes, may I help you?"  She asked, standing and strutting around the bench with her usual confident.  Looking around, it didn't seem like they were being escorted by a girl.

"We're on our Island Challenge and have enough stamps to challenge you."  The same boy announced, not intimidated by the powerful steps of the older woman.  "Are you ready to battle?"

"All three of you defeated my three Akala captains?  Usually Mallow would be putting you to work gathering ingredients by now or Lana would be using you as bait.  You must three must be pretty talented."  Olivia praised in a naturally alluring manner with an amused giggle.  "It's too dangerous to battle in the middle of the city.  Follow me, I'll take you to the Ruins of Life."

Turning and walking towards the city limits, Olivia pulled out her Rotom Dex and sent a quick message to her Trial Captains.  [You girls let these three beat you?]

[Well... We've been getting to have all the fun lately, so we decided to let a few get to you every now and then.]  Mallow replied.

[Yeah.  Besides, I told my sisters they need to stop play so rough with their toys or I'm going to stop bringing them home... I'm tired of cleaning up the mess.]  Lana added.

[Right?  Well you deserve to have some fun too Olivia, so we won't be too greedy.]  Professor Brunet agreed.  [I think the young one will turn out to be very pure.  Make sure to send us a picture when you're done.]

[Oh, thank you girls.  Okay, I will.]  Olivia messaged back, putting away her Rotom Dex as they exited the city.

"Was that a Rotom Dex?"  She heard one of the boys ask as he walked at her left side.  He looked up at her with an excited expression, like a Lillipup waiting for a toy.  "I thought they were rare!"

"They were rare, until Alola joined the International Pokémon League and developed closer relations with the other regions."  She explained, happy to engage a child's curiosity.  "Our little Ghost Princess worked out a deal with the Sinnoh Champion to get more Rotoms shipped here."

"Cool!  Can I see it?"  The boy asked, almost trembling with excitement.

Reaching down and resting a hand on his head, she pulled out her Rotom Dex again.  "Rory, wake up and say 'hi'."

"Zzzt... Zzzzt... Good morning, zzzt."  The Pokémon possessed data bank buzzed to life, blinking a few times to focus its visual processors.  "Mm-hmm?  Are Zzezez children lozzt, or are zhey going to be added to you colleczion?"  It asked matter-of-factually.

The comment seemed to unnerve the boys a bit, since they've seen what happens to male trainers when they lose.  But if they could make it to and beat a Regional Champion and get to a League meeting they could get rid of that new law that was messing up their lives.  At least, that's what the woman dressed in black with golden hair told them.  They chose to come to Alola because the League here is still relatively new, and so far the Trial Captains and Kahuna were pretty easy to beat.

"They're challengers Rory.  They beat Lana, Mallow and Professor Brunet."  She replied, praising the boys efforts so far.  "It's been so long since I've had a challenger too, this might get a little rough."

Hearing her praise, the boys regained some of their confidence and the youngest boy reached up and grabbed Rory.  "Wow, so cool!  A Pokémon that can talk!"

"Hey, hey!  Handzzz off.  Bzzt!"  Rory complained as the boy looked it over.  "You'll be in Olivia'z colleczion soon enough, zzzt.  I don't need to make nize with weaklingz."

"We're pretty strong I'll have you know."  One of the other boys argued.  "My Honchkrow is really dependable!"

"And I'm training a Gible, a Dragon-type which are known for being the strongest!"  The other added.

"Oh, that's pretty impressive!"  Olivia commented, gently taking back her Rotom Dex before it could say anything else to scare them off.  "I've heard even Cynthia had trouble training her Garchomp back when it was a Gilbe and Honchkrows are proud and stubborn Pokémon."  The path to the Ruins of Life was a little difficult to traverse and she noticed that the youngest one was starting to lag behind.  Smiling, she offered him a hand but when he took it she picked him up off the ground and sat him on her shoulders.  "And how about you, who's your most reliable Pokémon partner?"

"Mom said that when I was born, the egg she had been caring for hatched into a Riolu.  We were basically raised together and always played together."  The boy explained, embarrassed to be carried by the woman he was about to challenge but too fatigued to ask her to put him down.  "Mom always said she was more my Pokémon than hers, so when I became a trainer she let me take her with me.  I was even able to evolve her into a Lucario!"

"It takes a lot of trust and love for a Riolu to evolve, it's proof that you are a great trainer."  She complimented.  "I've been with my Lycanroc since it was a Rockruff, those kind of relationships are the best, aren't they?"

The young boy smiled brightly and nodded eagerly.  "Yeah, Rylee is my best friend!"

It wasn't much longer before they had arrived at the entrance to the Ruins of Life, the stage where the Kahuna of Akala Island perform their Grand Trial.  A clearing before an elevated rock face with a cave leading deeper inside.  Setting her passenger/challenger down, Olivia walked over to stand in front of the entrance and turned to face the three boys.

"These are the Ruins of Life, the resting place of one of the guardian deities of the Alola Region, Akala Island's very own Tapu Lele."  She announced, motioning to the rock face behind her.  "As the Kahuna of Akala, I was chosen by Tapu Lele herself and as such you could say that I am testing your abilities in place of the guardian deity herself.  Since there are three of you and only one of me, you will each choose only a single Pokémon and I will test you in a Triple Battle.  Are there any objections?"  Producing three Pokéballs, she waited for her challengers to decide.

"None."  The eldest looking one declared, sending out his Gible.

"Big Boss, you got this!"  The other boy said, releasing an undersized Hounchkrow.

"Oh, I see now.  Murkrow evolves immediately after touching a Dusk Stone, this one must be pretty low level and that's why it listens to him."  Olivia assessed.  "That Gible doesn't look much stronger either, maybe on the cusp of evolving but it's still lacking just a bit."

"Okay Rylee.  We got this!"  The youngest boy said, calling out a powerful looking Lucario with a beautiful coat of fur.

"Oh!  Now that is a beautifully groomed and trained Pokémon.  The care and effort he put into her upbringing is apparent without even fighting."  Impressed, Olivia was a bit conflicted about beating such a promising younger trainer.  After all, fewer people are getting their Pokémon license to challenge Leagues and would instead prefer using it to get their hands of the shrink-ray technology in the standard issued digital assistant device of their region.  However, it had been months since her last real challenger and they always did make for the best stock.

"Rylee, cut that out!"  The boy giggled as his Lucario began licking his cheek.  "We'll play after, okay?"

"Great! We're gonna give you guys everything we've got! And my partners are all adorable, rugged little Rock-types!"  She said, tossing out her three Pokémon, however one of the Pokéballs was knocked back at Olivia as a shadow descended from the sky and took the center position.

"Tapu Lele!"  The intruding Pokémon announced its presence, a humanoid torso and arms sticking out of a pink shell-like body with markings on it.  At either side Olivia's Nosepass and Boldore stood ready to battle but visibly confused.

"Tapu Lele?  You want to fight these challengers?"  Olivia asked, shocked that the usually cunning and mischievous guardian deity wanted to battle.

"Hey!  You said you were using your Pokémon!"  The oldest boy complained, seeing the legendary Pokémon on the field.

"Yeah, that's cheating!"  The other likewise complained.

"Tapu!  Ta ta ta, le tapu.  Tapu Lele, lele pu ta ta le pu le."  The pink Pokémon said.

"Well, she is the island's guardian deity."  The dark skinned woman replied, shrugging her shoulders.  "If she says she wants to battle, I can't say no.  However, Tapu Lele you need to listen to my instructions.  Understand?"

"Tapu tapu!"  Tapu Lele replied, nodding its head.

"Alright, since Tapu Lele is a bit stronger than the average Pokémon, I'll only attack with her 5 times.  If your Pokémon get knocked during the battle you lose the Grand challenge, and of course you still need to defeat my adorable Nosepass and Boldore to win."  Olivia stated, modifying her normal rules to accommodate her guardian deity's selfishness.  "And I know why you want to battle Lele, but you'll only get to take one of them, okay?  I'm running low on stock."  She added in a quieter tone so only her team could hear her.

"Letapu pu tapu..."  The pink deity sighed, nodding in agreement.

"Good, then are the challengers ready?"  She asked.

While she wasn't looking, the three boys had huddled up and discussing battle strategies.  After a few more moments, they lined up behind their Pokémon again.  "We're ready!"  The Gible trainer announced.

"Then let this Grand Trial, begin!"  Signalling the start of the battle, Olivia delayed her instructions for a moment, it had been a while since her last Grand Trial and she didn't want to end it too quickly.

"Gible, target Tapu Lele with Sand Tomb!"  The young leader of the trio ordered, sending his Pokémon charging forward first.

"Hit Boldore with a Power-Up Punch Rylee!"  The youngest commanded, his Lucario moving much faster than the stumpy Gible and connecting with a powerful punch before Olivia could issue a counter-attack.

Quickly assessing the combat strength and potential battle plan of the youths Olivia began to fight back, though taking a Power-Up Punch was an unexpected and damaging blow for Boldore.  "I don't think so!  Boldore, ignore Lucario and hit Gible with a Mud-Slap, Nosepass use Thunder Wave on Lucario."

"Honchkrow, Sucker Punch."  The third boy immediately followed up the Kahuna's retaliation with his own attack.  Moving so fast that it seemed to vanish, the undersized Big Boss Pokémon appeared next to Olivia's Boldore as it was reeling back to attack, striking with its wing.  However, despite the damage the Ore Pokémon took from the Fighting-type attack previously, it continued its attack and threw mud in the approaching Gible's face.

Luckily for the challengers, Gible was just able to use its Sand-Tomb before getting hit by the Mud-Slap, catching Tapu Lele in a whirlwind of sand restricting it's movements and vision.  Unfortunately, some of the mud from Boldore's attack got into the Land Shark Pokémon's eyes.

Seeing the electricity sparking around the Nosepass, the youngest boy quickly called out to his Pokémon.  "Rylee, dodge!"  Thanks to the timely warning, she was able to avoid the paralyzing attack.

"Hmm... that could have gone better."  Olivia said nonchalantly.  Her team definitely came out of the first exchange worse than the challengers, but this wasn't too bad.  "Boldore, target that Gible with Headbutt.  Nosepass, use Rock Slide."

"Watch out Gible, use Iron Head on that Boldore.  It's on its last legs."  The oldest boy ordered.

"Honchkrow, evade and use Icy Wind."  The second boy called out.

"Rylee, use Bone Rush to get in close and take that Nosepass down!"  The youngest one commended.

The boys were at a disadvantage, having called their attack just a breath behind Olivia.  Honchkrow took the attack the hardest, unable to fly properly in the hail of falling stone and the damage caused him to flinch.  

Gible weathered the attack better, avoiding all the bigger rocks and met the Boldore with its attack.  Both Pokémon collided and flung the other back, but Gible's Iron Head was super-effective against Olivia's Boldore.  Normally, the damage sustained by the Ore Pokémon would have knocked it out, but sensing the excitement to finally battle after so long from Olivia, he dug deep and endured the attack.

Rylee charged the onslaught of debris, forming a long bone-shaped staff of energy and used it to deflect the projectiles as it went.  One of the bigger rock slipped through her defenses and stuck her in the head, but she was able to resist pausing from the pain and thrusted her staff into the Nosepass, sending it flying back.

"Okay, enough is enough."  Olivia said, seeing both her Pokémon struggling to stand.  "Tapu Lele, Dazzling Gleam."

As if to signify it was truly entering battle, waves of psychic energy flooded over the battlefield and the whirlwind containing the Legendary Tapu Lele was blown away.  The bright pink Pokémon began to glow as it unleashed its attack.

"Rylee!  Detect!"  The youngest boy managed to yell out as he covered his eyes from the sudden flash emitted.

The other two however, were unable to do anything in response.

When the light faded Tapu Lele floated with some light damage from the Sand-Tomb but was otherwise fine, with Nosepass and Boldore just barely standing.  Honchkrow and Gible were both down, unable to continue the battle leaving Rylee to face off against Olivia and her team.

"What was that!?"  The Honchkrow trainer questioned in disbelief.  "That Pokémon is too powerful!  This isn't fair!"

"Yeah!  This 'Grand Trial' is a scam!  I doubt even your Champion could beat it!"  The team leader agreed.

"But you two still agreed to battle with her included."  Olivia replied with an unamused sigh, holding up her Rotom Dex.  "You could have backed out and tried again some other time, so you can only blame yourselves.  Rory, just shrink them for now.  2 inches should be fine."

"Roger that.  Bzzt."  The floating device replied, opening the shrink-ray app and adjusting it accordingly.  "Told you you'd be part of her colleczion."  It added, before aiming it's camera at the boys and shrinking them without delay.

"R-Rylee!  Power-Up Punch!"  Distracted and focused on collecting her prizes, Olivia had accidentally allowed her focus to slip from the battle, and in that time the youngest boy launched a desperate attack.

Turning her attention back to her sole remaining opponent, she saw his Lucario send her Nosepass flying past her, knocking it out.  "Lele use Extrasensory to get those other two before they run off."  She said, seeing out of the corner of her eye that the other two boys had crawled out of their clothes and were running towards the tree line.  "You didn't even hesitate after your teammate were shrunken.  I admire your courage ki-!"  She began to compliment until she could focus on the young boys distraught and tearful face.  There was fear of course, he likely understood how likely it was that he'd have lost if not for Detect, but there was more.  Rage, sadness, grief, and an intense hunger for victory were clearly reflected in his eyes.

"Again!  Power-Up Punch!"  He cried out, and his Lucario responded in kind, lunging at the barely standing Boldore with righteous wrath.  Her beloved trainer was desperate and afraid.  It was her duty to protect him.  The Ore Pokémon didn't stand a chance and was swiftly defeated under the heavy, furred fist of fury.

"Lele, Nature's Madness."  Olivia ordered calmly, calling back her Pokémon to rest.

Levitating with the two vanquished boys floating next to it, Tapu Lele's eyes began to shine as she swept her arm out in front of her.  "Tapu..."  The air began to tremble as the guardian deity gathered its power and a sphere of light surrounded Rylee, "...Lele!"  She cried, causing the sphere to burst into rays of radiant light and collapse in on itself, blasting the Aura Pokémon off it's paws and flinging it back.

"Rylee!"  The boy cried out, running into the Pokémon's path to catch it only to be sent flying with it by the force of Tapu Lele's attack.  Trainer and Pokémon hit the ground hard and slid to a halt with the boy cradling his Lucario's head.

"It's over, boy."  Olivia stated in a concerned, almost proud tone.  "Had you faced my Lycanroc instead of Tapu Lele, you might have been able to win.  Your Rylee is very well trained, one of the best I've ever seen... it's almost a shame you had to be defeated here.  Without trainers like you, the Leagues may fall out of practice and I don't know what will happen after that.  Your teammates had some interesting moves taught to their Pokémon too... it really is a shame."

Rylee opened her eyes and saw her trainer bruised and beaten protecting her head.  He was still breathing and he cracked his eyes open, looking into her's.  He wasn't broken yet, he hadn't admitted defeat, they could still fight.  The anger, rage and sadness inside of her boiled over and something inside her snapped.  Slowly picking herself up, Rylee turned to face Olivia and Tapu Lele, her Aura seeping from her every pore.  Glancing back, she received a nod from the young boy.

"Won't give up until the very end?"  The Akala Kahuna asked rhetorically, smiling softly at her challenger.  These were the types of trainers she loved to face the most and she couldn't be sure how many more would make it to her before something in the world changed.  It had to change, with women shrinking, and in most cases eating, men without remorse of concern there was no way the world could stay the same.  This kid was a dying breed, so she had to make sure she made the most of both this battle and him.  "Very well!  Tapu Lele, Moonblast!"  She commanded.

"Lele!"  The Land Spirit Pokémon cried out and looked up at the daytime moon, she called down a portion of its power causing her scales to glow an intense white-sliver light.  Focusing the energy of the moon into a sphere, she launched it towards Rylee with shocking speed.

"Detect!"  The young boy yelled.  "And then..."

Sharpening her senses through her Aura, Rylee charged the ball of Fairy energy and at the last moment read the flow of wind to dodge that attack with as little movement as necessary.  Not slowing her charge for an instant, she lunged at Tapu Lele and reeled her fist back waiting for her next command.

"You won't dodge this one!"  Olivia declared, having already seen that they knew Detect and anticipating their move.  Tapu Lele had already charged a second Moonblast and was preparing to fire it, but then...

"... Meteor Mash!"  Their ace-in-the-hole.

A steely aura enveloped Rylee's fist and she swung it forward with the speed and force of a meteor.  It connected with Tapu Lele's face, sending her spiraling back and causing her to drop her two tiny captives.  It was a clean hit and super-effective after powering up with three Power-Up Punches and STAB, there was no way even a Legendary Pokémon could shrug something like that off.

And she couldn't.  Tapu Lele took some serious damage from that hit.  Had it been a critical hit that one blow would have knocked her out... but unfortunately she was still more than able to fight.  Taking aim, she launched her second Moonblast at the unprepared Rylee.

"D-Detect!"  The boy tried to call out the move in time, but because he was unprepared for the guardian deity to take the hit so well he was half a breath behind and his Pokémon was already flying over him by the time the command left his lips.  "Ry... Rylee!"  He cried out, summoning the strength to scramble to his feet and run over to his fallen friend.

"Rory."  Olivia ordered.

"Roger. Zzt!"  The possessed electronic replied, shrinking the boy before he reached his Pokémon.

"Thanks Rory."  The dark-skinned woman said, putting away the device and picking up the two boys Tapu Lele dropped.  "Good job Lele.  That one I want, so which of these two will you take?"  She asked, holding up the older boys.

Pouting, Tapu Lele pointed to the young boy's discarded pile of clothes and rubbed her cheek where she got hit.  "Lele, le tapu pu pu."

"Sorry, not this time."  Olivia said firmly but kindly.  "I'll ask my Trial Captains to save 2 trainers they defeat each and give them to you, how about that?"

Squealing happily, Tapu Lele did a backflip before flying off taking the Gible trainer with her though Olivia was sure she didn't pay attention to which one she took.  Before she disappeared from sight, Olivia saw the happy deity close herself up in her shell with her newest toy.

"Okay young trainer, let's head back to my shop, shall we?"  Olivia asked, rummaging through the boy's clothes to find him but they were empty.  "Tsk... ran away and let his Pokémon behind?  I thought he was bette-"  She began to chastise her defeated challenger, looking around since he couldn't have gotten too far, when she spotted him embracing his Lucario's paw crying.  Smiling, she could at least understand his actions, if not his words.

He was likely apologizing to his Pokémon for losing, sorry that they would have to part under the given circumstances.  All the memories and time they spent together getting stronger could only get them this far and he had gotten her so heavily injured in losing.

Olivia waited a few minutes for the boy to calm down before approaching and kneeling down.  "Are you done?  I need to get back to my shop."  She asked gently, holding out her hand for him to climb onto.

The boy hung his head and was about to climb onto the giant woman's hand when he jerked his head up and looked past her to his discarded clothing.  Jumping down, he ran back to his former possessions with Olivia following close behind unconcerned since he didn't seem to be running away.  Revealing the four Pokéballs on his belt, he input the button sequence to release his Pokémon, a Staravia, a Grotle and a Luxio in addition to his Lucario.

"Ah, I see.  If you didn't release them they'd be trapped in their Pokéballs forever."  Olivia realized, again impressed by his magnitude of care for his Pokémon.  "Maybe I won't make him into regular stock.  He's a real diamond in the rough, it'd be a waste not to treat him as such."  She thought, reaching down and picking her prize up.  "As you're likely aware, your trainer here lost his Grand Trial and, as per League rules, is mine to do with as I wish.  You are all free now."

The young boy's other Pokémon wanted to fight for their beloved trainer, but the air of confidence around the dark skinned woman made them submit to her declaration.

"Good, try to get along with the other Pokémon on the island."  Olivia said, bidding the now masterless Pokémon in the clearing farewell as she headed back towards town.  On the way she used her Rotom Dex to give the boy the Telepathy ability so she could ask him a few questions, mostly about their battle.  She noticed that all of the Pokémon the boys used had moves that they normally couldn't learn and wanted to know how such young and inexperienced trainers got them.

Perhaps it was his naive youth to what kinds of horror usually befall defeated male trainers, or a lack of comprehension to the concept of 'death' at such a young age, but since Olivia was still treating him kindly and gently the boy was willing to converse with her without hatred.  Besides, the battle was hard fought, he and Rylee did their best and he lost.  He explained that his mother was once a talented Ace Trainer that retired and got married young and had bred Rylee with several moves she could only learn from outside her species.  She apparently settled on Meteor Mash because it was stronger than Metal Claw but more accurate that Iron Tail.  As for the other two's Pokemon, his mother eventually became a Move Tutor from their home and taught Icy Wind to Honchkrow and Iron Head to Gible.

As they walked and talked, Olivia settled on the settings she was going to apply to both him and the Honchkrow trainer.  She was genuinely enjoying her talk with her newest toy as they were just entering when a blur of blue and black rushed passed her accompanied burst of wind.  The young boy that was on her shoulder vanished, and standing before her was an enraged, wounded Lucario whose fur at the extreme ends of her paws and aura sensing appendages on its head were turning reddish.  It's fur was stand up on end and it's orange-tinted eyes were practically glowing with menace.

Recognizing the odd appearance of the Pokémon she knew to be Rylee, Olivia was shocked at the development.  "Is she... trying to Mega-Evolve in order to protect her trainer?  She obviously can't without the proper stones and a trainer to connect with, but..."

Rylee broke it's angry glare at the woman that stole her beloved trainer away and opened her paws.  Softening her features, she looked down at the shrunken boy before closing her grasp back around him.  Glaring once more at Olivia, Rylee ran off, jumping up to the roof tops to head back towards the forest.

"Interesting, but you're too late Rylee."  The island Kahuna stated out loud, glancing in the direction the Pokémon had run off before calmly walking back to her store.  Sitting down in her workshop, Olivia pulled out the Honchkrow user and tied his arms and legs together behind his back to form a ring-like shape.  She then pulled out Rory and pulled up the shrink-ray settings.  She set his typing to Rock/Dark with the ability Clear Body and gave him the moves Harden, Rock Polish and Shell Smash.  "Hmm... you might be a bit too small."  She commented, adjusting his size until the ring he formed was 4 or 5 inches wide.  "That should be good enough.  Harden."

At her command, the boy could feel not just his muscles tighten up, but his skin and as well.  It was uncomfortable in various ways, to say nothing of the agonizing position she had forced him into.

"Harden.  Harden.  Harden.  Harden.  Harden."  She repeated again and again, causing the tiny boy's body to become stiffer and stiffer until he couldn't even wiggle in the slightest.  He had stopped breathing since neither his muscles nor skin had any flexibility left to them, but he quickly realized that that didn't matter to him any more.  He was a primary Rock-type and last he checked rocks didn't need to breathe, eat, drink or even sleep!  Picking him up, Olivia hit him on the corner of the table she sat at a couple times and held him up to inspect him.  "Good enough, now lets see your luster.  Shell Smash."

The boy couldn't understand why she'd give him that move, he didn't even have a shell or exoskeleton.  However, in response to her order the boy heard a loud 'crack' and could feel his skin began to crumble!  This came with the benefit of giving him back some of his mobility, but he had no time to be happy about it when his skin was falling off.

Using her hand to brush off the excess flakes of skin and strands of hair, Olivia appraised the jet-black, crystalline form revealed under the boy's hardened skin.  There were a few minor flaws but he was more than good enough to put in her shop.  "And now for the finishing touches.  Harden, Harden, Rock Polish."  She commanded, robbing him of any flexibility once more and causing a translucent force to polish his crystal body to a mirror finish.  She spent another half hour or so decorating him and securing his bonds with bands of white gold.  "It's not much, but even one Trainer-crystal product can keep the stop in the black for a whole month."  She told herself, grabbing a premade price tag and tying it to the boy.

She took the new product to the shop floor and found a place to display it before continuing her shift.  After she closed up shop, went upstairs to her room and got ready to sleep, Olivia flopped down on her bed and pulled Rory out of her pocket.  Switching shrunken trainer profiles, she pressed the remote signal on the youngest boy's Teleport move, summoning him to her hand.  "Did you really think I'd let you go that easy?"  She giggled, seeing his confused reaction to the sudden change in scenery.  "You impressed me today little guy, so I'm not going to just give you up."  She hugged him tight into her chest and began to drift off to sleep.  "I'll have to do something about Rylee tomorrow... maybe she'll accept coming here to live with me..."

Later that night, Olivia woke up realizing she forgot to send a picture of her newest product to her Trial Captains.


Ruins of Life - Inner Sanctum

Tapu Lele returned to her inner sanctum after a long day of flying around her island pulling pranks and playing with the newest toy her Kahuna got for her.  Well, she would have liked to play with her toy, but he was annoying and hateful, yelling at her and futilely hitting her.  She was sure the last boy she beat would have been much funner to play with, though she would have had to punish him for hitting her with a Meteor Mash before she'd forgive him... but it was also a battle so she would have only used her hair or armpits or something light like that.  The mean boy that she got?  At first she was only going to shove him into the spongy folds of her inner shell right behind her butt, but he was too annoying so she shoved him between the buttcheeks she usually keeps hidden.  He wiggled like mad in there, which tickled and was fun, so she thought about letting him out tomorrow so she could try to play with him again.  If he was still mean, then she'd shove him deeper and after that he'd become food and she'd get Olivia to get her a new toy.  Maybe she could borrow that funner, cuter looking boy.

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Shauntal by NRawkGTS
Author's Notes:

Noticing the interests of her audience shifting with the times, the Ghostly novelist of the Unova region prepares for her next hit book!


Contains: Stink fetish, Feet and Armpits, Butt, Entrapment, Vore and Digestion, Enslavement

"Hmm, hmm, hmm... I see, I see.  So that's what they want?  Oh, but I have no references for that kind of stuff.  That is quite disheartening... how troublesome indeed."  A lone girl in a dark room sat in a large, red armchair, looking over a poll she had posted online to gauge the opinions of her fans and was thinking aloud.  "I suppose I should call Mr. Henshu so we can come up with some ideas.  I hope he's free tomorrow."  Activating her Xtranceiver, the bespectacled girl searched through her contacts for a bit, confused that she couldn't find her Editor's information before coming across one nicknamed 'Meanie Warden'.  "Oh right!  I changed his name after he locked me up for a week to make me reach my deadline."  A weak, depressed laugh escaped her lips as she recalled the incident.

A whole week in a room just big enough for her writing desk and chair, a futon on the floor and a toilet in the corner behind a partial.  There wasn't even a shower!  Meals were delivered through a slot in the only exit, which was locked.  She made her deadline and the novel, like all her others, was a big hit, but she wasn't too pleased with Mr. Henshu after being released.  In fact, she tied the stinkiest parts of her week-long worn tights around his face when he drove her home for the entire drive.

Glancing back that the tablet that displayed the poll she posted, a distinctive cat-like grin crossed her face as she dialed her Editor.  "Ah, hello?  Mr. Henshu?  Yes, I am working hard on my next book...  No, not yet...  Well, that's actually why I'm calling you.  I have an idea, but could you come over with your Rufflet and meet me at my arena in the Unova League?  Yes...  Yes, the earlier the better... Great!  Thank you Mr. Henshu.  I'll see you tomorrow...  You too.  Have a pleasant evening."  Hanging up, the purple haired girl got up and tossed out two Pokéballs letting out her Froslass and Chandelure.  "I'm going over to Marshal's old place and I need your help with something, okay?"

Neither Pokémon had a reason to refuse their and followed her to the missing Elite Four member's old gym.

The following day Shauntal sat in the chair at the top of her battle arena of the Unova League.  It was probably around 9 o'clock when she got a message on her C-Gear.

[Okay, I'm here.  Do I just come in?]  It was Mr. Henshu.

[Yes.  Come right on up and play along :3]  She replied, excited for the fun to start.

[Nevermind, I'm going back to the office if you're just going to play around...]  He refused.

Panicking a bit, Shauntal quickly typed to make him reconsider.  [Wait, wait, wait!  Okay, I'll be serious.  I promise this is all for my next book.]

[...  Fine.]  Success!

"That was close."  She thought to herself as she heard the footsteps of someone approaching from far below her.  "It really does have to be Mr. Henshu or else it just won't feel right."  As with all the Elite Four's arenas in Unova, there was a mechanism to introduce the challengers to whomever they were facing.

Her stairs rose up from a platform over darkness to reach the elevated platform that held her ring, eerie blue-light flames erupting to light the way at either side.  Once the challenger reached the top they entered a circular ring with large stacks of books framing either side of the entrance.  The books lined the edges of the ring with a large desk and chair at the far end and massive bookcase extending far down into the darkness below and above lining the walls of the dimly lit arena.  A lamp animated to life and illuminated the shadowy area  as it hopped around until coming to a rest at the side of her desk.  The floor shook a bit as Mr. Henshu passed the books into the ring, causing a few tall stacks to collapse and block the exit.

Looking up from her desk, Shauntal adjusted her glasses as she assessed her opponent.  The man was in his early thirties and wore white long sleeved dress shirt with the top couple buttons undone and his Eelektross tie loosened.  The disinterest was apparent on his face.  ""And there the man stood, equal distance from the black dragon Pokémon and white dragon Pokémon, each eager to be chosen but neither attempting to influence his choice."  That's part of a novel I'm writing. I want to write down the event that happened on that day... Sorry, it has nothing to do with you... You're a challenger, right? I'm the Elite Four's Ghost-type Pokémon user, Shauntal, and I shall be your opponent."  She declared, getting up and coming around her desk to face her challenger.

There was an awkward silence for a few moments before Mr. Henshu realized what was going on and scratched his head.  "Are you being serious right now?  You do know I've never even been in a Pokémon battle before, right?"

"Mr. Henshu!  You're ruining the mood!"  Shauntal complained, puffing out her cheeks a bit in frustration.  "My next book is going to have the protagonist suffer an overwhelming defeat when he's just starting out and completely inexperienced.  I've never experienced that, winning or losing, so I had to call you.  Trainers that make it here have too much experience and it's not like I could go pick a fight with a rookie with my position."  She stated very matter-of-factly.

"And so you want me, a male, to lose to you, a female, in an official Pokémon battle?"  He asked, it was no secret what women can do to men they beat these days.  He's seen some of the televised matches from the Cerulean Gym and watched a few videos from Roxie's Poison Show, though he admittedly was a fan of the Tomboyish Mermaid and recording one of the Poison Rockstar's shows isn't exactly legal.  "Did you really think I wouldn't realize what you're doing?"

"Oh, come on Mr. Henshu!  I'd never do something like that to you.  You've treated me so well, pushing my novels and getting my name even all the way out to Alola!"  Shauntal said dismissively of the older man's worries.  "And did I see it wrong, or are there rumors that you got some publishers in Galar looking my way?  You're the best!"

While the emotionally subdued, no-nonsense, strict Editor was known for his neutral expression, Shauntal knew to look for the slight blush he gets in his cheeks when happy.  "I was going to wait until I closed the deal, but yeah, you'll be on the shelves of Galar bookstores in a couple months if all goes well."  He admitted.  "But I'm still not doing this."

"Pretty please!  For my book?  I need reference material, I want a first hand source."  The Ghost-type trainer begged, tearing up at his harsh rejection.  "This won't even be an official match.  It's not like you have 8 badges or anything."

"...  You know I'd do everything in my power to help inspire you to write, but-"  He tried to reason, before she cut him off.

"Hello, hello?  Police?  I'd like to report a kidnapping."  She stated in a monotone, unimpressed tone, staring daggers at the scrawny man.

"Fine!  But this isn't official so I won't owe you anything when I lose?"  He asked, caving in.  Sure, he locked her up for her own good and got the desired results, but it still didn't look good no matter how you try to explain it and Shauntal knew it.  She had been using it against him to get her way when she really wanted something since.

"You'll owe me that juicy first hand experience."  She replied, pulling out a Pokéball, giddily hopping in place for a moment.

"Right, sure..."  He said, sending out his Rufflet.

As expected, it wasn't even a match.  Shauntal's Chandelure OHKOed his poor Rufflet with an Energy Ball the second the battle started.

"Well... at least you went easy on him..."  Mr. Henshu sighed, calling back his fainted Eaglet Pokémon.

Clearing her throat, Shauntal composed herself back into her 'Elite Four' demeanor.  "Ahem... Challenger, if you defeat the entire Elite Four of the Pokémon League, you can go on to challenge the Champion.  You lost today, so sadly I cannot allow you to pass."  That much was expected to the Editor.  "So?  Ready to be my reference material?"  She asked, dropping her act.

Lazily scratching the back of his head, Mr. Henshu drew in a deep breath and let out a long, nasally sigh.  "Look, I hate to break it to you but I'm not exactly broken up that I lost... aside from putting my Rufflet through that."  He explained.  Sure, maybe when he was a kid he wanted to become a trainer and challenge the League, he just didn't have the talent and that's before even getting into the new technology and rules of current Pokémon battles.  A sore butt from sitting all day was leagues better than being at the mercy of most female trainers.  "Well... maybe Misty if I wouldn't get eaten..."

"Oh, that's not the kind of experience you are going to tell me about."  The Ghostly Writer said with bubbling over excited bringing up the Molecular Re-whateveryoucanit on her C-Gear and shrinking her ex-Editor down to an inch tall before he could even react!  "Hahahahaha!  I got you Mr. Henshu.  Now we can immerse you in what you'll really be providing me valuable reference material for."  She said, calmly walking over to the shrunken man and picking him up.

The shrunken man was shocked.  She said it wasn't an official match!  It was common knowledge that women can only use the shrinking technology from Kanto's Sylph Co. after winning a battle, so how did Shauntal manage to by-pass that?  Unfortunately he didn't have time to ponder that question as she easily picked him up with one gloved hand and tossed his belongings over the edge of her ring with the other.

Humming merrily, she reached under her scarf and pulled the corner of her dress collar out a bit to make an opening to her armpit.  The heavy odor flooding out assailed her nose immediately and she recoiled a bit.  "Phew, that's a strong scent.  Reminds me of that time I was locked in a room for a week without a shower.  Maybe I shouldn't have exercised last night with Froslass and Chandelure creating a ton of steam and not showered after, don't you think Mr. Henshu?"  She asked, holding the tiny man right at the opening to the stench chamber.

Mr. Henshu could feel the heat radiating off Shauntal's body and the sweat in the air clung to his body.  The air was so thick that he choked on the initial few breaths.  He hadn't realized she was still holding an actual grudge against him for that time, wasn't she just teasing him all this time?

"Don't worry, Mr. Hensh- actually... do I still need to call you that?  Hmm... 'Mr. Drudge'?  No, a tiny doesn't need a title.  'Drudge'?  Drudge.  Drudge!  Drudge...  Feels a little cumbersome.  How about, 'Serf' or 'Thrall'?  No, too commonplace, I might as well call you 'Slave' by that point.  Oh!  I know, since you're mine now, I'll call you 'Chattel'!"  The talented author decided, shoving her 'reference material' into the humid, sweaty confines of her underarm and trapping him there.  "Shauntal's Chattel, I like it."

It was a rough, tight, sweaty ride back to Shauntal's home for the former 'Mr. Henshu'.  He heard his captor talking to someone, likely on the C-Gear since he couldn't hear the other party but that was a while ago.  He was completely soaked in the foul smelling liquid and had the distinct displeasure of also now knowing the exact flavor of the distinguished author sweat as well.  In a time frame that likely wasn't any more that a half hour or so, but felt like an eternity, two fingers pinched him and dragged him out into the light.

"Hey little Chattel, did you enjoy my sweaty armpits?"  She asked cheerfully, holding out her notepad and pen.  "How was the smell?  Was it too hot?  Could you breath?  Did you drink some of my sweat?  I bet you did.  Did it taste like you were expecting?  Do you want more?"  She began barraging her tiny assistant with question on his experience and how he felt, the more information she got the better afterall.

The former Mr. Henshu, however, with unable to answer any of her questions even if he wanted to, or at least with the size difference Shauntal would never be able to understand what he was saying.  Still, he vented his anger and frustration towards her, screaming and shaking his limbs.

Even though she couldn't make out what her little pet was say, the novelist was none too impressed by his implications.  He was mad, that was to be sure.  She had seen it plenty of times before, and always wanted a way to get him to calm down.  "That's it!"  She exclaimed, ignoring the tiny man's ranting and grabbed her C-Gear.  "Let's see.  He'll be cuter as a Ghost-type... and let's give him Lick and Absorb for sure.  Oh, and Hyper Voice so I can hopefully hear him... and... Calm Mind?  Yeah, he get too excited sometimes."  She thought to herself as she chose the settings for her newest toy.  "Ability... Hmm, what would be good?  I mean, he's going to be on me most of the time, and it'd be nice if he could enjoy himself when I get all sweaty...  Oh that'll be perfect!"  Finishing her selection, Shauntal applied the changes to the newly renamed 'Chattel's' profile and beamed a self-satisfied smile.

The miniature man paused his ranting as he felt something change in his body, like he was now disconnected from his flesh and controlling it instinctively like he would a character in an action game he'd played for hours.  Not only that, by his skin felt really itchy and was visibly shriveled.  What did she do to him, and more importantly could it be reversed?  However, he wasn't left to ponder his circumstances long as a shadow fell over him and he looked up just in time to see the dainty foot of the gigantic novelist fall upon him.  The wet mesh material of her sweat soak tights stretched tight over his face as she rested her big and second toe to either side of his face, giving him a very obscured view of her face as she looked down on him.  This did relieve some of the discomfort of his skin, but the heavy stick and oppressive force did little to let him enjoy the relief.

"Chattel, will you calm down if I explain what's going to happen now?"  She asked, flexing her toes around him.  "Firstly, it doesn't really matter the context, as long as I beat you I get to shrink you.  So even though it wasn't an official match, I still won and get to choose my payment.  Secondly, I've already contacted your boss, which by the way, why didn't you tell me Miss Regell beat Mr. Hindle in a match last week when he was drunk?  I was so surprised to hear her voice instead of his when I called.  I wish I had been there.  Anyway, Miss Regell knows I own you now and was apparently already planning to force all the men to battle the women at the next company dinner in a few weeks to clear them all out, so I guess you're lucky I got you first, apparently she wanted you for herself."

This news sent a cold chill down the former editor's spine, as Miss Regell was in her late forties and was aggressively flirtatious towards him even before the advent of shrinking technology.  She wore short dresses and bent over around him, showing off her butt, which was roughly three times as wide as his head, or 'trip' into him, knocking him to the ground with his face buried in her breasts.  Shortly after the Shrink-Ray App made it to Unova, she even approached him and asked if he'd be willing to submit to her, so no one else could take him away and he'd be safe with her, but he refused.

Just thinking of what she'd do to him was terrifying, especially after she tricked Mr. Hindle into a battle while they were all out after work for drinks.  He was too wasted to even throw the ball properly, let alone realize he even lost, but she fixed that by having him use Refresh.  She then pulled down her tight jeans right there for the whole workforce to see, but she made sure he had the best view as she pulled out her thong string, stuffed Mr. Hindle into her crack and let the string snap back into place.  The women cheered and even some of the guys whistled, but the rest were too shocked to do anything.  The party continued after that for a while like their boss wasn't trapped in his secretary's ass and she became more aggressive in her advances on him.

Mr. Henshu went home only mildly groped by the lustrous older woman, and come Monday morning the office found out that Mr. Hindle has signed over full control of their agency to Miss Regell.  He was never heard from after, though Miss Regell assures everyone that he's '...still part of the management.'

"And finally, you're my tiny trainer stand-in for my novels going forward."  Shauntal continued.  "I have a bunch of suggestions on how to use you and where to put you, and then you'll tell me about it.  Combined with my own perspective, I really feel like my readers will get to appreciate the fun both sides have.  And thanks to your hard work, even Galarians will get to enjoy it."

Getting desperate for clean air to breathe, the tiny man was happy when his gigantic mistress move her foot and picked him up again.

"So, since you don't get a choice in the matter, we'll start right now, with this hungry kitty."  She stated with a Purrlion grin, holding a hand over her chest and licking her lips.

'Chattel' immediately flashed back to a live showing he watched of one of Misty's gym battles.  She had just defeated some kid's Oddish, the poor sap's last Pokémon, and had one of her Swimmers toss the shrunken kid into the pool for the 'real' show.  Misty gracefully dove into the water and surfaced from under the frantic trainer, trapping him in her mouth as the crowd went wild.  She motioned from her mouth to the pool, suggesting letting him go but was met with boos from the crowd.  Putting on an act, she tapped her chin and traced her finger down to her belly and the crowd cheered like mad.  The arena's cameras got a great shot of the kid desperately trying to escape the Tomboy's mouth as the water inside drained only to get suck out of sight.  He had to turn off the broadcast at that point, since he was watching the match at his desk while on break and a young intern had snuck up behind him.  She offered to do the same to him if he wanted, she had forgotten her lunch that day as luck would have it.  Since then, whenever she passed him sitting and could get away with it, she'd hug his head into her stomach and make up listen to his 'home calling out for him' and continue on giggling.

Either way, he did not want to actually see/visit someone's stomach, and struggled like mad to get free.

Giggling at the desperate fight for his life, Shauntal merely spread her breasts apart a bit with her fingers and shoved Chattel into the gap.  "Silly Chattel, not my mouth.  If my scarf is a kitty and the clasp is it's nose then my boobies are the mouth!"  She teased, 'chewing' her treat a bit before going and sitting in her favorite chair.  "Now, be a good assistant and Absorb as much as you can for reference."

This was definitely one of the best ideas the young novelist ever had.  She could have fun, get serviced and collect reference material all at the same time!  Chattel was lucky he used to be a good editor, otherwise she might not have been so nice.  He worked hard to get her books into other regions, Galar being no exception, so she could let the imprisonment incident go now... or maybe in a week or so.  At least, as long as he continues to pull his weight.

"And remember, if you're no good as reference material, my Chandelure never has gotten to fuel its flames with a soul yet..."

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Scientist (Gen V) II by NRawkGTS
Author's Notes:

As with most of the best discoveries and advancements in the history of science, sometimes the best way to find the solution to a problem is to stumble into it.  Preferably in a dark, abandoned tunnel with no witnesses.


Contains:  Light blood, Vore, Entrapment and Enslavement

"I hate tedious, menial field work."  The black haired Scientist complained as she walked through the untamed wilderness to the west of Dragonspiral Tower.  Despite it being one of the best spots to find men attempting to flee to Anville Town, and beyond that the Unova region entirely, the only samples she had been fortunate enough to gather were two boys at the exit of Clay Tunnel at the base of Twist Mountain when she left her hidden lab.

It used to be a great location to catch runaway trainers, since anyone wanting to flee via to only safe route, by foot, west and south of Nimbasa City would just have to get to the Driftveil entrance to Clay Tunnel.  From there, hidden in relative safety underground, they could skirt around the edges of Icirrus City to Dragonspiral Tower and head west.  Because of the hassle of traveling to Anville Town, while there is some presence of the League, it is far fewer than what can be reasonably asked to patrol the whole town and detail escapees.

This route was so reliable for runaway trainers that for the first few months after setting up her lab the ambitious Scientist didn't even have to exit Clay Tunnel to gather samples.  That is to be expected when 8 of the major cities male trainers are forced to flee through it for maximum safety, since Skyla rules the skies around Mistralton City and few escape her diligent gaze.  Good things though, sadly, must come to an end and that's when she started venturing into the forest around Icirrus and the Dragonspiral Tower for more samples.  Despite the fact that all but 1 of the region's cities had to travel through her hunting grounds, few trainers made it this far anymore.

"If I don't find a few more samples I'll have to stop by a convenience store on the way back..."  She grumbled to herself, any expenses she could cut back on meant more funds for her research, so realizing shrunken trainers were the best source of nutrients and water intake was the main reason she could afford such unfruitful experiments for so long.  "I hope the thought of escaping hasn't been thoroughly proven to be such a foolish idea yet.  My calculations estimate that less than 5% of male trainers even reach Dragonspiral Tower to begin with, so it's foolhardy to try to escape their fates."

Sighing, most of the day had passed by now and the dark haired woman began to head back to her lab before it started getting dark.  Just as she was getting close to the city limits of Icirrus however, she noticed a large group of uniformed women climbing through the area with Growlithe, Arcanine, Herdier and Stoutlands.  One of the officers, a woman with long green, spiky hair tied back, noticed her and approached.

"Evening Ma'am, you wouldn't happen to have seen any male trainers recently, have you?"  She asked, saluting.

"I have two on me currently, but I caught them this morning."  The Scientist replied, opening her bag so the officer could verify her claim.  "Why, are there some on the loose around here?"

Looking in at the two cowering boys, the officer nodded in acknowledgement.  "Just some bonus snacks the League sent over for the department.  The delivery girl got into a small accident that damage one of the containers.  Of the 50 that escaped we've only found a few dozen so far."

"Oh my, that sounds inconvenient.  Have none of you altered yourselves yet?"  She asked.

"We have, but just the standard law enforcement parameters, Extreme Speed, Foresight, Mind Reader and Thunder Wave."  The green haired woman replied.  "We brought in some canine Pokémon to support us but even they seem to be having difficulty picking out such small scent trails."

"I see.  And you believe all the escapees are in this general area?"  The Scientist asked.

The officer nodded.  "Yes, we narrowed down our search as much as we can but there are still so many places a shrunken trainer could find."  There was an obvious frustration in her voice.

"Just one moment then."  The black haired woman replied with a smile, walking closer to the center of the search area.  While she got several questioning stares from the surrounding police women, before any of them could say anything she tossed a Pokéball releasing a Parasect.  "Could you use a Sweet Scent please?"  She asked, petting her Mushroom Pokémon's back.

The call the Bug/Grass Pokémon made in reply was a mix of non-aggressive clicking and hissing, and soon a pleasant, floral scent washed over the area.  The police force present were enamored by the fragrance and their Pokémon unwittingly moved towards the source.  While expected, these were not the results the Scientist was looking for.  No, signs of creatures coming out from their hiding places and moving through the undergrowth towards her Parasect was the point of her assisting the ladies in blue.

Going around, she was able to collect close to 30 shrunken males.  "Here you are ladies."  She said, handing the tiny men over and recalling her Parasect.

"Thank you Ma'am."  Officer Jenny said as the representative of the women present.

"No problem.  Just be sure to enjoy them!"  She replied smiling gently.  "Law enforcement can put you in situations most of us would rather not put ourselves in, and most of the times without any sort of thanks.  Citizen like me can enjoy our peaceful lives because of people like you."

Blushing slightly from the compliments, Jenny approached the woman once more.  "May I see your bag again?"

"Sure?"  Thoroughly confused, the Scientist didn't know why her possessions were being checked again but wasn't about to make things difficult for herself and held the bag open again.

Using a finger to hold the bag open a bit more, Officer Jenny dumped majority of the container they had just filled into it.  "Oh no girls, it's getting dark and we should get back to the station soon."  She said once she was finished, turning and walking away.  "Once we get back we'll take stock and record however many are gone as missing, okay?"

"Yes Ma'am!"  All the other women replied with practiced discipline.  Without another word they collected their respective partner Pokémon and headed back towards the city.

Looking down at her now almost overflowing bag of samples and snacks, the black haired woman looked back up as Officer Jenny's back got further and further away.  "What about you girls?"

Pausing for a moment, Jenny looked back with a playful smirk and held up 3 fingers.  "Don't worry, it's not like that was the only container the League sent."

There was nothing more to say after that, so she closed up her bag tight and continued on her way home and a much brighter mood.  "Now I have to wonder how frequently the League sends police stations gifts like that.  At that large quantity it can't be too often.  I wonder if it's part of the deal they have with the Police to look the other way when a trainer disappear?"

For the rest of the walk, she wondered just what kind of deals were made to allow women the freedom they currently enjoy.  A lot of circumstances had to align just right for the plan to work, so it was a miracle the new laws were passed at all.

Sadly, she didn't run into anymore trainers by the time she got to the Twist Mountain entrance of Clay Tunnel.  Despite the tunnel being officially closed and the lights turned off, she descended into the darkness without a source of illumination or difficulty and began making her way back to her lab.  As she approached the secluded corner of the tunnel she had dug out to build her lab  however, she was surprised to see a source of light spilling out around the corner.  Moving as quietly as she could, the Scientist peeked around the corner to see a young man, likely in his late teens maybe early twenties, sitting on the ground with a Larvesta providing the illumination from its horn as they both ate.

Breathing a sigh of relief, the dark haired woman stepped out confidently and addressed the youth.   "Oh my, oh my.  Young man, don't you know the tunnel is closed?  Did you get lost?"

The boy jumped up in fright at her sudden appearance and looked at her fearfully, backing up to the dead end of the offshoot they were in.  "Wh-What are you doing here?!  No one's supposed to be here!"  He cried out frantically.  His Larvesta positioned itself between the two and glared at her menacingly.

"I have a lab set up here for my privacy."  She replied, walking closer.  "And it seems like you are hiding from someone, though in this day and age that's not too hard to guess."

"So what if I am?!  I'm not going to wait around in that house for Mom to shrink me like she did Dad!"  He spat back, his fear from being backed into a corner boiling over and turning into rage.  "It's not fair!  Why me?  Why men?  What did we ever do to deserve being treated like... like..."

"Snacks and playthings?"  She asked, finishing his sentence.  "Nothing really.  At least, nothing warranting some of the inhumane deaths you read about online.  Ingredients in cooking and baking?  Crushed under foot, butt or really any body part?  Forced to serve for a woman's pleasure or meal?  You're right.  Men don't deserve it."

"Re-Really?  You think so too?"  The boy asked, calming down a bit after hearing her opinion.  "Does that mean you'll let me go?"

"Of course I will."  She reassured with a kind smile.  "So long as you win."

"Wh-What?"  For a moment there, he was thanking his lucky Jirachis that he ran into a seemingly nice lady for once, so why would she challenge him to a battle?

"Win and I'll leave you alone."  She reiterated, producing a Pokéball.  "Just because I agree men don't deserve the treatment doesn't mean I don't enjoy it.  Lose and you'll become just another sample for my experiment or meal to sustain me or toy to please me."  She explained, smiling widely.  "Tell me how your mother was using your father and I'll at least promise not to do the same to you, since you did run away from home because of it."

"No, no please!  Please just let me go!  Why are all you women like this?"  He cried, demanding answers.  "Were you all always like this or is it just because you can now?"

Tossing out her Pokéball, the Scientist called on her Muk.  "I can't speak for all women, but I'm doing this for science.  The fun is just a bonus."

"Fine then, I just have to beat you then!"  The boy growled.  "Larvesta, go!"

"Okay Muk, let's finish this quick.  Use Rock Tomb."  The Scientist said calmly.  "I guess you don't mind how I use you then."

"Use Substitute!"  Reacting quickly to his opponent's move, the boy ordered his Larvesta onto the defensive.  "Then hit it with a Zen Headbutt!"

As the rocks from the Sludge Pokémon's attack were about to connect, the boy's Larvesta made a duplicate of itself and dodged that the last second, launching itself towards it's attacker as a pinkish light radiated from its body.  The sentient pile of toxic slime was unable to avoid the super effective attack but weathered it surprisingly well.

"Making a double to avoid my attack.  Sure it cost your Pokémon a quarter of its Hit Points, but in another light that means your Bug/Fire Pokémon only lost one-fourth its Hit Points to a quadruple effective attack."  She praised the boy's combat prowess, little as it was.  "Most people overlook it because of its relatively high cost, but experienced trainers who utilize Substitute creatively ca-!  That's it!"  She exclaimed mid-thought.

"What's it?"  The boy asked, hoping to buy some time so he could think up a proper battle plan.  He was hoping he could take down the Muk with a single Zen Headbutt.

"I don't have time for this... I need to get back to my lab and test this."  She muttered under her breath, looking past their Pokémon to the boy.

The young man saw the Scientist reach into her pocket and pull out a small red leaf.  "A Power Herb?  She can't give it to her Muk now, wha-?!"

Before he could finish his thought, the item in the woman's hand disintegrated and a force that seemed to warp space enveloped her, transporting her directly in front of him!  Before he could back away, she grabbed either side of his head, and force him to stare directing into her eyes as she began to glow and eerie purple light.

"Forfeit."  She commanded as slowly rotating spirals formed in her irises.

The boy tried to resist, he knew all too well the fate of a male trainer beaten by a woman, and this one didn't know him like his mother or friends.  He was literally fighting for his life, and yet there was something about her voice that penetrated his mind.  She wasn't someone to resist, but someone to submit to, despite how illogical that sounded.  "No... not illogical at all."  He thought slowly, his cognitive capabilities slowing as the one overwhelming command filled his head.  "I should... I will... I... I..."  Fear and anxiety faded from his face, his eyes dulling to an unnatural calm as he spoke in a soft, even monotone.  "I forfeit."

"Perfect!"  The Scientist cheered happily, turning and recalling her Pokémon.  "You see now?  You men belong to us women.  You just don't know it yet."

Once she broke eye contact, the boy felt the fog in his head clear up.  Forfeit?  Why would he ever do that?  Arceus knows what she'd do to him.  "Wait... wh-what did I do!?"

"Realized you place."  She replied, punching in the settings into her C-Gear and shrinking the bewildered boy before he got his bearings.  "You're just lucky the Icirrus City Police Department filled my snack quota or else I'd be sending you down to my stomach right now."  She crouched down and went to  pick the tiny boy up, but his Larvesta ran over and blocked her.  "Really?"  Sighing, she looked around and found the Torch Pokémon's ball and returned it without hassle.  The boy tried to run once his last line of defense vanished, but she was easily about to grab him and without even address him again she reached under her skirt and stuffed him into the back of her panties.  "Enjoy it back there, I'll try to not forget about you."  She said, gathering his possessions and accessing the secret door to her lab.

Thanks to the inspiration for her short battle, the Scientist's epiphany was easy to realize, there were just some technical issues to iron out for a smooth operation.  She separated her samples into two groups, one for experiments and the other for meals, and sat at her desk while the boy was still in her butt crack.  She paid him little attention as she reviewed her notes on the formula for her panacea.

"Ability: Triage, Type: Water, Move set: Acid Armor (aka Liquefy), Lunar Dance, [Move 3], Move [4].  Notes:  As observed prior, some moves manifest differently in shrunken trainers despite them being all but identical to other Pokémon.  Subjects have shown 'difficulties' adapting to their unstable, fluid form after using Liquefy, in rare cases being unable to stabilize their cellular structure at all afterward unless given the Water-typing before liquefication.  In the case of Lunar Dance, the subject does not immediately self-terminated like moves that cause a Pokémon to faint normally does.  Instead, the effects of Lunar Dance activate once the subject's life ceases and the closest human within roughly 3 meters receives its benefits.  Proposal:  Shrink trainers with the above parameters and use them as a medicine to heal the wounded quickly."  Reading over her notes, she knew the biggest issue with her research, supply.  Sure, in the beginning getting tiny trainers wasn't much of a problem, but their numbers have been dwindling quickly as of late.  Thankfully, she just thought up a solution... at least she hoped she had.  "Just a quick test first."  She thought to herself, standing up from her desk and grabbing one of her now many samples.

She set-up a clear area on the table in the center of the room with a needle attached to a pressure gauge and some restraints.  Strapping her experimental subject into the restraints, she positioned her camera to film and began recording.

"Experiment No. 1687 - Normal-type, no ability.  Move Set, Substitute, Recover, Barrier, fourth slot left empty.  Defense test 1 (control) in 3... 2... 1."  Using the needle, she pressed the tip into the bound, but resisting, frightened man's leg until it pierced his flesh and he yelled out in pain.  Looking at the pressure gauge she made a note of it, then removed and cleaned that needle.  "Recover.  Defense test 2 (2 stage boost) in 3... 2... 1... Barrier."  Healing the wound in the man's leg, she positioned the needle as close to the same place as she could and applied pressure again.

Once more the man cried out in pain and was likely begging her to stop, they often do.  She didn't like these kinds of experiment either, but they needed to be done.  It took considerably more force this time before the needle punctured the tiny man's leg, renewing his cries of pain.  Again she wrote down the number displayed on the gauge.  "Recover.  Force required to pierce the subject's skin in test 2 was double that of test 1.  Proceeding to test 3.  Substitute."  She stated, healing the man's wound again and forcing a double of the man to form from his body in some sort of mitosis, leaving the subject visibly drained.

The Substitute stood motionless on the table with a blank expression on its face.  The black haired woman of science noted the copy's behavior then laid it down on it's back without it resisting.  Positioning the needle at the same spot on the duplicate's leg that she had done to the original's she prepared to test her very basic hypothesis.  "Substitute Defense test (Original 2 stage boost) in 3... 2... 1."  Like the previous tests, she pushed on the needle until it pierced the doubles flesh.  Unlike the original, the copy didn't make a sound and she pulled the needle out after recording the result with an excited smile.  "Force required to pierce the subject's decoy's skin is equal to that of test 2.  Adjusting subject's Move Set, adding Lunar Dance to the fourth slot."  Making the desired adjustments to her test subject, the Scientist realized she no longer needed the copy.

"Disposing of decoy via digestion.  Note:  Since the decoys are created using one quarter of the subject's Hit Points, there is a strong possibility that it also only carries one quarter of the nutritional value of the original."  She stated for the recording, swallowing the 3 inch tall duplicate with no difficulty.  She rubbed her stomach with satisfaction and licked her lips, perhaps she could also write a paper on the dietary applications of Substitute decoys.  They taste great and fill the stomach with only one fourth the calories!

Focusing back on the experiment at hand, she updated her test subject's profile and applied it to him.  "Lunar Dance, Substitute."  She ordered, watching the man noticeably waste away more as another copy of himself formed from his body.  From the sunken eyes, gaunt complexion and bones easily visible through his skin, it looked like he was horribly malnourished.  "Recover.  Proceeding to the next test."  At her command, the man's physical form and appearance recovered to his condition prior to using Substitute, the picture of health for an unwilling test subject in a woman's pursuit of the perfect medicine.

The Scientist pricked her finger with a clean needle, drawing blood, and picked up the new decoy.  Stopping and archiving her recording she set up a new session.   "Test No. 164 - Normal-type, no ability.  Subject is the decoy of a Substitute after using Lunar Dance.  Disposal via digestion will take too long without first liquefying the subject.  Proceeding with disposal via pulverization.  In 3... 2... 1..."  Dropping the substitute to the ground, she brought her heel down on it hard, crushing it instantly.  As she did, she felt the healing and rejuvenating energies of the Lunar Dance seep up through her, correcting and mending every little ache and pain she had accumulated over the course of the day including the tiny needle wound she inflicted upon herself.  "Success!"  She cheered.  Finally she could move forward with her ambitions!


Some Time Later

Once more, the black haired beauty awoke to the sound of a 3-inch tall man announcing the time from a glass box by her bed.  She yawned and sat up, looking at the young man that replaced her last alarm clock once she got tired of his voice, the Larvesta trainer who served as the catalyst to the breakthrough she needed.  Usually she changes out alarm clocks every couple days, but she had purposely allowed him to continue his service while she got everything ready to reveal her research to the world.  She signaled for him to be quiet and got ready to face the day.

Entering her lab, she went to check on the latest and most important piece of equipment she had designed.  It was a complicated, somewhat delicate piece of machinery, wherein dozens of shrunken trainers, primed with Lunar Dance and liquefied with Liquefy, were held over a vast as they were forced to cycle through using Substitute twice and Recover once.  A reservoir of Leppa Berry Juice was constantly being fed into them to ensure they couldn't exhaust themselves with the ceaseless move cycle, while the basin of decoys drained into an automatic pill press.

This morning marked the first all night test run she had completed of the machine, but all the effort of acquiring the parts, writing code and securing a reliable supply of Leppa Berries was worth it.  She measured the perfect size to shrink trainers to, making sure only one decoy would fit to a tablet, and she had contacted the International Pokémon League to get their support in distribution of her as well as use their network to inform women of the various applications Substitute could be used for.  After checking everything over, she left her lab to go meet the representative of the League that was supposed to arrive that day.

Excited and nervous in equal proportion, she arrived at the meeting spot, the Driftveil City entrance to Clay Tunnel, and was surprised to see who had come to see her.  The Scientist was expecting some middle-level representative to see what she had to offer, or maybe even the young Champion of the Unova region at best, not the Champion of Shinnoh and de facto leader of the IPL, Cynthia!

"Oh, Miss Cynthia!  I wasn't expecting you to come see my research yourself."  The ravenette greeted, approaching the stylish blonde.

"Good morning Doctor."  Cynthia replied with a gentle smile, shaking the Scientist's hand.  "The subject matter of your paper piqued my interest, I couldn't possibly miss this."

"Well, I believe you of all people could appreciate my findings the most.  Please, follow me to my lab."  She said, leading the Champion into the tunnel.

Following the dark haired woman, Cynthia could feel an excitement akin to when all the Champions agreed to pass her proposition rise up inside of her.  The world had already developed as she thought it would, but this scientist's research was something she had never considered.  Weak men were best left to the whims of women, but if they could prove actually beneficial to society, that would raise their stock a bit.  "Well, if what you claim to have achieved is true, it won't just be me, the whole world will recognize your genius."

"Oh, I like the sound of that."  The brilliant medical researcher thought as they approached her hidden lab.  Opening the secret door, her motioned for Cynthia to go in first.  "Dr. Medea, Medical Genius."

It had a nice ring to it.

Scientist (Gen V) - End

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Preschooler (Gen VII) by NRawkGTS
Author's Notes:

One man's vacation can easily become a little girl's lunch!


Contains: Underaged Pred, Vore, Entrapment, Butt and Digestion

Classes were in session for the Alola Region, and like every other day the bell rang at noon to notify teachers and students alike that it was time for a break from their studies.  A particularly rambunctious class of preschoolers had been waiting for lunch all day, since the local Hau'oli Malasada shop was catering for them!  The smell of the sweet and fluffy pastry had been drifting into the room for a few minutes already and it took all the teacher had to keep the children behaved.

"Alright class, we'll break for lunch here."  The teacher announced with a sigh of relief, closing her book and standing up.  "Form an orderly line and we'll go enjoy some wonderful malasadas!  Doesn't that sound wonderful?"  The class broke out in a cacophony of cheers as the preschoolers all but jumped out of their seats and ran out the door as a disorderly mob.  "Why do I ever hope they'll listen to me..."  She asked under her breath, heading for the door herself.

"Um... Teacher?"  A small voice called out, causing the educator to turn back to what she thought was an empty classroom to see a lone little girl in her blue dress and white hat holding up her hand.

"Yes sweetie, what is it?"  The teacher replied.

"My Mommy said she didn't have money for my lunch today... again."  The young girl explained, staring at the floor and fidgeting with the hem of her dress.  "She said I'd have to go earn my lunch again."

Sighing deeply and covering her face with her hand the teacher understood the all-too common situation of her student, but was never impressed when it came up.  "Do you have your guardian with you?"  She asked.

"Yup!"  The preschooler replied with a smile.

"Okay, then make sure you're back before lunch is over.  Okay?"  She instructed as she herself had been instructed to allow.

"Okay, bye-bye!"  The young girl acknowledged, running out of the classroom.

The secret to running a sound business was to have a healthy body.  That's what he had been taught growing up, and after taking his family company over at the age of 32, the CEO of a now major, multinational insurance firm was enjoying a morning run to keep his body in tip-top shape.  For the past 24 years he had led his company to prosperity, and his tri-annual getaways to the lovely Alola Regions were one of the highlights of his year.  Luckily he had already been in the region to sign-on a new client himself too.

There was, however, the little inconvenience of his bodyguards needing to constantly protect him and insisting on joining him wherever he went.  Normally they'd just follow behind him as she went about his day, but during his runs the four-man cell would keep pace in front and behind him.  It was their jobs to do so technically, but he would have rathered not have the scenic view flanked with burly, sweaty men in muscle shirts and sunglasses.

Coming from the Hau'oli City Beachfront, the insurance CEO was headed to one of his favorite spots in all of the Alola Region, Ten Carat Hill.  He always had a soft spot for the Roggenrolas and Rockruff playing in the caves and it was a relatively remote place where he could relax.  He had just gotten to the limits of the city proper when he saw a local preschooler come around the bend in a hurry.

The little girl beamed an innocent smile at the kindly looking older man and ran over to him, only for one of his bodyguards to step in front of her.

"It's just a little girl Fred.  No need to be so paranoid."  The CEO said, walking around the muscular man and crouching down to the little girl.  "Hey there sweetie, where are you off to in such a hurry?"

The big, angry-looking man initially scared the preschooler, but the smiling face of the older man put her at ease again.  "My Mommy told me I had to get my own lunch today, do you have a Pokémon Grandpa?"

"Oh?  A Grandpa am I?  How I wish I had gotten married."  The older man replied with a chuckle, placing a hand on the child's head.  "Your Mother is forcing you to earn you own meals?  It sounds like there is a complicated situation in your home, so I'll tell you what.  If I am to assume correctly, your Mother has tasked you with earning your meals through Pokémon battle, correct?"

The little girl nodded her head, eyes wide in amazement that he guessed what she had to do.  "Wow, are you a detective Grandpa?"

The CEO laughed heartily at the girl's comment.  "Not professionally, but to continue.  I, myself, am no Pokémon trainer and you are still too young to officially get your license, so how about this?  We have a friendly battle between my Chansey and whatever Pokémon your Mother has lent you.  If I win, I shall provide you with a meal. Should you win, these nice men with me will provide you with dessert as well.  Would you like that?"

"Really!?"  The little girl asked excitedly.

"Of course, right men?"  The replied, standing up and looking to his guards.

"Ah, sir?  Are you sure this is a good idea?"  One of the men whispered.  "What about the League rule about payments and the Molecular Redistributor App?"

"She just a little girl for Acreus sake, Ted."  The man replied dismissively.  "She can't own a PokéNav or the like.  Besides, are you willing to refuse a hungry, little girl?"

"... No, sir..."  The man admitted, defeated by the jubilant expression on the young child's face.  The other bodyguards sharing nods of affirmation.

"Yeah!  Thank you so much Grandpa!"  The little girl exclaimed, hopping around and laughing happily.  "You too, Misters!"

"Don't mention it my dear.  Now then, shall we begin?"  The older man asked, tossing out a Pokéball and releasing his Chansey.

Running a few meters back the little girl reached into her bag and pulled out a Luxury Ball.  "Okay Sazzy, come out and play!"

Appearing in a flash of light, a very sensual-looking  Salazzle let out an almost lustrous moan.  Turning back to see her trainer, the Toxic Lizard Pokémon rolled its eyes when it saw the inexperienced girl instead of her proper trainer.

"Sazzy!  Let's get some yummies for our tummies, okay!?"  The preschooler requested cheerfully.

While the Salazzle seemed annoyed to fight on behave of the little girl, it did all the same.  Not that it followed the preschoolers directions, since they were all bad move choices or sound effects that the reptilian Pokémon couldn't understand.  Even still, that battle took longer than the Salazzle wanted, the Egg Pokémon living up to its reputation of exception bulk.  She was finally able to win by pouring a Venom Drench down the Chansey's throat and following it up with a Venoshock before its trainer could recover from the poisoning.  The fight not being that difficult since she was actually a fair bit stronger, it was mostly getting through all of Chansey's hit points that was the hard part, the Salazzle crawled over to the preschooler and pressed the button on its Luxury Ball to be done with the child's incessant cheering and high-pitched laughter.

"Awww, Sazzy?  Don't you want lunch too?"  The little girl asked.  Her mother's Salazzle was so cool but for some reason it never wanted to play with her.  "Alright, all the more for me then!"  Putting the Pokéball away, the girl continued to rummage through her bag was the defeated man approached her.

"My, that was an exhilarating battle my dear, I suppose I've been negligent in training my Chansey."  He commented heartily, taking joy in just being able to battle once more.  "Well, a deal is a deal, shall we be off then to get you something to eat?"

"Yeah!  I love watching Sazzy fight.  She moves so gracefully, like a princess, or a queen, or a kahuna!"  The girl agreed, her face lighting up as she found what she was looking for.  "Also, Mommy told me I can battle strangers but to never go anywhere with them."

"A wise parent, but how then are we to fill that empty belly of yours?"  The CEO asked, mildly entertained at the child's diligence.

"Huh?  But we don't have to go anywhere."  She replied, slightly confused as she pulled out a Kanto-issued PokéNav.  "Grandpa is going to be my lunch.  And those nice Misters said they'd be my dessert too!  YAY!"  She didn't know how this toy her Mommy gave her worked, but she was told which button to push when she found her food, so she just did that.

There was a look of terror on all the men's faces when they saw the device the little girl pulled out of her bag, but were too late as all she had to do was push a single button.  In an instant they were all shrunk down to a mere 3 inches tall and naked as the preschooler gathered each of them into her bag and headed back to school.

"Teacher, Teacher!  Looky, looky!"  The little girl called, running up to her teacher as soon as she got back.  She was required to have her 'food' inspected before eating to make sure it was safe, so she opened her bag to show off her catch.  "I found a Grandpa running with these four big, scary looking Misters, but when I told them I was hungry they offered to be my lunch and desserts!"

"Well that was nice of them, wasn't it?"  The educator said, patting her head as she looked into the bag at the panicking men.  The muscular men all looked pretty handsome, it was a shame they were about to end up digested by a little girl's stomach, and the older gentleman was... "No way, is that...?"  She thought to herself, reaching into the bag and pulling him out.  "Oh, it is you!  Wow, you run the insurance company our school just signed up with!  What a coincidence.  Hope you had a good plan for yourself, though do you even offer plans for being eaten?"  She couldn't help but laugh at the situation the successful business man found himself in.  "What a shame, building a company for decades only to meet your end in the bowels of a girl who's barely 5!"

"Hey, I turned 5 last week!"  The girl protested, puffing out her cheeks.

"Yes, yes you did sweetie."  The woman agreed, putting the man back into the bag.  "I'm sure they'll enjoy becoming your poop."  She teased, waving the child off.

"Boys are so weird.  Don't they know poop is stinky?"  The preschooler wondered.  There were no exception either, she'd eaten plenty of tiny men, and if she was lucky she might find a fleck of bone or partially intact skull after going to the bathroom.  Her Mommy told her that the people she ate became part of her, like any other food she ate, but it seemed so stupid to her.  Why not just pass through her so she could eat them again?  They were really tasty and rubbed her tummy on the inside too.

"Who knows, but at least you get something good to eat, right?"  The teacher offered.

"Yeah!  They taste super good!"  She said, running off to eat.  "Okay Grandpa, you said you'd be my lunch, so come here."  She ordered excitedly reaching into her bag and grabbing a tiny treat.  When she pulled her hand out however, it wasn't the older man that she had requested, but one of her desserts!  Furrowing her brow and puffing out her cheeks the little girl let out a very annoyed growl/groan.  "Mommy says desserts are for after meals!  Do you want Mommy to get mad at me?  Just wait your turn, I'll eat you later."  After scolding the muscular snack for almost getting her in trouble, rather than put him back in her bag, the young preschooler instead stood up, pulled up the back of her sundress and stuffed him into her tight, white spats, right between her squishy tushy, and giggled when he tried to squirm out.  "Oh no you don't!  This is your punishment."  She informed sitting back down and wiggling her bum, she liked it when their faces rubbed her bumhole even if their breath tickled because if she felt like 'blowing' back they'd be sorry!

Trapped in the underwear of a 5 year-old girl, under her butt even, Ned strained to push the unrelenting force up off of him.  He saw her hand reaching for his boss and jumped in the way, but now he regretted that instinctive response.  The preschooler had planted her foul smelling anus right on his face too, so his desperation was at an all-time high as he pushed up against the little girl's weight but made no progress.  Before he could bench press over 600 lbs!  Now, he couldn't even lift the bottom of a girl who couldn't weigh more than 40 lbs.  Trying once more to lift the immense weight, as Ned was straining his tormentor, and eventual devourer, wiggled she tush once more causing one of his arms to slip right up the tight little orifice!  Panicking, he tried to pull his arm free, but the ring muscle clenched tightly around it even threatening to break it if she squeezed any tighter!

The little girl already had her meal in his hand by this point, and had wiggled in her seat after licking him to get a taste.  Fairy-types were her favorite.  But, in the middle of her savoring the CEO's flavor, the dessert in her shorts shaved his arm up her butt!

"Eek!"  She squealed in surprise, feeling the invasive object enter her.  This wasn't the first time she had shoved a meal down her undies, nor was it the first time one shoved a limb inside of her, but it always surprised her when they did.  "You just won't let me eat in peace, will you?  Again, boys are so dumb!  That's where I poop out of, where you should be coming out of.  Why are you trying to climb in?"  Standing up again, she reached into the back of her panties and firming wrapped her pudgy little fingers around him.  "Though maybe you boys realize how tingly it feels!  I have enough desserts, so I'll help you out."  With relative ease, the sweating bodyguard exited the world by entering the bowel of a maliceless little girl.  The fart she released shortly after, if one listened closely, carried with it a high-pitched scream and then, silence.  The little girl felt the familiar shiver run up her spine, like every other time she played with a shrunken trainer using her bum, and giggled happily.  "Hehe, I can feel him tickling me."

The CEO was shocked and horrified at what he had just witnessed.  How could someone as strong as Ned meet such a humiliating end?  Lost in thought, his focus returned when a shadow fell over him and he looked up to stare into the open mouth of his executioner!  It was time, she had waited long enough.

Clamping her lips around her lunch, the little girl slurped up the older man like a noodle and played with him using her tongue a bit.  it was the Fairy flavor she loved so much!  After a couple minutes, she swallowed her meal without pause and let out a satisfied sigh.

"Mmmm.  Thanks for being my lunch Grandpa!  Have fun becoming my poop."  She giggled, rubbing her stomach.  "I'll send the nice Misters down after you later.  It's almost time to go back to class."

Getting up, the preschooler headed back to her classroom.  Only her teacher was aware that there was a tiny man struggling in her tummy, and even she didn't know about the one tickling her bum!  But it was an all too common occurrence in the world lately.  After all, the only legacy worthy of men anymore is what's left after getting squeezed out a girl's tush.

However temporary of a legacy it may be.

End Notes:

With Sword and Sheild out, it might take a bit before a new chapter is uploaded (at least by me), so I hope this will be enough for you all until then!


Please leave a review if there is a Pokégirl (or mon) that you'd like to see in the future and thanks for reading.


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Maid (Gen VI) by NRawkGTS
Author's Notes:

With the introduction of shrinking technology into the Kalos region comes a new reward for victorious women... and a search for new employment for a certain household servant.


Contains: Vore, Butt, Unbirth, Breasts and Humiliation

The Kalos Region set itself apart from the other regions within the International Pokémon League as one where beauty was present in all walks of life.  From the architecture of its buildings to the shape of its borders and all the way down to how the people live their lives, the concept of 'beauty' was a fundamental factor in any decision.  Of course, this included the state in which one maintains their home, since the ugliness of dirt, clutter, grime and damage would reflect on the owners character.  However, for the rich with large coffers and even larger dwellings, expectations for the order in which they kept said dwellings easily exceeded the time they could afford.  Thus giving rise to a service almost wholly unique to the Kalos region and their inborn fixation on beauty and cleanliness, butlers and maids.

While the existence of servant-class workers is by no means exclusive to the Kalos Region, it is far more prolific in the region.  And on one auspicious morning, a certain, reluctant live-in maid awoke early as usual to greet the day.  She had much to do before the widowed Master of the house awoke, but today there was a new task she had to be sure she finished on time.  There was an update for all the League issued navigational devices coming out for the region that will officially allow residents of Kalos to access the 'Shrink Ray' app that was developed and Kanto, and she had to make sure it was installed and hidden from her employer's device and his two son's Pokédexes.  It was an easy enough process, since she had a key to all the locks in the house, and when she finished she returned to her normal duties.  She did, however notice a couple messages and emails on each of their devices from friends and coworkers warning them about the update, but she deleted them easily.  Nothing was getting in her way today, she had waited so long for a chance like this.

It wasn't that her maidly duties were that difficult or anything, sure the house was big and cooking took time but it wasn't anything she didn't expect when she signed her contract, what she didn't expect was the sexual harassment!  It wasn't just the Master either, his sons were no better, likely learning it from him.  Not a day would go by that one of them didn't slap/grab her butt, flip her skirt, press their crotches against her 'accidentally' or other such perverted acts.  It didn't help that she was mandated to follow the Master's dress code, which didn't allow she to wear undergarments!

Had she known her employer was being literal when he handed her the maid clothes and told her that it was the only thing she was permitted to wear while working, she never would have signed that stupid 3-year minimum contract.  But normally you wouldn't think to ask if 'just your uniform' meant you couldn't wear underwear, and the remote location of the manor made it difficult to leave.

Well, that won't be a problem for her much longer, since she's not only the house maid but also the Pokémon Battle instructor for the two sons.  After breakfast she had already arranged for the Master to join in to help motivate his successors, and in less than half an hour she had beaten all of them.

"I see you're not holding back on us today, Miss Ancelina."  The Master of the house commented, short of breath.  "I feel like we should end it here for today."

"As you wish, Master."  The Maid replied, bowing as she recalled her Pokémon.

"How much longer do you think we have before that stupid shrink app thing makes it here, Father?"  The older of the two son's asked, annoyed that he had to participate in any form of exercise.

"Hopefully long enough that we'll be able to defeat our lovely maid."  The older man chuckled, wiping the sweat from his brow.  "Remember, with that crazy law passed the only way you'll be able to defend yourself is by winning."

"Can't we just have her fight for us?  She's our servant after all."  The younger son suggested.  "And it's the least she could do for us after letting her live in our house, and paying her no less."

This was their true nature, entitled, demanding and condescending.  The youngest insisted his father bought her and if she lived in their house she was just another of their possessions.  Kalos law said otherwise, which she had to cite after the third time he crawled into her bed at night without her knowing.

"Let them talk all they want...  You're already in the palm of my hand."  She thought, opening her Pokédex's newly downloaded Shrink Ray app.

"And if she's not around?  What then?"  The Father questioned, not even attempting to correct everything else wrong about the statement.  "When some strange wench or harlot has you it'll be too late."

"Whatever, we live in the middle of nowhere anyway.  Let's just go inside."  The eldest son complained, getting up and heading towards the manor.

"A moment, please, Masters."  The young brunette called to the three men, having selected her settings.  "There is still the matter of payment.  I was victorious in our battle, you therefore owe me."

The older boy turned and sneered at her.  "Payment?  And how do you plan on getting anything from us?"

"I am so very happy you asked."  She replied, pressing the button on her device and shrinking her former employers.  "You'll just have to be my payment."  She grinned with absolute glee when instead of her 'Master' and his two sons, she was staring at three piles of clothing.  Wasting no time, the Maid collected her payments, leaving their oversized and overpriced outfits behind and headed inside.  Entering her bedroom, Ancelina dropped the family of three on her desk without a word to them and sat down staring at them.  They looked confused, they looked scared, they looked in awe and they looked... tormentable.

The two boys began to bicker and it looked like the Master of the house was trying to communicate with her, but they were too small and insignificant to hear.  Not that she needed to, she could guess at what they were saying.  The brothers were arguing over who to blame for not paying attention to when the Shrink-Ray app went live in Kalos and the Father was bargaining for they lives.  He would no doubt try to get her to agree to some ridiculous conditions that favored him and his family more than her, but she already had a plan for this.

"Look, I don't care what you have to say or who you two finally pin the blame on.  Rules are rules and I own you now.  However, our contract is still legally binding and I have to work for you for another 2 years."  She explained, leaning back in her chair.  "And I think it will be far easier to work 'under' you when I can literally keep you under my thumb... or better yet," reaching out, she picked up the older son and created a gap between her rear and chair to toss him into before settling back into place, "under my bum.  Yeah, not as funny when I say it out loud, but you get the point, right?"

By this point, the Father was freaking out, on his knees begging her likely to get off his son.  "Master, I've told you time and again not to baby your son.  He's a big boy who you've never had a problem with touching my backside before.  In fact, I believe your exact words were 'He'll stop when he gets bored.' where they not?  Well today I am feeling generous and will not disturb him while he plays with my rear.  Though, I do believe he much rathers having his hands inside my skirt, does he not?"  She asked with a devilish grin, standing back up and rolling the back of her skirt up, exposing her bare bottom.  Looking back, she made sure her aim was on target and brought her right cheek down on the perverted boy.

"Are you ready to listen to my demands now, Master?  We can't communicate, so you'll either accept what I say or else.  So nod or shake your head to answer me, okay?"

Fearfully, the man nodded his head, holding tightly to his other son to try and comfort him.

"Okay, firstly, you're going to terminate my employment as your maid and re-hire me as the sole caregiver for your sons and yourself.  My severance will be 3 years salary and you will not have to pay me a salary to look after you or your family.  That's all fine, yes?"  She asked, outlining her conditions.

The wealthy man had no choice but to comply, nodding his head.

"Good.  My payment for being your family's caregiver however will be full access and control of your assets, since you're in no position to use them anymore.  Rest assured, I will provide you and your sons with the best quality of life befitting your status.  Any complaints?"  She knew what she was asking for was ludicrous, but faced with the alternative and the perverted old man's nature there was no other choice for him to make.

Nodding his head, the man was truly starting to process the reality of his and his son's situation.  His hired help, the poor, attractive girl he bought, er hired, for his sons now had the power to decide just how much longer they could live.  Slowly, his eyes glazed over and he lowered his gaze to stare at the desk top he sat on, continuing to nod his head absentmindedly.

"Oh, you get it, don't you?  Yes, I own you now, Master.  You and your sons."  Ancelina stated, seeing the submission of her former superior.  "Now, we can work out all the details later.  You go ahead and Rest.  I still need to chat with the boys."

The older man slumped over at her command, falling into a deep sleep, releasing his youngest as he fell.

"As for you... your brother is losing his fight against my bottom.  Think you'd fare any better under my breasts?"  The Maid asked, casting the frightened boy in the shadow of her hand as she unbuttoned her blouse.

As he began to wake up, the older man could vaguely remember what his maid had done to him and his sons and was hoping that it had all been a dream.  However, waking up in the chair in his study was not a good sign.  Not being only a couple inches tall was though.

"Good morning once again, Master.  I hope you enjoyed your rest?"  His maid asked, standing at his side and putting away her Pokédex.

"Y-Yes... I am feeling quite refreshed, no thanks to my strange dream."  The man replied, rubbing his eyes and looking to the lone document on his desk before him.

"Strange dream?  You wouldn't be referring to earlier this morning when I beat you and your sons in a Pokémon battle and used the newly released Molecular Redistributor App to claim you as my prize, would you Master?"  She asked in a natural tone, as if what she said wasn't the most dreaded news for a man in his position to hear.  "Or were you thinking about how your heir vanished under my bare rear?  Would you like to check up on him?  He's stopped struggling quite some time ago, but I assure you he is very much alive."

The man went white as a sheet as she confirmed his fears.  It wasn't a dream!  However, presumably so he could sign the documents in front of him, she had grown him back to normal.  He was free of her control, so there was still a chance.

"No... No, Miss Ancelina.  That will not be necessary.  Y-You seem to be enjoying him for a change.  Now, about these papers."  Much as he wanted to, now wasn't the time to openly resist her, not when his sons' lives were at stake.

Smiling, the young maid leaned over the desk to hand the pile of papers to him.  "Yes, once you've finished signing everything here, essentially everything you own will be transferred over to me."

"E-Everything?  Miss Ancelina, that seems a bit..."  He began, intending to negotiate better terms when she abruptly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled out his younger son.

"Oh no, please continue.  We can work out a better deal if you wish, but negotiating always makes my stomach uneasy.  I think it might be best if someone massages it for me while we talk... from the inside."  The Maid stated, tossing the tiny boy up in the air and catching him with her mouth.  Preparing to swallow, she glanced at the Father and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

The look of utter terror that crossed the old man's face was priceless and without another word he quickly signed and initialed all the appropriate spaces.

Pulling her would-be internal stomach massager out of her mouth, Ancelina took the stack of papers to look them over, set the traumatized boy down on the desk and turned her back on her Master.

The desperate man didn't waste the opportunity.  She might have beaten him in their Pokémon battle earlier, but she was just a young adult girl of average strength.  He could easily restrain her, grab his sons and think of a way out of this situation.  Standing up quickly, he reached out to pick up his saliva soaked son and tackle the treacherous Maid.

However, alerted by the sound of the chair sliding back, without looking back the Maid half sighed.  "Minimize."

Before the man could even touch his son, he was reduced back down to only a few inches tall, falling out of his clothes.  His confusion didn't leave him, even after a hard landing as he looked around to see everything much bigger than it as before.

Movement high above caught his eye as Ancelina dangled his son over her open mouth and dropped him in again!  This time, however, she made a show of swallowing her treat followed by a satisfied sigh and soft belch.  "Hmm... can't really feel anything.  Really thought I would at least get a tickle or something."  She mused aloud, crouching down and plucking her distraught former Master up with two fingers.  "Did you think you were free or something?  I merely had you grow in your sleep.  Now your son will suffer because of your actions."  Moving over to his chair, she roughly sat down and pulled up her skirt.  She could see he was begging again, and crying, but she didn't care anymore.  She got what she wanted, and without responding to him at all shoved him up her dripping pussy.  It had been hard hiding her arousal the entire time, but it wasn't necessary anymore, and neither was he!  The sound of her heated sex swallowing her living toy was almost as satisfying as he felt freaking out in her.  No longer needing to maintain appearances, she continued to play with herself, occasionally pushing the struggling man deeper and deeper when he tried to escape.  "Mmmm... you'll either drown when I cum, or get crushed in my orgasm.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure I crushed your pathetic heir in my ass long ago.  When I said I'd be your caregiver, I suppose I neglected to mention how long it'd be for."  She teased, keeping herself close to climax as the life inside of her began to move less and less.  Tasting her fingers, she decided to drag it out for as long as she could.

After all, it didn't matter when her former Master lost everything since everything he had, right down to his own sons, belonged to her.

End Notes:

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Liza and Tate II by NRawkGTS
Author's Notes:

In the face of an unexpected rescue, by an even less expected rescuer, that awaits the Challenger in Mossdeep Gym?


Contains: A LOT of Butt and Farting, some Humiliation and Conditioning with a dash of Vore for fun

How?!  How was it possible?  He just saw Liza out on the battlefield with that overpowered Medicham that was planning on pleasuring itself with him.  How could she be the secret savior?  No, now wasn't the time to figure that out, this had to be some kind of trap, but a few panicked glances confirmed that there was nowhere else to go.

Seeing the talented Trainers behavior, the Mossdeep Gym Leader motioned for him to be quiet.  "Shhh, hold on a second.  I know we look alike, but in case you haven't noticed..."

Focusing on the person in front of him again for a moment, the Challenger saw the person he believed to be Liza motioning to the side of their head and after a moment of thought he realized that Liza's signature pig-tails were missing!  "T-Tate?"  He whispered with bated breath.

"Took you long enough.  Now, let's get moving before one of your friends notice you're missing.  I know this must be hard for you, since I don't think any of them stand a chance against Maylene's Medicham, so you'll probably never see them again."  Tate said, turning around in the crawl space and checking his PokéNav.

"What?  That's Maylene's Medicham?  The Sinnoh Fighting-Type Gym Leader?  No wonder it's so strong."  The boy replied.

"Yeah, she's visiting for a few days.  Too bad for you and your fri-eeeends~!"  Tate again extended his condolences, reaching back to grab his rear and moaning erotically.

Maybe it was because the younger Gym Leader looked and sounded so much like his sister, but the Challenger felt like Tate's voice was more on the feminine side of the spectrum, and thus a bit arousing.  It didn't help that with their positions and surroundings he was forced to stare at the other boy's surprisingly small, round butt.  Just seeing how much Tate's fingers sank into the soft flesh through his loose pants was stirring thoughts and emotions in the boy that he shouldn't be thinking, especially not when fleeing for his life!  "A-Are... Are you alright?"  He asked, snapping out of the almost hypnotically swaying and squirming before him.

"Y-Yes... I'm fine... now."  Tate panted, looking back with an adorably vulnerable blushing smile.  "Sorry about that... I could feel you're friend squirming in my butt through our Twin Telepathy."  He admitted.

"What?!"  The was a terrifying thought.  "Wait, doesn't that mean Liza could find out about you helping me right now?"

"Possible but unlikely.  Thoughts are more difficult to pick-up on the further apart we are and even then we have to open our minds to each other.  Feelings are much easier... and constant.  Which is to say, I've shared all the sensations of not just your friends, but all the other trainers defeated here in Mossdeep."  He explained, trying to compose himself and continue along the route, though there was a fidgeting motion in his hips that drew the Challenger's gaze.

"You two... share everything?  Pain, happiness, sadness, everything?"  He ventured to ask.  When he first heard about Liza and Tate's Twin Telepathy, he thought it was a convenient cheat that gave them an unfair advantage in Double Battles.

"Pleasure and fear too, yeah.  It's the only reason the two of us are still running the Gym."  He admitted.  "No fun feeling the fear of a boy you've shrunk."

"So what?  Big Sister Liza protects you from all the crazy women in the world?  Sounds like you've got it lucky."  He replied, half-jealous.

"Lucky?  I guess to you it might seem like that, but the reality of it is much more... ominous."  Tate corrected, freezing for a moment and noticeably clenching his butt cheeks.  "Mmmm... oh, he's... he's putting up quite the fight in there..."  He explained, but as he relaxed his muscles, his stimulated anus was unable to hold back the pocket of trapped gas from bursting free, right in the Challenger's face.  "Oh my Arceus!  I'm so sorry.  It slipped out!"

Reeling back from the fart, the boy wasn't able to hold his breath thanks to the inconvenient timing just as he finished exhaling.  However, despite the offensive reek of the odor, there was something comforting about it... it was kind of... nice?  "N-No problem man.  It's not your fault."

"Well hopefully I won't blast you again with my 'Sweet Scent'.  But this is something I just have to deal with now... bad enough our 'first kiss' was a shared experience out of nowhere."  He complained, opening his PokéNav again before continuing on.

"So, what?  If/when she gets frisky in bed with someone..."  The boy inquired, following with his eyes locked on the petite, more feminine butt almost in his face.

"Yes... the pleasure will be shared.  And I do mean it when I say I'll enjoy it too, at least physically."  Tate explained.  "Just like how we both experience the same fear and dread, I feel the same pleasure.  Can you even imagine what that is like?  Despite the terror of being subjected to the same acts, we share the satisfaction of a morsel struggling down our throats, trainer's final gasps in our rectums, the crunch of a body under our feet.  Every time, it feels better and better, and now sometimes I just go along with it just to get that thrill again... at least, when I know there's no chance to fight it."

The Challenger wanted to denounce Tate for what he just confessed.  He enjoyed it?  If that's the case then he was no better than his sister or any of the other women!  But, at the same time he felt a bit sorry for him.  It wasn't his pleasure he was feeling, it was Liza's.  How could he fight against something like that?  Acceptance when there was no other option was likely a defense mechanism to keep his sanity.  Besides, right now he was trying to help him, which showed he wasn't a complete lost cause.  "And the Resistance?  You joined to hopefully put an end to this madness?  Who's in charge?"

"Sorry, but until you're safely out of the building I can't risk telling you anything."  Tate replied.  "In fact, if we get caught I'll be forced to abandon you to avoid suspicion, understand?"

"Y-Yeah, that makes sense."  The Challenger admitted.  The fact that a Resistance was able to form at all was a small miracle, but if information got to the wrong people, like Liza, then it could be squashed, figuratively and literally, faster than the fastest Deoxys forme using Agility.  "Thanks though... I don't think I could have beaten that Medicham either."

"Well, once we get through there I'll be sure to make sure you get to where you belong."  The Mossdeep Gym Leader assured, checking his PokéNav once more and motioning ahead to a section of the crawl space that narrowed significantly.  "There's a switch on the other side that opens the path a bit more, making it harder for people to escape.  I should be able to squeeze through though."  He explained, as they approached the bottle neck.

"Okay, is there anything I can do to help?"  The boy asked, getting a bit more anxious now that freedom was so close.  He was confident when he and his comrades entered the building, but after getting locked into the challenger's box and seeing Liza dominate her matches, he felt like he'd never see the light of day again.

"Just sit tight, this shouldn't take long."  He assured the potential Recruit, passing his arms and head through the small opening with some difficulty at his shoulders.  However, as Tate attempted to pull himself the rest of the way through, his midsection got stuck in the hole.  He tried to pull harder, kicked and squirmed to get himself free and even tried to pull himself back, but it became evident that he was well and truly stuck.  Worse yet, the switch was just out of reach.  "... O-Okay.  Is that offer to help still good?"  He asked reluctantly, more than a little embarrassed.

"What do you need me to do?"  The Challenger asked.

"I'm going to need you too... push me through."  The Gym Leader admitted with a defeated tone.

While it seemed to be the more sensible option, there was only one problem with it.  "Um, you do realize that means I'd have to be pushing on your-"

"Yes, I have noticed that."  Tate interrupted, slightly annoyed.  "Just... be gentle, okay?  It might be unpleasant but I have to get you through here."

"Okay, here goes.  3... 2..."  The boy counted down, placing his hands on Tate's backside.  For a second, his focus wavered as his hands registered the elasticity and firmness of the buttocks in front of him.  Inadvertently he curled his fingers tighter, feeling them sink into the surprisingly plump rear and admired the more defined shape of it with the fabric stretched tighter over it.  If he was being honest, it felt more like a girl's butt than a man's and the longer he held it, the more infatuated with it he became.  Forgetting to even put any strength behind his arms, the Challenger instead leaned forward, bringing his face closer to the vulnerable rear.  Before he even realized it, he had buried his face in the pert glutes and inhaled deeply.  The strangely alluring scent was still lingering in Tate's clothing.

"Hey!  What are you doing back there?"  Tate's embarrassed voice asked as he shook his hips in an effort to dislodge the boy from the humiliating position.  However, all that accomplished was slapping the boy in the face a couple of times with his butt cheeks before the boy backed off on his own, though his hands were still groping him.

The Challenger was just as shocked when his senses came back to him.  Did he really just shove his face in another man's butt like that?  What was wrong with him?  He couldn't even tell how long he had been doing it.  It seemed like Tate shook him off in an instant, but the pleasant memory felt like it lasted an eternity.  "S-Sorry.  I... I slipped.  I was in an awkward angle."  He apologized, pushing the Gym Leader properly this time.

"It's alright, I was just shocked was all."  Tate said, slipping through the opening enough to reach the switch.  Once flipped, the bottleneck opened considerably, to about the height and width of the crawl space.  There was enough space to stand on the other side too, with a single door exiting the room.  "There will be a door that leads outside on the other side of this door."  Tate explained, dusting himself off and pulling the wedgie the Challenger had given him out of his butt.  "Don't do anything the Attract Liza's attention and you should be home free."

Maybe it was because he had given up hope for a moment back in the challenger's box and Tate had given him hope again, or the weird infatuation he felt grew now that he felt safe, but whatever it was that stirred in the Challenger, Tate looked more adorable than a Ralts and he couldn't help but hug him.  "Come with me.  We'll find someplace your sister will never find you, and one day we can fix this messed up world."

Tate offered the Challenger a soft smile but shook his head.  "Thanks... I would, but we can sense each other's general direction constantly.  Like breathing we don't play much attention to it, but if we focus on it..."

"She could follow it no matter how far?"  He asked, to which Tate nodded.

"So get going.  Your future awaits."  The Gym Leader encouraged, motioning him towards the door.

Stepping forward, the Challenger steadied his breathing as he gripped the handle.  Once he calmed his nerves, he gave one last look at Tate before slowly opening the door to what looked like the common area for the gym staff.  The room was empty and like Tate said there was a door on the other side with light flooding in from the outside.  Slowly, he stepped forward toward his freedom, his pace quickening as his elation rose until he was practically running by the time he threw the door open to the blinding radiance of an outside he thought he'd never seen again!

...As well as a Medicham he had never wanted to see again smiling gleefully at him!  "Medi-chan.  Psychic."

Instantly the Challenger's hope shattered and he plummeted back down into the dark pit of despair as a force took hold of his body before he could even try to run.  "Nooooo!"  He cried out as several sets of laughter erupted from behind him.

"Took you long enough to get here."  Liza teased him as the Meditate Pokémon brought him back into the room and on the couch he saw Liza accompanied by three other girls.  One he recognized as the famous Barefoot Fighting Genius, Maylene, but the green haired girl in overall shorts and the blue haired girl with freckles were unknown to him.  "Maybe you shouldn't have had your face buried in a butt for over half an hour."

"Half an hour!"  The young man thought, glancing over to Tate as he joined the others.  His supposed savior smirked at him and stuck out his tongue playfully.

"Well, I'm sure you're confused, but maybe this will help you figure out what's going on."  He said as both he and his sister began rearranging their respective hair styles.  Liza tucked her pigtails back into her bun and Tate pulled pigtails from his bun.  "See?"

The boy couldn't believe how stupid and gullible he had been.  Literally the most classic of things to do with a similarly looking twin sibling, swapping places!  It wasn't Tate that rescued him from Liza, he was with Liza the entire time.  "B-But... But how?  Males can't use the shrinking app!  How did they pull it off?"

"Oh, you look confused still.  Or are you thinking about something else?"  Liza asked, holding out a hand to her brother.  He handed over her PokéNav was well as about half a dozen of the shrunken trainers he beat.  "You can keep the one in your butt Tate, but where's that cute one I said I wanted?"

"Oh right, sorry Sistress."  Tate replied, reaching into the from of his pants to pull out the second vanquished trainer.  "Here you go."

"Thank you, you did well today little brother.  So well, I'll let you choose your reward!"  She praised, patting her twin on the head.

"Oh, well... a-are you sure?"  He asked timidly.

"Of course!  Don't be shy, who do you want to play with?"  She encouraged, smiling sweetly.

"W-Well then... I think Medi-chan deserves some fun too.  I don't think two playmates are enough and she worked really hard."  He said, looking at the somewhat fatigued Pokémon.  She didn't have any injuries or anything, but she did just go through 19 challengers by herself.  Medicham smiled at the suggestion.

"Awww, aren't you a little Bounsweetie.  Is that okay with you Maylene?"  Liza asked.

"Of course!  Proper relaxation after a workout is the key to building strength.  Just go easy on him Medicham.  Tate might be a boy, but he's Liza's brother and more importantly he fought alongside you today."  The pink haired girl consented.  The Psychic/Fighting Pokémon squealed happily and released it's telekinetic hold of its captive.  Pulling down the rings of her pants, she pushed the bulky challenger she had wanted out of her rear and he fell to the floor unmoving with multiple broken bones and his neck bent at an unnatural angle.  "Oh, was he not as much fun as you were hoping?  Don't worry, she only does that to challengers.  She's actually very adept at controlling her strength."  She explained as her Pokémon picked up the broken body of her unsatisfying toy and tossed it out one of the open windows in the room.

"He just didn't know how to please her.  My Tate won't disappoint."  Liza said confidently, taking her brother's hand.   "Minimize.  Isn't that right, my itty-bitty, Bug-Type of a brother?"  Sitting in the palm of her hand, Tate nodded enthusiastically and held his hands out towards Medicham.  The Pokémon responded by using her psychic powers to bring him over to her waiting, slick anus and let out a satisfied moan as she brought him inside of her.  "Oh, and here's something from me Medicham.  Thank you for helping out today."  Liza added, holding the trainer that was riding in her brother's underwear up to her mouth.  He squirmed and panicked when he saw the Meditate Pokémon lick her lips, but ultimately couldn't fight the powerful tongue that pulled him into the dark abyss he'd never escape from.  With her treats secured, Medicham picked up a disc case labeled 'TM08' and left the room happily.

"I thought you liked that one."  The green haired girl commented, though still giggled seeing Medicham push her treat around a bit before swallowing him as she left.

"I did too, but I found a better toy."  Liza replied, disappearing and reappearing butt first into the Challenger's face as he was about to reach the door he had been slowly moving towards since everyone's attention was turned away from him.  "You weren't thinking of leaving, were you?  You know you're happiest with your face in my butt, so why leave?  By now you have to know I was lying about a Resistance.  Like any of you men could escape us girls long enough to organize something like that, and even if they did do you really think they'd be able to beat any of the Regional Champions?"

It was hard for the young Challenger to focus on what the petite psychic girl was saying.  There was something about her that demanded his attention.  He wanted to touch it, to please it, to give everything he had to it and if his will power slipped for even a second he figured that would be it.  She already used that against him in the crawl space, stalling for time by trapping him with her soft, sweet smelling rear.  "Y-Yeah!  Of course they could."  He said defiantly, backing away from the tempting tush.

"And how would they do that?"  The green haired girl asked.

"Train in seclusion like you did?"  Maylene added.  "You still lost even after coming here with teams built to counter Psychic-types."

"I didn't lose yet!"  The Challenger declared, bracing himself against a wall to try and stand, but Liza stood menacingly over him with an amused smirk.

"I suppose you're right, but you did run from your challenge which means I could disqualify you right now if I wanted.  Which, in case you were wondering how that works with the rules, means you lose by default."  She explained, placing a foot on his chest and pushing him into the wall a bit more.  "However, that would be boring.  So how about a little challenge with your freedom on the line.  Win and I'll let you leave, no strings attached.  I won't track you down or try to add you to my collection unless you pick a fight with me."

"And what about them?"  He asked, motioning to her guests.

"Mallow, Lana, Maylene, you girls will let this little guy go if he wins, right?"  She asked.

"This is your gym, we'll respect your decision Liza."  Mallow replied, with the other two nodding in agreement.

"Satisfied?  Now, don't touch my butt."  The Psychic Gym Leader said as she eyes shone an unnatural pinkish light.

Once again the boy felt a force wrap around his body as she was picked up off the ground and his face brought just inches away from Liza's pert little rear.  "What's going on!?"  He asked, struggling and finding her neck and arms weren't being controlled as he was forced to follow behind Liza as she joined her friends.  "How are you doing this?  How did you do any of this?"

"Oh right!  I never did explain, did I?  Well first, I'd be careful with how you move down there.  All you have to do is not touch my butt for an hour and I'll set you free.  Should be easy, right?"  She said giggling, wagging her butt in his face, teasingly hooking her thumbs in the waistline of her pants and pulling them down slightly to show off the tops of her panties.  "But when you fail, feel free to really bury your face in there, I won't mind one bit.  It's always nice to feel someone playing with your butt while feeling like you're in one.  Honestly, if you men just accepted your new roles in society you'd learn to enjoy it like my brother did."

"Oh?  He's always enjoyed it did he?  So then what you said before was a lie?"  The Challenger asked angrily, trying to distract himself of the perfection that was Liza compact little tush.

"So you want to know about that next?  Okay, but it's not that complicated."  Liza replied, crossing her legs and sitting in mid air, moving her soon-to-be pet directly under her.  "Long story short, yes, at first I tried to shrink and play with Tate but the fear he felt was so unbearable I gave it up and changed him back, but that didn't stop me from using it on challengers like you.  Tate objected, of course, but rules are rules and I used them to have all the kinds of fun Tate wouldn't let me have with him.  After a while, I could tell he was enjoying feeling it too, so I started getting more and more intense until one day I stopped accepting challengers and left Tate to run the Gym."

"Why would you do that?  Wasn't it 'fun'?"  The boy asked hatefully.  Liza's response was one of a gas attack straight up the boy's nose thanks to his positioning, and once again an overpowering desire to shove his face into her butt crack returned.  He remembered what it was like before, so soft, so warm, such bliss.  Bending his neck, he inched his face closer to her backside, but stopped when he noticed her guests had repositioned themselves to watch him struggle!

"Sorry girls, I didn't think this would take so long."  Liza apologized.

"Oh no, take your time.  This is fun to watch."  Mallow giggled, crouching down to better see his expression.

"Yes, I love witnessing contests of will!"  Maylene agreed.

"My sisters always end up breaking the boys I bring home before I can do anything like this.  This is good reference."  Lana said, intently observing.

"Ok, as long as you girls are having fun.  And as for you, have another dose of my Sweet Scent."  Liza said, producing another strong fart right in the Challenger's face, doubling down on its effectiveness.  "Now where was I?  Oh yeah!  So I stopped shrinking trainers for a while, despite how fun it was, because I knew if I waited long enough, Tate would miss the pleasure more than I did.  After all, as a girl I could have multiple orgasms in a row before I'm satisfied, but you boys are satisfied with each one and get more sensitive as you go!  How do you think Tate fared once the tiny-play stopped?  I'll give you a hint, the number of times he tried to masturbate increased exponentially, but it was never enough.  Then, finally he came to me with a couple of trainers he beat and asked me if I wanted them.  I told him I would, but only if he joined them.  He obviously agreed and the rest, as they say, is history.  There's really nothing like experiencing both sides of playing with shrunken people."

"S... So, y-you broke him..."  It was a struggle to focus his thoughts on something other than Liza's enticing butt.  The pleasant smelling, rancid farts were robbing him of his senses.  If allowed to wander, he thought of being wrapped in the marshmallowy flesh and possibly even being allowed to lick her tight little anus.  Why did he even come to challenger her again?  "Butt... But how did he shrink us?"

"Simple.  I remotely activated it when he signaled me.  It's not something he can do by himself, since apparently Sabrina can't get one of her people to make exceptions in the system for certain boys to use it themselves.  Or at least that's what May told me when I asked her to ask for me."  Liza explained.  "Was there anything else you wanted to know, or would you rather focus on your challenge?"

"Yeah, jus-just one... last thing I c-can't figure out."  The boy admitted, clenching his fists tight to keep from reaching out and groping her dainty butt.  It was likely the only thing that mattered anymore.  Why did she pick him?  "Where will you stick me?"  However, a slip of thought mixed up the wishful thought he was trying to repress with the question he wanted to ask... as he nose made contact with her pants and pushed deeper into her tight crack.  "N-No!  No, wait!  I... I didn't-"

"Too late.  You touched my butt, so you lose."  Liza exclaimed happily, dropping her waist a bit more to really shove his nose right up against her puckering rosebud as she used the psychic force holding him to compress his chest and squeeze all the air out of his lungs.  As he inhaled to replenish the air in his lungs however, she released another Sweet Scent fart directly into his respiratory system.  "Since you seem to like it so much, I've decided you'll be my butt slave.  You'll get to live in the back of my panties, licking my butt and smelling my farts all day every day.  You'll also be spending a lot of time inside my cute tush too."  Pulling out her PokéNav, Liza opened the Shrink-Ray functions and got off her new toy.  "Any last words?"

That last attack shattered the Challenger's sensibilities, the only thing he could think about was Liza's butt.  He couldn't remember why he came to the Gym anymore, it must have been to see her butt.  All that training he did?  An unimportant blur of time he only wished he could have instead spent with the butt he should have submitted to all along.  There was a point in time when he thought he hated Liza for what she had done to him... but what was it?  Did he even hate her?  No, that couldn't be right, she was the only thing that mattered to him... He must have hated not being with her, her and her glorious, divine butt.  The best parts of today were with her butt in his face, so living in her butt must be the path to a happy life and she was just trying to show that to him.  Why fight what makes him happy?  How could he be so ungrateful?  Last words?  No, these were the first words to commemorate entering the best part of his life.  "Thank you."  He whispered softly with the happiest of smiles on his face and tears of joy welling up.

"I see you finally understand.  Good."  Liza said back, shrinking him without hesitation.  Grabbing him out of the air, she released him from her telekinetic hold and stuffed him down the back of her panties, pushing him until she felt his breath on her back door.  Flexing her cheeks a bit, she took a moment to enjoy him licking her delicate flesh before looking at her guests and all of them bursting out into laughter.

"I can't believe he thanked you!"  Mallow said holding her sides.  "He did realize he was going to spend the rest of his life in your butt, right?

"Oh, that never gets old."  Liza admitted, rolling in the air as she levitated.  "You should have seen him ogling my butt before.  Even though he thought I was Tate, I don't think he even remembers that he pulled down my pants for a bit when he started playing with it!  It helped stall for enough time to get everything in place, but still."

"I didn't know you could do something like that with them!"  Lana was more amazed by the conquest of the boy than anything else.

"Well, Cute Charm can make Pokémon not want to attack the ability holder by making them fall in love for a bit.  He just happened to fall for my butt!"  Liza explained, pulling out the other shrunken trainers that Tate and Medicham defeated.  "Now then, Maylene has to go back to Shinnoh tomorrow to prepare for her Galarian visitor next week.  Thanks to Olympia's warning we were able to collect so many toys so let's have some fun!"

The girls agreed and they spent the rest of the day making sure the only way any of the challenger even left the building that day was in or on one of them.

Liza and Tate - The End.


"Boss.  Mossdeep Scout with a report.  Do you read me?"

"Mossdeep Scout, have you made any progress on making contact with Tate?"

"Negative on contact, but the target is the focus of my report Boss."

"Very well, what's the report."

"Among the challengers of Mossdeep Gym today, there was a group of 20 powerful trainers.  However, they were all wiped out by Tate disguised as Liza using Shinnoh Gym Leader, Maylene's, Medicham.  He did so willingly and handed over the defeated trainers in exchange for a reward.  I can no longer advise trying to enlist his aid to our cause."

"Hmm... so she corrupted him then.  That's a shame.  I was hoping to use Tate to reason with his sister and join us.  Unlike any other female trainer, Liza would know the fear of men but I suppose that either isn't the case or she overrode his fear with her pleasure.  No matter, pack up and return to base.  I'll assign you a new mission after you've rested a couple days.  Good work Mossdeep Scout."

"Thank you Bo-!"

"I knew I heard a guys voice in here.  Not sorry little guy, but I'm hungry and it's been like a whole day since I last digested one of you.  Well, down the hatch!"  *GULP!*  "Hmmm, yup.  He was a fighter.  Keep it up in there.  Huh, what's this emblem on your clothes little snack?  A rainbow colored 'R'?"


"Damn... he was a good man."

To be continued?

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Mysterious Sisters - Rune & Rime by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Contains: anal Vore, bad breath, cruel Pred, drowning, gullible pred, hairy pred, incest, multiple preds, poor hygiene, scat, sister/sister, smelly themes, sweat, torture underage pred, waterworks, and yuri.


“Rime! Come out already! It’s been over a week! You can’t hide in your bedroom just because some stupid boy didn’t want to date you!”



“G-Go away! I’m not leaving my sanctum! It’s safe in here…”



Crossing her petite arms as she heard her sister’s whining tone on the other side of her door, Rune huffed angrily before walking away as her pink rainboots clicked on the wooden floor. She was tired of this… Her sister was being ridiculous!



If she wanted a boyfriend, she just needed to fight one in a battle and shrink him! But she didn’t because she didn’t want to scare any of her potential lovers away. While that might work for some women, Rime was what you would call a social outcast. Not to mention an occultist. Most people just called them Hex Maniacs, unfortunately…



Even before men started being shrunken and passed around from person to person, no boys wanted anything to do with the little girl’s older sibling. If not for the fact she liked creepy things, she also had a hard time with personal hygiene as well as being bit plump and chubby too. Why did she have to be so dense?! She just needed to claim a stupid boy as her property, then she could live happily ever after like in the blonde’s fairy tale books!



Walking into her pink bedroom, all the walls and furnishings being frilly with white laces and doylies, Rune sat herself down in front of her computer before turning it on. If her sister wanted to keep locking herself away in her dank and smelly bedroom, then it was up to the younger girl to intervene. Luckily, she happened to frequent a lot of *special* forums that now existed online.



Her days of searching for dresses and poke-plushies had long since passed as a new pastime took hold of her interests. Clicking the bookmarked tab as she came across a website with a cartoonish skull logoed at the top of it, the child began skimming the pages before ending up in the local chatroom. She was hoping she would be on!



The fairy girl had made a pen pal over in the Alola region. She was a member of a group over there known as Team Skull. They loved to torture tiny trainers! It was awesome! Typing away at her keys as different pictures popped up on the side of her private messenger, Rune soon giggled as her question was answered almost immediately, by not just her friend, but all the other Team Skull members who had been online too. Such a helpful community!



Writing down a list of ideas, the pink girl soon had enough information before signing off. She knew what to do now, and by tomorrow, her sister’s sulking would be over. After all, she just wanted a boyfriend. It didn’t matter if he wanted to be hers or not…



‘Sleep tight sis. Let me take care of everything for you from now on.’



She would do whatever it took to make her big sister happy. Not to mention, it would be pretty fun for her too. She had never played with a tiny trainer like her friends suggested before, and there were a lot of fun videos online showing her just what they were used for…



Whoever she picked would be miserable… And, the blonde knew just who to choose. After all, her sister talked about him every single day since he opened the local poke-mart door for her a couple of weeks back.




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



*Knock, knock, knock*



“Rime, can I come in? I’ve got a little surprise for you~.” *Giggles*




Leaning up from her slouching state, a disheveled woman with long, unruly black hair glanced at her bedroom door before slumping back onto the floor in a pile of old food wrappers and empty soda cans. She didn’t want to let the sun in again… “G-Go away… I don’t want to try any of your poke-puffs… M-Maybe just… slip a few under my door though...” Her younger sister made the best pastries…



Whimpering as her door was opened regardless of her prior declination, the older girl saw her pink and posh little sister frowning back at her as she held a small gift-wrapped box in her petite hands. “It’s not food. I’ll make you something to eat in a bit if you want though. You know how much I love spoiling you~. I know you're sad about that dumb boy you liked, but… you don’t need to be anymore. Here~.” Rune giggled once more before letting go of the box as it floated over to her disheveled older sibling.



Watching the small gift land in her extended hands, Rime looked back at her little sister before a crooked grin spread across her face. “Your psychic powers are growing! I told you they would.” Giving the older girl a small curtsy, the blonde watched with anticipation as she saw her raven-haired sister shake the box a bit.



“Go on, open it. I’m sure you’ll feel a hundred times better once you do. It will be like a fairy tale! And you’ll be the princess!” Letting out a quiet scoff from her sister’s nonsensical words, Rime began pulling on the bow as the string unraveled in front of her. The sentiment was enough for her. Rune was a good girl. She didn’t need to go out of her way to… to…



Growing wide-eyed as her haggard face formed into one of shock as she pulled the top off, the older girl’s mouth hung open as she tried to comprehend what she was looking at. It… it was… it was…



“D-D-D-D-DEAN?! W-WHA-WHAT ARE YOU DOING H-HERE?! WH-WHATS GOING ON?!” Rime screamed out as her face flushed red. It was him! It was her crush! He was here, in this box, and only about two inches tall!!!



Smirking back at her sister as her hands trembled clenching the small box in a death grip, Rune gave a small curtsy once more. She knew he would be the perfect gift~. Looking down at the clean-shaven brunette firmly lying flat on his back with a wide-eyed look of fear, Rime wasn’t sure what to say… but, she liked what she was seeing. He… h-he was, naked… She could see his naughty parts…



Blushing brightly as a shiver ran down her spine, the hexy girl panted loudly as she eyed the tiny man like a piece of candy. He was soooooooo, cute! What was he doing here though?! He… he had rejected her advances… What was going on?



Looking at her little sister questioningly, Rune grinned broadly before stepping into her sisters’ room fully, the smell immediately hitting her. ‘You haven’t bathed in a whole week. Perfect~.’ Most people were repulsed by the blonde’s sister, but not her. She loved her sister’s plump and sweaty form! She was perfect, and everyone else was stupid for not liking her just the way she was too!



“It’s simple. Your poke-ranger boy toy wanted this. He wanted to be your property Rime. You didn’t have your poke-gear on when you met him, so he didn’t think you wanted to shrink him. He’s a naughty boy… And he’s now your naughty boy~. He told me all sorts of things. I can also see in his mind. He loves big girls! Big girl's who don’t bathe or brush their teeth every day. He was too embarrassed to tell anyone until I talked to him. You’re a goddess in his eyes, and he asked me to shrink him so he could be your little prince. Just like in a fairytale~.” Rune smiled sinisterly.



Gaping in disbelief, Rime’s eyes shot down to the shrunken man in an instant as a wide, sporadic grin stretched her cheeks painfully far apart. ‘H-H-He l-likes me?! He r-really likes me?!’ This had never happened before! No boy would go out of their way to have themselves shrunk unless they really did love the person, they did it for! He wanted to be hers!



Grabbing the rigid man in her greasy hands, the raven-haired woman panted happily, bordering on hyperventilating as she tried to contain her excitement. She finally had one! A boyfriend! And he was the one she longed for too! She knew after he held the door of the market open for her when they first met bound them together like a destiny bond!



“Enjoy Rime~. Oh, I should probably tell you what he likes, shouldn’t I?” Snapping her neck in the direction of her little sister, the thicker girl began to nod her head furiously as perverse giggles began to escape her mouth much to the shrunken man’s horror.



Closing her sister’s door behind her with her mind, Rune smirked down at the shrunken trainer with disdain in her eyes. He had been easy to find, and even easier to shrink. As a poke-ranger, he was forced to respond to all distress calls. And a little girl lost in the woods in the middle of a Pokémon battle was a top priority. Too bad he had been her opponent unknowingly. Knocking out his surprised partner had been a cakewalk for her Floette.



Pulling out a small notepad from the back of her pink dress, the child’s eyes lingered over all the things she had written yesterday before she hummed loudly. “Well, I hope you’re not put off by any of this Rime. Your new boyfriend is very naughty. A complete pervert really. But he told me that he wouldn’t want to do any of this stuff with anyone but you. That’s how much he loves you.”



Gasping in shock, the gullible woman began to smile crookedly once again before lifting the smaller man up to her face. “D-D-Don’t worry a-about a thing! I-I’m a pervert too! I-I swear! I look at porn all the time!!! S-So, I’ll do, ANYTHING, you want me to! I-I-I’ll be the best, bestest, g-girlfriend you could ever have!” Rime cried, her voice cracking as stutters came out in spades much to the terror of the poke-ranger. She looked completely unhinged!



Grinning as she saw her sister cheering up now, Rune lifted her small notebook up before skimming the first page. There were dozens of ideas on here. And she got to choose which ones she made her sister perform. She was like her keeper this way. She would tell the older girl what to do, and she’d listen without question. What a fun new game to play!



Moving her finger over the first paragraph, Rune giggled before looking back at the shrunken man. “Well, to start with… He said that he loves your bad breath. His words, not mine. He could smell that you didn’t brush your teeth when you two first met, and he had been enthralled by your fragrance. He has a smell fetish, just so you know~.”



Grunting loudly as his mouth was forced closed by an invisible force, the smaller man screamed internally as he saw the insane look the larger woman was now giving him. “Y-Y-You like… my, bad b-breath…? Heh… hehehe… HEHEHEHAHA! I-I’ll give you whatever you want!”



Shoving the smaller male towards her mouth, Rime forcefully enveloped him in a sloppy kiss, her tongue slathering his naked form as she tried to bathe her new boyfriend in her *bad breath*. She didn’t even know her breath smelled bad. She could never tell. If it ever was pointed out to her she’d brush her teeth, but for the most part she usually just forgot about it.



Screaming as his mouth suddenly opened before being frozen in place, the tiny ranger cried as his body was enveloped in a swampy prison, complete with foul saliva flooding passed his waiting lips. This was disgusting!



Grinning as her eyes glowed a faint blue, Rune licked her lips as she felt the feelings of the shrunken man. ‘Drink up, little guy. You’ll need your energy to please my big sister you know.’ She had been smart about how she changed him. He was the perfect sponge for all of her sibling’s bodily needs. A grass and water duel type, with water absorb. She also mixed his DNA with a Gastrodons. She didn’t understand it too much but apparently, it would make him very bendable and help him regenerate any limbs he might end up losing. Her pen pal had thought of everything! And the fun was only just beginning.



Moving her hands behind her neck before tugging on a long white ribbon, Rune soon felt the knot behind her waist loosen before her dress started to fall off her petite form. There was so much more to do, and she was going to be a part of it! Torturing boys was her favorite pastime. In school, she would usually step on them or swallow them whole, but… she now had a whole new slew of ideas to try out, each more horrible than the prior one.



Boys didn’t like her big sister. They needed to be punished! Rime was the best sister the child could have ever asked for! Their parents weren’t around anymore, so it was only them. And the blonde didn’t care who it was… No one would turn down her sister and get away with it! She had disposed of all the boys who had done so already. This time, however, the shrunken trainer wouldn’t get away with it. He would take responsibility, and make her big sister a happy princess!



Looking back at her little sister as she wiggled out of her pink dress, Rime paused momentarily before breaking her sloppy kiss with her new *boyfriend*. “W-What are you doing Rune?” Why was she taking her clothes off?



Standing in only a pair of white panties with a cute Teddiursa face on them, the younger girl moved over to her sister before sitting down on her lap much to her surprise. No one got close to her like this but her. She was never used to closed contact…



Wiggling the small notepad in front of her older sibling, Rune giggled before shifting her eyes to the gagging trainer still tightly gripped by the raven-haired girl. “I’m just making your boyfriend happy. Here, take a look at what he likes. Specifically, this part. I want you to be happy, so I agreed to do this with you two so you can have your fairytale together. He REALLY wanted this.”



Looking at the written notepad silently, Rime’s face grew redder by the minute before her eyes shot open in disbelief. ‘W-Wants to be used as an object. Used to clean your glorious body. Used… on both your beautiful plump sister and your cute and exceptionally adorable princess little sis. Punish me, for my depravity…’ He wanted to have Rune use him too…?



Looking back at the blonde questioningly, the younger girl simply shrugged her shoulders. “As I said, he’s a pervert. I don’t mind if you’re worried. You wanted a boyfriend… and he wanted you. I’m just helping your dreams come true. Sort of like your Fairy God-sister!” Rune giggled, before hugging her sister's sweaty form. Her whole dress felt drenched in sweat! She needed to take it off so they could have lots of fun!



Looking down at the shrunken man she had pinned over, Rime silently frowned now. “D-Do you, really want b-both of us to use you…?” She had heard about relationships where more than one person was involved… but, she never expected to be in one, let alone with her own little sister!



Grunting as he tried to shake his head, the shrunken man soon began to nod against his will as Rune's eyes shined brightly. ‘No tattling!’ She didn’t go out of her way to bring him here for her secret to be revealed. One way or another he was going to be played with. And he was better off with his new girlfriend instead of her. She hated boys…



Pondering what to do as her question was answered, a small smile soon found its way to the plumper woman’s face before she nodded. “A-Alright. I guess... I-If you’re ok with it Rune… we can share him! Y-You wanted to be used, right?! Y-You can be like our sex toy! How does that sound?!”



Crying as he began to nod against his will, the tiny man wanted to scream but, he was silenced forcefully once again. He was completely powerless to these two insane girls! Smirking as she saw the tears in the smaller man’s eyes, Rune couldn’t contain herself as she quietly began to giggle.



“Look Rime! He’s shedding tears of joy! Look how happy you’ve made him!” Panting excitedly as she misinterpreted her new *boyfriend's* emotions, the hexy girl nodded excitedly before looking back at the notebook her sister still had.



“W-What else, what else! T-Tell me more! What does… does…. M-My boyfriend! Want us to do to him!?” Rime sputtered out gleefully. Grinning, the younger girl flipped her book open before nodding her head. “Well, he said that he loved seeing the sweat on your body drip down your black dress. He really wants to lick and smell you up close! He even said he wanted me to help rub him all over your beautiful body! What do you say Rime? Want me to make your boyfriend's dreams come true?”



Panting excitedly as her deranged eyes landed back on the crying man, Rime frantically began to nod. “Y-Y-Yeah, yeah!!! H-Here, hold him for me! I-I’ll be just a minute c-cutie!” Dropping the smaller man onto her sister's extended hand, the raven-haired woman began pulling on her dress as she heard her little sister’s laughter filling her room.



This was like a dream come true! She couldn’t believe that anyone would love her for her less than pleasant aspects. Whenever she stalked a boy she liked, many of them told her that they didn’t want to date someone as fat as her. Or as greasy. Or as smelly. Or as creepy… That last one stung more than the others did.



But that was all a thing of the past now! She had a boyfriend who loved everything about her! She didn’t have to change a thing to make him happy! In fact, she could double down on what she was already doing and it would make him even happier! She was going to be the best girlfriend a guy could ever want! Whatever kinks he had she would perform. Whatever fetishes he liked; she would do! And the best part was that he was so portable now too! She could keep him on her at all times! They would never be apart! This was a dream come true! She finally found someone to love her!



Feeling her sister’s emotions as joy radiated off of her, Rune smiled as she felt the exact opposite coming off of the tiny man. Giving him a painful squeeze to amuse herself, the sadistic Lolita grinned as she saw his fearful eyes locked on her. “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to use you for everything. You wanted us to abuse you, and humiliate you. To treat you like a toy… All boys are toys, so that’s not a problem. I’m glad you know that too! My sister really loves you… Make sure to take good care of her needs~.” Rune whispered gleefully, her malice failing to be hidden as she continued to squeeze the poor man painfully.



She hated all boys… No one deserved her sister. Especially not someone who rejected her! He was the luckiest man alive considering Rime wanted him to love her. If she moved on as she had with the other guys who had rejected her, he would have just wound up under her pink boot as they did…



But not him. No, he would be their new plaything for the rest of his life. Her big sister would get a boyfriend, and she would get to play with her big sister all she wanted. It was a win/win for every person involved… emphasis on person…



After a few minutes of wiggling and bouncing, Rimes sticky dress finally came off much to both sisters delight, the raven-haired woman’s plump body now freed for all to see. Leaning into the older girl as she sunk into her sibling’s chubby frame, Rune softly giggled as she hugged her close. “Let’s play like this every day from now on Rime! I know your, boyfriend, wants that to!”



Shuddering in pleasure at the mention of her boyfriend, the older girl nodded happily as she put a sweaty arm around the younger girl. “S-Sure! W-We can play w-whenever we want! S-S-So… does that make him happy, Rune?”



Smirking as she felt the utter hopelessness coming off the tiny man, the little blonde quietly nodded. “He’s overjoyed. He wants to experience every part of you. Slowly~. Let’s start with your pudgy tummy! Here you go, little guy!”



Moving the frozen man forward, the shrunken ranger’s eyes watered as a foul smell assaulted his senses. This woman… she reeked! He could see a slick coat of sweat all over her body! Did she ever bathe?! Screaming as he was shoved into the chubby woman, the little brunette was forcefully manipulated once more as his mouth opened on its own, his tongue now hanging out as he was forced to taste the disgusting woman now to!



“Lick it up, little guy! Rime was really upset when you rejected her. She forgot to shower and wouldn’t leave her room even to go to the bathroom! Was this your plan all along? You just wanted her to get all smelly, just for you~, you naughty, naughty boy~.”



Gagging as more and more of the chubby woman’s sour sweat traveled down his throat, a new level of hell was discovered as the brunette was shoved downward as he was pushed into the raven-haired woman’s belly button, his whole head now submerged in a greasy pool of sweat and gunk!



“Hehehehe~, I-I can feel him licking me, Rune! D-D-Do I taste good, b-boyfriend?!” Rime giggled excitedly. She was beginning to get turned on by this! She really wanted to feel her new lover inside of her! But she needed to please him first. She would make all his wildest dreams come true!



Twisting the man’s neck hard as his body bent to its newly altered form, Rune grinned sadistically as she felt the anguish coming from the smaller man. “Yes. He thinks your belly jam is yummy, yummy! He’s never ate anything as tasty as it! But he doesn’t want to fill up too much. He also wanted to taste your armpits~.”



Raising her arms up excitedly, Rime panted loudly as her body quivered under the combined touch of her sister and her new boyfriend. “G-G-Go on! L-Let him do whatever he likes! I-I’m his playground! W-Worship me till your heart's content, lover!”



Knowing the comment was meant for the smaller man, Rune couldn’t help but smile. She would be the one to enjoy her sister, not him. Pulling the shrunken ranger out of her siblings’ navel, the fairy girl began dragging her new toy up the length of her sisters’ chubby belly before running him back and forth under the raven-haired woman’s enormous breasts! Arceus, she loved her sister’s breasts! They were so big and soft! Plus, for some reason, milk liked to leak out of them.



If she asked nicely, occasionally her sister would let her drink it. Hopefully, she would get the chance to today. But for now, she wanted to make her sister happy. And torturing the shrunken man was the best way to go about doing just that.



“Here you go Mr. Tiny! My big sister’s smelly, smelly armpits! They stink, don’t they! But I like the smell. Really?! You do too! You love it so much that you never want her to shower ever again? Never ever?! You really are a naughty boy. I guess that means you’ll have to clean her body every single day with your tiny tongue! Hehehe~, I know. You’re welcome. He’s very grateful Rime. He wants you to use him for everything you need from now on.” Rune lied giddily.



The expression on her sister’s face, it made her heart flutter. Cupping her cheeks as a glazed look of longing rested over her features, the chubby woman shivered as she felt the tiny man of her dreams licking her armpits. He was really, licking them. He didn’t even care that she never shaved them… He was amazing…



Screaming in misery as he was forced to lick the raven-haired occultist, the smaller man winced in discomfort as course, stringy hairs scraped his face painfully. The smell, it was on a whole other level then what her rank, bellybutton had been! He wanted to die…



Shaking her head silently, Rune grinned viciously as she twisted and turned the shrunken man around so he could run his tongue all over her older sisters’ filthy armpit. ‘Lick it all up, you stupid boy! You’re lucky to taste her!’ She loved the smell of her sister’s armpits. They were stale and earthy, and wonderful!



Burying her face in her siblings’ other bushy underarm, Rune sucked on the panting woman’s sticky flesh. She was feeling all tingly now. She always got this way whenever she did stuff with her big sister. It felt amazing…



If she played her cards right, then she could do stuff like this forever and ever with her now. She just had to keep the shrunken man around to make her sibling happy. Eventually, she’d probably grow bored of him. At least, that was what the fairy girl hoped for. She would be the one to make her sister happy. Not some stupid man who didn’t even like her as she did!



“Eghhh, R-Rune, that... t-tickles!” She was getting too embarrassed now! She didn’t think her sister would lick her too! Nuzzling her cheeks into her sister’s armpit, the younger blonde peeked up as a small smile formed over her drooling mouth. It was time to make her sister the happiest person on the planet… She knew something. Something she wasn’t supposed to.



“Rime… I… I don’t know if this is right, but… Your boyfriend wants you to put him somewhere even smellier than your armpit. He wants… to lick your butt!” Growing wide-eyed at the declaration, the older woman’s heart skipped a beat.



‘M-M-My… My, b-butt…?’ Her new boyfriend, wanted, to lick her ass… Twitching a bit, the older woman began to shudder as she felt her crotch grow damp, as a crooked grin spread over her face. It… it wasn’t possible. No one would want that… Not from someone like her…



Pulling the shrunken ranger out of her sister’s hairy armpit, Rune gave him a few shakes as she let the sticky hairs fall off of him. “He really, really wants it! He wants… REALLY?! Oh wow… He wants, to go up your butt actually! He wants to be inside of you where he belongs! B-But it has to be your butt! He wants to be a part of your poop because…” Rune trailed off trying to think of a reason. She honestly couldn’t.



Thankfully, however, she didn’t need to, as a broad smile rested over the naked woman’s features. After using her big sisters’ computer for shopping one day, she found a bunch of porn on her desktop! It all had to do with women sitting on guy's faces and having them lick their buttholes! She was really into that sort of thing! And having her new boyfriend be into it to was all she needed to hear apparently.



Crawling off her sister’s lap, Rune grinned in excitement as she watched her enthralled sibling obeying her as she presented her huge rear end for to her. “M-M-My b-butt… m-my, butt… I-I’ve wanted, someone to do stuff with it, for so, long…” Rime whimpered out. She fantasized about sitting on boys' faces she liked. Using them as seats for hours on end as she played games or watched tv.



But, having one shrunken, and inside her butt… What, would that even feel like. She wanted to know. She REALLY, needed to know! And her boyfriend was into it… She was the luckiest woman alive! Crying softly as her hands sunk into her fat ass cheeks, the raven-haired hexy girl shivered as she pulled her plump fatty cheeks apart as she presented her puckered anus to her little sister.



“I-It’s, dirty… I… I haven’t c-cleaned it… Do you, really want this?” Rime asked fearfully. She was always afraid, that when she got a boyfriend, he would be repulsed by her ass. It was huge, sweaty, hairy, and coated in feces… She was always bad at wiping.



Grinning in pure sadism, Rune lifted the shrunken man up before presenting him with the beautiful sight, of her older sisters’ ass. It was magnificent! It was gigantic! Her pale cheeks were flawless! No freckles or blemishes, just pure alabaster skin everywhere! Well… everywhere but inside of it. Hair grew in various places, just as black, curly, and course as her armpits had been, especially around her wrinkled hole. There was also a noticeable brown and gunky smear spread across the inside of her crack. It was perfect… for her new boyfriend that is~.



“He thinks, he’s died… and gone to heaven! He feels love for you. A very strong love. He wants you to abuse him. To use him like toilet paper. He wants to spend every minute of his new life with you cleaning your butt! And, he wants you to make it dirtier then it is now, so he’ll always get to clean it… over and over, for the rest, of his, little~, life…” Rune whispered monotonously, her golden eyes resting on the crying man as she watched his will to live, shatter, right in front of her. ‘Suffer, you useless boy…’



Releasing one of her ass cheeks so she could cover her mouth, Rime softly sobbed as she heard her boyfriend’s heartfelt words relayed to her from her little sister. ‘Y-You’re too good, for a degenerate like me…’ How did she ever get so lucky, to find a boyfriend as amazing as this?! She didn’t care if it embarrassed her… She would fulfil, whatever desires he had! HE WAS PERFECT FOR SOMEONE LIKE HER!!!



“O-Okay… P-P-Please, enjoy yourself. I’ll never wipe again… I’ll eat lots of food that makes me have to go to the bathroom too! I… I can even wear I diaper if you ask me to! I’LL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU! S-So, p-please… k-keep loving me, like I love you!” Rime cried before moving her hand back to her ass so she could spread her cheeks apart for her new boyfriend to enjoy.



Grinning from the devious ideas her sister had unknowingly gave her, Rune filed them away for later use as she moved the shrunken man closer to her sister’s filthy crevice. “He’ll never stop loving you, Rime. He lives to make you happy. That’s why he wanted to be shrunken down and made into your boyfriend. He can never leave you this way. Boys are stupid… They don’t appreciate what’s right in front of them. Like this, he’ll never be able to take you for granted. And as long as you keep using him on your beautiful body… he’ll never forget his place, either…” Rune finished succinctly, her words more for the shrunken ranger rather than for her sister.



Crying as his nose shriveled up in revulsion, the shrunken man wanted to be anywhere else then here, but… the psychic child held full control over his newly altered body. He was her toy, and he couldn’t even close his mouth, as to avoid the foul taste, he could already feel in the back of his lungs… There was no escaping this… and, he knew it…



Smiling as she pressed on the back of the shrunken boy’s head, Rune felt her body quiver in excitement as she listened to the soft moaning escaping from her sister's trembling lips. ‘I’ll make him please you in every way Rime. I’ll do anything to make you happy.’



Running the man's face up and down as she smeared her sisters poorly cleaned remains around, the child giggled in amusement as she felt his revile at all this. It was only going to get worse. This was just a taste of what he would be dining on from now on. “Lick it all up little guy~. I know how much you’ve wanted this. You dreamed of putting your tongue up my big sister’s big butt since the day you saw her. So naughty… But, Rime’s the best big sister in the whole wide world! And she wants to make you, so very, happy. So, enjoy yourself in there…” The blonde whispered, her monotone voice coming back as she reveled in her torturous tendencies. She loved abusing tiny boys. It felt so right…



And using her sister as a means to do that with, was the best feeling in the world. Moving the exhausted man over her sister’s puckered hole, a wide grin spread across the child’s face. “Eat it. Eat her poop. Lick her lots and lots! Show her the only thing you’re good for now…” No one said no to her big sister. NO ONE!



Giving the crying man a rough shove, Rune shivered in delight herself, as she heard a sharp cry of pleasure come out of her older sibling. Grinning madly, the fairy girl began to twist and shove the tiny man as she tried to force him into the plump woman’s sweaty hole.



“Do you like it Rime? Do you like him licking inside of your butt?! He really likes it! I-In fact, he wants to live in your butt from now on!” The younger girl laughed as she shoved more of the tiny man into her sister’s ass. If she had her way, he would never come out. Then, her sister would be all hers… She didn’t want to share. Rime was her big sister, no one else’s!



Gasping for air as she felt the foreign intrusion in her ass, the raven-haired woman writhed in bliss as she felt the tiny man of her dreams, worshiping her filthy hole. ‘H-H-He’s, I-In my asshole… A-And, he wants to s-stay in it?!’ He really was a perverted man… and she was in love with him!



Panting with her tongue hanging out, the filthy woman clenched her anal muscles around her tiny boyfriend as she tried to feel more of him. He was perfect! She loved him! SHE LOVED HIM! HE WOULD NEVER LEAVE HER! HE WAS HER'S! THEY WOULD BE TOGETHER FOREVER!



Crying tears of joy as she felt her asshole being played with by her boyfriend… and… and her dripping cunt being touched as well… Rime was at a loss of words, and choose to ride out the pleasure instead. She, NEEDED, this! All her love. All her lonely nights stalking men. All her failed attempts at persuading guys to give her a chance! That all ended, NOW! She finally had someone as perverse as her to share. And she would never let him go…



Moving her fingers into her sister’s sticky crotch, Rune giggled happily as she played with her sisters’ private parts. She had seen plenty of women on Skull.net put tiny people inside of them. And when she touched herself, it tingled and felt pleasant. So, it was only right for her to touch her sister’s naughty parts and make her feel pleasant too!



“Come on Rime! Cum! Cum for me! A-And for your new boyfriend! He loved being inside you (he was in hell…). He wants to taste every part of your filthy body (she wanted to do that…). He wants to sleep in your poop (he was being buried alive, and couldn’t breathe)! Scream for him (me)!”



Crying loudly as her orgasm came out squirting, Rime screamed as she thrust her hips into her little sisters’ hand, slumping forward as she felt her shaking knees give out under her. Watching with satisfaction as her older sibling laid on her bedroom floor in a drooling state, Rune smiled warmly before crawling over the older girl and lying down beside her.



“Did you enjoy yourself? I hope so. I want to do these kinds of things with you every day, Rime. Let’s play some more when you’re ready. Y-You can touch me this time.” Rune whispered, before her lips wrapped around the older girl’s plump nipple.



Clinging to her sister as she suckled contently, the little fairy girl smiled as she felt the tortured feelings of the little man still thrashing inside of her perfect sister’s plump rear. He really didn't like being in her sister's poop.



Biting down gently as she heard a sharp whimper escape her older sibling, Rune's eyes shifted around before spotting what she had hoped to find. Her sister hadn't left her room all week. Not even to go to the bathroom...



Reaching behind her big sister's back, the younger girl dug her hand into the raven-haired woman as she continued to lay in a messy state of ecstasy. It seemed her new boyfriend really did a number on her. But, she could do better.



Wiggling her finger into her sibling's anus, the child soon found what she had been searching for, before withdrawing her hand. "Welcome back little guy~. Don't think I took you out to give you a break. I know how much you LOOOOOVED being inside my big sister's butt. So, I'm going to give you what you want, times ten!" The younger girl laughed.



Looking back at the child in a nearly unconscious state, the battered man's eyes widened before the last of the tears he had left began to stream down his face as he shook his head. Not this... no more! He couldn't take it!



Nodding her head back at the shrunken boy, Rune smiled sadistically as she held a large bottle up filled about three-fourths of the way with her sister's pee and poop. She had been using these so she didn't have to leave her bedroom. And now, she would use them to torture the one who did this to the older woman in the first place.



"I know, I know. It's second hand and not inside of Rime. But you want to get used to being buried alive inside her butt, right?" Grinning viciously as she watched the tiny man forcibly nod his head, Rune giggled darkly. "I thought so. Good luck holding your breath. It might get a bit, violent in there~."



Dropping the two-inch man into the small opening, the younger girl gave his larger body a hard shove as she watched him fall all the way in before being submerged in her sister's foul toilet bottle. Sealing the cap back on, trapping the tiny ranger in, Rune admired her work as she saw the smaller man swimming to the top of the sickly yellow fluid amidst several large brown logs of poop.



That wouldn't do at all. Didn't Rime know, that oil and water didn't mix together? You had to give it a shake! Laughing loudly as she began to viciously thrust the bottle up and down, the child's eyes glowed blue as she forced the contents inside the bottle to swirl in a circle further mixing it all together. 'Drown in it, you stupid boy'! This is what he got for rejecting her sister's affections!



After about thirty seconds, the younger girl sighed tiredly before setting the bottle back down, its contents now a full murky brown, with no sight of the smaller man who had fallen in early being present whatsoever.




'Goodnight little guy~'.




She'd retrieve him tomorrow. Right now, though, she had some yummy milk to drink, as her sister lightly snored beside her. Things were going to be a lot livelier from now on. She would make sure of that.




And, she would make sure, that her sister was never hurt again...




She would see to it personally, that her new *boyfriend* never forgot his place...





To be continued…


End Notes:

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Maylene and Bea by NRawkGTS
Author's Notes:

Hosting a special guest all the way from the Galar Region, how will Sinnoh's own Fighting-type expert entertain her fellow martial artist?


Contains: Vore, Butt and Furry with mentions of Toilet/Scat at one point

Despite being closed early for the day, Veilstone Gym was not unoccupied.  On the center arena, the Galar Karate Prodigy and Sinnoh's own Barefoot Fighting Genius squared off against one another, both showing signs of fatigue with clothes drenched in their own and each others sweat.  Their respective bodysuits left little to the imagination, their well developed muscles clearly visible along with the subtle feminine features either boasted.

The spunky hometown Gym Leader, Maylene, was grinning like mad as she caught her breath.  "They don't call her a 'Prodigy' for nothing..."  She thought, wiping away some sweat that collected around the bandage over her nose.  "But I won't lose."

"How can she be so well trained and still be able to smile like that?  I just don't understand..."  Almost as if in opposition to her hosts view on fighting, Stow-on-Side's Fighting-Type Gym Leader stood taking measured breaths as she assessed both her and her opponent's conditions with a neutral face.

Maylene had yet to crack Bea's composure, not even being able to draw out a smirk let alone a smile, but she knew with every move they exchanged she was having fun.  "I hope that isn't all you've got!  I'm just getting warmed up!"

Adopting a different stance, Bea readied her next attack.  "Sorry for the wait, I'm still not used to allowing my spirit to be moved in the heat of battle yet.  Let's continue."




Earlier that day

"Of course there would be a lot of challengers this morning!  I'm just glad I was able to send someone to go pick her up."  Maylene thought as her Lucario knocked out the last of the male trainer's Pokémon.  "Okay, that's 13.  Lucario, you take a break.  I'll have Machamp face the next few."  She instructed, shrinking down the poor boy before he could try to beg for his freedom.  They all did, but they should have trained harder and got stronger if they didn't want to lose.  She quickly gathered up her defeated opponent and his belongings, tossing the offer into her 'Box of the Vanquished' with the dozen challengers before him and the latter into the growing pile in the corner of the gym.  She made sure to put the boy's Pokédex in a separate pile to retrieve any Pokémon from the PC's of those who fail to meet she expectations.

Stepping back into the ring, Maylene was ready to face her next opponent when she heard some noise coming from the Box of the Vanquished.  Turning around, she saw her Medicham pulling two struggling trainers out who froze when she saw she had been caught.  "Medicham, no!  You can't have them yet."  Maylene chastised.  "Put them back."

With an incredibly guilty look on her face, Medicham dropped one of the trainers back into the container and pouted cutely at her Master.  Wiggling its butt, the Meditate Pokémon silently begged for just one treat.

Her stern face softening, pink haired fighter sighed and shrugged.  "Fine, but only one."  She relented.

Squealing in a half-pur, half-howl, and despite (or perhaps because) the growingly nervous challenger across the arena clearly watching, she bent over and deftly shoved the squirming toy up her new favorite place for them, her butt!  However, the smiling elated face wasn't meant to last and she frowned in disappointment.  Growling in frustration, she tightened the muscles in her bowels until unsatisfactory movements stopped and she pushed the now motionless trainer out of her rear and let him fall to the floor.

"Aww, still no good?"  Maylene asked, unlike her now horrified challenger she was unfazed by what her Pokémon had just done.  "Tate really spoiled you, didn't he?"

Immediately upon hearing the young Gym Leader's name again, Medicham's face lit up and nodded.  Unlike any other toy, the toy named 'Tate' moved differently inside of her.  He wanted to be in her and actively tried to make her feel nice.

Sighing with a smile, the young fighting enthusiast just shook her head.  "Do you want to go visit him again?  I can ask Liza if I can transfer you over for a bit.  Lucario, Machamp, Hitmontop and Breloom can handle the rest of the challengers."

Rushing over to her trainer, Medicham tackled Maylene with a hug.

"Alright, I'll ask her and send you over after this match if she approves."  The pink haired girl said, petting the jubilant Pokémon.  Opening up her Pokétch to send Liza a message, she accidentally hit the shrink button on the currently opened Shrink-Ray app, shrinking her opponent without even having a chance to battle her!  "Oops...  Normally I'd fix you and we could have a proper match, but I'm in a hurry today.  Sorry."  She apologized, quickly running over to collect him and his possessions.  Still, as she was about to drop him into her Box of the Vanquished, Maylene's fighting ethic and sportsmanship assaulted her with a wave of guilt that was too hard to ignore.  "Alright, fine... this is a bit too unfair for you.  I bet you trained hard to challenge me, and I know I'd regret not fighting you head-on, but I seriously don't have time today.  So I'll keep you safe for a few days and when my guest leaves I'll fight you properly, okay?"  She reasoned with the terrified boy.

Shaking his head, he just wanted to go home.  Facing Gym Leaders was insane!  Why did he even consider challenging her in the first place?  There was no guarantee that the decision to allow shrinking male opponents could be overturned just because a single Champion opposed it.  The fact that Maylene, through accident or not, was able to shrink him without having a proper match called into question how much anything the public was told about how this stuff works!

"No?  What, are you giving up already just because you're small?"  Maylene asked, slightly irritated that his fighting spirit seemed to be so easily broken.  Maybe he wasn't worth her time after all.  "Fine then.  I actually give an opportunity to challengers who fight well to unshrink them and let them go, but if you don't even have the backbone to try I won't waste the effort."  While she had no disdain for people 'weaker' than her, Maylene couldn't tolerate those who gave up the pursuit of 'strength'.  She wasn't naive enough to think physical strength or fighting aptitude was the same as being 'strong', since she believed she could likely beat even Cynthia in a one-on-one fight but thought the Sinnoh Champion as being likely the strongest person in the world currently.  There were many types of 'strength', but this would-be challenger didn't possess any of them.  Her anger rising, Maylene's stomach growled loudly in response to the light breakfast she had had to try and get through her challengers faster, and she smiled.  "Normally, I wouldn't agree with this saying, but I'll make an exception for you."  She said menacingly as she lifted him over her head and opened her mouth.  "The weak feed the strong after all."

Without hesitation or reconsidering, Maylene dropped her challenger-turned-snack into her salivating mouth and slammed it shut before he could even consider his terrible life choices.  At default, Maylene shrinks challengers without any special moves of abilities, keeping them as Normal-types until she can think of what to do with them, so the morsel in her mouth was lacking any real flavor.  However, her time at Mossdeep with Liza, Mallow and Lana last week had given her a taste for experimenting with the different flavors combining different typings could produce.  Mallow was especially knowledge about on that front.  However, she didn't have time to enjoy her meal, there were more challengers waiting and her guest was likely to arrive within the hour.  Forgoing the method of bringing out each man's special flavor with some aggressive mouth play like Liza had shown her, Maylene swallowed the struggling boy easily and let out a satisfied sigh.

"It's too late to struggle now," she explained to the pleasant massage she was receiving in her stomach, "just accept being my meal.  I know I'll enjoy you."

Patting her stomach, Maylene sent Liza a message asking if she could send her Medicham over to play with Tate for a bit as she called in her next opponent.  By the time she had defeated him, she got a reply from Liza saying she didn't plan on using her brother for the day and Medicham was welcome to visit.  Getting her Pokémon ready for the transfer, Maylene excused herself to the lobby quickly to send Medicham to Mossdeep Gym when she got another message from her assistant saying they were 10 minutes away, sooner than expected.  Looking at the queue of trainers waiting to challenge her, Maylene counted at least a few dozen more!

"There's no way I can fight all of them in 10 minutes."  She thought to herself, going to lock the front door of the Gym after sending Medicham on her way.  Posting a notice of the reason for the unusually early close for the Gym, Maylene locked the main entrance and resolved herself to disappoint her waiting challengers.  "I'm sorry to announce that, in preparation for a visitor from the Galar region, the Veilstone Gym will have to close early today.  If you would be so kind as to exit through the doors just over here I will be happy to accept your challenges in a couple days when we reopen."  This announcement was met with a bit more than a few irritated complaints.

Only a few challengers were understanding, leaving their names with Maylene as she promised to prioritize their challenges when they came back.  She also made a mental note to not shrink them if she beats them as thanks for being so understanding, which may or may not have been influenced by how the rest of the challengers reacted to the news.  The vast majority of challengers complained saying they couldn't wait around for her and other, admittedly reasonable, complaints and criticisms about how 'unprofessional' her management of the situation was.  However, no matter how reasonable the words were, the manner in which they were directed at her, the heated choice of words used and the impending arrival of her guest all served to put Maylene in a far less reasonable mood, so she did the only thing she could think of.

"ENOUGH!"  She shouted, activating the shrink-ray tech in her Pokétch on the unruly trainers who had tried her patience.

Moving as quickly as possible she gathered up the shrunken trainers and their stuff in a large, wheeled bin and entered the arena to get the clothes and Pokétches from there too.  With her Gym more presentable now, we tossed her Box of the Vanquished in the bin as well and headed to the staff only area of the Gym.

By the time she made it out back, most of the tiny trainers she had to toss in the bin with their clothes had managed to make it to the surface and she was quickly able to find the few who had gotten buried deeper.

"Okay, are you ready to listen yet?"  She asked, having calmed down herself a bit.  "You have two choices and I don't have time to wait for you to debate or argue with me.  Either you now wait patiently with the challengers I've already defeated and after my guest leaves, or you can not.  Put your hand on the box if you want to wait, you have 30 seconds."  She stated, bringing up the watch function of her Pokétch.

Given the time constraint, there was little discussion between the shrunken men and when attempts to communicate with the giant Gym Leader failed, some reluctantly made their way over to the box.  The majority of the unfairly shrunken trainers clung to solidarity in numbers, and defiantly stood their ground.  Maylene may be a Gym Leader, but she couldn't get away with shrinking them like that illegally!  There wasn't even a match.

After 30 seconds had elapsed, Maylene said nothing and saw that only about a quarter of the challengers decided to wait in the box.  She picked them up and gently placed them in the box, closing the lid and taking it back to her room for safe keeping.  This didn't sit well with the remaining trainers as they began shouting at her to come back.  She eventually did return and tossed most of the rude challengers into a large glass jar, however there were still 4 left who she couldn't fit in without piling people on top of one another.

Time was running out, so with few options left Maylene put the jar aside, though the occupants still had a clear view of her.  "Guess I'll have to deal with you guys now since I have no place to put you."  She sighed, looking at the time and furrowing her brows.  Bringing up the Shrink-Ray app again, she selected the 4 and began to make some modifications.  Fighting/Steel types with the Ability Light Metal.  "Since you wanted to prove yourselves worthy of a Cobble Badge so badly, I'll give you an alternative method to earn it.  All you have to do and make your way through an endurance course.  Get to the end and I'll give you the badge and unshrink you, no questions asked.  Also, at this point if you refuse you forfeit immediately, now come here."  She explained, picking up the 4 men and licking her lips.  "Technically there is no time limit either, and your Steel-typing should help protect you from harm, but nobody could last longer than a few hours in there, and the average isn't even half that, so you might want to hurry."  She added before tossing the first one into her mouth and swallowing quickly.  Horrified looks crossed all the faces of the trainers who witnessed what she had done, but Maylene ignored them and gulped down the three in her hands in rapid succession.  With an only slightly noticeable bump in her stomach to show her 'challengers' had entered her special 'endurance course', she let out a small belch and changed her own ability over to Corrosion.  "Can't make it too easy for them."  She thought, placing a hand over the bulge and pressing it firmly into her.

The first boy, if not already digested, wouldn't last another 30 seconds with the much more potent acidic solution her digestive tract started to secrete, since not even the natural poison/acid immunity afforded to Steel-types can resist the Corrosion ability.  If she was being completely honest with herself, she much preferred when challengers failed this test of hers, since success meant they got to see her bare backside and live to tell the tale!  Well, only one person made it through her so far and lived but he didn't last long enough for her to unshrink him, so she was lucky that time and she didn't even think of using Corrosion then.

Grabbing the jar of tiny, terrified boys, Maylene headed to the parking lot to await her guest, making sure to press the container against her stomach so they could possibly hear how their fellow men fared.  "Stay strong and you should be fine, but that is probably expecting too much from them.  If they last 30 minutes I'd be surprised."

The pink haired girl got to the parking lot just as her assistant pulled in with her special guest.  Stepping out of the vehicle, likewise barefooted, the tanned skinned composed Karate Prodigy of the Galar region had finally arrived!

"Welcome to Veilstone City!  You must be the Gym Leader of the Stow-on-Side Stadium, Bea, right?  Nice to meetcha, I'm Maylene."  She introduced herself, walking up to the naturally grey haired girl and extending her hand.

"A pleasure to meet you as well Maylene, I've heard much about you."  Bea replied, shaking the young fighters hand but gripping a bit tighter than expected.

Grinning, Maylene tightened her grip in turn and after a somewhat lengthy, respectful stare down, both fighters broke for their handshake and crossed high-kicks with one another.  Tucking the large jar a bit more tightly, Maylene jumped back a bit.  "Not one for small talk?  I get that."

"Both my reasons for coming to Sinnoh stand before me as soon as I arrive, talking can take place after."  Bea replied calmly.  "Show me the battle spirit of the 'Fighting Genius' I've heard  so much about."

"That's 'Barefoot, Fighting Genius'!"  Maylene corrected, rising  up on one leg and extending out the other to show off her namesake feature.  "I don't even need shoes when I go up to Snowpoint City."

"I can see you've trained them well.  Impressive."  Bea complimented.

"Would you two take this inside first?"  The blonde haired woman wearing skin tight orange spats and sports top interrupted, getting between the two.

To be continued...

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Rylee [Lucario] by NRawkGTS
Author's Notes:

After suffering an overwhelming defeat at the hands of the Guardian Deity and Kahuna of Akala Island, the stranded Pokémon from the Shinnoh Region settle in to a new life in a tropical paradise.

Contains: Wholesome goodness.  Rylee is a good girl and deserves headpats :)

The Alola Region had always been the destination of choice for a tropical getaway, no matter the reason.  From sunny beaches to snow-covered mountains, Alola was a dream vacation location.  The friendly locals welcome everyone with smiles and the exotic Pokémon that could only be found on the archipelago draw in trainers and fanatics from around the globe.

One such couple were exploring the wilderness around Akala Island's Wela Volcano Park.  Sitting up on a large rock protruding from the ground, the young girl watched as her boyfriend was laying out some Honey that they bought over on Melemele Island to attract some Pokémon.  "Darling, how much longer?"  She asked, fanning herself and pulling on the collar of her strapless dress to air out her chest.  "I want a cute little Salandit today.  If you don't get me one I'll make you run around the island all by yourself and find a new boyfriend once you 'disappear'."  She teased cheerily.

"I-It shouldn't be long Sweetie, I promise."  The young man replied nervously.  "But please don't joke about things like that, it's terrifying enough when girls stare at me and you're not around."

"Who said I was joking?"  She asked, in a much less playful manner but still smiling.  "You make me happy and get me whatever I want, so I haven't shrunk you yet myself since you asked so nicely.  Upset me and I have no reason to keep you around."

"I promise, I'll get you the best Salandit on the island!  Just be a little patient, okay?"  He assured her, sweating profusely and only partially because of the heat.

"Fine..."  She replied, reaching into her bag and pulling out a small case.  Opening it up, a disappointed expression crossed her face and she slammed the case shut.  "Tch, out of Tinies...  Okay, new plan.  If you don't get me a cute little Salandit I'll have to entertain myself with you.  If you survive I promise to unshrink you though."

Horrified, the young man was unable to turn away from the hopeful gaze of his girlfriend until he heard a rustle in the bushes behind him.  "Please be a good Salandit!"  He prayer silently, turning around hoping to find, ideally, a female Toxic Lizard to appease his girlfriend.  However, the Pokémon that emerged from the tall grass wasn't a Salandit, or even any other Pokémon normally found on Akala Island in the wild, but a Lucario!

It's fur was beautifully groomed and well maintained with a lustrous sheen in the mild sunlight.  Looking around and sniffing, the Aura Pokémon saw the boy holding a jar of sweet smelling honey and licked its lips.

"A Lucario here?  I thought they only show up on Poni Island."  He remarked in disbelief, reaching for his Pokéball as it approached him.  "Does it have a trainer nearby?"  He thought, seeing a pink armband around it's right wrist.  "Well, I'll just apologize to them if they show up later."  He decided, seeing the Lucario getting into a battle stance.  "Go Skrelp!"

She didn't want to be out in the heat, at least not without her Master.  Weather never bothered her when she got to travel with him, and they'd get to play together often.  Then, she took him from her.  That older woman with the dark skin now held her Master captive!  If it hadn't been for that Island Guardian, she was sure she and her Master could have beaten the woman too, even if the other two humans Master traveled with were defeated.

Really, she didn't like the other two that much anyway.  They teased her Master all the time and would pull on her ears, tail and Aura sensors.  The friend of her Master's brother even touched her butt once, but she made sure he'd never do that again.  A small part of her was happy to see them defeated and captured by the woman, since she would have gotten to spend more time with her beloved Master... but then they lost as well and by the time she woke up she was surrounded by her teammates and the woman and Master were gone.

She immediately went and stole her now diminutive Master back from the dark skinned woman, but he disappeared without a trace that night while she slept.  She knew it was that woman again, and sure enough the next day she found her Master sitting on the woman's shoulder again.  When she went to rescue her Master again, the woman stopped her and told her that she couldn't take him far enough away that she couldn't bring him back to her.  The woman then offered her a simple deal, and in the interest of getting her Master back, Rylee accepted.

And thus, she had to tolerate the oppressive heat of the nature park near the volcano as she hunted.  She needed to avoid over hunting certain areas, but the days she comes here she hates the most.  Still, while searching through the tall grass, Rylee's acute sense of smell picked up the alluring scent of something sweet close by.  Following her nose, she found herself stepping into a clearing with a young couple, the man holding a jar of honey.  The smell was so enticing, she licked her lips.

The man turned around to face her and looked surprised.  "A Lucario here?  I thought they only show up on Poni Island."

She saw the Pokéball on the man's hip as he reached for it, so Rylee got ready to fight back.  If everything went well, she could also get that tasty smelling honey!

"Go Skrelp!"  He yelled, tossing out his Pokémon.  In a flash of light, the Mock Kelp Pokémon appeared with a battle cry.  Despite the sizeable height difference, Skelp faced Rylee with confidence.

Rlyee didn't know what to make of the strange, brown and purple creature.  Given it's poor mobility on land, lack of wings and its small fins, she figured it was a Water-type Pokémon in some way but beyond that was a mystery.

[Don't worry.  I know you can handle this, Rylee!]  She could hear her Master encouraging her, like he would have in the past.  The woman might have separated them, but her memories of his instructions were etched in her heart.

"Use Aqua Tail."  The man commanded, initiating the first attack.  His Skrelp awkwardly stabilized itself on its three-fin tail as water gathered around it and launched the small Pokémon towards its opponent.

[He's much slower than you, but we still don't know what it's capable of.  Dodge and use Power-Up Punch.]

Her Master, for as excitable as he could be any other time, could calmly and rationally assess their opponents strengths and quickly think up counter strategies in the heat of battle.  His instructions were always precise, ending matches quickly with minimal damage to her or his other Pokémon.  She easily side-stepped the attack as the airborne Skrelp flipped around and brought a tail of water down where she was.  Clenching her paw into a fist, as an orangey aura enveloped it, she countered with a clean blow to Skrelp's soft body, sending it back towards it's Trainer.

"Wow, that was a powerful attack.  It's definitely not a wild Pokémon."  The man remarked, as Skrelp landed more or less fine by his side.

"Well for your sake, I hope you win."  His girlfriend said, becoming interested in the match.

[Don't let them catch their breath!  Hit them with another Power-Up Punch and follow it up with...]

That was right.  Push the advantage, keep your opponent off balance and think two or three moves ahead.  Rylee wasn't ever going to lose again.  She charged at the man's Pokémon, coating her fist in an orangey aura once again.

"What do yo- oh Trubbish!  Double Team!  Then hit it with a Hydro Pump."  The young man instructed quickly, not expecting the Lucario to attack so quickly.

Just as her fist was about to connect with the little brown Pokémon, Rylee's punch passed right through it was several duplicates appeared surrounding her.  Looking around in a bit of a panic, she saw all the images inhale deeply and reel their heads back in preparation to unleash the devastating attack.

[Keep calm, don't let them distract you.  Focus, use Detect to find the real one, dodge and counter.]

Steadying her breathing, Rylee ignited her Aura and spread it out over the field just as the opposing Skrelp images shot a powerful jet of water right at her.  However, thanks to her increased focus, the lone Lucario felt the position of the real attack and ducked under it by a hair's breadth.  Lunging at the image before it could get away, she threw out a furry fist clad in orange energy and felt it connect!

Once more, Skrelp was sent flying, once again sustaining a bit more damage than last time, but still more than capable of continuing the fight.  "Man, this Lucario is tough, and even with Skrelp's Adaptability this heat is draining most of the power from his attacks.  If only it wasn't a Steel-type, Gunk Shot is our strongest move but it's useless here."  He thought, wracking his brain.

With her opponent on the defensive still, Rylee pressed her attack, chasing after her opponent with a Bone Rush.

"Oh no!  Keep up that Double Team  don't get hit!"  The man cautioned.  Even with the majority of its HP left, Skrelp couldn't handle a super-effective hit at this point.

Under a blindingly fast assault from the abnormally strong Lucario, the man's Skrelp was only able to dodge by the barest of margins thanks to it's Double Team throwing off what would usually be masterfully precise strikes.  Still, the mental strain of narrowly dodging such powered up, heavy blows was exhausting.

"Good, now use Hydro Pump!"  The man called out, seeing the pace of the Bone Rush slowing.

Without missing a beat, his Skrelp hopped forward, avoiding the last strike and positioning itself directly under Rylee's hunched over and slightly winded body.  Puffing out its chest as it drew in what little water it could, a torrential burst shot out of Skrelp's snout and connected to Rylee's stomach, sending her flying high from the impact.

A whimpering growl escaped her mouth as Rylee felt her feet leave the ground, the rush of ascending quickly disoriented her.  For an instant she floated in the air as upward momentum turned to downward pull, the Skrelp directly below her waiting.

"Okay, it can't escape anymore, hit it with Aqua Tail and don't let up."  Skrelp's trainer was eager to finish the battle, hopefully before the Lucario's trainer came along and accused him of bullying the Pokémon.  Water gathered around the Mock Kelp Pokémon's tail once again and it sprung up to meet its free falling target.

[Here they come, hit it with a Meteor Mash!]

Righting herself at the phantom command, Rylee swung a paw cloaked in a steely grey aura down onto her opponent at the same time its Aqua Tail connected with her stomach.  Both Pokémon were sent reeling for the other's attack, Rylee catching herself but landing a bit rougher than she had intended while Skrelp plummeted straight to the ground and kicked up a cloud of dirt and grass.

"Skrelp!  A-Are you alright?"  The man asked.  As the dust settled, the small Poison/Water Pokémon was struggling back to its fins, just barely standing.  "Oh no!  Just a second, I'll get you a Super Potion."  He said, running over to his injured Pokémon pulling an orange and yellow spray bottle for his pack and administering the medical solution.  He could see some of the more serious injuries healing immediately, but his moment of relief was interrupted as a shadow fell over them and a pair of black, furred legs appeared on the opposite side of Skrelp from him.

[Alright Rylee, end this was a Bone Rush and I'll brush you lots tonight!]

Her attack only hit twice, but it was super effective.  The first hit lifted Skrelp off the ground, the second sending him into the rock the girl was sitting on.  For a split second, Rylee turned to smile to her Master, smiling that she had been victorious, but her wasn't there.  She had won on her own, but it wasn't satisfying at all.

"This Lucario definitely belongs to a strong trainer, no wild Pokémon could battle like this."  The man reasoned aloud.

"Well, duh!  Of course it would be since it belongs to Olivia."  His girlfriend stated, sighing disappointedly as she stood up and jumped down from her seat.  "And here you hired me for protection against girls challenging you, now you go and lose a battle against her proxy."  Gently, she picked up his Skrelp and walked over to where he and Rylee stood.

Rylee didn't take too kindly to being called that woman's Pokémon and glared that the girl.

"What!?  What are you talking about?"  The man asked in a panic, his voice cracking.  "Y-You're j-j-joking, right?"

"Nope, kinda wish I was since you're such an easy meal ticket and if I'm being honest I was already planning on keeping you all for myself once you couldn't afford to pay me anymore.  Just look at the emblem on the armband, it's Akala Island's Kahuna's stamp."  She explained, taking the Pokéball for his injured Pokémon from his belt.  "Remember the nice hotel lady that tried to battle you last night?"

"Y-Yeah... and you almost let her."  He replied, recognizing the embroidered pattern on the Rylee's armband.

"Well she told me that there was a Lucario on the island that battles trainers and takes the ones it beats back to Olivia for some reason.  I hear she'll turn you into a piece of jewelry to sell in her store!  Maybe I'll come by to purchase you."  She giggled thinking of the possible accessories he might become.  "Either way, thanks for the vacation and if it makes you feel any better, I'm a little sad to see you go."

"Wait, y-you can't just leave me!  Please, help me!"  The man begged, trying to crawl after her only to have the collar of his shirt grabbed by Rylee.

She had been patient since he had a companion with him, saying a final good-bye was important, but she wasn't about to let her prize get away.

"Sorry, no can do, 'Darling'.  It's super lame to try and take another girl's winnings.  I'll take good care of your Pokémon though."  The girl refused, gathering her things and letting out a sigh.  "And I guess I'll have to catch that Salandit myself.  Bye, maybe I'll see you later."

With that, the girl walked away, disappearing into the tall grass and the man began to fight to break Rylee's grip on him.  However, with his companion gone, Rylee delivered a 'gentle' chop to the back of his neck, knocking him out hopefully long enough for her to get back to Konikoni City.  Throwing the man over her shoulder, and picking up the jar that drew her to him in the first place, she likewise entered the tall grass.

Once again, it was a pretty slow day for Olivia's accessory shop.  Despite her stock now consisting more of Trainer-crystal stock than normal jewelry, they tended to be a bit more pricey.  Still, her store was doing much better since she started shipping internationally thanks to regular orders from Celadon, Hearthome, and Laverre cities and the partnership she had with Elesa's agency.  However, few local customers and a constant flow of foreign orders kept the dark skinned woman plenty busy.  In her workshop, she had just finished receiving the materials for some commissioned items and sat down to get to work.

"I'll get a few custom orders done first and then start working on those gifts Cynthia requisitioned for the Galarian Gym Leaders."  She thought, opening a small box sent from the Sinnoh Region.  In it was a note from the customer.

[I found my boyfriend cheating on me with another girl.  He claimed that she coerced him into it, but she said he had claimed to be single and dumped me because I wasn't into butt stuff.  Well I think I should give it a try now, and he will be the perfect toy in helping me explore its merits.  If possible, I'd like his senses to be as enhanced as possible, so he can properly appreciate what he gave up chasing skirts!  Typing: Rock/Fire (I hear they're warm), Shape: Something that won't slip out, Trim: I have an allergy to gold, so anything but that, Size: 8 inches (a goal to work towards).  Thanks!]

Stifling an amused giggle, Olivia pulled out a naked 2 inch tall man from the box.  "Well, I don't know if you were actually threatened into cheating on your girlfriend or just caught, but either way I'll thank you for the business."  She said, smiling down at him as she picked up her all-too-lazy Rotom Dex and synced the shrunken man to her app.  Selecting her Trainer-crystal settings, she was about to get to work when she heard a commotion out behind her store.

"No, let me go!  Don't do this!"  A man's voice protested and she could tell he had a slight accent in his panicked tone.

"Oh!  Rylee must be here!"  Olivia exclaimed gleefully, putting the man she was holding in a vice and switched the active profile on her Shrink-Ray app over to her favorite trainer.  Pressing the button to activate his Teleport move, the little boy appeared in her hand and she got up to head outside.  "Your Rylee is here so I thought you'd like to see her."  The boy still had yet to develop a fear of the accomplished woman, but his smile only brightened at the mention of his best friend.  Exiting out the back door, Olivia was greeted with the sight of Rylee restraining an obvious tourist, and a pretty cute one at that.

"I-I know, I can get you more honey!  How about it?  Just let me go and-"  The man was trying to bargain his way out, hoping he still had time.

However, he didn't as a pink, high-heeled sandal came down in front of his face.  "I'm afraid I'm the only one with something cute little Rylee here wants."  The tanned Kahuna said smiling down at him.  "He's cute and tiny and riding on my shoulder right now.  Her Trainer."  Motioning to the shrunken boy, she crouched down to get a better look at Rylee's latest catch.

"Please, let me go.  We haven't even battled, so you can't claim me as a prize anyway."  He asked, though despair was slowly sinking in for his situation and the look in the woman's eye wasn't helping either.

"But you fought Rylee, yes?"  She asked back, signaling for the Pokémon currently glaring at her to get off him.  She had already demonstrated what happens if Rylee gets impatient and tries to grab her Master, but that didn't stop Rylee doing her best demonstrations of what a Lucario Mean Look or Scary Face might look like.

Getting up, the man fought the urge to run since he was already unsuccessful at that once before and resolved to trying to settle this as negotiation.  "Well, yes but-"

"And you lost?"  She asked, cutting him off.

"T-Technically speaking, yes.  But I thou-"  He admitted, trying to explain.

"Well then 'we' technically did battle.  That armband she wears represented the authority of Akala's Kahuna, so losing to her means losing to me."  Olivia explained, as if to end the conversation there, and extended a hand holding the tiny boy towards the aforementioned Lucario.  "This one looks promising, so I'll give you two days for him."

Rylee stopped her low growling hearing Olivia's offer and looked excited, holding out her paws for her beloved Master to climb onto.  He wasted no time, jumping from hand to paw with a smile matching his Pokémon's.

"Remember to have him back on time."  Olivia warned playfully as Rylee cupped her paws together protectively and held them close to her chest.

With her objective complete, Rylee glared at Olivia once more before jumping to a nearby rooftop and taking off towards the jungle leaving an terrified man and an empty jar behind.

After their Master was defeated by the intimidating tanned lady, the foreign team of Pokémon found a small cave next to a pond with a waterfall to settle in.  Well, most of them did.  After Grotle evolved into a Torterra he wasn't comfortable sleeping in the dark and instead rathered basking in the sun nearby.  Staravia's nesting also laid unused after he evolved into a Staraptor, flying off North one day saying it would be back sometime, but that was months ago.  Rylee and the rest still believed in their teammate, not one of them would abandon the others or least of all their Master.

Arriving in the clearing, Rylee barked to announce that she had returned, but Torterra simply continued to sunbathe and Luxray was about to go train in the jungle.  She then showed that she brought Master back and they both came running over.  They were always happy when she was able to bring Master back, even if that woman took him away shortly after.  The most important part was that they knew he wasn't being mistreated.

"Terry, you're looking a little thick in your gut.  Are you lazing around all day and not training?"  The boy immediately asked jokingly partially through his Telepathy Ability, equally happy to see his former team.  "And Lucy, your fur looks beautiful as always.  If we get time later I'll give you a tummy rub, okay?"

Terry sheepishly looked away from his tiny Master, he knew he was slacking off on his training but ever since becoming a Torterra bulking up and focusing on defense was more natural for him.  Still, he knew he could stand to move around a bit move each day.

Lucy purred happily at the compliment and attempted to lick her Master like she always used to, but given the size difference he stuck to her tongue and was lifted off Rylee's paws instead!  It wasn't the first time this had happened, nor would it be the last, since it was a habit that was hard to break.  Still, as Rylee quick peeled him of the semi-rough oral muscle Lucy was at least proud that she hadn't accidentally drawn him into her mouth like she did the first time she licked him post-shrink.

With a combination of soft barks and growls, Rylee warned Lucy to be more careful for the thousandth time.  Lucy looked apologetically at the boy and mewed softly.

"Don't worry, I'm happy to see you all too."  The boy assured, wiping the thick layer of saliva from his face, though his custom tiny clothes were now soaked through.  "I guess Stanly still isn't back yet..."

Rylee told Lucy to go train while she looked after their Master for a bit and she could look after him when she was done.  With an eager bounce to her step, Lucy disappeared into the forest and Rylee went over to the pond.  Gently stripping the tiny boy once she was by the water's edge, she rubbed the clothing gently between her paws in the water to wash them.  Once she was done, she laid them out on one of the branches growing from the tree growing on Terry's back as he settled in to resume his sunbathing.

Realizing she was covered in dirt and grime from her earlier hunt and her mouth was slightly sticky from honey, Rylee decided to jump into the pond to clean herself up a bit, and so she could keep an eye on Master while he played in the water.  While washing up, she felt the tiny boy swim over to her and climb her back to her head.

"I'm not much help anymore, but I can at least get behind your ears."  He offered, scrubbing in all the right places like he was always able to do.

Her tail wagged happily in the water as she continued to clean herself, Rylee made sure to not make any sudden movements that might knock her Master off.  Some of the local Chinchou, Wishiwashi and Magikarp visited to play as well, but she had to chase them away for Master's sake.  Well, except for the Magikarps, the only thing dangerous about the Fish Pokémon is the fact that they can evolve into Gyarados.  Even if one accidentally swallowed the tiny boy, it's more likely cough him up just as coincidentally.

As much as she didn't like it, her Master also helped clean in between her toes as well when the time came.  She had witnessed many human girls making shrunken boys clean their toes in various ways in the past and it was always to humiliate them, so beyond how dirty and smelly her feet were, Rylee hated the fact that she allowed her Master to be in such a demeaning position.  He was just so good at getting all the knotted fur untangled and even if she reflexively scrunched her toes in pleasure occasionally, she immediately let him go and made sure he was okay.  He always laughed and was happy he was making her feel good, but Rylee still didn't like when it happened.

After bathing and playing a bit, Rylee shook off as much excess water as she could and laid down on her 'drying' rock.  Despite the relatively short amount of time that had passed since she left, Lucy returned from running her course, out of breath, and insisted on looking after Master while Rylee dried off.  Unlike her own Jolly nature, Lucy was a bit Naive and if not watched properly might end up accidentally injuring Master, like when she almost swallowed him!  However, Master trusted all of his Pokémon and it would take more than almost getting swallowed alive once... or twice... or more to deter him.  It was also clear he had a bias towards spending time with Rylee since they knew each other the longest, so this was an opportunity to bond with the playful Electric-type.

With little say in the matter since she herself did also promise to let her, Rylee cautioned Luxray to be careful and not to eat Master.  Lucy glared back as she picked up the tiny boy with her mouth and ran off into the jungle.  At the mercy of the Alola weather to finish drying off, Rylee drifted off to sleep as she stared up at the clouds floating by.

Hours later and completely dry, Rylee awoke and realized that she now had to brush her fur.  Entering the cave to retrieve her brush, she saw that Lucy was back and sleeping in her bedding together with Master.  It was reassuring to see he was safe and sound, not that she believed Lucy would do anything to him on purpose... though his hair did show signs of having been soaked in slobber again.  Grooming herself back to her standards, Rylee knew she still had some training of her own to do.  As she was leaving, she noticed Master awake and signalling her, wanting to come and watch her train.

She happily brought him along and practiced her fighting techniques, footwork and move precision while he watched and offered pointers and insights on any imperfection he could notice.  It was at times like these Rylee felt the most happy, like how they were before that woman and Tapu Lele ruined everything.  Traveling together, bathing together, eating together, training together, they weren't special occasions she had to trade a defeated trainer for... at least they shouldn't be.

That night Rylee laid awake, curled up with Master and Lucy on Terry's back, and wondered how the Skrelp she defeated was doing.  Did he get treated?  Would that girl really take care of him?  But most importantly... was his trainer as special to him as Master was to her?  If so, then she was no better than that woman, separating partners that loved and trusted one another just to get what she wanted.  Master obviously knew what she was doing but never once reprimanded her for it, he was too kind to.  She knew it was wrong... she knew she was a bad girl, but it was for Master's sake.  There was nothing she wouldn't do for her beloved Master.  She'd fight an Island Guardian, or even the legendary dragons of Space and Time from their home region.  She'd defeat and break up as many teams as she needed, or sell her very soul to Arceus himself if need be, and if even that didn't work...

Still, there was the other part of her deal with the dark skinned homewrecker.  That was her only hope.

Pulling Master closer, she just had to make sure to make the most of the next day.

Hau'oli City

The sun was well in the sky when the first Ferry from the mainland of the day pulled into the Marina docks.  Tourists and returning locals disembarked as well as a fresh group of foreign trainers hoping to challenge the Alola League.  Most were young men, hoping to take the Champion seat for themselves and, if the rumors were to be believed, reverse all the laws and regulations put in place to allow female trainers the right to shrink them if they lost.

One of the passengers stepping off the boat was a woman in her early to mid thirties with long green hair in a very flattering sundress and sunglasses.  In her hand were three would-be Island Challengers that she decided to play with before landing.  "Well, it was a fun little trip to get here, but I didn't leave Sinnoh for a vacation."  She said to herself, putting the boys in her purse for later fun as she heard the flapping of wings above her.  Looking up, the woman saw a Staraptor perched on one of the many street lights looking back at her.  "Alright Stanly.  Where are my boys?"

To be continued...

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Pokemon Breeder Gen VI by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Contains: Macro/micro, Pokemon interactions, Futanari, Cruelty, and Insertion

“Here you go little ones! Eat as much as you want~. No need to crowd, there’s plenty to go around. Wait, Vulpix, don’t push away Oddish! There’s enough food for all of you!”



Jogging back and forth between various food bowls she had set out, Mercy sighed in exasperation as the dozen or so baby Pokémon she was taking care of bickered amongst each other as they tried to eat. Typing aside, the young ones were always the pickiest when it came to what they ate and where their favored spots were. And sadly, that usually meant fights would break out.



Nudging a growling Vulpix back as it glared at a much smaller Oddish on the verge of tears, the daycare attendant gently began to pet both as she pulled two separate dishes towards both of them. “Knock it off! There’s no need to fight! Here, this one I made just for you.” Mercy smiled as she nudged the young fox Pokémon’s face downward.



Peering into the bowl as she saw the faintest hints of movement within it, the young Vulpix seemed to perk up immediately before cooing softly. Petting the feisty fire type, Mercy smiled before gently patting the small grass type beside her next. “Here you go Oddish, enjoy. As I said, there’s plenty for everyone!”



Walking over to its own food, the light blue bulb Pokémon looked down into its bowl as well before smiling cheerfully. Making sure all her fussy Pokémon were eating once more, Mercy nodded as she saw the ravenous bunch of young she was taking care of as they began to eat, faint hints of screams accompanying them past the chorus of munching she could hear.



‘Alright, all the babies are fed. The eggs are all checked up on too. I guess all that’s left now is seeing how my current drop-offs are doing.’ Hopefully, they were just relaxing in their own areas and not mating as most Pokémon here tended to do. Her ranch was running out of room for all the new baby hatchlings.



When trainers left their Pokémon here to be looked after, many were notorious for letting them breed with other species and leaving later on without the eggs they made. It wouldn’t be an issue if the lone Daycare worker had more space, but with the number of eggs some of these breeds birthed, she was lucky she even had a house left!



She had to raise the little ones to a good age before she could give them away for adoption, and even then, only the cutest usually got picked by younger kids. No one wanted a hungry Trubbish or a spiny Skorupi as their first pick in most cases. And unfortunately for her, that meant she had to raise them to adulthood before she could release them in their proper habitat.



In the past, a lot of irresponsible trainers would drop off Pokémon they were tired of and never come back to pick them up. This led to a whole slew of other problems such as violent Pokémon with abandonment issues, amongst many others…



Thankfully, most of these problems seemed to stop once the new trainer laws took effect. While it was still an issue, the number of eggs and abandoned Pokémon occurrences had dwindled considerably. She was able to breathe now that her poor ranch wasn’t overburdened anymore.



Humming thoughtfully as she thought about all the irresponsible trainers she had encountered, a sly smile graced the older woman’s face. One of the nice things about working in daycare was she got first-hand experience with all kinds of people and their Pokemon. For her, it was easy to tell which eggs were bad. Speaking of.



Keeping her smile in place as she watched the tiny form of a man crawling out of an overly messy Shinx’s food bowl as she scarfed down her meal with gusto, Mercy leaned down before plucking the half-inch man between her fingers.



“Oh, Shinx! You missed one~. You shouldn’t let your food run away you know. That’s just poor hunting.” Mercy chided the little feline. Lifting her face up as scraps of food littered its face, the small lynx kitten mewed loudly before sitting at attention.



Shivering as she saw the cute little Pokémon waiting expectantly, Mercy moved her hand over the light blue and black kitten before dropping the screaming man she had been holding before. Instantly, Shinx jumped before catching him in her mouth, and within a second, he was gone, as the young Pokémon went back to munching on the food she had been given before.



Resting her palm on her cheek as she admired the baby huntress, the daycare worker giggled before giving the feline a quick pet. “Good girl~. Make sure to eat it all now. And that goes for the rest of you. Don’t let any of your food run away… Devour every last one of them~.” Mercy smiled, the faintest hint of sadism spreading across her features as she saw the dozen or so men left in her young Pokémon’s food bowls.



What a lot of people tended to forget, was that most Pokémon were omnivorous. Given half a chance, and given prey half their size, they would happily eat what was presented to them, regardless of what it was. Moving a hand down her work apron before lightly pressing against her crotch, Mercy shivered before backing out of the feeding room. As much as she wanted to keep watching for her own enjoyment, her other Pokémon needed to be attended to as well…



Panting softly, the brunette’s eyes loomed on her young Pokémon one last time before she closed the door to leave them be. Sighing softly as she calmed herself down, the older woman moved away from a small barn as she made her way across a large open field of green.



Pointing her finger around as she counted off the different Pokémon and where they resided, Mercy soon smiled. It seemed everyone was doing alright. Over in her lake, she had some water types lounging happily as they explored the man-made habitat, she had constructed for them.



In the tree line surrounding her ranch, different bug types and grass types were eating from her berry trees. Even the skies seemed lively too, as different flying types raced each other around. Thankfully, all of her helpers were making sure no fights were breaking out. She was truly lucky to have such wonderful Pokémon with her.



Feeling a gentle nudging against her thigh, Mercy looked down to her side before smiling warmly. “Kirlia! La la!” Staring back at a small Kirlia that came up to her waist, the bipedal Pokémon lifted a small clipboard up for her to see before the brunette took it from her.



“Oh? Do we have a new visitor? A-A Charzard…? Alright… Can you go tell Altaria? I’m pretty sure she’ll have to keep an eye on it for me.” Mercy sighed in exasperation. Fully grown Pokémon were hard to manage, especially newly evolved ones. She had to make sure they went to designated areas so they didn’t start trouble for all her regulars.



Moving a small nub like hand up to her forehead, the Kirlia nodded before skipping off back in the direction she came from. Making her way to her front office, the older woman stepped up to her counter as she saw a woman who looked to be in her early twenties fiddling with her Poke-Nav.



“Welcome! Sorry for not being here when you came in. I just got the form you filled out for your Charizard. Is there anything you need to tell me about him that I should take note of? Pokérus, violent outbursts, preferred meals, etcetera.”



Looking up now, the young woman quietly shook her head before moving her hand to her waist and pulling out a pair of Pokeball’s. “No, not really. I just recently evolved Blaze. He’s pretty well behaved, but I need a break. Do you think you could look after another one of my Pokémon too? She’s been driving me crazy lately…” The younger woman grumbled.



Taking what she presumed to be the Charizard’s ball along with the newcomer, Mercy furrowed her brow as she looked back at the younger woman. “Another one? Who’s in this ball? And can you tell me a bit more information?” She didn’t like surprises, especially when they could be detrimental to her health. Volatile Pokémon came around every so often, and a lot of her fellow breeders from other locations had experienced some nasty instances of blind rage. It was always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with someone else’s Pokémon.



Sighing tiredly before rubbing her temple, the younger girl pointed to her other Pokémon before elaborating. “This one’s my Lopunny. She evolved a couple of weeks ago, and she’s been going insane recently! She keeps grinding her body against my other Pokémon and even me! I don’t have a clue what she wants but she wails loudly when I leave her out of her ball. Do you have any idea how to fix her? I took her to the Pokémon Center, but they told me she’s perfectly healthy.”



Blushing faintly, Mercy looked back down at the Poke ball in front of her before a smirk crossed her face. “I think I know what your Lopunny needs. Why don’t you leave both her and your Charizard here for the weekend and come back Monday? If your Pokémon’s not feeling better after that, then perhaps keep her here for a bit longer. I’m pretty sure your Lopunny’s in heat. It’s common for species such as her to enter it after they evolve. It can also last for weeks if left unchecked.”



Glowing a bright shade of red as the older woman’s words made her realize what had been going on, the younger trainer nodded weakly before turning to leave in a hurry. “Have a nice day~. See you on Monday.” Mercy giggled before collecting the embarrassed woman’s poke balls.



Depositing the Charizard’s empty ball on her desk, Mercy walked back outside as she made her way to a certain barn she had built within the last couple of months. “Kirlia! Can you look after things for me while I attend to our newest guest?” The brunette called out loudly.



Hearing a loud cry back as she saw the pale tutu Pokémon waving back to her from across the field, Mercy continued on before entering a small cabin. Shutting the door behind her before locking it so no Pokémon (or surprise visitors) would walk in on her, Mercy pressed the center button on the Poke ball she had been cradling before tossing it forward.



“Alright come on out Lopunny. It’s time to take care of that *problem* you have.” Mercy smiled. As the bright flash subsided, a mid-sized brown and beige rabbit bounced excitedly out after what had probably been a long time pent up inside its ball.



“Pun, pun! Lop?” Looking back at the woman across from her confused, Mercy softly smiled before stepping over to the befuddled Pokémon. “Sorry for the confusion, your trainer dropped you off here at my daycare my cute little bunny~. She wanted me to take care of your, problem. Oh yes, you’re in heat indeed.” Mercy muttered as she saw the puzzled Pokémon in front of her twitching sporadically.



Between its legs, its fur was matted and wet, accompanied by an overbearing smell that probably confused her trainer. Most people didn’t know what signs of heat were in their Pokémon or how to fix it. Thankfully for the daycare attendant, however, she knew just what to do. And this couldn’t have come at a better time. She was still hot and bothered after what had happened when she fed her younger Pokémon.



Moving her hands to the back of her apron, Mercy continued to smile as she began stripping off her work attire. “Don’t worry a thing, my little bunbun~. I’ll take care of everything so you can feel better. This cabin was designed for Pokémon who went into heat, such as yourself.”



Eying the older woman up and down in silence, Lopunny soon fidgeted as she watched the strange woman in front of her strip completely naked… except for the familiar watch she had strapped to her wrist. Tapping the setting she had used almost daily, Mercy grinned as she eyed her new arrival up and down.



‘I’ve never done this with a lagomorph before.’ She couldn’t contain her excitement! Licking her lips hungrily as she changed a couple of things on her Poke gear, Mercy pointed it at the Lopunny before activating it. It was convenient that she could use her equipment on drop-offs she received from trainers who signed her paperwork. It allowed her to do things such as this~.



Watching in excitement as the bunny Pokémon began to whine momentarily, the older woman soon felt her legs on the verge of giving out under her, as the panting rabbit faced her with a needy look on its altered features. “Beautiful~. Come here, and do whatever you’d like to me~.” Mercy moaned before making her way to a large mound of padding that made up a cot in the center of the room. It was the only thing in the room, considering this cabin only had one purpose.



Drooling as she eyed the naked woman in front of her, Lopunny looked down instinctively, as a small penis began to unsheathe from its newly grown pouch. “Pun, pun!” Smirking, Mercy moved her hand up to her ass before giving it a hard slap, causing her pale cheeks to ripple tantalizingly.



“Come on girl, you know what to do~. I’ve got a little surprise for you too, here~.” The brunette moaned as she spread her lower lips apart for the rabbit Pokémon to see. Staring between the daycare worker's legs, the lagomorph soon grinned as she saw what appeared to be small beads moving within the brunettes drooling quim.



Immediately, the large bipedal bunny Pokémon knew what they were before a wide grin spread across her face. “Lopunny! Pun, pun!” Grinning as her ass was latched onto, Mercy’s eyes widened in an instant as she felt something thick forcefully shoved inside her snatch causing the various shrunken trainers, she kept inside her to be shoved far deeper than any of them had been prior.



Gasping as her face was pushed into the cot as her ass was gripped hard by her newest guest, Mercy moaned in bliss as she felt her quim thrust into hard by the zealous rabbit furiously slamming her newly grown member into her. ‘S-So fast!’ She was acting like this was natural for her!



Squealing in delight as she finally got the relief she had been needing, albeit, in an unexpected way, Lopunny continued panting wildly as she humped her new mate violently as to relieve the painful heat now radiating off of her twitching member instead of her previously needy lower lips.



She wanted this since she had evolved! It was about time her trainer let her mate with someone! Thrusting harder into the crying woman she was using, the intoxicated rabbit shuddered as she felt twitching movement along all sides of her newly grown prick.



There were people sandwiched both against it and her new mates’ wet hole. Trapped inside her, as she used the human for her own relief! Crying loudly as she began humping the brunette harder, Lopunny grew furious as the feeling of dozens of tickling movements stimulated her like nothing she had ever experienced before!



Gripping the sheets, she was pinned against, Mercy’s eyes watered as she felt what had to be one of the best fucking’s she had ever been given leaving her paralyzed on the spot. “S-So rough! Come on! Breed me!” She had wanted to do stuff like this all her life. And becoming a daycare worker had been an easy way to accomplish this.



Dozens of Pokémon, both male and female came into her care weekly, and when one was in heat, it didn’t matter what species it was. It wanted to fuck. And she was the perfect hole for them all to use! She had made special alterations to her body just for that purpose. It was her guilty little secret… and only the Pokémon in her daycare knew it.



Thrusting her ass back into Lopunny, Mercy wailed loudly in her lone cabin as she felt her body forcibly used. “H-Harder! Come on! HARDER! Make me your breeding bitch!” She squealed fervently. From her own experiences, most Pokémon liked it when she talked like this. It seemed even with there being a language barrier between them, most knew what their potential partners wanted when mating was involved.



Obliging wordlessly as she continued to violently thrust into her partner, Lopunny soon felt her prick expanding before a loud wail escaped her furry lips. Matching the Pokémon’s scream as she felt her insides flooded with the lagomorph’s essence, Mercy’s eyes watered as she felt her stomach grown a small bit as her inner walls were flooded with mounted Pokemons orgasm. 'T-T-There you go, I hope you liked it...'



“P-Perfect… T-Thank, you-“Wheezing as her ass was gripped harder, the brunette's eyes shot open in an instant as she felt the Pokémon inside her began to pull out, before thrusting back in her once more. She wasn’t satisfied yet…



Grinning like a maniac as her hand moved down to her bulging stomach, Mercy bit her bottom lip as she felt her stretched out quim being used.




She would never get tired of this…




Pokémon were truly wonderful creatures. And as for all the shrunken men who had abandoned their eggs for her to look after… they could join in on the fun of making new ones inside of her~.




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _





“Thank you for your business! Have a wonderful day~.”




Waving back at a young trainer leaving with their recently dropped off Minccino, Mercy sighed as her day came to a close. ‘Another day, another egg gone.’ She had been able to give away a few newly raised baby Pokémon she had been raising, but another trainer had most likely abandoned her pokemon which evened things out...



Looking out her window as she watched an all too familiar Lopunny racing against a smaller Pachirisu, Mercy pouted in silence. The woman who dropped off her Charizard last week came back and picked him up… but, she didn’t get her other Pokémon on account of her still being in the midst of heat. It had been a week now with not so much as a call back on how she was doing.



While the paperwork she had signed before did tell her who this trainer was, there was nothing the brunette could do in regards to helping the poor Pokémon beyond calling her trainer over and over. ‘I guess you’re going to be staying here for a while longer…’



Feeling a sad smile cross her features as her hand instinctively moved down to her crotch, Mercy soon smiled as she began to gently press against her covered quim. Lopunny had finally gotten over being in heat a couple of days ago… but, luckily for the daycare attendant, she had plenty of other Pokémon who still needed relief.



‘I guess it can’t be helped.’ She had to do her part, to relieve all these poor Pokémon of the pain they were in. It was a just cause, surely. And as for all the shrunken people she kept around… they were just taking part, in the wonders of Pokémon breeding.





Now all that was left, was choosing what to breed next…


Dawn by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:

Contain's: Macro/micro, Entrapment, Footplay, sweat, and sadism 


“Piplup, finish this up with Ice Beam!”


Watching in horror as his Gliscor was frozen in midair, an older trainer looked back at his opponent in disbelief as her tiny starter Pokémon used moves far exceeding its level. ‘This can’t be happening… is this a joke!?’ Why was an unevolved Pokémon like that able to fight so strong?! This was supposed to be a cakewalk!


Leaning down and giving her little penguin a high five, Dawn stood back up with a smug look on her face as she saw her opponents unconscious Pokémon frozen solid on the ground. “Looks like I win. I hope you weren’t expecting an easy battle from me. I haven’t lost one yet you know.” She winked.


Dropping his poke ball onto the dirt path, the older man's eyes beaded now as fear set in. ‘This wasn’t supposed to happen…’ He needed to win! He specifically picked this girl out because all of her Pokémon were baby ones! She had a single Piplup, a Buneary, and a Pachirisu! She was supposed to be a novice! So why did they all know final evolution abilities?! It was like she just didn’t evolve them and kept them this way on purpose!


Feeling an unfamiliar tingling pass over his body, the older man's eyes shot to the younger girl before he screamed for her not to shrink him, but it was too late. Tapping the repeat function on her Poketch, Dawn grinned giddily before skipping over to the empty pile of clothes on the ground next to the still-frozen ground and flying type.


As she stood over what was left of the man she had previously been facing, the young coordinator's eyes landed on the poke ball he had used to store his Gliscor in before her thick padded boot rose over it. Stomping down hard and shattering it to release it’s hold over the frozen Pokémon, Dawn smiled smugly before reaching down and picking through the still-warm clothes pile.


“Let’s see, now where did you… Ah hah! There you are. Time to pay up little guy~. I’ve got a very special place for you to stay now that you’ve lost. Looking up groggily as his body glowed a faint orange, the newly altered man only had a moment to process what had just occurred before he was hoisted high into the air by a pair of dainty fingers.


Staring back at the younger girl as she smirked, the trembling trainer lifted his hands in confusion as he saw steam being released from his skin. “W-What the hell did you do to me?!” It felt like his body was on fire! It was uncomfortable… but not quite painful. Never the less, he wanted to go back to normal!


Tsking as she wagged her finger in front of his face, Dawn pouted before running it down the length of his naked body. “There’s no need to be upset. I just changed you into something… warmer. The Sinnoh regions cold you know. Now you’ll never be cold again! It's just a little change. You’ll get used to it. Plus, you’re going to feel amazing once I put you in your new home!”


Gulping involuntarily from the teenager’s words, the shrunken trainer shook his head before cowering as Dawn began nodding her own in amusement. “W-W-What are you going to do with me?! P-Please! I’ll pay you cash! I’m loaded! Take whatever you want, I’ll- “Okay! I’ll take you then. Thanks, ~.”


Gawking as he was cut off, the shrunken man knew he couldn’t talk his way out of this. He had lost… and the girl he thought would be an easy target to fight knew what she was doing… and what she wanted. He had messed up… And now he was going to have to face the consequences.


Moving the smaller boy up to her cheek, Dawn whimpered softly as she pressed him against her pale flesh. ‘So warm!’ He felt great against her skin. She knew exactly where he would be staying from now on. She had done something like this with the last boy she had encountered but that had been two towns over. She needed this one if she wanted to make the trip up to Snowpoint City to meet her friend Candice. It had been her who gave the young coordinator this idea in the first place!


Keeping the shrunken man pressed into her plump cheek, both because she enjoyed his feeling, and to keep him in suspense, Dawn gently sat down before pulling on the straps of her pink snow boot. In this region, snow gear was a must-have. For most cities that weren’t constantly snowing, the average temperature here was nippy at best and downright hellish at worst.


Even the Sinnoh League Champion, Cynthia choose to vacation in more tropical places to get away from the cold! But, with that said… after the changes made to Pokémon battling, the cold didn’t bother a lot of people anymore. Well, at least female trainers. A fun trend going around had been to turn their defeated opponents into fire types. They made the perfect insulators pretty much anywhere you felt the cold bother you. And for the younger girl, that just so happened to be her feet.


Wincing as her black-clad foot was released from its padded warmth, Dawn immediately shivered as she felt the cold air bite at her saturated knee socks. It didn’t matter if she sweated a lot or not, her feet were always so cold! But that all changed now. Her left foot had been perfectly warm for weeks now thanks to her other shrunken insulator. But now, she had two!


Releasing the tiny man from where she had been pressing onto him, Dawn watched as he gasped for air before seeing a look of disgust cross his face. “J-Jeez, what the hell is that smell?!” Giggling as she saw the shrunken trainer coughing in disgust, the younger girl moved the little man down before seeing him thrash in revulsion before screaming audibly despite his tiny stature.


“Wow, you don’t like your new owner’s scent, do you? I mixed your DNA with a Growlithe’s! Not only are you warm to the touch, but your nose is also amazing now too! Growlithe has a superb sense of smell. Once they sniff anything, they won't forget the scent, no matter what! I have a friend in the police academy who told me that they can even sense the emotions of other living things from just smelling them! So, if you upset me, you should be able to know it just by sniffing me, which means, your job is to make me feel better~.” Dawn giggled.


Cupping his nose as the rancid odor of the teenager’s feet punched him in the lungs, the shrunken man cried involuntarily from the scent. He had smelled bad things before like trash bins, Grimer’s, and even a Gardodor once but it was like this girl had never washed her feet in her life! That couldn’t be right though… His sense of smell had just been changed… If this were her feet, what would other horrible things smell like then?! Arceus forbid he ever got away and was caught by something like a Trubbish or a Gloom. He might just die instantaneously…


Watching with tear-stained cheeks at the younger girl began to peel down her soggy apparel, the shrunken man groaned as he saw her pale dainty foot come into view once the dripping knee sock was pulled away. Her whole leg was glistening with sweat, and he could smell everything. Each pore on her skin gave off a distinctive scent… and he couldn’t take it!


Balling up her sock in her hand before squeezing it over the opening of her boot, Dawn watched in satisfaction as sweat trickled down her clenched fingers draining back into the footwear. She had been using the same pair on purpose just for when something like this would occur. It wasn’t like she didn’t wash her feet though. They stayed nice and healthy. The same couldn’t be said for her boots though. They were the same ones she had been using when she started her journey years prior. They were both sentimental to her… and great for torturing people, she didn’t like.


“Well little guy, I guess this is where we part ways. I doubt I’ll be ever seeing you again. Don’t worry though, we’ll still be together. I just don’t look in my boots, all that often, that’s all. This will be your new room from now on. You’ll even have a roomie too! She’s a bit of a hog though and likes to use most of the space you’ll be sharing~.” Dawn giggled before moving the shrunken trainer over the opening of her boot.


Clutching his nostrils as the foul odor from before assaulted him once again, the tiny man began to furiously shake his head as he cried, before seeing the sadistic grin the younger girl was wearing. “Bye~.” Screaming as he was released and freefell downward, the smaller man watched in horror as he fell straight down into the opening of the boot.


Colliding with the black worn-down sole before bouncing with a splash, the diminutive trainer soon gasped before recoiling instantly. Clawing at his nose as the thick miasma of smells began to claw at his lungs once more, the smaller man looked around in abject horror as he saw his new surroundings.


The inside of the larger girl’s winter boot… it was completely misshapen! The fur that had once been inside of it was worn out and now plastered into rough terrain. He could also feel the humidity here. His whole body was now coated in sweat, and he didn’t even know if it was his or hers!


Crawling to his feet before taking a step back, his foot squished loudly as a puddle of water formed underneath his weight. This place… it was a living nightmare! Staring up at the opening despairingly, the only thing the tiny man could see, was Dawn’s grinning face staring back down at him. “Do you like it? I hope so. You’ll be staying in there for the rest of your life~. Don’t worry, there’s plenty to drink. I had someone show me what I’d need to do to make it so you wouldn’t have to eat anything anymore. This habitat is perfect for a pet like you! Well? Go on, explore! You’re not leaving anytime soon after all~.”


Giggling as she tipped her boot downward, Dawn snickered as she watched the shrunken man tumble to the toe of her boot before she gave it a light shake to rattle him around. Dropping her boot on the ground uncaringly, the younger girl began pulling her sock back on now as she stared at the pink footwear in amusement.


She had been looking forward to having someone else under her feet for weeks after she won her last battle. Her current pet stopped fighting her and just accepted his fate. Hopefully, this one would continue to struggle. It felt like a tiny massage every time he used to wiggle beneath her toes. She was looking forward to that from this one.


Stretching her damp knee sock up until only a small gap was available around her toes, the younger girl stood up slowly as she tried to balance on one foot before positioning her hovering one over the entrance of her worn-down snow boot. It was too bad she couldn’t see the look on her new pet’s face once she put her foot back in. She had heard all the funny stories her friends told her when they did stuff like that to shrunken playthings. But she could experiment later. Snowpoint had lots of trainers and the blunette was eager to venture up the mountain to face them!


Groaning in disgust as a bitter, sour taste tickled his tongue, the shrunken man spit repeatedly as he tried to alleviate the foul taste of the younger girl’s nasty sweat that had entered his mouth after his rough treatment. He needed to get out of this damn boot! This was a death sentence! There was no way in hell he planned to spend the rest of his life in this little psycho’s filthy footwear!


Feeling his breath hitch as a shadow was cast over the only light source around him, the tiny man's eyes widened before he began to back up. “N-No, Please, Arceus, STOP!” She was putting her foot back in the boot! Looking around for any way to get around the approaching appendage, the shrunken trainer felt his will shatter as Dawn’s foot perfectly slid in the opening, with no room for him to squeeze past whatsoever. She was sealing him in.


Gritting his teeth in anger, the smaller man ran in the only direction he could and away from the teenager's disgusting foot. As he reached the toe section of the boot, he hit the matted fur, trying desperately to find some kind of rip or tear in the lining… but, there was nothing. These boots were well made. Even with all the fur worn down, there was no other damage he could find and exploit. He was simply, trapped…


Turning back around as his aversion to submitting abandoned him, the shrunken trainer began to cough once again as the rank smell he had been struggling not to choke on became too much to bear, as Dawn’s toes rested in front of him. They stopped… Was the boot too big for her?


Wiggling her toes slowly, Dawn smirked in amusement as she felt her foot enter with no resistance. ‘I guess you ran to the end of my boot.’ Big mistake! He was right where she wanted him. Tilting her boot downward, the teenager giggled before pushing her foot the rest of the way inside of her boot, squishing the shrunken trainer against her sock and the worn fur interior.


These boots had been a gift from her mother and fit her like a glove. Even after years of using them, she hadn’t grown much. If anything, they only fit her better now then they once had… meaning, there was no room left for her shrunken pet to avoid her cold foot.


Squeezing the tiny man beneath her toes, Dawn soon sighed before gently cupping her cheek. ‘So good~.’ He felt as wonderful as she expected him to. She could feel the inside of her boot warming up now. It was like it became a sauna! She could enjoy her walks a lot more now that her feet would no longer freeze up when the weather turned frigid.


Stomping her foot a few times as she tested out the placement of her new pet, the blunette smiled before nodding in approval. He was nice and snug, right where he belonged. It was the perfect timing too. The shrunken man had challenged her right after she left Hearthome City. If she continued north, she’d reach Snowpoint in two weeks… and she had no intention of removing her boot for the remainder of her journey either.


Giving her foot a final stomp before grinding the toe section back and forth slowly, a smirk fell over the teenager’s lips once more before she began to walk away.


Hopefully, once she reached her friend's city, she would have some more tricks she could teach her. This one was by far her favorite one…


And she couldn’t wait to find another trainer to challenge.


This region was cold… and plenty of parts on her body could use some warming up.



To be continued…















End Notes:

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Wicke by NRawkGTS
Author's Notes:

Once focused on rescuing and protecting wild Pokémon, Lusamine shifts the Aether Foundations operations to raising and nurturing the shrunken Trainers in the Alola Region.  However, when approached by Moon and Acerola to become part of the system that subjects those poor, vulnerable 'children' to such cruelty, she has some conditions. Forced to take the role of Melemele Island's only Trial Captain, Wicke brings home a fresh batch of 'sons' waiting to be smothered in love and affection, safe from the women of the world that would torture them for their own amusement.  However, she can only directly raise so many 'sons'...

Contains: Mommydom, Willing and Unwilling Vore, Odor, Scat, Entrapment, Feet, Sweat and Breast Milk


“Hmm… I see, so even Ilima has vanished.  That’s quite a shame, he was such a great Trial Captain.”  The President of the Aether Foundation said, hearing what her two visitors had to say after they came to speak with her about some urgent business.  “And I assume neither of you had anything to do with his disappearance?”  Sitting at her desk, she looked over their League’s first champion and the young princess of the Alola region.  It had only been a few days since the Molecular Redistributor App had been launched in the region, but she had long since prepared her organization for the drastic shift it would cause.


“N-N-No, I sw-swear!  Ilima was fantastic at his job.  Kind and encouraging but stern when it called for it…  He made sure Trial Goers were ready for the Trials.”  The young champion replied, her heart clearly on his sleeve.  “But the position is so dangerous now since, you know, he’s supposed to lose somewhat regularly.”  She could understand his reasons and supported his decision, but if he wasn’t defeated why didn’t he come to her for help?  “Am I that untrustworthy of a Champion?”


Seeing her co-League representative’s depressed expression, the bubbly purple haired girl tackled her with a hug.  “Oh, don’t worry about him, whether he’s hiding from girls or hidden in one, there isn’t much we can for him anymore.  Instead, we need to focus on replacing him and Hala.  Thankfully Olivia was able to convince Professor Burnet to take Kiawe’s place and as Ula’Ula’s new Kahuna I’ll figure something out for my Trial Captains, but Melemele is the starting point.”  Turning to the beautiful blonde mother of two, she smiled brightly.  “So we were hoping you’d like to take the title of Melemele’s honorary Kahuna, Lusamine.  We already talked to all the new girls in power on the island and they’ll have someone else handle the island’s affairs, we just need a strong Trainer to weed out the weak, unprepared or unworthy trainers taking the Island Challenge.”


While surprised by the suggestion, as a business woman, Lusamine retained her calm, composed expression.  “Oh?  While it would be an honor to help the Pokémon League in your time of need, have you forgotten what our new mission plan is?  We shelter the poor children abandoned by the female Trainers that shrink them on a whim.”  Leveling a stern gaze on the two, it would be a lie if she were to say the current shift in power didn’t anger her a bit.  Shrinking Trainers was fine, even the most ugly man became so tiny and adorable once they could fit in the palm of your hand.  No, the problem was what the women who shrunk them did afterwards.  With the exception of Olivia’s accessory business, she had witnessed some of the videos circulating online, cruelly eating them for sport, using them for sexual relief without consideration for their safety, or any other manner of execution that crossed their depraved minds!  “Those poor children need to be sheltered and protected, this world is far too cruel to them now, and being the Mother of thousands now takes an enormous amount of time.”


While Moon looked a bit conflicted, remembering some of the Trainers she had shrunken and what she had done to them, Acerola didn’t share in that dilemma and merely grinned widely at Lusamine.  “And we understand the position we wish to put you in.  What would it take for you to accept?”


Hiding a sly smile with her crossed hands, the shrewd President leaned forward.  “Well…”


Months Later

Verdant Cavern, Melemele Island


Being the first stop for those wishing to participate in the Island Challenge and hopefully the Alola League beyond that, it was a famous location, or rather infamous for those with too much to lose.  As the morning sun slowly began to rise, there was already a line of people and Trainers waiting by the time Aether Branch Chief Wicke arrived.


“My, there are so many this week.  This is all because of that silly rumor circulation in the other regions I bet.”  She thought, sighing at the amount of work she would have to do.


Apparently there was someone going around to the other regions telling Trainers that if a single Champion opposed the recent changes to Pokémon battles that everything would go back to normal.  Given how new the League in Alola is, male Trainers that are able to escape their home regions have been flooding into Alola thinking it’s Elite Four and Champions are less experienced and thus weaker.  If only word that not a single non-Alolan male Trainer has yet made it past Hapu were to make its way to the rest of the world, perhaps fewer would be willing to come to Alola or at the very least not look down on the region just because its League is newer.


But facts and theories aside, the reality of the matter facing the mature, motherly woman was right in front of her and wouldn’t go away on its own.  “Well, no use complaining now.  If I hurry, I might be able to get back to the office before dark.”


Not being a true Trainer herself, the way Wicke oversaw the Verdant Cavern Trial was slightly different than her predecessor, Ilima, did.  While she wouldn’t issue commands during the battle with the Totem Pokémon, losing against either of them counted as losing to her.  Likewise, failing to complete the puzzle, or losing to the Pokémon before clearing the Trial was treated as being defeated by Wicke herself since she was the one who was responsible for treating their injuries.  Also, while all the Pokémon in the cavern are wild, they all warmed up to the lovable bespectacled beauty.


By the end of the day, after a total of exactly 98 Challengers, Wicke received the last, shrunken Trainer from the Totem Gumshoos, her 18th for the day.  “My, my, thank you.”  She said warmly, patting the abnormally large Gumshoos’ head.  Putting the defeated boy into her bag, she pulled out a special treat made from Oran and Leppa Berries.  “You did fantastic today, as usual.”


“If that’s all these Totem Pokémon can do, these Island ‘challenges’ are going to be a breeze!”  Speaking loudly as he and two other young boys headed towards the nearby Pokémon Center, Wicke couldn’t help but overhear one of the boys from the last batch of Trainers boast.  “We didn’t even have to fight the Trial Captain herself.  Total cakewalk.”


“It’s almost a let down how easy this is going to be… but if it means everything can go back to normal I’m not going to complain.”  The other boy who looked about as old as the first agreed.  “I hear the Kahuna of this island isn’t a professional Trainer herself either, but the President of that cool-looking facility in the middle of the ocean.”


“‘Cool-looking’ is it?  My, how sweet of you.”  Happy to hear the youth compliment the very large floating structure they had constructed, Wicke couldn’t really fault them for the confidence they were exuding.  Both boys had very powerful partners that obeyed them faithfully, a Gible and Honchkrow respectively.  “However, if you’re too confi-”


“Hey, don’t be rude to the Pokémon we fought!  Mom taught us better than that.”  The youngest of the three said, doing his best to chastise them.  “We’re a bit stronger than most because Mom trained us and taught our Pokémon a bit.  If not for that, I’m sure that pretty lady would have taken us to that awesome floating building like the others.  Mom warned us about being overconfident before we…”


As the three boys walked away, it became harder and harder for Wicke to make out what they were saying.  Still, she was happy to see that at least one of them was reasonable enough to not let an easy victory go to his head.  “Now I wish he would have lost… I would have pampered him sooooo much.”  Giggling, she debated challenging the boy to a battle with the Totem Alolan Raticate since Gumshoos was about to fall asleep on his feet.  Both Totem Pokémon hold back considerably when facing Challengers, but if they used their full power not even that beautifully groomed Lucario could defeat the adorably chubby Mouse Pokémon… probably.  “No, I have more than enough sons waiting for me.  Still, it's a bit of a shame.”  As the huggably cute boy disappeared around the bend with his companions, Wicke sighed and looked into her bag.  “12 new sons, just waiting for their new Mother to give them lots of love.”


Just as she was about to close the bag, one of the shrunken boys leaped through the open before she secured it and began to run away.  However, he didn’t make it too far as an Alolan Rattata darted out from the bushes and grabbed him with it’s mouth.  Scurrying over to the motherly mauve-haired woman, it dropped the man at her feet unharmed.


“Oh, thank you sweetie.”  She said, crouching down to pick up both the Trainer and Pokémon.  Hugging the unevolved Mouse Pokémon into her sizable bosom, she scratched it behind the ears before letting it go.  “And you, you’re a naughty little child, aren’t you?  Trying to run away like that.  Well unfortunately for you we give all our children a special reverse Shadow Tag ability until we get back home, and we have punishments for bad boys like you.”  She said, pulling up the back of her skirt, much to the shrunken man’s horror.  However, before she could, a low growl sounded from her midsection and she stopped to rub her stomach.  “Really now?  Six wasn’t enough for you?  I swear, you’re worse than UB Gluttony!  Or do you just like dealing with naughty children that much.”  Lightheartedly talking to her belly, Wicke giggled as a predator smile crossed her face.  Licking her plump lips, she eyed the boy in her fingers hungrily.  “It has been a long day, and I haven’t had time for a proper meal… and the other six were definitely bad boys, just like you.”


Gripped by dread, unable to so much as breathe let alone beg for her to stop, the young man watched dumbly as the glistening lips encroached on and encompassed his entire field of vision.  Her warm, moist breath washed over him, stale from a long day without an opportunity to brush after her small ‘disciplining’ sessions.  With the sun slowly setting there was already little illumination, but the back of her cavernous maw was an impenetrable abyss with only a small tongue poking out for it, waiting to guide anything or anyone deeper.  There was no escape, and before he could even register it, her fingers had set him on the saliva slick oral muscle and began to retreat back past the threshold to the outside world.  As if to draw out the faint hope he had left, his consumer agonizingly slowly closed her mouth over what felt like 30 seconds as she watched the last rays of light fade over the horizon… or perhaps that’s just how his broken mind processed it.  In either case as darkness fell, he would never see light again.


“Don’t think you can fool me now, acting all obedient and not trying to escape.”  Wicke thought, waving good-bye to the Pokémon of Verdant Cavern as she headed back to Hau’oli City to wait for her pickup.  She didn’t swallow her meal right away though, whether he was trying to fool her into letting him out or had accepted his punishment as her light snack didn’t matter anymore.  Rolling him around in her mouth as she went, her stomach let out a low growl.  “Oh fine, make sure to punish him properly.”



Disembarking from the company boat after returning to Aether Paradise, Wicke politely thanked the young female employee for picking her up and headed for the elevator.  “Losing a day each week is always so troubling… How many poor, sweet boys are lost and afraid on the other islands right now?”  Ascending to the floor that her sanctuary occupied, Wicke contemplated the fates of trainers she wasn’t able to rescue that day.  “Or being tormented for some other girl’s entertainment?  My, how can the world be so cruel.”  Just as the elevator stopped on her floor, a low gurgle emanated from her stomach, interrupting her train of thought.  “Oh, you stay out of this.  That’s punishment, not entertainment.”


What was left of most of her meals continued to make their way through her unforgiving digestive system as she headed for her office.  Most of the floor had been converted into an open habitat for the shrunken Trainers and men that she and the girls working under her saved from the other islands, along with the vast majority of the former male staff that the Foundation used to employ.


Lusamine had determined that it was too dangerous to send them out on search-and-rescue duties and couldn’t bear the thought of any of her employees meeting the horrible fates that awaited them outside the Foundation’s walls.  Between the two of them, they were actually able to convince over 90% of their male employees to be taken under their care without a battle, with the blonde President forcing the matter for the good of those that refused.


“Eleanor!  What are you doing!?”  She called out quickly, seeing one of the identical looking and dressed girls pick up one of her shrunken sons and dangle him over her open mouth!


Quickly turning her head in a panic, the girl saw her superior and quickly ran over to her.  “It’s not what it looks like, Branch Chief.  Look, it’s Charlie again, he started a fight and gave Tommy a black eye.”  She explained, holding out the slightly muscular, terrified man.


“Oh, really?  Sorry for yelling.”  Realizing her mistake, Wicke apologized to her subordinate.  It wasn’t easy keeping order, especially with the number of ‘sons’ she rescues on a daily basis, thus why she is in charge of a team of ‘mothers’.  But even then, with all the love and affection they are showered with, there are some bad boys that mix in with her sweet, good natured children and need to be punished accordingly.  “And you little mister.  You’ve been warned how many times?”


Bowing her head down, the older woman deftly plucked the smaller man off her assistant’s open palm with her lips and swallowed the misbehaving man before he could ever raise his hands in a futile attempt at defending himself.  She didn’t even play with her food, so by the time tiny Charlie started to panic he was already getting squeezed down Wicke’s crushingly tight throat on his way to his doom.


Eleanor watched, mesmerized by how masterful and beautiful her supervisor looked as she raised her head and swallowed the violent man.  It didn’t matter that Tommy had actually gotten his black eye roughhousing earlier that day with some of his friends, she just didn’t like Charlie and wanted him gone, and the Branch Chief had been out all day.  While her stomach was slightly disappointed that she didn’t get to punish the shrunken man with too many infractions to be spared digestion, her womanhood warmed as she watched the bugle in Wicke’s throat disappear behind her collarbone.  “Wow…”


Once Charlie settled in her stomach, Wicke giggled at the admiration of the younger girl and giggled.  As she was about to say something, a couple pockets of bile-tainted air rose from her happy little tummy.  Belching softly, both women could have swore they heard a scream almost completely drowned out in it’s undertone followed by a pathetic apology.  They both shared a light laugh at the digesting man’s expense and Wicke handed the tanned girl the bag hanging off her shapely hips.  “I apologize, Eleanor.  I should have let you deal with Charlie, but Tommy is such a sweet boy.”


“I understand Branch Chief.  Outside of your personal sanctuary, Tommy is one of your favorites.”  The black haired girl replied, opening the bag to see how many new ‘sons’ they had.  “Besides, getting to watch you punish a naughty child is an honor.”


Seeing her subordinate fidget a bit, Wicke smiled and leaned in to whisper in her ear.  “If you want another night as my child rather than my subordinate, just come to my quarters later tonight.  As always, I’ll ensure you are safe and smothered in affection.”  Teasing the girl with a sensual tone, she pulled Eleanor by her soft rear and back for an embrace.  “Or did you want to be ‘punished’ for being a bad girl and have a tour of Mother’s body again?”


Her heartbeat racing a mile a minute, Eleanor’s lust spiked as she was pulled into Wicke’s embrace and lightly molested.  Face flushed, she nodded as the gentle scent of the mature woman surrounded her.  “Y-Yes, Mommy.  Elly has been a bad girl.”


“My, my.  Well that’s no good.”  Wicke said playfully, releasing the now aroused girl.  “But Mommy loves honesty.”  Looking into the bag Eleanor was now holding, she plucked out five of the youngest looking trainers.  “I’ll be adding these boys to my personal sanctuary, so prepare to receive… hmm, I guess Luther, Bryan, Juan, Issac and Gaston are all getting a bit too old to be so spoiled.”  Giggling down to the frightened young boys in her hands Wicke recalled the days when she first started taking care of the five she just mentioned, and while it hadn’t even been a full year since shrinking male trainers became commonplace she still grew attached to her sons.  “I’ll bring them by tomorrow morning… probably.  I just want one last night with them.”


Sadly, between her responsibilities for the Aether Foundation and duties for the Pokémon League, the time Wicke had to spend with her sons was extremely limited, which is why the President saw fit to give her a team to help manage the overflow of children she couldn’t attend to daily.  Currently, that limit was 30 well-behaved, properly educated sons she keeps in her office.  Given the smaller scale of her personal sanctuary, it’s a bit more luxurious than the general, open one her helpers manage, but she still tried to love all of her sons equally.  Though… if she were completely honest with herself the bespectacled beauty knew she preferred cute, young, innocent ‘shoutas’, as her subordinates called them, to spoil.  Bryan, Gaston, Issac, Juan and Luther were already in their late-ish teens but very much pretty boys, so she enjoyed caring for them.  However these five new sons of her’s would require lots of love and affection so they’d learn that by her side was the only safe place in the world for them now.


“Well… safe for good children.”  She thought jokingly to herself, Charlie still desperately clawing at her stomach wall trying to escape.  In truth, it felt very nice to have her belly rubbed from the inside.  Cradling her precious children in her cupped hands, Wicke continued to her office.


She paused for a moment, seeing the plaque on her door had yet to be changed still and bore her alterations to it until a replacement arrived, ‘Branch Chief Faba Wicke’.  She always wondered what happened to her Psychic specialist co-worker, disappearing after meeting with the President alone, but Lusamine never elaborated more than a Misdreavus smile.  If she was being honest, there was a small part of her that wanted to get back at the older man for all the arrogant and insulting comments he made towards her over the years, perhaps trapping him in the back of her panties for a month or something similar, but she truly hoped he was safe somewhere.


Sitting down, she set her new arrivals on her desk and smiled warmly down to them.  “Aww, don’t be afraid little ones, Mommy Wicke is here to protect and love you.”  She cooed sweetly, seeing them all quivering in awe and fear of her immense size.  They each clung to one another for safety, like a group of Wimpods, which was only to be expected given their circumstances.  “Oh, no, no, no, no, no.  I promise, I would never harm cute, well behaved children.  Please, Mommy just wants to love you.  See?”  Slowly lowering her head and puckering her lips, Wicke prepared to kiss away her new sons’ worries but just as she was about to make contact with the group another small belch bubbled up from the abyss of her stomach.


Once again it carried the terrified and hoarse voice of her violent, misbehaving son as he cried out in pain, which the five new boys could plainly hear!  Two of them passed out on the spot, assuming Wicke was no different than all the women they’ve had to fight off just to live and was about to eat them as well.  Another’s fear reached a tipping point and he shut down mentally, willing to give himself to the assumed hungering giantess if it meant his suffering would be swift.  The fourth boy ran away from the encroaching older woman’s face, not thinking of where or what he’d do if he got away, he just knew he had to run.  The final child was paralyzed by his fear, but unable to run or fight back against her.  Her hot breath carried the stench of dissolved meat and death, making his eyes water.


Covering her mouth once again, Wicke sat back up and her cheeks glowed with embarrassment.  “Oh, excuse me boys, it seems my meal isn’t agreeing with me.  He should settle down in a moment though.”  Patting her stomach as casually as if she had a normal meal, the mauve haired woman confirmed to them that they hadn’t imagined the death cries of another person that she hadn’t noticed.  “Nothing but trouble to her very end.”


Within the fleshy chamber of acidic slurry, his lungs burning from the corrosive atmosphere and limbs numb from pain, Charlie weakly slumped down in the churning stomach he was doomed in.  It was so loud, between her calmly beating heart and the gurgling mess around him, he couldn’t think straight.  He had witnessed ‘Mommy Wicke’ swallow people before as a form of punishment, some of whom she’d let back out before it was too late as a warning.  He hadn’t gotten that warning, just trapped in her or another girl’s shoes, sat and farted on, or shoved up one of their filthy backdoors.  But it seemed this time, in order to be pushed out of Wicke’s meaty ass, he’d have to journey through her digestive tract…  And as his consciousness began to fade from the lack of oxygen, he knew it was a trip that would transform him long before the end.


“Ah, there we go.  Best behaved he’s ever been.”  She giggled, feeling Charlie stop moving inside of her.  “Don’t worry Charlie, even though Mommy had to be so rough with you, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.  Mommy won’t even be angry if you turn up on her bosom or backside.  I understand you were at that age and curious.”  Bouncing her massive assets and wiggling her butt in her seat, Wicke contemplated where her body would store what of her late son that didn’t get flushed down her toilet in the morning.  “Just try to not make my belly any bigger, okay?”  Keeping an eye on the boy running away, she leaned forward to grab him before he got too far away, burying the other four with her breasts absentmindedly.  “Not so fast, little one.  Mommy needs to get you somewhere safe for the night.  Tomorrow will be your proper orientation.”  She said, easily catching the terrified youth and bringing him up to her lips to kiss him.  Not realizing she had smothered the other four as she sat back in her seat, Wicke scooped them back up as well and pressed each of them to her lips as she went over to the large, multi-tiered enclosure with miniature bedrooms and facilities on the other side of transparent glass.  Setting her new sons on the top and most open layer she looked at one of the other boys who were hanging out there as well.  “Good evening, Marty.  Can I have you lead your new little brother’s to where they’ll be staying?  Issac, Bryan, Gaston, Luther and Juan are going to be transferred to the general sanctuary tomorrow.”  She explained softly, conflicted over what she had to do.


The young boy smiled back up to her and nodded, approaching the five new boys and began to explain to them how they’d live.  They were too small for Wicke to hear properly, but she needed to break the news to the five she was transferring.  Because the glass gave her exclusive sons no privacy from her gaze, she was easily able to locate the 5 older, younger boys and told them to get to the top of the habitat.  As she stood back up she faintly heard Marty mention ‘... go missing out the-...’


“Oh, I wish I could keep them all.  They’re such good boys.”  It was with a heavy heart that Wicke picked up Bryan, Gaston, Issac, Juan and Luther as they each arrived on the top of the more luxurious enclosure and took them over to her desk.  They each sat quietly and politely waiting for her to explain what she wanted them to do as she sat down again.  Smiling at the obedience they displayed, Wicke bowed down and pursed her lips in front of each of them in turn, the boys kissing her back in order.  “Oh, Mommy has some bad news, but I want you boys to know that I still love you with all my heart.  No matter what, you are my sons, and I only want what’s best for you.  However, starting tomorrow you are going to have to stay out in the general sanctuary since you now have some little brothers who will require Mommy’s guidance and affection.  You all understand, right?  Mommy’s not abandoning you, I would never abandon my children.  You know that… right?”


While visibly saddened by the news, the five nodded and reached up to her.  They knew how lucky they had been up until now, Wicke had educated them patiently and lovingly.  Even in the relative safety of the Aether Foundation’s building, there were plenty of ungrateful children that ran away from home, or at least a large minority that attempted to.  This gave some of the other ‘mothers’ an excuse to smuggle a ‘son’ or two off for their personal use, never to be seen again.  So long as the number of cases remained low, they would be treated as ‘runaways’ and the employees wouldn’t get punished for it.  However, Mommy Wicke never used her power over her sons selfishly, so to be in her personally managed sanctuary meant they were safe, so long as they behaved.  Each of them wanted to stay with their kind, gentle but stern Mother, but she had been so kind to them already and didn’t want to make this decision any harder on her.


Her smile faltering seeing her sons selflessly put aside their desire to stay with her for her, Wicke fought back her tears to put on a strong front for them.  “Thank you for understanding.  Just remember Mommy is always here for you.  No matter what, you are still sons I am very, very proud of.”


Holding out her hand, they each climbed on and she gently pressed them into her bosom.  She could feel them return her affection, their actions causing her to remember when she first started caring for them and how resistant they were.  They’d run, they’d cry, they’d struggle to escape… it broke her heart when all she was trying to do was love them like a mother should.  She never had any children of her own, the closest before being Gladion and Lillie.


Setting her sons down again, her smile shifting from gentle affection to slight mischievous fun, Wicke pulled up her skirt a bit and pulled off one of her white, thigh-high high-heeled boots and held the opening to the edge of the desk.  “Now, with all the sad stuff out of the way, Mommy wants to send you off on a happy note.  Luther, Mommy knows how much you love her feet.  Would you like to spend your last night with Mommy’s sweaty, smelly feet?  They’re quite sore and would love to keep you company.”  Enticing the shrunken cherry blonde boy with a low, sultry tone, even from high above she could smell the potent rank of her foot sweat wafting up to her nostrils.  It made her happy to know that the sons loved even the less hygienic sides of her.


Not wasting a moment to hesitate, Luther ran towards the edge of the desk and threw himself down the long, dark, musty opening.  Residual heat laced the strong, foul odor but for him this was the best reward Mommy Wicke could have given him.  He remembered how he used to yell and scream at his kindly mother, telling her he wanted to leave and rejecting her affection.  However, after she properly scolded him for his outbursts by leaving him in her boots for a week, he came to slowly understand just how much she cared for him.  She wasn’t evil, but she was strict.


After Luther disappeared into the depths of her footwear, Wicke waited a moment before putting her boot back on.  Her son began licking at her sweaty toes as soon as she settled her foot on top of him and she giggled at his diligence.  “He used to hate Mommy’s feet so much.”  But, she didn’t have time just yet to relish her son’s efforts, she still needed to attend to her other sons.  “Juan, Mommy’s special place is all yours tonight, and she won’t stop you even if you want to crawl inside.”  Peeling back her skirt more to reveal dark pink, risque floral lace underwear, she picked up the black haired boy and peeled the fabric away from her sex that was already wet with excitement and perspiration.  A forest of mauve colored vines lined around her delicate folds, extending up to a thick, unkempt bush covering her pubic mound and down disappearing into the crack of her butt.  “But please be careful.”


As the motherly woman spread her slightly darker pink folds for him, Juan recalled the first time Wicke ‘punished’ him using her divine sex.  Like so many ignorant, new sons, he had demanded that she let him go, that she couldn’t keep him and that she wasn’t his mother.  The pained expression on her face still haunted him to this day.  To absolve his concerns though, she placed him inside of her nethers, left him there for a few days and pushed him back out.  The longer he was in contact with her, the more he realized just how much she cared for him and he regretted ever questioning her intentions.  Since then, whenever he could, Juan would volunteer to spend time embraced by her meaty, tender folds.


From some… unfortunate accidents in the past, Wicke knew the dangers of keeping her sons directly inside of her when aroused if she wasn’t paying close attention to controlling her grip on them.  With three more of her children left to pamper before sending them off and a fun night planned with Eleanor, instead of placing Juan in her pulsing love hole, she pressed him right under her clitorus and let her labia close around him, completely hiding his body from the world.  Fixing her panties as she carefully stood up, so’s not to harm Luther in her shoe, Wicke patted her crotch once Juan began licking her unwashed sex like it was the most delicious treat he had ever tasted.  It was getting harder to hide her building lust, her cheeks glowing Cherubi and the white of her uniform becoming see-through with sweat.  “Ye-Yes… Mommy is sad to see you go too, bu-but not so intense.”  Turning around to rest her ridiculously thick rear on the edge of her desk, the older woman presented the tacky, oily hole normally lost deep within to her three remaining sons.  Her anus was lined with thick, wiry hairs that were soaked in sweat that had built up over the day spent in the hot Alolan sun, and the thick foul smell that filled the area behind her had her sons stumble back a half step.  “Oh my, is your ‘Big Sis’ a bit too much for you tonight Gaston?  Perhaps you’d prefer Mommy keep you somewhere else for the night.”


The brown haired boy was a bit bullheaded and wasn’t one to back down when challenged, even after being shrunk and left so vulnerable.  His stubborn personality was likely what got him into his predicament, but Wicke knew how to use it to get him to behave as well, and since then he had become one of her most well behaved children and looked after his brothers when she wasn’t around.  While at first it was just a challenge to keep him inline, it only took a couple hours of being buried in her plump rear for him to admit defeat to the heat, smell and pressure.  However, as Wicke had warned him, she was quite busy that day and so he had to endure for many hours after he had given up.  By the time she released him from her crack, he had accepted her as his mother and her butt as his ‘Big Sis’.  Coughing back the heavy stink, Gaston shook the dizziness from his head and bolted towards the waiting backdoor.


While embarrassing, Wicke thought it was cute that he treated her sensitive rosebud with so much respect.  Letting her thong snap back in space, trapping her son with her slightly filthy butthole, she felt a small buildup of pressure at the end of her digestive track and giggled.  “I think ‘Big Sis’ has something to say to you too, Gaston.”  Flexing the muscles in her core, Wicke squeezed out a long, wet fart that blew over her desk and knocked over her two remaining sons.  The brunette in her rear spamed like mad, the stink of her ‘Toxic Gas’ coating his being and replacing the already tainted air in her butt, but she knew he loved it when he started kissing and licking the greasy, puckering hole.  “Oh my, did I get one of his arms with that one?  I’m going to miss having access to this everyday…”  While she had no favorites when it came to her children, Wicke did have favorite locations to keep her boys and she had never realized how pleasant it could be to have someone massage and love her dirty hole so diligently.  Gaston had the best technique by far, but hopefully one of her new sons would be a match for the former delinquent.  “Okay Bryan, you’re next sweetie.”  Pulling her skirt down and smoothing it over her round rear, Wicke smiled down at the two boys gasping for fresh air to replace the bowel miasma they had inhaled.  Plucking up the former Aether employee, one of the few left in her personal sanctuary, Wicke brought him up to the collar of her turtleneck sweater and dropped him down into her breasts.


As with a large majority of the male staff that used to be employed by the Aether Foundation, when President Lusamine informed them of the changes coming with the Molecule Redistributor App and that they were to be shrunken and claimed as their first wave of sons to protect, he was part of the group that didn’t resist and voluntarily chose Wicke to be their new ‘mother’.  Those that attempted to fight back were swiftly and mercilessly defeated by the President herself.  However, since his group accepted their new place in the world, Wicke rewarded them by embracing them with her breasts and since then he had done everything in his power to be allowed to get lost between her massive mammaries at every opportunity.  Sliding down her neck and slipping right into the sweat valley, the heat and pressure embraced his tiny body.  The soft, fatty tissue molded around him perfectly and the sound of her increased heart rate gave him a sense of ease.  Even before, Bryan thought Wicke was the perfect woman, but now he could say that she was a perfect mother as well… and he didn’t want to part with her.


With a son licking her toes diligently, a son cleaning her sex dutifully, a son sucking her bottom happily and a son trapped in her bosom blissfully, Wicke carefully sat back in her chair and basked in the affection she was receiving.  However, there was still one son to attend to, Issac.  “Oh, I don’t know…  What Issac likes is pretty dangerous, especially right now.”  Concerned for her son’s safety, she wasn’t sure what to do.  Picking him up, Wicke cradled the redhead in her hands and brought him up to eye level.  “I know where you’d like to go, Issac, but Mommy’s not sure if it’s a good idea.  You are one of my tastiest sons and the way you rub Mommy’s tongue feels so good… but Mommy’s worried.  What if I accidentally swallow you?  Mommy’s been abnormally hungry today.”  She didn’t want to eat one of her sons by accident, they didn’t deserve it like bad boys did.  “Of course, if you’re willing to take the risk Mommy will do her best to not take things too far but…”


Because they have to take care of so many at once, the Aether Foundation generally keeps their sons so small that it is difficult to hear them under normal circumstances.  Because of this, there is a general signal that sons trying to get their mother’s attention can do when they want to say something.  Bending down, Issac pinched Wicke’s palm three times and waited.


“Oh, what is it?”  She asked, bringing him up to her ear so she could better hear him.


It was difficult to make out what the young boy was saying, he was already a pretty soft spoken boy to begin with and even though he managed to run away from the girl that beat him, he damaged his throat yelling for help as he was chased by a Salandit until the kind Goddess came to his rescue.  To him, Wicke was more than a ‘mother’, she was his savior.  As such, for him there was only one thing he could ask of her before their time together came to an end.


“What?  You want Mommy to swallow you?  Oh, Issac.  I know my girls can be a bit… mischievous, but Tommy’s been safe out there for over a month now.”  She said, trying to reason with the rash choice he had made.  “Once Mommy eats you, we’ll never see each other again.  You’ll just be a layer of fat on Mommy’s hips, and whatever doesn’t will get pushed out Mommy’s wide backside.  Is that what you really want, to be Mommy’s poop after all our time together?”  Holding her son back to her ear to hear his answer, she had hoped that he would have changed his mind.  He wasn’t the first of her sons that requested that she ate them, personal or general sanctuary either.  However, they all said a variation of the same rebuttal.  “Yes… I understand.  You’d rather ‘be a part of Mommy than part with Mommy.’  And if one of the girls took you, we’d never see each other as well.”  In truth, she was expecting to have the same conversation with Luther, Bryan, Juan and Gaston later as well.  Outside of Tommy and a few others, she generally ended up making her sons part of her body, filling it out all the more.  “If that’s your choice, Mommy would be happy to grant it for you.  It was a pleasure to raise you, my sweet little Issac.  Mommy will always love you.”


Opening her mouth, she let Issac crawl in himself, it was his choice after all.  Her maw was so huge compared to him, he could stand up and barely reach the roof of her mouth.  Slowly, her lips closed behind him and he looked out one last time and saw her reflection in the computer monitor just as she turned it on.  She was smiling, and he was happy for it.  Unlike the menacing women of the world or that terrifying Salandit, he wanted her to enjoy him.  He wasn’t her son anymore, just a meal breathing in her stale breath as the slimy oral muscle under him came to life and began to assault him like the morsel he was.


Loading up her computer, Wicke brought up the interface for the Molecular Redistributor App that the company used as a means of keeping track of all their sons’ profiles and opened Issac’s, as well as the other fours.  She changed his designation from ‘son’ to ‘meal’ and leaned back in her seat.  The redhead always had a sweet taste, and as is her duty as a Mother to attend to her sons’ lust she had tasted his seed quite frequently.  It was almost like a fruity syrup.  It was so thick and carried the flavor of the Watmel and Magost Berries they imported from the Sinnoh region.  Judging by the stiffening of his tiny little member she was about to get another delicious batch of it soon too.


Closing her eyes, she imagines how much each of her sons must be enjoying their final night as her exclusive children, whether the night ends with them following Issac’s lead or not.  She thought back to the days she spent with Lusamine to better understand exactly how to handle her new sons before the official launch of the app.  A time spent as Lusamine’s child thanks to the alterations their partners, Team Skull, made to their system.


Did she look as imposing as the President did to her as she lowered her bare foot on her like she did to him?  Wicke’s soles were very soft and smooth, moisturized by her sons on a daily basis, so she was able to apply a bit more weight on him than Lusamine did to her, but it was the smell that she remembered the most.  Were her boots as stuffy and smelly as ‘Mommy’ Lusamine’s?  When she walked around with him in there, was it as dizzying as when it happened to her.  By the way he so affectionately drank up her foot sweat, it must have tasted good and from the hardness from his crotch rubbing against her doughy underfoot he was enjoying himself.  While she learned of the acts to make her boys happy, Wicke had to admit she didn’t understand why they’d want to be stepped on or trapped in her shoe, but from how much they enjoyed it, there had to be some sort of appeal she had to be missing, right?  “Perhaps… Perhaps I should ask the President to educate me again.”  She thought, remembering the Salazzle-esque smile on the blonde mother’s face.


A particularly pleasant jolt up her spine reminded Wicke of her son squirming in her butt, an arm lodged in the tight orifice.  Her own time trapped in the back of ‘Mommy’ Lusamine’s elegant panties.  Unlike her, the blonde kept her undercarriage hairfree except for the patch she maintains in the shape of the Aether Foundation’s logo.  Even at the size of her sons though, Wicke distinctly recalled that Lusamine’s backside, even after passing gas, didn’t smell as bad as her own at full size.  How her children could stand it was beyond her, but it was as Lusamine had told her, ‘boys will love their mother’s no matter how dirty or hairy they aren’t or are.’  Gaston licked her asshole like it was a gourmet feast, but she hadn’t dared to taste Lusamine’s.  However, she learned about how carefully she had to sit down thanks to the experience, or if she didn’t want to risk it, how to discreetly shove a tiny child inside for their safety.  Though her backside was considerably fuller than the toned President’s rear, so her children squished into her a bit more before they slipped into her rectum.


Her lady bits throbbing in delight, Wicke shifted her focus to Juan, who cleaned her poorly wiped genitals after a bathroom break from the Trials.  He was trapped in her moist nether lips with sexual discharge and potent amounts of ammonium, given how little she had to drink all day, but that didn’t seem to bother him at all.  Her own time as Lusamine’s ‘child’ wasn’t lacking in time with the mother’s sex, a slightly darker shade of pink than hers since it had experienced two child births, but beautiful all the same.  With more lean vulvas than the mauve haired woman’s, Lusamine had a harder time keeping her children in place whenever she walked around, so Wicke would often brace herself in the tighter openings into her body.  Her own children never had such a problem, given her plumper figure than the fashion modelesque President, but it had to be harder to breathe since the blonde’s clothes had much better airflow.


However, Juan’s movements gave no indication that however potent the smell in her unwashed sex was was a problem as he continued to clean and by consequence tease her.  Gently, she rubbed him firmly into her nethers and stoked the flames of her lust that were building.  Lifting one of her huge breasts, Bryan slid down her cleavage to the underside of her bust with a large drop of sweat but managed to cling to her clammy skin and not fall down her stomach.  “Oh, I’m so sorry Bryan.  Mommy didn’t mean for you to slip so far down.”  She apologized easily despite Issac still in her mouth, holding up her breast so’s not to smother Bryan under it.  “Get to Mommy’s nipple if you can and I’ll make it up to you.”  Using her hand to help him crawl up her underboob, Wicke giggled remembering just how much she had to teach herself when it came to caring for her sons with her chest.  The Aether President’s bust was much less pronounced than her own, so she ended up only learning one helpful trick from the blonde.  A proper reward any mother should grant their well behaved child.  As Bryan pulled his head up to her nipple, Wicke pulled up her own profile in the app and pressed the button for her to use what was probably the greatest benefit any mother could get out of the app, Milk Drink.


It was a discovery that Lusamine stumbled upon quite quickly in search for the perfect profile for raising cute little children.  Even her breasts, which had never been able to produce milk before forcing her to rely on Wicke as a sort of wet nurse for both Gladion and Lillie, gushed out thick, creamy, nutritious breast milk.  Though she wouldn’t admit it out loud, Wicke found Lusamine milk to be delicious, with a faint flavor of Nanab Berries to sweeten it perfectly.  Her own milk lacked a distinctive flavor, but was as thick as honey.  Her sweater soaked through as the copious volume of breast milk flowed from her, drenching the front of her dress as well, filling her office with the scent of dairy.  Bryan’s enthusiasm as he licked  at her nipple was one she could understand.  Both her and Lusamine’s milk were so flavorful and filling, if it didn’t make such a mess she’d have had some during the day, though in her opinion the President’s won out by a small margin.  Sucking on her other breast through her sweater, Wick filled her mouth to capacity and swished it around a bit.  She knew Issac was in the creamy drink somewhere, too exhausted from her mouthplay to move, but couldn’t resist and swallowed heartily.


Leaning back in her chair, Wicke licked her lips and let out a satisfied sigh now that her mouth was empty, save for some pooling drops of breast milk mixing with her saliva.  “Mmmm.  I hope you enjoyed yourself Issac.  Mommy will miss you, but you were delicious.”  She said, rubbing her stomach.  Somewhere beneath her breasts, her little Issac swam in a churning mess of acids, dairy and whatever was left of Charlie, waiting to likewise be broken down and added to her body like so many of her sons before him.  She had never found so much as a fleck of bone from her meals, just a smelly log of brown she squeezed from her backside.  “But we’ll be together forever.  Mommy really respects you for making such a big decision all on your own.  Maybe some of your brothers will choose the same, Mommy actually expects that they will, so her tummy is getting ready to make you all into a sloppy mess.”  Feeling her stomach groan in response, she took her clothed breast into her mouth again and pressed the Milk Drink command again, releasing another batch to drink.  With one son taken care of and all her duties done for the day, she relaxed in her seat.  They were dutifully showing their affection for her, all she had to do was wait and enjoy.  They’d make her dinner too, once they were done.


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“Make sure the roots are deep. He can’t eat properly if you don’t plant him in there far enough. We’ve all seen what happens before. Oh no, I wasn’t trying to rebuke you! Please don’t cry Tamia!”


‘T-That voice… What happened…?’ It sounded so, vibrant. It echoed through him. It reverberated. But that wasn’t the only sound he heard. There was talking. Laughter… The voices, sounded, feminine. There were a lot of them. And the sensations were… wrong. Something was very wrong…


“Alright, once the roots are covered in loose soil with enough room for growth you can begin pressing in the dirt. Like so~.” The voice, it, was familiar too. Why, did he know it… And what was this feeling? The sensation, of wetness at his feet. The feeling, or air flowing through him. He felt like he was stretching, but he couldn’t release it.


“Alright, that looks good. Great job everyone! I know you’ve been eager to see how this is done. I’m sorry it took so long. There haven’t been any trainers foolish enough to try coming here in months~. This one was a sad boy indeed…”






Trainer! He was a trainer!


Forcing his eyes apart with what felt like an abnormal amount of resistance and strain, the young man’s eyes grew bright as he drank in his surroundings. It was coming back to him. All around him, were a vast landscape, of trees, plants, and flowers. And in the center of them all, was a woman. Erika…


She was the gym leader of Celadon City. And, he had come here looking for a challenge. Unfortunately, that was what he got. And it was so one-sided it was a miracle he was even still alive. She hadn’t used more, than her single Vileplume, but it had been more than enough to take down his fire types. And this was the price he paid…


Looking his body over, horror rang in his mind, but not from his mouth. He had been changed. His skin was a dark green shade, with grassy budding protrusions sticking out over his naked body. His mouth was no more either. It was simply lost to his face, as only his eyes appeared to show. He wasn’t even sure how he could hear like this now! She had changed him… He was simply, a plant…


Though, from what he knew, or at least what little most males did, there was a way for people to use the poke-league gear to alter bodies. He must be some kind of Pokémon, but to what end, there was no way for him to tell. He looked much more like a growing sprout than he did any known Pokémon he had ever encountered.


“Oh good, you’re awake little one~. Welcome to my garden! Or, I should say your new home. I must say, peeking in on my gym is a crime you know. A Gym battle is a price you need to pay for stealing glances at those who reside here. I’m sure you must have heard~.” Erika giggled as she covered her mouth with her kimono sleeve.


Hearing no audible reply (as was intended), the grass-type gym leader continued. “As you are now, you’ll have a new purpose. A better one. And like this, you’ll be allowed full, unrestricted access to my gym. That is what you wanted after all, no? Why else would you try to peek in the windows like the lechers of the past?” The dark-haired woman muttered darkly.


Peeping toms had been a common occurrence for years here in Celadon. But, after the new Pokémon League had been established, the women who took refuge here didn’t seem to mind as much. It had gotten a lot quieter though. Not that the young botanist minded. It gave her time to indulge in other activities, such as now.


Turning the petrified plant man around so he could see his surroundings better, Erika smiled as she saw him wiggle slightly at the sight. “Do you like it? I’ll be moving you here once our lessons over. These are your neighbors!”


Staring on in horror, the newly transformed man would have screamed in terror if he had a mouth. But, it seemed he wasn’t meant to. No one else did either… All around him on the ground in a loose patch of soil were countless buds. All bore a striking resemblance to humans. They were simply, plants though. Plant, men.


Stepping around them with the utmost care were multiple women and grass-type pokemon. All had dirt and other grime coating their body clearly marking them as botanists as well. This was a garden. A garden, for defeated trainers. And now he was one of them…


Feeling what he now understood was a pot shifted around, the tiny man's eyes looked back and forth as he saw about six other women in total sitting patiently in front of Erika. All eyes were on the Celedon Gym leader as they took held potted plants in front of them. No… they weren’t plants either.


Seeing them up close compared to the others cemented what the tiny trainer had first thought. All the buds were men. Some were wiggling, others crying. All looking defeated and helpless. They had been turned, into flora…


“Alright, before I allow you to unroot your new, or in some cases old flower-boys, let me show you the most efficient way to feed them. Like normal plants, you can simply use water and sunlight. As they are now, they can use photosynthesis like most other flora. However, I know a lot of you have more personal desires. And that’s why I designed this garden like so.” Erika smiled warmly before setting the pot the smaller man was in down in front of her.


Unable to see as the faces of many of the women seated in front of him lit up and darkened into blushes, the tiny man wasn’t sure what was happening. That is… until something warm suddenly landed on his head, and began to trickle down his body…


“Ahh~, I was tempted to postpone this part. I've had to go for a while now. I’m glad you all made it on time for our lesson today.” Erika panted, as she held her kimono hiked up revealing she had nothing on underneath.


Squatting over the potted man, the gym leader held nothing back, as she let her pee flow down onto him as it streamed down his body and into the soil, saturating it in her urine. The effect was immediately apparent to all women present, as they began to giggle in amusement.


Growing wide-eyed as a foul, almost sour, and pungent taste entered his body, the smaller trainer tried to scream and cover his mouth, but he simply couldn’t. For one, he had no mouth. The other, as he was still petrified in place… and forced to take all of the ammonia laced pee Erika was raining down onto him.


He could taste it… How could he?! It was like he was drinking it continuously! The warm fluid was infecting him and he couldn’t escape it! Worst of all was the stinging he felt in his eyes! The burning sensation was terrible and with no hands to wipe them with he was forced to look on in dismay. He couldn’t even close them now. The same resistance he felt before too open-worked both ways it seemed and he was left helpless and unblinking as the foul urine of the giantess drained into his new body.


As her stream died down into a light trickle, and eventually into a sputtering stream, Erika sighed in bliss before shaking her hips briefly and stepping away from the potted man. “Alright. For those of you who don’t know, urine provides an excellent source of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and trace elements for plants that they love, and it can be administered in a form that's perfect for assimilation~. Just make sure not to do it too often. If there’s a layer of it above the soil, you’ll drown your flower-men. But, if that IS your intention, they can survive it. It will just be immensely unpleasant.” Erika smiled sweetly.


Seeing the many faces of the women taking on a dark or sickeningly sweet visage, the crying man felt his body moved as he was lifted airborne by the grass-type gym leader and carried off towards her garden. “That’s all for today's lesson. Feel free to take your flower-men home and give them plenty of light. If you wish to leave them here, however, and visit them regularly that way, you’re more than welcome too.”


Hearing the cacophony of sounds as he was taken away, the smaller man wasn’t sure what was happening, but it didn’t seem to matter as Erika moved him to a large patch of soil covered with countless other people. These ones, however, didn’t have the same look in their eyes as he or the other ones had been from earlier.


Now present beside them he could tell… that they were broken. Their eyes looked, lifeless. And none of them seemed to move of struggle at all. It looked like; they had all simply given up. Watching through the sides of his peripherals as Erika dug a small hole, the gigantic gym leader nodded to herself before reaching back to the trainer and pulling him out of his pot, seemingly uncaring that she had just peed into it not 5 minutes prior.


Feeling a slight tingle on his feet as air-kissed what might have been the only part of him that had skin still, the newly transformed trainer sobbed in vain as he felt his body planted into the ground. It felt earthy and cold. And the sensation of stretching never left him through it all.


Compacting the dirt loosely as she had done with the pot before, Erika nodded before leaning her face down and admiring her work. The trainer who she had caught and forced to battle her, was simply, a plant. A cute, little, helpless… plant. And that’s what she loved about her garden~.


Looking at what had to be hundreds of sprouts, all in differing stages of growth with various flowers and buds sprouting from their bodies, the older woman sighed in bliss before shaking her head. Things were so peaceful here. She felt like she could simply fall asleep today as she did most days, surrounded by her lovely garden of flower-men.


But that would be unbecoming. There were always things to do as the Celadon gym leader, and today was no different. Seeing one of her fellow botanists walking by, Erika smiled before standing up and dusting off her light green kimono.


“Lina, can you be a dear and water the garden for me? I’m all tapped out unfortunately from today’s class.” Looking back at the gym leader, the young lass nodded before jogging over to Erika. “Sure, leave it to me! My Pokémon are always eager to tend to your personal garden!”


Nodding happily, the older woman yawned tiredly before making her way out of her greenhouse. As the vibrant beauty left, the remaining trainer stared down at the newest arrival in front of her with a look of amusement on her face.


“It’s going to be fun watching you lose hope. I wonder what color flower you’ll turn out to be. I bet you didn’t know it's always different for everybody who blooms in this garden.” Lina snickered before pulling out some poke balls from her belt.


Tossing out the odd assortment of grass types, the young trainer moved over to the planted man before hiking up her skirt and pulling aside her panties. “Open wide little man~. You’ll be drinking from us girls twenty-four hours a day~. The soil is always rich in our urine. It has all you need to grow into such beautiful flowers~. Though, from what we’ve found you can taste everything which makes this all the more fun~.” She giggled before squatting down and letting loose as Erika had done prior.


Forced to look on in hopelessness as the same foul ammonia laced pee was sucked into his new body, the smaller trainer began to cry once more. The taste was foul, but that wasn’t why. It was the sight before him, that left him in tears.


All around him, were trainers just like he was. And they had lost, just like he had. And now… they were turned into plants… and being grown, for the amusement of the girls here in Celadon. All he could see were countless girls peeing on them. Spitting on them… And laughing as they took pleasure in what they were doing.


Even the Pokémon seemed to be getting in on the fun. There were a few Lilligant, and Vileplume, as well as a Roselia and Roserade giving back to the garden. There was also a Tsareena who seemed extremely content with herself as she poked and stomped on one man… His eyes were just as lifeless as all the rest.


This was the fate, he now shared with all of them.



The fate, all men shared… who tried to take on, Erika, of the Celadon Gym…






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Klara by Franchise Writer
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Just a quickie I managed on the road awhile back but forgot to upload. I know quite a few people have wanted to see some Galar action, and I promise you, its coming.

Same with the review requests. We've recently added another writer to the series though, so chapters may vary substantially now with 3 of us. xD



“Oh? Why if it isn’t Samuel! Long time no see? Tell me, how goes the gym leader tryouts? Hmm?”

Hearing a voice that grated on his nerves like no other, a younger man no older than 20 looked over his shoulder, dreading to see the one person he truly wished to never meet again… before hanging his head in dismay. “Klara… how… good to see you…”

Standing behind the young man was a slightly older woman. Her bright pink hair stood out in contrast to the other adornments she wore making her an eyesore, the trainer thought. She had on a white-furred jacket, a bright white and purple bow, and mixed green and purple leggings and gym battle regalia. All and all, she was clearly trying to show off more than just her Pokémon out there. And as a potential Gym Leader candidate himself, the younger trainer was annoyed by her brazen display.

He had met Klara back during Gym Leader tryouts when a spot at Spikemuth opened up. Unfortunately, even with his team consisting of Pokémon that could counter most dark types, the new leader, Piers beat him fair and square. And for someone who specialized in his typing, that was rare.

But Klara on the other hand had been completely and utterly annihilated to the point, the aspiring leader thought she would give up right then and there. She practically threw a temper tantrum because of it. Yet, here she was now. And during a troubling time no less. It was a good thing she hadn’t actually become a Gym Leader here in Galer. Something bad was going on in their region, and the various Gym leaders were being replaced left and right. Oddly enough, only by females though…

He had a hunch it had something to do with Leon’s departure and chairman Rose’s disappearance but there was no way to either confirm or deny that. All he could do was continue to train. But that still begged the question… What was Klara doing all the way out here? He had been training in seclusion here in the Wild Area mountain range. How did she even stumble onto him?

Perking up as she walked towards him with a usual gaunt in her step, the Poison-type trainer beamed at him with a mixed expression. The younger trainer honestly never thought he would see the pinkette again. Not after he beat her in a ladder bracket with her screaming profanities at him. And now she was acting like they were old friends or something… What was her angle?

Running a hand over her wrist, the older woman smiled in amusement as she felt her new watch both heavy and warm on her hand. What a lovely time to be a trainer. And to think… new gym positions were opening up all of a sudden. It was a sign to be sure. And this gift would assure her that she would succeed. However, she wouldn’t make the same mistake as last time. She would need to trim the fat, before her next début.

“Oh, how fortuitous! It’s like fate brought us together again! I’ve been looking for a strong challenger for a while now you see. And you, Samuel, were always the strongest I’ve known! To think we were both brought so low by that lousy, no good, loud-mouthed, goth haired! Freak! But it doesn’t matter! There's always another chance you know! And now is a perfect opportunity to show off how far we’ve come! What do you say? Care for a battle with me for old times sake?” Klara smiled sweetly.

Her smile faded, however, as soon as she got her answer. It wasn’t the one she had wanted. “I’ll pass. I came out here to train in seclusion. I don’t know how anybody just *stumbles* out here, but if you wanted a fight then you can wait till the next gym leader invitational. I hear another one is coming up in a couple of months. Let’s settle things there.” He waved before walking towards the cave where his supplies were.

Gritting her teeth, the pinkette fumed for being ignored, before her smile returned. “Oh, but why wait? If we battle now, then we can see who is the superior trainer! Don’t you think that’s worth finding out? It can save us both a lot of trouble…” She smirked.

Scoffing, the younger man shrugged uncaringly as he continued to walk. “It sounds like you want a rematch and to scare me off so I won’t face you in the next tournament. To be honest, I don’t care if it's now or later. Unless you graduated to a whole new level of a trainer, you won’t beat me.” Samuel smirked, enjoying the look of pure and unbridled rage Klara was failing to mask behind her fake smile.

Pulling out a poke-ball, the older woman felt a visible vain throbbing at the succinct remark from the younger man. He had no idea who he was messing with! “You think so? Then, put your money where your mouth is! You already said you didn’t care if it was now or later. So why not now! I challenge you to a battle! If you beat me then I’ll leave! Not a moment before!”

Hearing the all too familiar sound of a poke-ball opening up behind him, Samuel sighed before reaching down for his belt. She wouldn’t leave him alone without one it seemed. But it was pointless. He was a Steel-type user after all. “Fine… let’s just get this over with. I’ve got things to do.”

Pulling out a poke-ball of his own, the younger man began to turn, before hearing a loud command screamed behind him. “USE STUN SPORE, NOW!” Blinking once in surprise, the trainer only had a moment to gape in shock as he saw a small Rosalia standing near his feet, with its rose-like hands aimed towards his face.

With a cry, the flower Pokémon shot out a bright yellow cloud of pollen catching the startled trainer off guard as he began to cough violently. Dropping his ball to the ground without having the chance to call out his partner, the trainer stumbled before falling on his back in a spasming heap. ‘W-What… I-Is… this!’ What the hell was Klara thinking?!

“Fufufu~”. Strutting over to the limp man as his body trembled weakly on the dirt beneath him, Klara stood over the wide-eyed trainer before reaching down and picking up her Pokémon. “Good girl! You’ve gotten a lot faster! Yes, you have~.” The poison expert giggled as she lightly ruffled the snickering flower Pokémon’s petals with her fingertips.

Staring back down at her once rival of sorts, the older woman sighed exacerbated before moving her foot over and giving the prone man a light tap with her shoe. “Kind of pathetic, don’t you think? Being caught off guard like that by a simple pre-evolved Pokémon’s attack? A REAL Gym Leader would never be caught unaware! Another reason you aren’t fit to be one~.” The pinkette smiled darkly.

Staring up at the smug-looking trainer but unable to speak due to the paralysis, the twitching man tried to reach for the ball he knew to be near him, but Klara’s foot beat him to it as she positioned a foot over his chest standing over him.

“Ah uh~. No, you won’t be needing that anymore. I’d be tempted to keep it... but Steelix just isn’t cute. Or poisonous for that matter.” Giving the tiny poke-ball a small kick, it soon rolled down the hill before sliding away past some shrubbery and out of sight.

“Alright, so here’s the deal~. You accepted my challenge, and I plan to have you participate! I just needed to assure you that you wouldn’t win. You know how it is~. So, this is what I’m going to do~.” Klara giggled before setting her Roselia down and returning her to her ball.

Now alone, the older woman moved her thumbs to the waistband of her short-shorts before giving them a quick tug. This had been rather humiliating the first time. But, after so many ventures, she felt rather empowered now. Funny how things could change so much, just by one, measly scrap of technology.

Shaking her naked rear back and forth, now exposed to the elements and to her captive prisoner, Klara grinned as she pulled her ass cheeks apart revealing her puckered anus to the man before squatting down closer towards his face.

“Do you like the view? I usually try to keep everything clean down here. I might be a poisonous lady, but I have standards after all~. However, since SOMEONE had to be hiding in the middle of Arceas forsaken nowhere! I haven’t had a proper shower in days. I bet the smell is quite ripe, isn’t it? Your body might be stiff, but your senses shouldn’t be~.”

Wanting to recoil in disgust as the rancid smell of the older woman’s ass neared his nostrils, Samuel tried to scream at Klara to stop this, but he couldn’t so much as utter a sound. However, even if he had been able to, he would have been silenced immediately by what followed next.

Plopping her ass onto the frozen man's face, Klara sighed in relief as she felt some of the pressure taken off of her feet. She made sure not to hold anything back with her weight. Not that she was fat or anything. But, still… it was no doubt uncomfortable.

“Alright, now that I’ve got you here, let me explain the rules of our little *game*. I’m going to just sit here. Nothing more, nothing less. And you, need to push me off of you. If you can do that, you win! But, if you pass out, or tap out, or beg me to stop if your mouth can even manage that, then I win! Got it?” Klara laughed.

Wanting to scream up at the insane woman to get off his now in pain face, Samuel soon felt something wrong with the situation. He couldn’t breathe… His nose… It was pressed deep into the pinkettes ass crack!

Twitching slightly more than before, the panicked man gazed up at Klara as she smiled down at him with a look, he could only describe as pure, and utter sadistic delight in his predicament. “You know the rules~. I’m not moving until you give up~.” She winked before moving her feet off the ground and resting them on top of the petrified man's crotch.

“Oh, and if you don’t hurry, you might actually die from suffocation. It happened to another fellow a few cities back actually. Not my finest work, but It got the job done.” Klara remarked offhandedly as if she hadn’t just admitted to a crime.

He wanted to believe the psychotic woman was messing with him. That this was all some type of game or fetish for her… but it didn’t sound like it. She sounded serious. And she certainly had no love for him. Did she really come all this way out here just to torture, and possibly kill him?!

Feeling an answer come in the form of a painful kick on his crotch, the younger man grunted in dismay as he felt the domineering lady step on his junk a few times as she giggled to herself. She was completely, and utterly unhinged!

Feeling the faintest amounts of movement coming back to him, Samuel's fingers twitched as he tried to move his hands, but a painful pressure on his face immediately made him lose focus as he grunted again in pain. “Hurry up and do something! It’s hot out here! I need to go and get a drink after this…” Klara groaned as she pulled her shirt in and out in an attempt to fan herself.

Bouncing up again *lightly* as her ass slammed into the paralyzed man's face, Klara simply smirked. It was fun to do this. Almost euphoric in a way. And the fun hadn’t even begun yet. She supposed, that a taste of what was to come was in order.

‘Hopefully, it’s not wet…’ She hated that sensation. Pushing as she tried to coax her rear to obey her, the pinkette soon felt the pressure in her lower intestines turn slightly before her efforts were rewarded by the sound, of a small, release of air.


Sighing, Klara smiled as she felt the light movement under her intensify slightly. “Oops~. Excuse me~. I hope that wasn’t in your mouth! Though, I did position yours right in front of my little hole~. I’ll tell you what! As an alternative way of admitting defeat, why don’t you kiss it and we can end this~.” The bubbly trainer smiled. She was in just as much of a hurry to get out of here as he was. Though, for vastly different reasons. She actually enjoyed the feeling of her rival beneath her. It was where he belonged after all. It was where all other trainers belonged…

Feeling pain in his face as well as a pungent taste of shit in his mouth, Samuel cried as he was bombarded with foul torture from his vile college. Her fart had been rancid! And her foot hadn’t stopped smacking his crotch! Each kick sent a jolt of pain through him that rivaled that of the immense pressure currently crushing his skull.

He didn’t want to die like this! Smothered to death under some psycho’s ass! He needed, to escape! Feeling more movement returning to him, the shuddering man tried to lift his hands to move Klara off of him by force, but he was still too weak to do it. He couldn’t even speak yet… No words came out, only gasps, harsh grunts, and whimpers. Not to mention, the foul smell that accompanied each attempt left him gasping for what little air was even left.

His eyes felt blurry. And his head was throbbing. He knew this sensation. He was about, to pass out… and he knew if he didn’t get Klara off of him before he did then he wouldn’t wake up again. She didn’t care… She was just using his face as a seat cushion casually like one would a chair.

This meant, there was really only one thing he could do. If he had the strength yet to manage it. Win or lose, it didn’t matter! He wasn’t going to risk his life because of some petty grudge! Forcing his tongue up as It threatened to fall over limply, Samuel tried his hardest to do what needed to be done, before feeling both a sense of utter disgust and relief flood din him as he made contact with the seated woman’s puckered anus.

Fiddling around with a small flower she had plucked beside her out of sheer boredom, Klara’s eyes suddenly shot open as she felt something tickle her backdoor. Blushing briefly, the smirking woman said nothing and went back to her fascination with the plant. A few more minutes wouldn’t hurt…

Grunting angrily as the pinkette didn’t move off of him, Samuel tried again… and again… and again. Each lick didn’t seem to register! Pressing his tongue forcefully on the domineering woman’s filthy hole, the petrified man whined from the foulness but forced the tip of his tongue in. It barely reached… but, she had to feel that! If she didn’t… then he would surely pass out…

Sighing contently by the myriad of worship her ass was receiving, Klara soon opened one eye before scowling as she felt the prone man’s tongue, touch her anus, before simply hanging there. He had stopped licking… what a pathetic thing he was… Oh well. She would get her enjoyment soon enough. He did his job.

“Oh? Was that a lick I felt? I guess that means, yooooooouuuu~ looooooose!” The older woman sing-sang out before hopping off of the surprisingly comfortable man’s face much to his relief as he began to gasp rapidly for air.

Dusting off her remaining clothes but not putting back on her skirt and underwear, Klara sighed as she stared down at her rival with a mix of pity and amusement. “Well, this has been fun, Samuel. And It comes as no surprise that I’m the winner. I was always the better of the two of us. And had you not resorted to using type advantage all the time you would have seen it too! But that’s all behind us! And behind is all you’ll see in front of you from now on~.” The bubbly woman giggled before lifting up her wrist.

‘One tap, two taps, and set to default. There, we, go~!’ Watching in delight as her *victory* was logged into her Poke-gear, Klara aimed it towards the man before tapping it once more. “Better luck next time~. That is if you ever have a next time~.”

Staring up at the psychotic woman unsure of what she was even talking about, Samuel soon found his strength steadily returning now that the pinkette wasn’t straddling his face anymore. However, it soon dawned on him that, he wasn’t moving like he thought he had been… something was wrong…

Watching in disbelief as his vision shifted, the steel-type user soon gawked as he saw his surroundings… growing…? What was happening to him?! Unfortunately, he didn’t have the luxury of deciphering this dilemma as he suddenly vanished within his own shirt as he lay in parted darkness, now both paralyzed and confused by all the events that had just transpired.

‘Make sure to set this to your own personal preference. Whatever you think of will be the standard you create. Have fun~.’

Thinking back on the strange blonde woman’s words who gave her this device, Klara simply shook her head. ‘Why bother changing anything? The default works fine.’ It got rid of the competition for her this way. As well as gave her a bit of fun too.

Stepping over to the plain, sweat-stained tee-shirt and cargo shorts that lay on the ground next to a pair of discarded hiking boots and socks, the older woman hummed as she saw no movement before soon realizing why. “Whoopsie~. I almost forgot, how silly of me~.”

Reaching down with a bit of disgust on her face, the poison user pulled up the damp shirt before something fell out of it and onto the ground. Flicking away the article she found offending, Klara gazed back down as a smile graced her lips.

“Welcome to your new life, *little* Samuel. well, as long as a new life you have left~.” Reaching down and plucking up the tiny man as he continued to lay still at her feet, the paralyzed trainer weakly shook as his fearful eyes stared up at her own amused ones. He couldn't be bigger than an inch like this.

‘So cute~. If he were a fan or perhaps someone, I took a fancy to, I might allow them to become my pet. However, you, won’t get that particular privilege.’ He was a rival after all. And a bite-sized one at that. And she had no use for rivals…

Pondering her options, albeit, knowing what she wanted to do the most, the pinkette sighed before shaking her head. “It’s a shame you’re so fragile like this, Samuel. We could have had a lot of fun together, you and me. But, in the end… you only serve one purpose now. To give me as much pleasure as you can before you, disappear. I obviously can’t change you back. You’d tell others what I did. Nor could I have let you go for the same reason. So, this was the outcome no matter what. I bet you feel kind of silly finding this out, don’t you?”

Gritting his teeth in anger as he gazed up at the insane woman, the tiny trainer wanted to scream at her, but that damned stun spore was still affecting him! If he could wash it off somehow then he could find help somewhere-.

Not having the chance to even think of an escape plan, the smaller man was soon brought downward violently before gazing at a sight he would sooner not see again if he had the option. Directly in front of him, was Klara’s pale ass… And her free hand was pulling apart her cheeks again, giving him a direct view, of her filthy anus…

“Well it’s been fun, but you really must be going. I have a lot to do, and at this point now that our little battles concluded, you’re just taking up my time. And nothing is worse than that~.” Klara giggled, before moving her hand forward.

Feeling no resistance, and knowing there would be none, the pinkette moaned softly as she forced her tiny rival past her anus, and into her ass. And unfortunately for him, she wasn’t being that gentle either. Giving him a few harsh shoves, her hand soon returned empty before she smiled at her own handy work.

She could feel him now. He was just big enough, to tickle her insides. Giving her ass a hard clench, she grinned as she enjoyed the faintest of tingles that Samuel provided her. She would miss it. But, not him. In the end, though, he would fade away… just like all the other rivals she defeated and stuck up there did too…

And for Samuel, the last thing he experienced, was the crushing pain all around him, as his body was squeezed violently by Klara. The smell of her fart before only being a fraction, of the foul air now invading his lungs. And the squelching pain of something he wished to not think about beginning to envelop him, soon left him entombed inside of the poisonous giantess.

He knew now, there was no escape. There never WAS an escape. Klara came to him. She sought him out, all for one purpose. And this was it. She was getting rid of all her obstacles it seemed. And his time had finally come. And with no way to fight, or move, as he felt himself being sucked inward… he knew there was no point in even trying to fight it…

Pulling up her panties and shorts, Klara hummed softly before a disappointed look crossed her face. “What a useless man, even in the end. You can’t struggle or try to escape at least? How am I supposed to have any fun if you don’t let me!” She grumbled before stomping her foot in agitation.

Scoffing before beginning to walk away, the pinkette soon paused before looking back at the discarded clothing pile. A part of her wanted to hide the evidence… but she knew it was a waste of time in the end.

Who would think to look at her as a suspect after all? And even more so, who would think to check inside of her ass for the now missing, Samuel? No. It was pointless. And come morning, like every morning after she did this to one of her many… many… rivals… he would be little more than a stain on whatever porcelain throne she decided to grace with her perfect ass.

Smiling at the thought, Klara hmphed before walking on.

She had a lot of other people to track down before the next Gym Leader invitational… and time was of the essence…
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Team Flare and Malva by 2KFSK
Author's Notes:

My first chapter entry for this awesome series, focusing on one of my favorite underrated baddies of the entire show! Really hope you all like it ^_^

Contains: Multiple Giantesses, Mass Vore, Crush, Digestion, Feet, and Entrapment

“C’moooon, I’m practically starving!

Celosia leaned over the table and pouted, literally salivating at the capsule in front of her. Color-coded to her violet hair and outfit, all manner of unintelligible screams seemed to emanate from the container, and dull thumps and tumbles accompanied them.

“Not yet. Our leader wants to be present when we open them,” Bryony replied, ever tactful yet taciturn. She gestured to the three other cylindrical capsules that were positioned upright on the metallic tabletop, each of which corresponding to another shade of outfit, from blue to orange to green. “I’m as eager as you are, but you mustn't let that cloud your self-control. We shan’t allow our leader to get upset.”

“Boooo! Lame!” Celosia groaned, leaning back in her chair. “Just because she’s this Elite Four big-shot, now she’s suddenly all high and mighty. Can’t stick it out with the rest of us? We’re supposed to be a team!”

On the far side of the room, Mable was not paying attention to any of them. Her focus was to the chalkboard upon which several schematics were being drafted. A cursory glance at them revealed all manner of illicit, theoretical inventions that boggled the mind. Dead-set concentration upon her blueprints was only momentarily broken when she turned slightly to the rest of her team, and she said, “Just like you to be impatient, Celosia! Any true scientist knows that it is only the pain of anticipation that makes the joy of tasting the boons of one’s victory so much sweeter!” Mable made sure to pantomime crushing air in her fist to punctuate the final word as she grinned. She returned to her chalkboard.

In an opposite corner of the room, Aliana watched with a mirthful smile on her face at Celosia’s frustration. “They’re both right, you know.” Aliana laughed even as Celosia stared a couple of daggers at her partner through her visor goggles. “Patience is key. Though… maybe just a taste,” mused Aliana as she reached one gloved finger out to the edge of the table, only for it to be slapped away by Bryony, who stared at her fellow member of Team Flare with cold disapproval.

No. Not yet.”

Aliana still chuckled, and she rested in the back of her chair once again.

“I don’t get it!” Celosia exclaimed. “It’s a new age! We should be on top! Why’s Team Flare still slinking underground like rats?! We can’t even take advantage of these new League regulations! It’s such a load of – ”

“The time for your return to the light of day will arrive soon, darlings,” came that sultry, buttery voice from the chamber doorway.

It was like a bell; all four women’s eyes went to it immediately as they laid upon their leader, Malva, leaning against the metallic door-frame stylishly. She removed her sunglasses, closing them up as the four Team Flare scientists stood at attention and performed their customary salute.

“That won’t be necessary,” Malva replied, adjusting her watch as she stepped into the room.

“W-we were waiting for you!” Celosia said, clasping her hands together as she beseeched her leader. “We didn’t want to start… well, dinner, without you!”

“That’s sweet, all of you,” Malva replied, stretching. “But I’m afraid I can’t stay. I have to deliver a report via Holo-Caster. But while I am here, since I am the only one of us who has a legally-distributed Poke-App...”

And with precision accuracy, she delivered four sequential blasts at the four upright capsules on the table.

“Bon Apetit,” Malva replied, returning her glasses to her face. “I locked in your orders already. They should be perfect.

“Oh, hell yeah!” Celosia said, the first to dive to her violet-colored canteen. She twisted it open and both her mouth and nose immediately watered as the sickly sweet scent of dozens of defeated trainers from the Kalos League scent.

“Oh man… Malva sure knows how to please a girl,” Celosia continued, unable to prevent the drool from filling her mouth as she dipped her hand inside. Pinching two fingers around a squirming young man, she opened her gaping mouth and popped him inside, locking him within her lavender-colored lips as he struggled and screamed.

Man, Sweet Scent! Killer!” The words were muffled through the haze of saliva and garbled smacking as she ran the unfortunate trainer all throughout her tongue, on the inside of her cheeks, and against the rough rock-solid sets of teeth that lined her gums, capable of disemboweling him easily if the mood struck. But that was messy, and besides, Celosia preferred to savor the flavor of his fear than put an end to the fun so soon.

Celosia threw her head back and the cavern of her mouth became a dank sinkhole, a slippery abyss that her captive tried fruitlessly to scale and find purchase upon as globules of spit continued to saturate him and send him sliding down into the hot and humid underworld beneath that threatened to swallow him whole. Until…


He made a tiny indentation in the bulge of Celosia’s throat, which she rubbed sadistically as she felt him deposit into her acrid stomach. A tiny belch of hot air erupted from her gastric interior, to which Celosia responded, “Excuse me,” with a devilish smile. “Soooo sweet.”

Bryony allowed a slight, sleek smile to pierce her veil of professionalism as she took her lime-green capsule of failed Elite Four challengers, unscrewing the cap and examining the pile of sorry excuses for trainers within. They had been given the privilege of being able to keep their outfits, but they were likely regretting it as even now Bryony could feel the intense heat being emitted from the depths of the cylinder.

“Overheat… Hmph. You know me well.”

Malva smiled as she watched Bryony remove a captive from the container and place him gingerly on the tip of her tongue, closing it.

Immediately, the spiciness of the delicacy caused Bryony’s face to flush, and a dab of sweat began to flow down her temple before being lost in her visor. Ultimately, however, Bryony swallowed and exhaled graciously.

“Exhilarating,” she breathed out plucking another one from the pack. Having barely seen what just occurred to his comrade, his struggles were even more pained, impassioned, and desperate; the entire room could make out the begs, pleads, and swears that left the trainer’s utterly minuscule mouth.

“It is quite a privilege to rid Kalos of this filth,” Bryony recited, putting her other hand to her cheek as she observed with approval the next burning hot morsel to be dolloped into her mouth. “Rest well knowing your nourishment will soon contribute to the rebirth of our glorious plan. And soon, a brave new world.”

Bryony patted her belly as the previous body deposited itself in the toxic vat of her stomach, reacting in a violent-yet-invigorating manner. She almost felt that she needed only burp, and the emerging vapors would have the power of a Flamethrower all on their own. Something not lost on the next tiny trainer as he cringed at the emerging vapors that exited her mouth, only to be roughly thrown kicking, screaming, and crying to join his companion. Followed by another. And another.

“What was that about restraint you were saying earlier?” Celosia called, giggling remorselessly as Bryony was surely rolling her eyes behind her goggles.

Mable was reluctant to depart from her schematics, but when she laid her hands upon her own turquoise capsule, a literal chill traveled from the tips of her fingers to the base of her spine, and she shivered with glee.

“Oooooh… it would appear my request was fulfilled! Malva, you truly shouldn’t have!”

Popping the lid open, Mable was not greeted by screams, squirms, or anything of the sort. She couldn’t even smell anything emanating from the interior of the can, though she knew if she could smell fear, it would be more than fragrant enough to detect.

Packed in like sardines, Mable’s eyes glimmered behind their visor as she examined her own personal frozen delicious treats, inflicted by the Ice-Type move Freeze-Dry. These trainers were certainly frozen; the terror that was immortalized over their faces made that quite clear.

“Freeze Dry, and Harden! A delicious combination for a lover of frozen confectioneries such as myself. But, oh, which one should I try first? This one?”

Mable plucked one out from his foot and raised him in front of her visor, the advanced electronics within allowing her to determine his vitals and decreased heart-rate. There was no mistake to be made that he was alive, for the moment.

“Or, hm, maybe this one?” And Mable pulled out another, her mouth continuously breaking into smiles that she could not stave off. “How about this one? Oh, they all look too good! I think I’ll just –”

And Mable dumped the icy chips’ worth of failed trainers back into the container and instead picked up the container itself. Her fingers were well-insulated through use of her gloved, and she raised the container high in the sky, shaking its petrified captives down tumbling into her awaiting, cackling mouth like a paradoxical waterfall of human suffering. They landed, filling up her mouth rather quickly. Only a spare few spilled out, falling onto the pristine linoleum floor of the office, which Mable gave only a sparing glance to before she angled the heel of her boot over these stragglers and stomped them out, shattering them like rock candy. Harden’s hardening of their forms did nothing to making them less brittle, and the right force applied to the right spot on their bodies could crush them with ease. It just so happened that in this case, the right spot was their whole bodies.

Focusing again on the treats inside her mouth, Mable blushed as she felt the intense sensation of warmth and cold, icy trainers dethawing in response to the hot streams of vapor and gas and saliva that were running over them at all times. Even as a few were beginning to break free from the melting ice that encased them, Mable began the process of swallowing them down gradually, a few at a time, slowly but surely decreasing the capacity of her mouth, only to raise up the container again and introduce a new batch of still-frozen captives to mingle with those that were only partially dethawed and only beginning to regain the scant few moments of consciousness they would have before they too were swallowed down and condemned to oblivion.

“Aliana, you truly must try this! It’s to die for!”

Seated in the corner, Aliana had been watching closely as Mable enjoyed her fill, and a slight smile came to her. Standing up, she sauntered to the table and took her brilliant orange capsule.

“Hm… Oops,” said Aliana, lazily spilling many of her demoted trainers onto the table.

“Huh?” inquired Celosia, and the other members of Team Flare were equally confused as they watched the disheveled shrunken trainers get their bearings, expecting them to run away, to flee, to find some way to escape from this nightmare.

But... they didn’t.

As they got to their feet, Aliana stared down at them like a loving idol, and she crouched and opened her mouth, placing the front of her chin directly against the edge of the platform.

And like the children of the pied piper, they began to walk toward it in a stupefied trance.

“Confuse Ray and Attract certainly was quite the combination,” Malva said approvingly, smiling at her underling as the poor losers began to hoist themselves above Aliana’s lower lip and dive willingly into her mouth, where Aliana dutifully swallowed before opening the cave to allow for the next willing participant. This continued in a single file line, and as it went on further and further, Aliana could only get more and more addicted to this taste before she was simple grabbing them from the table and shoving them in, which they reacted to without complaint. The capsule still remained half-full and its screams were loud as well, but rather than screaming for escape, they were pleading for Aliana to eat them, devour them, and swallow them whole.

“How creative,” Bryony remarked.

As Mable wiped her mouth, she turned to Malva, “Yes yes, but when are we going to get the chance to shrink and collect our own trainers?”

“Patience, we’re working on it,” Malva said with an irritated hand-wave, even as Mable frowned and grumbled. “The world has changed much since our defeat. Perhaps they weren’t ready then. But soon, they shall be. Even if I must make it so,” and with a flippant wave, Malva pushed her shades to the bridge of her nose before walking out, ensuring her own magenta capsule was secure in her pocket as she left.

“In the meantime, there will be more where that came from. Much more.”


Malva shifted in her seat and cleared her throat just in time before the camera lit up, signaling that she was on the air.

Hello, people of Kalos! Reporting live from Lumiose city, I’m here to bring you the top stories! Today, we’d like to hear from you, the trainers! In the intervening months since the International Pokemon League Commission approved new customs and rules following battles at the latest Champion’s Conference. This decision was met with much initial backlash, so today, we’d like for you to select the option in your Holo-Caster indicating whether you approve or disapprove of these new rules. You will have ninety seconds. Get ready!”

The light on the camera shut off, and Malva sighed as the timer ticked down. She pushed away from her table and took a peek underneath, where her black heeled boots were stuffed and tight beyond relief. Yet, they felt not at all uncomfortable, a product of Malva’s personal concoction of the Pokemon moves Lick, Nuzzle, and Ingrain. It didn’t feel at all like there were a cadre of tiny, foolish, weakling trainers stuffed inside the depths of Malva’s hot, moist boots, even if that was the case. It felt more like a set of soothing, draining insoles that catered to her foot hygiene in every way that mattered. They were far more in place on the bottom of her sole than they ever were out in the world, trying with foolhardy abandon to be a poor facsimile of a real Pokemon trainer.

Malva smiled as she stomped down, just for the fun of it. The timer was already nearing zero, and she scooted back up to the table as she prepared to finish the report.

Fantastic! It would appear that 97% of all Kalos citizenry agree with this change! This is up from only 62% when it was first announced! I guess one could say the proof is in the pudding. When I come back, I’ll talk with experts, some of whom are saying that this overwhelming support could pave the way for even more legislation to equalize rights between Pokemon trainers of all genders, shapes, and colors everywhere. Stay tuned!”

Sarah and Harper by Franchise Writer
Author's Notes:
Back for a new chapter. This ones special though and a tad longer then normal. It was actually a poll winning story over on our Discord Server. If you like what you see, come over and check us out. We do polls every so often and anything can be on there.

This Chapter Contains: Macro/Micro, Loli Preds. Multiple Preds, Uncaring Preds, Entrapment, sweat play, Body Odor, Scat, Watersports, and Grosser Elements.

Brooklet Hill, Akala Island

‘One by one they fall; this is too easy! She can barely even stand now! This is my chance!’

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Humming softly to herself as the gentle ripple of the lake water tickled her dainty feet, Lana relaxed as fatigue continued to assault her. It had been a bad day. She had started her trials as she normally did but there had been a huge influx of trainers that came looking to challenge her all at once.

While tempted to take them all on at the same time, she didn’t want to push her luck and instead had them form a line for her to defeat. All and all, she had about twenty new playthings she had acquired. There had been about twenty-two, but her Primarina had begged her for a reward. And what were two older trainers none of her friends or family liked? It made her Pokémon happier than words could describe in the end and that’s what mattered.

When it came to her family, everyone had a preference. Her mother liked the younger boys. The ones who had no right to be taking the island challenge for instance and had no concept of what they were risking went to her. It was for the best. The older blunette was so nurturing and sweet with them. Her sisters could learn a thing or two from their mom…

When it came to Sarah and Harper… well… They didn’t care too much about appearance but they loved the foul-mouthed or violent trainers. Apparently, it made their playtime more fun. The older girl could only shutter to know what that entailed. With the popularity of Skullhub and the girls on their abusing tinies for clicks and revenue, lots of women all over Alola, let alone any other region had begun doing rather graphic things to their poor tinies. Even Lana had to feel a bit bad for those poor souls…

But, at least when it came to her, she was gentle. She loved the teenaged boys. Especially the cute ones who were her type! She had heard of women making tinies into their boyfriends… but that was kind of embarrassing to think about. Mallow had tried mentioning it to her and Lillie before, but it was too graphic and the conversation got dropped for something else.

Now though, she kind of wished she had listened…

Looking down at the massive squirming sack next to her that held all the losers for the day, Lana simply sighed. ‘What am I going to do with all of you?’ Only one or two were as young as her mom liked and she wasn’t a sadist so giving the bag to her sisters to deal with was out of the question! She would just have to go to her friends and see if any of them wanted to -.

“Hey! You’re looking rather sad. I guess I should ask if you need a break, but I’m not going to do that! Time for a battle, Trial Captain Lana!”

Blinking slowly as a voice registered behind her, Lana looked up from her seated spot on her pier as she saw an older man brandishing a poke ball. He had dark brown hair and a cocky smile on his face. Not to mention a rather vicious appearance as well. Even some of the boys who used to be in Team Skull weren’t this ragged. His black jeans and jacket were torn. And he had on a white tee, with a poke ball chain wrapped around his neck like a choker. Was he from Alola?

“Well? Are you gonna send out your totem Pokémon or what?! I didn’t wait for all those pansies to wear you out before just for you to get your energy back! Come on and fight me, now! That’s the rule after all! A Trial Captain MUST face all challengers who cross that gate!” He barked before pointing to the totem posts near the entrance to Brooklet Hill.

Standing up with a look of indifference on her features, Lana yawned before reaching behind her and pulling out a poke ball from her back pocket. “Yes, I know. Sorry about that… I think I was dozing off. This will be a single battle. You may use as many Pokémon as you like and I’ll just use my- “not getting the chance to finish as her newest challenger tossed out his Pokémon unceremoniously, the younger girl scowled as he saw her challenger waving her off.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that spew like twenty times today. Just bring your Pokémon out so I can win! This challenge is as good as passed already. We both know how tired your totem Pokémon is.” He sneered defiantly.

Trying to remain stoic but feeling an urge to wipe his smile from his face, all the same, Lana took a deep breath before pulling out her poke ball. ‘I wonder if I should tell him that a totem Pokémon’s not like a normal one…’ They recovered when they returned to their balls, unlike regular ones. While she had been exhausted after being out earlier, she probably just finished a nice long rest.

“Go, Araquanid.” Tossing out her Pokémon, Lana watched the confident look on her new trial goers face drop immediately upon seeing her. And that did bring a smile to her face. The Pokémon blessed by the island guardians for these trails were meant to give more of a challenge after all. If they couldn’t fight a gauntlet, what were they even there for?

Taking an involuntary step back, the rugged trainer known as Keith swore under his breath. He had deliberately waited at the back of the line of trainers as they threw themselves in mass at Lana like he had paid them all to do! They were supposed to wear her out! Why the hell was that freaky spider-looking Pokémon so, refreshed all of a sudden?! It had been on its last leg not even ten minutes prior. Literally…

Looking back at his Vikavolt as the lightning insect fluttered around expectantly, the older man shook his head. She was just a kid! He had watched Lana all morning. All she had her Pokémon do was submerge in the lake, come out and attack before diving back in. It was a gorilla tactic and a decent one, but it wasn’t a genius maneuver either! He had this!

And the sooner he won, the sooner he could challenge the other trial captains too! His way was long and costly, but by weakening the trainers he faced first with a little bribery and sacrificial lambs who didn’t know the risks they were accepting by battling these insane girls, he would always come out on top! Today would be no different! “Alright, I got this! One Pokémon’s all I need! Let’s do this already!”

Smiling in amusement, Lana looked back at her imposing Pokémon before simply shaking her head. ‘One Pokémon? That will come back to bite you. I hope you don’t hold it against me for taking you at your word…’ She was tired and wanted to go home. And because he declared it, she had the right to accept the bold proclamation as his announcement he only was using one Pokémon. What a foolish man indeed.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

‘It’s not happening… this can’t be happening… it's not happening! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!’

Watching in horror as his Vikavolt fell into the lake after being outright shot out of the sky by Lana’s Araquanid, Keith felt all bravado he had prior leave him. That wasn’t fair… That wasn’t even close to fair! HOW WAS ANYBODY SUPPOSED TO BEAT SOMETHING LIKE THIS… THIS… MONSTER?!

He had avoided her tactic like he predicted she would do then all of a sudden it started to rain violently and his Pokémon couldn’t tell what was normal water and an attack before he had just fallen unconscious! This was bullshit! That thing wasn’t weakened at all! She must have healed it! She cheated somehow in the time it took him to run up here!

Petting her Pokémon’s head as she softly made a clicking, skitter-like sound in response, Lana turned back to the fuming trainer in front of her before lifting her wrist up ominously. ‘I wonder what will happen to you…’ He was far too old for her mother, and beyond what she wanted when it came to a… *boyfriend*… She doubted Mallow, Lillie, Acerola, or Moon would want him either. Maybe Poni might? She liked challenges-.

Growing wide-eyed and brought abruptly out of her thoughts, Lana had only seconds to register what was happening in front of her as the older man was on. His hand was in his pouch, and he was pulling out…

Seeing something even faster wiz past her head, the surprisingly fast man was instantly tossed backward as he rolled across the ground screaming. Looking up at her Araquanid in disbelief, she began to hiss angrily pointing her pincers his way. Not sure what had happened in such a short period but knowing it had been something bad, Lana quickly tapped on her Pokegear ending whatever it was, that was…

Stepping over to the shrinking pile of clothing, the blunette blinked slowly as her eyes widened. In the edge of the pocket, was a knife. The same pocket the man had been reaching into when he was in front of her… ‘Did he really just try to…’

Quickly shaking her head not to think about what would have happened had her totem Pokémon not been out, Lana quickly reached down and plucked out the still screaming man from his own clothing. His skin had changed a bit, as well as his hair. Where it had been black and unruly before, it had all fallen off or grown back in, leaving him bald. He was also now a beige shape more similar to rock than to skin tone.

This wasn’t the normal setting she used but one Olivia had put into her poke-gear as a preprogram. ‘Use it on troublesome trainers who won’t take no for an answer! This will shut them up and make them rethink their decisions!’ That had been what she said and all, but the younger girl wasn’t sure the purpose of it really.

However, that become abundantly clear once she picked him up, and her fingers sunk into his body like he was made of either rubber or clay. Blinking in surprise as she lifted up the still screaming man as his body grew lopsided and misshapen, Lana tugged on him as she saw him expand outward like a rubber band. ‘Huh… that’s new…’

Growing tired of hearing the smaller man’s voice, as well as the continuous angry, chitters behind her of her still defensive Araquanid, Lana stuffed the defeated trainer into her back pocket, rushed, and not too gently. She would have put him with the others… but it looked like he was about to kill someone…

Growing a bit morbid at the choice of words after what had almost happened, Lana gathered up the man’s belongings and decided to head out. She would drop off the collection of trainers poke-balls she had acquired back at the Pokémon center and call it a day. She had a lot of things to think about. Or, at least try not to think about…

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Lana’s Home, Akala Island

“I’m back everyone. I brought some new things for you Mom.” Lana called out as she set her fishing pouch and rod next to her front door before seeing the older blunette step into the room with her usual caring smile in place as she waved to her oldest daughter.

“Welcome back honey, did you have fun today with your trial? You were out later than you normally are. Mallow came by looking for you not too long ago actually.” Nodding back, the younger girl lifted up a rather hefty pouch she kept at her side before stepping over to her mother.

“It was a very busy day. If Mallow left her trial early that might have been why so many people came to challenge me. No one won though, so it’s a good thing they didn’t challenge her.” The water-type trainer was rather benign when it came to tinies and more often than not they ended up at the Aither Foundation for safekeeping. Mallow didn’t have the same stance though she and Lillie did, and made it a point to tell them often if you were willing to take the Island challenges, you were willing to risk what they entailed.

And to a point she was right. There were many advisory warnings for trainers about what might happen should they lose. As well as large signs displaying the ratios and outcomes. They were put in to show that those who participated and lost did so with their own free will. Most of the time…

Ooing softly as she saw the large squirming bag in her daughter’s hands, the older woman soon smirked as she glanced back slyly at her daughter. “So… any potential boyfriends hiding in there? Or, somewhere else…?” Growing red in an instant, Lana blushed before a pout fell over her face. Why did she even tell her mom about that...? She should have known she would tease her about it. If she wasn’t careful people would start comparing her to Captain Olivia…

“N-No… not today. And it's not like I was just battling people to find one you know! You’re worse than me…” Lana muttered before opening the bag and letting her mother peer in. Growing wide-eyed immediately, the older woman gasped in delight before reaching in, the sound of screaming intensifying upon her fingers entering the pouch.

Plucking out two boys, both easily younger than ten which was supposed to be *forbidden* in all but writing when it came to the island challenges, the older blunette cooed in delight as she saw them both crying and shivering in her hands. “Awww~, they look so sweet! I’ll take care of you both like you were my own children, don’t you worry~. You’ve seen how well I raised Lana, so you have nothing to cry about~.”

Cupping her face at her mother’s words, Lana quickly closed the bag before sighing. “Please mom, don’t say something so embarrassing…” But, it seemed like her words fell on deaf ears as she saw her mom continuing to coo and aww over the two younger trainers she now had in her possession. No doubt she would dot and pamper them with affection like she normally did with any young trainers she brought her. Well, at least until they got older and she gave them to Miss Wicke from the Aither Foundation. She had a feeling both women loved the younger boys, and they had come to a mutual agreement on just what ages they liked best…

Turning around to head back out so she could go see what Mallow wanted, Lana soon heard an identical, simultaneous scream before jumping in surprise as something collided with her legs. Or more, two little somethings…

Crying out in surprise as she flailed around in an attempt not to fall flat on her face, the older girl groaned as she looked down to see the two cheerily smiling faces of her little sisters, Sarah and Haper. Both looked near-identical, and they should consider they were twins. It would be hard for anyone to find the difference if you didn’t know them personally. And sometimes even if you did.

“Hey! Did you bring us a new toy?!” “Yeah! We’re bored of the old one! Please, please, please!” “Please!!!”

Hearing the repeated banter between both girls, Lana groaned as her eyes shifted to the wiggling pouch on her hip. ‘It would be cruel to give any of you to these two…’ The Trial Captain's younger siblings had a careless streak that usually left their *toys* worse off than they would be with someone from Team Skull…

Wondering how to tell both her sisters not today, Lana soon paused, as she remembered, another tiny she had encountered today. Moving her hand towards her back pocket before feeling the small lump wiggling in her baggy fishing pants, the blunette frowned. She had put what had happened earlier to the back of her mind… but now she might have a use for this one.

‘It wasn’t like I knew who to give you to before…’ Plus, he had tried to… Shaking her head quickly to not think about the matter any further, Lana soon smiled before looking back to her siblings. “You know what, I do have a toy for you two to play with.” Watching as both Sarah and Harper's faces grew wide with glee, both twins looked to one another before giving the other a quick nod.

Detaching from each of her legs, both younger girls sped off down the hallway much to Lana’s confusion. Reaching into her back pocket, the older girl pulled out the man from earlier before studying him. He was a bit of a sad sight right now. Her butt had smooshed him during her walk it seemed, and his body was stretched out like putty.

However, he slowly was beginning to reform before her eyes to his previous state. ‘I guess this means you can squeeze into any form. I wonder why you added this setting to my Poke-Gear Olivia…’ Unfortunately, his mouth seemed to reform too, as the tiny man began screaming back at her once he was capable of it. And the profanity he was saying startled her somewhat. Usually, tinies were crying or begging but this one was threatening her…

Feeling a bit better about her decision, in the end, Lana was soon brought out of her thoughts as she heard both Sarah and Harper returning as they panted loudly with flushed faces. “Okay! We’re ready now!” “Yeah! Where’s our new toy?! We just got rid of our old one!” “He looked funny before going away!” “Yeah, yeah! It was the most fun we’ve had with it since… Hmm, I don’t know actually.”

Watching both girls asking each other different things about their prior plaything, Lana peered over them both before cringing as she saw the bathroom door hanging open, and the sound of water filling the toilet after it had been flushed recently. She could only guess how these two got rid of their old toy…

‘Hopefully, he finds his way to the Aither Foundation and not inside of a hungry Pokémon…’ Glancing back to her sisters as their voices grew quiet and their eyes focused on her expectantly, the older girl sighed before pulling her hand around for both children to see.

Being brought out into the light again, Keith cursed under his breath as he felt his body sinking into the crazy giantess’ fingers that held him. She had done something to him he couldn’t even grasp. His whole body felt like he had no bones at all! He could move fine, but each time he was squeezed, squished, or tugged on, his body expanded, thinning out his limbs in the process. There was no pain, just the shock, and discomfort of it all. What was he supposed to do now?!

Seeing two new faces appearing in front of him, however, the older man grew wide-eyed. There, were two of them…? No, they weren’t the Trial Captain. But they looked eerily similar to Lana in every way, except they were half her age. Were they, her sisters? Cousins?

Not comprehending what he was seeing, the tiny man didn’t have long to ponder much as four hands shot out grabbing him violently immediately stretching and pulling his body out like it was made of elastic! Their voices were louder too, as their cries grated on the stretchy man’s ears. What the hell were these two going to do to him!?

“Wooooooow! He’s like a rubber band!” “Heheheh! How far can we stretch him until he snaps?!” “Wanna find out?!” “Let’s see! Let’s see!”

Grimacing as she watched her sisters beginning to pull on the poor man, she had given them to replace their old toy, Lana sighed before simply shaking her head. “You two do whatever you want with him. He… was a really bad person. I’ll leave it at that. Have fun.” The older blunette waved before heading out. She still had to go find Mallow and see what she wanted.

“Wow! He won’t snap! We can stretch him forever!” “I wonder what we can do with him like this!” Both sisters giggled as they stood about five feet away from one another squeezing and pulling on the rubbery man, his face contorted into a stretching grimace of what it once had been.

Letting go simultaneously as they looked at one another, both Sarah and Harper burst into a fit of giggles before they stepped in front of the tiny man. “Why don’t we take him down to the beach? We can play with him there!” “Sure! Let’s get changed! We can be just like Lana today!”

Hearing the loud thumping and laughter of his two titanic tormentors leaving, Keith groaned as his elongated limbs slowly began to retract into him. It still didn’t hurt, but it felt like his muscles were numb. It was next to impossible to stand until his knees shortened back to what they normally would have been.

Feeling his transformation return to normal, the tiny trained nodded before crawling to his feet. ‘G-Got, to get away!’ He needed to find that damn captain and force her to change him back! This wasn’t supposed to be how it ended! He plotted everything out! He was going to be the new Alolan champion!

Feeling the ground vibrate before loud voices echoed out above him once more, the smaller man grimaced, already aware of who the voices belonged. Seeing a shadow stretch over him, the shrunken man let out a cry of fright before his body was flattened like gum on the sidewalk.

“Where do you think you’re going, meanie? Big sis said you were a bad toy!” “Yeah! And running away from your owners makes you the worst! Did you think you could actually getaway? You’re so stupid!” Giggling together, both Sarah and Harper watched as the former began dragging her barefoot across the smaller man's body smearing him into the wooden floorboards.

“We should hurry! Mom will want us back for dinner in a few hours!” “Yeah, you’re right. I guess we better make sure to play with him lots while we can!” Pulling her foot off the gummy man, Sarah peeled him off the floor before dangling him in front of their identical faces.

While hard to see like this, the little man could tell one thing. The two identical girls had changed out their clothes, now standing in a navy-blue one-piece each, continuing their matching trend. However, he didn’t have long to see as whichever one held onto him raised her arm up before tucking his body underneath the top of her swimsuit, leaving his head and neck exposed outside it... right, where her armpit was...

Screaming as his head was crushed painfully by the younger girls sweaty arm, the sour odor of sweat and other pungent aroma's greeted the squishy man, forcing him to endure the pressure on his head until whichever one of the girls holding him captive decided to raise her arm back up again.

But, from what he could feel... they were walking slowly... He had a gut feeling, that they were dragging this out...

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Running along the beach as the sweltering Alolan sun beat down on their bodies, both Sarah and Harper hopped over rocks and sand dunes as they made their way to their favorite place. The beaches on Akala Island were some of the vastest and expansive of all the four in their region. And it made finding secret places areas secluded enough for fun times all the easier to come across.

Diving through a small rock crevice between another sand dune, both sisters tumbled down a short slope before landing on a hot patch of warm sand surrounded on the sea by all sides. This was their secret playground! Both girls had been tiny hunting on the beaches when they discovered it one day. No tinies ever ended up here, but neither did people! Though Pokémon did seem to find it easier than humans did for some reason.

Watching as some water Pokémon bobbed around the tiny bay out in front of them, both Sarah and Harper smiled happily as they watched them before coming back to the present. Lifting her arm up, Sarah giggled giddily as she showed her sister what had become of their toy on the way down here.

Laughing just as happily, Harper moved her fingers down as she pinched the top half of the shrunken man's head between her fingertips. His face had been plastered to her sibling's flesh, almost like putty would if you stepped on it. Peeling hard and ripping his body off like a bandaid, both girls watched in fascination as the tiny man gasped for air, wheezing out-breath as sweat trickled down his face in rivulets.

“We’re here mister toy!” “Yeah! Welcome to our secret place! Not even big sis or mom knows we come here!” Hearing their words but not caring to listen to the drabble of two children, Keith spat out mouthfuls of salty sweat as he saw his surroundings in annoyance. ‘Damn these brats!’ He was on some kind of beach! How was he supposed to find that the trial captain who shrank him now?!

The place was surrounded by coastal rocks on all sides, leaving it almost completely isolated from the rest of the beach. There wasn’t a chance in hell he could scale those walls! And the only other things he found around him were some miscellaneous beach toys like balls, shovels, and buckets. There was nothing here he could possibly use…

‘Damn it, damn it, damn it! Where do I go from here?! Think, come on, think!’ The water was out of the question. He could see Pokémon in the ocean playing with poor tiny shmucks all the time. They seemed even more sadistic than the crazy league women sometimes…

So that meant his only real option was trying to get around those rocks, but how? Climbing? Digging under? Neither sounded like a great option, but he didn’t have much of a choice. Though… there was, another way to get back to that damned captain.

Looking over his shoulder at the two gigantic little girls talking loudly with each other, a plan began to form in Keith's mind. “Hey, you two! You want to play right? How about something fun like, hide or seek or tag? Doesn’t that sound fun?” The tiny man called out loudly. Escaping that way or winning them over and having them bring him back to their house where their damned older sister was meant he could get his height back!

Pausing their banter, both Sarah and Harper looked back down at the smaller man before their faces suddenly soured. “Toys don’t talk!” Both twins gibed with mischievous smiles before the one not currently holding him reached down towards the sand.

Watching in confusion as the mirror of the brat holding him lifted up a glass bottle, Keith was about to ask what that was for before he suddenly shot towards it. Crying out in surprise as his head was smashed into the opening, the tiny man cried out in discomfort as his head squished inward in on itself before he found his surprisingly malleable body forced all the way past the entrance trapping him inside of the sun-touched container.

“This should hold you till we’re ready to play!” “Yeah, we still need to set up the stage before you can join us!” Both girls giggled before Sarah pursed her lips over the bottle opening. Spitting down into it, Harper leaned her face forward before licking her sister's lips with a giggle and spitting down the entrance next.

Coughing in disgust as drool and mucus got all over him, the shrunken man screamed profanity before glaring up at the two smug-looking children. Dropping the bottle on the sand unceremoniously, causing it to sink in a way's, both girls took off as they headed towards the toys they had left on the beach prior.

Rubbing his sore head after the jostle from his fall, the tiny man sneered angrily at the two girls before leaning up and pressing himself against the hot surface of the glass. It wasn't easy to stand though with the twin's slimy spittle coating him and the walls around him...

‘Damn, it’s like a freaking oven in here!’ If these two brats didn’t kill him then heatstroke would. The Alolan sun was cruel at the best of times. Running his hands up the length of the bottle as far as he could reach, the shrunken trainer cursed under his breath once more.

It was far too smooth to climb. However, his body still had enough weight to it apparently. Watching as the bottle tipped an inch towards the opposite side he had landed on, Keith smirked. He just had to tip it to escape. If he could fit in that tiny opening once, he could easily escape on his own.

Looking back at the too hellacious brats near him, the smaller man scoffed. They weren’t even watching him! Both twins were playing in the sand near him making what looked like a sandcastle. ‘Stupid kids…’ Why bring him out here if they weren’t going to do anything to him. Though… they did mention something about a stage… He didn’t even want to fathom what that was about.

Walking over to the far end of the small bottle, Keith shifted his wait before running forward. Slamming his person against the hot glassware, the bottle moved slightly the same as it had done before. Repeating the same action again, and again, the tiny man slowly began to brighten. The bottle was about 1/3 of the way knocked over! He only needed about half of it shifted, to be honest before he could attempt to scale the slope.

Leaning back to try again, a shadow soon fell over the transparent prison before Keith's body stiffened up. “Huh, I guess we should have expected this. What do you think we should do Harper? We can’t leave this toy alone for long before he tries to pull something.”

Craning his head up, the smaller man grimaced as he saw the scowling face of the two girls glaring down at him with smirks. “I think we should probably make it so he can’t do that again. We’re almost done after all.” Sarah called out as she looked back at her sister.

Lifting the bottle upright causing the small man within it to stumble, Harper grinned in amusement before looking around. Spotting what she apparently wanted, the young blunette walked over to a small sinkhole in the sand before pausing. Pursing her lips, the child soon giggled to herself before moving the bottle behind her.

Watching through his see-through prison both perplexed and worried, Keith was soon brought under the younger girl’s shadow before he paled. Right above him, was the child’s, swimsuit-covered rear. What the hell was she-.


Laughing hysterically as she suddenly flipped the bottle upside down before slamming it into the sinkhole, Harper watched with glee as she saw the tiny man inside beginning to cough violently as he banged on the glassware helplessly.

“That should keep you preoccupied while we finish setting up our game. Have fun~.” Harper snickered before moving back over to her sister who was giggling profusely. This wouldn’t take much longer to set up, but they might decorate it afterward to give their new toy some more *quality* time in his container.

Heaving in pain as his nostrils were assaulted, Keith screamed out angrily as his bruised fist continued to beat on the glass walls surrounding him. “THAT FUCKING BRAT!!!” It smelled like shit in here! What the hell had she been eating to produce such a vile smell?!

Keeping his nose covered, the smaller man wanted to puke, but he didn’t think there was enough in his stomach to throw up! However, the foul scent soon invaded his mouth due to his nostrils not wanting to deal with the current aroma in the air, which did in fact lead him to empty his guts out.

Wiping his mouth dry after throwing up, the tiny man groaned angrily. There was absolutely no escaping these two hellions now. The top of the bottle was all the way embedded in the dirt. The sand had even entered all the way through the tip. Pushing it over was impossible. And breaking it was even less likely.

Leaning against one of the searing walls, the shrunken man continued to cup his face trying his best to ignore the still lingering, repugnant air around him. There was nothing to do now but wait. If these two brats wanted, they could just leave him here, and he’d never get out. If this was their way of punishing him as a first offense, he didn’t want to think what escalating it would involve.

So, wait he did. The sun was harsh, and it only burned hotter from the glass around him heating his environment. The smell never left either, keeping his prison extra rancid. But thankfully, and end did come after what felt like hours. Though judging by how the sun had moved… it probably wasn’t more than one at most.

Looking up bitterly as he saw both twins standing above him with triumphant smiles on their faces, the bottle was soon raised up, causing the sand that had been shoved in to drain out, along with his body. Feeling his body scrunched down to the tiny entrance, a painful pinch on his leg soon dragged him the rest of the way out.

Gasping loudly once his head was squeezed into the open air, Keith thanked Arceus that was over with. However, he didn’t have long to pray as he was suddenly brought over by the two giggling girls towards what he had seen prior. It was indeed, a sandcastle. And a very large and decorated one at that. All around it was many other smaller sandcastles forming small mundane houses. They had apparently built a little kingdom.

Not understanding what was happening, the shrunken man wanted to comment, however, he wasn’t granted the chance to as he was hoisted up abruptly and dropped on top of the flat surface of the largest sandcastle in the small kingdom.

Landing rather roughly, but finding footing nonetheless in the malleable surface of course stones, Keith looked up as the gravity of his size become even more apparent. The way it looked now; it was like he truly was on a castle now overlooking a city. However, the two titanic little girls towering twice as high as he was made him feel all the smaller…

Smiling sweetly, both Sarah and Harper giggled before pointing towards him. “You’re the king!” “Yeah! And your kingdom's in trouble! You’re being attacked by two giant dragons!” “What will you do? Better sound the alarms and hurry! Here they come!”

Giving both girls a blank expression, the tiny man soon realized what they meant as both children cried out loudly and made roaring noises before walking around the small sand city, destroying what they had just previously built. ‘You’ve got to be shitting me… Are they really making me play this dumb game with them?’

It was un-freaking-believable. However, it seemed both girls were getting into it as they laughed loudly with each building they stepped on, knocked over with the swing of their arms, or even jumped up and sat down on with their rears. They really did look like two normal kids. ‘Well, as normal as these little sociopaths can be…’

Watching them for only a moment before looking around, Keith cursed under his breath. He was so high up, it would be ridiculous for him to jump and expect the sand to give him a soft landing. Which meant, he had to try and scale it maybe? Sliding down seemed like an option. But the ground felt firm and fairly packed, at least where he was standing. What else was there to be done then-.

Seeing a shadow loom over him suddenly, the shrunken man looked up before cringing as he saw both twins glaring down at him before they roared unanimously. Watching in disbelief as one of the girl's hands shot down, the smaller man only had a second to jump away before it took off a chunk of the sandcastle he had previously been standing on.

“ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME, YOU PSYCHO'S?!” Fuming angrily for almost being knocked clean off the sandy castle, both girls grinned before roaring again, raising a hand each before lowering it towards him. Looking around for somewhere to go now, the tiny man’s eyes instantly locked on to something that he hadn’t realized before. ‘What the hell?! Ah shit, I don’t have time to think!’

Running to the spot he had just been at, the tiny man leaped before sliding into a hole of the now revealed ceiling. For whatever reason, the twins had built the castle hollow. Crashing down into darkness, as faint trickles of light showed in, the diminutive man cough and spit up some of the dirt that had gotten into his mouth.

‘What the hell are those two brats thinking?!’ Looking around confused, Keith grumbled under his breath as he dug himself out of the looser sand before standing up. There was no way to tell where he was now, but from what little he could, he only cleared what looked like a floor of this stupid construct. Why did they make this thing hollow anyways? Didn’t they know he could use it to hide from them?

Kicking the sand, a bit, chunks soon started to fall away revealing that the ground beneath him was also in fact hollow. They must have done that to make rooms in the damn thing. ‘Stupid kids…’ This was his chance to getaway! All he needed to do was get to the base and tunnel out. He didn’t even need to go far. Digging and hiding in the sand nearby would do enough for him until both girls got bored and wandered off. Then he could try and find a way back to their older sister and make her change him back!

‘Yeah, that sounds like the plan. Now I just have to- ‘. Gasping as a chunk of wet sand fell on top of him, Keith looked up in confusion as he watched bits of the frail stone starting to sift and fall towards him… along with a trickle of water? What was going on…?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Looks like he got away. I guess the dragons need to give up now, huh?”

Looking towards one another, both Sarah and Harper burst into laughter before staring back at the sandcastle in amusement. “I wonder if he realized what his castle really is yet,” Harper muttered thoughtfully. Shaking her head immediately, Sarah grinned as she began to pull aside the bottom portion of her swimsuit to reveal her bare, and puffy lower lips. “No way! He needs a hint first! You ready now?”

Nodding back, Harper wiggled in place, clearly uncomfortable as she mimicked her sister. “I think I’m gonna burst! I wish this hadn’t taken so long to make!” Nodding back in mutual understanding, Sarah along with her twin straddled the top of the sandcastle they had made, which barely came up to their thighs.

“Ready Sarah?” Nodding back at her, Harper grinned before both girls pulled on their lower lips, spreading their privates to the open air. “Dragon breath attack!” They cried unanimously. Releasing their bladders down atop the sandcastle, two equally yellow and powerful jets of urine shot out before flooding the top of the structure, the sand immediately absorbing it, and causing their pee to trickle downward in a spiral towards the hole they had made. Down, towards the castle's unfortunate, inhabitant…

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Gagging as a rancid smell began to overtake him, Keith wiped off the wet sand, but it was pointless. Whatever was causing it to fall reeked horribly! Digging more frantically as the ceiling literally caved in above, the tiny man screamed in frustration as he started getting pelted with warm streams of bitter, fluid.

‘WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!’ Feeling a massive weight instantly force him into the floor, the pressure above began to press on him, before the ground he stood on gave way, and he fell downward. However, the presence of wet dirt never went away.

Crawling frantically in what he hoped was upward, more water splashed into his face stinging his eyes, and causing his mouth and nose to drain it. Eventually, it became too much, and he just stopped moving altogether. For whatever reason, he could still breathe. It was just miserable. ‘Those bitches… I’ll get them like I’ll get her!’ This was utter hell!

The crushing weight of sand continued to force him downward, and every so often, he would fall into presumable another hollow area of the sandcastle, but it eventually ended, as the light showed down on him. Gazing up with tearful eyes as the burning sensation intensified from the salty bitter ocean air, Keith stared back at two equally amused, identical faces once the roof of the sandcastle had crumbled away enough.

Standing over him with crossed arms, both Sarah and Harper burst into a fit of laughter as they saw the sorry state their new toy was in. “You lose!” “The Dragon’s win!” Giggling amongst themselves, both girls kicked sand around the hole they had made as the smaller man inside waded in a murky brown puddle helplessly.

“I guess we should punish you now for not saving your kingdom.” “You’re a pretty lousy king! Oh! I know what to do!” Leaning into her sister’s ear and whispering, Sarah beamed excitedly before covering her mouth up to contain her laughter. “That’s mean!” “No, it’s funny!” “Mean!” “Funny!” “Mean!” “Funny!” “Mean!” “Why can’t it be both?”

Humming, the other child soon shrugged her shoulders. “I guess it can. Well, it sucks to be you tiny! Your castles looking a lot like what my sister needs right now.” Sarah chirped before kicking sand around the remainder of the castle to *reinforce* it.

Looking up as he tried to focus, his vision blurred as his eyes stung in pain from all the ammonia and silt that had gotten in them, Keith soon felt his stomach drop as the words of the two girls rang out in his mind. And their actions confirmed the horror that he had imagined. ‘T-They can’t be serious… How sadistic can these little bitches get?!’

Stradling what remained of the sandcastle, it fell in the shape of a large bowl more or less with the tiny man trapped deep inside it. The murk was thick as muddy water had mixed causing the thick deluge of sand to become boggy and hard to move through. And, it made for a perfect toilet bowl… just like they had built it to be.

“Big sis says you’re a really bad person…” Harper muttered softly. “And anytime she says that we don’t hold back. We find toys all over the beaches and at schoolyards. But bad people make lousy toys.” Sarah giggled. “So, it’s our job to get rid of them, just like our mom told us to do. As long as they’re not cute young boys. Then she has to punish them herself. But you’re old and mean! So, we can do whatever we want to you!”

Watching in fear as the matter-of-fact way they spoke to him in now stroked his panic, Keith shook his head. This, couldn’t be what he thought it was. Had they taken him all the way out here, to bury him?! Almost as a confirmation of his biggest fears, Harper sat down, her plush butt taking up the entire opening leaving just a crack of light to shine down to illuminate the darkness of the hole they had dugout. And… it also gave him enough light to see, exactly what was going to happen next…

Sighing softly as she relaxed her body, Harper soon let out a huff as she felt her sister's weight settle on her lap to straddle her. “Do you think we’ll find a new toy to play with today? It’s kind of a waste to get rid of this one so early.” Sarah pouted.

Leaning forward and nuzzling her cheek against her sisters, Harper giggled before hugging her. “It’ll work out. Besides, you were the one who told me to not go potty this morning when we got rid of the last toy! We can always go bug Lana for more. She always gives us one to play with if we ask her enough!”

Nodding back, Sarah looked back down as she watched the small gap remaining between their thighs trickling light down on their captive. “I guess we can let loose then. Bye-bye king. You’ll go down with your castle~.” She muttered smugly.

Hearing a deafening fart ring out, Keith’s mind snapped back to the present as he cupped his nose in despair. ‘NO FREAKING WAY! NOT LIKE THIS!’ He was supposed to beat the Elite Four! He was supposed to fix everything and make it go back to the way it was! He didn’t have time to...

But the tiny man didn’t have time at all to think, let alone panic. As another cacophony of wet farts rang out, screams soon followed as Harper released her bowels on the tiny captive within the hole the twins had made. Immediately he began to get buried, as the younger girl's shit came out wet and trickling.

The murky sand that had begun to grow thicker and condense was once again rendered fluid as the young giantess’s bowel movement added to its bog, burying the tiny man in a wave of filth and excrement. The only sound that was louder than his screams, were the combined laughter of the two girls above him giggling at his drowning form.

Cuddling one another as they each took turns using the hole together, both Sarah and Harper soon rose before looking at the mess they had made. Sure enough, it was gross. And quite nastier than what either of them was used to doing to their tinies. This would be one, they didn’t want to get back. Which meant they needed to clean up now too.

“I guess that’s that. The Dragon’s win!”, “But we still need to bury the kingdom!” Nodding to one another, both Sarah and Harper got down on their knees before looking into the hole briefly. The faintest form of the tiny they had drowned in the mud pit was still visible. He looked waterlogged though and very drowned. He probably wasn’t even aware of what was happening. But that was too bad for him.

Giggling, both girls began to push on the sides of the sand causing it to topple inward on itself and bury the mess they had made. Hopefully, this was one tiny no one would find. Or if one did, maybe they would wash it first. Neither of the twins could think of a use for such a bad person as the toy their big sister had given them.

Patting the sand hard as they compacted it down into itself, both girls looked back at one another before giggling. “Let’s go play in the ocean! We need to clean up anyways.” Sarah grinned. Nodding back, Harper rose to her feet before running after her sibling as they left what remained of the tiny man, they had buried behind them.

And within a few hours, he had been lost to either child’s mind. Easily forgotten, and not missed whatsoever…

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Unknown days later…

‘K-K-Keep… d-digging… is this… even… up?’

‘What if… I never… find it…’

‘p-p-please! Let it end!’

Feeling air brush against his fingertips, Keith began to franticly scream as dirt and other… assorted elements… fell into his mouth. But he didn’t care. Not when… freedom was at hand! Screaming defiantly as his hands began to claw at the sand he was under, the tiny man’s head finally rose, before light shined in on him, causing the tiny figure to protrude out from the hole he had been buried alive in.

Screaming his defiance, the naked man wailed before hauling himself out of the dirt and gunk he had been encased in. As he stood, twilight fell over his nude form as the waves of the ocean lightly splashed against the shoreline. He was, free!

Laughing slowly, before it rose in octave ending in near-hysterical screaming, the tiny figure walked forward as he stumbled around madly. “FUCKING, FINALLY!” He was free at last! That nightmare had been something the likes of which he never thought he would escape from.

How much time had gone by? What day was it? Where even was he?! He didn’t know, but he didn’t care! He was, free! And… he was going to get revenge… Gritting his teeth as anger flooded into him, the tiny man swore slowly as he felt spite fueling his rage.

He didn’t know how, but he was damn well sure he’d make that trial captain pay. Not just her though but her entire family! He’d get his size back one way or another and once he did, he’d go straight to their home and-.

Feeling his body lifted slowly, Keith gawked as he suddenly began to flout, before he was airborne and weightless. “W-W-WHAT THE HELL?!” Looking around in a panic, the shrunken man's eyes landed on what was raising him into the air. It… was a Gardevoir!?

Looking down at the tiny man as she raised him to eye level, the pale green and white Pokémon furrowed its brow studying him closely. Eventually, its face became one of disgust though before it smiled. It was… a very sinister one…

Flailing around helplessly as psychic force kept him suspended, the bipedal Pokémon quickly turned around displaying its rear towards him. Watching helplessly as the white of its dress was raised away, Keith got a better look now and could blatantly see that it was a female… and that made the man's stomach sink even further.

‘Oh Arceus, not again…’ HE JUST GOT OUT OF ONE HOLE! HE DIDN’T NEED THIS THING TO BURY HIM IN ANOTHER MESS! Smirking in a way only certain Pokémon could, the Gardevoir leaned forward, presenting her rear to the tiny man, before he was suddenly pulled towards it.

Screaming profanity and fighting wildly to get away, Keith was utterly helpless to defend himself, as he found his body pressed into the pale white cheeks of the larger giantess’s porcelain flesh. Kicking and punching as best he could, it proved pointless in the end, as he came face to face with the colossal Pokémon’s wrinkled anus.

“COME ON! YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS! YOU’RE A FREAKING POKEMON! YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO -.” Whatever he had intended to say, however, was cut short as the same force that held him aloft, also forced him inward.

Moaning softly, the Gardevoir hummed contently as she felt the tiny man sliding into her ass, before disappearing altogether. Leaning back up with a pleased look on her face, the pale Pokémon smiled before feeling the negativity of the man she had imprisoned beginning to fade away.

She had felt him for days now, but it had been… muffled. Blocked even. And she knew now why. He was a really bad human. Sometimes they were nice when they were tiny but this one truly wasn’t. And for an embrace-sensitive creature like herself… she couldn’t stand to leave something like that lying around for others to find.

She would keep him like this until his attitude changed. And if it never did… then she would have something to play with for a long, long, time…

Roxanne by NRawkGTS
Author's Notes:

Tired of seeing young talent getting snuffed out before they had a chance to reach their full potential, Roxanne goes to confront Cynthia and try to get her to ban the shrinking technology.  When she returns, she’s in charge of a re-education pilot program with a class of shrunken men!

Contains: Not much since Roxanne doesn't want to hurt anyone!

There are many routes available to someone who wishes to be a Pokémon trainer.  While not as glamorous as setting out on a journey to travel across the land to gain experience and hone your and your team’s skills, Pokémon Trainer’s Schools offer a safe learning environment to acquire knowledge and practice with peers of your skill level.  Having branches in the Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and Alola regions with plans of expanding to the Galar region, thousands of aspiring trainers enroll every year to learn the basics of what it takes to be a Pokémon Trainer.  However, the first school opened in the Hoenn Regions Rustboro city was by far the most prestigious of its sister locations and had grown considerably from its humble, single-building beginnings.  With the fame that came from an international recognition and becoming an official partner with the International Pokémon League, the campus has been drastically renovated and expanded to accommodate the influx of young hopefuls from across the world.

Though with the explosive success and increase in operations of the facility came more than a few new problems, some more noticeable than others.  And as she walked through the sprawling campus in search of a particular student, the resident top-scorer and local Gym Leader of the Rustboro Gym was experiencing one minor such problem.

“While it is great that we have grown so much… I somewhat miss when we were just a single building with so few students.”  Sighing as she looked around at all the students and staff walking around, going to and from classes, the brunette couldn’t help but notice how unbalanced the male to female ratio had become.  The few male students she did see were either accompanied by a female student or hurrying along to their next destination trying their best to not be seen.  “I know I was him coming to school this morning.  Where could he be?”  Pulling out her PokéNav, none of her recent outgoing calls had been answered nor had she missed a call or message from the one she had been looking for.  It was especially worrying with the current state of the world.  “Um, excuse me.  Have you seen this boy anywhere?”  Approaching two girls on their way between classes, she brought up the picture of a young brown-haired boy and showed it to the two.

“Oh, wow!  It’s Roxanne.”  The blonde lass exclaimed as the famous Honors Student came up to her.  “Looking for a snack, or are you looking for some fun?”

“You know she doesn’t do that.  That’s why there are so many foreign boys around town.  She’s old school like that.”  The other, smaller schoolgirl said.

Resisting the urge to point out to the two girls that there is nothing in the new League rules that state you have to claim a male trainer when you defeat them in battle, Roxanne couldn’t chastise them for exercising their right to either.  “I’m looking for this boy, Jonathan.  He’s been coming to me for advice on his Normal-type team and I found a Girafarig he can trade for.”

Looking at the photo, the blonde shrugged and shook her head.  “Nope, can’t say his face is ringing any Bronzongs for me.”

The younger brunette, however, took one look at the picture and burst out in a fit of giggles.  “Are you serious?  You cornered him this morning before classes started and challenged him because you forgot to eat breakfast.”

Doing her best to keep composed, Roxanne tightened her grip on her device.  “Are you sure it was him?”

“Oh yeah, there’s no doubt since he used a bunch of weak Normal-type Pokémon too.  She steamrolled him with her Pangoro.”

“I-I see.  Thank you.”  Allowing the two to go, Roxanne went over to a bench to sit down.

“I did?  Man, I was so sleepy this morning, I don’t remember any of that.”

“Geez, now I feel a bit bad for him.  Forgotten the moment you Gulpin him down.”

As they got further away, Roxanne couldn’t hear the rest of their conversation, but she didn’t need to.  It was a common enough occurrence ever since May so enthusiastically accepted Cynthia’s proposal.  At the time she didn’t feel it was necessary to oppose the adoption of the new regulations, mainly because she thought few people would take advantage of them and never fathomed the extreme acts that have become so commonplace now.  Even after the majority of the male student body and faculty vanished in the first week after the shrinking technology became available, with most of the teachers and student’s claiming responsibility if the rumors were to be believed, she said nothing at the Regional League meetings.  And it didn’t seem like her fellow Gym Leaders were all that bothered by the change either.

She still had no idea what became of Wattson, he disappeared before Sylph Co.’s shrinking app became available but he, Brawly, Norman and Wallace had all been replaced shortly after too.  Well… Norman, Wallace and Tate were still present, just under the ‘protection’ of May, Lisia and Liza respectively as Zinnia took over Norman’s vacancy, Lisia filling in for her uncle and Courtney and Shelly appointed Brawly and Wattson’s positions.  Brawly however… made the mistake of openly challenging May’s decision to adopt Cynthia’s new regulations with a match to take her seat as Champion.  It was likely the televised conclusion to their match that emboldened all the other girls in the region to shrink their opponents without concern, as May was quite thorough in humiliating the Fighting-type expert, or as she put it, ‘showcasing what one is allowed to do with their prize’.  Honestly, she still wasn’t sure if she was relieved or saddened when she saw the bulge Brawly’s body made travel down their Champion’s throat, but it was clear that those that endorsed the changes were serious about it.

Maybe I should have considered that man’s offer, the one with the rainbow ‘R’ on his shirt.  Wondering where it all went wrong, where she went wrong, Roxanne remembered a mysterious man approaching her after her reputation for sparing and helping to improve the trainers that came to her gym had become well known.  He never met her face to face, but he told her of a resistance movement forming in the hopes of overturning the new world order that Cynthia ushered in.  At the time she naively thought of them as foolish at best and potentially devolving into terrorism at worst, so she rejected the offer so she could continue to tow the line.  If I had, could I have sent all those others… could I have sent Jonathan somewhere safe?  I can see now that this isn’t right in any sense of the word.  I wanted to trust in Cynthia because she has to have a greater goal in mind that would benefit everyone, but I can’t fathom what it could be to justify all that has happened.  If not for Liza’s bond with Tate, she’s admitted that she would have probably eaten him by now, and while May and Lisia say they’re treating Norman and Wallace well, they’ve never clarified what ‘well’ for a shrunken family member is…  And I can’t remember the last time a challenger made it to May, the others are not shy about claiming the trainers they defeat.  It seems no matter how well I prepare them, if they even last that long in the city, they all fall prey to one girl or another…  Maybe it would be better if I did start shrinking the trainers I defeat, at least then they would be safe.

The warning bell signaling that students should start making their ways to their next class broke the Rock-type specialist out of her train of thought.  Getting up, rather than go to her next class, she headed for the new headmistress’ office.

No, that wouldn’t solve anything and there is a limit to how many trainers I could shelter.  Not to mention that even if it was for their own good, I’d still be robbing them of their freedom.  What I need to do is go to the source, Cynthia.  I need to hear what her objectives are.  Her resolve only strengthened seeing the old headmaster in a cage on the headmistress’ desk as she got permission for a leave-of-absence, Roxanne flew out to Sinnoh before the day was out.

A Week Later

By the time Roxanne returned to Rustboro city from flying out to talk with the Sinnoh Champion, rumors had spread like wildfire speculating what she could have gone to discuss if a simple phone call wouldn’t suffice.  The twin-tailed brunette felt no need to elaborate on imaginative theories, and when she got back there was a sizable backlog of trainers waiting to challenge her for the Stone Badge… or at least by the list she received there was, but in the days following her return, only about half of the men on the list came at all.

Returning to her home after finally clearing her challenger queue, Roxanne had to wonder just how few of them she’d ever see again.  Whether they passed or failed, she hoped that the male trainers could somehow protect themselves.  Cynthia said I didn’t have to start shrinking my challengers myself, but I wonder when the first group will get here?  Wondering if shrinking those that she was able to beat was in fact a better option for her moral dilemma, Roxanne noticed a big envelope addressed to her in her mailbox as she passed it.  Grabbing it, she quickly ran up to her room after seeing it was sent from the Sinnoh Pokémon League’s office.  Inside were papers and documents that she had been waiting on, neatly organized in a printed folder labeled ‘Male Education Accelerated Learning Plan’.  I’ll give Cynthia credit, she works fast.  It hasn’t even been a week and she already has a curriculum written out and my first class should be here in the next few days.

While she wasn’t able to accomplish either of her primary goals in meeting with the charismatic blonde, Roxanne didn’t leave Sinnoh entirely in defeat.  Though Cynthia’s goals were still unknown to her, she assured Roxanne that everything was necessary in order to achieve them.  As a compromise though, Cynthia created a new initiative and named Roxanne the director in charge of its operations.  Though limited just to the hard working honors student for now, if she produced favorable results Cynthia would expand the program to other regions as well.  All she had to do was teach classes of shrunken trainers about their new positions in society and ship them off to May, or whoever the Champion at the time is should she be replaced.

However, given how cunning the blonde was, Roxanne was expecting the material she had to teach and the minimal grades her students needed to meet would be ridiculously difficult, since Cynthia only agreed to set this program up if she promised to dispose of any of her students that failed.  “If they are unable to learn and behave within such simple guidelines, there is no place for them in my vision.”  She had said with what seemed to be a concerned or troubled expression.  But looking over the information and what was required of her, Roxanne was pleasantly surprised.

“This is it?  Just some new laws, the risks of being small, and a bit of common sense?  Well, there’s a lot to cover, but it’s all pretty simple.  Maybe Cynthia really does have a place for men in this new world she’s trying to bring about.”  Not only was the material simple and easy to understand with a bit of self-awareness and self-preservation, but the minimal grade Cynthia set for a pass was only 40%!  At her discretion, Roxanne was authorized to set it higher if she wished, so she’s likely bump it up to 50% given how easy it should be to understand the material, but it seemed to her that older blonde was doing everything she could to give these shrunken trainers the best shot at a new life.  Going to her desk and laying out all the information, Roxanne quickly drew up a lesson plan that shouldn’t take her more than two weeks to cover everything.  Needless to say, she was really impressed with Cynthia’s handling of her concerns.

Two Days Later

Returning home from classes to find her first class waiting for her, Roxanne was… less than impressed again.  She knew that, since they were being shipped to her and needed accommodations, that she’d be receiving some sort of case or cage to secure them in.  However, the 18 by 15 by 4.5 centimeter case she unwrapped from a handkerchief bore a striking resemblance to a particular item she used almost daily.  Sure, this one was brown with a diffusely transparent lid to allow in the light, and was light and easily portable, but whoever decided to design it like this had poor tastes.

Well, not much I can do about it…  Sighing, she carefully picked her tiny class up and went into her room, setting it on her desk.  Fixing her hair and ensuring the pink ribbon of her uniform was straight and in the middle of her collared white blouse, she took a breath to calm her nerves.  Come on Roxanne.  It’s not like this is your first time teaching someone.  Just do that…  Glancing at the student roster provided, her heartbeat quickened seeing how many there were.  …but only 15 at the same time.  A-And if you fail, you have to… or rather they’ll…  Coming to terms with the fact that she now held the fates of fifteen other people in her hands was a frightening thought.  No, what do I have to worry about?  They’re the ones most terrified since some gigantic, strange girl they’ve never met before has their lives in her hands.   I need to make them feel at ease or else they’ll be too nervous to learn anything!  Framing her circumstances like this, Roxanne was able to get her apprehension under control and carefully removed the lid to meet her class.

Heavily modified to accommodate fifteen one-centimeter tall men, the box was sectioned off into four main areas, with a classroom and desks, a shared sleeping area, a place to eat meals and what looked to be a functioning toilet and showers.  The occupants of the miniature boarding facility looked up at her in fear and awe, none moving a muscle as she stared down at them with her deep, red eyes.

“H-Hello, good evening everyone.  My name is Roxanne and I’ll be teaching you all everything you need to know to Rock Smash the boulder of knowledge you’ll need to fit into our new society.  Now, everyone to their seats so we can start Rock Polishing you little diamonds.”

Two Weeks Later

While her introduction was a bit… rockier than she had hoped, experiencing what it is like to be a teacher to a group rather than one-on-one tutoring was invaluable to Roxanne.  For the first few days, her tiny students were all too worried everything was some sort of cruel game to her, which is understandable given the rumors she has heard and the actions she has seen.  However, her gentle nature, patient instruction and compassion for their plight had laid to rest any worries they had that she was anything like the women that had reduced them to the state they were in.

And with the trust that Roxanne had their best interests at heart, the shrunken men also began to believe that there was hope for them, that there was a future where they fit in.  Each day the school uniform-clad girl lifted the roof to teach, they were happy to see her, and eager to learn…  or at least, most of them were.

It seemed that no matter the circumstances facing them, or threat looming over their heads since the brunette often reminded them that poor performance would be met with drastic, permanent punishment, one man was able to convince four others to follow his lead and not apply themselves to their studies.  While they respected her authority enough to not disrupt class, they neither paid attention nor did the projects she assigned.

They were the worst type of people, shrunken or otherwise, that Roxanne despised the most.  They took advantage of the trust she was fostering with the others, since if she punished them by using her size against them the others would fear her.  That wasn’t a learning environment that the good students deserved, so as long as they kept to themselves she focused on the ones that put in the effort, the ones that had earned her respect.

As she sat at her desk in her room, she finished grading the final tests for her tiny class as the day came to an end and the sun began to set.  She had been in a good mood in the beginning, the students that had put in the effort showed great results, getting no less than an 85%!  It filled her with so much pride to see them accomplish such great results… which only made the scores that Charles, John, Lawrence, Robert and Walter got.

They did get 40%...  IF YOU ADD THEM TOGETHER!  Fuming as equal parts embarrassment and rage shook her body, Roxanne had never been so humiliated.  Do they not understand that their lives are on the line here?  Do they think I’m going to go easy on them and raise their grades to pass?  Just because I don’t treat them like playthings, snacks or pests doesn’t mean…  How did they even get so low of a score?  Robert got a 22% and Charles didn’t write a single thing on his paper, not even his name!  I’m not sure who cheated off of who, or maybe they cheated off of each other for the answers they didn’t know, but Walter and John have the exact same answers.  They didn’t even bother switching the wording around to try to hide it and how the answers are worded feels like two different people wrote on the same page twice.  And Lawrence, 2%...  2%!  How do you… did he even listen to a word I said?  These answers are a joke!  The more she looked at the tests, the angrier that Roxanne became.  Beyond embarrassing, it was infuriating to think that her teaching methods were in some way inadequate.  Or perhaps they believed she’d go easy on them and give them a second chance?  Just the thought alone of the five of them laying in their beds, smug and content in their poor performances made her blood run cold.  And then the words Cynthia told her echoed in her mind.

“If they are unable to learn and behave within such simple guidelines, there is no place for them in my vision.”

Glaring at the makeshift boarding housing, Roxanne narrowed her eyes.  She’s right…  Men who can’t even adapt to the new rules to save their lives… don’t deserve to live in it.  Reaching towards where all her students slept, it would be easy for her to pluck the five slackers out and deal with them right then and there… but she stopped herself when she thought of the fearful faces the good students would make if she showed them such a furious visage.  Taking a calming breath, she instead grabbed her PokéNav and sent a report to May.  [The final grading is complete, five students have failed.  The remaining ten will be awaiting pickup.]

Within minutes she got a reply.  [Great!  Remember your deal with Cynthia and have your graduates ready in the morning.  Contact Cynthia when you’re ready for your next class!]

Closing her communication device, Roxanne sighed in an almost reluctance at what she had to do.  Not in front of the others at least.

That night, as long after Roxanne had dismissed and moved their dwelling to the side of her desk, five of the shrunken men were ignoring curfew in favor of chatting with one another.

“Hey, Charles, are you sure this was a good idea?”  One of the men asked, looking at a brown-haired man in his late twenties to early thirties.

“I’m telling you, Roxanne is probably one of the nicest girls in the world right now.  Girl’s never even shrunk a challenger yet, but if we get shipped off, Arceus knows what might happen to us.  I don’t even want to think about that girl with the Arcanine that almost caught me, and there are worse out there.”  Once again having to explain his brilliant idea to the few that listened to him, Charles felt confident after watching the Rock-type Gym Leader for the past two months.  “She says there’ll be punishments for failing, but the most she’d do is keep us back to repeat a course or something.  You’ll see, Robert.”

“Y-Yeah, I guess you’re right.”  To them, the brunette had been like a caring Audino, watching over them with a compassionate sternness.  If it meant staying with her a bit longer, failing was a risk worth taking.

The Next Day

While there were no classes for the day, Roxanne still had her duties as a Gym Leader to attend to, so she woke up early regardless.  After getting dressed, she tapped on the lid of her class to signal she was about to lift it up and gave them a couple moments as she put up her hair.  Sitting at her desk to address them one last time, she lifted their ‘roof’ and smiled to the ten students seated in their desks.  Since she had a bird’s eye view of the layout, she could see the five slackers still laying in their beds and suppressed a glower.  “Good morning everyone, I had a bit of bitter-sweet news for you all.  Because everyone did so well on their final exams yesterday, May will be here shortly to come and pick you up.”  The bright faces instantly darkened at the thought of who had essentially become their goddess giving them to someone else.  “Oh, don’t worry.  I’ve been assured that those that pass this course will be treated with the privileges appropriate to those who know their station in society.  However…”  Looking at the sleeping area, she frowned a bit.  “...Charles, John, Lawrence, Robert, Walter, come here.  Since you five failed you’ll be held back for remedial lessons.”

Lowering a piece of string that she had tied five knots into, Roxanne waited for the five flunkers to get ready.  They seemed almost proud that they failed, which only made her all the more angry, but if she let it show now it would only serve to frighten the others.  She wanted to see everyone else off with a smile, though there were more than a couple teary eyed students.  They didn’t want to leave, and a part of her wished she could keep them with her as well, but she wouldn’t be able to look after everyone if she started keeping her classes.  She just had to hope that May found good places for them.  As she was saying her good-byes though, the sound of her doorbell rang though her home and she received a message on her PokéNav from May saying that she was there.

Before she had a change of heart and decided she wanted to keep her class after all, Roxanne pulled the five not leaving from the portable dwelling and then closed the lid, wrapping it up in the handkerchief that it came with.  Answering the door, she exchanged pleasantries with the young Champion, stressing to the brunette how proud she was of her class and that she hoped May would find them good homes.  May assured her that she had everything in order and quickly left with her Swellow.

As she watched May fade into the distance, Roxanne went back into her home to grab what she needed before heading to the gym, but first she had a handful of five, one-centimeter tall failures to take care of.  While before she needed to keep a happy face for the sake of the graduates, she could now show her full disappointment.  None of the men in her hand showed any sign of guilt or embarrassment either, if anything, they seemed happy that they failed.

Well, let's see how much you like it now.  Holding them up to her face, the general cheerful atmosphere they had disappeared the moment her stern expression fell on them.  For the first time since they first arrived, Roxanne saw fear slowly creep into their eyes.  “Do you have any idea how humiliating it was to tell May that five of you failed such an easy test?”

Congratulating each other for a plan well executed, Charles, John, Lawrence, Robert and Walter watched as their gentle caretaker handed the rest of their class off to an uncertain future in the hands of the Hoenn Champion and flew off.  None of them trusted that such an enthusiastic supporter of the changes that came with the shrinking technology would leave their classmates unmolested/undigested by the time she reached wherever she was going.  They were just thankful they weren’t going with her…  That is until Roxanne brought them back inside and looked at them like one would an unwelcome pest.  The anger and shame she felt at their poor performance made her compassion drain away, and in its place was a cold stare that reminded each of them of the multitudes of other girls out in the world.

“Do you have any idea how humiliating it was to tell May that five of you failed such an easy test?”  They hadn’t considered that she’d be angry at them for failing, maybe disappointed, but her tone indicated that she took their poor performance as a personal attack against her character.  “Well, I have one more lesson to teach you, and this time you will pay attention.  And don’t worry, not even you can fail this one.”

Tilting her hand slightly, they all fell from her palm and plummeted to the floor below.  Thankfully their smaller sizes made the fall non-lethal, but it still hurt quite a bit.  However, all of that was forgotten when a shadow fell over them and they looked up to see the underside of Roxanne’s school regulated shoe hovering over them!

“I told you there were consequences for failing.  I didn’t want to scare everyone so I left it vague, but what did you expect?  This course was to get you ready to fit into Cynthia’s new world vision.  If you can’t fit in…  You made me do this.”  Chastising them emotionally, if there was one thing that was clear to them other than the imminent fear of death her sole promised, it was how little she actually wanted to be doing this.

Thankfully, the fall had spread them out a bit, so as the brunettes massive loafer came crashing down, John, Robert, and Walter were able to dive to safety as Charles stared up in disbelief that his plan backfired so catastrophically and Lawrence was just a step behind running for his life.

It was quick, painless and effective.  Normally such force would be seen as excessive, but it was simply a girl lowering her foot with a bit of force quickly, an aggressive step at best, and two lives came to an abrupt end because of it.  Staring up the pink stocking-clad legs to the underside of the girl’s wide skirt, Robert was frozen in fear as she lifted her foot and looked at her sole.

Two small splatters of blood and viscera filled the treads of her shoes, and the remains of what were once two of her students, two men, were barely recognizable.  If she hadn’t been aware of what she stepped on, Roxanne would have thought she crushed a berry of something instead.  Is that all?  I was expecting a bigger mess.  Grabbing a couple tissues from nearby, she wiped her shoe clean and cleaned up the remains on the floor.  So I got Charles and Lawrence?  I couldn’t even tell.  She was almost surprised by how calm she was, given how opposed she had been to the idea of shrinking and hurting men before.  But, unlike the senseless violence and cruelty that other girls imposed on shrunken trainers, she wasn’t doing this for her own satisfaction.  As she stood back up, she saw the remaining three on the floor begging and crying, likely for mercy or a second chance now that they’ve seen what’s awaiting them.  “It’s too late for that now.  I gave you all so many chances…”  Lifting her foot again, the least she could do was end this swiftly for them so they didn’t suffer.  Hopefully I never have to do something like this again.  This has been as much a learning experience for me as it has for the-!

As Roxanne was about to crush the three, an idea came to her mind and she stepped over them to go get a small jar.  It took very little time and she was back before John, Robert or Walter could attempt to hide.  Plucking the three up, she dropped them into the jar.

“On second thought, I could use your help with my next class, since it is obvious that I didn’t impress on you the severity of the consequences you would be facing for failing my course.  Can I count on your help when the time comes?”  The unanimous agreement of the three spared a sudden death at her feet was as quick as her foot would have fallen on them if they hadn’t, and she secured a perforated lid to make sure they couldn’t get out and nothing could get in.  Taking them back to her room, she tucked them away in one of her drawers before heading out to fulfill her role as Rustboro’s Gym Leader.  Those five…  As flawed as I believe the saying ‘there are no bad students, only bad teachers’ can be, there is truth that I failed to get them to understand who severe the punishment for failing was.  If they had put in the bare minimal effort but still got the same scores, Charles excluded, then this would be all my fault.  By trying to not scare them at all, I failed as a teacher.  Reflecting on how she could have done better, Roxanne began to understand the flaw in her thinking that was likely the root cause of this entire incident.  If I had provided an example or two, maybe those five wouldn’t have slacked off.  I won’t make the same mistake twice.  I’ll learn and grow from this.  There are so many other shrunken trainers out there, waiting for society to learn and adapt to accept them.

To be continued…

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