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Story Notes:
The Agency

They say love comes to those who wait, but sometimes fate needs a little nudging along. When you’re down and out, you know that you can count on the agency to work a little magic for you. Everyone knows the beauty of all-encompassing love, but when a desperate young man goes searching for that special someone, he finds that perhaps love might not be he has been dreaming about.



My name is Hitoshi. I am a 30 year-old office worker in a large corporation in Tokyo. Life is simple, but boring. Starting at 7am, I take the train to work, and at 6pm, I head back to my apartment, exhausted. I spend my weekends alone, sometimes heading out to watch a movie. Yet, life could be so much more interesting if I had a girlfriend, if I had a chance to share life with a special someone. Unfortunately, I haven?t had the chance to meet anyone special, not on the subway, not on the way home, not at the movies, and never at work. It was sinking me into a bout of depression, so much so that I decided to try my luck with a dating agency.

It was Saturday morning. I had checked on the internet for a reputable dating agency that was conveniently located and was all ready to start on my quest. Better luck on the dating scene awaited me, and an agency would be the key to unlocking my fortunes. It brought about a sense of excitement, knowing that perhaps now things would change; I would find a nice and understanding girl, and then my life would be complete.

As I reached the office, a young lady greeted me professionally. She told me to wait as a consultant would come quickly to meet me about my problems. A couple of minutes passed, and a lady, perhaps in her 30s showed me into her room. She sat down and after customary introductions, I learnt that her name was Michiko. I could see that she had been in the business for a long time ? she was dressed professionally, and she spoke with the persuasiveness and assurance that could only come with many years of speaking to desperate clients like me. I poured out my soul to her, telling her my terrible luck with finding girls; it?s not that I had ridiculously high standards, its just that I had little opportunity to meet anyone special, and when I had the chance to do so, I was usually too unprepared to do anything about it. She nodded attentively, and told me not to worry about it. She recorded my personal information before proceeding to take a couple of profile pictures for me. I headed home with the assurance that at least now I was not alone; someone was onto my case.

Two weeks later, I received a call on my cell phone. Ring ring. I glanced at the number and instantly recognized that it was from the dating agency that I had been to just two weeks earlier. My heart jumped as I began thinking pessimistic thoughts ? Perhaps I was too ugly? Or perhaps I was too poor? Oh no! what if even the professional dating agency was unable to help me out? I would be done for!

I picked up the phone and I instantly recognized Michiko?s voice.

?Konnichiwa, Hitoshi-san. O-genki desu ka?? (Hello, How are you?) Her voice chimed over the phone.
?I?m feeling good today, I was just on my way out to lunch.?, I replied.

?I see. Anyway, I?ve got good news for you. I set you up with a lady tomorrow. You will be meeting her for dinner at 8pm.?

?That sounds fine to me. Where would be going for dinner??

?She suggested a restaurant an Ginza, is that fine with you??

?that sounds good.?

?on a last note, please dress well and be ready to meet her. You don?t want to disappoint on your first date, do you?? , Michiko exhorted. We exchange goodbyes and she hung up the phone.

Wow, they were really fast indeed. I could not believe the fact that I could actually be going out on my first date in 5 years. That afternoon and the rest of Friday, I could not concentrate on my work at all. On Friday afternoon, my excitement got to the point that I had to take half a day of leave as I was too nervous to do any work. I headed home early and got out my best shirt, tie and coat and spent a good half an hour dressing myself up for the occasion. I headed out two hours ahead of time, and reached the restaurant an hour early. Nervously, I continually checked myself in the glass panes that lined the shopping malls of Ginza. Finally, 20 minutes before my appointment, Michiko showed up. She smiled courteously at me, then frowned.

?You know, I thought that men these days were a little flamboyant, a little more creative. You look like you just came from the office!?

I was disheartened; Is this all she could say about my best efforts to impress?

Michiko continued, ?Don?t worry, I have a plan for you. Come along with me, Hitoshi-san?.

I followed Michiko into the restaurant.

?Wait here,? she told me, ?I?ll be back shortly with a change of clothes. You look flustered. here, drink this while you wait, it?ll calm your nerves?. Michiko nudged a glass of water over to me.

I don?t really remember what happened next, except that I felt really drowsy and really dizzy. I rested my eye as the restaurant seemed to spin around me. Was I that nervous that I couldn?t even compose myself in front of someone who might become the girl of my dreams? Shortly afterwards, everything went dark, and I had no recollection of what happened in between.

Cling clang, I heard the sound of glass knocking against each other, as well as the vibrant chatter of young ladies in the background.

I struggled to open my eyes and to make sense of what was happening around me, but it all seemed like a blur. I tried to move my arm, but it seemed really tight. After a few moments, I started to be able to make out people, then things got sharper as I gradually regained consciousness.

What I saw amazed and frightened me at the same time. If my eyes were not failing me, I seemed to be on a plate, wrapped in rice and seaweed, just like a sushi roll. I glanced frantically left and right, and strained to see as far as I could, and noticed that there were numerous other dishes around me ?steam fish, lots of different vegetables, fruits, rice, a bowl of ramen, soup, seaweed, and many other Japanese delicacies, some of which which were way beyond my budget. Wow, it?s such a pity that the first time I had seen so many delicacies on the same table was when I was one of the dishes too.

Then, I was startled by a munching sound, and then it occurred to me that there was someone eating near to me. Silly me, I thought to myself, of course there had to be someone ? this expensive food was probably prepared for someone really special.

I strained my neck to look upwards and right in front of me was a lady. She appeared huge. She was gently tipping rice with soy sauce in between her lips. She sat poised and refined, seemingly enjoying and savoring every morsel that entered her mouth. Her make-up was neatly done, yet I could not really see her face from where I was ? I was at such a low angle that I could barely see that she was eating, furthermore, the bowl which she raised with her left hand obscured her facial features.

I glanced at her clothes, she was dressed in a light blue blouse with a white floral coat over it. She wore a gold necklace around her neck and an artistically shaped golden brooch adorned her blouse. All her clothing seemed to be designer labels. Wow , she must be a really rich lady, I thought to myself. I wondered if she even knew I was here, soon to be part of her dinner.

The lady set the rice bowl onto the table and I managed to glance at her shoulder length hair, flowing smoothly, and caressing the soft features of face. Her right hand reached out and her chopsticks gracefully picked up some of the steamed fish to the right of me. She placed it elegantly between her mouth - slowly and tactfully. I noticed her chewing before she swallowed. Next, she picked up a sushi roll and placed it into her mouth, slowly but surely she let her mouth naturally cover it, with such poise and elegance that could only come from a girl from a good family, where she would be trained from young to learn all the mannerisms that define the Feminine ideal in Japan. She continued to savor and enjoy each and every of the twenty or so dishes on the table, as I gazed intently at her lips and mouth, as the little morsels of food vanished into the abyss of no return.

Finally, I saw her raise a glass of white wine towards her lips. She sipped it carefully, almost as if someone were watching her. Then she placed the glass quietly back onto the tabletop.

Suddenly, I noticed that she was glancing towards me. And then I saw a pair of dark wooden chopsticks head toward me. Suddenly, I felt pressure on my two arms, although it was cushioned by the rice, vegetables and other ingredients that made up the sushi roll that now surrounded me. She brought me towards her lips, and for the first time, I could her face came into full view of me. I judged that she was probably no more than 24 years old, at least a good 5 years younger than me. From her well placed make up and beautifully well-kept facial features, I knew that she was the kind of girl that I often admired from afar, but never had the courage to approach; the sort of girl who was obviously out of my league. With the kind of looks and money a girl liked her had, she has got to be spoiled for choice ? She must have had dozens of suitors all clamoring for her attention and later on her hand in marriage. She definitely was the kind of girl who could easily eat her man, I thought to myself, laughing in my head as I realized the irony of the situation.

As I hovered in front of her lips, I wondered when she would start on me. I wondered if this was a surprised arranged by Michiko or did the lady now in front of me ask for this? Did she even know that I was here?

All too soon, I felt a sudden lunging motion as she brought me towards her lips and pressed my face lightly against them. But she didn?t open her mouth to push me in. Instead, I heard her suck deeply in, mimicking a kiss! She definitely knew I was there! If I ever got out of this ordeal alive, this would definitely be one of my best moments. Wait till all my colleagues hear about me kissing this totally out-of-my-class girl, I thought to myself.

After what seemed to me like an eternity, I felt movement. I thought that she was about to eat me, but instead she drew me away from her lips. She pursed her lips and used her tongue to lick off the few drops of saliva. Then without warning, she pushed me at her lips again, this time sucking hard and enjoying the sensation of my face being pressed hard against her moist lips. This time it seemed even longer, I was nearly suffocating from the pressure of her lips, although I was able to get enough breath to my lungs to keep me from passing out. And then again, I felt movement. This must be it, I thought to myself. But once again, the lady drew me away from her lips.

Ah, she is just having fun with me, I figured. Sure enough, she pushed me back to her lips, and as I was wondering how long more she would be doing this to me, suddenly her lips parted. Slowly but surely, her lips parted, just a little, but I could peek into her mouth. Her lips slowly caressed me and she parted them just far enough to stick my petite frame into her mouth. Inch by inch, she slid me in really slowly, her lips ruffling the seaweed that surrounded me. As my head passed between her lips, I had a glimpse of her tongue and her pearly white teeth. She seemed to be taking care not to bite into me. Slowly but surely, the combined action of her lips and the chopsticks pushed the whole sushi roll that surrounded me between her lips and onto her tongue. Even as the last of my small frame entered her mouth, I noticed that my whole body was resting snugly on her tongue. She gently closed her lips, and I felt the pressure that had been her chopsticks subside. She must have withdrawn the chopsticks from her mouth. I felt her lips slowly close, rolling over my feet, which protruded out from the sushi roll. I felt a smile creep over her face, and a slight motion of her head seemed to suggest that she might have just pressed her hand onto her lips, covering it politely.

As I lay on her tongue, I glanced around her mouth, and I noticed that there were no snippets of food hanging from any of her teeth. Indeed, she had the skill to eat so elegantly and femininely so as to ensure that no pieces of food would hang rudely from her teeth or gums. Then, I felt a slight movement under me, and I noticed her tongue starting to move; little drops of saliva started showing up under me, and I spied more drops of saliva gradually appearing on the walls of her mouth.

Then, she whipped out her tongue from under me, and used it to slowly lick my face. Slowly once, then again, and then again. I heard a satisfied sigh from her, even as my face became densely coated with her saliva. Oddly enough, it seemed to make me happy that at least I was being appreciated by a girl, and perhaps not just appreciated, the quickening movement of her tongue suggested to me that I was thoroughly satisfying her little taste buds. Ha, take that, I thought to myself, remembering how back in college some of the more popular guys would laugh at me, telling me that I would never find a girl who would appreciate me, that I had not a single attribute that would make a girl happy. Sure, maybe I had no looks and no money, but here I was, in the mouth of a brilliantly successful, feminine and beautiful lady, and I was making her satisfied.

Her tongue continue to venture around my face, then my lips, then around my ears, wetting me profusely. The calmness and prowess with which her tongue glided over my body, exploring and savoring each and every part of my body seemed to suggest that she might have done this many times before. That suddenly brought to mind some rumors that I had read about on the internet ? about some couples going on dates and the boy going missing after the date. It seemed trivial to me then, especially since I was single, but now it seemed to me that perhaps those rumors were true! Perhaps this was one of those dates?

The lady played with my body further. She pushed me to one wall of her mouth with her tongue, then to the other. She turned me around on her tongue, licking at the sushi that surrounded me. Suddenly, I felt her pearly whites descend on me, and I thought that she was going to chew me up. But with grace and precision, she munched away at the seaweed and rice that surrounded me, releasing me from the sushi roll that had entrapped me for the last hour or so. As she pressed my body against her mouth to prevent me from being swallowed, she gradually pushed the little sushi morsels to the back of her throat where they vanished down her esophagus. That could have been me, I thought to myself. Well obviously, she was not done with me yet.

With the sushi roll that surrounded me tucked comfortably into her stomach, she continued tasting my body, coating it with saliva in the process. She licked my face, then my hair, and she slowly ventured across my lips, then my neck, and then around my torso and neck, and slowly down to my stomach, then downwards to my legs. Then suddenly, with much purpose, her tongue came back to enjoy my private parts.

Finally, after another half hour more of enjoying and savoring every part of me, she decided that she had had enough of me. She turned my body around such that my face touched her lips and opened her lips slightly, just enough for me to peek out between her teeth and her lips. From my place in her mouth, I had my first ?bird?s eye? view of the dishes on her table. Wow, she sure had a lot more food to go, and despite her demure body, I would not bet against her finishing and savoring all the rest of the food on the table.

My eyes flicked and through her lips, I could see the whole restaurant. Surprisingly, as I glanced around the restaurant, all I saw were ladies, with not a single man in sight. Some were well dressed, and some were dressed more plainly. I saw office ladies, housewives and young ladies who were probably friends. Was this an all-ladies restaurant? I thought to myself. But then it dawned upon me, perhaps these other ladies were enjoying the same type of meal as my date. Then suddenly, my ?date? decided that she had teased me enough by allowing me to have a last look at the world. Once again she closed her mouth, and with the action of her tongue pushed me back to the back of her mouth. Then, as she tipped her tongue and her head upwards, I rolled over and over until my head went into her esophagus. Her esophagus engulfed my head, and then my neck, and then my body, and I felt myself being ushered downwards by her throat muscles towards my new home ? her stomach. I heard a soft contented sigh, and I felt what seemed to be her hand following my movement down towards her stomach, rubbing her chest, coaxing me into her body. Soon, my head popped out of her sphincter, and into her stomach. I heard the now-muffled sounds of water, and soon, I saw green tea spouting out from her esophagus, a little green tea to wash down the meal that she just had.

It was all too surreal for me, being shrunken, eaten, and now present in the body of beautiful young lady, her stomach and body surrounding me, and soon to make me a part of her. Funny enough, I should be mad at Michiko for tricking me into this, after all she?s got to have something to do with this, but yet I felt no such anger in me. Perhaps it was the fact that I knew that I could not do much about it, or perhaps it was just the egoism that I had experienced knowing that I was appreciated by a girl, if not for anything more than my taste.

As I lay in her body feeling bits and pieces of the rest of her lunch fall on me, as well as occasional bouts of green tea, I felt a strange sense of contentment.Her stomach moved and naturally as it churned the little morsels of food around. I heard her rhythmic and composed breath, lulling me into a soft sense of comfort.

The lady?s eating continued for another hour or so, during which many more rolls of sushi, rice balls, spring rolls, fried rice, squid, yakitori and other wonderful tasting morsels surrounded me, crowding her stomach in the process. Finally, the pace of her dinner slowed down, and I felt a sudden cold rush through me ? the lady was enjoying ice-cream.

Finally, I felt a rising motion and a sudden arcing action as the lady rose from her seat and bowed. And then, I heard muffled voices in the background:

?Kiyoko-sama, bangohan ii desu ka?? (Kiyoko, how was today?s diner?)

?Aa, Michiko-san, sugoi ne, maishuu no bangohan totemo oishii desu. Arigatou Gozaimasu? (Michiko, it?s really wonderful. The weekly dinner here is always so delicious. Thank you very much)

? Arigatou Gozaimasu. Raishuu mata aimasuyo?? (thank you, we?ll see you again next week)

After that, I felt what seemed to be walking. And as the lady walked away from the restaurant, and as I felt her dinner sloshing about around me, I thought to myself So maybe this is what love is like? To be a part of the girl of your dreams?

Kiyoko! what a sweet name for a girl, I thought to myself, smiling. I lay down to rest, surrounded by all the wonderful japanese dishes that had accompanied me into my "girlfriend's" body, wondering how long more it would be before I truly became a part of her.


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