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Strangely enough it was a good thing military attacked us. Well, technically.. they attacked me. Probably didn’t even notice you at all until I dropped you next to some military guys and told them to listen to whatever you say. Either way they stopped the assault when I threatened to grow even bigger and we were led to this lovely military base! Or at least, that’s how I described it:
“Ohh look like cute and lovely this little base is!”

I told them to bring me some clothes.. the ones you borrowed me after I was teleported by your 2nd wish look.. well, they look like they're from the dollar store, at best. Of course they complained how it would take them forever to make clothes for me at this size, but I rolled my eyes and explained to bring them normal size and I'll grow them! I also requested a compact submersible, which confused everybody.. including you! Of course I would just say how - "You'll see what it's for" - and wouldn't spoil it. While we waited, we figured a way to communicate more conveniently: you simply called me on your old phone that grew with me. I had to borrow it since your second wish teleported me without mine and we didn't want to bother going to my place and back.

So now we only just called each other and the submersible arrives! I tell you to get inside it.. and maybe have somebody explain how to operate it, then I sit up to enjoy how tiny everything is from high above. I'm still sitting on my feet so it gives me a pretty lofty altitude... I giggle when I see just how tiny the sub looks and: "Ohh, how cute you look down there, you have no idea! Anyway, you finished with that accelerated training and stuff?"

"Almost! I just need to remember...how to open the...GOT IT!" I yell as I struggled to recall the rapid exchange of information of how to successfully operate the submersible. I had been told over the span of several minutes what normally takes a soldier several months of training and was expected to recall it off the top of my head. Maybe I should have wished for super intelligence rather than money...

The hum of the engine echoed within the metal cylinder as I followed the prompted instructions on the screen in front of me. "Okay so...are you going to tell my why you asked for this thing specifically? And would you stop calling me cute already? I'm starting to feel like some sort of toy poodle." I complained over the hands free headset as everything lit up green across the board.

"Oh silly, you don't need to yell - I can hear you just fine through the headset hihi! And you are my cute toy, so.. what else am I supposed to call you hihi! Anywho, here we go then..." - I say and carefully pick up the submersible between my thumb and forefinger. I raise it up to my face and take a look inside: the big spherical window on the front gives me great view of you.. and also I figure a nice view of me for you!

And the whole thing is so absolutely tiny.. maybe three millimeters long - not even as large as a small pill! Which means: "Ohh, it'll be just perfect 'treat' for me hihi! Except, maybe I could use something 'extra' for taste, um..." - I lick the tip of index finger of my free hand and lower it.. towards some small crowd of military personnel and reporters that has gathered next to some hangar. They must've figured out what my intention is and they immediately scatter in all directions, but I still manage to get a few of them stuck to my saliva.

I make sure not to push down at all.. I don't want to smush them after all. So when I raise them to my face, the little dots are still moving and.. while I can barely feel them, the view is just sooo... stimulating! Without wasting another second, I put the sub inside my mouth on top of the tongue and gently wipe off the people I captured next to you. A couple seconds later I can already hear them banging on the walls and window of your sub and shouting for help. It's so... empowering.

The sounds of the screaming marines could be heard even from within my air tight container along with the high pitched squeaking of your colossal tongue dragging along its metal surface. "Wait a minute Rose are you seriously going to eat them? They're people!" I pleaded over the hands free while having a battle of conscience with myself. Letting them in would certainly save their lives, but then again they did try to wage war on you, not them specifically but the core of which they were proud member. Why should I deprive you of something you had obviously been planning on?

I nervously glanced towards the door, then back at the control console, then back to the door. All the while the screams of the men intensified as they drew closer and closer to becoming nothing more than a snack to some overgrown teenager (that how they view you, not me). "Gahhhh!!! Dammit!" I yell out, opting to do the right thing and save the terrified soldiers. I slammed my fist down on a flashing red button on the console that I thought unlocked the door. What it actually did was fire a single torpedo out of the front of the submersible - it slid right under your uvula and down your throat. "Uhhh...oops...why the hell would they put torpedoes on it! Those idiots!"

I hear your plea, but it only makes my resolve stronger - that and how their tiny feet feel on my tongue. People. Real freaking people. Right there, on my tongue.. one simple move and they'd all be... Ohhhh, I close my eyes just to feel it fully. Then I feel something sliding down my throat.. it feels... Was it one of them? Did somebody just slide down without me even swallowing? Uhhh, it's just so.. and yet....

You sounded really disturbed, and.. of course you're right. They are people - with friends, families, even.. kids maybe? And to eat them like that would be...

But I really, really want to!

I think with my eyes still closed. And you inside my mouth, I can't even say anything out loud about it - hell, what would I even say? Excuse me bug-sized people, can I pretty please swallow you? Just so I can see how it feels? Fuck! It was so much easier in all the stories and roleplays, like.. nobody ever even considered...

What if they have kids...

With tears forcing their way into my eyes, I put an index finger back into my mouth and place the fingernail so they can climb onto it. Fuck.. what is wrong with me!

Even your gentlest intentions can have dramatic consequences when you're roughly a mile tall. The submersible teetered near the entrance to your gaping maw, well beyond your ability to see it clearly and thus leaving it in danger of what would inevitably come next. Rather than giving the soldiers a platform to climb to safety, your powerful fingernail struck the side of the submarine, easily plastering one of the frightened men against its metal surface. The unfortunate soul didn't even have a chance to scream before their lives were snuffed out in the blink of an eye.

The remaining soldiers looked on in horror as his squad mate disappeared behind your wall of flesh amd became nothing but a crimson paste on the tip of your finger before muttering a quick prayer and leaping onto it, thankful to still be alive.

Inside the sub, I was thrown from my captain's chair thanks to the powerful impact. "Rose...uhhh...maybe try being a little more careful? I'd rather you didnt put a dent in our new toy." I said half jokingly, since I was worried the structural integrity of the sub was somehow damaged.

I'm slightly annoyed at your complaining. Plus the submersible should be pretty durable... But for now, I remove my finger to make sure the dots of soldiers are on it. There are few.. except it feels like fewer than on my fingertip? I fear the worst and.. actually start crying quietly, but try not to move not to drop them or anything like that. I extra carefully lower them back to the ground. They immediately jump off my fingernail and run for cover - and who can blame them!

Next I pull the submersible out of my mouth and ask with a trembling voice: "Was that.. did somebody fall down my throat?"

The metal vessel shakes violently while your mouth lifts away from the viewing window, only to be replaced with your enormous iris once again. "Uhhh no, I don't think so...but I did...maybe...kinda....did you know this thing had torpedoes? You would have thought that they would have removed everything potentially harmful before they gave it to us." I answered, technically not lying since I wasn't sure exactly how many soldiers there were to begin with.

"I think you did the right thing Rose...they would probably have been less likely to comply if you'd have eaten some of them on purpose. I mean...I know you already threatened to grow bigger, but sometimes you need to earn a little good faith right?" I couldn't believe that I was acting like some sort a therapist to a woman who made me feel like an ant, but despite your immense size my feelings for you hadn't changed.

"Wait, a torpedo?" - I think about for a moment, then repeat to make sure: "I swallowed a torpedo?"

"Yes, I guess you did?"

I'm suddenly relieved when you confirm that - it's a bit weird to hear about the torpedo, but.. missiles didn't harm me so I assume torpedoes won't either? Oh well, actually: "You know what, it's pretty cool hihi! Like.. I wonder if it explodes or something! Um, but wait a minute... I can feel like a tingly metallic sort of taste on my tongue, is it rust from the sub or something?" - I dare not even think it might be blood...

I then proceed to 'discretely' wipe my eyes to hide how badly I felt.. good thing nothing happened after all!

"What's the worst that could happen? You get a little tummy ache? I bet it's no worse than eating a spicy grain of rice. Let's just hope it doesn't give you gas...you might cause another hole in the ozone at this point." I answered jokingly, yet shuttering at the thought of the horrible smell that would be accompany such a gross act.

"You...what? I don't think so, this thing looks almost brand new." I quickly scan the cockpit until I find what I'm looking for. "Hang on, stick out your tongue and let me take a look with the camera zoom." I changed the display to the high resolution camera and started using it to zoom in on the titanic slab of meat protruding towards me

"Uhhh...I dont know how to explain this but....the torpedo...you didn't swallow it...it's on the back of your tongue."

"It's what?!?" - I instinctively spit it out. Luckily it lands in a middle of an mostly empty field - "Yuck! Um.. I guess I should've looked where I'm aiming with that.. sorry, if anybody was hit by the splashback or.. ugh..." - I try to feel it and.. the taste is gone, so.. that must've been it: "A torpedo got stuck to my tongue, wow! I hope you don't have any more 'surprises' attached to that cute little thing?" - I try to inspect the submersible, but it's just so tiny...

The massive glob of spit landed in the middle of a nearby field, detonating an improperly stored fuel tanker on impact and causing a rather sizable explosion that brought the surrounding soldiers to high alert, yet your lingering threat halted them from taking any further action less the risk provoking you.

"Uhhh lemme check, there's a couple different buttons left for me to - WHOA!!!" My words were cut off as you began tilted the vessel at all sorts of different angles, tossing me all around within it like some sort of horrible carnival ride. "Knock it off! I don't even know if this thing has seatbelts!" I say sternly once the sub levels out and I'm able to continue looking at the control console. "Let's see...if this one is for torpedoes...then this one is..." I press a blue button, activating the headlights...what kind of a sub has headlights? I continue pressing buttons at random, avoiding the ones that looked like that weren't supposed to be touched.

The small toy sub must have looked ridiculous as it began to make all sorts of noises, flash lights, shoot off flares, eject an inflatable raft and multiple other features before I finally stopped pressing things. "This is like...the nicest sub ever. Why would they just have this laying around?"

I'm still staring at you when an explosion lits up right where I spat, I look there: "Um, did.. did I just do that? Uh, I guess I really do need to be more careful hihi!" - I turn my attention back to you though: "Oh stop clowning around! Actually.. since your cute toy is so nice and everything, then.. in you go!" - I put you on my tongue, this time closing my mouth and wait to gather some spit... Then after a while, I swallow!

"I'm not clowning around! And it's not a toy! This is an expensive piece of government property that probably costs....wait...what?" I can only watch as your eye moves away and my window is once again filled by the endless void that is your mouth. The sub lurches up and down while your tongue slowly retracts back into the dark cave which promptly seals shut behind it.

"Well...great...I'm in your mouth. Are you happy now?" The interior lights turn on along with the headlights from earlier, bathing your dripping pink cavern in a bright white light. "Huh...I guess that's why they put headlights on it. Although I doubt this is what they had in mind."

A strange bubbling sound fills the submersible while your saliva starts to pool around it, pressuring the cabin as it sink below the surface. "Good thing it's still waterproof...wait...Rose...don't you freaking dare...Rose?....ROSE!!!!!"

My panicked cries ring out over your hands free as the sub slides down the back of your throat, beginning it's long journey down your esophagus.



Chapter End Notes:

I mean, had he not complained about it.. I would've swallowed ^^

Also we argued about that torpedo/tanker-ex-machina and what not, yeah.. long story.

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