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Flower Power

Sam sighed internally as he pulled his car into the park. He had hoped so badly that Kim would call this off, that she would change her mind. But as they drove up to the empty camping area, his hopes were dashed. They were really doing this… camping…

Looking at the young couple sitting in the car, no one would picture them the camping type. Both were scrawny and pasty to the extreme. Sam’s glasses covered most of his face and his lanky frame only made his thin frame worse. Kim wasn’t much better with slightly smaller glasses and straw-like hair. She tended to sound nasally thanks to a near constant sinus infection. And yet here they were, at a campsite on a weekday of all days.

“We… we still going to do this?” Sam asked, making one last plea.

“YES! This will be good for us, you’ll see,” Kim answered before sniffing and climbing out of the car. Sam sighed and shook his head, but got out as well. That damn sister of her’s, always talking about her newest “get healthy” scheme which Kim, inevitably, tried. 

Almost an hour later, after back-breaking hauling, unpacking, failing to set up a tent, and all kinds of other problems, the two had something akin to a camp set up. Well, they got the tent up at least so that was something. 

Sam had to admit, though, it had been fun seeing how bad they were at this. Their constant struggles had been tempered by their equally constant picking at one another. And the slow trickle of the nearby spring along with the birdsong was rather relaxing. He might have to admit this wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be…

As Sam busied himself with getting the fire lit, Kim headed off to find some wood. She hadn’t gone far before finding an odd looking flower she had never seen before. It was big for a flower, almost up to her knees, and its petals were a strange shimmering gold. But the greatest oddity was the glow it gave it, an inviting unnatural light.

“Sam? Sam!” Kim yelled glancing back to see him turn toward her, “Come here!”

“What? Did you fin- woah…” Sam said before spotting the flower as well. The two looked between one another and the strange plant.

“Never heard of a flower that glowed before,” Sam said as Kim moved closer. 

“Kim! We don-,” but he stopped, knowing full well she wasn’t going to listen. 

“It’s just a flower, Sam. A really pretty one. I’d love to have it on my desk,” Kim said as she leaned closer. As she did, she caught a whiff of the flower and gasped at how lovely it was. It was like nothing she had smelled before, an exotic sweet smell she couldn’t place.

“Wow, Sam you have to smell this!” she said dragging Sam down. He sighed and bent down, before blinking in surprise. It DID smell amazing! 

“Damn it does smell good! Maybe we should bring this back, imagine how nice the office would be with this,” Sam said as both of them kept sniffing. 

“Mmm, that would be so good. Think we have time to get a pot for it before it gets too late?” Kim asked, her slight nasally drone suddenly gone as her sinuses cleared.

“I think so, I… I….” Sam’s words started to drift off as he felt a slight tingle run through him. A similar effect passed Kim and the two stumbled back to their feet. 

Before either could be worried about the strangeness, however, their eyes drifted to one another. A sudden wave of sexual thirst, immense turn on, of NEED hit both of them as rational thought was driven aside by primal lust. Both wrapped their arms around the other as they became desperate for relief and their lips locked together. Still, a tiny fraction of rational thought remained and drove them to their badly put up tent. The two practically dived inside before wrapping themselves back together.

Neither stopped kissing the other as they fought to get their pants off. After a few seconds of struggling, their pants were tossed out of the tent and Sam was shoved to the ground. Kim leapt onto him and fondled his modest cock. Some part of Kim wondered if it had always been so big, but that part was barely a whisper compared to her maddening lust. Sam returned the favor as he rubbed Kim’s small breasts, though they were a bit bigger than he remembered… He never got a chance to really process that as Kim slid him into her soaking wet vagina. 

Both of them moaned in pleasure as their minds were wracked with ecstasy. They had always had decent sex, but this… this was AMAZING! Neither had the mental capacity to ponder this oddness as both began pumping their hips. Sam pulled Kim down into a long kiss as they thrust together. The pleasure was soon joined with a feeling neither could place that quickly spread through their bodies. And as it spread, so did they…

The couple began to grow, their bodies spreading and taking up what little open space the tent had. Sam’s head began to push up along his sleeping bag as Kim’s feet inched closer to the tent’s flap. His lanky frame began to fill up and gain mass as her body began to plump in all the right places. Kim moaned as she felt Sam’s dick swell inside of her as Sam groaned as her breasts pushed harder on his chest. Neither noticed the slow changes at all as they focused only on their pleasure and each other. 

Their fuck session soon reached in climax. Both of them moaned and gasped as they neared the edge. Their still growing bodies were pushing at the tent’s walls and their growth was only picking up speed. Finally, with a cry from both, they came. 

Kim sat up and pushed into the roof of the tent. Her cry was stifled for a second as her growth pushed her into the fabric, but it quickly ripped as her growing body surged through. She surged into the air, her hair lengthening and gaining volume. The growth surged into her breasts and they swelled like ripening melons, shredding her bra and her shirt. Her hips plumped and spread over Sam’s body as she sighed, her growth slowing to a stop.

Meanwhile, Sam’s head pushed into the back of the tent before ripping its way free. His legs did the same ripping it completely apart. His lanky frame swelled and filled out, toned muscles forming on his legs and arms. He grunted as his chest expanded outward and his stomach toned. A satisfied moan left him as he felt his cock push further into the warmth of Kim and his sack swelled as well.

The two lovers smiled at one another as they came down from the best sex either had ever had… and as the high slowly faded, their rational minds began to slowly catch up. Their smiles turned to confused looks, looks that roved the others body before turning to themselves. Finally, the two looked back at each other and did the only thing either could think. Scream.

“AHHH WHAT THE HELL?!” Sam yelled as he looked between his body and Kim’s. He covered his swollen junk before grabbing a piece of the ruined tent.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO US?!” Kim screamed, trying to cover her much larger breasts and her pussy. One arm, however, was not up to the task of covering her new assets. She knelt down to let her legs hide her crotch and buried her tits away in both arms.

“OK...OK we… we got… bigger or… fuck I don’t even know,” Sam said, trying to come to some rational explanation to a completely irrational situation.

“Just call someone!” Kim demanded, snapping Sam out of his stupor. He nodded and headed for their car. Reaching the car he had to stop for a second as he was taken aback with how much smaller it was. God, it barely reached his waist now! In fact, he could have slapped his dick onto the roof without much trouble. He shook that thought away before bending down to open the door. 

The locked door resisted his efforts for a second before snapping off with ease. Sam swore as he dropped the door in shock and watched it flop to the ground. He looked at his hand and his toned arm in stunned silence. Jesus, he had ripped the door off without even trying… Just how strong was he?!

Meanwhile, Kim looked around for something to cover herself. Sadly, the ruined tent had shredded into pieces too small for her to use The nearby river, however, would at least give her some cover for when… whoever Sam called got here. 

Kim rushed over but stopped before getting into the water. She looked in amazement at her reflection rippling in the clear water. Her face had changed along with the rest of her, the blemishes and lingering skin troubles gone. Her stomach had toned and hardened while her hips had flared out. And her hair… so glossy and full of volume... Looking at herself in all her new glory was so different than looking at it from her limited vision… and she really, REALLY liked what she saw. 

Sam shook off his surprise at his newfound strength and reached into the car. He pulled his cell phone out before realizing a big problem, namely that he was big. Even his pinkie finger practically covered the screen which made unlocking it, much less calling anyone, nigh impossible. Giving up after his fifth try, he got to his feet and decided to let Kim try, her fingers were smaller. Or at least they had been…

“Kim? I can’t work the phone, could you try?” Sam said as he moved to join Kim as she stood by the river. Kim didn’t answer.

“Kim?” Sam asked as he stopped beside her, he glanced down where she was looking and saw nothing but her reflection. Damn had whatever happened to them made her amazing, not that she hadn’t been before. His eyes wondered to his own and he found himself amazed at the massive man staring back. 

Gone was the lanky twig replaced with an action hero, toned and ready for a fight. His shoulder had broadened noticeably and he could see visible signs of muscle on his arms and legs. And between his legs swung a cock that would have made even the most well endowed porn star jealous. A cock that began to stir awake as his eyes went back to Kim and saw her hefting her new breasts.

A familiar, yet still alien, urge took hold of Sam and he found himself moving to stand behind Kim. His hands covered Kim’s and helped her feel her new tits. Kim cooed in approval as she let Sam guide her hands. Her “exploring” quickly became closer to fondling and Kim leaned back into Sam’s large chest. She glanced back and the two shared a quick kiss before one of Sam’s hands slipped away from her breast. Kim almost moved to snatch it back, but stopped as it wormed its way between her legs. She giggled before inviting him in and kissing him as welcome.

Sam’s larger fingers found Kim’s vagina wet and eager. He slipped in and out slowly at first and she nuzzled into him as he did so. Her head shifted upward slightly as he began to speed up and she moaned in pleasure. The slight shifting became less slight as Sam noticed his hand still on her breast being pushed back. Her nuzzle into his chest was now closer to the top of his head as she began to grow. And yet Sam only fingered her faster.

Faster and faster Sam thrust his finger in and out. Kim’s moans turned to gasps, each seeing her larger than the last. She turned to face Sam and kissed the top of his head before her growth took it out of easy reach. Sam tried to hold onto her breasts, but those began to surge beyond his reach. Kim’s hands clamped over Sam’s making sure he got no idea’s of stopping as her gasps came quicker and louder. Finally, with a cry that sent birds scattering, Kim climaxed. 

Pulling away, Sam watched in stunned amazement as Kim rocketed into the air. She already nearly doubled him in height, but was quickly shooting past that. Her growing feet began to sink into the wet dirt as her weight grew exponentially. Her still screaming face became impossible to see as her breasts swelled to massive size, blocking his view. Her legs and arms toned and firmed as her hair grew still further down her huge frame. Finally, as her cry faded, her growth came to end. Sam could only stare in wonder at the massive Goddess his love had become, now towering up to the treetops.

“Mmmm,” Kim sighed as her hands cupped her huge breasts. They wondered down her toned and firm stomach, past her wide birthing hips, and onto her plump yet strong thighs. Sam watched from below and felt his cock ache with need, yet worry took up much of his thoughts. He couldn’t even see Kim’s head now, thanks to her breasts, which made him nervous about how she was taking this sudden change. 

“Look what you did to me, Sam,” Kim’s voice rumbled out. Sam gulped and retreated a step as Kim’s hands continued to explore her body.

“I…L-Let’s just try and stay calm, OK Kim?” Sam stammered out as he retreated a bit further. Kim’s huge form bent forward just enough for her eyes to peek out over her breasts and they locked onto him. Sam froze as they bore into him.

“Are you nervous down there? Here,” Kim said with a giggle before leaning further down. A wide smile was revealed and her hands left her body to reach for him. Sam thought to run, but his legs refused to obey. Kim’s huge hands clamp onto him on either side before lifting him up like a child. He swore as his stomach fell into his feet and he was lifted to be level with Kim’s face. Kim’s smile only spread.

“Hehehe, you look so cute all nervous and tiny. Like a scared little puppy. Mmmmm, makes me want to just eat you up,” Kim said before licking her lips. Sam felt a wave of terror wash through him as he pictured her mouth opening. She… she couldn’t do that, not yet anyway… Unless she tore him apart anyway and sh- memories of what he had done to the car flashed in his mind and his eyes noticed the faint biceps on Kim’s arms. Oh God… 

Kim’s eyes only twinkled more seeing Sam’s terror. She inched closer, her mouth slowly opening. Sam tried to struggle, but it was hopeless. Kim’s mouth moved to only inches away and Sam closed his eyes.

Sam shot them back open as he moaned in pure ecstasy. Kim giggled at his complete 180 as she ran her huge tongue over his cock again. She got the same reaction as his struggles stopped completely. He looked down at her in a mixture of relief, annoyance, and need. She gave him a mischievous smile in response before clamping down on his dick. 

Another screaming moan came from Sam as Kim began to suck on his, comparatively, small dick. His mind was flooded with pleasure he had never felt before as her huge lips smothered it in wet warmth. Her tongue joined the assault and Sam tensed in sheer enjoyment. An odd feeling joined the mind-shattering pleasure, but a second long suck drowned it out.

Kim sucked on her little lover and loved every moan and gasp that she got out of him. However, she began to notice something was happening to her little man. He seemed… not quite so little, and had his dick always been so big? Her answer came as Sam let out a primal grunt and his arms swelled in size. His legs followed soon after as did the rest of him. Kim felt his dick moving further into her mouth, actually past her lips as it too grew in size. She released it for a second as she looked at her slightly bigger lover.

“This is amazing… Time for you to do some catching up,” Kim said before returning to her assault on his cock. She began to suck on Sam more vigorously and was rewarded as Sam’s growth picked up speed. His arms lengthened and swelled with greater muscles, his chest puffed out and widened, his legs moved past her head, and his dick began to fill more and more of her mouth. The increasing size of Sam forced her to put him down, but didn’t stop her as she was determined to make him massive. Sam leaned back to stay sitting up and his huge hand flattened their car like it was tinfoil. 

Finally, Sam cried in release as Kim was given a massive load she wasn’t prepared for. She staggered back and coughed up the load of sperm before turning back to see Sam swell massively. Gone was the thin twig of a boyfriend, to be replaced with a muscled bodybuilder who was just as huge as she was. Sam had a moment to recover and look at himself before Kim dived into his arms and planted kiss after kiss on him. He returned them as best he could, but the two giants began to slow. 

A sudden wave of exhaustion hit both of them and the two nuzzled together. Wrapped in one another, they slowly drifted off to sleep.


Kim yawned as she began to stir awake. She untangled from Sam’s big, powerful arms as she stood up. The tops of trees greeted her as she stretched and smiled. It really hadn’t been a dream... 

Below, Sam rubbed his eyes as he woke up. He looked over his new massive body and flexed his arm. A large smile spread over his face as he too was glad the dream wasn’t over. His excitement was cut short, however, as a loud grumble came from his stomach. Kim’s stomach rumbled an answer and both looked between each other.

“Guess we better get some breakfast,” Sam said as he stood up.

“Yep, growing is hungry work. Apparently,” Kim said with a smirk. Sam returned it, but it faded as he noticed their flattened car. 

“Crap. Not going to be getting any food out of that,” he said, bending down to lift the flattened piece of metal up. Whatever food they had inside was now compressed with metal, gas, and other unpleasant things.

“Guess we’ll have to go shopping then. There was a gas station a little ways back,” Kim said glancing off into the hilly distance. Sam balked a bit as he stood up.

“You want to just stroll up to a gas station looking like this?” he said motioning toward both of them. Kim rolled her eyes.

“Like you don’t want to show off this new body just as much as me,” Kim said crossing her arms and hefting her tits up. Sam blushed at the implication, but his cock stirred slightly larger. It was rather… appealing.

“What if someone recognizes us?”

“And who is going to recognize us looking like this?”

“That’s… a very good point.”

“Good, then let’s go. I’m starving,” Kim finished before heading off down the road. Sam paused for a second as part of his mind told him this was a bad idea. But that part was silenced as Kim’s huge, wobbling butt drifted into his vision. His cock surged back to near fully erect as did his intense need for food. He rushed forward to catch up with Kim before joining her heading down the road.


Another boring day at work. Another boring day of staring at nothing. Another boring day of listening to bad country music. Another boring day…

Issac hated his job at this gas station. Not only did it pay next to nothing, but it was so mind-numbingly BORING! Hardly anyone ever came out this way and the few that did got gas and left. Worse still, his boss was a hardass who refused to let him listen to any music or even look at his phone while on the clock. Asshole even went back and watched the security tape to make sure he didn’t. Bastard…

Turning to the clock, Issac groaned as he still had four hours to go. He thumped his head against the counter to try and pass the time, but all it did was make his head hurt. Ugh, and now it almost felt like the ground was moving… Damn how hard had he hit himself? The ground was still shifting! And then a bar of candy spilled into the aisle.

Issac’s confusion turned to panic as the shaking got worse and more things began to fall. An earthquake? Seriously?! He dived under the counter and took cover as the shaking was joined with strange booming noises. Issac had no idea what was making it, but didn’t care as he cowered and swore as more things crashed down inside the store. For what seemed like hours, chaos, falling objects, and constant noise assaulted Issac. Finally, as quickly as it came, the assault stopped.

Sticking his head out, Issac held his breath. He sucked it back in as more noise suddenly came from above. He looked up and faltered at what he saw. Four large… fingers had burst through the top part of the wall. Wait, fingers?! That was impossible! And yet they looked just like fingers as they dug in further and began to rip away the roof. Issac could only watch in terrified awe as the roof came away to reveal more insanity. 

High above, towering over where the roof had been, were two giants. Both were completely naked and both were like something out of a beauty magazine. The man was an adonis of masculinity with a body that would have made even a movie star envious. And the woman… good God she was beyond anything Issac had seen. If he hadn’t been so utterly terrified he might have been overcome with lust just looking at her.

“Hello down there,” the woman said, her voice shaking the store and Issac. Holy shit this… this was really happening…

“Do you mind if we have a quick snack?” she added with a wide smile. Quick snack? What did she mea- Oh….oh God… OH GOD! Images from a few animes Issac had watched filled his mind and absolute terror gripped him. He let out a primal scream of panic before trying to leap over the counter. He flopped face first to the ground, but ignored the pain as he scrambled back to his feet. He burst through the door and took off as fast as he could, terror pushing him to speeds he didn’t know were possible.


Sam and Kim watched the poor attendant flee into the woods. 

“Well jeez, that’s some impressive service…” Kim grumbled as she watched him vanish into the underbrush with her hands on her hips.

“You did imply we were going to eat him,” Sam said as he turned away from the poor guy. Kim gave him a shocked and offended look.

“Wha- I DID NOT! I just said we wanted a… Oh...ohhhhhh…” Kim responded as her face turned red in embarrassment. Sam chuckled at her before Kim smacked his arm.

“Why didn’t you say something?!”

“Cause the look on his face was too good,” Sam answered between chuckles. Kim smacked him again, but he was right. That face had been amazing… and how good would it be when there were more faces like that. Kim tried to shake off that strange thought, yet it refused to leave.

“Well, I guess we got our breakfast,” Kim said, trying to get her mind off that lingering thought. Sam nodded and the two bent down to feast. There was no need, or way in all honesty, to remove anything from wrappers. Both simply grabbed massive handfuls of snacks, chips, candies, soda, and anything else edible. Barely a minute after starting the two had cleaned the entire store out. It wasn’t super filling, but it got the job done. Both stood up and sighed in some satisfaction.

“Not bad. Could have been better,” Sam said before letting out a burp that shook the area. 

“Yeah, could have had an attendant to go along with it,” Kim said with a mischievous smirk. Sam returned to grin… and yet felt oddly annoyed. That guy would have been a decent meal… Fuck, how could he even THINK about that?! He was about to try and shake it away when an odd rumble came from his stomach. A similar one came from Kim’s stomach and the two looked at each other. Neither had time to react as they both began to grow again.

Sam groaned as he rose higher into the air. He felt his muscles drinking in… whatever was causing this and moaned in approval. He flexed his arm and watched his bicep swell larger and larger and larger. His chest spread still further as it hardened and thickened with strength. His cock bobbed and surged as it swelled larger.

Kim cooed as her legs stretched and grew. Her hips spread further as her butt wobbled with increased padding. Her breasts swelled larger as her back surged with more muscle. She giggled as her own arms began to increase in strength and her legs toned.

Both let out a gasp of pleasure as their newest spurt came to an end. Both towered over the trees they had been near eye level with, finding them closer to hip height. Both had moved beyond normal human looks to something super human and both were giddy with the newest change. Sam pulled Kim into an embrace and the two kissed. Sam’s massive cock began to slip into Kim, but Kim pulled away before he could.

“Not yet… I want somewhere more… special,” Kim said before glancing off into the distance. Sam looked and, somehow, was able to see their home city many miles away. He turned back to her and smiled. 

“I love you, Kim,” he said in approval of her idea. A tiny part of him tried to fight that feeling, tried to remind himself of the human cost of doing something like that. But that part faded away as Kim moved back in for a kiss.

“I love you too, Sam,” she said as a similar fate befell her mind. The two titans were beyond petty things like concern for human life. All that mattered was their own pleasure. And right now, the most pleasing thing they could think of was forcing their old friends, neighbors, enemies, their old life; to watch them grow beyond them.


Panic gripped the suburbs of Lindale. Sirens, screams, and mayhem all mixed together into a terrible wail that settled over the area. But the din was still broken by rumbling laughter and crashing force.

Sam and Kim towered over everything, every person, every car, every tree, every building. Their footsteps sent shockwaves rocking the area, shattering windows and sending people tumbling. Entire cars simply ceased to exist as their feet crashed down onto them and people fared even worse. Both watched the terror they had made far below with a mixture of pleasure and lust.

Sam split off from Kim as a building caught his eye. It was a bar he had once gotten beat up in. It was hard to imagine anyone small enough to fit in such a pathetic thing had ever been a threat to him, but then he hadn’t always been so big. A few people fled out of the building as he stopped in front of it, but he could feel far more still inside, thinking to hide. How foolish.

Kneeling down, Sam pushed his massive cock down and pointed it at the bar. He slid forward and grunted as its head burst through the front door and plowed inside. He felt a few specks be bowled over by his massive erection before getting flattened under its mass. Others dived out of the way, but only delayed the inevitable. Sam waved his dick back and forth crushed more of the toys inside. Satisfied with his work, Sam stood back up and smirked as his dick blasted out of the roof. A few people clung to his dick as it rose into the air, but Sam paid them no mind. A line being formed nearby had his attention now…

At the same time, Kim had moved to get her own bit of revenge. A beauty boutique she had tried to use once and been insulted out of, had captured her attention. She stomped over and saw those inside trying to flee out the back. Kim had no intention of letting any flee and she quickly rushed over before slamming her foot down in front of the backdoor. Kim felt their tinyselves rushing back to try the front door and she wondered why she ever let such idiots have any power over her at all. No sooner had the group of women got back to the front of the store, did her other foot come down to seal it off as well. Kim made sure to be gentle so as not to break the glass, she didn’t want them escaping out that way either.

Now truly trapped, Kim began to lower herself down. She felt the group huddle up in terror and shifted so her massive ass hovered over them. She lowered herself further down until her butt began to push into the ceiling. The group didn’t shift despite the groaning ceiling and Kim rolled her eyes. She tried to lower still further, but lost her balance. Her ass crashed through the roof and onto the gaggle of prima donnas, burying them in thousands of tons of woman. Kim shrugged at not being able to do exactly what she had in mind, but figured she’d have other chances. Besides, that line Sam was moving toward looked far more interesting~!

A line of police had formed between this suburb and the main city of Lindale. The officers had watched as the two giants toyed with the suburbs like their own personal playhouse. A wave of apprehension washed through them all as both turned toward them. The man and woman seemed to grow taller and taller as they neared the line of officers, but the police held firm.

“S-Surrender yourself NOW!” a voice yelled over a bullhorn as the two giants stopped a few yards from the line. They looked at each other before letting out rumbling giggles. The very ground itself shook from the simple act and that was too much for one officer. He fired a round from his rifle which caused another to fire and another. No cease-fire order was given as the entire line opened fire and their bullets slammed into the giants. The briefest look of worry crossed both of their faces before vanishing forever.

Slowly, the gunfire died away as the officers saw the effect of their gunfire. Nothing… not even a blemish on the skin. Their bullets had done nothing to the two giants. Or so they thought…

Both Sam and Kim gasped as a familiar feeling surged up from where the bullets had hit them. They looked at each other before smiling as they began to grow. Their feet pushed closer and closer to the police line as their heads rose higher and higher. Sam’s dick groaned and plumped with extra girth as Kim’s breasts wobbled as they swelled larger. 

The officers far below began to flee in terror as the giants became even bigger, stronger, and more god-like. Sam and Kim turned a glare toward the officers and they felt their movements slow. They were not going to be allowed to flee after DARING to attack their love. But the intense pleasure of growth softened their glares into moans as they surged still larger and larger and LARGER.

Both gasped as their newest surge faded. They were now living skyscrapers, hundreds of feet tall. Their bodies were divine and beyond anything any mere mortal could hope to achieve. Far below the officers were frozen in place by a power beyond their understanding. A power that Sam and Kim wielded like it was second nature. A power neither questioned why they had because they knew they deserved such power, it was their right.

“You are not worthy of even staining our skin,” Sam decreed from on high, his voice booming like an explosion. Kim simply snapped her fingers in response and the officers exploded as one. Not an ounce of the officer’s blood touched either of the demi-gods’ skins despite how close their feet had grown toward them. The two glared down at the space the officers had occupied seconds earlier before turning toward one another.

“Is this special enough, my love?” Sam asked as his dick twitched in approval. Kim tapped her chin in mock thought.

“Hmmm, I suppose it will do. For now,” she said before pushing into Sam. Sam backed up till his massive back slammed into a skyscraper. It broke through the outer windows, crushing those who had been watching and causing the entire building to groan in strain. It remained standing as Sam wrapped his arms around Kim. The two kissed before Kim allowed him to slip inside her.

The effect was immediate as both began to grow still larger. The first pump caused Kim to moan in ecstasy while the second caused her to gasp. Her eyes began to flare with otherworldly light as more energy poured into her. Sam felt the same as his eyes took on the glow as well. 

With each pump the two grew larger, stronger, more powerful. The skyscraper held them up for a few seconds before breaking under their massive weight. All three tumbled down, burying hundreds under their mass and killing all but a few. As a massive dust cloud blasted through the city, Kim’s growing head emerged from it as she continued to grow. Sam’s feet pushed through more skyscrapers causing them to crash down as Kim grabbed others to try and steady herself before crushing them to dust. The two ascending gods continued to stock the other’s power as they made love to one another, growing and growing and growing.

Finally, with screams that shook the entire state, the two climaxed. They surged to massive proportions in seconds, burying all of Lindale beneath them. Clouds began to drift past Kim’s head as the forest they had started this in was now in reach of Sam’s head. And yet still their ascension was not complete.

“M-More..” Kim said as she laid down to kiss Sam.

“More,” Sam responded before both began to fuck again. Their growth picked up in speed, their bodies surging into the distance. Kim could feel hundreds of people now, feel their fear, their concern, their jealousy. She loved it all but needed still more! Sam looked up and could see Mars and Jupiter as clear as day and desperately wanted to fuck them both. He needed more, more, MORE!

Power crackled off their bodies as the two surged past mountains, past lakes, past the clouds themselves. Entire states vanished under their growing bodies as they thirsted for an ascension that was so damn close. Just a little more, just a little bigger, just a li-

And then it came. Both opened their eyes wide as energy blazed out. Both laughed as their bodies filled with power beyond anything either had experienced. And both exploded in size. 

The entire US was buried under Sam’s back, his feet digging into the gulf while his head carved through Canada. Kim’s head smashed through the moon and sent bits of it crashing down as her massive tits cast an eclipse like none other on much of the world. 

The newly made Gods cared nothing for the death toll they had wrought. Cared nothing for the screams of terror, the pleas of mercy, the calls of them as what they were, Gods. All they cared about was the love still wrapped in their arms. Kim pushed through the atmosphere, her hair  blazing from the heat of reentry, before kissing Sam. Sam welcomed her with his massive arms, entire sections of the planet ripped away by his arms movements.

They broke off this kiss after a few seconds before a silent thought passed between them. They smiled before both began to fuck and grow again...

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