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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey everyone ! Here's the new chapter of this story. I hope you'll like it :) !



Chapter 2

“Hey shrimp, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be some sort of shut in loser?”

Jake did his best to nether tense nor sigh. It was hard to beat old habits, of course. Sam had been a terrible bother for him since he had met him in High School, and nothing he had done – or hadn’t done – seemed to have helped him avoid the unwanted attention of the petty bully. But today, he had the power to change it for good. He just had to think about the best way to punish him and make sure he wouldn’t bother anyone else today – and if possible any other day, which would be rather hard.

”Come on, don’t you want to defend yourself a little, you wimp” added Sam, grinning as he pushed Jack a little, who staggered backward – that was it. “Or you can cry like the little girl you are!”

“Care to repeat it to Jackie’s face, Sam?” he asked him curtly. “I mean, you’re rather tall yourself, but we both know you barely reach her underboobs, since, she is… what, two meters and a half tall? Are you sure you want to push your luck like that? She invited me, after all.”

It was actually quite funny. At first, Sam had sneered because he had been living with a Jackie who was a little thing, and who, despite her willful nature, would have been unable to make him eat his words. Then he had looked at him as if he was crazy when he had said she was taller than him. But when Jake closed his mouth to look at Sam, the bully now seemed somewhat worried – but perhaps not enough because he grinned again and shook his head, as if shaking off fear.

“Whatever shrimp! She’s not here yet and Jackie couldn’t do anything anyway!”

“Oh really? I can’t do anything to prevent you from bullying my friend? Really?” boomed Jackie’s voice, startling the two men.

They hadn’t heard her coming, which wasn’t surprising if she had been small before, reasoned Jake. Now, she truly towered over everyone. She was still lithe, almost painfully so now, with still no curves to speak off – or at least that’s what Jake had been expecting, but it seemed that his wording had had more of an effect that he had expected. Jackie was so tall even Sam burly frame couldn’t hide her from view from her upper torso onward. And now, it was clear that she had actually tits!

Oh, they weren’t enormous, but compared to the curve less girl she had been, Jackie had clearly blossomed into a beautiful woman. And of course, it was all due to his words, Jake realized. He had said she had underboobs now, since it was where Sam’s came compared to her, in height. And however his new power worked, it was clear it had decided that his friend needed to have some breasts to make sure his words were true. And to be frank, he liked it, it made her look a lot sexier in his eyes – that and the fact that she was 2m50 tall and that nobody seemed surprised, of course.

“Can I know what you’re doing, Sam?” she asked, her voice deeper than before but still clearly the same somewhat girly voice that Jake had known for years. “Are you already bothering my friend?”

“Oh come on Jackie!” pleaded Sam, and it became clear he wasn’t as impressed as he should have been by the mini-giantess, in Jake’s eyes. “I’m just having some fun with the shrimp! You know how it is, you love teasing your besties for being such small little things! Can’t I do the same with mine?”

“You could, if Jake was your best friend, but we both know that it isn’t the case, right Jake?”

Said Jake didn’t answer yet. It was taken aback by what Sam had just said. Jackie was teasing her friends? It seemed absolutely ridiculous, she was the gentlest, sweetest girl he had ever know. She didn’t let anyone walk over her, of course, but she was truly not the kind of girl to abuse her power on others – but of course, she had been really small before, and now that he had basically changed the world so that she had almost always been far taller than the average girl, her character had to have changed.

“Jake?” she repeated, her voice sterner, which startled him and brought him back to the situation at hand.

“Oh, sorry! I was just surprised by the sheer gall of Sam. We all know we’ve never been friends, he’s always bothering me, after all.”

“You little piece of shit, I should kick your ass so bad!” growled the tall man, lifting a fist over his head.

“Yeah? Well since Jackie can overpower you with ease, I doubt you’ll try, right Sammy?”

Again, Jake’s words changed the world. Jackie bulked off before his very eyes. Not much, she didn’t turn into a super-buff woman. But she didn’t need to. Her thin arms grew as toned muscles appeared and even her small breasts became perkier as her pectorals strengthened too. Her face even sharpened a little, as some of her modicum amount of fat – which had almost always been in her cheeks alone – seemed to disappear to reveal the shape of her bones. And her blue eyes looked at Sam with a stunned stupor which quickly turned into anger when she caught his wrist in one of her hands.

“Are you for real?” she boomed, as she pressed her fingers tightly closer, and closer until they all heard a snap and Sam cried out in pain. “Oh, stop crying! You got what you deserved! Now get out of my house, before I’ll kick your butt out of here!” she growled, releasing the bully and suddenly, Jake felt a little bad about those changes…

“Hum… Jackie, don’t you think you went a little too far?” he said, searching his words carefully to not change the world too much. “I mean, it isn’t like you to hurt someone, even a guy as dumb as Sam, you know? I know you probably already feel bad about it but…”

“Yes, but so what?” she cut him off, surprising him – before she wouldn’t have done that. “Don’t tell me you wanted me to let him punch you, because I wouldn’t believe it. And it’s better to feel a little bad for hurting a huge brute like Sam than to feel sorry to have let him clobber you.”

Jake had no answer for that ready, and any way he was realizing that he had to be even more careful with his words than he had expected. Perhaps there was a way for him to switch his ability on and off, but so far he hadn’t found it – and truth been told, he was afraid that he couldn’t get it to work again if he found how to stop using it! Better to go with the flow for now then, which seemed to suit Jackie quite well, because she shook her head and then beamed her most beautiful smile at him.

He had seen it several times already of course, so he should have been used to it, but this time he found it even more beautiful than ever. It wasn’t just that her face had changed a little compared to before, nor just her newfound vantage point, which gave her almost 70 centimeters over him. No, it was a combination of that and the clear presence she had earned in this new reality where she had always been the tallest person she knew and now the tallest person on Earth probably.

“Now why don’t you come with me, Jake?” she added, grabbing one of his shoulder and walking closer to him – perhaps a tad too close for someone who was just a friend. “I can’t in good conscience let you here alone, you may be picked on again, you’re so small after all!”

What was he supposed to do? To say even? He was small? It was little Jackie who was telling him that? Suddenly, remembering the world as it was had been suddenly became a sort of liability. He was able to picture Jackie as she was supposed to be – or perhaps more accurately as she used to be before he changed her – and those memories made him feel a little confused. But he didn’t want to ditch those. If he ever needed to under his changes, it’d be better to do consider what it’d mean for those peoples, surely?

“Hum? Jackie? You’re… hurting me a little” he said when her fingers closed a tad too strongly on his shoulder – and suddenly he was starting to really feel the pain, while a second before it was just an inconvenience – shit. “I can’t change myself without obviously stating it” he mumbled under his breath, feeling weaker that he had been before.

“What was that?” she asked him, looking a little confused. “Are you feeling well Jake? Come with me, I’ll let you rest for a time okay? Where nobody will bother you! I know just the place” she giggled.

He had no choice but follow her. It wasn’t too bad, of course. Once she had turned around, he was granted a view of her ass and he realized that this more athletic Jackie actually loved very short leggings and that while it wasn’t too much to boast about, she now sported a noticeable ass, which was well toned, being supported by firm legs. And her ass-cheeks were just the right size for him to focus on them while he walked. In fact, he was so focused on them that he didn’t noticed where she was bringing him until she swirled around and closed the door.

“Hum… Jackie? What are we doing here?” he asked her, feeling strangely cornered by a girl he had known for long now and had never been able to make him nervous – ever.

“Well, what do you think? I have to make sure you’re safe silly, I don’t want you to be hurt or feeling in danger under my roof, you know?”

There was something in her tone, something which told him all he needed to know. She was getting into it, getting horny and everything. She had been flirtatious before and, truth been told, for a little sprite like her, she had been surprisingly attractive, so he hadn’t been able to shut down this door before. And clearly now, he had no hope to do that, since she was absolutely gigantic compared to him. And he loved that of course, but seeing Jackie like that, towering over him with a horny grin on her face was making him weak in the knees.

“I know you’re a little nervous around me Jake” she whispered, her voice – which had always been just as angelic as her face – now enhanced with subtle harmonics which came only with absolute confidence in oneself. “You’ve always so guarded when I’m here, and we both know why… But you see, I really want you to drop the armor and truly show yourself to me” she managed to finish that sentence without even a hint of giggling, which, considering how unsubtle her innuendos were, was truly a feat of strength.

He licked his lips. It made sense, of course he would have been attracted by this giantess if he had lived with her for years. And obviously he’d be awkward around her – he had no experience with girls after all. And it was frightening to see that she could read into him – or the Jake she knew, perhaps – and act on it. What could he do about it, but admit that, yeah, he wanted to show more of him to her now… when he hadn’t ever really felt able to go that far with her when she had been a small little thing. Now, it took a lot of willpower to not give in and let himself behave as she wanted to.

But he didn’t want to give in just yet – too many things could turn out strangely if he did just now. What if he blurted something while they had some fun and it led to more changes that he wouldn’t know how to undo without a blanket statement he wanted to avoid for as long as possible. After all, if he just said that she was awesome, how would the universe interpret it and shift to make his words undeniable truth? It was a little frightening – and it helped him resist her advances, albeit barely, as he shook his head slowly, sighing a little doing so.

“I’m flattered Jackie, but I think it’d be better if I mingled with the crowd, and I know you think that too. Plus, if someone wants to bother me, I know you’ll make sure nothing bad happens, I trust you.”

And so he did. He trusted her and it was strange because he knew he had made this change. But he decided that it was good. Knowing that he’d be entirely safe in her party suddenly lifted a great weight from his shoulders, which he hadn’t even noticed. And, of course, Jackie’s reluctantly agreed. She pouted and dithered a little but soon, she was opening her door again and was shooing him outside, even if the way she looked at him made him understand that she wasn’t done with him just yet. Still, now he had to time to explore the party, something he rarely liked to do.

The mood of the party was very different from what it used to be when Jackie threw one. It wasn’t as girly, for a lack of better term, than before. Now, there was a more sportive vibe, the girls and boys here were more the fit type than the casual one which had been here the previous day. Perhaps it wasn’t entirely due to the change he had caused, by Jake assumed he had at least played a part in it. By making Jackie not only a giantess but a sporty one, he had obviously changed her past and it had to have reflected on who she associated with, and what it meant for the kind of things she liked.

Then it struck him like a lightning bolt. Even despite all those changes to her past, she was still into him! It seemed absolutely incredible, the kind of things he hadn’t even taken into consideration but probably highlighted how much she liked him even before. He wasn’t, after all, a sporty man. He did his best to not get overweight, but it was basically the extent of his efforts in that regard. And Jackie was still finding him attractive, somehow. But it also meant that, perhaps, her friends weren’t the same as before! Had he broken up friendships without even realizing?

“Oh God, I hope I didn’t messed up too much…”

He started to search for Alison and Miranda, but they didn’t seem to be here. Perhaps they never bonded with Jackie because of her size and interests? Neither of the two girls had ever displayed any interest in sport, and they probably couldn’t keep up with Jackie’s size in this altered reality. Still, there was some hope that they could gravitate around the edges of the party… perhaps he could learn from them more of what had happened in the past now that he had changed it.

But it turned out he had simply not taken into account how early it was still. He was searching for the two girls when he heard a rush of feet and conversations near the entrance, and here they were. Jake couldn’t contain a gasp. Alison and Miranda were roughly the same as they had been before, but the few changes they had undergone were, somehow, even more impressive to him than the ones he had induced in Jackie. It was incredible to see how far and wide the ripple effect of his words had had on those two. Even he, remembering how they had been before, couldn’t help but feel impressed by those two.

Alison was the one who had changed least, and yet it was obvious her personality had become far more exuberant. Her hairs, which had always been falling below her shoulders, jet black, either free or in a strict ponytail, were now cut in a pixie bob, and half of it was dyed blue. She was just as curvy as she had been before, but she was also more confident and judging by the way peoples – especially girls – fawned over her, she had the ear of Jackie and everyone knew it and was willing to use this advantage.

As for Miranda, she was absolutely stunning. She wore platform shoes, for started, something she had never done before. It allowed her to stand a little taller than Jake now, which impressed him, of course. But the shoes weren’t the sole difference. She was looking lighter, if only a little. But not in all the places. She was fit now, and that fitness had concentrated her fat into her ass and boobs, which seemed even more massive than anything he had ever seen on a real girl – porn stars didn’t really count in that regard, he had never expected to meet one. And judging by how revealing her clothes were now, it was obvious she made use of her incredible shape.

“Oh, hey Jake! Here already? I expected you to come by later!” laughed Miranda as she spotted him, waving at him and gesturing for him to come closer.

“Yeah, I felt like I needed to come here before too many peoples were in” he laughed and managed to keep his face straight as he realized that he had changed the reasons why he had come here in the first place.

“Ah! Honestly, I’m more surprised by the fact Jackie’s letting you roam around, I expected her to keep you for herself, if she saw you here!”

“Hey, who are taking me for, Alison?” blurted Jackie, surprising Jake.

The three girls started immediately to chat and laugh together, the young man suddenly forgotten for a moment. It gave him time enough to consider the whole situation. Clearly, the three of them were still best friends, which was a good thing. But the dynamic was different. While before Jackie also had been the head of the trio, she had had to cajole and convince her two friends to follow her advice. Here, it was obvious that she expected them to do as she wanted all the time, and it seemed the other two were okay with that, which surprised him.

He took a few steps back to look at the mood of the party. It was clear that a lot of the girls here wanted to be part of this group and that a lot of the guys wanted to be with one of those three – but probably not Jackie, he realized; a lot of eyes were rather on Miranda curvaceous body and even Alison’s punk style seemed to attract a lot of attention and he realized that Jackie was probably too much for a lot of peoples, even if she was now absolutely stunning in his eyes – but did he want to be tied tight with her just yet? He wasn’t sure.

He started to wonder what he could do about all of it with his newfound abilities. He didn’t know most of those people beyond a face and, sometimes, a name… perhaps he’d feel better using his powers on them than just Jackie and her friends… but how do make it interesting for him too? After all, he was the one with the power, so he had to have some fun with it, right? He’d just need to be careful with his wording and perhaps some great change would come to all those peoples! It didn’t take long for him to decide that he wanted to use his powers again anyway – they were addicting.

Jake saw four possibilities before him, each as attracting as the next:

  1. Jackie was good. But she could be better!
  2. Shrink Alison, makes Miranda grow, sees what happens.
  3. There was a crowd around Jackie and her friend. Surely someone deserved a little change here and there?
  4. Ditch the party for now – a college town had a lot of opportunities after all.


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