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Chapter 6

“So, I can let you alone for more than a few minutes?” she asked him, as she gently put him back on the ground.

“Yeah… I need to go and find Serene anyway” he replied, trying to convey that it was truly a change he wanted to make to himself, and thus the world – and it seemed it worked since Jackie didn’t seemed bothered to hear that.

“Sure you do!” she chirped. “Well, see you as you as you’ll be able to, okay?” she said, before twirling around and returning to the main room, leaving Jake relieved but also a little saddened, he had to admit.

But of course, he really didn’t focus on it. He did need to find Serene again, after all. It was really strange to have that urge when he knew it was entirely because of the choice he had made. But it was okay, and he searched for the smaller giantess, hoping to find her quickly. But as it was, she didn’t seem to be in any of the rooms where someone smaller than Jackie could have entered. Jake started to get frustrated, and stopped. How could he find her? Of course, he realized quickly that he only had to wish it…

“I know exactly where Serene is right now” he whispered, and indeed he knew.

He had started to believe that she had ditched the party, but in truth she had simply moved out outdoors, in Jackie’s garden. No wonder that he hadn’t found her – before all his changes, Jackie’s room was better known for its pool than its garden, after al. But when he gout outside, he was greeted by Serene’s nonchalantly lounging on the green grass. The pool was gone, clearly maintaining it for someone as massive as Jackie would have been too much of a hassle for anyone, and the garden thus looked quite vast. And empty.

“Wow, someone has thought about me a lot more than I expected. I guess I am better that this overgrown idiot, uh?” said Serene, when she noticed him. “How did you find me?”

“I don’t really know? I searched the place which made the least sense for you to be and I guess on the grass in the sun was it?” he replied, lying but also smiling – the edge of Serene’s malice was blunted and she just unable to not be snarky now, which he liked, and he wanted to see more of that side.

“Ooh, sarcasm… I like it… But leave it to the big girls, I assure you that it doesn’t suit plebeians too much… At least it’s what dad keeps telling and I don’t see any reason to not believe it. Anyway, come here and sit” she ordered, patting the ground next to her. “And don’t even think about saying no, or I’ll have to get up…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t” he replied aloud, and then mumbled a little change on her. “Serene is gentle but she just has to dominate everyone around her, and she doesn’t take no for an answer…”

The changes his words induced in her were subtle and yet, he immediately noticed them, which was surprising. Where she had been confident but in a sort of subdued way, she now radiated charisma, as if her certainty that she could have had anything she wanted was made physically manifest. She wasn’t stronger or anything like that, but you could tell that she expected the world to conform to her will. Which Jake found funny since he was actually the one with such a power, after all. But it was something he liked – even if it was just an illusion, she looked more in charge of everything than he was, and it was just right.

“Did you say something? Because I think I’d know of better use of your tongue than to spout things, you know?” she told him, tilting her head to look at him while pointing to her nether region.

Jake blushed. He didn’t know what he had expected but certainly not that. He wasn’t used crude behavior like that, even if he had often fantasied that he’d met a really tall woman so dominant she would waste time with niceties. In a sense, he now had found one in the previously withdrawn Serene, and he liked it. He decided that right now, he could play with her. If things got dicey, he’d be able to shift out of this whole mess after all! He’d just have to make his tongue wiggle elsewhere than on Serene’s bush. Still…

“Don’t you want to go to the shack, instead of here? It’s known for that kind of stuff, after all…” pointing at an empty space of air which soon wasn’t empty anymore.

“Yeah, sure… Better not disappoint boy, because I’m really good in there!”

As she said that, she stood, and Jake was reminded that being around a three meters tall girl made him feel smaller than he had ever been. Even compared to Jackie, it was a whole other thing. The bombshell giantess was so tall it was easy to picture her as more than human, something outside the boundaries of what was deemed possible and it helped him deal with the size difference. Serene, with her lithe body type and her size was a lot more freakish in a way. Even without his powers, she could have been possible, and it made her somewhat more intimidating in the end.

“Hey! What are you doing? Come here already, I don’t want other peoples coming here before us! I don’t have all day, you know? Unlike some peoples, I have a very demanding family life!”

“Really? Care to enlighten me while I work on relieving you from your stress” he said, a little amused by Serene’s words.

“Yeah, sure. Do a good enough job and I will. But remember this” she added, extending her hand to catch him by the neck and bring him closer to her. “I am hard to please!”

It wasn’t something which surprised him. She had a reputation to not just be goth and emo, but also posh and snobbish when she wanted to. Learning that it also played into the sex she had didn’t seem too far fetched for Jake. It presented with a challenge however. Aside from this morning’s lovemaking with Jackie – who had been around the same size as Serene was right now, by then – he hadn’t any experience when it came to sex, or pleasuring a girl. It made him a little nervous, something Serene seemed to notice and use for her own benefit.

“Looks like someone doesn’t know what to do” she chuckled. “Good thing I’m here and meant to be in charge. Here, let me help you!”

Before he could said anything, Jake felt Serene’s fingers moving from his neck to the back of his head, and he was pushed face first into her crotch. It was still covered by her jeans, which made for a somewhat uncomfortable experience, but she didn’t seem to care, and he wasn’t able to protest. Plus, he had to admit that being roughly handled like that was kind of enticing for him. She kept at it for a few seconds before stopping, letting him breath but preventing his head from moving – even if he had to admit that the sickly constitution he had given her meant that he could get out of this hold anytime he wanted.

“Okay, so now that you know where the action will take place… unbutton my jean and push my panty aside. You’re forbidden to try and remove any, I want to be clothes while you lick my pussy. Understood?”

“Uh… yeah” he replied, his voice a bit muffled. “Could you, uh, move your hand a little so I could better see what I’m doing?” he asked her, his lips pressed against the denim on her crotch.

“No. Do as you’re told as I want it, not how it’d be best for you” she replied haughtily. “But if really you can’t I’ll do it myself, of course” she added, a little remorsefully perhaps.

He didn’t reply and tried to do as he was told. He contemplated the idea of unzipping her pants with his teeth but it sounded better in his mind that he hoped to achieve if he really tried ad decided that his hands would be batter used. And when he caressed her upper legs to have access to her crotch, she moaned lightly, highlighting that he had made the right choice. He was rewarded by the sight of a frisky blood red panty, very sexy, which he pushed aside to great the cleanly shaved pussy of Serene.

It was very different from his time with Jackie. Unlike then, he wasn’t treated like an equal; Serene clearly saw him as beneath her when it came to it. She hadn’t even offered to do him after or anything. And her hands were certainly not caressing him either. The one on the back of his head remained firmly there, clutching at his hair even, while the other was nowhere to be felt, which left him wondering if she didn’t use it to support herself against the wall as she pushed her hips outward, as if to force his face deeper into her.

He soon found himself working quite diligently, lapping at her outer labia, and even tickling her clit. She shivered and moaned and yet her hand never left the back of his head, and the second one suddenly nestled on his shoulder, her nails digging into his skin through his shirt. She didn’t said anything but she didn’t need to. Jackie could have broken her like a twig without any effort, but Jake felt that Serene, in that moment, was the one displaying far more control over him. She was naturally dominant, in a way that even the changes he had made to Jackie hadn’t allowed her to be!

It became even more apparent when she started to gyrate her hips. Suddenly his mouth wasn’t the only thing in contact with her vulva. She was actually pushing it on his whole face, in effect she was marking her territory, claiming him as her own, but he doubted it was done voluntarily. It was mostly just her getting lost in the pleasure she felt and trying to express it in a way she found satisfactory. He could live with that, and in fact, it allowed him some more space to move and try to get his hands in his own pant. After all, he was starting to get really hard and it was painful to be so confined…

He was noticed however, and it seemed that it wasn’t something that Serene wanted. She dug her nails deeper until his hands stopped moving and even then, she released his shoulder only when his hands came to rest on her hips. And when he tried to snake them beneath her shit to caress her soft, silky skin, he was greeted by caresses, even while he felt the fire of pain in his shoulder and the unmistakable sensation of blood trickling on his skin, which was a little unnerving, but he didn’t dare stop doing what he was doing now. He didn’t want to get hurt, after all, not without asking for it.

“You know, you’re really just the right size – well, almost. I think it’d be better if you were smaller” she said out loud, but Jake wasn’t sure she was really talking to him. “I’d love to have a little runt fucking me. I’d have to crouch just for him to do what you’re doing right now… I’d shove his whole face into me… But sadly, even as tall as I am, there is no one who fits the bill… not that they’d be attracted in me if they existed. They all prefer freaks of nature than Jackie, instead of real tall women like me!”

She was clearly extremely bitter about it, and yet it was something he hadn’t ever thought about. Serene had been the tallest before, and perhaps that when Jackie had been tall due to simply being tall, she had come to accept it, and found some sort of greater stability, a better acceptance by the other peoples. Perhaps she hadn’t been the freakishly tall girl who frightened all guys. But by making Jackie a giantess through an accident, and yet remain extremely popular, he had somewhat robbed her of that. Yeah, she was tall by nature but it was freakish, in a way.

Serene was acting out on her anger now. She pushed herself more forcefully on him and Jake started to get a little worried. Not because she would be able to pin him against his will – she wasn’t strong enough in spite of her height, but she was liable to being hurt herself if he struggled. And he didn’t want to hurt her. He was searching for a way to make her happier, if perhaps without turning her into a larger giantess. He felt she was perfect at her current height. But surely he could help her in a way or two, if he focused on it, and was able to form the words.

“Yes, don’t you think I’m the best? That huge idiot don’t know what to do with her size! If it was me, I can tell you I wouldn’t be satisfied with people buying my milk to get taller. They’d have to earn it! By doing whatever I’d asked them…”

Her voice trailed off as she focused on what she’d have done if she had been in Jackie’s shoes. Jake couldn’t really picture it, but he was certain she found it really erotic, since she was turning extremely wet, far more than he could pretend he had been able to induce by himself. Her fingers on his skull were starting to caress him now, as she enjoyed the power she had over him and the way her mind was wandering to her lustful fantasies. He wanted her to put them into words, it could have helped him find how to change her some more.

“You know what I’d love Jake? Do you? I’d love to have several peoples, boys and girls, competing on me, for the right to suck my tits. Only those who’d satisfy me would get the prize, I’d swat the others like the flies they’d be! Oh, the opportunities… I wouldn’t waste my time in a house like she does, I’d be out and about, flaunting my enormous tits! She doesn’t even know what to do with them, that bitch!”

“Well, she does fine with them, believe me” he managed to say, when her hand stopped pushing his head forward and he got some space to speak. “But well, you have a splendid ass, I think it should be enough to attract everyone, wouldn’t you agree?” he finished, even as she finally pushed him back into her pussy.

And as he had said, so it was. He hadn’t made her ass bigger or firmer, at least not in an out of proportion way. It was simply that what she sported could now only be considered the perfect to be a splendid ass, able to attract anyone she so wished. It was strange because Jake could tell that before, he would have deemed Serene to lack any noticeable curves. And yet, as his hands explored it tentatively, he found it absolutely fitting for the definition of a great ass. He chuckled a little, which came to bit him into his own ass, not literally but quite, in a matter of seconds when a large hand slapped his own behind.

Her fingers clutched him through his own pants, almost too painfully, but he gasped when he realized he liked it. It wasn’t that she was trying to hurt him to make him submit or something. She was simply asserting dominance. Jake worked on her pussy even harder, earning some more moans and sighs, as her hand continued to mash his ass-cheeks, moving from one to another. So far, they were outside but he was certain they wouldn’t remain there for long. She was starting to approach the rim of his clothes and he was getting extremely aroused at the idea of Serene’s finger digging into his flesh.

“Hum, I love it, the way you react to me” she moaned. “It’s almost as if you had been made to meet my needs. I want some little sub like you to do what I want with, because I know he’ll love it all the way. So how will you take it if I go further boy, if I want to really make you my bitch? Will you resist or will you submit? No, don’t answer yet. I want to discover it, just to see if you’re really honest. I know men, you can make all the promises for a good fuck and then break them all. I won’t have it!”

She suddenly put her legs behind his own and pushed, making him fall. He screamed but he landed on something relatively soft. He couldn’t tell what it was however, because Serene’s pussy was now level with his brow and her thighs prevented him from seeing anything. He hadn’t much time to consider his situation however, when she started to move, her wet nether region moving around his face, marking him as her own, he guessed. But he appreciated it, surprisingly, and he tried to lick it when it came close to his mouth, even if she seemed to enjoy avoiding it for now.

“Yes, yes! I love it! I love that you take it like a real man should – by trying to please me!” she growled, as she quickened her pace, making it harder to breathe and lick her correctly. “I’m the one in charge and you know it, don’t you Jake? You wouldn’t want to be the one calling the shots, if we were together for more than some dirty sex in a shack, right?”

Again, he couldn't answer since she closed her legs on his face. Now, it was becoming dangerous. Jake had some difficulties breathing in. His mouth was stuck against her skin and her pussy was just against his nostrils. Sure, he could smell how excited she was, but he didn’t feel like dying yet. He lightly tapped her leg, then with a little more urgency, and she moved. She didn’t even groan or complained, and he gasped, taking in the precious oxygen as she positioned herself on him once more.

“Okay, it should be enough for you now” she stated, and she sat on his face again – but she made sure he was able to breath, a fact he was relieved about; and he was even more relieved to have changed her, since he doubted she’d have been so considerate before.

She seemed to be less in a rush now, taking her time. She still imposed her rhythm on him, and he had to keep up, for fear of being at risk again, but she seemed to be able to control herself better now. Still, as his tongue worked on her clit, she started to moan. Softly, at first, but her voice became ever more high pitched, until she finally came. It was surprising how silently she did that. A little dumbly perhaps, Jake had expected everyone to come with a roar, but Serene was almost silent, with barely a hiss escaping her lips.

Not that he could focus on it. It turned out that his position, with his head between the thighs of a three meters tall woman was fairly dangerous by itself, because she closed them and tried to push his head away with one of her hand – or pull, in his case; and he felt both as if his neck would be wrung or if he’d be scalped if he tried to resist. Or perhaps she’d have broken his jaws, considering how strongly she closed her legs. In any case, Jake didn’t dare resist and he was panting on the ground, feeling both satisfied by his work and very much in need of some pleasure for himself.

“Fuck, you were awesome, Jake” she gasped in turn, letting herself fall next to him. “Too bad I can’t keep you for myself. I’d love to make you shrink and keep you in my pocket… or even closer to my heart, you know?”

Now, that sentence created a lot of vivid images in Jake’s head. And not just of him shrinking and put next to Serene’s nipple – a fairly dangerous place to be, considering how flat she was. She probably didn’t even wear a bra at all… But it was definitively a great idea. Others flooded his mind however, now that she had kindled something inside of him. What if he wasn’t the one to shrink and she wasn’t the one to lord over others? Choosing turned out to be quite hard, but he knew he had but a few seconds to make his changes.

1.      Jake follows with Serene’s idea – having god-like powers is meant to be shared!

2.      Jake actually shrink Serene – having god-like powers should come with some perks!

3.      Serene having the power to shrink peoples seems wrong… what about Jackie?

4.      Hey, what if he just gave such a power to someone at the party… randomly?



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