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Author's Chapter Notes:

Well, we are leaving the party for now ! I hope you'll like this chapter :) ! Next one will probably delayed till the end of June, because I have an important exam coming in two weeks and need to work on it, sorry !


Chapter 7

Jake licked his lips. What he had finally chosen to do was very dangerous. Not that he hadn’t already been taking steps to insure it wouldn’t be too dangerous for anyone, but giving Serene that power… it seemed to be an excellent recipe for disaster. But he also found it just too enticing to pass it up. Plus, with his powers, he could certainly find a way to make sure nobody would be seriously hurt in the process. He just had to find the right way to word it out and make sure Serene didn’t went mad with it.

“What are you talking about?” he finally said, “you can shrink peoples to whatever size you want, everyone knows it, and restore them when you so wish it. And they become sufficiently resilient to never be seriously hurt, whatever you do, so everything would be fine.”

“Well duh” she replied once his power had taken effect. “Of course I know. But when I shrank that skank Jackie, everyone and their mother blew a gasket and I’ve been forbidden to doing it again. You’d think the bitch would be happy to be normal sized, but apparently 1m50 was too small for her huge ass…” she growled. “Thought it’d make her happy to not be a freak anymore…”

Now, it was something Jake hadn’t thought about at all. Of course Serene would have tried to shrink Jackie. It was clear she didn’t like not being the tallest one in town after all. At three meters tall, she was immense compared to most people, but she was dwarfed so much by the real giantess Jackie that he should have expected her to do something like that. And be punished accordingly, Jackie was probably a real tourist attraction and a boon to their town, after all!

“Well, I mean… I am a nobody even if Jackie likes me” he said. “I think you could get away with shrinking me and taking me somewhere, as long as I return in a few hours, you know?”

She looked strangely at him, with a glint in her eyes, colder than before, but also fiercer. Then she grinned and nodded. He expected her to then shrink him here and there but instead she started by French kissing him. It was surprising and he closed his eyes and she did that, enjoying the experience immensely. He wasn’t sure why she did that, but he loved it so he closed his own eyes and let her take the wheel. And she he started to notice something strange. Her tongue seemed to grow larger and larger.

She was shrinking him, he realized with some stupor. It wasn’t an instantaneous change, as he had expected, but whether it was because she couldn’t or didn’t want to make him lose all his height in a split second wasn’t quite clear. It was extremely strange to experience it, especially because Serene kept growing and growing as he became smaller, her tongue soon threatening to prevent him from breathing, as it took more space in his mouth and seemed to try and make him gag, until she broke the kiss.

She didn’t say a word as he kept dwindling and Jake himself had no words. It was an altogether different experience from what he had experienced since he had gotten those new powers. It wasn’t instantaneous for starter, which gave him a lot of time to shift from stupor to exhilaration to a certain sense of dread as Serene kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger… and it wasn’t the world rearranging itself around her wishes. She didn’t made it so he had always been smaller than normal, she was shrinking him now, and it was a whole other thing, which he wasn’t taking as well as he had expected.

She was becoming ever more gigantic as he shrank and it wasn’t until he was less than one meter tall that he noticed that his clothes were shrinking with him. It was surprising, since he had just gave her the power to shrink people, but perhaps that, for a lack of better term, the Universe considered that people meant “humans with clothes”. Anyway, he hadn’t as much time as he’d have wanted to consider it, since Serene’s now truly enormous hand descended on him, planting firmly on his torso and yet reaching up to his lips, which she kept closed with a finger.

“Hush, little one” she whispered, a grin spraying her lips. “We’re reaching my favorite moment, the one when you stop just being small for a person to becoming something more like a doll or something like that, and I hate it when people screams around that part. When you’ll be smaller and I can’t hear you, it’ll be great, make your throat sore, it’ll be okay. But I just love seeing the worry in your eyes. I’m not evil, so don’t you get too frightened. I never lost anybody… for too long! But when it’ll be over, my breasts will look like mountains to you.”

Now, it’d be a tall order and it gave Jake a rough idea of how small he was supposed to get. Serene was as flat as a pancake after all. If her breasts were really supposed to turn into mountains for him, then forget being ant-sized, he would probably end small enough than the smallest ant he knew would have to be at least elephant-sized compared to him. Perhaps he should have gotten really worried, but it excited him. If she shrank him so much, he’d got to explore her body like no other, and he couldn’t wait for it to happen.

He still had some way to go however, as the shrinking wasn’t that fast. And Clearly, Serene had other plans than just plop him on her non-existent breasts. She lifted her shirt a little, revealing her bra-less torso and put it on his face. He couldn’t see it then, but she was biting her lips sensually. She wanted something and they all gave it to her. Some just finally screamed and their breath made her skin tingle. Other bit or licked or even just pleaded for her to make them tall again. But it was always a wonderful experience and Serene got a kick out of it every time.

Even Jake appreciated it. Her taunt skin was just against his face and while it was a little uncomfortable around his nose, he experienced something out of his wildest fantasies and it took all of his resolve to not start licking and nibbling at the pale flesh above him. He was the one with the greatest powers after all, surely he could contain himself! Plus, if Serene somehow went angry with his passivity, he’d just have to change the world some more and all would be fine. Therefore only his rapid breathing, made harder by her weight, washed on Serene’s skin.

Soon however, her weight started to become rather uncomfortable all around. It was also a strange sensation, because it wasn’t hurting him, not really, but Jake could tell that by now Serene was far too heavy to just rest on him like that. He couldn’t see her whole body, hell, he couldn’t even turn his head around to try and gauge it, but he could tell he was still shrinking by a lot. He doubted that he was taller than fifty centimeters by now, and a woman as tall as she was – even as thing as she was – would normally have been enough to crush him flat. Thankfully he had taken it into consideration before granting her powers.

He soon found himself plastered against her skin. It was really the strangest experience he had ever lived through, and quite different from what he had dreamed about. Not that it wasn’t agreeable, in its own way, to submit so entirely to a woman but it was also a lot hotter and damp in here than he had expected. And by now, he could hear and feel the heartbeat of the giantess, his small body pressed against hers to tightly. It was like a distant, all powerful, drum, which made him feel a little queasy.

And even then, he kept shrinking for a few more minutes, until it finally stopped. He couldn’t tell how he knew he had reached his final size, but he knew. It didn’t prevent his mind to go blank with fear when Serene started to stand up and he remained stuck on her skin. It was absolutely terrifying, and he clutched to her as best he could. Thankfully, at his utterly minuscule size, her previously smooth skin had ridges and the likes he could get his fingers on and even her perspiration made for a boon in avoiding to fall. Knowing that even if he did he was in no real danger didn’t help him at all.

He tried to look around when light flooded over him. He would have loved to see a mirror or something, but there was absolutely nothing around for him to notice. In fact, he was so small now that what was more than a few meters away, like the distant wall of the shack, seemed blurry. He hadn’t much time to consider any of it however, not even how Serene’s nipple, far above his head sure looked enormous now, before she let her shirt fall back and he was caught in pitch blackness once more.

It was truly an insane event, and he started to regret giving such abilities to Serene, but it was a tad too late for that. Not that Jake couldn’t have unmade his change, of course, but he didn’t want to. Better to see if the mountain of a woman he was on had a real plan before. As it was, she seemed to be walking, but how fast and where, he couldn’t tell. His position was really getting uncomfortable and while, looking down, he noticed she had tucked her shirt into her jeans, he didn’t want to risk falling there. Too many recipes for disaster. He had to go up.

Jake looked up, but the best he could see was a faint outline, moving slightly, where he suspected her nipple was – he had barely seen it before it went dark after all. Serene’s shirt had a high neck, making it hard to see anything in there, but he decided that it was worth a shot. If he could just reach the nipple, he’d be able to sit on it, at least. It’d be a better way to spend his time hear, and he’d get to rest a little at least. All he had to do was to climb for hundreds of meters, something he had never done. Easy.

It turned out to be, indeed. Not because Jake was secretly a professional athlete but rather because Serene’s skin offered a lot of places to grip for his hand; plus, at his current size, it was more akin to a very steep stair or perhaps a ladder than a true climbing. It still tired him to no end and he started to wonder if he’d even reach his destination before she fished him up, when he realized she had stopped. At his size, the world outside was only a confused mess of booming sounds but he suspected Serene was talking to someone.

He almost – almost – stopped to try and listen what was happening. It seemed that Serene was into an argument or something like that, because she was moving her arms a lot more, which made her whole torso shift wildly. And there seemed to be with someone whose voice was extremely loud, but he couldn’t make out a word and couldn’t even tell if it was a man or a woman. In any case, he realized that remaining here was just waiting to fall down, and he didn’t want it. Plus he hoped to have almost reached his objective.

He kept at it and suddenly his whole word shifted brutally, as if someone had pushed Serene. He screamed from the top of his lungs, but Jake managed to keep his hold firm, and he even was lucky enough to see where he was when Serene readjusted herself, moving her collar slightly. He wasn’t that far from his objective, now it was more a matter of sliding to the left than going up, which he was grateful for. In a few minutes, he’d be safe and would get to rest a little – if the conversation outside calmed down. As far as he could tell, it wasn’t really the case and he started to really worry.

Jake decided that he needed to focus on himself and what he wanted to achieve now. He was far too small to be of any help, since he couldn’t even change the world without knowing what was happening, it was too dangerous. He wanted to avoid making things worse. His arms were tired and hurting, but he felt the texture under his fingers change, becoming rougher denser, and he knew he was on the nipple now. He explored it, feeling it hardening slowly underneath his touch. He wondered if Serene truly felt it or if it was just because of some natural reaction to a very light touch.

Finally, he got to sit on it, even as it seemed that Serene started walking again. He put his back against her torso and extended his legs as best he could – in truth, he had room to spare, and while it was getting really hot and humid here, making it harder to breath, he at least wasn’t pushed into the fabric of the woman’s shirt. It was a small blessing and he closed his eyes for a moment. He didn’t want to sleep and fall back, but he really needed a moment or two of rest before thinking about what he’d do once Serene would fish him up and start playing with him.

He woke with a vigorous shake up of his whole world. He had drifted to sleep so fast he hadn’t even noticed it, and now his whole body ached as his muscles started to rest after the long climb. He hadn’t much time to consider it however since light flooded his dark surroundings as Serene simply lifted her shirt over her head and threw it away into the distance. And suddenly Jake felt really worried. He had no idea where he was, but it certainly didn’t look like Jackie’s place, or any other nearby…

He suspected he was now inside Serene’s home. It certainly seemed to be posh enough for it. It had a certain vibe which made him think of old money, and her family was the wealthiest in town since forever. It was hard to be sure, of course, since he couldn’t see too well far away, and the room here seemed to be half has large as his whole apartment! He’d have loved to have a look around, but suddenly two enormous pillars descended on him and before he could bolt – to where, he didn’t even thought about it – he was pinned between them.

Jake was lifted from the relative safety of her nipple to be brought up and up toward her face. But it was the ground, which seemed to be several kilometers away which made his stomach churn. While he knew nothing bad could happen to him, seeing it so far away, truly being reduced to a minuscule bug was something which was way too powerful and incredible to take in. He wondered what it did to normal peoples, who didn’t knew they were safe and couldn’t be hurt, to be this small. He didn’t doubt that returning to normal after that would be horribly difficult and he started regretting giving Serene so much power.

He soon had other things to focus however, when an enormous eye peered at him. It was absolutely incredible. He had seen a lot of pictures depicting close-ups on irises, where the colors seemed almost psychedelic, but Serene’s eye was absolutely awe-inspiring. They were brown and piercing at normal size, but here, it was something else. Where the color had been relatively monochrome before, he now saw hundreds of shades, which formed a surprising architecture of color around the jet black pupil, while the sclera, white with some red vein, seemed to extend far to the side.

Jake remained here for what seemed to be long minutes, which surprised him. Why was she keeping him here for so long? It wasn’t as if she had been able to see as many details in him as he could in her. He was far too small, after all! But soon he noticed that her iris expanded, and her breathing, which he hadn’t picked up before, was becoming louder and quicker. He was puzzled but when he looked down, Jake realized what she was doing. She was touching herself! Far below, he could totally see her other hand descending into her panty and he didn’t need to be there to know what her fingers did.

Perhaps Jake should have been angry, he was here, dangling in a grip which was a tad too strong, and fast becoming uncomfortable, but here she was masturbating! Did she really didn’t gave a fuck about him? But in truth… he loved it, and he decided that if she did that, so could he. Opening his jean was a struggle, since he was pinned by the torso, but thankfully Serene had given him just enough leeway to achieve it. It was an absolutely insane experience to touch himself in such a situation, and when her breath quickened, he decided that it was because she saw what he was doing and loved it.

It became clear soon that the mountainous woman who was holding him was soon reaching her climax, just as he did. But what he hadn’t expected was that when she came, in a roaring barrage, inaudible but for the barrage of wind and shockwaves it propagated since her voice was far too deep for his shrunken ears, she’d release her grip on him. He started falling when she climaxed, and he was so small and so light that it took a lot of time for him to even approach the ground, giving him the time to see what Serene was doing.

She was falling on her ass, a look of pure bliss on her face, and she clearly didn’t gave a fuck that he was falling hundreds of meters, if not several kilometers, toward the ground. Thankfully, Jake was light enough that he was probably in no real danger even if he hadn’t made it sure that shrunken person were near invulnerable. Still, it gave him all the time to contemplate what he would do next.

1.      Letting Serene search for him, perhaps she had other things in mind than just touching herself?

2.      Wait to see if someone else barges in, there has to have people in this place?

3.      Explore the house a little, how often will he gets to be in this house anyway?

4.      Make that Serene had other shrunken people here, and see how they all fare?


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