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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is a part from a story that I started two years ago and never finished called “Laid Off”. This particular scene happens within the first three chapters of the story.

Its fabric was thin and rough meaning they couldn’t grab on as tightly as they wanted to, but there was still a lot of grip. As they continued their descent their adrenaline was rising along with their fear, if they were caught they’d be killed, but if they didn’t try it was going to be the same outcome. 

“Do we even have a plan for when we get down?” Eric asked Mark nervously while keeping his eyes on where he grabbed the dress next.

“No, but you need to keep your voice down she’s going catch us if you keep talking so loudly.” Mark replied 

“I doubt she’s going to hear us over the screams of everyone still on the desk.” Eric said as he looked for the next spot to grab while simultaneously trying not to look directly down.

“I don’t care what you think she can or can’t hear, just shut up till we get down and we can talk then.” Mark snapped back, he was more focused on getting down before making a plan.

Eric nodded in agreement with Mark, it was a miracle they were even able to get this opportunity in the first place, but they still had so much ground to cover before they could consider themselves lucky. As the two continued their way down Ms. Carter’s dress they would occasionally glance upwards to check if they had been spotted and to see if any of their fellow classmates had become their teacher’s next victim. From their angle it looked like they were out of her line of sight due to the clipboard she was holding with one hand while her other was hovering over her desk tormenting the other students picking them off one by one just as she had done to the first two. 

It seemed like they had been on their descent for at least an hour but in reality it had only been a few minutes. Neither of them had been paying attention to the words Ms. Carter had been saying and the screams of their classmates had become quieter and quieter as they got further down the dress. 

Mark had been moving on what could only be described as autopilot as he mythologically made his way down gapping Eric by a fair distance to Mark it was nearly thirty feet, but when compared to Ms. Carter’s true size it was only a matter of inches. In addition to that Mark had started to drift off to the right making the distance to Eric much greater. Mark was suddenly snapped out of his autopilot state when he saw the shadow of the clipboard move from left to right and then he heard it being placed on the desk. Looking up in complete horror Mark fully expected to see Ms. Carter glaring down at Eric and himself, but instead he was met by a much nicer sight. Ms. Carter was looking at her mini fridge which was behind her seat and the movement Mark had felt must’ve been her turning her torso in order to face the fridge. Just as Mark was about to continue climbing down he felt another movement this time to his right and that’s when he saw it. 

In order for Ms. Carter to get into her mini fridge she had to turn around completely meaning she’d have bring her left leg over her right leg I order to get the momentum to turn around in her chair, a simple movement to her, but for Mark and Eric it would mean certain death if they weren’t able to hold on to her dress. Mark saw what was coming and tightened his grip on the dress and desperately tried to yell out to Eric.

“Eric!” Mark yelled out trying desperately to get it attention but it was no use. The distance between the two of them was too vast for Eric to hear. 

Mark held on for dear life as the left leg crossed over the right leg. The movement itself felt like a massive wave except instead of going over him and dragging him downward it was underneath him and trying to send him backwards hundreds of feet to ground. All Mark could was watch as Erik was flung from dress and off towards the floor. Mark looked away as he could bear to watch Eric splatter on the floor. 

Eric was screaming and flailing as he fell towards the ground. His back was to the ground meaning he could only see Ms. Carter reaching for the handle on her mini fridge. Eric closed his eyes not wanting to know when he was going to hit the floor, several horrifying seconds later he landed. The landing made his whole body feel sore, the surface he had landed on was damp and thick but it wasn’t hard, that’s when he realized he hadn’t hit the floor, he then thrilled and filled with glee when he realized he had survived, but where was he?

Eric opened his eyes to see what he had landed on, he was flat on his back surrounded by two massive mountains of flesh. It took a second but he was able to stand up and look at his surroundings, then he realized exactly when he had landed. Directly in front of him was a black structure that went up and out of sight and to the left of him was Ms. Carter’s big toe and to his right her second toe, he was in her sandal, he was terrified, he wasn’t even half as tall as her big toe, after a few seconds of panicking he realized that this was his chance, all he had to do was run to the end of the sandal and jump down and he’d be home free. Eric quickly turned around and ran to the edge as fast as he could, but as he got there he found out why landing in the sandal had saved him. Ms. Carter’s foot was in the air and not on the ground meaning he only fell a few inches instead of a few feet, that along with the naturally soft material of the sandal meant even though he was sore from the fall it wasn’t enough to kill him. 

While trying to come up with a plan on how to get down he began to stumble backwards eventually falling and starting to roll, he continued to roll until he slammed into the sandal strap. Momentarily Eric was stunned, but he was able to get his bearings and see what had just happened, Ms. Carter had raised her foot upwards. Eric then realized that he was on the very edge of the strap and slipping off with no way to lift himself up. His efforts to bring himself to the middle of the strap were useless and he slid off the strap and onto the space between Ms. Carter’s toes. Lucky he hadn’t fallen back due to the angle of the sandal in the air the strap was already at the skin between her toes.

Eric couldn’t get up and now he was getting dizzy, the scent of Ms. Carter’s lotion and sweat were overwhelming, her skin was so warm and so wet at the same time it was creating a humid environment. Then without notice the foot straightened back out again which flung Eric directly into the back of the sandal strap, this time he felt a massive amount of pain in his chest and right arm, he couldn’t tell if he broke anything, but based on the pain he assumed that  he had. Ms. Carter then lowered her foot back to the ground which pinned Eric between the back of the strap and her toes. 

Eric was being suffocated, he couldn’t breathe and Ms. Carter wasn’t even aware she was doing that, the death of the others had been intentional, but she didn’t even know that this was happening. Just before Eric passed out Ms. Carter moved her foot back slightly to readjust and Eric fell onto the damp surface of her sandal. Before Eric could even catch his breath he saw the ball of Ms. Carter’s foot right above him starting to lower, he could move though, every part of his body was in tremendous pain and even if he could move he knew wouldn’t be able to escape his fate. Ms. Carter lowered her foot now that she had readjusted and unknowing placed her full weight onto Eric. Under the weight of Ms. Carter’s foot Eric sank into the damp surface only to meet with her hot foot. Despite her foot being soft the pressure was too great and when Eric began to scream his mouth had been filled with her foot sweat which only made it worse for him. Whenever Eric would try to breathe in he was just buried deeper into the damp sandal. After nearly a minute of being soaked in and for to forced to swallow foot sweat and feel the air leaving his lungs Eric suffocated under Ms. Carter’s foot and as his body went limp it was crushed by the pressure making Eric's body nothing more than a blood stain on Ms. Carter’s sandal and the ball of her foot still not even noticed by Ms. Carter.

After the left leg returned to its original position Mark was able to continue his decent not knowing the torture Eric had just gone through, he simply thought Eric got a quick painless death. When Mark reached the bottom of the dress he was close enough to the ground that he was able to let go and land on the floor. He quickly ran under the desk to avoid detection then made a break for the door, the only problem was that the door was miles away and he had to navigate through the rug to get to it. Mark considered hiding until class was over, but he realized that Ms. Carter would be to unpredictable and staying anywhere in this room would be suicide, so with that settled Mark began making his way to the door.

Chapter End Notes:

If you enjoyed that chapter let me know in the reviews, along with any criticism and suggestions you might have. I am always happy to receive advice on how to improve my writing.

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