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        “Immm home!” Jesse let out as she walked through the front door. As usual she was met with nothing but an awkward stare from her younger  brother who sat on a couch playing video games. She let out a sigh as she removed her uniform from Quickie burger and sat on the opposing couch. “Hey do you mind getting out of here?! Can you see I’m Gaming right now you're killing my vibe.” “ Deal with it little shit . Some of us have to work for a living for and it obviously isn't your ass bitch.”. The young man barely gave a reaction as he was more invested in his game than his sister. “ Hey how did you get that game you little shit?” “ Jesse stood up and stood in front of the TV . Dylan looked up at his sister .” I got it with the 50 bucks I borrowed from your room.” “You fucking asshole i didnt give you shit! I want you to go back to the store and return this shit right now and get me my fucking money!” “ I can't jess. I already opened It.” Jesse raised her fist in anger to strike him as their mom walked in.”Jesse ! What do you think you're doing to your brother !?” “ Mom he fuckingf stole 50 bucks from my room” “ Dylan is this true ?” “ I didn't steal mom. I just borrowed them. I was going to pay her back once i get a callback to go to work” “Jesse, he's going to pay you back. Now calm down and go to your room NOW!” “Jesse was going to argue but after working the late shift all her steam was gone. She shut the door with lock behind her. 

         It was always like this for as long as she had remembered. Dylan was always the favorite child who could do no wrong despite being an unemployed dropout who could barely be bothered to wash himself let alone help around the house or anyone else for that matter. And she was always the female child her parents would rather forget. All her life she tried winning their affection with good grades, cooking , cleaning , helping Dylan when he was younger and other shit she didn't want to think about. She was tired of being Dylans doormat . She paced around her room and had an idea. She reached under her bed and pulled out a dusty book nearly in tatters of old age. She remember she kept this book she found in the thrift store when she had a spirituality phase as a teenager . While she didnt get any closer to her inner self she remembered it also had some darker rituals in the back of the book as well. Jesse flipped through the pages and came upon a ritual that seemed just right. It read “ Ritual for proportional Change: To those who perform this ritual will have the ability to change the size of themselves or others to one of the casters choosing through the means of a portal. When passed normally (forward) can increase ones size but if passed in reverse can reduce it”  

       Jesse gathered the necessary items and performed the ritual in her room. At first Jesse had thought that the book was truly just a sham as nothing had happened but then she saw it . A portal had formed on the floor that was1 inch across which she could see Dylan through. Unbeknownst to Dylan above  him a large portal had formed that had a giant eye peering at him. Jesse had to think the portal was too small for her fingers to fit though to get him and she didn't know how to enlarge it. At that moment she had another idea as she pressed her nose against the portal. In an instant Dylan felt himself sucked into a dark cave . He found himself stuck in thick green ooze covered in chunks of semisolid goop. GIant tree-like hairs enveloped the alien landscape. Dylan struggled to free himself as he sunk deeper into the slime. Just as suddenly another hurricane like wind hurled the confused sibling from inside the nostril. Dylan bounced off a soft surface,he realized he’d landed on top  Jesse's tits right next to her nipple now easily twice his size. Confusion and fear overwhelmed the now eighth inch tall Dylan as he struggled to understand what was happening. Jesse on the other hand was laid on her back taking in the awe of her new prey. Jesse's focus was broken when her speck of a brother began to run his mouth.” Jesse what the fuck did you do to me you bitch!Undo this shit right now and I’ll maaaybeee consider going easy on you when i'm normal.”Jesse could barely believe the little shit had the audacity to demand anything in his situation. “All my life you have done nothing but fuck me over again and again Dylan. Now,  it’s my turn to fuck you.’ 

       Dylan felt the ground beneath him shift as the titanic mammaries sent him between the mountains of flesh. Dylan felt like he was going to pop inside the supple prison. Luckily for him the sweat coming from his sister punched him downwards into a valley just tall enough for him to escape on his back. As he shimmied out towards jesse's stomach his cock kept rubbing the supple flesh and soon had his manhood at full mast. As Jesse continually rubbed her breast together she inadvertently was giving Dylan the world's biggest boob job. With his sisters sweat acting as lube the smaller sibling soon pumped his seed between the cleavage. Just as he had gotten off Dylan was blinded by light as the mountains of flesh parted. Jesse surprises to see her normally dim witted brother had managed to escape from her between breasts. She brought her hand down picking him up on her fingernail. “ Look at you all those years you thought you could do anything you wanted but now you’re nothing more than an ant to me.” At that moment inspiration struck once more “Well Dylan since you think you’re some hot shit how about I some real hot shit.”  

       Dylan felt a sense of vertigo overwhelm him as Jesse turned on to her stomach careful to keep Dylan in place . He watched in horror as her others hand parted her colossal ass checks. Dylan's blood ran cold as he approached the enormous asshole easily capable of swallowing him whole. Suddenly the hand stopped the momentum which sent Dylan flying into the canyon of his sisters ass. He tried grabbing onto the sides but the steep walls only dropped him deeper towards the hungry anus below. In a last ditch attempt he grasped onto Jesse’s anus and climb out but the juices combined with the sweat and slime were too slick and he lost his grip. Jesse, satisfied feeling a tickle on her anus let her buttcheeck go and decided what to do next as the lone sibling.

Chapter End Notes:

Despite this story being short it actually took a long time for me to write it. If you can please rate and review thnks.

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