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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hope you enjoy.

“Let’s try that again; what were you doing in there, John,” Jaz says, her massive face towering over me as I sit in her palm. Jaz had grabbed my headset when she found me, so I am able to communicate with her. “ You see, there was a bug in the shoe, and I had to get it out, so I chased it out,” I say, trying my fourth lie in a row. “Okay, and how’s that any different than the weird cleaning story.” Jaz looks at me inquisitively. I shrug my shoulder, unable to look her in the eyes. “ You were naked in there, John,” Jaz says. “Speaking of which, can I grab some clothes if you’re going to keep interrogating me,” I say, pointing towards my cage. Jaz ignores my comment shaking her head. “I’m going to tape you down naked Jesus style in Carolyn’s shoe and leave you if you don’t tell me right now,” Jaz says, bring her face closer to me.  “Why do you want to know,” I shout. Tears begin filling my eyes. Jaz stops a moment, almost like she’s trying to think of a lie. “ I need you to be honest before I can,” Jaz says dryly. I shrug silently. How was I going to be able to admit what I had done to Jaz If I can’t even admit to deed myself? 

“Fiiine If you won’t talk, then I’ll let your body do the talking,” I see Jaz’s other hand head in my direction. I put my hands up in defense, but I feel her fingers wrap around my leg. I am lifted up by her ebony fingers, hanging me by my legs as Jaz sits on the ground, shaking my entire body within her fingertips when her bottom touched the floor. Jaz brings me to her feet and drops me down between them. Jaz’s feet didn’t smell nearly as bad as a freshly worked pair of work shoes, but the scent and heat coming off of them made me instantly lock up. Her pale soles were decorated by many wrinkles, which came and dispersed as she wiggled her toes. Jaz’s dark toes were adorned with blue nail polish. “You ready to talk, little dude?” Jaz says. After a moment of silence, she assumes I’m not going to talk, not that she’s wrong. I see her soles began to grow in size as they slide towards me. “One,” Jaz says coldly. I looked up in fear, unable to calm my growing hard-on. Her soles slid closer, the balls of her feet collided into each other behind me, cornering me.  Bits of dirt and dust flew  down on me as Jaz wiggled her toes. . “Two.” I tried to make a break towards Jaz’s toes, trying to escape this trap. “Three.” 

Jaz’s soles slam into each other, smashing me between two walls of smelly doughy foot flesh. I grunt in pain. Jaz begins to rub her soles together, causing me to be rubbed along with them. Between the hot soles, I moan as a wrinkle appears a and my hard cock is pressed into the flesh, taken in by a single wrinkle. I cry out in pain as the friction from rubbing  Jaz’s two soles was crushing my cock into the wrinkle. Just as quickly as the wrinkle appears, it disappears, making me grunt in frustration.  “Ready to talk?” Jaz asks, staring down at me. Her eyes have a strange spark in them. “Please no more.” I cry. I hear a strange noise, almost as if something wet was being squished. I peek out from Jaz’s feet and see her with her hand in her pants, presumably touching herself. “Her skin, while soft obviously well lotioned, felt like they were trying to rip my member off. Her soles shift upwards, and I wince in pain and pleasure as my cock and my family jewels are stretched and crushed against her meaty soles. I shout up at her, “You’re hurting me!” Jaz looks down at me, frustrated that I interrupted her flow. “Okay, you sick fuck, but you owe me.” 

Jaz makes a grumbling noise in the back of her throat, and I realize what she was doing. Jaz spits between her soles, covering both me and her massive soles.  Jaz continues to rub her soles together, making sure to obnoxiously finger herself while doing so. My cock is rubbed in multiple directions as the now lubricated doughy skin plays with me as though I was putty. I feel my loins go numb as I slide around between her soles. I hump against her soles, and a wet wrinkle takes in my full length was again. I put my hand against the wrinkle, trying to keep my dick inside it. I hump into the crease of foot skin, and I groan, seemingly unable to take it anymore. I shoot three messy loads into the warm moist skin. Jaz continues rubbing me between her soles until I yell up at her. “I’m done!” “I’m done!” Jaz suddenly pulls away her soles. “I knew it.” She says. You were getting dirty in your mom’s shoe; I always knew there was something strange about you.” I lay defeated as Jaz soles hanged over me, almost like they are mocking me for giving in so quickly. Tears fill my eyes as I shout up at her. “Why do you care so much!”  Jaz stops, almost as if she is pondering for a moment. “Let’s just say You and I have similar interests.”, “You like being tiny; I find it hot as fuck that you are a tiny who likes this shit,”  Jaz says. “Don’t get me wrong; I don’t find you attractive as a person; you are a little too young and not enough height if you know what I mean.” I stare up, dumbfounded. This was the strangest way I heard a girl tell me I was unattractive.”You still don’t get how rare you are, do you?” Jaz says, bringing her face closer to my form. “Guys act like they can handle it, the sheer size difference,” Jaz says, pointing to her body. “But they can’t, their fear gets the better of them, and pretty much lose their mind and just give up on the fun, but the fact that there is some jizz on my feet, and your mom is going to be walking around in your spunk tells me that you aren’t like them.”  Jaz lets out a sigh of relief. “That’s just messed up, little dude,” Jaz giggles. “What do you want from me,” I ask, more confused than I started. “I want more of that,”Jaz says, pointing to her feet. “ Your pervy ass being around big people, little dude. 

You know what I think we’re going to start today, Or tonight should I say.” Jaz laughs, outstretching her hand towards me. Her ebony fingers envelop me; my tired cock rested upon her giant ring finger; if I hadn’t nutted twice in an hour, I might’ve gotten hard again. Jaz brings me up to her face. “What would you say to getting some booty tonight, you little perv.”  I look at her in confusion. Did I find Jaz attractive? Yes. Would I love going to town on her ass if I was normal size? Yes. Being shrunken was a whole different ball game; her fat ass has become a literal mountain of booty at this size; part of me wanted to say yes. “Come on little dude, don’t let me down now,” Jaz says. I flounder around, trying to think of an excuse, but I mumble out, “Yes.” “Perfect,” Jaz says. Her hand covers me once again, and I am left in this hot miniature cavern that is her palm. I breathe rapidly as excitement rose through my body. Was I really about to go into  Jaz’s ass? I feel my cock harden a little bit. My member ached obviously spent from tonight. I feel some rapid movement of Jaz’s hand. After a few moments of steady movements, I am greeted to a dark room; I recognize it as my sister’s room only washed in moonlight. “What are we doing here,” I ask Jaz. “Don’t worry, little dude, you’re about to get a ton of action.”


I see the sleeping form of my sister, Brook; she’s sleeping on her stomach, giving the world a view of her pajama and thus her ass. Jaz starts heading towards Brook, and I realize what’s about to happen” Wai-.” Suddenly Jaz rips off my headset and puts it in her pocket. I begin to shout at her. “Please don’t do this. I don’t want this, please!” It seems like my cries fall upon deaf ears as Jaz barely acknowledges my cries. I see her other hand reach for Brooks’s waistband of her pajamas and pull it back, revealing Brook’s canyon size crack. “No!” I shout as I am dropped, hurtling towards the hot, murky depths of Brooks’s ass.

Chapter End Notes:

Booty diving. 



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