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I open my eyes as the orange flares of the sun shined through the windows of the mudroom, seeping through my cage windows, basking my body in its heat. I get up to see my erection staring up at me. I had another vinegar foot smell-fueled dream last night to much of my disgust.  I begin to hear a familiar shaking making my bare feet vibrate; this usually signaled an approaching family member. Out in the mudroom, I see two pink mountain size slippers in the distance.  I hear the thundering voice of my mother, Caroline. “You ready to get up John, I have to leave soon for work.” “Yeah, mom, just a second,” I say. I grab my headset, and in the distance, I see her pull out her house size foot from her slipper, her pale foot adorned with red nail polish and itched her shin.”Wow,” I say to myself. “What was that, hon?” Carolyn says. 

“Nothing, mom,” I blurt out, turning bright red as I had forgotten that I had my headset on. I see my mother slide her foot back into her slipper and begin walking my way, her footsteps shaking my cage. I see her Imax size face slide into my window, taking up all of my view.  When shrunk, you see the world from a completely different perspective; you begin to the dents and blemishes unseen to the human eye. I see her car size fingers gracefully open my cage. “Mom, wait, I’m naked,” I shout above. “Sorry, hon, but it’s not like there’s anything down there I haven’t seen before, not that I can even see anything down there,” my mom laughs to herself. 

I throw on my shorts in a rush as my mom’s red adorned fingernails breach into my room. Her fingers wrap around my hips, making me wince, unprepared for contact as she proceeds to drag me from my cell. “Honey, I need to get going,” my mom nonchalantly sighs. Bringing me through my door, she proceeds to lift me to her face. I see two giant supple lips heading towards me as my upper body collides with the pillowy, wet flesh. “Muuuuha,” My mom makes a kissing sound, seemingly unaware of the growing erection she just kissed. Images of my cock disappearing between her giant lips that just slobbered my body flash through my mind. “Knock it off,” I say to myself, shaking my head. Good morning sweetie, sorry I was grumpy last night. I understand you’re upset, but try to imagine it as a bit of vacation,” My mom chirps, seemingly completely unaware of my disdain. “Brook will be watching out for you today,” my mom said, forcing a smile. Her teeth had a slight coffee stain, but they were arranged perfectly.  “Brook, are you serious? Why can’t Blake?  At least He doesn’t torture me more as is,” I groan. “Honey, Blake has football practice, and to be fair, you put her through a lot when she shrank.” My mom was right; I made Brooks’s life a living hell when she had her sentence. 

My mother brought me to the kitchen table where Blake and Brook sat. The smell of eggs permeated the room. My mouth began to water; being shrunk had its benefits as every one of my senses were kicked up to 11. “Hey, twerp,” Brook says, not looking up from her phone. Blake looks up from his phone and nods at mom and presumingly me. Mom sets me where my chair once was; now it’s just space for me to eat now. Blake and Brook are both returning from college for the summer. They are twins and two years older than me. All my life, it felt like it was me versus them as they always had an unspoken bond. Though Blake let up on me in the later years, I was always the runt of the litter, trying to catch up to them.  My mom walks over to the oven and grabs a piece of egg, and toss it in her mouth; Images of falling into that cavern fills my mind. Shaking it off, I look at Carolyn heading in my direction. “Here you go, honey, eat up.” My mom drops a small plate of egg pieces and crumbs of toast in front of me. I jump on it and begin shoving food into my mouth. 

My mother turned around so that her back was facing me. I observed her building-size ass in pair of leggings in front of me. Images of being lost in the sea of those pants flash, making my shorts twinge. My mother was the cliche blonde mom; while she is quite intelligent, she has gained a few pounds in her forties; with growing a stomach, she also has had some growth in her hindquarters. Brook was almost identical to my mother, but she was taller and having a more athletic body, having gained our father’s black hair and tan skin. Blake was like a guy version of Brook. He’s muscular, tan, and tall; quite honestly, it looked like Blake was ripped off a cover of a magazine.  “Alright, kids, be good. I’m working another night shift, so I won’t be home until late,” Carolyn says. Both Blake and Brook nodded their heads without looking up. My mom is a nurse, so she worked very irregular hours. When my mom gets home after a night shift, a bomb could go off, and she wouldn’t notice.

 Carolyn rushed to the mudroom, and I heard the door slam shut.  I continued to eat my food as I see brook get up to get what I presume is to get more eggs. I hear the door open, and my mother’s voice yells in. “Oh yeah, Aunt Donna will be staying over. She’ll be in your room, John!” Then I hear the door shut. “Oh, man, I bet she is going to destroy that room, John,” Brook says.
“You know how nasty Aunt Donna farts are, Almost as bad as this.” Brook throws her ass back and pulls down her pajama pants, exposing her two bare moon-sized cheeks. The tan cheeks spread, and I am greeted by her backdoor bulging open. While she didn’t have the milf weight of my mom, her ass was by no means small. Brook grunts and lets out an earthquake size fart. The toxic gas washes over me, and I start hacking a lung. “Gross Brook at the table?” “ I’m out; sorry, John, you are on your own,” Blake says, fanning his face as he gets up and leaves. Brook pulls up her pajamas and turns to face me as I am left on my back with a hard-on bulging in my shorts.” what the fuck, Brook” I shout. Brook giggles like a madwoman “cmon, John, we know that you’d be snorting it if it was Maya who ripped one on you; after all, your just a little butt bug now.” She says, her voice degrading into a more sinister tone. Maya was my girlfriend that I haven’t seen since the beginning of the sentence.

“It’s just you and me today, bug; whatever shall we do?” Brook says.  “How bout you leave me in the cage?” I ask sarcastically. I shove a piece of egg in my mouth and realize that the stench of ass has tainted it. I hold back a gag, not giving Brook any ammunition. Brook puts her hand to her chin and makes a thinking face. “No, I have a better idea.” Brook puts out her hand, and her palm surrounds me and leaves me in darkness. I am treated to the world’s worse roller coaster as I am thrown around Brook’s clammy palms. My naked back and chest know that this is a touch of another person. In my pent-up dismay, my cock begins to grow hard as l slide upwards against the clammy wall of flesh.  Suddenly I am treated to the outside light as I am sent hurtling through the air. I scream and close my eyes and lift my hands up, bracing for impact. I slam into a floor of fabric. I groan In pain and lookup, and I see that I am on Brooks’s bed. I look up and see brook standing above me. “You’re going to chill in bed with me until Rebbeca heads over, bug,” Brook says, turning around giving me a view of her ass. She then drops her massive body weight. I am thrown back as the shockwave ripples through the bed.

 “There we go,” Brook says, stretching out her legs pushing her tan feet towards my form. Her feet towered above me. I doubt that if she didn’t know I was here, she would have never been able to find me.  “ Do you like my nails?” Brook says with a sly smile. High above, She flexes her toes, flashing her pink nails at me, the wrinkles of her tan soles rippling. My heart starts trying to beat out of my chest as I try to decide what answer could quickly get me out of this situation. “They’re okay,” I stammer out. “Okay, just okay?”, “John, I am goddamn beautiful every part of me.” ”Perhaps you need a better look?”  Brook says as she drops her toes on me. I grunt as the air is knocked out of me as Brook’s meaty appendages rested on me and my rigid member “ Like what you see, John?” Brook starts to flex her toes, bashing me, and unknown to her, my hard cock with her pink adorn toes. There was a slight cheesy smell to her feet. She must not have taken a shower yet. Her ripe toes bashed into my body, making me groan in pain and pleasure. It doesn’t matter that this is my sister. My body knows this is a foot touching me, and my cock was the hardest I’ve felt in a long time. I try punching at the doughy flesh in defense.“Brook, stop, knock it off,” I shout at her. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to hold it any longer, Brook laughs, and she pulls her toes away. “Jeez, bug, I was only kidding.” I try to hide my boner, but I realize that it would only draw attention to it. “Okay, bug, you chill there while I relax. Brook pulls her legs up to her body and twists her body to the side. I am given I solid view of her soles and her ass.

“Quit starin weirdo,” Brook says, turning her head to me. I quickly look down and try to calm my racing heart and my aching cock. “We have a few hours until Jaz gets here.” ” But believe me, you don’t want to be here. When she gets here, you should’ve heard what she did to the last person she met shrunk.” Brook made a drinking hand movement and then pointed to her ass and made an implied dropping movement. “Yeah, Jaz is crazy like that,” I say. The next few hours are filled with brook scrolling on her phone and watching lame videos. I am left with my thought; I occasionally look at Brook’s massive form. I would be lying if my gaze didn’t wander to some less than appropriate spots. I imagine what it would be like to rub my naked form on her feet. A wrinkle on her sole could probably take my entire length in, or what it would be like to be dropped in the ocean of ass that was contained her pajama pants. I shake my head in disgust. This was my sister of all people. I begin to hear snoring, and I realize that Brook has fallen asleep. 

My heart starts beating fast. I feel a strange pull in my body towards the house size feet. No, I can’t, I can’t, but my body wants what it wants. My brain was screaming danger. I decide to walk towards them, the smell increasing with each step and my once flaccid cock returned to full erection. I reach Brooks’s foot at least six times my height. I put my hand on the wrinkly sole her skin was much like her palm. Her foot was soaked in sweat as I pull my hand away, and a light layer of sweat came with it.”Wow,” I say to myself. Regret flashed through my mind, gross, this was my sister; I can’t; I need to stop. I couldn’t not yet. I feel my hand reach into my shorts; for a moment, I think about taking it out and rubbing it into the doughy sole. I start stroking my cock with my sister’s foot sweat, inhaling my sister’s cheesy foot smell. Okay, maybe a little touching. I need to know what it feels like. I feel a headache rip through my mind making me stagger back. “No, not now, come on,” I groan. I try to fight through it.

Just then, a loud ringing rips through the house, making me cringe in pain. I fall to my knees. Brook sits up dazed from her nap, obviously not expecting to have fallen asleep. Her eyes meet mine, and for a second, I thought she saw what I was doing. “You okay?”Brook asks, seemingly concerned. “Headache” Is all I can grunt out. “Oh well, good thing Jaz is here, sorry John, free time is over, time for your cage.” Her hand outstretched and enveloped me, and I am once again trapped in darkness. The darkness helped ease my crying mind. After a few minutes of the sickening clammy roller coaster, I am put back in my cage. Brook stomps over to The door and opens it, and I see Jaz walk through the door. Jaz was Brooks’s childhood friend, so we’ve known each other for a long time. She was a short dark skin nerdy girl, always very interested in school but was very boy crazy. I would be lying if I didn’t have a crush on her at one point of knowing her, though I had a much bigger crush on her mom Denise. The squeal of girls ripples through the room as Brook and Jaz excitedly exchanging fast pace greetings and gossip.”Who’s in the cage,” Jaz says, pointing in my direction. “John got the sentence,” Brook says, trying to hold back a laugh. Jaz slowly walks towards my direction and pops a squat.

 “Can we take him out?” Jaz asks inquisitively; her ebony skin seemed to suck in my focus. My sister shakes her head. “No, he’s having one of them shrinking migraines or somethin,” Brook says.  “Well, maybe next time it’s been a long time, John, we’ll definitely have to get more acquainted,” Jaz says, winking at me. “Weird,” Brook says, rolling her eyes. I stammer, unable to respond. “Cmon, let’s leave the loser and go hang out,” Brook says. Jaz nods her head in agreement and gets up, and leaves. I am left alone. I see Jaz sneakers on the floor, and  I imagine the smells that could be coming from them, but I am unable to find out. My headache fights for me to lie down and rest, so that’s what I do. The rest of the day is relatively uneventful as I powered through my headache. Brook and Jaz hang out in the room until around dinner time. Brook feeds me and heads upstairs for the night;  I don’t remember seeing Jaz leave. I lay down and close my eyes, ready for this day to end.


I am rustle awake as my eyes adjust to the light. I see the lumbering form of my mother, Carolyn. She stomps towards my cage, and I see her kick off her shoes. The discarded behemoths make a loud dropping sound making my cage vibrate.  My mother takes a few dizzy steps towards the kitchen, and I hear her head up the stairs. I sit up and realize that my headache is gone. I put my shorts on and head out, wanting to make up for not seeing Jaz. I begin my nightly routine; I walk down to my cage’s stairs and head to the bottom of my cage. The familiar leathery smells drift through the floor. I realize that Brook hadn’t properly locked the cell. I think just for a moment to call someone down and have them lock it, but reality hits, and I take a step out into the cool night.

Chapter End Notes:

John this is not going to go the way you think. Thanks for reading. 

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