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"I'll be seeing you tomorow then?"

 "Yh, sorry i've got to go, i've got an important meeting with someone today."

This was the end of a conversation between Mark and Julia, they were best friends and saw each other most days of the week all day.

Mark and Julia were both 17 and they'd both left school but hadn't decided what they wanted to do yet, so they both saw each other all day every day but on this day Julia had to go to, what her friend called, an 'important meeting'.

Julia was a pretty girl, most lads would be rooted to the spot just by getting a stare from her deep blue eyes.

Today she was on her way to an 'important meeting' that her friend Alice told her she HAD to come to, Julia was hessitant about leaving Mark at first but Alice said it was really important so she figured she should go.

 When Julia got to Alice's house the door flung open before Julia had chance to knock, "Come in quick!"

 "What's so important you had to drag me all this way to talk to me about?"

"Remember that boy John that i said i liked?"

"Yes" Was Julia's response.

"He asked me out today!"

"Is that all you had 2 say to me?"


"You dragged me all this way to tell me that John asked you out, and you could have just told me this on the phone when i was with Mark!"

"I do have somthing else aswell actually, but if you don't want to know."

"Go on then." Julia replied unenthusiasticly. With this Alice reached up to a shelf and pulled down a plastic bottle with a red liquid in it.

"You know how i'm taking science at collage"

"Yes," was Julias reply once again,

"I made this in it and, well just drink it and you'll see what i mean."

"No" Julia said with attitude.

With that Alice pretended to trip over and pour the red substance on Julia,

"What the hell! That was not cool"

"Thats odd, when i drank this in science my hair grew 7 inches, and i thaught it'd work if i poured it over you, strange, anyway we might aswell talk now your here."

"Yea, i suppose."

"Come here a second Julia"

Julia walked over to Alice,

"Haha still quiet a bit smaller then me Julia" Alice said laughing.

"One of these days alice, one of these days, you'll be smaller then me"

"Ha, that'll be the day"

With that Julia started to imagine herself taller then Alice and couldn't believe what had happened, as she'd imagined this Alice seemed to get smaller, Julia, who was 5 ft 4 seemed to be dawarfed by Alice's 5 ft 9 height, but now Alice was the one being dawarfed.

"What the hell happened?" Gasped Alice, with this she waslked up to her tap measure and she only came up to 4 ft 10

"HAHA, that'll be the day Alice? It seems like your science experiment backfired on you, and unlucky for you, theres no formula left. HAHAHA"

With this Julia imaginined how tall she could look compared to Alice, she imagined her having 2 ft difference between her and Alice, and it happened again, Alice shrunk! But, Julia also grew, Julia had grown from 5 ft 4 to 6 ft in an instant, and Alice had now gone from 4 ft 10 to 4 ft.

 "HAHAHA, THIS IS GREAT, WAIT UNTILL MARK SEES THIS." With this Julia imagined her and Alice back to there normall heights

"Right im going now Alice i'll be seeing you soon, and don't go telling anyone about this, or you could end up even smaller then before." Julia said this while walking out of the room and winking to Alice, Alice was just left there thinking back on what had just happened.

 The next day Julia invited Mark over to her house like she normally did.

Mark eventually arrived 20 mins later, as Julia opened the door to him she was dawarfed even more then she was by Alice by his 6 ft 4 frame.

The day between the two went on as normall, and then Julia decided to experiment.

"I want you to bow to me Mark,"


"Bow to your queen!"

"HAHA funny,"


"Now Julia..."

But before he could continue a smirk came over Julia's face and she interupted him

"O.k, looks like im going to have to make you." She said laughing.

With this Mark started to shrink to the floor


He kept shrinking until he couldn't even see over her toes.

"What have you done?"

"What was that Mark, i think you might have to leave the talking out because i can't hear you," Julia said laughing

"Now bow to me!"

Mark didn't move

"Well what i'm about to do, you braught upon yourself mark," she said laughing even harder.

With that Julia lifted her bare foot up and then stamped it back on the floor again, Mark fell on his behind.

When he stood up again, he look at the sheer size of Julia and he couldn't even see her face she was so far away, he looked back towards her toes and she was wiggiling them infront of him.

With that she lifted her foot up once again, but this time she moved it forward and braught it down on top of Mark,

"Did i forget to tell you, i went for a run today before you came over and they might stil be a bit sweaty," she said laughing more then before

Mark was struggling to breath underneath her foot, the smell that was being made and he was constantly inhailing, he felt like he was goin to pass out.

"OOO, this is no good Mark, your too small, i'll make you a bit bigger so i can feel you."

With this mark grew, but only to the same size as her foot.

"Now lick the soles of my feet!" Once again mark did nothing, but this time Julia added pressure onto him as he didn't do anything and eventually he started to lick.

"HAHA, your so low comapred to me, infact Mark, to me your no longer a person, your too insignificant, now, your an insect, your an insect compared to me Mark and you'd better get used to it, the insect under my foot, you''ll be there to serve my feet and thats it, you little insect, and theres nothing you can do"

Mark knew this was true, but he also could tell that Julia was letting this get to her head and he was starting to get very worried

Chapter End Notes:

Hopfully you enjoyed that and please leave comments because if you liked it then i'll do more where Julia will grow to humungus proportions


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