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Julia felt amazing, her boyfriend, who had previously dwarfed her, was now just the size of her size 9 foot (Julia didn't care about the size of her feet because she was proud of there beauty).'PLEASE LET ME OUT JULIA!'Julia snapped out of deep thaught about the amazing feeling of having so much power by mumbling coming from under her foot, she was just able to make out what was being said.'I'll let you out for some air, but remember, i don't listen to insects, i just want to keep you alive'

with this Julia lifted her foot slightly and Mark crawled out from underneath, he could once again see the blue carpet on which he'd been pinned into by Julia's gigantic foot. He tried to look up at her face, but all he could see up to was her long golden hair flowing over her ample breasts,

'Julia...' 'GODDESS! I'm a Goddess to you and don't forget it' Julia interupted'Yes, whatever but Ju...''GODDESS!!' Julia shouted'Julia seriously i need to...''GODDESS!!!' Julia shouted louder again 'I don't think you're taking this seriously insect''This is getting ridiculous now, you need to stop!' Mark was getting very worried and scared at the same time.'You're just and insect! You don't talk to your Goddess like that!''JULIA SERIOUSLY!'

'THAT'S IT BUG, YOU'VE ANNOYED ME NOW, I   AM   YOUR   GODDESS!!!!!! Now i'm going to show you why'

With that Julia stood up and walked over to a corner where she kept her shoes, as she stood up Mark decided it would be a good time to try and make a run for it, but as he stood up Julia took her first step which shook the whole room, Mark feel back on his behind and decided to stay where he was as there was no hope in getting away.Julia returned carrying in her right hand a pair of black boots and sat back on her bed which she had previously been sitting on when toying with Mark.'You're obviously not taking this seriously Marky, so i'm going to show you how serious i am, I hope you don't have anything planned for the rest of the day' Julia winked at Mark as she said this.Mark tried to back away quickly, an evil grin had come across Julia's face and didn't like the idea of Julia being 'serious' about all this,'HA ha' Mark laughed unconvincingly 'That was funny Julia, now will you please turn me back to normal?''FUNNY? You're still not taking me seriously Mark and after what you've seen i don't think i'll be able to ever turn you back, I can't have you going blabbing this to people, who knows what could happen'Mark froze to the spot, 'I don't think i'll be able to ever turn you back' those words went through Marks head about a hundred times before Julia butted in,'Oh i forgot to say, this means that we can no longer be classed as a couple as, well have you ever heard of a Goddess going out with a meer insect?'Now not only was Mark stunned by finding out he'll never be normal again, he'd also just been heartbroken.While all of this was going through Mark's head Julia's hand came towards him,'Now insect, time to show you how serious i am.'Julia's warm and soft pointing finger and thumb grabbed Mark by the left arm, Mark was in agony as he was lifted up at great speed, he thaught his arm was going to be ripped right off, Julia braught him to the rim of her right boot,'You know how i don't like wearing socks insect, well it's the same when it comes to all my shoes'Mark was braught right over her right boot and as soon as he was over it he could smell the strongest of smells that made his eyes water.'You seemed to enjoy being under my foot insect, so i think i'll privilege you by not only being under it again, but also the smell of it will be all around you' Julia said winking again'Have fun!' Julia dropped Mark into her boot, he landed face first.'Oh and to make things more interesting, i thaught i'd make you a bit smaller.'He looked up and got a last glimpse of Julia's face before that was blocked by her beautiful toes entering into the boot, as her toes came in Mark ran for his life to get out of the way.Deeper and deeper Mark ran into the boot with Julia's foot close behind, to him the boot was more than a mile long. He came to the end of the boot, he turned round to see that Julia's gigantic foot was still coming in, as her toes reached Mark, they lifted up into the air, Mark just watched as her toes came down upon him and pushed him into the sole of the boot.Julia started to wiggle her cute toes ontop of Mark, each toe the size of a house compared to Mark, 'I could have sworn they weren't that big before,' Mark thaught to himself, then almost as if on que,'I thaught you'd enjoy being even smaller under your Goddess amazing toes'Mark heard Julia's voice come from, what seemed like, the heavens'I know you're enjoying being under your Goddess feet, I'm sure you're even worshiping the fact that i'm not wearing any socks again, and now you're in for a treat because i'm going over to Alice's house for a bit, don't worry you can stay in my boot'At this point Mark had been moved from underneath Julia's toes to between her toes and the ball of her foot, this hadn't gone unoticed by Julia who flattened her foot so that Mark was right up against her foot again.Mark looked up and as soon as he did her foot came down upon him, as Julia pressed down on him he was pressed into the the sole of her boot, which caused some water to squelch out of it, Mark had noticed before that Julia used to wear these boots alot, but he had no idea she had such sweaty feet, or the aroma that they gave off, this point was then proven when a bead of sweat(to Mark it was the size of a small car) fell from her foot onto Mark's face, the smell of which made his eyes water again.    
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