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       “Hey pal, i’ll take the 2 for 5$with extra large fries and a diet cola.” “ Sorry sir but that promotion ends after 5pm but I’d be glad to get you something currently available.” “No, why are you lying? I got that deal yesterday at the same time as right now. Cmon I’m in a hurry.” “ I’m sorry sir but as i said that promotion is…” The large man cut him off before he finished “ Lok here dont you know how to treat a loyal customer?! You know what get me your manager.”Behind the counter the 24 year old man felt like he could almost hear the echo coming from the mans skull. Didnt he know that as even I’d he wanted to help him he couldn’t? That in reality some coporate big wig in advertising makes this shit up just to torture him. Defeated Ron left his register to call the manager who was likely monkeying about in their office.

       Hed been stuck in this dead end job years now and didnt see himself going much anywhere.  It was times like this he remembers al the mistakes hes made over the years. Not taking a apprenticeship with his uncle as a electrician before he passed. Missing parties and dates to cover shitty coworkers shifts. Hell he passed up a partial ride to a university a couple states away to stay with his highschool sweetheart who dumped him a year later. THUD Ron fell to the floor landing on his ass. As Ron gathered his bearings another coworker helped him to his feet.”Yooo Ron. See your in another of those episodes of yours.” Not now Seth i gotta get the manager for some asshat up front” Seth placed a hand on Ron’s shoulder. “Okay bro but have you thought of the thing i was telling you about? It’s goooood money dude.” “ If it’s so good why dont you do it yourself Seth?!” Because its a two man job and you seem like you could use something to get your blood pumpin. And i promise man theres no drugs  or stealing ok, just think about it and tell me if your in before we close today m’kay.” 

       Ron brushed off his comments as usual but as the night went on the more he thought about it the more tempting it became. Ron wanted nothing more than a start but with his savings not even breaking the triple didgits he saw himself dying before being able to go anywhere. Ron went on as usual but as he was leaving to go home that night he met Seth in the parking lot. “ Whoaa Ron my man whats up brotha.” “ i thought about what you said and if its something not too stupid that wont get us arrested I’m in.” “ Cool man let me got to my house for my setup and ill meet you at fitness world in half an hour.” 

       “Late what the hell! Ive been here an hour were the hell is Seth.” At that moment the familiar clapped out junker rolled in to the lot. As Seth exited Ron was almost eager to tear into him. “ now i know I’m a little late Ron but as they say you can’t rush perfection.” “Do you now how much I look like creep just sitting here for a hour!” “Whoa Ron calm down. I’m starting to feel pretty agressed right now. Just chill and let me explain to you what we’re going to do. So you know Jackie from work right?” ”Uhh yeah she’s that one girl who think she’s a influencer online right?!” “ That’s right bro. Specifically she’s trying to be a fitness influencer.” “ That matters why ?” “ Ok so Jackie comes here to workout every night after work. What we are going to do is using a shifter ill open a portal here and then one on her. You’ll go into the portal with a camera and make her cum. We sell it online make big bucks and Jackie doesn’t even know.” Usually Ron would’ve gone home then home but Ron’s lower head was making a strong argument. “ okay lets do this.” 

       Seth mistakenly opened the portal beneath Ron sending him sliding down a mountain of sweaty flesh. The silky floor gave way as he landed on the canyon floor.Ron craned his head upward to a pink sky and the two He could hardly believe that hed been teleported right into Jackie’s sports bra right in between her boobs. It was surreal in the way that Jackie had a knockout body that Ron knew he had no chance with yet there he was up close and personal at  a quarter inch without her knowing. He attempted to stand and start filming but the ground began to shift as the pillowy globes began to close in on their tiny intruder. “Shit,shit ,shit !” Ron hit the deck as the the globes collided. Thankfully the small space formed underneath was able to save his ass.” Fuck i cant stay here or ill be a bloodstain on Jackie’s tits.

       As the mountains parted once more Ron decided he should head south as that would safer than going towards Jackie’s face where he had a chance of getting caught. As he got up gravity shifted as Jackie had finished her dumbbell chest presses and decided it was time to work on her legs. Arguably the best asset she had and she knew it. She never minded when guys would look at her toned ass, As shew made her way to the abductor Ron found himself sliding down her abs as she got up and into Jackie’s bellie button. He was thankful of his luck but was now worried on what to do next as every step the giantess took made his world quake. The only thing he could do at his size was wait until he could make a move. Luckily he didn’t wait long as an opportunity came when she sat down on the abductor machine. Ron looked out from the belly button to see if it was safe. He saw Jackie was adjusting the position of her thighs on the machine's bars.

       He noticed that right when Jackie brought her thighs together a small gap formed between her yoga pants and her waist. If he could get in and make her cum then Seth would get him out of there.”Here goes nothing.” Ron pulled his legs over the belly buttons edge and began to slide down the rest of her abs. Jackie clueless of Ron brought her legs together letting him slip between her massive thighs. Ron on the other hand was grasping at her shaved crotch to slow his descent but Jackie then opened her legs dropping Ron face to face with Jackie’s pussy. Ron was in awe of the massive sex before him. The organ was easily as tall as a building at his size. Even though it smelled slightly and was humid Ron couldn’t help but be overcome by lust. Guys would die to get this close to Jackie’s Pusey but here it was in front of him. He ran his hands along Jackie’s folds and pressing into the delicate flesh.

       On Jackie’s end she begs to feel a slight tingle in her inner thighs and pressed her hand against it to make it go. Ron suddenly felt a force push him further into Jackie’s love tunnel. He began to be overwhelmed as he made way deeper into Jackie’s depths and began to rub and knead in every direction. Jackie suddenly felt a strong sense of pleasure come from between her legs. She let out a small moan on accident. She decided it would be best to go to the bathroom and take care of her needs quickly rather than embarrass herself infront of everyone. She dashed into the nearest stall and pulled down her pants juice dripping out. She began to furiously plunge her fingers in and out of her vagina while the other hand massaged her tit, “Awww fuuuuuuck” Ron was practically drowning in the goddess when he suddenly felt a spot that was much stiffer than the surrounding flesh. He began to rub and lick it until suddenly it felt like Jackie’s pussy was trying to squeeze the life out of him. In an instant Ron fell into freezing water. As he looked up droplets of Jackie’s cum splashed down around him. His blood ran cold as he realized the seriousness of the situation. He began to scream for Jackie to hear him but to her he might as well have been there when she flushed END.

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