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Author's Chapter Notes:

Still trying to set the direction of this story however I managed to add some kinky material this time, so hopefully it'll satisfy those who've been waiting! I'm starting to piece together how I want this story to go, but so far it is all impromptu.





The drive was only a couple of hours, and after Rachel had introduced herself the rest of the ride was silent as I contemplated my life. I wasn’t sure exactly who was awaiting my arrival in Washington, but I was nervous just getting through the airport.

Eventually Rachel and I arrived at the airport, as she pulled up to departures and pulled along the side of the indicated parking location for drop off. She then reached across the car and opened my side of the door, and I could only stare out towards the busy and crowded airport walkway as everyone and their mother went back and forth in massive groups.

“Well it was nice meeting you, have a safe flight!” Rachel said cheerfully.

“Uhm… You’re not going to carry me inside?” I was confused, she couldn’t actually expect me to just waltz out of the car could she? Let alone navigate this nightmare of a crowd?

“I’m just the driver… I don’t usually carry my clients to their destinations…” Rachel said awkwardly, sweating nervously, “you’ll be fine, won’t you?”

“Rachel, I’d be stepped on and crushed the second I left this vehicle…” I pointed to the obvious crowds rushing down the walkway, it was surely certain death for me if I even attempted to get through everyone.

“But that means I’d have to pick you up again…” Rachel gulped audibly, “I mean no offense… But I’m sort of scared of bugs…”

“I’m not a bug!” I said in frustration, “I’m a human being! Please help me… At least get me inside where it isn’t as crowded!”

Rachel sighed heavily, looking around nervously before setting her gaze back on me. She bit her lip nervously, before shaking her head in dismissal, “I’m so sorry… But this really isn’t my problem…”

Rachel lowered her hand towards me, and sprung her index finger behind her thumb before releasing the pressure and flicking me full force. Her finger hit me in the gut, and launched me clear out of her vehicle. I couldn’t believe it as I flew out the door and hit the hard, cold concrete with a ‘thud’.

“Oof!” I grunted in pain as I hit the ground, but luckily I just had a few scrapes and bruises, “what the hell Rachel! Please! Don’t just leave me out here!”

“Sorry Allison… But you gross me out, and you’re not my responsibility. Good luck…” Rachel closed the passenger door and sped off, leaving me stranded in the airport walkway. I was near the edge, so nobody walking was close enough to step on me but that wasn’t entirely reassuring.

“I can’t believe she flicked me like a bug… Why does everyone treat me like dirt!” I wanted to sob, but I maintained my composure and turned to face the task at hand.

There was a large gap present in the crowd as one of the last groups swept by. I took advantage of this moment and sprinted across the walkway, and though I was small I was still pretty quick. I made it across pretty easily, just before the next crowd stumbled by.

“Phew…” I took a breather as I looked towards the entrance doors, people on their way in and out every couple of seconds. I crept up to the doors carefully and cautiously waited for them to open.

A man and some woman entered the airport, and I slipped through the door as they walked through it. I was in the airport itself now! I looked around and saw the check in terminals, but I was too small to use those. I saw the check in stands where the clerks were printing peoples tickets, but the lines were insane and I had no idea how I would even get their attention.

“Dammit! This is ridiculous… How am I ever going to board that damn plane at this size!? Curse you Rachel…” I was so incredibly frustrated, I didn’t have any idea of what to do.

As I was cursing under my breath, the ground began to tremble a bit as if someone was nearing my location. I quickly became alert as I turned to see a large, but young adult woman quickly walking in my direction. She had golden blonde hair with black highlights, and was wearing shorts so short that her folds were nearly showing. No doubt her ass cheeks were visible from behind.

She was a very slender woman, but appeared quite fit as well. Clearly a gym goer, and she had a crop top on that was so tight, her rather moderate boobs popped quite well with a bit of cleavage to boot. Her hair came down to her shoulders, and she had thick red lipstick on as well as black eyeliner. Her nails were painted black, as were her toes because she was wearing a pair of knee high roman sandals that exposed her silky smooth feet.

She was holding a small purse under her arm that was strapped over her shoulder, and in her other hand was her smartphone which was held up to her ear as she chatted over the phone with somebody.

Before I could react quickly enough, I realized her right foot was practically inbound. A shadow loomed over me in no time as she was in motion of taking her next step.

“I can’t believe she slept with that fat redneck! What a slut! Gross…” The woman said over the phone, paying no mind to where her feet fell.

“Ahhh!” I screamed in horror as her foot came hurtling towards me, giving me no time to jump out of the way.

Her heel hit the floor as the ball of her foot came towards me to step flat on the ground before her other leg would lift to continue forward. I fell backwards as everything became slow motion, my life flashing before my eyes. The bottom of her sandal was covered in dirt and grime, and I was about to become a stain with it all.

Her sandal began to crush my body, her rubbery sole conforming around my body as I felt the immense pressure of this powerful woman beginning to crush me into the hard ground of the airport. As quickly as I thought I’d be crushed to a pulp, was as quickly as everything froze as the pressure came to a grinding halt.

She had stopped abruptly, my entire body unable to move as her rubbery sandal compressed me tightly to the floor. She had held back her step, had she felt me? My question was answered quickly as I felt the rubber sole lift off of me slowly, now hovering above me as I took in a deep sigh of relief.

The sandal then shifted to the right, moving away from over me as light poured over me. I looked upwards to see this massive woman looking down at me, with a curiously raised eyebrow as she contemplated whether or not she was hallucinating.

“H-hello…” I was so relieved she had noticed me, I thought for sure I was going to die.

“You’re incredibly tiny,” the woman rested her foot flat beside me, as she stared down at me curiously.

“I was born this way,” I answered her, “thank you for not stepping on me… I thought I was a goner!”

“I just happened to feel you under my sandal…” the woman began to look around the airport, but eventually looked back down at me, “what’s your name, little one?”

“Allison Ali Alan… And you?” I smiled up at her as I finally stood to my feet, feeling as if this woman could be trusted.

“My name is Devin,” she took her phone and held it closer to her mouth, “hey, I’m going to need to give you a call back. Yeah… I’ll text you when I land,” Devin then promptly hung up the phone and put it in her purse.

“So can you help me check in? I hate to be a bother…” I was hoping she wouldn’t mind, but she never even answered me as she completely ignored my request altogether.

“How did you get here? Where are you from?” Devin asked me abruptly, once again looking around the airport blankly as if she was looking out for someone.

“I was driven here… And my parents kicked me out so I’m on my own,” I answered her, “why?”

Devin looked back at me quickly upon hearing I was kicked out, a small smirk spreading across her lips, “you got kicked out? Where are you going? Does anyone know you’re here? Are you with anyone?”

“No, I’m alone. I’m supposed to be heading on a flight to Washington, but I need help boarding,” I answered, “are you able to help me?”

“So your parents kicked you out… And you’re all alone with no one to look after you?” Devin laughed for a brief moment, “holy fuck… That’s just too good. I can’t believe this.”

Suddenly I no longer felt as if this woman could be trusted, as she mocked me. I looked up at her with concern and disappointment, was she not going to help me then? I needed to get going.

“Well I have a flight to catch… So if you can’t help me I understand. Have a good day, miss!” I turned around to head towards the checkin counter, but her sandaled foot abruptly crashed in front of me and blocked my path. The shockwave sent me on my ass, as I looked up at her frighteningly.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Devin commanded, “I’ve never seen a tiny person in real life before… Can’t tell you how long I’ve fantasized about having a tiny little man! Too bad you’re a woman… But you’re just an object so what’s it matter to me? Would have been nice to play with a little cock, but I can think of a few things to do to that little coochie of yours.”

“What?! How dare you speak to me like that! I’m not going anywhere with you!” I shouted at her, although admittedly I was terrified. I quickly sprinted under her and tried to run towards any of the crowds that were around, the last thing I needed was to be abducted by some kind of pervert!

I thought I could escape, but I was quickly put in my place as I felt the woman's fingers catch the back of my tiny shirt and pluck me off the ground, legs and arms flailing.

“Did you really try to run? Man… You’re going to be fun!” Devin spun me around to face her, “I’m not a faggot, but you’re a lil’ cutie I must admit…”

“Hey! That’s a mean word! You can’t say that!” I was shocked at how rude this woman was, as I happened to be bisexual myself, I took offense to her derogatory word.

“What? Faggot? Are you a faggot, is that why you’re offended?” Devin cackled, “now where am I going to put you…”

“What!? No! Let me go! I’m not going anywhere with you! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!” I began to scream, quickly realizing that I was in deep trouble.

My screaming seemed to frighten Devin a bit, as the woman quickly looked around her person to figure out what to do with me. Her eyes lit up, as an idea crossed her mind.

“Well, I was going to put you in my purse… But I’ve got a better idea that’ll keep your mouth shut!”

Devin ducked behind a column to keep clear of any passersby, before taking her free hand and pulling the waist of her short shorts back just enough to create an opening. My eyes opened wide in horror, upon realizing what she intended to do with me. By no means did I want to end up in there, God only knew how long I’d be trapped there.

“Wait! No! I’ll keep quiet! Please!” I pleaded, struggling in her grip.

“Too late cutie, better find a way to enjoy yourself in there! You’ll be pleasuring me the entire way to Miami!” Devin smiled wickedly at me, as my heart sank.

Miami!? She was going to Miami, Florida!? That was on the complete opposite end of the entire country! That’s the last place I needed to be!

“No! Please! Please don’t do this to me! I just want to board my flight!” I cried out desperately.

“Sorry hun, but you never should have told me you were abandoned and alone… You practically did this to yourself. No one cares about you, making you ripe for the taking…” Devin bit her lip as she dangled me above her opened waistline, and tears filled my eyes as I was let go and sent falling into a dark abyss.

I collided into the incline of her panties, rolling down a linen hill before slapping into the wet and moist lips of Devin’s pussy. She was neatly trimmed, and the scent was that of lavender. She was certainly well kept, but that didn’t change the fact that she was abducting me! I looked up through the tunnel of light to see her face grinning down at me, an evil spark in her eyes as she fantasized about all the things she’d likely do to me.

“Get comfortable down there… It’s going to be a long flight!” Devin then let go of her shorts, allowing them to snap back into place as darkness fell before me. Her panties also snapped back, and I felt myself being forced into the juicy snatch of my captor.

“NO! PLEASE! PLEASE LET ME GO!” I cried, but my screams for mercy were drowned out within my confines, the loud airport passersby none the wisers of the tiny woman freshly kidnapped off the airport floor.

The more I struggled and squirmed, the more I seemed to work myself into the folds of Devin’s vagina. I was absolutely drenched in her fluids, and I was surely making her hornier and hornier. I was absolutely terrified, and this woman seemed to get off on me being confined in her private regions.

As I sobbed and accepted my fate inside of the panties of this sadistic woman, Devin happily approached the check in counter with the biggest shit eating grin on her face.

“Where are we heading today?” The clerk asked her.

“Miami, here’s my purchase order,” Devin handed her the papers.

“Great, I’ll print off a ticket for you!” The clerk printed a ticket and handed it to Devin, “have a safe flight!”


“I certainly will…” Devin chuckled under her breath, “I certainly will…”






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